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  1. The Jets unveiled the Dale Hawerchuk statue in True North Square today
  2. I'm surprised this hasn't come up before, there was a lawsuit involving tattoos in 2K games a few years ago. A lot of games just put generic knockoffs in the place of the actual tattoos.
  3. Apropos of nothing, I love Penelope's over the top eye shadow, it makes her look like a zombie with empty eye sockets
  4. Screw Chevy, lets get Jonathan Banks and Keith David back
  5. I smoked those wine flavour tipped cigarillos as a teen, because I was that kind of asshole
  6. That makes sense, I knew they were a green package, but have never seen one except for old magazine ads. I worked at a 7-11 for a short while as a teen and we didn't carry them, I always assumed they were an American only brand
  7. They are. Studies show that menthol smokers tend to smoke way more than the average smoker and have a higher degree of detrimental effects. Also because they tend to lead to more juvenile smoking, because they are less harsh than normal cigarettes
  8. That ruled. First Impact I've watched in a good long while, but I really wanted to watch the Monster's Ball, because Katch rules. Had some stream issues, so missed the first match and picked up with Crazzy Steve and Myers. Not going to go crazy in depth on the show, other than I had a really good time with it. I'm glad to see that Impact is as over the top and melodramatic as ever. I love that and it makes them stick out compared to places like WWE, AEW, and the late ROH. I don't know what that Joe Hendry vignette was but I am all in on it I'll always pop for Rosemary "Who would want to be more human?" I've actually sought out a lot of Johnny Swinger segments since he reappeared in Impact, but I think this is the first I've seen since Dice joined up. They are a perfect pairing. Vincent and PCO are weird fits for Honor No More. The main was great. I love Katch's wide armed clubbering style, its very 80s Southern wrestler. I somehow didn't know or forgot that the Monster's Ball is set up by both competitors being locked in a dark room with no food or water for 24 hours, that is quality wrestling ridiculousness. I hope Masha wins the strap Anyway, I don't know if I'm going to be an every week viewer, but there's a lot of stuff that has me interested
  9. I can confirm that there are a million dudes here that look like Eddie. You are right, though, I've never seen anyone smoke Newports. I'm not even sure if you can get them here
  10. I have the opposite opinion on Garcia. I don't think he's smooth on the mic, but I feel like he's more aware of himself and in the moment than a lot of other wrestlers. I don't really know how to explain it, but he has a great vibe when doing a promo....overconfident jock kid, I guess? I also love that he's always engaged. When Danielson's music hit, 90% of wrestlers would just stand there and stop, waiting for the next section of the segment to start. He kept jawing at Jericho, because that's what a real person with a beef would do. He always doing things like that, whether in talking segments or his matches.
  11. I thought the story was that they taped the match, Vince hated it, so later during the same taping they sent them out for a rematch, but the fans figured something was up when Razor came out at the same point as the previous match. I could be misremembering and I'm sure someone has a more complete answer
  12. Cincinnati (I might change this pregame depending on Tua's status) Wow good thing I didn't Minnesota Pittsburgh LA Chargers Chicago Detroit Philadelphia Cleveland Tennessee Dallas Buffalo Arizona Las Vegas Green Bay Tampa Bay LA Rams Tiebreaker #1: 11 Tiebreaker #2: 74 Tiebreaker #3: 4
  13. Damn, I do. They've both sort of melded into one movie in my mind
  14. Good parenting means introducing your kids to Baseketball Dodgeball early
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