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  1. You are correct, I had completely forgotten the context of the pic (should have realized since Mean Gene is still standing in the ring).
  2. Too big to fit on my printer to scan, so just took a quick pic with my phone. Bearded Lex and Chilling Rude are together. There's no way any of those girls are older than 14.
  3. That's a great pic, but not it. He's directly behind the turnbuckle and Fridge is just starting his leap off.
  4. Wrestling: The Greatest Stars I own it, I don't remember when I got it but definitely when I was a kid, so around its release in 87. It is pretty thin, but there's some great photos, with a little write up of each person featured.
  5. The Firefly Funhouse is the best thing ever done in wrestling. I want to live there.
  6. Why is that man wearing a bag over his face? ...with sunglasses?
  7. The wrestling episode of The Chris Gethard show is absolutely amazing, second only to the what's in the dumpster episode.
  8. His shoulder is going to explode the first time he tries to pitch. Edit: I just noticed how skinny his calves are. Clearly someone doesn't believe in leg day.
  9. I always figured that he was a benefactor of good timing. By the fall, the Owen feud had run for half the year, Lawler was done to death (and they'd return to him later with Bret), Yoko was tied up with the Undertaker, Shawn and Diesel were focused on the tag and IC titles and they were getting ready to turn Diesel, Tatanka was freshly turned and paired with Luger and Double J wasn't established enough. That basically leaves Backlund and Bam Bam as your top heels remaining, with IRS and King Kong Bundy around as well. Bam Bam would have been cool, but if they already had the Taylor match in mind, you probably don't want him beating a former champion at WM. IRS was pretty midcard and had just started promos talking about how you still owe taxes after death, so they were clearly planning on pairing him with the Undertaker after the Yoko feud. Bundy gives you a similar angle as Backlund with a much worse match. Backlund was 45, so why not try and see what you can get out of him before he's done? I've always assumed that he wasn't originally going to win the title, but once George Foreman won the heavyweight title at 45 at the beginning of November, they decided to pull the trigger. Plus, depending how far in advance they had decided that they were going to throw in with Diesel, Backlund is not someone who would get hurt by a transition reign, since he's not going to be in your long term plans.
  10. Between Tubi and downloading, I've managed to find 4 of the 7 movies; Necropolis, Mutant Hunt, Psychos in Love and Breeders. I no longer have Amazon Prime, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of them were on there as well. I loved that they all decided to stay, such a depressing and pessimistic outlook. I thought for sure the last shot was going to be all of them running out of there, but I bet they rebuild it instead. Why go out into the world when the box is so comfortable? Maybe I was just in the right mood for it, during these quarantine days...
  11. I'm doing a cult movie quarantine, here's a few things I've been watching. Savage Streets: Linda Blair revenge flick that takes about an hour and 15 minutes to get to the revenge part. Still some great 80s fashion, the revenge is pretty satisfying and some classic 80s film street punks. It seems really confused about how old it wants to make all the characters. The movie spends a surprising amount of time on high school classroom scenes and detention scenes with John Vernon. Yet one of Linda's girlfriends is talking about getting married the next week and how her and her boyfriend are planning on buying a farm. It's not an impossibility that someone could get married in high school, but the tone is really confused. The rape of Linda's little deaf sister is pretty uncomfortable. I don't think they ever say how old she is, but since Linda and her friends are 17/18 you have to figure she's 14-16. I know the actress was over 18, but it was still inappropriate to have her do full frontal nudity there. Chopping Mall: a How Did This Get Made classic. Mostly fun and absurb movie about a group of teens having an after hours party in a mall furniture store (as you do) and getting picked off by malfunctioning security droids. The droids are basically Johnny 5 on steroids. Even still, it is a bit forgettable except for some horndog teen (all look 30+) dialogue and the odd bit nudity. Most memorable bit is Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov showing up at the beginning as their Eating Raoul characters, with no explanation of who they are or why they are there. The invaluable Dick Miller shows up to get electrocuted. Cannibal Ferox: Your basic Italian Cannibal movie boom trash. Decent gore. I forgot about the scenes of actual animal abuse, so had to fast forward some parts. Fuck that shit. Dead End Drive In: This was the shit. Pretty much everything you want in an 80s Australian flick: dystopian, muscle cars and lot of street punks. Seriously, nothing beats the street punks of 1980s movies. Guy and his girl go to the drive in, but it turns out that the police and the manager use it as a type of prison for undesirables and they can't leave the next day. Ends up being pretty interesting, as everyone trapped in there pretty much accepts and enjoys it. The world outside sucks, so why not stay in this place that they pretty much have free reign of? Really fun if you ignore the logic of it; even being electrified it's still just chain link fence and one middle aged dude keeping them in. Big recommendation. Doom Asylum: Spoof of slasher flicks or movie so terribly acted they after the fact tried passing it off as a parody? Doesn't matter it is fun as fuck. Super wooden acting, fun gore (not to spoil it or nothing, but someone gets turned into a meat cube), more punks, Kristin Davis in a role she probably doesn't talk about much (she should, she's funny. She's a psychology obsessed student that tries getting through to the killer with therapy and reasoning), a baseball card obsessed nerd (Did you know that the Niekro brothers are the winningest brother combination in baseball history?) and more. Plot? A group of stupid teens go to an abandoned insane asylum for a picnic. Murder ensues. Barely over an hour and that's with padding the run time with about 5 minutes or so of clips of the 1936 adaptation of Sweeney Todd. That kind of audaciousness just makes me like it more. Necropolis: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am in love. Tonight I discovered LeeAnne Baker. She made 7 grindhouse movies between 1986 and 1987 and then retired from acting. As far as I know, this was her only starring role out of them. She is gorgeous. She's a reincarnated or maybe immortal witch in 1986 NYC. It's unclear which, the movie literally cuts from her in the 1700s to sitting on a motorcycle in New York, but all the synopses I've read mention reincarnation (there are other characters that are definitely reincarnated). The whole movie is her walking about to random people, seducing them with witch powers and then murdering them. Meanwhile a reporter and a priest that seems to have way too much knowledge of the situation try to solve the deaths. Even though Total Recall hadn't been made yet, it totally blows it out of the water by going "3 boobs? Fuck that, we're going to 6!" There's really not much to the movie, but goddamn does LeeAnne Baker's presence absolutely carry the whole thing. Unbelievably striking.
  12. Space is a big place Edit: meant to quote the response above....
  13. While they haven't been as hard hit as some other places, part of me can't help but think they're doing this because they desperately want the Olympics to go on. Hard to justify having them when all other events are cancelled.
  14. ....and my job just got shut down because of this stupid virus. Best case scenario we reopen in 2 weeks, worst case 8, worst worst case who knows? So, fuck me I guess. I have good savings, but I'm going to go back to school in August with the hope of not having to work while I was there. We'll see if that's the case if this continues for long.
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