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  1. I can't wait until the pre-season when Binninton shows up blinged out with an entourage, Parayko informs us he's only going to use off-speed curving shots he calls "eliminators" Tarasenko has become a Buddhist monk, and O'Reilly has a knee injury sustained while filming The Marine 7 and they proceed to lose their first 14 games.
  2. "We do apologize that there is some exultation language that got on, and we have taken measures that that microphone is not turned on now."
  3. Alex Pietrangelo's first words holding the cup were also pretty great: "Fuckin' Eh, Boys! Fuckin Eh! Fuckin' Eh!"
  5. As a Blues fan, I'm under a civil obligation to cheer every move made by Buffalo management from now until the Blues win a Stanley Cup, which we all know will never happen unless other team's owners, like, decide to start just giving us their best players for free or something.
  6. Bah! This is just that adversity that they're always talking about on NHL network. Everyone gets some. Hand pass overtime goals and whatnot. Let's not forget who the real enemy is here, people. THE CITY OF BELECHICK!!!!!!
  7. Jordan Binnington after the 1st period tonight:
  8. Eventually we will eliminate the field of play since almost no assets get hurt on solo dingers and strikeouts and that's all that matters anyways.
  9. On the heels of the Vinegar Syndrome sale, Severin is having their half price sale. Things released in the last 6 months and bundles not included. Picked up the two documentaries on Video Nasties, The Stunt Man and a few other neat gross nasty Italian things.
  10. Oh God I miss the cougarlife.com band so much. I think it must have been on reruns of CSI Miami or something but I sang this song ten times a day for awhile: Please note that not a single "cougar" in this video looks to be older than about 23.
  11. As long as we can keep Renee Young out of that RV I'll be fine. Actually come to think of it, Moxley as Nic Cage and Renee as Laura Dern might be pretty hot on instagram.
  12. Abject boredom just got me too. I stuck with WWE alone for so long through a combination of laziness (it's right there in front of me!) and fondness for some of the performers and the sheer amount of backstage stuff available to keep up with when the actual shows were dull. But the last moment or matches I had any excitement for in WWE were Ronda vs. Becky and Charlotte vs. Asuka at WM. I was so hot for both of those and there had been so little WWE that got me that intense in soooo long. And then they went far far far out of their way to fuck both of those up. After that I watched the next couple of RAWs after Mania and they were so boring I realized I was FF through even matches that were probably pretty good because the whole thing was so tedious. Cancelled the network after I realized I had not bothered to watch MitB and did not care to watch the replay or even search to see the results. I've taken a few weeks off from watching any wrestling...but I can't help myself and now I inevitably find myself lurking around in these other threads trying to catch up on non-WWE things for the first time in a long time. Luckily this new thing is happening and there are more familiar faces and lots of backstage stuff to ease me in. But I want to catch up on NJPW too and maybe some other stuff. Hearing Jericho at the beginning of the Moxley pod mention how much fun he had there and how much more he felt like a creative artist made me experience more FOMO than I have in the past for not paying attention to Non-WWE stuff.
  13. I'd still rather get the ghost of Bert Convy appearing inside one of those little Tattletales tv boxes.
  14. about to throw up here. First out of nervousness. Then out of NBC having Dennis Leary introduce the finals to us. Maybe we could counter with one of our luminaries like Sapphire? Or if she's not avail Scott Bakula.
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