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  1. Maybe Graves' idea of "Full Heenan" is when Heenan dropped an F bomb live.
  2. Nothing beats that feeling. We had Prime Time Video, Video Place (locally known as "Fudd's" after the owner). But there were tons of flash-in-the-pan rental places that would pop up in a lot of different places, and of course every grocery store had a rental annex. I had no way to drive myself during the heyday of rental, and there was no way my parents were renting the choice horror/action/teen nudie comedy films for me so I spent the first few years of my video watching life renting Godzilla movies, the Abbott & Costello features, and GI Joe or Transformer episodes. I remember having a book - "Terror on Tape" - that I cherished like treasure. It was my favorite guide to finding something to rent when I was in high school and college. Books like that went a long way toward my enjoyment of, not only movie watching, but movie hunting. When my Facebook feed pops up with an upcoming DVD/Blu release from one of the boutique labels I follow, and I see one of those covers I remember from stalking Prime Time's aisles, it goes into my Amazon wishlist faster than a Thanos snap.
  3. Man, over the Thanksgiving weekend I went to visit my dad. Drove by the old movie rental place ... gutted. Both the building and my youth. Such good memories.
  4. Ooh, thanks. I'll try to write mine tomorrow.
  5. nate

    Marvel Phase IV Discussion Thread

    I'm now all in on M'Baku being the de facto king of Wakanda and being a stand-in Panther.
  6. Oh you wonderful sonuvabitch! I got: Oblong Box (to replace my disc w/ "Scream and Scream Again", which putzed out on me) Manhattan Project I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle Gorp The Challenge Running Scared I just got volume 1 of the Fernando di Leo set, and I'm looking at nabbing volume 2 before.the end of the year. I'm most excited about ou ut "Italian Connection" in particular.
  7. nate

    SDL is The Dangers of Methane Gas - 12/4/2018

    Any reason is fine for this.
  8. Yeah, that's where "collection" and "obsession" are, forgive parlance, up each other. Me, I'm content to get Mausoleum later. Maybe VS' "Halfway to Black Friday" sale in June.
  9. nate

    Raw is Bane Ambrose - 12/3/2018

    Can we say "Hi, Dr. Nick" for old times' sake?
  10. nate


    I saw some of those. I loved the crossovers.
  11. nate

    Marvel Phase IV Discussion Thread

    Figured it was the one where she's in her onesie-with-red-sash, looking in a mirror, with her upper torso 3/4 facing her ass. Contortionism like that deserves to be icon status. *wish I could find the pic to link it ...
  12. nate


    Like Wu-Tang Clan and pre-nWo WCW, "Dinner and a Movie" is one of those things I didn't appreciate until way after it was an ongoing thing that I wish I had been more into in its heyday.
  13. nate

    The Grindhouse Report

    I'm healing up from my knee surgery, and after watching some of the movies I got for Black Friday, I took a break to stream a few films. First up was my Christmas Chaos film; I liked it, but the pain medicine I'm now weaning myself from has kept me from really sitting down and writing a fair analysis. Then, after a few episodes of the American "Street Fighter" animated series, followed by a few episodes of the Japanese Supaidaman show, I took in a viewing of "Doctor Vampire" (Jiang shi yi sheng, 1990), on Asian Crush. Clocking in at what is, for this film, an absolutely obscene 98 minutes (though the requisite "commercial breaks" made it feel like 1000), "Doctor Vampire" is a popcorn ride. Nothing too offensive, mostly typical for what I've come to expect of early '90s Chinese comedy. I had seen "Kung Fu Zombie" a few nights ago, pre-op, and I suspected that this film was nestled in the "Mr. Vampire" oeuvre, but this is not the case. No hopping vampires, unless you count the brief moment where Dr. Chiang begins to suspect he's becoming a vampire and begins to test his hopping prowess. The skinny so far: Dr. Chiang meets a hooker on a business trip and does "it" with her, and when I phrase it that way, that's a reflection of the way they phrase it in the film. As a consequence of doing "it" with a hooker, instead of VD he gets turned into a vampire. He goes back home, and the film follows him as he begins to change to a vampire while also keeping his hooker pounding ways from his girlfriend (who never did "it" with him). However, the hooker's pimp - fuckin' Dracula - gets a taste of the doctor's blood and finds it to be just the fuckin tits, so he sends the hooker to find the doctor and bring him back. This movie is fun, sure, but it's a fucking slog at times. The comedy is the broadest of broad strokes, mostly involving the doctor and his pals who are pretty much the Inbetweeners, if the Inbetweeners tried to cure sinusitis via circumcision. After watching a few films from the "hopping vampire" subgenre, it's weird to watch this hybrid of Western vampire lore and Asian horror comedy tropes. This reads far too academic for my tastes, but, in for a penny I guess. There's a dick joke in the middle that I was way too amused by, but I have pain meds to blame. Fucking meniscus. I should have put this much effort into my review of my Christmas choice. Sonuvabitch, why is there a St. Jude's commercial smack in the middle of my Asian vampire titty and dick joke movie? That bummed me out.