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  1. Dan Olson, he of the great "Line Goes Up" documentary about crypto, pointing out the issues of thinking owning an NFT of somehow gives you IP rights over it. He rightly points out that trying to do a show about this one character would lead to all sorts of issues with owners of near identical NFTs. See also the choads who bought the NFT of the Jodorowsky's book of storyboards and designs for Dune and thinking that somehow meant they'd be able to start making Dune television shows. If Seth Green was making a show featuring a Bored Ape Yacht Club character, my guess is that it's because BAYC sold him the rights and not because he bought this one NFT. If I had to guess, I feel like this is a publicity stunt and Seth Green purposely sold/"lost" the NFT. Thread goes into it:
  2. He's ours, you can't have him. He likes -35C weather in January
  3. Aw, they got rid of the moat and surfing from the last set of mock-up drawings
  4. I love Deeb, but if they're gonna insist that she talks for herself (and she's not terrible, just awkward), they need to lock her in a room and jack open her eyes Clockwork Orange-style and force her to watch 12 hours of Sherri Martel promos
  5. MJF saw Adam Cole's spray tan hands from a couple months ago and decided to up the ante by taking off his shirt, so that the difference between his hands and the rest of his body is emphasized
  6. I appreciate both teams wearing proper jerseys and not some modern abomination. Also, fuck the Flames
  7. Watching Tremors tonight. There was a period when I was a kid where it was my absolute favourite movie. It was always on the watchlist if I was sick and stayed home from school
  8. Somehow missed this. I dig them, but hate that the pants are blue. Monochrome uniforms in football always looks so bad. Seriously, keep it simple with the gold pants. Blue and Gold
  9. I mean, ya coulda at least put a big T on the side of that thing
  10. The roku app was pretty bad too. Loved iwtv as a service, but it was such a pain to navigate. The continue watching section on the main page would only include recently released cards. I was doing a rewatch of Chikara, so to get to back to where I was I would have to go to Promotions, scroll until I found Chikara (you cannot change the order of the Promotions on the Roku app, it's always listed as whatever had the most recent cards added at the top), scroll from the most recent season until I found the one I wanted, scroll through that season to find the card I left on and hope that it remembered where I left off (it wouldn't always). Total first world problem, but a serious pain in the ass. Other than that, I highly recommend iwtv, lol. Watched so many shows that I wouldn't have otherwise thought of, let alone had access too.
  11. I didn't have the twins, so my main tag team was a Cobra Officer and the Stinger driver, because they had continuity in uniforms
  12. That was the wooooorst. I'm into Scorpio now, don't make him be a dick. You can be edgy without being an edgelord, you know?
  13. They would have been better having him cut off at the chest and have Sonjay screaming about how he's such a monster he won't even fit on screen.
  14. He was the big face in my fed. Him and Croc Master would trade the belt back and forth
  15. Also, push Jamie Hayter already
  16. Tonight in weirdly useless AEW chyron: Jay Lethal is "5-2 in his last 7 matches" Jay Lethal's 2022 record "10-4" So he was 5-2 in the first 7 as well? It literally doesn't mean anything, but it makes me laugh.
  17. I had this one and it was every bit the terrible game, but I did like the faction element, where you could assign different guys to groups and they'd help each other out. There was no logic to the game at all. You'd do a gauntlet match or something and one of the competitors would be a Nitro Girl. It's been 20+ years, but I don't remember if you could turn characters off from randomly appearing
  18. Ask and ye shall receive
  19. Holy shit, I just watched that. That's low key one of the dirtiest things I think I've ever seen in an NHL game. Like it's not clubbing someone over the head, but its a move so clearly without any intention but to snap his ankle. The only solution is to retract the Minnesota Wild franchise and install your Winnipeg Jets in the playoffs in their place.
  20. Like all the "my apes stolen" NFT chuds who cry for someone to intervene when they're duped into giving someone access to their wallet. Brother, you're the one who wanted no regulation. Blockchain is law and all that, right?
  21. He was not, he was shirtless and very sweaty because his match had ended like 5 minutes beforehand
  22. Oooooooh, I was wondering why my twitter feed was all Carlin clips today
  23. Kind of funny you use that term, because for years I have used the term "Sunday afternoon movie" to describe the kind of light, minimal investment movies that would always air on network TV on Sunday afternoons growing up. Usually light comedies, mid-range action movies, that kind of thing. Time fillers used by stations when there's no live sports on. Like you're bored at home, its too cold to go outside, and you're flipping through channels and one is randomly showing Black Moon Rising. You'd never think to watch it in a million years otherwise, but a perfect movie to kill a boring afternoon.
  24. Turns out Acorn TV has a 30 day free trial with Prime, so I guess I'm going to see how many I can watch in a month. Or watch I, Claudius instead Watched the first couple episodes and it is pretty fun so far. No real meat to the mysteries so far, but as advertised McShane is great. I didn't expect him to be such a weasel and start each episode off with a 4th wall break. Sunday evening type show is a perfect description. I'm not looking for something I have to get super invested in
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