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  1. I'm kind of hoping Big Cass and Big Show have an oldschool feud over the word Big. They could turn it into a whole "Big Show is the old veteran giant and his time may be up...but he's still a giant...." to build up some sympathy. And after Big Cass cheats to beat Big Show, he has to change his name to just "Show" and that's when he decides to retire for awhile. Then maybe he can come back in a year or so for a short program when he's fun again.
  2. No worries. Our tests have demonstrated that on a clear day with little to no wind, the Star Wars Dragon Defense and Intercept system can easily destroy any dragon flying directly toward it, not breathing fire on it, not zig zagging in any way, and maintaining a perfect level attitude and altitude and a perfectly straight neck, upwards of 16% of the time.* * Note: we have only tested this on one previously deceased dragon that was sitting in our basement where we built the Star Wars Dragon Defense and Intercept System directly in front of it. We have not yet attempted to move the Star Wars Dragon Defense and Intercept system from our basement because it is very delicate and the steps are very narrow. However you will notice that n the time we since we built the Star Wars Dragon Defense and Intercept System exactly 0 times has that previously deceased dragon successfully attacked King's Landing.
  3. It's also really realistic. Politicians will be fighting over who is "better for coal country" from their oxygen pods under our new PanOcean.
  4. I like the idea that this whole episode was about people remembering or trying to remember their role: Deanarys remembers "Hey, Varys, I am a fucking totalitarian and I think I'd like to see someone dribble piss down their pant leg right now!" Arya remembering "Hey, I'm a wolf/psychopath...fuck home...my home is a river of my enemies blood!" Jon remembering "Hey, I'm a Stark! I need to do something butch and dumb that will get me shivved!" Theon remembering, "Oh yeah...I'm Reek and this world is not for me!" And the Dornish remembering "Oh, yeah. We suck at pretty much everything!"
  5. Of all the ways they could go with Kurt/Jason... 1) The Watts Stratagem: Kurt cluelessly pushing his son and accidentally turning him heel, which is Kurt's natural status but not Jason's 2) The Russo Elective: Jason lying about the whole thing and turning out to be a natural heel using Kurt 3) The "Young O.J." allegory: Jason being a smiling happy star in interviews and then having a mean streak and losing control in his matches and being a total psychopath 4) The "WWE Creative guys resent being around women who can mostly beat them up": Having Emma come in to be the evil bitch that turns him heel because girls ammiright? Three of those could be fine. One would suck so hard.
  6. So Bo Dallas will be getting a new face grafted onto where his old one was, right? He does have a lot of extra flesh that they could use. We all know that. I'm guessing he will re-debut as the long lost brother of that lady who got her face chewed off by a chimp back in the early 2000s.
  7. And the cure to greyscale is...to cut off all the greyscale.
  8. I watched an episode of GLOW on Netflix earlier so Lana wasn't even the best female Russian heel worker I saw on tv today. In fact if it was March Madness right now Lana would lose to Welfare Queen and easily to Beirut.
  9. I think Orton deserves some credit for making that reidiculous cage shaking spot look good. Somehow he made it look convincing that Kahli could fhake the cage causing him to flip back over to the inside and off the cage but hold on with one hand. I sear 50% of the time that has to fuck up somehow.
  10. Man did Varys ever handle that situation well. I would have gotten all shifty eyed and been like "UH YOU'RE STARTING TO BE KIND OF A BITCH!!!" and been killed pretty quickly.
  11. Also this shit is chaos right now and I get this sense that the show runners are barely hanging on to the kinetic energy of this. I kind of think that there just isn't going to be much time for anymore philosophical reflections on leadership or loyalty or idealism. It's just all going to be trombones and dragons and collisions from here on.
  12. At the beginning when Cersei was having her press conference I couldn't help thinking how Trump-like her spin of the situation sounded. And then when Deanerys revealed her strategy it was eerie how much it seemed like she was making some of the same mistakes Hillary Clinton made. Namely, having all her super smart political minds convince her that the victory was so guaranteed that instead of the simple direct overpowering route, she could expand the map and peck around into enemy territory to humiliate them and not worry too much about the main part of the map and then she would win in such a convincing and bloodless way that she would be even stronger as ruler Until the easy part turned out to not be easy.
  13. Spotted at Big Lots. Note this is not just bullshitty punk-ass grandma-Hobby-Lobby "Harvest Time" bullshit. THIS IS THE REAL STUFF@!!!! Overheard while browsing: [Big Lots guy to another Big Lots guy]: Hey, Gary! Gary! Can I blow up a dragon? How big are they? 10 feet. No. Come on! I can make it fit! No. [whispered to self] Fuckin' Gary. Make peace with your demons because THEY ARE COMING HOME SOON!!!!!! I'm ready. I just got this at an antique store: THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! THE PRE-SEASON OF THE WITCH IS ON!!! ARE YOU PREPARED!!!!!
  14. RIght now Roman is Kenny and Braun is ED-209. If Roman comes around everyone backs away. No way Rollins and Ambrose will remember they ever knew him until the wake.
  15. Movie

    I hope it's a big hit so we can have Bohemian Rhapsody: The Film: The Board Game I've been waiting for something like that Since "Hamburger: The Motion Picture: The Breakfast Cereal" didn't work out.