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  1. Amused at Stephen Amell having to pretend to support the strikes, only to have Heels cancelled
  2. I don't understand the point of that main if Ricky is going to lose again. Sure he didn't get pinned or submit, but he got KTFO for the second time in a row
  3. I did. 24 points which was pretty decent. Also had Deebo, so the double dip is always nice
  4. I have to either start Purdy tonight or sit on Burrow and hope he plays this week
  5. So you mean Saudi Arabia is interested in buying it and has a useful idiot as the front
  6. San Fran New England Minnesota Buffalo Green Bay Atlanta Cleveland Jacksonville Miami Baltimore Seattle Dallas Kansas City Pittsburgh Philadelphia LA Rams Tiebreaker #1: 52 Tiebreaker #2: 52 Tiebreaker #3: 21
  7. Leg bent to a complete right angle laterally. It did not look good at all. Probably tore one or both of the MCL and LCL, if not the ACL and PCL as well
  8. Don’t say that, I have him
  9. Bought Psycho Girls (1986) and it has this amazing disclaimer at the beginning. Too hot for America. It's a really fun movie, starts off as a Halloween knockoff, with a young girl killing her parents and being sent to an institution, 15 years later she escapes. From there it goes off in it's own direction, she kidnaps a bunch of people, takes them to another abandoned institution and, along with two other former inmates, starts killing them. They set up little playacting scenarios, like one guy pretending to be an old timey barber, when killing them. The whole thing is an ode to Freud, who they have an alter dedicated to and seemingly worship. It is goofy and gory, with a narrator putting on a hardboiled pulp detective voice. Fun little twist ending as well.
  10. And Nick Chubb is done for the year.
  11. Makabe looks better now since he dropped a lot of weight. Even he admitted that he was looking like shit and had let himself go. I used to not like the soccer kit look, but I’ve seen him enough that I can’t imagine him not in it. His old band Hanging Heart is really good too.
  12. Choosing which of these games to watch is a real Sophie’s Choice, if Sophie absolutely hated both her children.
  13. *sigh* So my beaver pelt hat spends another fall in storage
  14. I like the uniforms. I normally don’t like monochromatic jerseys and pants, but the stripes on the leg create enough of a visual difference.
  15. You are correct, there is no one named John Cena on the roster
  16. According to Sepinwall in his Rolling Stone article, the Winning Time screeners sent out before the season started airing ended with Magic in the shower. When cancellation became a possibility, the shot the ending with Buss and Jeannie in January and submitted both versions to HBO. Bummer, I haven’t watched the 2nd season yet, but really liked the first, once I got past all the Adam McKayness.
  17. What are the fashions on the continent this season?
  18. If Rhamondre Stevenson and Jason Sanders could get me 5 fucking points in the last 8 minutes of this game, I'd appreciate it.
  19. Well god damn, I didn't look at my picks at all after making them and assumed I did super shitty. The old picking based on vibes and no research strategy works again. If only I could translate this ability to my shitty shitty fantasy team.
  20. There is no way that is a real person
  21. I liked him back in the Page 2 days of early ESPN.com (black text on a yellow background, this wasn't the only place trying to burn out your retinas back then). His articles were good, but even back then his only references being Entourage, Boogie Nights, Rocky, and Rounders was annoying as hell. Loved Grantland, but had stopped reading him by then.
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