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  1. Fair assessment. I miss the days of Bret Hart selling his knee throughout an entire show.
  2. Selling is just something Rollins does to kill time until its time for him to make his Superman comeback and hit all his signature spots
  3. Photo

    Its a shame he got saddled with that DOA gimmick, Hunico is damn good
  4. The suplex off the ramp was pretty careless on Taz's part. He could have started about a foot farther up (which is three feet in Taz's world) and moved the guardrail flush with the ramp. But then again, he only hurt himself and him smoking his head means we're still talking about it 2 decades later, so, good job?
  5. I think the biggest problem with Ambrose's failings with his character are that a character like that needs a more freewheeling environment to exist in. Its hard to be "crazy" in a PG world without coming off as "wacky". Its like watching a TV edit of a hard R movie on TBS. You're gonna miss a lot of the stuff that made it stand out because of it playing for a family audience. As far as the Austin podcast thing goes, yeah, he dropped the ball. I don't care what era you are from, you should be able to pick up on the vibe of a situation and react accordingly. I'm sure Dean has been in situations before where he has to deal with fans who think this shit is real. You have to be in character when you respond to them, they don't understand anything different. Its really not that dissimilar if a situation, and you know that dude has the chops to thrive in that situation. He dropped the ball.
  6. First RAW I've watched in a long, long time. Is it always this lifeless? The crowd, the announcers, the wrestlers, they almost seemed bored. A few guys looked good, Aries and TJP was better than I thought it would be, Sami is always fun, SuperBraun was amusing. Oh and Jinder's forearm was brutal, looked even worse in slowmo. And the Drifter you guys! And Curt Hawkins!
  7. Maybe next year they could just go the full hog and have Triple H jerk off in the ring for 20+ minutes since that's basically what's he has been doing the last couple years.