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  1. Aren't they thinking of moving Soul to Disney+? I guess if it does will give us the answer
  2. I'm pretty indifferent to Buck as well, Aikman is the terrible one in the booth. I'd take Buck over a lot of the other announcers, especially Nance and Tessitore (so glad he's off MNF, he pretty much made it unwatchable to me the last few years).
  3. I could see being frustrated and having a bad day in the suit being turned into "walked off the set" pretty easily, with the way rumour telephone works. People always complain about how terrible the Batman suits are to be in, but at least with those your mouth is uncovered. That helmet is probably a nightmare to wear for long periods of time. And there were at least 3 Mandos in the first season; Pascal, a stunt double and I believe a fight double.
  4. Cincinnati Tampa Bay Tennessee Chicago Dallas Green Bay Indianapolis Buffalo San Francisco LA Rams Pittsburgh Arizona Baltimore Kansas City Seattle New Orleans Tiebreaker #1: 49 Tiebreaker #2: 33 Tiebreaker #3: 117
  5. elizium

    2020 NFL Week 1

    They definitely look super cheap. That weird "Los Angeles Rams" patch on the chest looked like it was falling off
  6. Croc Master was usually on top of my GI Joe fed. Road Pig and Iron Grenadier also got long runs. Main tag team was Cobra Officer and Cobra Stinger Driver because they matched. It was a heel heavy territory.
  7. Along this line, I figure if there are monthly PPVs, then we probably don't get SNME. So stuff like the Bossman and Orndorff cages become PPV mains. This might not even be a bad thing, maybe that means the SNME match between Hulk and Terry Funk becomes a month long program and the match gets an extra 10 minutes and a definitive finish. Yes please. Assuming you don't want to overexpose Hogan, off months probably main with stuff like Bulldog matches or Savage IC defences. Hogan still appears, but probably just in an interview segment. Maybe the even try to gauge Wendy Richter's popular
  8. There's a Rat Pack era episode of Mid-South where Watts makes a point of saying that it's actually pronounced Duggan, but by the next episode he's back to pronouncing it Doogan.
  9. "Cincinnati has its racism honed like a fine blade. They were clubbing people to death long before the NYPD even stumbled upon the notion." I've missed this so much. Plus unofficial site mascot Daniel Radcliffe is back to read some bad tweets, that's what really makes it real to me.
  10. I'm with Lawful, I don't understand what the big deal is if the tester is presumably a part of the bubble too. Unless they think he's going to convince her to be a DOUBLE AGENT and tamper with Lebron's tests.
  11. I was always partial to John Nord's forward (?) suplex, where he picks guys up in a vertical suplex, but drops them on their chest instead. Used it as his finish for a minute as the Berserker, before they switched him to the toss over the top rope.
  12. Well now I need to know who it was. Funniest autodraft I've ever seen was a kicker going in the 2nd round. He was building a list, planning to ditch before his last pick, which would have been a kicker. Instead his wifi went out and it picked his top ranked player, Justin Tucker.
  13. Had my leagues draft today, my team is trash. Had trouble logging in (NFL.com's new draft suite apparently hates ad-blockers), missed my first pick and it auto-selected me Kamara at 3 and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the draft.
  14. I'm watching BLP's We're Back show and what is up with the one announcer constantly saying "...and such." It's almost like a tic. (It's not Danhausen)
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