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  1. I'm sorry to do this to all of your families, fellas. But Arrow video is having a "Christmas" sale starting tomorrow. Just remember. Sometimes home-made presents are the ones that kids will cherish and remember the most. Like a pipe-cleaner dinosaur. Or a pipe-cleaner snake. Or just some fucking pipe cleaners. That's the gift of imagination and it's the most valuable gift of all.
  2. piranesi

    2018-19 NHL: Period One

    THE BLUES.... FUCKING..... WON!!!!!! They scored 1 GOAL They gave up 7 POWER PLAYS to the NHL's #2 POWER PLAY And they WON!!!!!!!!! They only gave up 25 shots in all that mess!!!! They won???!!!!!!!!!
  3. piranesi

    2018-19 NHL: Period One

    Who's the NHL network guy calling the game tonight? In the first five minutes he's referred to the Blues twice as "Buffalo" and once as "The Sabres" "The Oilers" and "Edmonton."
  4. piranesi


    "Tragedy at Madame Tussaud's as Roger Moore 007 wax figure abandons long time Jane Seymour wax figure bride to run off with half melted gummi figure Halle Berry from Die Another Day. Pierce Brosnan figure still unaccounted for and unmissed."
  5. "But what am I getting from Santa?" "The gift of classic cinema appreciation. Now zip it and wave hello to Mamie Van Doren. She's your new pretend mommy." "Wow, she's pretty." "Yes. Yes she is. Stop using the Camp Nowhere collector's edition as a coaster. That's your college fund."
  6. Kino Lorber Classics sale is on. https://www.kinolorber.com/list/view/code/decembersale
  7. piranesi

    2018-19 NHL: Period One

    1) Giving up a 2 goal lead 2) Giving up a game-tying goal in the last minute 3) taking a penalty in overtime so you spend it 3 against 4 4) and somehow not losing the game until the shoot out I think this counts as great game for the Blues. Good job, boys!
  8. TedX talks are basically carnival barkers working a crowd so it makes sense.
  9. Speaking of I am right now watching to an episode of James Bonding podcast where it was the cast press conference for SPECTRE and Matt Gourley and Matt Mira are agog and Batista's otufit. It was this one:
  10. I can admit that "mentally deficient" is me being trying to be snooty in order to cover that I kind of liked that song but I don't yet know if that is a socially acceptable opinion to have.
  11. I find it hard to resolve the contradiction between Enzo making that song and that video and Enzo being a grown goddamn man. The CashmeOuside girl is a literal mentally deficient child and her song was like 15X better than that and she is more believable as a hip hop badass.
  12. piranesi

    DC TV Thread

    BInge watched RIverdale and Gotham one after the other and I seemed to like the shenanigans of Gotham more than almost anyone I've read on here or anywhere else. I'm wondering if the bizarrely fast pace and fragmented narrative of Riverdale prepped me for it because it seems to be something they have in common and once I realized it was a feature rather than a bug I really enjoyed both of them and now I'm wondering what to try next. What I liked: Both of them seem to approach narrative from a comic book structural perspective in the sense that there is no time for transitions between events. there are only so many pages in a comic book so you often jump from major climax to major climax while leaving a lot of the cause/effect out in between. I don't know how much I would want to see this as a regular way of doing a t.v. show, but in these two cases it was a fun experiment to do that, where from scene to scene the story lurches forward ridiculously fast. It also may be that I was completely un-invested in the prior history of any of the characters of either show and so it was easier for me to enjoy these versions without lamenting what they might have lost in translation. There's also this weird way where both shows manage to find a middle ground between two extremes that I thought they would have to choose between: Riverdale between the look/aesthetic of the goody-two-shoes comics with the gothic aesthetic of a modern teen soap...and Gotham between the absurd camp of 60s t.v. Batman and the darkness and violence of "gritty" Dark Knight Gotham. I really like that both shows manage to find a middle space in what seemed like a black & white choice where you would have to favor one or the other. They both faced that choice and both managed to kind of be both sides of their respective pasts at once. So my question...are any of the other Marvel or D.C. universe shows as fast paced as this? If I'm going to start another I'd kind of like to avoid the more typical CW style of stretching out one arc over a bunch of slow-moving episodes. I would rather watch something that errs on the Gotham/Riverdale side of racing and stumbling forward at an insane and unsustainable rate...I don't know maybe because I'm so old I feel like I don't have time to wait for the good stuff anymore. My attention span is dying off as my brain calcifies and if I haven't seen 5 major characters die and 3 be resurrected by episode 3 of a season I start to get annoyed.