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  1. Yeah, it was Archer. But did you think Hobbs' turn was going to happen regardless of the illness/postponing, or was it reactionary? I'm not so sure. Also, there's been plenty of time for both Hobbs and Tazz to come out and say why he joined, but they've just never addressed it.
  2. To be fair, he never really was a jobber. He lost that first match against OC and then immediately recovered and took off from there. I'm still disgruntled that we never got a reason why he joined Team Tazz.
  3. Amazing show none the less, but we're all sleeping on Christian's comments to Cole. That was some high quality snarkiness right there.
  4. Are we going to have to go to Urban Dictionary for this, cause I don't know what that means.
  5. I love the fact for like the first month of her AEW career they would mention she was a Two-Time National Champion, but never told us in WHAT. That's the correct response. They're both dreadful.
  6. It's a Cincinnati thing. It's different from normal chili, it's more like a sauce then typical chili con carne. They serve it over pasta instead of by the bowl. (As a Texan, I'm not into non-chili con carne.)
  7. Love the team of Ruby and Kris, please no more Riho.
  8. How dare you. LOVE me some Captain, and absolutely ADORE Chaos Project. I was so, so sad I they didn't appear when they came to Houston.
  9. That did get a chuckle out of my household. Small part to nitpick, though. He's not actually from Hearne, he's from Gause.
  10. Lee Moriarty was the MVP of tonight's episode of Dark. Color me interested. Legit got a chuckle out of the "Dark Order vs. Dark Order Wolfpac" line.
  11. This has one of my all-time favorite Simspons' line in it: "One kid seems to LOVE the Speedo Man..."
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