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  1. If your team is not going to be good, they might as well be interesting
  2. How much will he make from NIL rights versus how much he will make as a 3rd stringer in the NFL?
  3. Those kids definitely learned something
  4. The ref didn't get in the way, the offensive line got in his way
  5. That was pretty much the perfect way for the Cowboys to lose. 10/10 would recommend
  6. A&W is great, Papa Burgers all day. Not the best onion rings I've ever had, but for a fast food joint they're decent.
  7. I haven’t watched much college football this year and I’m sorry, Stetson?
  8. Love what the Bears are doing. Only thing better would have been keeping Nagy
  9. Wayne Chrebet Supremecy
  10. Important news....RJ City has gone....babyface "Sure I've done a hammerlock in my basement too, I just didn't put it on tape."
  11. The only good thing about the Steelers making the playoffs is that it leaves open the possibility of Roethlisberger getting the Marino Special and being run off 62-7 in his last game.
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