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  1. I wouldn't touch that price with an eight foot pole.
  2. Kino's Shocktober sale is going on. Lot of the usual suspects that end up in every sale, but still some gems. https://www.kinolorber.com/list/view/code/shocktober-sale-2022?page=1
  3. But but, what podcast is he going to go to and have a moan now?
  4. The collector's Blu set of "Gravity Falls" is going out of print. Already unavailable through Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Deep Discount, and going for stupid prices on the third party Amazon market.
  5. The next OSW is focusing on this. It's V1's pick, so I can't wait for everyone's favorite racist Irish lads to dissect these shenanigans.
  6. "What powder was on the table, EC3?" Dandruff? #georgecarlin
  7. AEW DVDs are gone from their shop. The section is 100% empty.
  8. Saw a great show from Palmetto Championship Wrestling last night. Easily the best thing to happen to me the past few months was discovering PCW, and last night was Nigh One of the Palmetto Classic tag tourney. I fucking love indy local wrestling.
  9. In summary, "I'm pissed that I have to sit up here and address this topic," says man who addressed this topic on his own. Somehow I missed that part; not that it happened, that he openly complained about it in exactly the aforementioned manner. Yeah, I'm done with Phil. He can fuck off back to whatever nothing he was doing before he came back.
  10. One small question, only slightly related: Did OJ do it?
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