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  1. That's MLB's decision but I am sure the team brass aren't shedding tears over it
  2. Function over fashion Deontay. That's why Tyson just did the towel and no socks. He always said his stamina sucked. Give him a 45 pound costume he would have been taken out by Marvis Frazier
  3. I think my book bag outweighed Wilder's costume in college when I had a textbook heavy semester
  4. Lennox would run into the same issue others do with Fury. His pure size and ability is a tough puzzle to solve. Tall fighters that suddenly find themselves in a ring with a taller guy throws a lot them off. Wilder is 6'7 and 235 and was dwarfed and bullied. Klitschko looked befuddled all night against Fury in a dreary fight. I would pick Lewis in a head to head probably but ole Lunchbox didn't always show up in prime shape himself. Fury is more clever than I ever gave him credit for. I can see him wrestling Lewis to the point where he's sucking all the oxygen out of the arena and then walking into something like he did twice before to worse fighters than Fury and what was going to happen if they didn't stop the Klitschko fight due to that cut
  5. Deontay is going for his rematch claiming his 40 pound ring gear weakened his legs and caused his demise. Not getting dummied about the head and torso by a better fighter. May as well take the match since dance cards will be full for awhile if he doesn't. On the level of lame excuses for losses this ranks up there with Vinny Pazienza saying he lost to Roy Jones because he suffered a caffeine crash from drinking too many cappucinos during the day of the fight and Bobby Czyz when he lost to Charles Williams the first time because his side hurt from really bad gas
  6. Poor Rosa had her car totaled in a hit and run and is selling her old ring gear to raise money to repair it. So obviously no one is getting financially better off in this NWA yet
  7. No he will wear a pink fanny pack while doing the new white power hand gesture
  8. He was just practicing on choking up on the bat
  9. He got someone to pay 650 million for an expansion team. You might want to reconsider that statement
  10. I just worry the people that crave high powered offence won't get it. It's tough to find competent QBs. Shame the QB I want to see is backing up Cardale Jones in DC
  11. I think if the ratings don't bottom out too bad this may stick around for a bit. Don't know if you are going to get much fan interest in the form of ticket buying unfortunately.
  12. Corgan once said in an interview he had a brief chat with Paul Levesque about it.
  13. But all the local scribes in Toronto basically said Ujiri, Toronto's GM and HC were all New York bound
  14. SOme shows coming up. I'm going to see Deafheaven in March. Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All in April. Possessed also in April. Thinking about going to see Soulfly. And then the mighty Krokus is coming to town on their farewell tour in the fall
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