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  1. I had only one complaint tonight: I gotta prepare for a funeral. My favorite, Serpentico, dies on Friday. Also I'm ALL-IN on the Layla push. I know it's been discussed before, but get her to Team Tazz post-haste.
  2. It's definitely a Norm MacDonald reference, they started doing it right around his death. Kaun had a really good match, was fairly impressed with him. I've seen Bison XL before, he's got a good look and wouldn't mind seeing him again. Kross without the upright hair is just weird and wrong. LOVED Peter Avalon's new BeeGees look. And we found out that Tazz is apparently a bowling champion!
  3. Wardlow's turn is going to be great once it happens, you can tell the crowd is ready for it.
  4. Finally! A depository for SING ALONG WITH TAZZ and "_____ Jones" records. I'm super excited about this being created.
  5. SEAN DEAN WIN STREAK CONTINUES Also, I've been saying it for a while, but Serpentico is clearly the carpenter MVP of the company.
  6. Shawn Dean starting the year off undefeated, I like it.
  7. I thought Rosa's attacker was Ivelisse at first. That would have made more sense. I have no idea who this Mercedes lady is.
  8. SING ALONG WITH TAZZ is easily my new favorite feature of Dark now. Leroy Patterson and Howdy are also the quickest inductions of wrestlers into my boy stable in history, give me more of them post haste! That was easily match of the night.
  9. My favorite Dick Murdoch moment is him explaining to Adrian Adonis what a Texas-style chili dog was on one episode of TNT.
  10. I mean, Garland is a weird place in all fairness. Thank goodness Mark was there to explain the difference between a Native Texan and a Texas resident to hopefully quash any confusion by non-Texans. Also Eddie saying "I thought she was from the graveyard of Mexico" got a pop out of me.
  11. Really happy to see my boys Donati and FABOO ANDRE back on the show, sad they didn't get more then they did. Also really happy to see Singh get his first win, was a fan of his past appearances. Both YT shows had some great commentary banter, specifically Tony talking about how evil Mei is and Eddie defending Lulu's honor, and SING ALONG WITH TAZZ continuing along with him constantly talking about his uncle in the audience.
  12. I've been a HOOKer since when he was MJF's Gum Guy. He's easily THE FIFTH PILLAR of AEW. I'm really honestly surprised at the amount of people surprised at how well he did, we've been telling you for months he was going to be something when he finally debuted. One thing I did notice - they're using the same font for Hook that WWE did for The Nexus (Wide Latin).
  13. It warmed my heart to learn that Mox knew about the absolute Texas treasure that is Buc-ee's.
  14. I'm totally okay with the announce team of Mark Henry and Eddie Kingston. Abadon/Ryo is another team I didn't know I needed until now, absolutely loved them working together. Dammit Brock, comb your hair.
  15. Only two still with the company (one actively). I can remember when that happened we all thought this new future of the company was going to last for a long, long time. What fools we were.
  16. Agreed. I *think* I see where they were going with this, but the execution was quite a bit off. Andrade was wiggling too much to get a legit pin. Also, why did Brandi have to be in disguise? It was a street fight match, kayfabe wise there's no reason for her to be dressed like she was.
  17. Jose is JAKKED. So the Cody thing....I was initially thinking it was a bad sunburn that was peeling, but considering the final spot....I know sometimes wrestlers will do a practice run of certain spots before the actual thing? Could that peel have been caused by them trying that spot earlier? I know some had mentioned anti-fire spray, but I don't know how that stuff works.
  18. If we're going by that, then it's definitely not Rosa. I'd sooner pick Tay over her, and I'm not by any means a Tay fan.
  19. WOTY is either Punk or Danielson. Rosa is no where near the top.
  20. Chaos Project and The Acclaimed is the new boy stable I never knew I wanted, but now I can't live without.
  21. At one point in my life my favorite wrestler was The Blue Meanie. At the time, I was looking for a new screen name for myself. I liked how the Meanie name sounded, but my favorite color is green. With Blue Meanie's permission, I adopted The Green Meanie ever since.
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