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  1. I hope confusing people for Rosario Dawson becomes our next fun thing to do on here.
  2. So, if Retribution is Antifa, are we supposed to get a BLM vibe from The Hurt Business, and what symbolism are we to take from last night? I'm just kidding, of course; this is wrestling not English Lit 101.
  3. "Warrior Warrior, you've torn your dre-ess/ Warrior Warrior, you're face is a me-ess ..."
  4. Apropos of nothing, this reminded me of a PWG card where everyone had a nickname in the middle of their first and last names, and Eddie Edwards was billed as: Eddie "Eddie Edwards" Edwards
  5. Well, now that I think about it, the group was originally labeled by Hogan as the "New World Organization" on that fateful night, only later was that promo rubbed to say "Order", so it is different.
  6. Sullivan mentions the "New World Order", but I thought the Dungeon was gone or defunct by the time the nWo started?
  7. The fatter, the funnier: the McMahon entertainment credo
  8. Is that guy on the far left the dude who played Warrick on "CSI"?
  9. Reading that article, shit, if I was a stalker of Sonya Deville, I have a pretty good idea of where she lives now, thanks news!
  10. $125 in November or whenever the next B&N sale is.
  11. How are we not including Kamala in the talks of wrestling's best pure strikers?
  12. I'm not saying it was Andersons ... but it was Andersons.
  13. What's that at his feet, the vortex of suck?
  14. How does Shane get blown up by just talking into a microphone? That bitch gets sweaty just by thinking hard.
  15. I'm glad to see the Chikara "Crucible" storyline get recycled.
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