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  1. Kayfabe-wise, why would Joe work with two Bullet Club wankers?
  2. *chuckles* You have no idea. That's what made Houston Wrestling so great, and like Bruce Prichard and Booker, I'll never stop singing it's virtues.
  3. I'm willing to sacrifice the former to lose the latter.
  4. Greg Valentine has always been one of my favorite wrestlers. Like, when someone mentions a wrestler, he's the kinda guy that comes to mind, personally. It's pretty ironic, considering Johnny Valentine was one of my mom's favorites.
  5. The biggest takeaway I had from this episode was Hangman turned his back on The Dark Order. They were there for him the whole time, didn't ask for anything, and he deserted them. Now he's just as big of a Worst Friend(s) as the rest of them.
  6. Yeah, I agree that's a pretty bad move.
  7. They were also called TNT upon their debut for quite a while.
  8. Rosa (again) came off self-serving and fake. Not one of the better episodes.
  9. Time will tell if Collision was worth Dark/Dark Elevation dying for. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for more AEW on teevee, but I'm still upset it was at the cost of Dark and Dark Elevation.
  10. She's more sympathetic. She may be Spooky Stevie Nicks, but she's not inherently evil, just spooky. Anna is in the JAS (at least I think she still is.)
  11. It was. He kept pointing at it after he attacked Kenny. Hence my hypothesis.
  12. Boooooo Rosa. Also, hear me out on this, Don isn't joining the BCC. I saw that turn coming a mile away, he stood in the ring far too long. It totally makes sense, the Worst Friends let all of their associates (Brandon, Naka, Don, etc) get beat up but were no where to make the save, Don finally had enough of it. However, again, this is an attempt to make The Elite seem sympathetic and get me to boo the BCC, which isn't going to happen! I LOVED that they had an announcement from Tony....about an upcoming announcement! I think this is in regards to the upcoming split/new show.
  13. Shida and that damn pant suit, though.
  14. Solo and the constant breath spray. Has been one of my favorite things lately. I've been huge on the SNAKEMAN since day one. Chaos Project/SAP have been my favorite team forever.
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