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  1. Roman. Stowman. Roman. Strowman. Oprah. Uma.
  2. He's lucky he didn't get put on ... a list.
  3. I have a friend named Will who has an incredible resemblance to Big Show. And I have an insane amountil of selfies that I take of me and him, where I will bend my knees just slightly when I take the picture (so he looks over a foot taller than me). I tell people that me and Show are besties. Not for an actual-factual, just to see people's reactions.
  4. Not enough love for this. I'm a mental healthcare provider, in direct client contact for therapeutic intervention services, and, while burnout is a daily thing, I get jazzed by people doing well. So this made me happyoptimistic today.
  5. God I hope not.
  6. I don't think I would have put a Female Convict Scorpion entry on the list, over literally anything else they could have put there. But not bad, otherwise.
  7. "I know he didn't just say that." - Booker T
  8. *sigh*
  9. Oh, I see the CD in it now. I thought it was some reference to his "checkmark for me" taunt he does to the camera, that I don't know if he does anymore.
  10. I don't get it ... it's not a "CDs NUTZ" joke, is it?
  11. I see you've met Reby Sky...
  12. Which begs the chant question, "Why Rippa why?"