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  1. My dad was a fan of Jimmy Valiant. Then we went to a stop on the Great American Bash '88 tour in Johnson City, TN. Valiant was facing Barbarian or Teijo Khan or some such. Valiant dodged a shoulder charge in the corner, and while his opponent was stunned and bent over thin the buckles, Jimmy proceeded to air-hump the Barbarian from behind. My dad never did look at Jimmy Valiant the same way afterwards.
  2. I can tell you that I'll probably be getting Cthulhu Mansion and Dark Tower at some point. Of the Black Friday films, I'm leaning toward Silent Madness and possibly Don't Panic. I had higher hopes for this year, on the price reduction side. Two of the Spanish horrors didn't get halved so I skipped them. Bit on Dial Code Santa Claus, Blood Games, and Disco Godfather.
  3. It is, in my opinion, a very well done Texas Chainsaw Massacre clone. It stars John Saxon. It was produced by Evander Holyfield, who also had a small part in the film as a carnival journeyman who fought townies for cash. It's an exemplary B-movie. I recommend it.
  4. Until the 19th, use WREATH at Deep Discount for 15% off.
  5. Spike Lee is supposedly directing a musical about Viagra. 2020 has a long way to go, yet.
  6. I hope you won't be disappointed by Spookies. After watching it, check out the making of. Its production history is as fascinating as the movie itself.
  7. Yeah, I'm in for a few releases. On my list, so far: Dial Code Santa Claus; Disco Godfather; Grave Robbers (the Spanish one, not Graverobbers). Might also get Blood Games. Last year, I flipped over the fuckin moon when they released Spookies. That was a bucket list title. I have high hopes that they will one day release Blood Salvage. I also took advantage of the Criterion sale, as well as the concurrently running Arrow sale on B&N. Snagged Great Dictator, A Face in the Crowd, and Jake Speed. I have three paydays this month, so I might dip back into the Criterion sale wat
  8. Yes. I've toyed with the idea of getting the subscription, but then that runs the risk of it being a year that I wouldn't want anything they put out. Granted, I think if I had it all to do over again, I would have jumped on last year's. But that's the gamble.
  9. Couldn't they just point at their own butts?
  10. Snagged this from my email newsletter: "If you’re feeling left out of some of this year’s releases, we want to remind you that Black Friday is the only time that you can become a Yearly Subscriber, which in 2021 gets you every single Vinegar Syndrome branded release at 50% off SRP, all slipcover editions and 50% off SRP coupons for all VSA, VSU, Peekarama, and for the first time, all Partner Label releases! It’s the best way to get your monthly sleaze, horror, and weird movie fix." Beyond that, I'm not sure how it works, like if you want to skip a month, or if you want to decline a r
  11. Arrow Video sale running concurrently with the Criterion sale on Barnes & Noble (though I don't think the Arrow releases are at 50% off). Vinegar Syndrome & Severin Films gearing up for Black Friday too. Target is running a B2G1F sale on movies/music/books (and games of board and maybe video, but check me on that last one). They comin for our money, y'all.
  12. Re: Mongo, I could watch a gif of that dive out of the ring onto Goldberg til infinity.
  13. Guys, today is ... what it is. Thanks for being a refuge, and one way or another, irrespective of outcome, I'll be counting on this place for the next few days. Peace be with us all.
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