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  1. "Yeti, Giant of the 20th Century" is the best film I've seen under lockdown so far. Shit made me smile. Below is the disco theme, with montage that may just be the entire film.
  2. Wait, would that also include ulcerative colitis? Asking for a friend ... who is me ...
  3. There was a small, very small, joke about Colt Cabana being a murderer years ago here, but damned if I remember the particulars.
  4. About like the tendency for wrestlers to enter the ministry.
  5. I love how I think the rabbit sounds like the South Park 'member berries.
  6. I was planning on seeing this at my friend's house. All my closest friends live an hour away, so more often than not I only really get to see them for the supercards, and even then, because of my job, I usually take off the following Monday to recover from the late night drive. It usually isn't even about Mania, it's usually about seeing good friends, cooking up.some hearty contribution to the ersatz potluck we organize, and cracking jokes while wrestling happens to be going on in the background. Unfortunately, this go-around, my friend's wife has respectfully requested that we forego meeting for Mania; she has an elderly parent and she doesn't want to risk their health. We don't either, so we're skipping this year's festivities. Which is okay, because this show looks like it's going to suck. But goddamn I miss seeing my friends.
  7. A friend of mine posited, "Watch them say he has HIV." So .... coulda been worse.
  8. I just now realized it's April. Fuck you, 2020.
  9. Part of the "fun" will be then trying to figure out which one of those guys posts here.
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