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  1. I watched this. There's a bit in the middle where the audio goes mute for a few minutes. You're not missing anything as it's a house show match with no commentary, but the random muting made me curious. Did they do that on purpose recently? Were we missing some kind of mic or equipment check or something else?
  2. You're right! Anyone on Earth should be able to scold you for wearing tuxedo shorts, not just Micheal Cole!
  3. It bothers me that isn't in chronological order.
  4. I thought that already happened at least twice with Sasha.
  5. https://dailyddt.com/2018/12/27/wwe-recognizing-handling-racial-undertones-naomi-vs-mandy-rose/
  6. Ah see, this goes back to what I was saying earlier (about not reading Twittter.) This wasn't the situation I was thinking of when Naomi was mentioned. The controversy I had heard about was during that whole rivalry with Mandy Rose (specifically during the time Mandy was trying to seduce her husband) was that people were super pissed that the angle was racist.
  7. I don't read Twitter and have no interest in doing so, so anything that's said there I don't know about unless someone posts here. If he has, I'll stand corrected.
  8. Does this mean Black and Ricochet will finally loose the NXT graphic bar?
  9. Herein lies one of the problems I'm having with her. This is a legit, relevant issue that a lot of wrestlers in recent times have run into, but their reactions were different. They didn't become moody and hard to work with. I'm talking about people like Barrett, Cesaro, Ryder, etc.
  10. Just everything about her. Her wrestling style, her attitude. In most of her matches she doesn't look like she wants to be there. Thankfully no, I'm not a neckbeard.
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