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  1. Cincinnati (I might change this pregame depending on Tua's status)
  2. Damn, I do. They've both sort of melded into one movie in my mind
  3. Good parenting means introducing your kids to Baseketball Dodgeball early
  4. This does seem like the kind of Vikings year where they win one playoff game and then lose the next in hilarious fashion. Second best possible Vikings season behind them being absolute dog shit e: the upshot of that is winning that one playoff game will be enough to convince the Vikes to keep Kirk around and put off developing a new QB longer. Sorry Justin Jefferson, you're a hell of a player, but I hope they absolutely waste your prime
  5. Do not slander KD like that
  6. Automatic like for any Fields of the Nephilim mention, who I took my username from in the long, long ago
  7. Criston Cole has no poker face. Hi Criston how are you? "I fucked her, I fucked the princess, oh my honour..." Alright then
  8. Pittsburgh NY Jets Minnesota Baltimore New Orleans Chicago Kansas City Philadelphia Buffalo Tennessee LA Chargers Seattle LA Rams Tampa Bay San Francisco Dallas Tiebreaker #1: Aaron Rodgers Tiebreaker #2: 111 Tiebreaker #3: 2
  9. What's the fastest a first year coach has ever been fired? (Urban made it 13 games last year, fyi, but I'm sure that can't be the fastest. Lou Holtz and Bobby Petrino also lasted 13 games but each resigned)
  10. Best part of the episode, so satisfying when he killed that Baratheon (? can't remember what the sigil was) asshole
  11. I'm the opposite, this was my least favourite episode so far. I missed the Harfoots and the Numenor stuff isn't very interesting to me. I'm assuming you mean the kid with the blade? I don't think he is, I think the big reveal is that he
  12. Hey y'all I got a fantasy question. I have Herbert as my QB and I want to make a backup plan in case he isn't able to go next week. I do not have a 2nd QB on my roster. Options include: Tannehill vs LV Trubisky @ Cle Matty Ice vs KC Jameis @ Car Geno vs Atl Mac vs Bal Flacco vs Cin Goff @ Min Tua vs Buf Jones vs Dal Lawrence @ LAC Baker vs NO Mills @ Chi Brisset vs Pgh None of those are very appealing, I'm leaning Tannehill. I had originally drafted Tua as a backup, but dropped him to pick up Jeff Wilson, I hate that Buffalo matchup regardless
  13. Kansas City Cleveland NY Giants Pittsburgh Tampa Bay Baltimore Washington Indianapolis LA Rams San Francisco Denver Las Vegas Cincinnati Green Bay Buffalo Philadelphia Tiebreaker #1: 28 Tiebreaker #2: 8 Tiebreaker #3: 220
  14. It's that exact hubris that led to the fall of Saigon
  15. Went to another Winnipeg Pro show last night. Always fun, the venue they have if fucking awesome and the crowd is always into everything. Card got a little messed up, as Effy wasn't able to get across the border so the original main of Bussy v Jody Threat/Josh Alexander got nerfed. Instead they made Allie v Jody into a match for the inaugural women's championship (they had the belt ready, so my guess is that was originally going to be debuted at their next show in December) and Josh Alexander issued an open challenge for the Impact title. Results: Devon Monroe d. "The Rhinestone Cowboy" Steven Crowe 2nd time I've seen Devon and he is so fun and charismatic live. Crowd wanted to cheer Crowe, because who doesn't want to cheer the dude in the debazzled country and western get up with the skeezy mullet? He was dick enough during the match to keep the crowd on Devon's side Josh Alexander d. Roy Cheeks Cheeks is super green and Josh did a great job of holding his hand and getting him through a strong match. Very much an over-matched rookie versus the over-confident champion match. Cheeks got some nice believable moments of shine before Alexander killed him dead dead dead "Sweet" Bobby Schink d. Michael Richard Blais Blais is doing some sort of quasi-Satanic priest thing. Bobby Schink drinks maple syrup and gets hulk up powers from it. Schink is a Winnipeg mainstay, if you've been to a show at any point in the last ten years in the Peg, he was probably on the card. He's a goofy looking dude, but charismatic and the crowd always loves him. After winning he challenged the winner of the main WPW Women's Title Jody Threat d. Allie Katch