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  1. Well, this isn't a tragedy or anything, just something I'm looking for input on. After living in an apartment for 9 years, I'm finally moving back into a house. (Renting) I'm thrilled about it, but wondering the best way to make the transition as easy as possible on my cat. She's 9+ years old. We (me and the cat) moved into this apartment when she was about 6 months old, so she's lived most of her life here. She's a strictly indoor cat, never goes outside, period. When I occasionally go visit my mom a couple hours away and stay for 2 or 3 days, the cat goes with me. She likes my mom a lot (and vice versa) and the first time I went there with her, she was weirded out for a day or two, but now when she goes there she acts like she owns the place. Luckily the house is owned by a friend of mine, and she's letting me move in slowly over the month rather than one big moving day. (I officially live there starting December 1st.) So I have already planned that for the final move, when there will be people in and out of here, I'll take Monkey to my mom's for a couple days so she won't be completely stressed out, or won't be scared and run out or anything. Once I'm moved in I'm going to go pick up Monkey, along with my mom, and bring them both to the house. I'll have my mom stay for about a week (she's retired and widowed and she'll love getting away for a week) so Monkey won't feel so alone in the house while I'm at work. But I'm just looking to figure out how to overall make it easiest for her. I know they advise to introduce them to one room at a time, but the layout of the main floor of the house is pretty open, so that won't be practical. I'll be using the finished basement as a bedroom, but I don't want to leave her shut in down there, as she'll have real separation anxiety. (She loves being near me when I'm home.) She's also not used to living in a place with two levels. I'll be keeping the litterbox in the laundry room in the basement, so I'll obviously show her that first thing. I'll be taking some of my furniture from the apartment, so that'll have familiar scents on it. Long story short, any advice on moving with a cat?
  2. I actually randomly met and hung out with him over the weekend in Louisville and was legit shocked at how big he is in person.
  3. It is well established both kayfabe-wise and in reality that Foley is not physically able to interfere in situations anymore. (Mania was a rare exception.) So what exactly was Foley supposed to do other than stand there with his thumb up his ass, so to speak?
  4. Re: Young and Backlund, more than anything I'm curious as to why they do vignettes but never actually seem to be in the same room with each other. It's just awkward and weird. Makes me wonder if Backlund is ever actually going to appear at ringside with him. If it doesn't just get dropped altogether.
  5. Just met her a month ago. I was working as a vendor at a horror convention and her table was set up a few feet from ours. All weekend she was so personable to everyone, and she always had a good steady line of people. People seemed to be really pleased when they came away from meeting her. On the last day when things were winding down at the end of the day, I went over and talked to her. We had a really nice conversation. She couldn't have been sweeter or more down to earth when I talked to her. It really bums me out to hear about this.
  6. Warehouse manager/fleet manager for a cable TV contractor.
  7. David Bowie and Alan Rickman say otherwise.
  8. Neve's way better than Denise. But I think the difference is, Campbell has been perfectly happy pursuing an artist's life in indy films and stage theater. She made her money early from doing six years on Party of Five, and after that show wrapped up she's been living in England ever since then. Seems like she just doesn't have any inclination to play Hollywood's games. She's been living in England? She hasn't been working in England much. There was that one movie where she played the Queen (it was a parody of American War films that have the USA taking all the credit for winning WW2. Christian Slater was in it), but I don't think I've seen her in anything else. Although a lot of British films that get made don't actually come out... ever, there's investment scams and stuff going on. Are people forgetting the Scream movies? I'm sure she made a buck or two from those.
  9. Being dead for 8 years is the perfect way to stay out of the spotlight to plan a surprise attack.
  10. After a stupidly busy several weeks, and more busy life ahead, I took a Sunday off from leaving the house and just lounged all day. And one of the things I did with that time was binge watch all 10 episodes. Needless to say, I liked it. It does a great job of being funny and heartfelt and presenting a lot of really likable characters.
  11. Well, one thing Jupiter Ascending and I have in common is that when I was done watching it, I was luckily able to forget most of the scenes as well. Jeez, what a terrible movie. When even looking at Mila Kunis becomes boring, you know you've pulled off a dull mess of a movie.
  12. Is there a way to post pictures from a cell phone in here? (Please forgive my ignorance) I made a road trip to my mom's house and was looking through a WWF magazine I had in a box of stuff I still have here, and there are a couple pictures I'd really like to share. Haha However my mom's life is devoid of technology, so no computer, scanner, etc.
  13. I once got hit in the head during a match with a hardback copy of Communion by Whitley Strieber. That's all I've got. Other than agreeing with the previously expressed sentiment about seeing Sting in the main event of Monday Night Raw. I windered if the novelty of him being in WWE would wear off for me but so far it hasn't. I just loved seeing him wrestle on Raw.
  14. Mr. T. is probably the best performance in that movie, and he isn't as good anywhere else. I was having a conversation with a friend about what sports movie scene would have been the biggest story in real life. My pick is when Mr. T. insulting Rocky's wife at his statue dedication. Such a great scene. And when I saw trailers for Southpaw, I was kind of annoyed that they kind of seem to do a very similar scene. I can't speak completely on it since I haven't actually seen Southpaw, but the basic idea of it seemed to be there and it bugged me.
  15. Roger Ruffen. He spent many years wrestling in different areas, and refereeing for the WWF. He runs a promotion in Cincinnati called the NWF and has a training school. He's one of the few trainers around here that will give you proper training and had credibility. I know there aren't a lot of Abyss fans here, but he trained him, Wildcat Chris Harris, Karl Anderson, and former diva Jillian. Real solid guy and did a lot for me during the time I worked for him. Another notable place he was seen on TV.....when Savage got bit by the cobra, he was the ref that held Savage's leg when he was trying to get in the ring.
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