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  1. Faboo Andre is one of my guys now. I love that they've been giving new talent appearances on the show lately, I'm always looking forward to seeing new wrestlers.
  2. Re: Benoit Episode We don't have Vice, and I've never seen any of the episodes before. Have heard they're great, but never watched any of them. The wife and I watched it last night. She *vaguely* knew that his name and history had been wiped, but didn't know what all had happened, and when she asked I usually took in a deep breath and said it's hard to explain, so we watched it. I lost it back then when I saw Regal's segment on the Raw after. I lost it again last night just thinking of that segment. Thankfully they didn't show all of it but rather a snippet. That's one thing that is pretty much guaranteed to make me break down, because his segment was so...different. Like you knew that he knew something, but we didn't know to what extent. I'd imagine the burden he (might) have to simply be unbearable, because what could he have done? You all know that I LOVE Regal, but that's one thing I don't enjoy watching of his because of what it does to me. She was shocked towards the end when JR said that it almost brought the whole industry down. I had to tell her that it was a very difficult time to be a wrestling fan. I got through the doc okay, but the Eddie parts were really rough. His death really was very difficult to get over and/or move on from. Two things I'm really surprised they didn't mention: 1) The slew of out of work or disgruntled wrestlers the media interviewed during the "Was it steroids?" period 2) The Fragile-X story/theory that was in between Steroids and CTE theories
  3. I love his new catchphrase of him telling people to "shut their asses".
  4. Did anyone else catch the second week-in-a-row dig at Vince that Brodie did?
  5. So I'm not sure if it's due to lag or what exactly, but I can't move forward/backward through multiple paged-threads. Clicking on either the page number nor the PREV/>>/<< buttons do anything. Only way I can change pages is if I change the number in the URL.
  6. I thought I was the only one that caught that, when they said they were going to commercial but didn't actually and Cody & Tony were talking about how Cody hand picked those bike racks. Overall an entertaining show. Sammy is still amazing at his heelin'. Brandi's reaction was just amazing. Tons of segments made me laugh but none as much as Jericho cutting a promo on a drone.
  7. I agree with all of this. I could name tons more people that we're fans of. I could name ones that we boo, but the important thing is we're booing them for the right reasons. You boo someone like say Sammy or Shawn Spears because they're good at doing their jobs as a heel. Not because they're constantly being pushed down your throats in a misguided way of getting you to cheer them (see: Roman, Sasha) I can honestly say it's been a loooooong time since I've felt that way. First time I saw B&B I was like....that dude right there (Butcher) is wrestling. Didn't know he was a musician till later. The whole look with the handlebar mustache, monocle, etc, that's it right there. I love the fact that the roster has such a mixed bag of talent. Almost every wrestling style is represented. Everyone has a purpose and/or character arc going for them.
  8. I've been away from the board for a while (work stuff) but I felt compelled to come back to state something: All my life, I was a diehard WWF/WWE fan (still am, for the former part) no matter what other company may have come up to try compete I was a homer for them. I've been watching AEW (mostly out of curiosity) since about week 4. It's easily my favorite promotion now. It started slowly, but in the past two months it's become full fledged. A combination of them doing things right and WWE doing things wrong has made me a believer. I just enjoy their shows so much. Monday's and Friday's used to be the high point of my week, but now that's been moved to Tuesday and Wednesdays. I enjoy so many things about the show, the humorous lower thirds, the hilarious commentary, seeing new wrestlers all the time, not trying to browbeat you over the stupidest points, stories that make logical/technical sense, wrestlers not just going through the paces, it's just been....refreshing. The company literally has everything a wrestling fan could ask for, all types/styles/characters/stories/etc. My wife has actually gotten into the show as well. She's a self-professed fan of the "flippy bullshit" (thanks Corny) of The Young Bucks. My favorite team is The Butcher & The Blade. We both love Moxley, Dr. Luther, Brandon Cutler & Sonny Kiss, JR's and/or Taz's wacky commentary every week. I don't like The Young Bucks. She doesn't like The Dark Order. We both agree Sammy Guevara is the heelist heel around today. Jericho's Inner Circle is brilliant. We went to the Royal Rumble this year in Houston, and during the women's RR she asked "Where's the dentist and the alien?" I had to remind her she was talking about the wrong company. The entire section around us began to talk about how much they enjoyed AEW over WWE. These past weeks with the empty arena shows were very....telling. The first SD was okay, then Raw was more of the same. The first empty arena Dynamite was a breath of fresh air. You could actually present an entertaining show with no audience! It's hard to go back. Watching Raw and SD now feels like a chore. Minus rooting for Otis, I don't think there's any current story line that either of us are interested in. I'm not sure where I was going with this, but I had to let it out. I genuinely enjoy the hell out of the show, it's made wrestling fun again.
  9. If I remember correctly, the original incorrect version of the White IC that Cody brought back was made by Wildcat Belts.
  10. It's a rhetorical question in this case. Why should an average wrestling fan care about a dumpy MMA person?
  11. Believe me, I had to look it up when reading this thread.
  12. I know there's always a debate when it comes to listing titles won by wrestlers, but I've always subscribed to the theory that you count titles that existed during that wrestler's active period, so in Edge's case I would count Hardcore and European but not 24/7 as eligible titles. I think that's only fair.
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