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  1. This is why if you really think you are the man you step up and take a challenge against a guy people say is a level or 2 above you even if you lose you lost to the best and if it winds up close you are better from the experience. Or you come up with a game plan that freezes the better guy up and you win going away. Teo is the man. Meanwhile Devin Haney is fighting Yuri Gamboa. So much wasted talent floating around out there content on fighting smaller guys and no hopers for fringe interim belts. Then he will move to Welterweight or something and say Teo ducked him
  2. Poor LeVeon thought he could hold out then cash in. He winds up losing the years franchise tag salary then signs with the Jets for a lower guarantee than he would have got from Pittsburgh's offer. In the NFL get your money when you can especially in the era of low values for running backs
  3. Basically what I thought. Might be stuck on another 1 year deal next year if he is even able to go
  4. People will think they are promoting binge drinking by naming the team after the shitty black rum
  5. The same quote has gone around Canada only it is Eddie Van Halen being asked what it is like to be the best guitarist and he replies I don't know ask Bruce Cockburn.
  6. 1B/DH going forward. And probably heavier on the DH until he decides to get his flabby ass into shape. Shaw's frustration is that he can see the condo he bought during spring training a block away and he can't go there. Is what it is
  7. So called world class fighters don't usually get drubbed out of the ring like he was. You live in some bizarre world where suddenly Wilder is going to suddenly develop even marginal boxing skills all of a sudden in his mid 30's. He put Fury down but he got up. Again don't know why you figure well next time Tyson won't get up. George Foreman knocked everyone out until he ran into someone he couldn't and then he was a guy that threw undisciplined haymakers that got stopped and though he won a couple more fights before he retired he wasn't the same. Fury knows what to do to negate Wilder's 1
  8. Against a better fighter he got his ass kicked last time out and looked out of his league. You don't want to hang your hat on winning rounds thing fine. Problem is you need to win rounds to win fights because eventually you run into someone that negates your power.
  9. Don't count on it. The blueprint was drawn on what to do to beat Wilder. Not many can actually execute it but a larger, stronger better boxer like Fury should eat his lunch no problem again since Wilder lacks the ability to adapt and change his style. Is Wilder 40+ fights into his career going to be able to suddenly out fight a guy that has arguably bested him in 17 of the 19 rounds they have fought. I guess if Tyson walks into a haymaker but then you have that playing on Wilder's psyche. Fury is the one guy that has ate his power and got up twice and not succumbed
  10. LT only wanted out of the deal when he found out the Giants deal was worth twice as much. Someone in the NFLPA sent LT to Trump and told him to go without representation. LTs agent at the time wrote a great book years ago. Trump got $750,000 out of the Giants. He probably was holding out for a percentage of the team
  11. Was this around the same time he signed Lawrence Taylor away from the Giants then sold him back?
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