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  1. Did he "WOO?" I bet he didn't even "WOO".
  2. You don't become the longest running episodic television show on cable by taking a break, pal! (I haven't really noticed, do they still repeat that shtick on every show?)
  3. I saw a story posted on 411 Wrestling, where a Twitter person expressed concern about Paige's health, posting a pic from 2015 to a recent pic where she looked emaciated and her sternum & ribs were disturbingly visible. The Twitter user had the handle of "rovert".
  4. Didn't quite know where to put this, but Kino Lorber is running a good sale on many of their titles, which was a roadblock toward getting more from the Criterion sale (there's always November). Snagged: Game of Death (a riff on the Most Dangerous Game trope) Haunted Honemoon (Radner/Wilder) Hero and the Terror Scavenger Hunt The Stranger (Welles/Robinson, not part of the sale but was on my want list) Who? Several really good titles, that I incidentally already had on prior releases.
  5. That's a whole boatload of fuck-yeah, over here. Who's next to Jake, on his left, my right?
  6. But did Sheik take Jake's eightball over the border? That wasn't clear to me.
  7. Didn't this used to be "Russellmania"? Or is that my own Mandela effect?
  8. HUH?!??!
  9. Thanks jae, been wanting to dip into this one for a while, but ... well, Adam Sandler. But you've sold me, man. Thanks again.
  10. Hadn't seen it.
  11. May try to squeeze in one more purchase, since whit thing goes to August. Someone please sell me on: Punch Drunk Love Robinson Crusoe on Mars
  12. Got my copies of "Tokyo Drifter", "Branded to Kill" & "Blow-Up". Now if I can find at least a few hours to watch them soon.
  13. Ah, that's the stuff ....
  14. Can someone throw up the Truth, "fuck you we got your money" dance gif, for me?