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  1. Subway Mike Lee gets a title shot. Guy must be near 40 by now lol. Seems like a lifetime ago he was considered some type of prospect
  2. Just jump forward 49 years. St Louis will be 0-2 versus Boston in the finals
  3. Yeah the extra pounds did nothing for him. Credit to him for being able to cut weight as an older fighter but he has caught some breaks with Burnett getting hurt in their fight and Tete getting hurt. Nonetheless doesn't matter how you win and he is getting some paydays at least
  4. In other big KO news this weekend Nonito Donaire would be advised to skip his flight and just concede defeat to Naoya Inoue
  5. SO how many years is Zion stuck in New Orleans before he can jump to LA?
  6. Smokin' Bert Cooper passed away this weekend too. Never the most talented but I remember the day he destroyed the dreams of Western Canadian fight fans
  7. Was waiting for the judges to hose him on that one. Jarrett Hurd should fight Mungia next. First guy to actually slip a punch wins
  8. Well if you try to sign up at the last possible second you get what you get. Kind of like the time I tried to call and order NFL Sunday ticket at 12 on opening weekend years ago and wondered why I couldn't get through. The Box Nation crew was funny last night dumping on the fact that the arena was basically empty for the Artur Beterbiev main event.
  9. The DAZN commentary crew is absolutely cringeworthy.
  10. You know when you aren't a southpaw and you keep fighting in that stance despite not being that effective you deserve to lose. This isn't an 8 rounder against a jabroni. Fight was closer than I had it. Canelos defense first half of the fight was on point
  11. Canelo v Jacobs has the grisly rotten stench of bad decision written all over it. You can almost hear the words, "We have a split decision." Almost as rotten as that undercard
  12. Some people though like the Billy Smith's of the world that would say fuck your handshakes until youre golfing and having a beer after the season
  13. I'd like him to fight something resembling a contender before he gets another crack. I got the Easter - Barthelemy fight saved on my PVR. Do I dare waste the 36 minutes of my life
  14. The Twitterverse is all yelling for Luis Ortiz to be the replacement and calling Joshua a chicken. Thought Wilder stopping his ass would have calmed those trolls down.
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