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  1. Just to clarify; the Kevin Sullivan in AEW is not Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan. Just a coincidental name. I don't know what his exact job in AEW is, but in TNA/Impact he was in charge of post production.
  2. There were a couple times where they were shown kissing in the background while someone zooms by in the foreground, but yeah, pretty chaste otherwise
  3. The Clone Wars movie from before the series is pretty skippable, unless you really need to see Ahsoka first becoming Anakin's padawan. I'd recommend watching the series straight through, but if committing to 7 seasons is no bueno, I'm sure there are lists online of "essential" episodes. Even bad episodes or seemingly inconsequential episodes tend to seed things or introduce characters that become prominent later. In general, the episodes focusing on the Clone soldiers are usually pretty good, the ones about the droids or Padme are usually pretty bad (one exception, I love the 5 episode ar
  4. I much more interested in the story of the week stuff, rather than the overarching plot. I'll be quite content if the show continues to be Kung Fu in Space and each week is just Mando travelling around and helping people with their problems. Touched by a Mandalorian. It's not gonna happen, but I actually wouldn't mind if there isn't any sort of end game with Grogu. Like everytime Mando thinks he's close to an answer something, another obstacle or dead end comes up. Fate seems to be a big part of Star Wars, what if all these dead ends are fate trying to tell him to quit searching and accep
  5. Paris is Bumping is a good one for moment, didn't even think about that one
  6. Anyone voting in the IWTV awards? Not sure exactly who I'm going to pick but I was thinking: Chris Dickinson for Wrestler, Violence is Forever for Tag Team, maybe Dickinson/Priscilla Kelly for Match. I have no idea what I would pick for Moment of the Year. Promo/Vignette nothing jumps out at me, I might pick one of the 44OH vignettes, Death Match Robin Hood was pretty fun. AJ Gray is someone else I was thinking for wrestler, seems like whenever I watch a card he's on, he's almost always in the best match.
  7. Watching an 86 ep of Prime Time, not long after the Hart Foundation got together. Neidhart is doing commentary with Monsoon on a match and Gorilla describes Bret as "a man who just executes with perfection." Clearly he was still workshopping that.
  8. Since they didn't unmask the winner, I'm guessing he wrestles the match against Warhorse masked and removes it when he, presumably, wins the title. I don't know what else you can do with Warhorse as champ if he retains after this. If the masked man is a heel, they can have him use the glass buttplug they gave him as a trophy to knock out Warhorse.
  9. I think David would have done quite well for himself, especially if you're slotting him into the WWF around 84/85. He obviously wouldn't have been at Hogan's level, but I think Vince would have seen great value in keeping him strong. I can imagine him at the IC level with Valentine and then Savage. Maybe he gets the push that Santana got in 84, as the B house show attraction, especially if they try running Texas and the Southwest earlier than they actually did (I don't believe the went down there until 85).
  10. Houston Dallas Pittsburgh Miami Las Vegas Buffalo NY Giants Tennessee Cleveland Carolina Arizona New Orleans LA Rams Kansas City Green Bay Seattle Tiebreaker #1: 301 Tiebreaker #2: 61 Tiebreaker #3: 8
  11. Nothing suspicious about this
  12. That whole match was a treasure; Page's outfit, Lawlor's America sweatpants, Lawlor's America briefs, Page channelling Van Damme after being blinded by powder, the turnbuckle assisted bicycle kicks, neither of them releasing the block when they simultaneously went for overhead chops, the crowd chanting "kumite", the interfering ninjas leading to these sworn enemies having to work together, Page getting resuscitated after receiving chest compressions. I'm sure I'm forgetting like a dozen things. E: Oh yeah...Lawlor doing the Lex Luger Torture Rack arm taunt and then actually picking Page u
  13. I'm pretty sure that Cliff Curtis is the only Oceanic actor to portray Jesus.
  14. I absolutely love Old Hollywood talk, like calling things "starrers"
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