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  1. Isn't Jon technically a Stark, though. It's just that he's Lyanna's kid
  2. Apparently, Bray Wyatt and his wife are getting divorced. The part of this that shocked me was the reason she said they were getting divorced was because he was having an affair with Jojo. Never would have pictured those two
  3. I can't believe I forgot Kevin Spacey in Se7en. Also, Viola Davis and her 8 minutes of screen time in Doubt, which got her an Oscar nomination. In another Denzel film, Ruby Dee was great in her 10 minutes in American Gangster, which I also believe got her an Oscar nomination.
  4. I ended up watching Flight today, and while Denzel Washington was amazing in his role, John Goodman was awesome in his little time on screen. Such a perfect combination of casting and performance for a character that wasn't on screen for even 10 minutes. What have been some other great performances with minimal screen/TV time?
  5. The only real issue I have with Fate is the end when Dom reveals his son's name to be Brian. Like man, Vince died for you in Fast Five AND named his son after you. Vince and Dom grew up together, not Dom and Brian. I just felt like that was projecting Paul and Vin's friendship on to Brian and Dom. I'm just nitpicking, though.
  6. How many losses does Goldberg have as a singles wrestler? I can't imagine it being more than five and I don't think any of his losses were clean at all.
  7. As someone who works for an NBA team, I can assure you, it takes more than that to eject someone that's paying five figures for season tickets for courtside seats.
  8. Nah, his social media has been pretty "woke" for the past year. He's been more active on it in recently, though. Especially with the shooting earlier this summer
  9. Apparently, Mark Hunt wants half of Lesnar's $2.5 Millon purse or he's going to request his immediate release
  10. Richard Jefferson is starting for the concussed Kevin Love. 13 years between starts in the Finals has to NBA record. I'll be interested to see if any other player has that long a gap between starts in Championship series/Game
  11. Oh, how I enjoyed winning the WCW Word Title by having sub-minute matches with Goldberg in WCW/nWo: Revenge
  12. Random thought: Technically, isn't Daniel Bryan still the lineal WHC and IC Champ, since he was never beaten for either title?
  13. I did like the fact that they brought back the highlight package at the end of the show.
  14. According to TMZ, Hulk Hogan just won $115 million in his lawsuit against Gawker
  15. The only time I felt anything remotely like the refs being in favor of one team over the other was Super Bowl XL. Just obvious calls being blown in favor of the Steelers