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  1. Billy blew 1.8 million on TNA which he got paid back lucky for him so he will spend some money. He said somewhere the merchandise sales surprised him but he's Billy Corgan not a member of the Khan family so he knows he can't tape TV and spend forever unless this thing grows a bit. But when you are holding your PPV in the same venue you shoot TV in it says to me they don't expect to draw bigger crowds that the dedicated handful
  2. I wonder if something fucked up during the taping and when they watched it back it looked like shit.
  3. Depends on how many dates they are being used. If she does 25 shows a year it's not bad for curtain jerking indy work. Ciampa admitted he had a day job while working for ROH since it's not full time work. No one forced Kelly Klein to take the job and it's 12K a year more than she would get from any other wrestling outfit. She could have got stuck in a situation with Impact where you get paid by appearance and then rarely used or paid
  4. Insert whatever better chin than Joshua joke you want to here
  5. Jizzlobber is definitely one of the top ten greatest song titles. Thought that would get my wife to sit and watch a wrestling match along with Priscilla Kelly currently rocking a look similar to what my wife had when I met her but no dice
  6. The so called vaunted D is overrated this year considering the scrap meat the Patriots have played this year
  7. Ripping off another comment I saw online. Wilder is a one trick pony. But it's a real impressive trick
  8. Wilder is an incredibly flawed fighter. And like a lot of heavy hitters whatever technique he learned has gone out the window. Just the absolute thunder in his fists is a site to behold. It will be interesting to see if he just goes out chucking hard shots knowing Ortiz can hurt him. Ortiz is a fine fighter but if he had conditioning issues going into the biggest fight on his career how much better and more motivated is he going to be now at 40 years old. Well 40 at least. How is he going to attack knowing he can be taken out. I fully expect this to be a quick night for Wilder. I may be wrong, I often am but he should win this. And looking at the WBC top 10 ugh. Wilder should get a bunch more KO's.
  9. No I have no opinion on Justin Roberts. I was paraphrasing Cornette's online non apology for joking that Roberts looks like a child molester
  10. I heard his reply to the Justin Roberts thing. It was the standard huh huh I didn't mean it. It was a joke. Justin Roberts sucks anyway Tony Khan should have paid for Bruce Buffer
  11. My only prediction for the fight will be when Wilder takes Ortiz out the Ortiz fans will still say he is better
  12. Yeah this is such a rare incident I think they will suspend him rest of the season. In the rule book this is unofficially called the Lyle Alzado rule but roid rage Lyle just ripped the helmet off and threw it. The intent to injure is obvious here
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