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  1. NikkySan

    2014 G1 Climax

    I think Tenzan's spot was originally meant for KENTA before WWE snapped him up.
  2. Is this sort of thing encouraged? Are they expected to go to bars and bring women home? Do female wrestlers do this sort of debauchery as well?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTBn8CVPE94 Nakamura is now one of top wrestlers in Japan, Yamamoto/Yoshi Tatsu is now in WWE and Taguchi is still about, but what ever happened to Nagao?
  4. YouTube is your best bet. Channels like JoshiHub, Joshi Shows and purowookie upload a lot of the new stuff as well as classics. And there are plenty of other channels that have the essential Joshi matches.
  5. Hey, I've been doing my absolute darndest to get more people to check out Joshi, they just never seemed interested...
  6. The card for Yokohama Arena looks absolutely miserable.
  7. Aside from that leap from the mat to the top rope he used to do in his junior days, nothing out of the ordinary.
  8. Devitt is going to WWE, though. And KENTA is still in very good shape and motivated.
  9. I'm praying like hell he's jumping ship to NJPW instead. I don't think I could handle WWE giving him a semi-racist gimmick and having him be a lower-midcard jobber.
  10. Dontaku consistently being the most uninteresting major NJPW show every year...
  11. I'm tired of the modern joshi style being shit on. What exactly is wrong with it? If you say too many big moves and spots then don't because 90's Joshi had A LOT of that too. Kana is very shoot and mat-based but in a way she's a female KENTA (and I'm a huge fan of his) in how she doesn't always know when and how to sell offense correctly and in doing so makes her opponents look weak when they aren't supposed to. I'm gonna have to know why you think Arisa, Io and Yoshiko are inconsistent workers because I'd say they are the most consistent going today, and even when they don't have GOOD matches, they're hardly bad. Saying only one wrestler is worth watching in an already weak niche of wrestling that struggles to gain new fans is not good, and is only going to scare people who are interested in modern joshi away. Watching modern joshi expecting it to be like what it was in the 90's isn't realistic nor fair. The scene is completely different now. Demographics change, styles change, etc.
  12. Kana. That is all. Nobody else comes close. Must get real boring watching Kana wrestling herself.
  13. Arisa is the best woman going currently in wrestling today, IMO. Kana is great too but some overrate her a little bit.
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