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  1. The Grindhouse Report

    I gift you now with the closing credit song: spoilered because it gives away much of the plot lyrically:
  2. The Grindhouse Report

    Um....I don't know how to say this...but I just IMDB'ed this and the person playing the little kid version of the main character in flashbacks is A.J. Mclean from the Backstreet Boys.... I don't what that means exactly. But I know it's...significant information. Also there are actors in this movie with the following names: Norm Rosenbaum Dash Goff Jon Creamer Raymond Carbone Abestos Felt Si Stillerman This would seem to be a strange collection of old Jewish and Italian men and very fetish-specific porn actors.
  3. The Grindhouse Report

    Seriuslsy guys I really want ot go get some popcorn rigt now but I can't pause this movie and I don't want ot miss a second of this. Event he wipes between scenes are amazing with a beeping sound and a scroll across the screen telling you how much time has past like a special weather bulletin. This movie is 10000X better than Rob Zombie's Halloween remake. I only bring that up because it handles similar subject amtter but does it so much better. This guy was 17 fucking years old Rob Zombie and he kicked your fucking asss!!! Wikipedia lists the budget of this as $200,000. Eob Zombie's Halloween cost roughly 75X as much. THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME!!!!
  4. The Grindhouse Report

    Just a quick note. B Movie t.v. is showing a very low budget 16 mm direct-to-video 1986 horror movie called TRUTH OR DARE. There are two things you need to know about it. 1) The writer/director Tim Ritter was 17 when he made this 2) It is amazing. Yes it starts really badly with a guy catching his wife in bed with his best friend and a loooooong flashback filler scene. And then the guy nonsensically driving around, picking up a woman, and going camping. You will be thinking this is, at best, MST3K material and I was enjoying just riffing on it through that point. For instance in the endless driving filler scene at the beginning there is this little bass line that keeps playing over and over and you will sing along and you will laugh. But then it suddenly gets FANTASTIC. I don't want to give anything away because the veer from "this is so idiotic" to "this is suddenly the most brilliant thing I've ever seen" happens in like a half a second. And from there it just gets better and better and better. I want to write it all up but I want you to be able to experience that magic moment for yourself when you will literally say: "Wait..what? Did this just become great? Holy shit this just became great!!!!" that doesn't happen that often in life. So enoy it! FIND THIS AND WATCH IT!!!!! OMG THERES A BLU RAY THAT COMES WITH AN ACTION FIGURE!!!

    I wouldn't be so quick to make the case that Charlotte benefited from better booking. Yeah she got to have the belt, but she also got saddled with the Seth Rollins style endless heel title run where she is working the same opponents to death month after month and somehow I'm not sick to death of her like I am Rollins. A lot of that has to do with the simple thing that her matches are better than his psychologically and is a way better/subtler heel during matches. She deserves a lot of credit for surviving that. Meanwhile I will probably never get over my disdain of Rollins from his heel title run. And I have no particular reason to think that Sasha would have survived a similar endless repeated feud run better than Charlotte did.
  6. The Netflix Thread

    If you like to explore Roku has a lot of great little channels not on other devices. And private channels with some great stuff. I would be very sad without B Movie TV, Bizarre t.v. and a few others that are Roku exclusive. Yes, there's a lot of crap and a lot of little channels with the same public domain movies and tons of ads. But there's enough that's unique and awesome that I wouldn't want to switch with a closed system like a Sony device or an Apple t.v. But I'm a guy that would rather watch a Jesus Franco movie than a Marvel movie.
  7. The Netflix Thread

    It's bizarre. You can't find anything in the main part until you get into the "Browse" section. But then there is an item in the list called "t.v. shows" but that doesn't have all their t.v. shows. Just the ones that fit into some cute prefab suber-specific genres like "Strong female lead" and 'Disturbing futures." If something doesn't fit into one of those, you have to leave "t.v. shows" and go further down to "genres" which is a massive list of both movies and t.v. shows in more generic genres that are still way too specific to know which one the thing you're looking for is likely to be in....that is if you already know not to look for this t.v. show under T>V> SHOWS! Let's try an experiment. Let's say I don't already know that the Sonny & Cher show or Dick Cavett shows are on Hulu. How would I go about stumbling into them by going toward "things like that." You know "discovery!" I don't go to "t.v. shows" and then "nostalgia t.v." because they didn't make the cut there. So they must be somewhere else. So I go to the broader "genre" and then guess between classics: these are all movies, but then under that is a section for "sitcoms" and "popular t.v." Comedy: also has a different listing of "popular t.v." and one for "funny families" which Sonny & Cher kind of were but no dice. history: maybe for Dick Cavett? Note; History turns out not to be documentaries or History Channel shows but mostly historical dramas. Who would ever have guessed that? Anyone? Oh it somehow also includes the anime "Brave 10" because it is set in "Ancient Japan." Yep. HISTORY!!!! Game shows? At this point I had to at least check. Nope. But this is where the 1985 version of American Gladiators shows up. Under "genres" then "game shows" then "popular t.v." POPULAR TV!!!! Music maybe for Sonny & Cher. Nope. But it does has a sub-genre of "best theme songs" which is where you can find The Incredible Hulk...under "Genres" "Music" "Best theme songs". Perfectly absurd. Ah...sketch comedy! Nope. But I do like the the sub-genres "For you" "popular t.v." and "A-z" contain the exact same shows in the exact same order. BRAVO!!!! The only thing left is standup.and no... So if I didn't know already those shows are on there. I would never have found them They are unfindable. Now I can find them because I know to search for them. I can't find them by going to my queue because that is erased. This is one of the most hilariously inept changes to an UI I've ever seen.
  8. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    So is or is not Paul Rudd still raising a Celtic demon baby?

    What you are really betting on though are the odds of whether a 71 year old coke addict will: 1) Do what he said he was going to do yesterday 2) Do what he said he's going to do today 3) Do something else he hasn't told anyone yet 4) Do any of the things that he obviously should do 5) Do the stupidest and most self-destructive thing possible 6) Do something just to fuck with the people trying to figure out if he's going to do what he said he was going to do Thinking of it that way, it's kind of a fun system to try to figure.

    Could have been better:
  11. But guys what in the name of all that is cursed from Hell was Stephanie wearing? It was like she hunted and skinned the stage the Sonny & Cher show and made a human skin out of it.

    If only we lived in a world where Big Show could retire to live on a golf course and be occasionally driven (via golf cart) to a studio where he would pop in to do a live variety show broadcast. THIS IS THE BIG SHOW WE NEED RIGHT NOW!!!
  13. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    Bunch of real wise guys arent' ya? "Yeah, I mean, in context, the pre-teen orgy...." - Brian Fowler, 2017.
  14. The Gadgetry Thread

    Target Audience Identified: