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  1. True. I was just impressed with how quickly he went to the choking, he didn't even hesitate. "Fred broke the rope? Guess I'll choke him with it."
  2. Apparently they teamed together once at a house show in 85, defeating JYD and Tito Santana, and were also in a battle royal together later that year at another house show.
  3. Looks like he's just a dude embarrassed by his very Aught's tribal tattoos (can't see it well, but there's a Superman logo entwined in it).
  4. I got the Penta one, was very impressed with the quality and that it perfectly fits my large dome.
  5. I would be pumping myself with so much juice to get out of this farce of a season.
  6. 1983 Smug asshole Briscos in Mid-Atlantic are the best.
  7. You're just sleeping on Riggins/Shango
  8. 100% this. I've worked in fine dining (well, not right now because of Covid reasons) for almost 14 years and I have come to absolutely hate foodie culture and cooking snobbery. Not everyone has the time or the money to buy fresh ingredients to make everything from scratch. Saying to someone "oh how could you enjoy that restaurant, it's trash" is the most elitist bullshit. Let people like what they like, not everyone has the same palette, not everyone has the same expectation or values when it comes to what food they eat. I'm not even trying to jump on anyone here, it's something I've seen a lot from guests, where you hear a lot of "why would anyone go to Chain Restaurant A, when they can go to "Better" Restaurant B?" Maybe they just generally like Chain Restaurant A or it scratches an itch or it's cheaper or it's near their home or maybe don't worry about it... Again, I'm not directing this at anyone here as I think that the conversation has actually been really good, it's just a personal pet peeve of mine that's developed over the years. I actually think the Food Network is one of the worst things that happened because it's ingrained this belief in a lot of people that if you're not cooking in a certain way or going to the right kind of restaurants that you are doing it "wrong."
  9. That was the best outcome possible.
  10. It's not the making of the pancakes that's the issue, it's the cleaning up all that gunk after.
  11. Unfortunately they've decided to rename it the War of Northern Aggression, so it's a wash in the end.
  12. https://www.opensecrets.org/search?order=desc&q=shahid+khan&sort=D&type=donors If you go through his donations, he donates to Democrats way more often than Republicans. The last donation he made to a Republican was in 2017 and the majority of his Republican donations were in 2012. Granted these are his personal donations, not ones he's done through organizations (or any he's done anonymously), so his donation to Trump's Inauguration is not listed. At $1M though, it is much much higher than any of his personal donations, which are usually no more than a couple thousand dollars. Interestingly, his largest personal donations are also to Republicans, $17 100 and $30 800 respectively. My guess is that he's generally sympathetic to Democratic causes, but as a billionaire he knows where his bread is buttered. E: Hilariously if you go through Trump's donations, he made multiple donations to both Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton. It makes sense as a New York resident trying to grease wheels, but still funny under current circumstances.
  13. "Nabu, you saved my life, I have to kiss you passionately on the mouth." Likes for any Bob Fossil content
  14. Cynical me thinks this was a ploy so that they can hold up the county for more money in 10-15 years to build another park and people will go along with it because that is so trash.
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