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  1. How much longer do we have until "Nicholas" returns to WWE to reclaim the tag titles that he won with Strowman and never lost?
  2. "Can you imagine that? 5 wives!" Shit, I got a former sister-in-law who had that many before she was 35, that shit ain't nothin. Oh, simultaneously. N/m.
  3. Listening to the crowd boo "I am a Real African-American" Apollo Crews is a Schrodinger's cat of uniqueness/non-uniqueness.
  4. Nothing specifically, but in his "Art of Wrestling" interview, he paints himself as a pretty questionable fellow, so it just seemed like one of two things could've happened: 1) Hs could live up to the sleaze, or 2) he could have easily been misinterpreted in his behaviors at some time or another. Granted, since he stayed out of scandal, it could be 3) all is well with the world.
  5. Random thought: It amazes me that Truth Martini avoided any #SpeakingOut attention.
  6. Maybe it could be worse ... it could be La Knight.
  7. "Love our product" may be the deal killer though.
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