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  1. There's nothing he can do to stop you from taking it now. He was legitimately one of the scariest looking dudes in wrestling ever.
  2. Bought this magnet from Danhausen, but the fun part is that he mailed it in a Christmas card. Definitely more nice than evil. He also appears to have sent it from his home, so I guess I'll go ahead and be penpals with Danhausen now.
  3. I, for one, am damn tired of going to all these wrestling shows and having to deal with literal hordes of women storming the ring to get at the men.
  4. *Now with 100% more correct thread posting* Just saw it today, I really liked it, while acknowledging the issues with it. I’m a sucker for fan service, what can I say. I apologize if this has been brought up, but I’m not going back through 10 pages but did anyone else get really mad when Poe started flirting with that lady? You love Finn, don’t be looking at the sexy masked lady...
  5. Aw c'mon, Denise Richards was in Drop Dead Gorgeous. Sure it was...jesus 20 years ago, but at least proves she's been in one good one. Also, please never stop letting us know what is playing in your funky ass theatres.
  6. Especially since John Tolos had that on lock.
  7. It's always weird to me when I see Chi Chi Cruz listed on a card outside of Canada.
  8. elizium

    2019 CFL Thread

    Good for Streveler for getting a look, but I expect he'll be back. Jefferson is no surprise, hopefully it works for him and he sticks because he is otherworldly talented and a hell of a cool dude. I'm not sure where he fits in the NFL though. He's tall, but probably undersized for the line, even as an edge rusher. Cameron Wake has about 20-25 lbs on him now and probably had over 30 at his peak. Would he be a better fit at linebacker? The Dolphins seem to have a good idea on how to translate CFL talents to the NFL, so its maybe his best landing spot?
  9. One of the playoff previews I read noted that when Fuller doesn't play the Texans passing yards per game drops almost 150 yards and Watson goes from the 2nd best deep ball thrower (with the most TDs and yards) in the league to the 32nd. I'd still peg the Chiefs as the favourite, just because they're at home, but there should be no shocked faces if the Texans win.
  10. I'm a Packers fan, the Vikings are the trash of the Earth. And purple uniforms are ugly as all hell. Sean Payton's mouth looks like an anus.
  11. I was so torn. There's no team I dislike more than the Vikings, but there may be no person in football I dislike more than Sean Payton.
  12. Haven't watched it yet, but Dracula looks a lot like Martin Kemp, so hopefully this version is heavily inspired by Embrace of the Vampire.
  13. Oof rough last week for me Thanks for running this again, Dewar.
  14. A prospect? Did they miss a pluralization there?
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