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  1. Ottawa right now.
  2. This game is like a Jake LaMotta fight.
  3. My take is that it owns but only if for the rest of his life that rubber thing on his face is all that's keeping his brain from sliding through the baseball-shaped hole where his mid-face used to be.
  4. I kind of want to see a montage of Jimmy trying to be straight, getting fucked over by Chuck, and then becoming Slipping Jimmy again as he struts out of the insurance office all set to the Daniel Bryan Monster song.
  5. Click for NIGHTMARE BEACH!!!!
  6. It's kind of funny how important these scenes in this movie were to me. Like I get that the whole movie was famous people "breaking character" but most of them weren't really from my generation and most of them I knew were comedians anyway. Roger Moore was different. I knew James Bond. He was the one and only James Bond to me at that time (there was no "'d rather watch a Connery, let's stream Goldfinger instead." You watched what was on now and that was Moore). And so seeing him take the piss out of Bond and himself in this dumb movie, was this huge demystifying moment for me. Back when you saw "stars" in two places...in their movies and on the tonight show...and you couldn't pester them on twitter and shit...and you had no idea about the "business" this was like the first time I understood what a big put on the whole damn culture could be. I guess maybe SNL was doing that already, having stars play parodies of their characters. But this was, like, out in the wild. I was so proud that I now had this information that James Bond was really just this dude who was kind of a dipshit. It was like the world was decoded. Meanwhile Sean Connery hasn't decoded jack shit for me.
  7. TV

    I will take Selina Meyer as full-on international criminal syndicate leader brokering secret deals between the middle east and China all day every day. Like, if they just made this a comedy version of Narcos from here on out I think they could keep it going another ten years.
  8. Fantastic. My wife never finished the series and remembered almost nothing and apart from filling her in on Bob and what happened to Cooper this was perfectly engaging for her. Someone could actually jump into this totally new and it would not be any weirder that way than any other Lynch story. I mean, that's in part due to how much of the original was filler, side story, and red herring, and how little of the trivia actually matters to the big notes of the plot. But still I was surprised at how self-contained it already feels. Actually I thought the "Cooper floating int he glass box" scene was uncharacteristically forgiving. Normally wouldn't Lynch just leave that whole opening scenario dangling as a footnote, never revisit it again, and let people just guess for themselves if it was another portal to the Black Lodge with no connection to the story other than that?
  9. Movie

    I will forever love the mess that is De Palma's SCARFACE. In fact we just watched it like three days ago. It was my wife's first time seeing it and she was completely captivated by the gothic excess of it. But since the '83 SCARFACE is basically the perfect time capsule for everything that was both great and terrible about movies in the 80s, it kind of makes sense that Ayer would be the one. Whatever he produces it will be a bloated mess that anyone 20 years from now will be able to look back on and say either "What an amazing time that was in movies, though" or "What a horrible time that was in movies, though." Basically, if you hate the 80s you probably hate De Palma. And if you hate the 2000s you probably hate Ayer.
  10. And thanks for the quick reminder of a MySpcae era mini scandal. Does everyone remember when they airbrushed more marketable boobs onto Keira Knightly?
  11. Don't worry, boss, the Gallagher bit has LEGS BABY! WE'LL MAKE THE TWO WEEKS AND MAYBE GET HELD OVER!!!! YOU"RE GONNA BE RICH!!!!!
  12. You missed one and added an extra one. I have no idea how to grade this, but that's America for you. There's no Vaudeville and nobody knows how to stand.
  13. TV

    Oh man thank you. I could watch Sid and Marty Krofft bicker and soosh each other all day.
  14. TV

    That may not have premiered yet when this aired. It would be pretty close. Either way, Bless you for thinking like that. Since they were both on NBC no laws would have been breached.
  15. TV

    First clue: Chop. Gay guy guesses Sherry Lewis and everyone knows what that means. This is my world now. Vicki gets the second clue and they touch each others face. She and he speak an innate language together. Alan Ludden is confused. Chop Giant. It's not Jack and the Beanstalk. He gets it with Paul Bunyon and the old lady with Carol takes off her tinted spectacles and wipes them down like Hans Gruber. Carol Burnett then nails the next puzzle after one clue and Vicki Lawrence's guy does a pirouette offstage. Alan Ludden calls him an "athletic young man." and let's all the ladies know he's single "and looking." Vicki Lawrence looks directly into the camera and speaks silently to those in the t.v. audience who are screaming inside with her.