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  1. I haven't read their breakdown. Do they mean antisocial, i.e. the psych meaning, or antisocial, the lay person's "not interested in being socially involved with others" (a/k/a the wrong meaning)?
  2. The classic "if you meet one asshole in a day ..." trope made flesh.
  3. I always like the "Time is on My Side" promos a little better than "Whole World ..." because you knew that was a crazy mother fucker with an exact plan of what he was going to do, and when, and how much he knew he was going to hurt you a little at a time. ... well, shit. Only to find out that time's really not on anyone's side, after all.
  4. We're also getting a physical copy of the Predator franchise entry "Prey" in October.
  5. "There are those that talk about it, and those that do it." Didn't do it, is currently talking about it.
  6. Dude, I consider myself an amateur scholar of Macbeth, and I was not aware of this. Now that I am, I thank you immensely.
  7. It's been four hours; it can't be that hard to draw a black square under his nose.
  8. Following their annual Criterion sale, Barnes & Noble have begun their Arrow 50% sale. Ends 8/31.
  9. Yeah, I saw that too. Apparently it will start with overseas countries. The article I read was very "doom and gloom" w/r/t this practice happening in the States. I kind of doubt DVD/Blus will be entirely phased out, even if Disney does make this move. There are still a lot of movie companies & studios out there, and, honestly, I think such a practice would likely contribute to the bursting of the streaming bubble. The article I read: https://www.disneydining.com/disney-saying-goodbye-dvds-and-blu-rays-sw1/?fbclid=IwAR3uFKRYsayuCcoBAz4yIJhpEVVFf1n9RsYhTGwQbnZ65OTqSNNIE6gcTmo
  10. Aww yeah, H Of The Day, here we come!
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