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  1. Tommy Pham got picked off first by Jon Lester. I think we all knew then.
  2. Who woulda thunk that night that the Blues would still be 27 years away from even making a cup final and the Maple Leafs 30 and counting to, like, win another playoff game.
  3. That's your old retail manager. Don't go into the light or you'll be back there forever.
  4. I've started listening to it at home. I'm ready for the rapture now. I've never felt like this. It tingles all over. I think there's something growing inside me. I can feel them. I know others would say they are hurting me "eating" me, but they love me in a way I've never been loved before. We are one. https://soundcloud.com/walmart-radio/tracks
  5. Whatever it was I was hearing can be found in some form here. https://www.listennotes.com/fi/podcasts/walmart-radio/no-format-friday-I0JxYlpDSqb/#1 apparently "Walmart Radio" has pre-recorded shows that they release as "podcasts" and they play those in my store.
  6. Wondering about this weird thing and maybe someone can explain it. I was at Walmart today because I'm a GODDAMMNED GOOD AMERICAN! and so now they have this fake radio station with a fake DJ talking on the sound system instead of just background music. Which is fine, I kind of dug the idea. But I quickly noticed that he would do DJ chatter for awhile and then play a song, but they would only play 15-30 seconds of the song before switching to another song. They did this over and over and never played a whole song or even half a song. I'm wondering is this: 1) some kind of copyright dodge? Like playing 15 seconds of a song on Tik Tok or something? 2) Some Psyop where they experimented on people and determined that if you keep switching songs rapidly people will somehow buy more? 3) they mixed styles up frequently, like every other song was a different style, so maybe their focus group coprorate mega brain was like "If we change the music style ever few seconds everyone will be happy because a style they like will filter around every few minutes? Anyway I hate it. Whatever the reason it's just another little dystopian detail of late capitalism here everything is a simulacrum of a real thing but not really a real thing. I would prefer going back to Mantovani than this nightmare.
  7. When revisiting 2002 is going back to a long lost golden age deep in the past, you can go ahead and kill me. I still have movies that have been sitting in my Netflix cue since 2002.
  8. 100% no doubt easy answer for me is ALL ABOUT EVE.
  9. Now reading a bit about what he was actually going through and his career and his overall stamina into his late 60s is even more amazing.
  10. This is one of those that made my stomach flip when I heard it. From the early standup days where he was this rare non-mainstream voice in pre-internet days that snuck far enough into the mainstream somehow to be known by kids in the Midwest and open up their eyes to alt. comedy. to his podcast which is one of the only pure-good achievements of the tech era. I know Gilbert is probably looking down and thinking
  11. [Nic Pizzolatto at meeting table, eyes coked out to the size of cake platters] and then Casper looks down and he can see that his little ghost hand has gained the power to touch...and he looks up and across the room at Jackie Earle Haley, and he's like smiling at Casper...and then he looks scared and he says "No, No. I'm sorry I abducted and murdered you" and he's freaking out and that's when we pan down to see that Casper has used his new power of touch to pick up that gun....yeah, and he looks right at Jackie and he's like...are you ready for this?...he goes....."THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE ALIVE, BITCH!" and he's like BAP BPA BAP ABPABPABPABPABPABAP] [room of executives bursts into applause and enthusiastic flames]
  12. You wanna a Buggalo toe, Dude? I can get you a Buggalo toe in an hour.
  13. Any is pretty easy, Dude. It's a done deal.
  14. God if only this was real. He needs the residuals.
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