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  1. It could take place in Circle V, where the wrathful fight each other in the River Styx (or on it I guess, not sure if they're floating or what). I sort of feel like Benoit would probably reside in Level 1 of Circle VII though, since that's where murderers are placed. Maybe Hell has the Wildcard Rule?
  2. The man just ate 2 dozen oysters and a whole crab, give him a minute.
  3. I...still like them...?
  4. LA Chargers NY Giants Chicago Baltimore Buffalo New Orleans Arizona Kansas City Indianapolis Green Bay LA Rams Minnesota Seattle Tiebreaker #1: 3 Tiebreaker #2: 50 Tiebreaker #3: 50
  5. Unless Donj is super into cryptozoology or some shit, I don't see how it could be a non-partisan interview.
  6. I love the blue cage, but I grew up with it, so nostalgia and all that. My own question: Did anything ever come from Austin Idol coming to the ring and video taping other wrestler's matches? From Mid-Atlantic, 82 or 83 I think? Was it something he ever did in other territories?
  7. It should be patterned like the Fiend's pants.
  8. I'm legit bummed about the whole thing. I probably spend most of my online time at one of the sites in that group. AV Club, Kotaku and The Root are still going, but it sure seems like the clock is ticking. I'm not sure what the fuck site is going to replace Deadspin for me. I picked up a year sub to The Athletic when they had a sale, but other than Sean McIndoe (who's shtick does get repetitive), there's been nothing to really grab me and I've only read sporadically for the few odd months I've had it. The Ringer? Fuck that, I don't need a site of 20 Bill Simmons clones. How could Grantland have been so good and The Ringer such trash. Without Splinter...I feel so out of the loop of what's going on in the States since it was shut down. Is Donald Trump still doing his thing down there? And the DNC Primary...that's still going on right? And Brexit, I was used to getting consistent and hilarious coverage of it....
  9. As far as I'm concerned, the "Wednesday Night War" is now over
  10. I prefer to blame BIG PRIVATE EQUITY
  11. That's weird, every article I've tried to go to the comment section on for the last week has been blank.
  12. They turned off comments last week sometime
  13. Maybe you could have made that case back when AJ Daulerio was editor, but it has been like 6 years since then. There are definitely writers I tend to skip by, but I would say that Deadspin has been doing quality work now for 5+ years. And Splinter, imo, was doing downright important writing (especially Hamilton Nolan and his articles on union fights across the US), while still maintaining a similar tone to Deadspin and its sister sites.
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