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  1. elizium

    NFL 2018 - WEEK ELEVEN

    Always a weird feeling watching one of the two games a year I have to cheer for the Bears.
  2. elizium


    I liked it, but definitely in the mid-lower range of Coen movies. Being a vignette movie, your mileage will definitely vary on how much you like each story. The Liam Neeson and Tom Waits vignettes are the strongest. The James Franco one is okay mostly for Stephen Root ("Pan shot! Pan shot!"). Honestly the one I liked the least was the Buster Scruggs one. He's a pretty annoying character and it had a more fantastical tone that really didn't fit with the rest. Definitely worth the watch, but don't be surprised if you drift out on stories you don't really care for. I was also a little disappointed that the few appearances by First Nations people had them playing up the stereotypical Western trope of Native Americans as Savage Others. I was hoping that maybe the Coens would put a little more thought and care into their portrayal as something other than an attacking force.
  3. elizium


    Outside of Goldberg or Magnum TA, is Jimmy Valiant the most unstoppable tv wrestler ever? From like 1980-1986, pretty much every television match he has follows the same formula: high stepping dance, clap clap clap, whip into ropes, back body drop, clap clap clap, body slam, clap clap clap "heyyyyyy babbbbaaaay", clap clap clap, whip to ropes, back elbow, weird looping elbow drop, 1-2-3, clap clap clap, high stepping dance, exeunt. If kayfabe was real, Jimmy Valiant should have gotten every title shot ever. He was trucking guys at a time when jobbers usually got quite a bit of offense in.
  4. elizium


    82/83 Mid-Atlantic is like the best possible Crash TV wrestling. Segments bleed into each other, wrestlers wander into other wrestlers interview segments because they're too pissed off and need to speak, everyone is feuding with everyone. Roddy Piper and Dick Slater have a wild brawl that starts at the interview corner and ends up in the ring, interrupting a tag team match that's about to begin. And that's not even the best Piper brawl, as Flair and Valentine did the concrete face wash on him earlier. I've pretty much hated Oliver Humperdink as a manager every time I've seen him (with an admitted blind spot that I've never seen his Florida work), but he's great here. Just a slimy, business manager type pulling more and more heels into his web and just generally antagonizing every face in the area.
  5. elizium

    2018-19 NHL: Period One

    Because there isn't enough stigmatizing HIV/AIDS.
  6. elizium


    I'm not sure that's the kind of thing you can just say and then move on without explaining.
  7. elizium

    Uniforms: new, ugly, conceptual and whatnot

    Eh...I liked the orange.
  8. elizium


    Jesus Christ, that's like $100 000 worth of figures!
  9. elizium


    Count me in on the Horror Express love. Genuinely creepy, ridiculous science ("Their brains are smooth! It took their memories!") and Telly Savalas is totally miscast and is totally amazing. Went to see Suspiria last night. Fucking loved it. It has been about 10 years since I've seen the original and I know this goes in its own direction, but I think this was a fine movie in its own right. Gorgeous, creepy, campy, gory, unsettlingly sexy. The dance scenes were especially intense. At over 2.5 hours it is long, but breaking it up into chapters keeps it moving. Which is funny because my main complaint with Bad Times at the El Royale is that the chapters slowed it way down and by the time you get to the last couple, you're like "seriously, there's more?" If I was to cut anything, I would have only done one dream montage, instead of two and cut Klemperer's role down a bit (specifics in spoiler). There's nothing you really learn in the second montage that you don't see in the first. Dakota Johnson was quite good, though she isn't asked to do too much, but I totally bought her at the end. This is really Mia Goth (as Sara) and Tilda Swinton's (as Mme Blanc and others) movie. Tilda Swinton for everything! Spoilers for the end A couple people in the theatre didn't like it and I know its reviews have been up and down, but I was all in for it.
  10. elizium

    Highway to Ham Week #11

    Seattle Atlanta Baltimore Carolina Tennessee Tampa Bay Houston Pittsburgh Arizona LA Chargers New Orleans Minnesota Kansas City at LA Rams Tiebreaker #1: 125 Tiebreaker #2: 56 Tiebreaker #3: 274
  11. elizium


    I always liked Paul Diamond's work and was always confused as to why the WWF stuck him under a hood and never gave him much of a chance, after that promo I now know.
  12. elizium


    I fucking loved the entrances. Something like that would be perfect for a kid-friendly Superstars/Main Event style show. Just pick something better than the mirrored shot of half a dozen people cheering.
  13. elizium


    For $10 000 I sell you the same figure, but with a bunch of cool tattoos I drew on it when I was 7.
  14. elizium

    Highway to Ham Week #10

    Cool, I went undefeated last week. There was only the one game, right? Pittsburgh NY Jets Chicago New Orleans Atlanta Indianapolis Kansas City Washington New England LA Chargers Green Bay LA Rams Philadelphia NY Giants Tiebreaker #1: 287 Tiebreaker #2: 5 Tiebreaker #3: 48