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  1. If I remember correctly, the original incorrect version of the White IC that Cody brought back was made by Wildcat Belts.
  2. It's a rhetorical question in this case. Why should an average wrestling fan care about a dumpy MMA person?
  3. Believe me, I had to look it up when reading this thread.
  4. I know there's always a debate when it comes to listing titles won by wrestlers, but I've always subscribed to the theory that you count titles that existed during that wrestler's active period, so in Edge's case I would count Hardcore and European but not 24/7 as eligible titles. I think that's only fair.
  5. I have got to say that I'm totally behind Black Knight-Dolph Ziggler, easily the best thing he's done in his career.
  6. My favorite part was easily during Ziggler's post-match promo, "You can never defeat me!" Totally reminded me of this:
  7. Don Leo Johnathan! It was the sideburns, wasn't it?
  8. Humbly requesting Shelton Benjamin making faces from the past few SDL episodes, please.
  9. Shelton is once again my favorite part of the episode. Wherever that is going, I'm onboard.
  10. Whatever it was, I'M IN ALL IN. That was my favorite part of the whole episode.
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