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  1. Okay, the Darksaber episode of Rebels was so fucking good
  2. Only a buy if the come out with an On Deck version, which is the show for discerning Sprouse fans of taste.
  3. Wow you're right what the fuck did I do to my math there? He was telling the dude how to properly throw a slider, he was being helpful. And considering that was his third time getting hit in 2 days I feel he was showing a lot of restraint. Yeah, he was talking, but he didn't stop, didn't head towards the mound, he took his base.
  4. Lauerano getting suspended that long is bullshit, dude got hit 3 times and shrugged them off until the coward on the bench got involved. It was such phony baseball tough guy bullshit. That's like getting a 50 game suspension in a regular season. I don't even hate the Astros (for whatever it is worth, theirs is actually the only non-MiLB hat I own, depending if you count the Expos anymore), but I think they realize that they can probably goad teams into situations like this because of the warning Manfred gave about retribution. I agree, Lauerano should have gotten a game only. E: My math is hella off there
  5. Also, Chopper is the best droid in all of Star Wars, I will not hear any argument.
  6. Its definitely more consistent than Clone Wars, though I'd be surprised if any episode is as good as the Order 66 one.
  7. Been really digging Rebels, currently about a third through season 3. I love the crew and that they mostly are off doing their own thing. Sure people like Vader or Leia periodically show up, but most everything is happening adjacent to the main Star Wars story. At this point, that's what I really want from Star Wars stories...show me what else there is in the galaxy. That said, I do love when we get some updates on what's happened to places since the Clone Wars ended. I especially loved seeing what happened to the Twi'leks and the episode where they encounter the still functioning droids was great. I missed those things, they grew on me a lot during Clone Wars.
  8. Bound to happen sooner or later, but it is still disappointing. Other than Woj, he's probably the best "insider" in sports. Plus, I never really warmed up to Dreger or any of the other hockey guys.
  9. Posted before the pick. That's Luongo for anyone who doesn't know
  10. Where can you get those? I tried googling, but all that came up were articles about the set or ebay listings for way the fuck too much
  11. Covid is probably even worse when you have a staph infection too.
  12. Looks at odessa's watch, "Oh cool, it's one of those old Casio calculator ones."
  13. Still no report on the actual injury, but he apparently managed to not suffer any major damage to his achilles. I'd still be shocked to see him at all the rest of the series with the Flames. No real word on Laine either, other than that he is out for game 2.
  14. If Shane wasn't there, I would be super into that as a faction. Just make them a bunch of grumpy old guys
  15. I hope the "etc." you put when listing classic 80s stuff includes Jem and the Holograms, because if not.... Really fun and easily the most 80s of any of the shows of that time. Falls off a bit when they add the new girls to the bands (seems like they were a less inspired with the music) but season one, especially the Misfits, have some absolute bangers. Transformers and GI Joe had higher peaks, episode wise, but I feel like Jem is the most rewatchable of the bunch. Plus, I am absolutely convinced that Techrat was based on Crispin Glover.
  16. I don't really think it was intentional either, just carelessness....but fuck man....what a bummer
  17. Is this the one with all the gimmicky teams and the alligator pit? I used to love the heel punk team...The Violators, I think?
  18. I don't know but it probably also involved a Tkachuk
  19. Why are we doing this shit again? It's fucking August...
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