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  1. Kirsten Dunst gets a lifetime pass for On Becoming a God in Central Florida. Absolute crime it never got a second season
  2. let's have a little more respect for crockett and tubbs most trusted ally
  3. I just rewatched Bram Stoker's Dracula and that might be one of the horniest movies ever made. A stone cold classic
  4. Thought the game was a lot of fun. Didn't have a rooting interest at the start of the series, switched to the Oilers just because I thought it would be cool to see a team come back down from 3-0 in the finals. In the end, I think we got the best case scenario. The best team won, the best player won the Conn Smythe, and Paul Maurice got his Cup. Pretty funny when Maurice said that the best gift he could get would be Winnipeg winning the next one. Like dude, love the sentiment, but you're still going to be coaching next year
  5. I love Severin but their shipping costs are insane. I just ordered a blu ray of Nightmare Castle and a Barbara Steele enamel pin and the shipping was $26 CAD (~$18 USD). It was cheaper to get 3 blu rays ordered from Powerhouse films in the UK a couple months ago.
  6. I saw that Doom Generation restoration at the local arthouse last year, it looks amazing. Really made me appreciate it even more, as all my previous views have been off a grainy VHS
  7. That Dubois trade with the Jets turned out to be a disaster for the Kings
  8. those colours are not far off from the kraken's
  9. I'm not normally one to care about remakes because remakes have existed since the single reel silent days, but what are they expecting to do with this? How can anyone look at Adjani's performance and think "yes, I can improve on this?" Spoiler of the end and trigger warning for self-harm but I will be absolutely shocked if they're prepared to end the film in the same way:
  10. Literally nobody has been sexier in film than Amanda Donohoe in Lair of the White Worm
  11. one of the reasons i dropped out of most of the fantasy leagues i was in was because of how miserable i would be watching the games. it went from "cool, i have a reason to be invested in a game i normally wouldn't care about" to stewing all day. plus being in a couple dynasty leagues and never getting a break from it. i don't want to be thinking about the nfl in mid-march. and that's in $100 per season leagues. i couldn't imagine having hundreds of dollars in games each week. i would eventually murder someone
  12. Harley was probably my favourite out of the all wrestler performances
  13. Went to The Fall Guy last night and loved it. Perfect summer movie, reminded me of a high end version of something like Romancing the Stone. Funny, charming, and the stunts were great. It won't, but I would be all in on a sequel. It has a great montage during the end credits showing behind the scenes of all the stunt work
  14. And apparently they're not going to have a name going into next season, it's not supposed to debut until 2025-26. They're just going to have generic Utah jerseys for next year. Super embarrassing. This guy has apparently been angling for an NHL team for awhile, he doesn't already have a name and logo thought of? Shit, man, I had my own fictional hockey league with 200+ teams that I designed jerseys and logos for when I was 12.
  15. it looks about the same as Winnipeg last week. Set up for 4200 and there were just less than 300 tickets left as of this morning
  16. leave it to Vince to use penis size as the determining factor
  17. Hey, I'm Lee. This must be a movie about me. Flattering. Not going to watch the trailer because I know what happens
  18. I saw Shibata wrestle live. Fuck yeah what a night. And he got hit in the face with a hockey puck, puts all his New Japan matches in the trash
  19. elizium

    MLB 2024 - May

    They had the beekeeper who removed the bees throw out the first pitch
  20. they did set up 199 sequels at the end, so it was bound to happen. hopefully there's even more scooter action
  21. i did not enjoy that jets game
  22. My guess is that they change it. All the trademarks are supposed to revert back to the Arizona owner if a miracle actually happens and they get an arena built in the next 5 years
  23. Picked up Kinds Hearts and Coronets, The Allnighter, The Long Goodbye, and Secret Ceremony on this sale
  24. The Turin Horse is my favourite apocalypse movie. It is just outstanding
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