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  1. So many contracts from the cursed 2016 free agency period are still haunting the league
  2. The Ottawa Senators continue their reign of terror, their thirst for the blood of opposing coaches sated once more
  3. How and why do the elderly manage to capitalize every word like that?
  4. I love the black Mid-Atlantic version, Slaughter's run with it was amazing.
  5. Here it is, from the NHL's tie breaking procedures. What a weird league In standings a victory in a shootout counts as one goal for, while a shootout loss counts as one goal against.
  6. Don't they weirdly add 1 goal to the winning shootout team's season totals? Downgoesbrown does a "true gf/ga +/-" in his columns because of something that that.
  7. Got hooked on Blaseball today, because of the Defector article about it. I'm only vaguely aware of what's going on and the Discord is....a lot to get through, but I fucking love it. Los Angeles Unlimited Tacos for life I'm probably going to buy a jersey because just look at this amazing thing:
  8. How great would a promotion run by a Herb Abrams with more money and more cocaine be?
  9. Spent the first few months of the pandemic playing my comfort food games, Skyrim and the Uncharted series, but the last couple months decided to get working on my pile of shame. Finished Red Dead 2 and finally got around to playing GTA 5 (only been looking at that disc since 2013). Wanted to play Mafia 3 next, but had to give it up after about an hour of play. Coming from the Rockstar games, the controls are just so loose in Mafia. Driving I was all over the road, but the worst was the right stick camera. I'd barely graze it and it would zoom all over the place, usually stopping at the ce
  10. Elimination Chamber matches generally suck anyway, but both of these were also boring. At least the card was short. I almost believe that Bryan winning was a late change, as the whole match was built around making Cesaro look good. My guess is that Vince saw the tights Cesaro planned to wear and was like, "you're not going over on my show looking like that"
  11. It can't be any worse than the movie, I guess
  12. Don't need to stand if you're sitting in a car
  13. They made some appearances on Prime Time, pretty sure that match against the Stallions being one. It's been a couple years since I watched that era of Prime Time, but I think their first appearance was in all black bodysuits and the silver came later. I feel bad for Colley, removed from Demolition for being too recognizable as a Moondog and bumped into a faceless jobber team instead. e: according to cagematch, they only made Prime Time once (against the Rougeaus), but did wrestle on Superstars a few times
  14. Kevin Durant and Logan Paul Agree: Sports Trading Cards Are the Future Plus sports cards are having a bit of a moment in general. As someone who was a giddy obsessed child during the 80s/early 90s card boom, I don't see how this doesn't end in the same way. Clearly this guy wasn't paying attention when the Ken Griffey Jr Upper Deck card dropped. What a motley crew. At least with Bill Simmons around, Logan Paul can be assured he isn't the most detestable person in the group
  15. Last summer Super70sSports on twitter announced they were doing a set with Topps. I pre-ordered 3 boxes, they shipped in December and they finally just arrived. Each box came with 20 cards and it is a pretty neat retro style set, decided to scan a few of them to give you guys a look. Obviously the winner is the Bert Blyleven auto, as who doesn't love Bert? Some fun subsets; Happening Hairdos, Spectacular Spectacle, Memorable Managers, apparently there is also one for moustaches, but I didn't get any. As you can see by Donnie Baseball's card, they each have the Topps doodle and they a
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