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  1. Caitlyn Jenner voted Trump and is a conservative. This is a transgender lady with a step-daughter who did porn, a mixed raced family and black grandchildren. Not exactly the republican party's cup of tea. It is pretty much about money and lower taxes a lot of the time. Then there's Shane trying to invest in weed-growing companies while his mother works for an administration that is going totally WAR ON DRUGZ crazy right now.
  2. Am I wrong in thinking Vince McMahon should be a little worried? Not that he was ever Weinstein. I hope not, at least. But, eh...the man hasn't exactly been a saint when it comes to women in his company. He admitted that himself in that Playboy interview. Floodgates and all.
  3. I think so, too. I also think that was how some people in Hollywood justified it to themselves. "OK, he's a womanizer and it's sleazy...but it's more a casting couch deal than outright sexual assault." Willful ignorance.
  4. "Harvey Weinstein is a left-wing hero!" No. He produced Shakespeare in Love. And it beat Saving Private Ryan to the Best Picture Oscar. At which point, I had already guessed he was a complete monster.
  5. But Weinstien is fired. Disgraced. Fleeing to Europe. Trump was elected POTUS. You tell me the difference.
  6. This just feels like victim-blaming, though. Maybe they were, eh, embarrassed? Or worried about their partner's career? (Pitt, Thornton, etc) As for garnering-attention: I think both Jolie and Paltrow are well-known enough now that they don't have to resort to this for notoriety. I doubt Angelina Jolie woke up a few days ago and was, like, "You know, I'm not quite famous enough. I have to jump in on this story." Come on.
  7. As has been mentioned, there is a suggestion that Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie got off "easy" because of their family connections. (Spielberg being Paltrow's Godfather and Jon Voight, obviously) Like, he tried something, but then left them alone. A lot of others like McGowan didn't have that, so were treated much, much worse. But then Asia Argento ...so, I dunno. He didn't think her dad was famous enough? Again, though: Dario is not a man I would want to anger. He's far too weird. And unpredictable.
  8. It is lovely to watch how Dom has developed as a character. And how good an actor Vin Diesel is. Why Fast and Furious has become a truly interesting blockbuster franchise, despite how silly it is. I think someone on here said: "Dom is basically every good-natured drunk uncle at the barbecue: He's drunk and silly, but you know he means it."
  9. Because you suspect he never truly got over losing for Serpico.
  10. Pacino in Jack and Jill is oddly great. One of the worst, most hideous films ever made, of course. But it has an amazing moment.. *Adam Sandler accidentally breaks his Oscar* "Oh, sorry. But, hey, you must have more than one of these, right?" "You'd think so, but no." An irredeemable movie gets a redeemable moment.
  11. *Me watching the latest Fast and Furious film* “OK, this is basically Days of our Lives meets a Hollywood car chase film.” It was absurd. But I sorta liked it. “She had an unintended pregnancy!” “Now she’s dead!” “Nuclear football!” “He’s not the bad guy after all!! We love him!” “You got your son back!” “The evil lady villain is still out there!” I can’t even begin to explain what happened here.
  12. Dean stopped a One Direction member from being on Raw. If you think about, he was an inept GM. I mean, that would have gotten WWE millions of viewers and mainstream pub, right?
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