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  1. I prefer sticking with Aniki. (Aniki is "bro" in Japanese)
  2. Speaking of which: Does Hebner and Chioda still work for AEW? Haven't seen them in ages.
  3. (Blue straps) NWA World Tag Team Championships (Bottom right) NWA Television Championship (Bottom left) NWA United States Championship, the one he wore on Dynamite Also, you can tell by the weathering that (minus the TV belt) those are not replicas, I wonder if he possibly got them on loan from Conrad.
  4. Not sure if anyone else saw it, but I immediately picked up on his new tron and shirt being a double entendre, good work by the PR department there. Also, they still haven't exactly explained why this whole Shaq/Jade thing happened, and if it's like Hobbs' heel turn, I doubt they ever will.
  5. Also had to say JD Drake is (by far) my new boy on Dark. Love the fact that he can do moves a big guy shouldn't be able to, and the no-frills gimmick is a nice touch.
  6. That's what I've been saying! Also, why is no one mentioning the fact that APPARENTLY SHAQ CAN TELEPORT. The ambulance bit was....strange! The Young Bucks still remain the worst "faces" since Sasha Banks. But, after tonight's commentary, Scorpio Sky is right up there in third place. Overall, another amazingly entertaining show.
  7. Let's not forget that Solow also got his first win! Now all we need is for Shawn Dean to finally win, I believe he now owns the largest losing streak. Ryzin has implied that he wants to join The Dark Order. I'm all for that. Ryo Mizunami. By far, the star of the entire tournament.
  8. Fun fact for non-Texans: that word is actually pronounced "bear". I'm in retail also and I wear glasses, the fogging up is a constant issue for me, moving in and out of a freezer constantly (I'm a butcher), but I find masks that work, and it's way better then the alternative. Once the restriction is lifted, I'm still going to be wearing one cause people are stupid.
  9. https://i.ibb.co/yhMRF3k/YeaQdQz.jpg Ahh the Luftwaffe, the Washington Generals of The History Channel.
  10. Exact opposite for me. Ryo has been by far the breakout star, on both sides of the tournament. I was already a fan of Yuka and Emi, and now I can add her as well.
  11. I'm happier with Sunday as I'm usually working on Saturday and Sunday is one of my normal days off.
  12. We already had a better one in Ryo vs. Kong. I don't care for Nyla.
  13. The Young Bucks commercial, and the stupid Gunn Club. Also, I'm not a fan of local talent not getting entrances as they've been doing in the past few episodes of Dark.
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