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  1. I love Big E's mannerisms. He's a walking HR violation in any other universe.
  2. "Liar" is actually a pretty apt musical depiction of the WWE's relationship with its fans.
  3. Just bring my thoughts to this thread: If I'm Disney, I'm building the post-Endgame series toward Avengers vs. X-Men, maybe via Secret Wars, 1980s style. Or, hell, Squadron Supreme (shit, Avengers vs. ersatz Justice League, on screen ... could you imagine?) Oh, and Captain America films going forward should feature the Serpent Society.
  4. "Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left."
  5. I refuse to look at that last post so someone else's arm is getting punched.
  6. I said to my friends during Mania something about Kofi's kicks to the head (those where he held Bryan's wrists and stomped him out) looked scary.
  7. Well, no sooner do I post my comment above, that I check in on one of my old favorite mail-order places, Sinister Cinema, to find that they will probably be closing up shop in the early part of 2020. They used to put ads in Filmfax Magazine back in the mid-/late 90s, and they're basically where I satisfied my movie jones. They were like ... say, Code Red for the VHS era, but not that banana suit wearing asshole and a LOT more film rights. I got my first exposure to one of my favorite films, "I Bury the Living" through them. I had this incredible "Drive-In Double Feature" tape with White Zombie and Devil Bat, which turned me on to Bela Lugosi's Poverty Row films. And, through them, I developed my love for the trailer comp. They have a good copy of Sonny Chiba's "Golden Bat", and they're running their (maybe final) Summer Sale (12 movies for $98, postpaid). Check em out, I don't get shill bucks or anything; you might find some interesting stuff. Http://www.sinistercinema.com
  8. Save these, and this could be your "Batista Fashion Watch".
  9. Bronze Babyshoes I legit just tried to write "Braun Strowman" and this is what my phone autocorrects to, every time. I have to take extra effort now to write the name out and tell autocorrect to NOT change it. Most of the time, I don't even bother.
  10. Oh feck. The last handful of replies make me think that the SDL "big name" may be Ziggler. And the only way that's ok is if he brings PUPPEHS!!!
  11. I feel pretty good about the future of DVDs/Blus, mostly for the points Jae and Curt bring up. It would be interesting to see the tiers of how niche the niches are. Like, I imagine the vinyl record people outnumber, say, the VHS people (or maybe not). Both probably far outnumber the 8-track people.
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