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  1. Not gonna lie, I checked out the link to Wikifeet. Only Judy can judge me ...
  2. My blocked list grew three times that day.
  3. And how could you not?
  4. I'm optimistic for an eventual YouTube supercut where we see Taskmaster moves compared side-by-side to the original moves of Captain America or Hawkeye or whoever else he steals his moveset from prior movies.
  5. I could watch that gif a thousand times.
  6. Living in the south - the Deep South, which is anything but deep - I've had the wonderful circumstance to have it explained to me that "there are white n's too." Over time I've built a nice and shitty response that ends in "... and there's no such thing as Whegroes," I'm surprised I haven't been punched by a bigot yet.
  7. The video cuts off before he stacks all the children like firewood and F5s them. Then bareknuckles open wounds on their foreheads.
  8. I saw a lady with an infant in a "Only God Can Judge Me" onesie. I just wanted to share that.
  9. And you know they have bones in those pics, too. Or what they call "bones". Bleh.
  10. Hahaha, all of our usernames would end in "...LALALALALA!" Which would then lead to the inevitable fun of (just for example) "Settle down, Hollywood SorceressKnightneticoLALALALALALALA!"
  11. Punk has always reminded me of this friend of mine, he would state that he considers himself a "feminist" but he only did it because he thought it was the pathway to mad poonanny.
  12. Jesus ... Lee vs. Lesnar.
  13. A man whose last stint in UFC resulted in an involuntary Sloth from Goonies cosplay shouldn't be clapping back so quickly over what was likely a kayfabed jab.
  14. "He can take a hell of a chokeslam, but his selling is trash" is honestly the greatest description of a wrestling puppet you'll ever find.
  15. I don't know if it's Jason, Michael, or Freddy, but she's dead.
  16. The one guy in the bottom pic went to the Rick Rude school of selling atomic drops.
  17. Better than most anything Sasha could pull off.
  18. That's gotta be someone other than Rikishi.
  19. I dunno, man, I always thought Animal was way more limited than Hawk, in every way. Less athletic, less skilled on the mic, prone to get gassed more often. Maybe that's just me, *shrug emoji*.
  20. Really, the argument comes down to "who had the more successful singles career"/ "who would have had the more successful singles career"? And I'll also add "Nightmare" Kenny Wayne.
  21. Just to add to the list: Animal Neidhart Axe Thunderfoot #1
  22. I like how this almost appears that enough people looked straight past Regal's Liger post and replied "GAYLORD PEACOCK?!??!" that he had to address it.
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