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  1. I can understand this. It's better etiquette to call him "Mr. Brooks".
  2. Look, maybe we just don't want to accept that Impactnanthem might have done something right. That's end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it talk, right there.
  3. Roids in Hollywood probably wouldn't be seen as anything more than what Jack Pierce would do to make Lon Chaney grow fur & fangs.
  4. Calm down, Hollywood Rippanetico.
  5. "Now grandma's gotta go to bingo!"
  6. I ... can't look away ... MAKIN' THE DOLLARS!!!
  7. I like the second one better
  8. Also, Mahal looks like Ripped Luis Guzman, and we can all agree that's not a good look.
  9. We voted and are blaming it on your absence.
  10. My recent (as in, the 21st century) stable of choice has been Bruderschaft des Kruezes.
  11. B-Movie TV is taking my request and playing tomorrow night at 8pm, and I'm psyched.
  12. The Owens/Styles ending: The results I read had a blurb that the match could've been better if it had a real ending. But I get the impression that the ending was no less "real" than, say, Neville/Aries at the last PPV, or even that of Angle/Alliance Austin back in '01. People seem to forget what wrestling is about, sometimes. And also, fuck Randy Orton.
  13. I feel like this should be embroidered on a pillow.
  14. I think the funny part of Cornette''s rant on King is the part after he talks shit about King then says, "Really it's my fault", then proceeds to shit on King all over again.