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  1. My VinSyn haul: Alphabet City, The Grave, Monster of Camp Sunshine/ Honeymoon of Terror, Minor Premise, TC 2000, and the Tiger Claws trilogy set.
  2. Now just a little more than 24 hrs ... (I'm hoping they don't have crap, but rather something I would enjoy spending my money on ...)
  3. Finally, something worse than the "fuck on me" match
  4. Less than one week from the Vinegar Syndrome half off sale.
  5. I was hoping this (August) would be the month they'd put out "Heroic Trio."
  6. I'll never forgive TNA for dropping the ball on Monty Brown and not giving us a Nash vs. Low Ki match.
  7. Dax and Cash ... Ax and Smash ... IS THIS AN ACTUAL THING THAT IM JUST NOW GETTING?!
  8. I just got an email indicating that Grindhouse Video (online retailer, not Grindhouse Releasing) is going to have an Arrow sale this weekend.
  9. Where did you guys have Big Boa on your Apter top ten for your territory? He always hovered around 3-4; he was a good hand.
  10. Man, last month ended on a real bummer. Chris Dickinson sounds like a real shit bag.
  11. I'd say; in that gif, he's only saying "wind sock."
  12. I have a different tack:. Tony Khan buys Impact.
  13. I honestly though Bad Bunny was that "cash me ouside" girl until I saw pictures.
  14. Yeah, my wallet ain't that happy about this UHD only direction Criterion is going. Guess it means I have to be very discerning with my purchases.
  15. Fuckin Kino, man. Buck Rogers (theatrical) French Conspiracy (all reviews point to this being a slow film, but I'm a sucker for Gian Maria Volonte) Gambit A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night Hard Target The Hitch-Hiker Last Year at Marienbad and The Wanderers
  16. Okay, I've been watching an asinine amount of OSW lately, and it might be worth getting an OSW tattoo for them to review a boy stable of Jumpin Jeff Farmer, the Dream Warriors, and Dirty Player.
  17. I can vouch for this, the one with Pam Grier in "Arena" is fantastic.
  18. We've had Braun Strowman, he of many names. We've had Batista Fashion Watch. Now we need a rundown of what characters Ezekiel played in what 80s film and television programs.
  19. Ok, hear me out ... What if ... Cody going to WWE is his worked shoot way of eventually getting back to AEW under a new contract, written without the "can't challenge for the world title" stip?
  20. Who had the better match with Daniel Bryan Danielson, Tri or Cena?
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