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  1. My favorite Freddie Blassie moment was right after Shiek/Volkoff had won the Tag Team Championships at Wrestlemania I and were giving an interview to Mean Gene: (Gene) "Where's that cane of yours?!" (Blassie) "WHAT cane? I didn't have no cane!" (shifty eyes)
  2. Anytime you combine Chaos Project & The Wingmen is a main event in my book, and my heart. Loved seeing them working together again.
  3. I'm the exact opposite. I don't want either of them coming anywhere near AEW, as I'd like to continue to enjoy it. Ronda isn't really known for her intelligence, to be honest.
  4. I tried to explain to my mom the same thing, she's seen him before when he was in WWE but didn't quite remember him at first: (Me) "You remember him!" (Her, watching his trademark slow-motion intro) "What was his old name? Johnny Durango?" (Me) "No....not quite" (Her) "I'm thinking of Breezango....I miss them."
  5. Was Deeb drunk? That was one of the worst segments I've seen from this company, by far, for a long time. I already hate her enough so that didn't help much.
  6. Disclaimer: I don't endorse drunk driving, nor do I think it's funny; this is one of the many reasons I detest The Usos. That being said, this got a legit chuckle out of me:
  7. *Zanzibar, Dreadnoks Road Pig - http://www.halfbattle.com/pics/roadpig-main.png Gnawgahyde http://www.halfbattle.com/pics/gnawgahyde-main.png
  8. CHEESEBURGER Also, absolutely love Willow's new super jazzy theme! Congrats to her for getting her first AEW win.
  9. No one. But if I'd have to vote, I'd pick Heath.
  10. Strange how that W was there several years before the WWE switch. Here's a a very early version of the scratch logo I spotted:
  11. Why exactly are they having Hook wrestle Danhausen? Hopefully this will lead to a team-up. I don't want to see the two of them fight.
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