This was their rubber match. Jody beat Allie in Ottawa a while ago, Allie beat Jody at the last show and now Jody wins the belt. Bit of a foregone conclusion, because Jody is on every show, but still a fun match that went up onto the stage where Allie took a gnarly bump on a suplex. Fun moment, as WPW put the belt on a plinth during the match (yes, a plinth) and while fighting up the stage, Allie and Jody comically stopped and gingerly walked by it with their hands up in order to not knock it down, before resuming fighting. Allie's my dude, so I was hoping she'd win, but was not to be. Talked to her after the show and she absolutely loves the people who run the promotion, so I'm hoping she becomes a semi-reg "Jacked Jesus" Tommy Lee Curtis d. James Roth Roth definitely has fans for a very specific reason. Crowd started chanting "Daddy" at him. Curtis used weasely heel tactics to steal the win. I like Curtis because his gimmick is that he's super jacked (he wears a surplice to the ring, but tears off the sleeves as he comes down), but he's actually not in that impressive of shape. Likes doing curls while choking his opponents with his resistance band. Perfect lower card heel Taryn from Accounting d. Free Range Kara Surprisingly the crowd was totally on the side of Taryn, chanting "death and taxes" throughout the match. Probably because she carried the majority of it. Kara is a great seller, but it meant that she spent most of the match on her back while Taryn got to shit talk and look like a killer Red Hot Summer d. Rylie Jackson/Kevin O'Doyle As much as the crowd loves Bobby Schink, they looooooove Red Hot Summer. Specifically Sammy Peppers. Crowd's favourite spot of the night was when they put O'Doyle in the tree of woe (took both to life him), crotched Rylie into his face and then tipped him over so that his crotch landed on Rylie's face. It's the simple pleasures of wrestling that are really the best. WPW Men's Title AJ Sanchez d. Mo Jabari Never heard of Jabari, but thought he was really impressive. Sanchez is 300+ but is not afraid to stooge. Won with shenanigans on a ref bump and low blow. Schink came out to run off Sanchez and revive the ref with the restorative powers of his maple syrup Sometimes I wish they ran more, but only putting shows on every 2-3 months means the crowd is not burnt out seeing the same locals over and over. There are other promotions that run more regularly, but WPW shows have this really fun, playful energy
  16. Funny you brought it up, because I'm going to a screening of Secret Ceremony on the 23rd. Kier-La Janisse, who directed the documentary and curated the All These Haunts Be Ours folk horror set, is going to be there to present it. It's part of the 10 year anniversary of the release of her book, House of Psychotic Women. It's the only one I'm able to make, but the theatre is also screening Identikit, I Like Bats, Ms. 45, Morvern Callar, and Der Fan as part of the program that week. If you liked the doc, I would highly recommend picking up the set from Severin films, Shudder also has a few from the set as well
  17. Chopper's already been announced, right?
  18. Baltimore Philadelphia Indianapolis Carolina San Francisco Washington Miami Cincinnati New Orleans Kansas City Tennessee Green Bay LA Chargers Dallas Denver Tiebreaker #1: 287 Tiebreaker #2: 62 Tiebreaker #3: 4
  19. That would explain the disturbing lack of wide legged prancing into elbow drops in his offensive repertoire
  20. Hangman was trained by Jimmy Valiant, I doubt he has any issue with taking advice from vets. He's probably just cagey about who he takes advice from and is a naturally quiet person and standoffish
  21. Still enjoyed it, but definitely my least favourite of the three episodes. I'm not super keen on the one man basically wrecking through an entire army (especially one that you had been fighting to a stalemate for 2 years). Those archers needed to take some advice from Wayne Gretzky; aim where the man is going, not where he is.
  22. Second this. It is very much a mid-90s indie movie, while also taking the piss out of mid-90s indie movies. The cast is great, young Dinklage is very fun in his quick role. It's enjoyable, but won't like stick with you or anything
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