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  1. Even my wife who doesn’t like wrestling at all and just saw a few minutes commented on that. I think they are still experimenting with mic placements and sound mixes. Can’t wait for next week.
  2. That was one of my favorite episodes. Loved pretty much everything. Great matches and great setting up for the future.
  3. Dave has discussed repeatedly through the years that raising prices for boxing, wrestling, and mma has never hurt buyrates. There’s always hesitation to do it and then they do it and make more money. You get something that captures the zeitgeist like pacquiao vs mayweather and charge $100 and break all records. It’s all about having an event people feel like they have to watch, the price doesn’t matter.
  4. Sorry if this was posted any time recently, but young ass Riho vs Minoru Suzuki in a really fun battle royal.
  5. For double or nothing, my cable company (Comcast) had some pretty clear wording about it being a 48 hour rental. I wasn’t sure if I could dvr it so I went with b/r live and I still have access to all the shows. Not stopping a good thing so that’s how I’ll order it. Im going to the new japan show in San Jose so I’ll have to watch this after. I’m going to try to stay spoiler free but it will be interesting to see how many fans in attendance will be talking about full gear. I have a feeling a lot of people will be talking about it.
  6. This is where they’re at after the first three shows. The ppv this weekend still has what looks like 1500 seats available, and that’s with them never opening the upper level on the camera side. In a few weeks we’ll start hitting the shows that were announced after the tv debut, we’ll see if attendance starts picking up. Edit: the Corpus Christi show looks really bleak right now. They aren’t opening the camera side on any of the shows, but it looks like that’s only sold about 1k tickets.
  7. I’m going to the San Jose show this weekend. Bringing to lapsed fans with me. Definitely not a show worth traveling too but it should be fun.
  8. AJ too right? Like a year ago? He had a specific injury Dave reported on, he ranted about the sheets getting it all wrong...and he had the exact injury.
  9. Eh, I unsubscribed to his podcast. His paranormal guests aren’t bastion of respectability either. Unless he starts making gross public comments I don’t really care.
  10. Years ago I went to a wwe house show the day before summerslam and I got a few summerslam matches. That’s a great house show to go to. They just announced the December house show in San Jose. It’s always a fun show but definitely just a house show. I was so disappointed about the takeover being cancelled.
  11. It will be real interesting to see the ppv numbers after having 6 weeks of prime time tv to promote it. Double or nothing did 112k, and all out did ~100k. So does this do like 200k? Or will it be like 130k which would have to be a disappointment?
  12. I see that as their way of having the match go last, because everyone thinks it’s the real main event (although the build of Cody vs Jericho has made it a lot more interesting. Also agree, liked the opening segment but not the limo ride). Cody vs Jericho is the main event and then Kenny vs Moxley is the real main event. I think it’s a good way to explain it. I love Lucha bros but that’s a cool outcome. This way young bucks can enter the title scene because they shouldn’t have another match with Lucha bros for a while. And they can go singles. Really fun show. Great women’s match. I couldn’t hear the Brandi segment because I was dealing with my little one, but it looked cool. I’ll rewatch that.
  13. Turner and abc/ESPN have split rights for nba. Christmas and MLK day are the two biggest days of the year for nba so they both want action. NFL has the thanksgiving tradition and NBA has Christmas.
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