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  1. January 23rd, 2017 must have been a slow day on the board for me to win it
  2. Oh yeah, actual best part of the night was JR getting annoyed with Kevin Kelly's long explanation of the Ospreay-Juice situation and cutting him off with a "Why don't we talk about the wrestling we're about to see"
  3. Card of the year. Every match worked for me, including ones that I had no interest in at all. Not much else to add besides my main takeaway being that Malakai Black is going noticeably bald and I look forward to him become even more EVIL~! with a stringy skullet
  4. Billie Starks-Matt Demorest might be my favourite Billie performance ever. Billie absolutely carried an opponent that was clearly not in any kind of ring shape (Demorest retired 2 years ago after an injury, but came back for this because it was Billie's dream match). Demorest can still hit the movez, but Billie absolutely held his hand and kept the match going with some great selling. I don't know what his plans are, but if he gets some ring cardio going, Demorest kicking around again would be fun. Billie is too fucking good for someone so young
  5. Chuck Taylor was mad that he's apparently working in the diner
  6. No shame in him losing his hair, in fact I hope he leans into and let’s it grow into a sleazy skullet to pair with his moustache, but that lighting is doing him no favours. They lit him like he’s about to tell a spooky story at a sleepover
  7. I like Paul, but he definitely has a shelf life as a coach and tends to rely too heavily on vets at the expense of developing young players. Prepare for your 4th line to be a bunch of mid30s retreads. With their talent, they should still have a good few years
  8. Looking at the voting, Scott Powers of the Athletic went Makar, McAvoy, Toews, Ekblad, Hedman. It wouldn't really have affected the race in the end, as Makar won by 25 points and they're allotted as 10-7-5-3-1
  9. Interesting voting for the Norris, as Josi had more first place votes. But he was left off one ballot entirely and got 20 less 2nd place votes
  10. Another Pixies song. Also fuck off to anyone who doesn't think the Pixies aren't cool. There's literally a song called "Cool as Kim Deal"
  11. The lack of Aya Cash makes me a lot less interested
  12. Trying to watch Paris is Bumping but I can’t see shit
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