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  1. The Blues have scored the most goals in their first 4 games since the opening of the 1988 season when they were led by Bernie Federko and Brett Hull with Brian Sutter as rookie manager. Of course, in 1988 they lost their 5th game 9-2 so we'll see how that goes Monday.
  2. Absolutely seconded. Paul Rust is that adorable kid that gets super hyper when talking about horror movies and has never grown out of that. They're both a little younger than me but I'm always amazed at how much their early childhood experiences of watching horror movies on cable or VHS ring familiar with my own.
  3. This could give them an inside track to grab Jon Lester in the off-season. Too soon????
  4. It's between this and the March music that the killer plays while she's playing tennis that goes on for like 5 full minutes for me. Can confirm that the march IS NOT on the vinyl soundtrack which may be a deal-killer for that, although I have it anyways.
  5. Fucking hell, Blues. I mean shit. If the last minutes of every period and game are going to be like this I will not be able to handle it.
  6. That's just a photo from when Frida Kahlo dressed up as Doc. Brown for one of Diego Rivera's big Halloween parties at the Trotsky Club.
  7. SOmeone needs to move the edit button back to the bottom of the screen where Grandpa still thinks it is.
  8. When I see someone famous doing an ad I instantly do a bunch of mental calculus over it. Like, I see Andy Daly doing a car rental commercial and I think "Okay, this guy is a pretty dark comedian so it's weird for him to be so corporate and sunshiny, that's not the guy I know and that's creepy. But he's also someone cobbling together a living through standup, podcasts, guest spots on t.v. shows, producing, and probably five other things and this commercial is probably enough to pay his mortgage for the year. He's also still struggling to get really small parts in things, and having more public face recognition is just a necessary component. I can't hate him for this. I want him to thrive." But then I see Taylor Swift or Kevin Hart doing a visa commercial and I think "This mf has in the tens-to-hundreds of millions of dollars and can spend their time doing literally any creative thing they want and people will watch/listen to it, and they decided that the absolute best thing they could do that day was to suckle more $$$$$ from the tits of the evil empire? God I hate everyone." When I see all the A-listers in the gambling commercials I think; "Jesus, ESPN and Draft Kings are teaming up to pour so much money into this shitty enterprise. They must be giving these fucker millions. All in the service of taking yet one more thing that people can easily do on their own for fun, bet on games with their friends, and monetizing it into a profit machine that's going to make watching sports and being alive a little bit worse. Thanks, enormous team of assholes. And yes, that includes you Liev."
  9. All the Dodgers have to do is beat Adam Wainwright. I mean he’s like 50 and It’s not like he’s a difficult guy to face in the post-season.
  10. SOAP gave us Billy Crystal so it's problematic as a developmental show too.
  11. I wonder if there's actually anything on any one team's little card that is somehow better or different than what everyone already knows about every hitter.
  12. Good for them for not showing the injury replay. Of course, as soon as they said that I rewound on the DVR and watched in slo mo and...holy shit don't watch that!
  13. If we're entering the era of the hype speech commercials I will pray for the shark from Deep Blue Sea to arrive and end us.
  14. The movie or the device? Unfortunately I was into high school already when Hook: the Movie came out and of course, being a twat I was like "NOOO. That's a BABY MOVIE. I'm A MAN!!!!!! I want boobs and and/or Jackie Chan ONLY!!!!" Which was dumb. But also means I have no nostalgic connection with it, and I don't think I ever did see it. Now, the device. Useful as fuck. For, like, almost grabbing things, but only if they're below you? Can't be beat.
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