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  1. I've only seen Skinamarink and Infinity Pool, definitely try to add to that before the year is out
  2. If I have to push Nic Cage off the wagon to ensure that he keeps making movies, then I'm going to fucking do it
  3. We'll see what the IRS has to say about that
  4. Plaque better have a fucking cigarette in his mouth
  5. What was the last movie you saw in theatres before Covid lockdowns is an interesting topic. For me it was a matinee showing of Cats on New Year's Day, where we took a bunch of edibles beforehand. It was perfect. First movie back was either Dune or The French Dispatch. So them both around the same time, can't remember which was first.
  6. Killer Kelly rules. Her and Jody Threat had a great match that was built around Kelly trying to kiss Jody, between which they had a wild brawl around ringside. Finish came when Jody caught Kelly off-guard by kissing her and then hitting her finisher. That was the main event of the WPW show. Honestly one of their better cards ever. Match of the night was the tag team championship between champion Sammy Peppers of Red Hot Summer and Moses the Deliverer (filling in for Sammy's sick partner) against Fresh Air. I've never seen Fresh Air or even heard of them before, but they were fun as fuck. Have an 80s B-Boy gimmick with lots of fun tandem moves. Hope they get booked again. The other big stand out match was Warhorse beating Kevin O'Doyle and Charlie Hubley. Didn't expect much out of it but all three meshed really well and the crowd went banana over it. Other matches: WPW Men's Champion Tyler Colton d. Mo Jabari by DQ (former champ Bobby Schink kept running in and attacking Tyler) Vanna Black d. Tootie Lynn Rahim de la Suede d. Chad Daniels AJ Sanchez d. a dude who's name I can never remember (who's doing a rich boy gimmick) Josh Holiday d. Michael Allen Richard Clark James Roth d. Shaun Moore
  7. I haven’t seen enough matches of hers to get a really good feel, but I’ve liked the couple I’ve seen. I’m also seeing her this weekend, against Jody Threat on Friday.
  8. Dallas Atlanta Houston LA Chargers Detroit Pittsburgh Tennessee Miami Tampa Bay LA Rams Philadelphia Kansas City Jacksonville Tiebreaker #1: 148 Tiebreaker #2: 3 Tiebreaker #3: 286
  9. Pretty lame show overall. Iyo's Sasuke dive was cool though. Nothing really seemed to hit a second level. I can't bring myself to care about Punk anymore, but what a weird way to debut him. So all those dudes just had to stand in the ring while he took the spotlight from them?
  10. Ultramantis Black rarely wrestles anymore or leaves the East Coast for shows, that would be a must attend for me. Timebomb put on a really fun no ring deathmatch/hardcore band show here in the summer. Badger Briggs is cool as fuck.
  11. Well this season is now a success
  12. Detroit Dallas San Francisco Miami Jacksonville Pittsburgh Tennessee Atlanta Indianapolis New England Cleveland Arizona Philadelphia Kansas City Baltimore Minnesota Tiebreaker #1: 33 Tiebreaker #2: 38 Tiebreaker #3: 249
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