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  1. It's not particularly good or bad, but they are a super fun live show
  2. I was gonna add the "Kids, get your parent permission etc." part but given the context, that's wildly inappropriate.
  3. It certainly didn't help that every commercial for the whole deal was all "EPIC 4 PART CROSSOVER", but that said, what an amazing crossover it was. It was so much fun.
  4. Agreed on both counts. Creepypasta has always seemed silly to me, but the one this was based on got me good. Everything in Channel Zero just seems so cold and calculated, hopefully that's just setting the scene.
  5. This is so ridiculous he got a wellness suspension and he doesn't even work there.
  6. He signs a fat WCW contract in the late 90s, and has his hackery exposed, then spends the next twenty or so years burying everything in modern wrestling because he craves the attention.
  7. I only remember it being an MSG thing, due to have to pay the crew either double time or another full day's pay if it went past a certain predetermined time.
  8. The old secondary shows were the best. My favorite was Paul London showing up in a sleeveless fur coat and crazy boot tassels and being referred to as "Futuristic Caveman" Paul London, with his 450 finisher being rechristened the "Cosmic Cyclone". I think it lasted about 3 weeks.
  9. Chris Kanyon was in there pretty regularly for a while, right around the time he started doing the Mortis gimmick. He was quite friendly and gracious.
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