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  1. It's either the main event of night 1 or representation in the referee pic. Can't have both.
  2. I don't know why I listened to Meltzer's review of Banks/Belair. I couldn't listen anymore when they were talking about her gorilla press up the steps. Dave goes "I've seen guys hold a vertical suplex up the steps and that's way more impressive than a gorilla press" Like really? What was the point?
  3. Peacock sucks cause I still can't go back and rewatch certain parts. I would have already went back and seen what I wanted on the network
  4. Is Ron Killings really the only Black person to hold the NWA World Title? Sheesh.
  5. Not gonna lie. When Shayna Baszler took the chair from Bayley, my initial thought was "What's Garza doing out there??"
  6. They were playing it in the room while they were giving him anesthesia. I know some operation teams sometimes play music in the background during surgeries
  7. I remember when Alex Smith got traded to the Chiefs, it felt good that they wanted our old QBs again. I think it’s 4 or 5 total
  8. Surprised no one posted this yet
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