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    I love that you can see exactly one shoe in this shoe advertisement
  2. WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 (Jan 28, 2018)

    That's weird I don't remember John Ritter being in the Royal Rumble. Especially weird it being years after his death.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    Got the boy a Switch for Xmas, been having a blast with it so far. He enjoys it too (hehehe). Got Mario Odessey, Snipperclips, Ittle Dew 2, and Axiom Verge. Ittle Dew 2 reminds me a ton of Legend of Zelda Link to the Past in its design, its a puzzle heavy game in the style of old school Zelda. Axiom Verge might be my new favorite game. Its a straight up 16 bit style action Super Metroid clone with a weird story, all kinds of sci fi goodness.
  4. I enjoy the "trip down memory lane" aspect of Something to Wrestle, but if you're looking for inside dirt on stuff you're barking up the wrong tree. I gave up all hope of Bruce saying anything of real interest when he vehemently denied that Ted DiBiase's bodyguard was named as a rib on Dusty.
  5. Raw Goes 2 Sleep - 12/18/2017

    Early 90s Bossman or later 90s Attitude Era Bossman? Actually nevermind even Attitude Era Bossman is worlds above him.
  6. Raw Goes 2 Sleep - 12/18/2017

    I know this was made in jest but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.
  7. Clash of the Champions XXXVII

    I get that the Smackdown tag scene is just loaded right now, but what are they doing with Breezango? They get their vignettes twice a month and then lose anytime they have a match, basically getting fuckstomped tonight?
  8. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    So what's the context here exactly? They just getting around to making event specific merch from Survivor Series 1993?
  9. Funniest wrestling name you have heard?

    I always thought "Devilish" Lee Handsome was a quality name, though I can't remember if the former GQ Money of XPW fame actually worked as that moniker.
  10. DC TV Thread

    Crossover was a blast from start to finish. Stein's death was brutal, wife and I were both in tears. Loved Ray, hope he shows up again somewhere in the DCTV live action universe. What was the purpose of Snart staying on Earth 1 exactly?

    I'm really pulling for them. Anything to shake up the status quo in the states. If they're really swinging for the fences, you gotta think they'll bring in Stephen Amell for the show right?

    Always loved the SS 88 tag team tag match. The double turn with Powers Of Pain and the Demos was so very well done.
  13. Survivor Series XXX

    I would say the main at Survivor Series was worse. We all knew the Punjabi Prison match was gonna be shit. I had really high hopes for the elimination tag match, and the match didn't come within spitting distance of those hopes. So for me, Punjabi Prison was only the second worst match of the year
  14. Survivor Series XXX

    For the portmanteau, how about SamOwens?

    The guy somehow did all his aging by the time the 90s started.