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  1. piranesi

    MLB 2018 - July

    There is only one man in baseball who embodies the Cardinal Way enough to take over now:
  2. piranesi


    I tired to hang in with this to find out why Big Cass was fired and after about 5 minutes when I had learned nothing but how a general makes his bed and something about medals and so I fast forwarded a few minutes and I learned about putting on a suit and tie for a wedding and then I fast forwarded a few minutes and he was talking about how great Big Cass was. WTF BOOKER IS GOING ON IN YOUR BRAIN???????
  3. piranesi

    Extreme Rules X - 7/15/2018

    EXTREME(ly following the) RULES!!!!!!!
  4. piranesi


    Soooooo many morning zoo DJs visits to document! Do you know how many "Don't ask Don't tell" jokes there will be?
  5. piranesi

    Кубок Mира 2018 (World Cup '18)

    I'm really hating how much this tournament seems to be sculpted to allow Russia a path to the finals. Going Vertical, anyone?
  6. Finally FINALLY FINALLY sat down to watch this now that it's on Netlfix and I'm visiting my folks and they wanted to. I guess I'm not astounded at all the problems people have with it. But man, I turn into such a kid watching a Star Wars movie that almost nothing is too hokey for me to enjoy. The only two bits that were a bit too cornball for me were BB8 commandeering that big walky robot and the ride through the casino where somehow no one ever falls off the space giraffe that is bouncing off of mountains. If I have a general problem with it, it's just that it was so frenetically paced. But I really really liked Luke's arc. I had been reading so many complaints that he was "apathetic" and "not Luke" but that really makes me wonder if people know what apathetic means. He clearly articulated a position he believed in, and it is one that people have been expressing about The Force and the Jedi in criticism for decades, which is that the Jedi are not egalitarian forces of goodness but a vain class or hereditary overlords. And, in fact, he articulated in just about the best way I ever heard anyone do it: "And this is the lesson. That Force does not belong to the Jedi. To say that if the Jedi die, the light dies, is vanity. Can you feel that?" Just because it's "strong in you" doesn't mean you get to wield it, control it, and use it control the lives of others. That was a really satisfying moment, to see that with all he had been through, he had actually thought through that and came to the same conclusion that a lot of people have over the years. So I was a little iffy on his return to being a heroic figure, but that worked for me too because the counter-argument to that is "Sure, that's great and everything, but the dark side isn't ever going to abide by that. So if you have any role at all it is to counter them as much as you can." In a weird way, it was almost like he was playing out the "Hey we shouldn't approach Nazis with violence because then we're just like them" vs. "Fuck Nazis if no one shows up to fight them then we'll all have a nice clean conscience when they take over" debate...and in the end he decided that as much as it might soil his newfound purity, his role in the world may not be to "rule" or "given" but it sure as fuck is to fight the dark. I liked that a lot. And Laura Dern kicks ass.
  7. piranesi

    RAW Is Dr. Diminishing Returns - 7/2/2018

    This Dr. Shelby was like the Jackie Mason/Robert Stack/Dan Ackroyd to the original Dr. Shelby's Rodney Dangerfield/Ted Knight/Bill Murray.
  8. piranesi

    RAW Is Dr. Diminishing Returns - 7/2/2018

    RAW is Chekhov's steaming mountain of human waste.
  9. piranesi

    ¡Raw Es Noche De Parejas Increibles! - 6/25/2018

    As cornball as the Kevin Owens/Braun Strowman chase was I loved every second of it. Braun even made Corbin and Coach funny for a second when Corbin pushed Braun and then was like "How did that feel?" and Coach was like "How did what feel?" and then braun immediately collapsed Corbin's stupid face.
  10. piranesi

    ¡Raw Es Noche De Parejas Increibles! - 6/25/2018

    I've been bugged by who exactly it is that the new Baron Corbin reminds me of and tonight I realized it was:
  11. piranesi


    At this point the dive is essentially a taunt rather than a move, the equivalent of knocking Bobby Heenan off the apron for a big pop and then everyone gets up and goes back to where they were.
  12. piranesi


    Goddamnnit, the logical punishment for Cass being claustrophobic is to book him in a best of 7 casket match series against Undertaker that he is going to lose 4-0.
  13. piranesi

    Your Upcoming Good Stuff On TCM Thread

    Bonus points for fat Al Roker.
  14. piranesi


    "Sometimes, son, you gotta buck that system and grab that there lil ole brass ring goddammit." "You got it Stone Cold!" [Stone Cold's truck heard starting up an tearing out of the parking lot to his billion dollar mansion]: [Stone Cold yelling out the window] "And don't forget to click that goddamn lil ole link and subscribe to goddamn Audible! That's one free month with the promo code asskicker. That's Audiblllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeee............."
  15. piranesi


    One Morrissey down...