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  1. I absolutely LOVE Butcher & Blade. I was kinda impartial to Lucha Bros. I'm actually really happy they're pals! I like the dynamic of two heel teams that get along (and gel) together so well. Not much to add to the 8 man match that hasn't already been said, it was quite enjoyable. Cassidy/Jericho definitely was the match of the night, we kept thinking Orange was going to pull it off, but deep down kinda knew Jericho was going to win. Not mad at all about it, cause it was neck and neck for a while.
  2. I love that my wife and I are so compelled by the Cutler/Avalon story that's been developing on Dark. Every time we see them we want them to win just so much more. It's been a while since I've felt that way about a wrestler, it's quite refreshing. Glad I got to see my boy FABOO ANDRE again, if only for a little bit. LOVE The Butcher more and more these past few weeks, dude just screams pro wrestling.
  3. She's Japanese? I had to explain to my wife the rule about Asian (specifically Japanese) wrestlers: "They're either evil/sneaky or supremely wacky, and they all know martial arts." (Side note: I'm Japanese myself. I've accepted this trope.)
  4. There have been two different versions of that design, but the changes are minor, sort of like comparing the 5 versions of the Undisputed Title. I was disappointed in this reveal, but now I'm realizing I've never really liked any design of that title.
  5. Did Drew really bring up an Austin Powers reference in 2020? Geez. LOVED the Heath Slater segment. Does this lead to a re-sign or was that just a tease? I was really excited to hear about the US Championship redesign, but I like that belt even less then the original somehow. Not a fan of either that or the current IC designs.
  6. Supposedly a new United States Championship belt is going to be debuted tonight on Raw. I've never liked the current design.
  7. FABOO ANDRE and Wrestlin' Kris Kristofferson on the same team? I'm there!
  8. Night 1 was easily one of the best overall nights of pro wrestling I've ever seen. Shame on anyone that doesn't like Jericho's shouty commentary, that man is A NATIONAL TREASURE. He brought back David Crockett's "LOOK AT THAT!"
  9. Intentional or not, he ended up being right.
  10. So does MVP manage Shelton now also? Or was that just a one night thing? I was kinda looking forward to that whole angle of Ruby and Liv reconciling, but that might be gone now, or at least delayed. Kevin Dunn and his edits were rather brutal tonight, audience member's masks kept appearing and disappearing very badly.
  11. Small sidebar: I was re-watching a video detailing the fallout between Corny and Brian Zane made 7 months ago, and it had mentioned that Corny called Roberts a pedophile much to the chagrin of people (at the time). It's possible he was right all along.
  12. Luther, Serpenticio, and Max Caster was like the best WAR Six-Man team I've seen in a while. I'm glad I finally figured out who that guy in the shiny jacket we've been seeing in the audience is (Max), but what's his gimmick exactly? He came in with a mic and was singing and had musical notes on his pants, so musician? I also dug the (possible) angle that only Serpenticio can control Luther.
  13. Not to play devil's advocate here, but if this movement wouldn't have happened would this have been an issue regarding him? It seemed like people were more on him about being a semi-washed up athlete.
  14. Ah, okay. The way it was worded it sounded like a continuing performer (and wrestler.)
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