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  1. Thankfully my area wasn't hit too hard, but I've got friends that are going to be without power for another week and half at least.
  2. WWE has the Toyota Center wrapped up. The only time AEW has come they went to the Fertitta Center, which was totally acceptable. They've had shows in the "Houston area" but they've all been like three hours away. It's completely disingenuous to call Rosenberg the "Houston area".
  3. What's worse is it's in Arlington. AGAIN, they're ignoring Houston. I'm really sensing something foul is afoot. Did we offend Double J some years ago and he's finally getting his revenge?
  4. Speaking of which, has anyone ever actually won an eliminator match?
  5. I've said this from the very beginning. Couldn't stand her back then, and I hate her even more that she's come into a company that I really enjoy.
  6. Now is the perfect time for Parker and TRENCH to return and save the day! Also, where has Prince Nana been?! Kudos to that crowd, the appropriately booed Serena and Mercedes. They've actually been paying attention!
  7. Re: Dax vs. Billington The crowd's silence and/or booing for Billington's entrance was very telling (and appropriate!) I'm not sure who decided to promote him using the DK name/lineage, but they made a huge mistake. If he wants to have any future in the business I'd highly suggest distancing himself from that name.
  8. Does Deonna have any other mannerisms other then that hand wave, or any personality at all? No? Okay then. At least we were spared Rosa yelling about being held down again. I'm really intrigued by the Claudio walk-out. I HOPE it's just that Claudio still doesn't trust Eddie, and not that they're thinking of possibly breaking up the BCC.
  9. So apparently the only people immune to the black mist are Willow and Karen Jarrett?
  10. What a night of wrestling! Mortos was definitely the breakout star of the evening, I'm looking forward to seeing more of him. Claudio again showed why he's one of the best currently and possibly of all time. Serena is a gifted storyteller! Literally nothing she mentioned in her promo actually happened. It was almost as if she was reading a post from r/thathappened. Nigel is such a scamp! He had the best lines of the night, but I was worried he was going to get fired later on in the night (during the Shibata/Garcia vs. STP match). Speaking of which, who was that new interview lady? I don't think they even told us her name.
  11. Worst Friends V2, since Hangman is already THE WORST FRIEND.
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