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  1. Lately, they have been giving the random DQ for this though.
  2. Also, this is hilarious - https://twitter.com/WCW_2021
  3. I think the mass exodus of the COVID Releases/Furloughs definitely ranks up there when it comes to the annual future-endavoring, the last one this monumental was when JTG finally got the hook.
  4. I loved Maffew's taken on the following: "- I love the backhanded insult of booking Lana as a useless, crying loser to make her relatable to fans. - Riddle doing stoner promos but they can't say he's a stoner so everyone's treating him like he's Mitch Hedburg instead. - Nia Jax running out the ring for no reason."
  5. He's one of my wife's favorites simply because of that reason, she can totally relate.
  6. The brilliance that was the Herb Abrams episodes of DSOTR. Sammy Guevara repeatedly being chased by vehicles. Le Dinner Debonair. The rise (and possible fall) of the #SpeakingOut movement.
  7. Keith Lee spoke for all the world with that backstage segment with M. Riddle. I'd love to have longer segments of just those two talking.
  8. It's very hard for me not to say "then Kanyon?" after every time he does.
  9. This belt would like to have a word with you. https://theovertimer.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/283f2-15398759750136-800.jpg
  10. https://playingwithsuperpower.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/SimCity-pic-4.png
  11. So based on what Moxley said ("I don't know who you got...") either - A) The attacker attacked from behind B) The attacker was in disguise C) The attacker is someone Moxley doesn't know, and may be someone completely new to the company
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