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  1. Poor Bryce Donovan Hopefully this opens the door for the Shook Crew to come in as The Acclaimed's flunkies. Or do some 8 person matches with 2.0
  2. I'm guessing Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff will soon join Bowman.
  3. Denver New England Carolina Atlanta Green Bay Baltimore Kansas City LA Rams Las Vegas Arizona Tampa Bay San Francisco New Orleans Tiebreaker #1: 329 Tiebreaker#2: 71 Tiebreaker #3: 68
  4. I think he meant his Painmaker gimmick specifically, not the match with Gage itself. The Painmaker is trash and looks so low rent. The Gage match was awesome, though
  5. Really great episode, though I could have done without Jericho calling PVZ a bitch and bimbo and doing the "I bet you really want to sleep with me" thing. When does Miro get the big belt?
  6. Tampa Bay Miami Cincinnati Kansas City Minnesota Indianapolis LA Rams Baltimore Green Bay Cleveland Denver Dallas Pittsburgh Buffalo Tiebreaker #1: 101 Tiebreaker #2: 56 Tiebreaker #3: 3
  7. Handkerchief tied around the neck
  8. I could be very very wrong, because it has been a long time since I watched the footage, but I thought the story with Kruschev was that he was American? Like, as a fuck you to Kernodle who they just kicked out, they were like "not only are we replacing you with another American, but we got him to adopt a Russian name."
  9. Mason Crosby is so old he's now doing remakes of his old games. Similar to his 5 missed kicks game in Detroit from 2018, at least he realized the ending to that one stunk and wrote himself a better one this time
  10. Does Shawn Spears know that CM Punk was hanging out in his room?
  11. I'm watching The Wanderers on Kino Cult (I watch this movie at least once a year and have for like 20 years) and the commercials are coming exactly every 5 minutes. Four commercials each break, rotating through 6 different commercials. It is driving me mad, especially because the commercials are way louder than the movie. I really want to love this service, but what was annoying during London in the Raw is becoming unwatchable with this movie.
  12. Rams Atlanta New Orleans Green Bay Minnesota Pittsburgh Tennessee Carolina Tampa Bay New England LA Chargers Las Vegas Arizona Dallas Kansas City Baltimore Tiebreaker #1: 68 Tiebreaker #2: 92 Tiebreaker #3: 238
  13. Toronto Winnipeg Saskachewan Montreal Hamilton Tiebreakers: 1. 56 2. 263
  14. Watching a movie on Kino Cult right now and the ad break placements have been horrendous. Watching the documentary London in the Raw and one commercial break came right in the middle of a variety show song they're filming. Pretty much every 10 minutes on the dot
  15. Pleasantly surprised by the lack of interference in the opener and main. Hell yeah Jade!
  16. I hope you told him that you're bout it, bout it
  17. Showing 10 without his mask and Darby smiling is unforgivable. We need more of Zuco the sommelier in a hoodie
  18. Literally the least surprising news ever is that she's a homeschooler
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