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  1. Thanks, both. Yeah, that one actively pissed me off, so much that I apparently only vaguely remembered it. But no, dude was eliminated that year. Theoretically, no one would be eliminated because they land on a mat not a "floor". Ugh.
  2. Wasn't one of Kofi's eliminations saved by one foot in pancakes?
  3. ... while this merch ... ... says quite the opposite.
  4. My 6th grade daughter is a bit overweight. A 7th grade boy called her "fat." "Well, you're stupid and ugly, and I can lose weight" was her reply. When the teacher told me this in the meeting afterwards, where they were explaining that they were going to discipline her as well as the boy, after laughing my ass off, I said, "Yeah, nothing will be happening to my daughter, is what you're telling me." Nothing happened.
  5. "Streaks on the china," indeed.
  6. Not gonna lie, I checked out the link to Wikifeet. Only Judy can judge me ...
  7. My blocked list grew three times that day.
  8. And how could you not?
  9. I'm optimistic for an eventual YouTube supercut where we see Taskmaster moves compared side-by-side to the original moves of Captain America or Hawkeye or whoever else he steals his moveset from prior movies.
  10. I could watch that gif a thousand times.
  11. Living in the south - the Deep South, which is anything but deep - I've had the wonderful circumstance to have it explained to me that "there are white n's too." Over time I've built a nice and shitty response that ends in "... and there's no such thing as Whegroes," I'm surprised I haven't been punched by a bigot yet.
  12. The video cuts off before he stacks all the children like firewood and F5s them. Then bareknuckles open wounds on their foreheads.
  13. I saw a lady with an infant in a "Only God Can Judge Me" onesie. I just wanted to share that.
  14. And you know they have bones in those pics, too. Or what they call "bones". Bleh.
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