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  1. Surprised no one posted this yet
  2. The Starks really had the advantage in that High Lord meeting. Their uncle and first cousin all had a seat. Not to mention Gendry, Sam, Ser Daavos, and Brienne
  3. One thing I caught on the second viewing was when Nat and Clint left for Vormir, Nebula said to Rhodey that everything would work as long as they don't fall out. I completely missed that the first time.
  4. Falcons win the schedule reveal. Peep the Saints slander at :35
  5. To be fair, if you include WCW and both versions of ECW, along with WWF/E the only Black world champions have been Ron SImmons, The Rock, Booker T, Mark Henry, Bobby Lashley, and Ezekiel Jackson. And including Jackson is generous since the ECW Title was discontinued the same night he won it. That's only 6 world champions in nearly 110 years total of product and only Ron Simmons and the Rock had what was considered that "A" belt
  6. I remember when Andrew McCutchen's paystub got leaked a few years ago, one of the things that stuck out was the number of taxes he had to pay. They charge a "Jock Tax" in Pennsylvania for pro athletes and different amounts had been taken out in each state that the Pirates played in during that pay period. I know the pro sports league automatically take the taxes out of players' checks, but If I'm not mistaken, since wrestlers are independent contractors, their checks are always in full, and they are responsible for their own taxes.
  7. Harlem Heat to the Hall
  8. Martinez, Hallady, Mussina, Rivera are your 2019 class
  9. I figure SmackDown! tends to have more silliness, because they do the show right after SmackDown! and people on the SmackDown! side probably had a match already that night
  10. Reminds of when Batista kept getting title shots vs. Edge back in 2007. And I'm pretty sure Edge won clean a couple of those times, as well.
  11. The Hulu version of RAW keeps the ending intact and in color when Becky starts bleeding
  12. The crazy thing about Adam Vinatieri is that I think of him as a Patriot, but he's been a Colt longer than a Patriot
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