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  1. Commissioner Kevin Hart is on the case he will launch an official investigation into how this one bad apple could find his way into MLB. Also get $500 free with your first bet on Draftkings.com AI Joe Dimaggio (a subsidiary of freeloansrussia.ru) says: "There's good people on both sides....wait, what...oh yeah...I love this product!" MLB!!!!! "It's all that's left in about a week!"
  2. He'll be fine. Nate Silver will hire him to forecast the presidential race.
  3. I'm amazed no one is volunteering specifically just so they can drive him to an empty field and leave him there.
  4. Has anyone ever had the miserable experience of sitting through a sporting event watching on t.v. with a bunch of people while that one guy has money riding on the game and suddenly he's sitting there like Jake LaMotta the whole time? It's not fun. Sports gamblers are among the least fun people to watch anything with. It's tense and kind of ugly and sucks the joy out of the room. So yeah let's bring that to every social space we possible can.
  5. SO does anyone know anything about the guy in charge? Like is this guy a Mueller/Garland virgin or a chad Alvin Bragg?
  6. We have a special request for a make-a-wish from a very special message board poster. If John goddamn Cena can put on the old jorts to do a make-a-wish then goddammit I can pretend it is 2013 again too. SO IT IS.. BATISTA FASHION WAAAAAAAAAAAAÂSATCHHHHHH
  7. Goddammit that show used to be so good.
  8. This feels like the official end of what is probably my favorite cultural era of any kind in any art: the drvie-in/B-movie era of American cinema from around 1950 to, well I guess, to yesterday. I mean there are still cheap direct to tubi movies today I guess. But I don't think they are an extension of what he represented. With Roger's death, I think it's now a "historic genre."
  9. This industry and country is so sick that we are this far into all of this and even Vince is still in the game. Hell, he could be running CNN by next year.
  10. Literally in 2001 at a party had a guy trying to convince me to buy apple stock the day the Ipod dropped by showing me a goddamned Ipod and I was so impressed with my new "MP3-CD player" that I had bought the week before that I told him he was an idiot and that this was the future. This is it. Man the more I remember these things the more miserable I get. But my SLimX is still working and hooked up and about 7 ipods of various sizes and types are stacked away somewhere...but that's what they call a "Pyrrhic" victory I think.
  11. I stayed out of the stock market after 2008 because “the big meltdown is coming.” Then I finally gave up and got back in, in early Feb 2020…
  12. I was going to celebrate Joey Pants being in the collection but now that I google it I think he's in there two or three times already. ACan anyone name them without looking?
  13. Is there something beyond earned runs? Like "fated runs"
  14. He's gonna be like $80 million short of affording the golden ticket to the rich assholes secret volcano witness protection hideout and then he'll remember Linda's Senate campaign and weep of exhaustion.
  15. "Where is all that money from, Ippei?" "I'M THE ONE WHO KNOCKS, MITSUKI!"
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