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  1. The Grindhouse Report

    Wha?!??! So it is. I saw this exact same list on another site and it wasn't. Or maybe I overlooked it. Thanks for that, and also not making me feel like a dumbass.

    I once subjected my old movie watching club homies to a double feature of Hellraiser:Bloodlines and Jason X. I put Jason X on last because it's the more fun of the two, plus 80% of that group were gun owners.
  3. The Grindhouse Report

    Wish they had Masked Avengers.
  4. "Does Rikishi's butthole have healing powers?"
  5. Aw man, my daughter was big into Hania as Saturyne about three years ago. Then we saw Chikara live, three shows before their shutdown. My daughter was crushed that Saturyne had to return to her planet (see, I had developed a backstory for Saturyne and other characters so my daughter would let me watch wrestling instead of whatever fucking Disney XD show she was into at the time).
  6. Angle's milk truck really should've been on there too.
  7. That list is definitely a collection of items conveniently displayed in a numerical order.
  8. Is there a diagram or flowchart or whatever they're called, showing what promotions begat or stemmed from other promotions? You know the type of charts, with a lot of solid lines, broken lines, etc., showing different relationships? I'd like to see one, out of sheer curiosity. Granted, if one doesn't exist ... guess I could add another art project on my list.
  9. Yeah, 2002-2006 TNA was pretty tight. I tuned out almost the day of Hogan signing on.
  10. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    Thanks to Zac Romero's "B-Roll", my brain has too many "Santa's Slay" quotes in it for my taste.
  11. RAW is... Huh? - 1/15/2018

    I don't know whether to be glad or not, that someone somewhere realized that Dana last week risked jumpstarting puberties (WORLDWIDE!) so advised the wardrobe dept accordingly.
  12. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    Why not Bischoff?
  13. Shout Factory on Roku has old UWF stuff. I remember watching this when I was younger. Considerably cringeworthy for a lot of reasons, but fun to see the Snuka/Cactus lumberjack match. "Things like this shouldn't happen in America!"
  14. I see him being a guy who's wear a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off and a fanny pack.