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  1. Gary worked for WWF for one day. He quit when he found out Strongbow was in charge on the road since they had a feud going back a ways
  2. Took almost 40 years but that was payback for Blue Monday
  3. Be hilarious if they don't. The owner already wants to get under the luxury tax threshold. If they blow this you know a bunch of ill advised tinkering with the roster will happen
  4. Zuerlein was probably expecting to be iced there
  5. It was wild when Guy was in his prime. It looked like he was running out there while everyone else was walking.
  6. Maybe Elgin is trying to show that short guys are compensated in other areas
  7. Surprised there is no catchweight or other provisions that I have heard so far in the Canelo-Kovalev contract.
  8. You got me. I never got into TNA or followed that Corgan moved that belt off of Willie Mack. I am months behind on everything
  9. Fuck it they should book a heel 6 man team of Tim Storm, Lance Storm and Devon Storm and call it Storm Front
  10. Tim Storm should get the World title and the RnR Express should get the Tag titles. Party and book like its 1989
  11. There's a difference in being able to run for a yard and running for a yard when 11 guys on the other side of the ball all know you are going to try to run for a yard and you are physically compromised
  12. Isn't he a not fully healthy Cam Newton though
  13. Wasn't bad but also wasn't nothing I already knew. Interesting getting a perspective on him from the NXT UK crew. If nothing else Adrian seems to be working with NXT UK as a trainer now so nice that he is involved again in the business
  14. Mitch Marner not signed yet. Anuses are tightening in Toronto
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