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  2. The Game Master control room in MIDNIGHT MADNESS was more convincing than those draft war rooms:
  3. Lawler is terrible in so much a quieter voice and shorter bursts than Graves though that he qualifies as amazing in comparison.
  4. So we go from 100% fully invested in the surrealness of Bray's gimmick to "it's just another stupid cardboard promo area background like every other one since Piper's pit and you can just walk up to it and beat him up." I wonder how Bray will repackage himself in 2020?
  5. ALmost thought the Cardinals would be the most embarrassing thing on the air tonight until I remembered RAW and boy did it deliver!
  6. Some of my preference is a very specific age thing. Nightmare was just a little too late, and I a little too old when it showed up, for it to have the same mystical fascination that Halloween and Friday had. I would just not have those memories of being terrified by it (as I was by Halloween's first network t.v. showing and by Halloween 2's commercial) or of literally fleeing the room to escape the sound of it's trailers when they snuck up on me during SNL (like F13 parts 2-4 did to me). If I was maybe two or three years younger, I might not have any memories of Halloween in particular and have been highly traumatized by Freddy and who know what I would think of Jason if all my first memories of that series were of parts 6 or 7 or 8. It amazes me when I hear people who love the Friday movies and will then say "Yeah part 8 was the first one I saw and I loved it!" I cannot fathom that. It is unfathomable. I still think that the Friday series is the most consistently amazing in capturing a frightening mood and Halloween is by far the best individual film of them all...but I can't guarantee that those opinions aren't just from that added personal impact.
  7. Hammer House of Horror Marathon on Comet TV RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!
  8. Imagining a world where 1) Asuka has been champion since defeating Charlotte 1x1 at Mania and they are building toward a a huge rematch at Survivor Series that everyone is stoked for because they've both been protected and both beaten each other once. 2) Becky having defeated Ronda Rousey 1x1 at mania (who then quit in a rage promo) has been standing tall against heels Sasha and Bayley but is now hearing rumors that Ronda is coming back and we're all wondering if she'll show up at the Rumble or even earlier. Was this so hard? Fucking King Corbin ass company.
  9. My go to black & white old horror books were this: which was under my bed forever as my late night flashlight reading and this: The booklet that went along with the 8Track "Monsters Myths and Legends" for the 2XL robot that I loved more than anyone else on earth.
  10. This is very close to what happened to Toronto against the blues the other night. Except they were up 2-1 in the third when they had their goal called back (also for an offsides by about an inch or two. Hit at least 4 posts. Meanwhile the Blues score twice and steal the win. It was beautiful.
  11. Ah, this is all so wonderful. Wonderful wonderful. Thank you all for pointing out how the Cardinals are the CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE AND DOING THINGS THE RIGHT WAY!!!!! It warms my heart to see everyone embrace them like this and agree with 100% unanimity that they are the GUARDIANS OF BASEBALL!!!! Certainly this hubris I'm feeling right now cannot backfire and there will be NO COMEUPPANCE!!!! I mean when has hubris ever been repayed by fate with tragedy? WHEN?????
  12. Only one way to clear a bottleneck "somewhere in Germany"
  13. BONUS CONTENT: More horror movie monsters that are supposed to be scary but are actually sooooooo Cuuuuuuuuute The Green Slime Star Crystal Rat monster from Creepozoids (Full Moon) The rats in the amazingly fun Deadly Eyes: BONUS: This skeleton who is really happy to see another skeleton GET 'EM, GIRLS
  14. You guys are triggering a confrontation between my fear of missing out and my fear of commitment to anything at any level. In the meantime enjoy this EC comics panel with some of the most adorable monsters ever listening to an old-time radio broadcast.
  15. This is the point where we stop letting the A's and the Twins be in the playoffs, right?
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