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  1. piranesi


    Somewhere out there a bacterium is getting a tattoo that says "Titty Master Master"
  2. piranesi

    Worst. Rusev Day. Ever. - SDL - 9/18/2018

    Props to Lana. Guys, get yourself a woman who will kneel down beside you and shriek bloody murder while you're laying there unconscious after making a bad decision. It's honestly your best defense.
  3. piranesi

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    Holy shti Daneil Bryan is a loser.
  4. piranesi

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    Did Drew and Dean blink into another dimension for the last 10 minutes?
  5. piranesi


    Here are a few I tune into. American Horrors is still around and seems to have a running live stream. Some interesting weird offerings too. There is also one called Horror Habit that seems to start a movie randomly whenever you launch the app. I haven't checked it out enough to know if the catalog is any good. Of course, Shudder has four live streams going for subscribers along with the VOD catalog. And also Joe Bob Briggs will seemingly be live again in November and December and live for a regular weekly series next year. Grindhouse Grit has a "live" feature, but it's really just a random selection that starts playing. It's a very cheap subscription. ($2 a month) and has some nice things in the exploitation genre (a Russ Myers collection and some Jess Franco, etc.). Blue Mermaid is basically the same company and same price ($2/m) for a similar but not entirely overlapping selection. Cult TV a Go Go is a slightly different model. For 99 cents a month they upload two reels of movies each week (plus 5 or 6 bonus features). The two main reels are usually three random weird movies. The bonus are usually one movie or a few episodes of some weird old tv or something else. For $1 a month it's a nice gamble. Usually at least one is episodes of Dark Shadows. Midnight Pulp is pricier at $5/m but is a very slick and professional looking app/site. It seems to have a lot on it as well and might be worth a seasonal subscription.
  6. piranesi


    I kind of can't believe they're going to miss this chance to Bobby Bonilla in right field.
  7. piranesi

    True Detective

    Even just reading the name Ani is a reminder that the character's name was Antigone Bezzerides and my stomach muscles are scrunching up all over again. That's going to be right there on the character list of the 1st page of the 1st script before it even starts and someone should have been like "I haven't even opened this yet, but i think we have to have a talk just to see where you're mind is at right now."
  8. piranesi


    Only 27 more days guys.
  9. piranesi


    Yay! Another place for Joe Buck to tell me all about the Microsoft SurfaceTM
  10. piranesi

    True Detective

    Never end a sentence with the word "cavity." Not even if you're spelunking. See, we can all bring this into our daily lives.
  11. piranesi

    SDL is Full Saxton - 8/28/2018

    I don't even think it's Becky in particular, although she was a good person for this because she's been beaten down a lot and never snapped...it's like having Sting and Flair working together and hug and then have Sting just beat the shit out of Flair out of nowhere and how 0% chance the crowd would see that as a heel turn. But really the crowd just wants to see a babyface who doesn't joke and talk and scheme and prank and who doesn't get outsmarted and distracted by stupid shit, but who just beats the fuck out of people. They probably would have accepted Roman if that's what he did. Dean. Paige. Asuka. So many people could have played that role over the last few years. It could work really well because as much as I love Charlotte as a wrestler, she can't compete with Becky in terms of quick-witted one liners putting someone in their place. Charlotte is always going to fall back on sympathy and work ethic to try and be the good guy and sound very scripted, meanwhile Becky is going to cut her down with occasional quick remarks that feel improvised, backed up by ass-whoopings. I'm kind of super into this now.
  12. piranesi


    Doesn't it seem like WWE would have an interest in signing Izzy to some kind of "hey don't do anything stupid and here stay out of Florida for awhile" contract where they use her to be in promo videos or talk to kids or something. Just so they don't end up with one of their NXT images next to a mug shot or something?
  13. piranesi

    True Detective

    I enjoyed making fun of season 2 a lot, but lately whenever I take any line or monolog of Vince Vaughn's dialog from season 2 and just play the quick mental game of imagining Paul Manafort saying it. It kind of works. Like that doesn't mean that it was in any way realistic or believable in 2015. But reality has shifted and it might just eventually line up with TD season 2.
  14. piranesi

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    Man, Braun fought a fire truck by picking up an Ambulance and threatening to kill the Ambulance's children and forcing the ambulance to take a second job so that it could afford to pay a garbage truck to burn down the fire truck's house. He better not need to ask anyone for help beating three dummies in PUBG gear.
  15. piranesi

    The Grindhouse Report

    Has anyone here ever seen a 1985 ultra-low budget (like credit-card financed) movie called "The Passing"? It's directed/written/funded by/starred in by a guy named John Huckert. And it is amazing. It's a "sci fi" movie in the same way that UNBREAKABLE is a superhero movie. The writing is so amazing and the characters are like John Waters characters if they were likable. It also looks similar to an (early and at his most budgetless) John Waters movie. In fact I'd say it has roughly the same kind of genius but put to use in a very different genre. The strange editing and fragmented storytelling is both unsettling and always manages to make sense (thanks to the deft deployment of exposition dialog in little touches that don't feel like exposition). The acting is amateur but it ends up making it feel like some sort of horrible documentary, like in a LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT sense. The use of music is brilliant. This guy basically took no resources and made something artful and intense and emotionally stirring, all while also making a fairly exploitive revenge/horror/sytopian sci-fi movie. It is in a few places horribly violent and in others really touchingly funny and genuinely sad. I don't want to give any of it away in case you go looking for it. But the opening scene doesn't seem like there will be much there, though it has a gritty violence to it. Then there is a sudden jump to this amazing tale of friendship between two old, dying war buddies living together in poverty. Then gradually the two merge into an actually interesting sci-fi short-story style premise with shades of GET OUT. And even with what seems like a budget in the tens of dollars one genuinely nightmarish visual effect near the end that is so striking it should be iconic. Ernie and Rose: Just to give you a sense of the hidden genius of this, here is a quick and very moving dialog exchange between Ernie and Rose. Ernie and Rose are WWII vets. Ernie's wife has died and Rose, his old war buddy, has moved in with him so Ernie can take care of him. They are increasingly worried that they are nearly too old to be able to care for each other anymore and Ernie is trying to talk Rose into committing suicide with him. Ernie: Are you scared of dying? Rose: Oh no...Dying is a punishment...to some...to some it's a gift. And to some it's a favor. Ernie: Who said that? Rose: A Senator. Ernie: Well...I guess...we...uh....need a favor. But this is followed by a sight gag that is literally out of a Laurel & Hardy movie. Also note: John Huckert is probably most well-known for writing DINOCROC. ANyone heard of this????? EDIT: OMG EVEN THE END CREDITS ARE AMAZING. THEY ARE UNFOLDING ON A CRT COMPUTER SCREEN CLEARLY PROGRAMMED IN BASIC AND IT IS SO ODDLY AFFECTING!!!! EDIT 2: HOLY SHIT, the end credits also include an entire second set of credits labelled "cutting room floor" for all the people involved in a subplot about an STD virus that was apparently dropped from the movie because while he was editing the film the AIDS crisis became a widely publicized thing and John Huckert thought it was be disprespectful to include an STD subplot. Which means he dropped probably 30 minutes of storyline and then just streched out what he had to 96 minutes and somehow with all that stretching never lost me for a second! EDIT 3: You are FUCKING KIDDING ME! There is an end credits surprise of the actor who played Ernie introducing himself and singing a song for us about reincarnation.