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  1. I picked up a girl been tryin' to [do] since the twelfth grade.
  2. "You can't judge what shape a person is in by just seeing them in a certain shape." - our new logic
  3. But goddamn if I don't want to be reminded what happened 5 min ago, even though I saw.it when it happened!
  4. Hmmm I think I thought "Rippa" because of your signature & generalized distaste for all of us ... maybe it was Fowler? It was whoever ran Havoc previously before abdicating. (Which, given that Rippa ran MM until also stopping, may have confused me also.)
  5. It can be vice versa too. I'm pretty certain Rippa still hates me for Frankenstein Meets Wolf Man. The less said, the better. And I enjoyed "Great Rupert". Bought it for my collection.
  6. So what's the Lynch/Phoenix (f. Edge) tweef about?
  7. Are these in chronological order? Because it was wild seeing how many times he faced Sin Cara, and Miz, and Ziggler, and Sin Cara, and Bryan, and Miz, and Sin Cara, and Truth, and Sin Cara, and Kofi, and Sin Cara, and Sin Cara ...
  8. Well, Dana White was left with little choice but to look kinda dumb with his finger and his thumb in the shape of an L on his forehead. Yep.
  9. Amazon was selling Arrow's Nikkatsu Diamond Guys Vol. 1 for $13.99. I saw the alert on cityonfire.com, and I figured the sale was off ... until I checked and saw that the price was $9.99. Ordered it before I realized that it had a "2-4 weeks" availability. It's also listed as being a "limited edition" (3000 units) release. Now I get to check every day to see if the order gets cancelled, or if there's still that one copy on the Amazon or Arrow warehouse that they'll send my way. Let the game begin.
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