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  1. I was really hoping the Saints would win, because I was hoping to see how Brees reacted to playing in cold weather, it hasn't happened too many times in his career. I know Brady will not be bothered, which worries me
  2. My guess would be they have a scene of Irvin coming back to the U to give the team a pep talk and meeting Rock. Unless they try and fudge history and say they were on the team together at the same time
  3. I'm getting close to tapping out on it, this game is so Ravens
  4. Magic has always been an integral part of wrestling
  5. If you squint it looks like he's lounging in bed and biting his thumb. It's gonna do real well
  6. The flu vaccine knocked me out this year. Normally I don't have any reactions, but this time I was drained of energy for 2 days after.
  7. DAZN not carrying the Nick feed is a travesty and I want my money back
  8. It is so much better. I usually like coloured straps as a change up, but the red just did not work with that plate.
  9. Also we should just mention Luna Vachon, because Luna ruled
  10. Well that's a super misogynistic meme
  11. I like Booger, Tessitore was the problem in that booth
  12. Amazing game by the Americans. Even when they were running out of gas in the third, they still kept everything to the outside and didn't give the Canadians many chances.
  13. As a Canadian, Johnny Wal Mart sounds like a perfectly appropriate American name
  14. LOL I'm just glad that I managed a year where I didn't forget an entire week. Thanks again for running this, Dewar, fun as always. Congrat Kuetsar, hard fought win, there were bunch of us right there.
  15. Love seeing the Finns chip away at teams. As a Jet fan, I was super pumped that Heinola won player of the game for them. I wasn't super sold on him before the tournament and no one on Finland looked good during the Canada game, but he was fantastic today. That offensive zone entrance play on the disallowed goal was slick as hell. The cruellest thing about the juniors is when a team gets bounced from the medal round and they announce the 3 best players from that team and they have to do a photo-op while looking like they want to die
  16. New England Buffalo Baltimore Cleveland Minnesota NY Giants Tampa Bay New Orleans Green Bay Indianapolis Tennessee Kansas City Las Vegas Arizona Seattle Washington Tiebreaker #1: 4 Tiebreaker #2: 254 Tiebreaker #3: 44 E: changed my sunday nighter in light of all the eagles inactives
  17. I need more brutally honest between periods interviews with Swedish players
  18. Do it Arizona, unleash Streveler
  19. Motherfucker I lost the semis last week by 2.8 points and now after that game by Kamara there is no way I'm not going to have the highest score this week.
  20. Looks like Nicole's New Year's wish may come true then
  21. That's exactly the reason I hated Greg Valentine as a kid, his legs looked super disturbing to me, just two smooth, oily sausages
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