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  1. I'm just amazed it took this long for us to hear Seth Rollins scream the words: "Now that I've had some time to think about ME!"
  2. Seth Rollins's big speech was basically Meryl Streep's in KRAMER VS. KRAMER. i don't think we should just let that go by.
  3. Movie

    I can hear he doing that whole thing as a series of voices and it's amazing.
  4. Thanks to B Movie TV I learned two really fun things today. You know Bert I Gordon, writer/director/producer of some of the worst 1950s monster movies of all time and frequent MST3k subject? The guy who brought you this: and this: and this: Two things about him. 1) He's still working!!!! He directed a movie with Kari Wurher in 2014/15. 2) He was also still working in the 80s...and he made 80s movies. In 1982 he made a teen coming-of-age sex comedy called LET'S DO IT. The trailer: That music...the obsession with boobs. The whole story being about losign virginity. All the early 80s self-help babble. It's also extremely disturbing as the main guy cannot have sex because he's obsessed with his mother's boobs...Yep. Imagine PSYCHO as a college sex-comedy...you can't? Well Bert I Gordon could!!!! In other words it's terrible and Bert I. Gordony but also absolutely wonderful and worth a watch. There's almost enough boobs (like literally entire dream sequences that are nothing but giant boobs chasing a guy) to qualify as a late-night Showtime 80s or cinemax "sex" movie so if you learned everything about sexuality from Emmanuelle and Fanny Hill this might be a nice throwback...like a lost relic of your past. And if you were concerned that it doesn't have a faux Journey/Fab 5 Freddy duet over a street-boob montage... Don't Worry!!!!!
  5. A special announcement and public service to all Sometimes in life we lose track of the things that keep us on track. You can drift into a depression or a funk in part because the true pleasures of art have temporarily become lost to your view and you don't even realize you've just forgotten about them. Your entire horizon can be taken up with junk and noise that doesn't help you or anyone, even if it's pretty and sedative. And then when you run across something again, maybe for the first time in years, and you remember that magical moment when your eyes were more open and your blood hotter and your laughter real and not forced and you hated everything and loved hating it and the pleasure of loving to hate was like floating in a brilliant light. And it can fix so much, if only for a little while. So I just want to make sure that if any of you haven't in awhile, please, for your own good and the good of those around you... FIND AND WATCH JOHN WATERS'S FEMALE TROUBLE AGAIN!!!! I didn't fill out one of those top 360 movie ballots, but if I had...well, if I had as of today when I re-watched and remembered the power of this film to make everything in this world better and clearer and smarter...it would have been my #1. There is a neat little blurb in an article about Waters on/in Vice.com (yeah, yeah whatever): glittering and ugly from the realm of right into wrong...where you belong...where we all belong... If you're like me that moment happened some time around junior high school and that was probably the best you ever were. glittering and ugly. Guys, you can be glittering and ugly again. The first step is just this: FIND AND WATCH JOHN WATERS'S FEMALE TROUBLE AGAIN!!!!
  6. I'd like to think that whatever is happening is a long-con to make sure that there is nowhere left for Daniel Bryan to wrestle in a year and a half.
  7. I'm going to assume you are suggesting that the entire last 23 years of the NHL have been a Jacob's Ladder scenario for the Stanley Cup in it's final moments of torturous life. I think that explains the Habs, no?
  8. The Stanley Cup says "hello"...and would also like to add "please kill me."
  9. 1) Andy Sidaris 2) ?????? 3) ??????? 4) ???????
  10. Rollins didn't even get the injured-babyface-finds-a-way-to-force-the-match-to-happen-anyway pop. HHH decided to take that for him.
  11. John Cena tonight on Goldberg's abilities: "He had it all. Huge, massive traps... ... the goatee..."
  12. While I want to praise taker for trying to sell that last bit after he chokeslammed Braun and turned around as "Oh dammit did I just fall for this agin? 30 fucking years and I aint' learnt nothin!" But it came more across like "Oh dammit did I just hear my prostate pop? They do that. I know that now. Oh God do I know it!"