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  1. Tennessee New England Buffalo Dallas Green Bay Atlanta Kansas City Minnesota Philadelphia Arizona Tampa Bay Houston San Francisco Seattle Cleveland Chicago Tiebreaker #1: Mayfield Tiebreaker #2: 71 Tiebreaker #3: 200
  2. The WHA Jets used a darker shade. These are maybe slightly darker, but they're based on the mid70s jerseys.
  3. Oh shit.... Those are great. Why are their Heritage jerseys so good and their actual 3rd jersey such trash?
  4. There really aren't that many national channels up here, so it doesn't make much sense for sports to be anywhere but the sports channels. CTV shows NFL games but they're owned by Bell Media, who also own TSN, so that's where they're going to put most of their sports broadcasts. CityTV will show some NHL games, but they're part of the Rogers conglomerate, so most of their sports will be aired on the Sportsnet Channels. CBC still has Hockey Night in Canada, though it is produced by Rogers Sportsnet under their NHL deal. Otherwise it's all Olympics, curling and amateur events. They lost the CFL to TSN years ago. My monocle will fall in my soup if Mother Corp. ever gets in the wrestling business. That leaves Global. I don't think they have any sports at the moment. They did previously air WWECW and the first season of NXT apparently, but I have zero recollection of that. Global is widely watched, but seems to have the smallest cultural footprint up here (they very rarely produce any of their own programs). So I guess that's a possibility, but sports seems like something they're not really equipped to properly air or promote. tldr; its basically Sports channels or bust
  5. Plus, TBS was available through basic cable at least from 1990/91, maybe even earlier. So Saturday Night was watchable up here.
  6. The marbling in those steaks in making me drool
  7. During tape trading days, the All-Nighters were 2 of the first a buddy and I ever picked up. Chris Cruise was my favourite part of the party bits. After that it was pretty much all ECW. To this day, ECW looks weird as fuck to me without tracking lines and distortion.
  8. Thanks, I missed that I guess. I was going nuts, reset my connection on my Roku thinking it was a cache thing.
  9. Carolina Baltimore San Francisco LA Chargers Green Bay Houston New England NY Giants Seattle Tennessee Dallas Kansas City Denver LA Rams Philadelphia Cleveland Tiebreaker #1: 35 Tiebreaker #2: 312 Tiebreaker #3: 3
  10. Is anyone else missing The Brawl to End it All and The War to Settle the Score? I started watching Brawl before bed last night (got up to the Backlund/Butcher Vachon match), but when I got home today it wasn't in my Continue Watching queue and neither was listed anymore in Hidden Gems.
  11. Miguel Ferrer is one of my favourite oh shit he's in this guys. RIP I will take one Miguel Ferrer over 100 of your finest Ernies Hudson.
  12. The VHS box cover art makes Deep Star Six an all-timer.
  13. Cocaine use is 100% not rare in the NHL. Hockey players fucking love that shit.
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