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  1. Context for some of that imagery may have shifted since 2011.
  2. Man we're still so locked up in court with Marvel we didn't even notice that. That's our bad, bro.
  3. Just dropping in to say that when the Cardinals start getting these little bullshit wins that piss everyone off.....it's like I can feel the old magic coming back..... https://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=34613572 OH GOD IT's SO........THEM!!!!!
  4. I accidentally ran over his son once. But I think everything's cool.
  5. If they ever take Jeff Koons down, his account books could bring down the empire.
  6. I can't complain. The most expensive one of these is still about the same price a year that just NHL.TV used to be (which is also now included with ESPN+)
  7. But, srsly, can we interest you in Verizon Cloud so you can have access to all your files on the go? Free for the first month, you will be automatically enrolled forever in this incredible service if you don't not say "yes" but not "no" in the next 5 seconds.
  8. He's as active as The Boogeyman and Mark Henry's hand son.
  9. Whoa! Whoa! Let’s be reasonable. I hate the wrestling fan base too but they’re not as bad as Penn St. Students!!!!!!
  10. I was the same way when Tanya Roberts replaced Shelly Hack on Charlie’s Angels and that was just yesterday on Cozi tv.
  11. Vince’s story ending with him American Beauty-ing in the garage would be pretty great.
  12. except one of them is afraid of needles and one of them....is very much not.
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