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  1. BubblegumRogue

    ALL IN - 9/1/2018 - Post-Show Thread

    Six man tag w the Bucks vs Omega, Scrull and Hangman I think
  2. BubblegumRogue

    ALL IN - 9/1/2018 - Post-Show Thread

    Fucking bravo. Sure there were some hiccups and the main looked like someone hit fast forward but what a fun show.
  3. BubblegumRogue


    I have a tough time ragging on Komen. Last year when my wife was diagnosed with cancer, they paid the bills for all her testing that lead to a diagnosis and treatment plan. I certainly understand others issue with them, and a mandatory donation is ludicrous though.
  4. BubblegumRogue

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    Actually thought it was a fun show, aside from the result of the SD Women's title match. I would rather Mella kept it for a year than see Charlotte with it again. Becky's beat down afterward was great, as was the reaction from the crowd. Pretty sure she potatoed the fuck out of Charlotte on that first slap. Luke Harper took a couple rough landings, that belly to belly on the outside and then that urange/backstabber combo off the apron. Both were brutal.
  5. BubblegumRogue

    Raw is the Pscottish Psychopath - 8/13/2018

    Haku no sold it in kayfabe (Miss Elizabeth on Nitro), Barbarian no sold it in a shoot (in a bar vs. an entire police force)
  6. BubblegumRogue


  7. BubblegumRogue

    Extreme Rules X - 7/15/2018

    Owens bump was completely unnecessary. A bump in the ring would have been much safer, airbags or not the risk involved in what he did there was off the charts and got an audible "OH FUCK" out of me (I was by myself). I hope Owens is ok, that bump was on par with Shane and Foley's cage bumps. Did it look great? Yes. I'm still kind of in disbelief that it happened though. The balls on that guy
  8. BubblegumRogue


    Scott Hall and Kevin Nash (in their Razor and Diesel personas, when they had their working boots on) vs current day Young Bucks. Seems like it would be really fun.
  9. BubblegumRogue

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    I would dig a commentary team of Mike Tenay and Chuck Taylor.
  10. BubblegumRogue

    [NXT] June 6, 2018 TV Show

    The Mighty are so much better as heels. I wish Nick Miller had a little more flair to him, he looks like someone who would be doing jobs on WWF Superstars in the early 90s. Shayna being baffled by Nikki was great. "Screaming weirdo female" character has been done a lot but Nikki has really made it work for her.
  11. BubblegumRogue


    Curt Hawkins and the New Day is an interesting team
  12. BubblegumRogue


    We just posting photos of Randy Quaid here n...whoops
  13. I think Hogan/Rock from Wrestlemania 18 is a good one, it really reignited my fandom after a bit of a break. It may not be a workrate style of match, but in my experience non-fans tend to gloss over stuff like that. Back in high school, at the height of the Attitude Era, I worked in a pro wrestling kiosk that sold shirts, hats, all sorts of wrestling memorabilia. I'm sure It was totally legal. Anyway we had a TV with a VCR set up to attract people to the kiosk. My boss knew fuckall about wrestling besides it was popular, so he deferred to me as to what to put on. I played a bunch of BJPW death match stuff. It definitely attracted attention, though probably not the right kind. This thread reminded me of that.
  14. BubblegumRogue


    Why are that angry man and his friends trying to dismember that little boy?
  15. BubblegumRogue


    Yep. He ate shit on a double moonsault attempt to the floor on a group of guys. Brutal.