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  1. Greater than, less than or equal to the "How NOT to get thrown under the bottom rope" lesson?
  2. So much about this makes me happy. *na-na-na-na, NA-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na ....*
  3. To paraphrase DMX: "Listen/ Yo merch is about to go missin'/ You know who gonna find it? (Who?)/ Some ER doc fishin'"
  4. Scuttlebutt is that Criterion's 50% sale thru Barnes and Noble will start July 10.
  5. Please tell me that there was one "Malcolm Bivens makes Wayne Brady look like Malcolm X" before the purge.
  6. Lord help me, I blame OCD for every time I read any statement beginning with "I believe in ...", I automatically go into a "You Sexy Thing" earworm.
  7. Didn't Angle already answer for the abuse he inflicted when he was with Khan? I think he got arrested, served some jail time and all that.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up on this. I feel better at least for the preservation of my time a that show with my kid. And, looking back, the entire show itself was packed with what apparently were the some of the best of those who were in Chikara ar the time (Kingston, Taylor, the Ants we know, 'Wicked, Frightmare, Donst, etc.). Some bad characters were there too, but they were outnumbered.
  9. Under his shoot name, he posted homophobic and racist slurs over on Mack's board, as well as one I used to admin with some friends who also happened to be online associates of Mack. He also threatened Mack's first daughter with sexual assault. This was years ago, so it probably isn't easy to find.
  10. Glad Hydra isn't in the business anymore. His online activity would get him absolutely buried. The stuff the used to post on Raven Mack's old message board would be enough for him to get cancelled.
  11. If you get banned, you'll be in my heart.
  12. That sounds like the road to a bad outcome. For whatever he's done, hopefully there is someone that he trusts that will check in with him.
  13. Severin Films (https://severin-films.com/) is having a "pretty much everything is 50% off" sale thru the weekend. Starts tonight at midnight, EST. Really good films, too. Their site is down currently to "prepare for the sale". Check 'em out when you can.
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