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  1. Ah ha, that worked. How about gifs?
  2. Okay, let me try using an https one:
  3. Okay, here's the test one I was trying: http://leatherbydan.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/IMG_2379.jpg
  4. I tried that just now too, and it just has the loading wheel, never changes.
  5. Okay, lemme try using those methods Edit: When inserting the image link I get this error message: "The link could not be embedded because of an unexpected error: error: undefined."
  6. I'm actually hoping that Lee Johnson get his first win here. There's actually two local talent vs. local talent matches, that one, and Kylinn vs. Serena, as Serena hasn't been officially signed.
  7. What I don't understand is this - that guy that helped Sheamus a few weeks ago? Did he agree to help Big E this week? If so....why? Did he not think that E would want some kind of revenge? And if not, why would E just act naturally and go along with it? Why did the ref's care if Big E beat him up? He's not another wrestler. Is he even a real security guy? There are many problems with this bit. Also, why is Adam Pierce on TV so much now? It's really annoying.
  8. WWE Research just sent out an email asking which superstars are your favorite. Here's the list: Aleister Black Cedric Alexander Big E Shelton Benjamin Isaiah "Swerve" Scott Mandy Rose The Forgotten Sons Peyton Royce Billie Kay Danny Burch The Hurt Business Murphy Mercedes Martinez Bobby Lashley Liv Morgan Bronson Reed M.V.P. Street Profits Bianca Belair Candice LeRae Mustafa Ali Io Shirai Drew Gulak Oney Lorcan Ever-Rise Carmella Killian Dain
  9. How does inserting images work now? I've tried [img] tags and directly posting the link and neither work.
  10. Wade Barrett has signed a contract to return to WWE full time. https://i.imgur.com/LTT3eGW.gif
  11. Dude, I am sooooo proud of Will Hobbs and his SUPER PUSH. I figured Darby was going to be on the team, but Hobbs came way outta left field, and Mox PUT HIM WAY OVER. So happy for him! Loved the street fight (like everyone else) but who's car was Orange in? Or rather, who let him out of the trunk?
  12. I'm really happy Hobbs got signed. Interestingly enough, him and Abadon are the only local talents to get a deal out of their victories. I'd be super happy if Serpentico got signed.
  13. Tazz Jones Count for 09/15/20: 3 (Ripcord, Megaboot/Megabyte, Humble) LOVED Megabyte Ronnie, I really hope we get to see him again soon. Knew that Cutler/Avalon match was going to end the way it was, that was the only logical outcome for those two. As far as BTE, again The Dark Order is killing it, every week. Loved the retconning with Nakazawa and Sydal. My favorite segment by far was the doctor segment with surprise appearance by DR. LUTHER!
  14. https://media.giphy.com/media/l2Je5Vw7NKaq2zBBK/giphy.gif
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