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  1. Wasn't there a guy (in Japan?) who used to do a tombstone where he put the opponent's head in his jocks?
  2. WYATT6, keeping you informed of the news in your community.
  3. Ok, so will Piledriver Day be June 24th of every year, or the last Friday of every June?
  4. Kino kicks off their "Spring Into Summer" sale. https://www.kinolorber.com/list/view/code/spring-into-summer-sale-2022
  5. My grandmother used to take me to live local indy wrestling in Bumfuck TN, and she would get dressed like she was going to church, and we would cheer the heroes and boo the assholes. Like a proper Southern woman, her posture was 2x4 straight perfect. Miss ya Gammy.
  6. Barnes & Noble is running a half-off Arrow sale atm. Not sure when it ends.
  7. Target is running a B2G1F sale until June 18.
  8. A shame, because "Hatch as Hatch can" isrightthefuckthere!!!!!
  9. Severin is running a half-off sale until Tuesday. Also, B&N is running a half-off Kino sale until 30 June. I might be replacing some older DVD titles thru this.
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