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  1. "The one night a year where the two brands compete against each other!" Meanwhile, at Crown Jewel, three matches featured crossbrand opponents.
  2. Yes. (... is what I feel like the answer would be.) I wish Xavier/Finn was on a show I would watch.
  3. Chikara would have totally run a Chucky/Robocop/Demon trios.
  4. What's a "Dave Hebner"? I only know Earl and some unfortunate schmuck that the Million Dollar Man paid to get facial surgery to resemble Earl.
  5. wut https://411mania.com/wrestling/bret-hart-remembers-drawing-wrestlers-in-orgies-on-locker-room-blackboard/
  6. You know, we really should have a forum to discuss college football.
  7. I wonder if AEW would be inclined to fill another niche left behind by a closed company and start their own King of Trios, with half roster teams, and the other half teams coming thru the Forbidden Door. Run the first round over a Dynamite and Rampage. Round two, the next Dynamite. Round three, the next Rampage. Finals on a pay-per-view.
  8. Re: Gran Metallik: WWE: "Despite record earnings, it's necessary that we make these releases as cost-saving measures." Gran Metallik: "I'd like my release." WWE: "Bahahahaha, fuck that noise, esse."
  9. Ever since "Get Shorty", any nose shots inspire me to hear Dennis Farina screaming, "CALL 9-FUCKING-1-1-1!" in the most nasal voice possible.
  10. Not only that, but one of Osprey's opponents looks uncannily like James Franco.
  11. Marquis/Marquee/Marcus Corvon/Corvan/Cor Von likes this.
  12. Gargano is one guy who I loved in Chikara with F.I.S.T., and literally nothing else.
  13. Only if we get to watch the ground breaking of the William Goldberg Butt Condominium Plaza.
  14. Saw this this weekend with fam. I really liked it as a standalone film; it filled a nice "Crouching Dragon" vibe. The only weak spot I found was the aforementioned Awkwafina. Is she a 2 pack a day smoker? Her raspy voice was very distracting.
  15. BossMoz has one weird Michael Myers profile pic.
  16. Three hour road trip, and just turned down that one street a block and a half away from the house.
  17. I totally saw this ending with a fallaway slam/backdrop combo.
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