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  1. A new world order America shirt is a little too on the nose...
  2. So that's what he was trying to do....
  3. The Oilers are going to have so much veteran presence.
  4. Thank god Tommy Rich still gets a reign. Longer than his actual one too!
  5. The best part about that letter was that even "missed" calls in the Rockets favour still resulted in lost theoretical points for the Rockets.
  6. For some reason or another, 10 year old me wrote a fan letter to Mike Liut. The only player I ever did that for. He was with Washington at the time and I was by no means a Caps fan. I think I just thought it was neat that he wore the all white mask.
  7. I'm an atheist, but the fact that it snowed today is a cruel jape by a vengeful god.
  8. elizium


    The place here that does deer penis soup also does sea cucumber. The thought of that grosses me out way more than the penis.
  9. Dan Marino plummeted because there were rumors he enjoyed partying a little too much...
  10. No pressure or anything...
  11. Wasn't Rae Carruth still on the Panthers?
  12. Other than Kane, every Shark looked dead on their feet in OT. Can’t believe they did it.
  13. I meant more you're gonna jinx this thing
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