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  1. I'll wait until more people see it before getting into specific story stuff, but I just wanted to talk about the actors for a bit. This is Lupita Nyong'o's movie. She is absolutely incredible. At first I wasn't totally sold on the voice choice, but got used to it by the end and it made sense to me by the time we get to the end portion. I feel like she'll end up getting lost in the shuffle with this being such an early release, but that was an nomination worthy performance. One thing about the four leads, I really thought they were a family. Just the way the interacted with each other seemed so natural. I don't know if they had the chemistry coached into the by Peele or if it was just the right collection of actors, but I found myself really caring about them. You never know what you're gonna get with kid actors, but they both nailed it, for both parts. Winston Duke was hilarious, but I couldn't help keep thinking that he was just playing Jordan Peele. It felt to me like he wrote it with himself in mind and then realized he was just too small for the role or what... Maybe that's just Duke's vibe when he's not playing someone like M'Baku. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE RELEASE A SPECIAL EDITION DVD WITH A MILLION MORE MINUTES OF TIM HEIDECKER'S AND ELIZABETH MOSS' BICKERING WASP MARRIAGE!
  2. Go. See. Us. Whatever you think it's about, it's not.
  3. Speaking of Jacques... I did a 93/94 rewatch a little while ago and The Quebecors absolutely carry things on the heel end from like Summerslam 93 to just after WMX. Shawn Michaels is on one of his hiatuses and Yokozuna is presented as more of a special attraction, so they have to do a lot of the heavy lifting. Definitely the MVPs of that time period. They were the perfect foils for the Bret/Owen split and the Kid/Jannetty title switch is rightly well regarded (definitely one of the top 5 moments of the pre97 Raws), but they were doing all sorts of great work. The post-WMX rematch against Men on a Mission is fantastic, as is the Headshrinkers title switch. It's a shame that their run ended pretty much right after losing to the Headshrinkers. The heel side of the WWF was so thin at that point they could have definitely gotten a few more months out of them with rematches with the Shrinkers or undercard stuff.
  4. Also, he outlined the critical differences between being a Mountie and Not a Mountie. Mounties enforce the law, while Not the Mounties enforce the law. Mounties always get their men while Not the Mounties are different because they always get their men, unlike Mounties. See? Perfectly clear.
  5. Really excited for this, I am obsessed with Theranos. Now make one for Juicero!
  6. I feel like the arthritis in Gurley's knee might be the nail in the coffin for big money deals to running backs.
  7. I found Lego Batman to be one of the ugliest movies I've ever watched. Especially the last third when everything was basically a shade of orange.
  8. It's from a book published in the 70s on New York social clubs, I believe.
  9. They send the Cup around for charity events sometimes, maybe that's what he meant?
  10. Just finished Blackkklansman. Nothing much I can add to it, other than that cut to current footage at the end is a gut punch. I audibly gasped and there's no one else here. On a lighter note, I can't believe there's another Buscemi. When he first showed up I wondered who this poor bastard that has the bad fortune of looking like Steve Buscemi was...
  11. Thankfully, I've never really looked at cards as an investment, so I don't have any horror stories (other than I don't want to know how much I've spent in total). I definitely did speculate on some players that didn't pan out, Bret Barberie comes to mind. I was also convinced that the O Pee Chee Premier hockey and Leaf baseball sets were gonna be worth something.
  12. The 1990-91 Pro Set hockey set is infamous. Well over 100 different error cards; spelling mistakes, mislabels, wrong pictures, misalignments. Some of the error cards they fixed even had new errors. Strangely, that set also has one of the only worthwhile 90s hockey set chase cards. The Stanley Cup hologram card was a run of 5000 (small by the standards of the day) and the holograms of the time did not age well (a bunch of my early 90s Upper Deck hologram cards have faded to almost nothing). I'd never pay that much, but some have sold on ebay for $100-400. I used to have one that I got out of a box back in the day, but an unscrupulous relative pawned it and a few other of my cards. I'm sure they got $1 for it. The 91-92 set is actually pretty nice. They clearly learned they lesson and gave the set a minimalist design with a large picture on front (and very few errors!). But I think the name was just ruined by the previous set and no one cared.
  13. The Jets will take all your left handed depth defensemen. I feel like the Jets could have bettered the offer for Stone, but there's no way they could have signed him for 8/9m, I'm guessing that was the deal breaker if talks ever got serious.
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