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  1. Need some help folks. I was searching around for more shirts to buy. My wife loves the 100 I have. Lol. And I saw on Teepublic tge Flair vs Funk shirt. And an Andre with Flair tee. I went back to buy. I cannot find. Anywhere. Has anyone seen the Andre standing with Ric Flair T shirt? Anywhere?
  2. Any way to splice together Charlie saying I like DP then Nia screamimg Ow mu butthole? Lol
  3. Question to anyone that has been to Dynamite. Do they have any signings before the show? Or giveaways to the ringside? Going to show in Newark. Front row. Was wondering
  4. What does every one do once you finished a Wrestling book? Do you keep to maybe read in 10 years again, Sell it? Give away? Finishes a few books but looking for more with no room.. Ideas? Same with Dvds May start selling some books / Dvds
  5. Hello all, Dont know if this is the right spot for this, but, I have a collection of TNA and ROH dvds, What are the essential ones to keep for TNA, ROH, and what to get rid of..? Running out of space, looking to make room Thanks
  6. For those old heads like me who remember watching the Adam West Batman, (RIP) . Do you remember when the scene changed and thier was a sound effect and spinning bat that happened? I was watching Gotham and when E Nigmas cell would ring. That was the ringtone. Thought that was a nice little call back.
  7. Don't know if this is right thread. Sorry. Move if not but my question is does anyone have contact info for Ken Patera? Looking to send some items by mail. Does he sign by mail? Anyone know?
  8. Was that foreshadowing planned or just stumbled upon? One of the last great date swerve angles was Garvin and flair. Who sent Enzo away on the date in the car? Flair. He set him up. Lol
  9. I know I'm crazy but if they really wanted to shake things up. Final four in Rumble are Goldberg Aj. HHH. Reigns. Reigns and HHH realize outsiders are going to win and its a brawl.
  10. Question, Does anyone know how to Download Mame to PS3? Is it easy, or Is just getting a Steambox and play on TV that way? Thanks!
  11. Help,, I just Downloaded Windows 10 and on my side of computer, all is well, just a little slow. My wifes side however, she cannot get into her email. We both use Outlook express and it seems that hers wont boot up. Keeps saying Windows Powershell stopped working. Other than throwing it out the window, Any solutions? Please help...
  12. Hello gang, Just got back into these discussions and first thing I need to ask, How can I get a copy of the Gary Hart book? Anybody?
  13. Gents First time poster, plese forgive me..Im not sure if this is the place to post..But I would like to ask where I can buy this AWA set when complete, and any old comp sets, Mid-south,Memphis, that were done and still around??. Also, Bob Backlund....What do you guys think are his greatest angles?? He does have alot, with the Valentine stuff, Inoki, Flair in Georgia, Bass in Florida, getting whipped by Slaughter, Belt ripped by Graham...Any one have a list of his best stuff?? Thanks..
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