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  1. Olympics Omnibus thread

    Ledecka was great. Her dumbfounded stare as she tried to make sense of the leaderboard, telling the cameraman "No" when he told her she had the lead. Her run was great too, really unassuming. The Canadian announcers were just casually talking about her potential and how she schedules her snowboard/ski training and then with about a third of her run left they were like "um, look at her time...." She didn't "look" like that she was going that fast, but she absolutely nailed every curve and landing.

    Even better, the host was aware and talked about the countdown to her 18th birthday.
  3. Olympics Omnibus thread

    Blair's a great pick. Heiden maybe had the single greatest Games ever, but it was the only one that he competed in. I feel like longevity needs to be a factor as well.
  4. Olympics Omnibus thread

    Shaun White has to be in the conversation as Greatest Winter Olympian at this point, right? The nature of his event, he's never going to have the medal total of some other Olympians, but what he's done the last 3 has been amazing. As it is, I'd still probably vote for Bjorn Daehlie, but damn, Shaun.
  5. NJPW The New Beginning 2018

    Just some mild mischief making.
  6. NJPW The New Beginning 2018

    I have a nearly identical blazer to Marty Scurll's. Same pattern, slightly different collar. I'm not sure how to feel about that.

    Learned from Prime Time: Rockin' Robin is too skinny for Lord Alfred. He's all about that Judy Martin action.
  8. Olympics Omnibus thread

    "Caught up in a lot of that awfulness" is a very polite way of putting it. The hockey tourney should be pretty fun, I really don't know what to expect from the quality of play. Does anyone think that Russia won't win? They're the only country that could ice a "professional" roster. As for what to look for...uh...projected #1 pick Rasmus Dahlin on Sweden I guess? All the ex-pat Canadian white guys populating South Korea's roster? I'm a little disappointed that more old dudes weren't dragged out. I mean, there's some guys like Brian Gionta, but there's no way Teemu Selanne has anything better to do. Is it too late to add Jagr to the Czech roster?
  9. The Big Game, v.52

    Ugh, fuck off owner. Hockey does a lot of things wrong, the one right thing is giving the trophy to the players first.
  10. The Big Game, v.52

    That's what makes it a dystopia. It's spatially unsettling.
  11. The Big Game, v.52

    I hate the idea that control means the ball has to be rock stationary pressed against the chest. That wasn't a bobble, he was shifting it in his grip. Good call....for once on a play like that.
  12. The Big Game, v.52

    Not a Patriot hater, but I'm pulling for Philly just for someone new.
  13. He pretty much always overshot it. It's still pretty damn impressive for a fat dude, but probably for the best, that's a lot of meat coming down on you.
  14. ...and wrapped in knee pads.
  15. The Big Game, v.52

    "Count the rings" seems like the kind of thing a fan of a team that hasn't won anything would be mad about.