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  1. Has Sam Bradford announced that he's out for the season with Coronavirus in his ankle or something yet?
  2. Based on the numbers is South Korea, anyone under the age of thirty basically swallows Coronaviruses like Kirby and then just spits them out at other people and bops happily along their way.
  3. Carry on? I'll be amazed if Vince doesn't send Tian Bing out to start coughing on people just for the heat.
  4. There is another channel that posts full episodes as they aired with all original commercials. I don't know why but it really gets me. I'm sure you can find it with the right search terms.
  5. There is no way that the sperm of ALan Hale could produce Genie Francis. And with that I'll just let you settle into the idea of "the sperm of Alan Hale."
  6. I was more bothered by the fat that one RKO and a chair to the back knocked him out cold for five minutes but at Mania he will kick out of six to ten of each. Ring rust?
  7. Guy who quit doing his Billy Ray Gyrates act at Dudes-A-Poppin' on artistic principal because straight women kept requesting Old Town Road. He's now rebranding as Cowboy Throb Orton.
  8. This stuff? Wouldn't bother me at all. Another year of 90% strikeouts and solo dingers is more than I can take though.
  9. Tony putting in a call to Hillary’s “Epstein guy.” (honestly she could have picked a better code name for him)
  10. A group of women mistook me for Taz the other day at Subway and demanded that I poop for them and describe it in a voice mail. because of the new Metoo laws I had to.
  11. He is infinite butt fumbles level waiting to self-actualize.
  12. Prediction: Buffalo will hold the Texans to under 17 points. Meanwhile they will score 3. Maybe they will get one big hope spot in the 4th quarter that gets thee to 10 before their D collapses of exhaustion.
  13. Damn. I have a signed baseball from him because my uncle caught for him on a barnstorming US Army baseball team in Korea...or during Korea...or something.
  14. Dude... Be careful. The simple fact of your typing that title means that George Hardy will be at your house by tomorrow telling you all about his catch phrase, trying to sell you a signed poster, and probably crashing for at least two weeks.
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