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  1. I spent New Years Day 2020 at a matinee showing of Cats, stoned off my gourd on edibles. Dear Evan Hansen wishes it was Cats
  2. Dennis Condrey looked like he would bottle you, I would absolutely back him in a fight
  3. This week's bluray haul; Beyond the Black Rainbow, Black Sunday, Death Spa, Doom Asylum (Arrow) and Requiem for a Vampire
  4. Is this the first time Colt Cabana has been on a show that Punk appeared on? Great show, zoned out on the 6-man, but the rest was aces. Give Powerhouse Hobbs a real feud.
  5. I knew my strategy of "uhhhh this one?" would work eventually
  6. Toronto Saskatchewan Tiebreakers: Total points for Friday’s games 48 Toronto rushing yards 86 Saskachewan passing yards 226
  7. Carolina Baltimore NY Giants New Orleans Pittsburgh Tennessee Buffalo Kansas City Arizona Chicago Denver Las Vegas Minnesota Tampa Bay Green Bay Dallas Tiebreaker #1: 61 Tiebreaker #2: 258 Tiebreaker #3: 70
  8. Can't wait for Dark Side of the Ring: Glass Bottom Boat
  9. Curious to see how they depict Owen in figures or the video game. Will they be able to show him in his WWF gear? A close facsimile? Maybe just his Stampede/Japan gear? Cool news regardless
  10. Went to pick up Breeders and also left with Black Sabbath, Eaten Alive and Microwave Massacre (and a $9 blu ray of Bill and Ted Face The Music) Never seen Eaten Alive, pretty excited for that one. It’s the Arrow release
  11. Been very very good and, in the last couple weeks, have not bought anything from the used store that is being flooded with horror/b-movie/cult blu rays. I gave in and had him put a copy of Breeders (1986) on hold for me to pick up this weekend. I intend to own every movie LeeAnn Baker appeared in, so I couldn't resist. If only someone would release a high quality cut of Necropolis and not the shitty dubbed VHS looking Full Moon DVD that's out there.
  12. Hamilton Saskachewan BC Edmonton Tiebreakers: 1. 6 2. 258
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