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  1. Is there any murmurs about this? You have to figure Corgan will throw in the towel sometime soon
  2. That one. They are interchangeable. Benavides would be an interesting fight but he seems destined for 175 since he doesn't feel like cutting the weight
  3. No he is more likely to be matched up with Dirrell
  4. Hope no one is holding their breath on that
  5. Why would he worry? It isn't like it is the Stanley Cup and there is one 1 of the trophy. Gary Bettman should have gasped when Guy Charbonneau threw the Stanley Cup off the roof of Vinny Paul of Pantera's house trying to get it in the swimming pool only for it to land 6 inches short
  6. Sooooooo how do you racially hot take the stupid $30 million dollar contract Jacoby Brissett got?
  7. My wife enjoyed the halftime show due to the one song sampling Siouxsie & The Banshees Happy House. So we are old and White
  8. Only in boxing can a guy wait for over 6 years now for a court mandated rematch. They should figured it out by now that Fres will never go away
  9. Would be nice but looks like the Jays plan to do a lot of piggyback pitching this year. They have a pile of starters probably best served going 2-4 innings. Pearson is going to be on short innings so its time to see if TJ Zeuch, Anthony Kay, Ryan Borucki, Stripling, Matz, Trent Thornton are future starting pitchers or will they be openers or short starters whatever you call guys like that. Maybe they step up or they are best served throwing their best 2 pitches and only facing the opposing lineup once not 2-3 times
  10. If 2019 Marcus Semien shows up there will be a whole lot of clubberin' going on in Dunedin and wherever else they may wind up playing this year. A lot of money but it's one year and the Jays have to overpay usually to get guys to take their calls. If this results in the Guererro third basemen experiment ending for good I'm all for it. Of course the other elephant in the room is Bichette isn't that great at SS either and Biggio is that jack of all trades master of none in the field so not too many defensive runs saved from this lot this year
  11. I swear Don King must have finally gone senile. Apparently there is a WBA Heavyweight title fight happening on Friday at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood FL between Manuel Charr and Trevor Bryan. With Beibut Shumenov on the undercard. But as of this minute Charr is still sitting in Germany and doesn't sound like Shumenov has made it in either. Plus the Hard Rock Hotel doesn't have the fight listed as an event on their website. Bermane Stiverne is also on the card and will supposedly fight Bryan for the Interim? Super? Regular? WBA World title if Charr doesn't make it. You can buy this on
  12. Had he tugged then let go he probably wouldn't have been flagged. When you grab and stretch the jersey that much you are forcing them to make a call. It was all but yelling at the ref that he was committing a penalty
  13. Tim and Sid are no longer together on Sportsnet. Where else will I get my fill of bad sound effects
  14. Maybe he was hoping the 61st time would be the charm
  15. LOL maybe. I think the Jays and Mets were the only serious suitors and with everyone the Mets added their interest faded. People said they were waiting for a third team to make a serious offer which never came
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