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  1. He specifically threw in a line when he was trying to woo Moxley about the title and registration already being taken care of. Thought it was pretty funny/perfect.
  2. I’ve gotten them all through br live and they are still available to view. That’s how I’ll do it again.
  3. Yano is the mvp of g1.
  4. Lol rush n attack right? I don’t think I ever passed the second level despite hours of playing.
  5. I’ve got two lapsed fan friends who are getting back into it, one more so than the other, and they freaking love orange Cassidy. They text me clips when they see them and one bought the freshly squeezed shirt. I think he’s awesome too, but I don’t know how far he can go. You’ve gotta be in main events to really move the needle.
  6. They need someone to just takeoff and become a legit superstar. Cody feels like he’s on the way but I don’t know what his ceiling is. Jericho is so entertaining and he’s the perfect champ right now so I really want him to hang on to it for awhile. They’ve got plenty of young budding stars too. If they can get to the point where high school kids are wearing wrestling shirts again then they’ve really made it. For now they’ve got to keep putting out great shows and not hotshot anything and hopefully they’ll slowly gain in popularity. If someone like Cody breaks through to the mainstream then they’ll really have made it.
  7. I feel like they’ve been on fire since the first of the year. I’d start back in January and catch up if you like what you see.
  8. I’m not a figures guy either but I’d say to only buy them if you really want to collect them and not think about price. Because 5-10 years from now (or sooner) they won’t be worth as much as you paid for them. With that said I will be buying them all haha.
  9. Close to half the upper level is still available. Looks like over 2k seats.
  10. On the radio show Dave casually mentioned that starrcast 2 in Vegas lost money last year. I assumed that Baltimore wasn’t a big success because the show wasn’t sold out and things had kind of run their course, but I always assumed last year in Vegas was a success because of all the hype and commotion. After losing money twice, this show not having off the charts demand, and with how Conrad said just doing the first one was a ridiculous amount of work, I can see why it isn’t happening. But they need to announce a bunch of meet and greets or something. Edit: Frankly I’m surprised they announced this show this early anyway. I thought for sure they would at least wait until after the ppv so they could give it their full attention right out of the gate. I’m bringing a friend, and he was asking about ticket prices and I was like they’re really fan friendly, they’ll post the seating chart a few days before it goes on sale. With the presale Thursday morning, on Wednesday afternoon I was like ok why haven’t they posted anything? Then it hits me, they have a live tv show to prepare for that night, and a ppv in two weeks. They don’t have time to be posting about something 3 1/2 months away. They didn’t post the seating chart on their site until Friday morning. So why put it up for sale so early?
  11. Man this feels like a big mistake. DoN will eventually sell out but no one will still be in town by Wednesday. And last year the secondary market bottomed out in the end because so few locals were going, it was all fly-ins. Oh well, hope for the best. Let’s start announcing the rest of May please!
  12. I agree, but I did see some dude win $1000 while waiting for a flight out of Vegas.
  13. I’ve been to bellagio and Wynn and probably a couple others. It’s all hit or miss to me and I’m not a big buffet fan. The reality is if you got an appetizer and entree at any restaurant, that’s the same amount of food you’re gonna eat at a buffet. But if you’ve never been to Vegas and it interests you then you should try one. Almost all the strip casinos are owned by two companies and they have set odds through the properties. I hear downtown casinos are a little looser but I still haven’t been. One day I want to stay downtown because they say it’s a totally different vibe.
  14. Tickets are sure going slower this time. 30 minutes in you can still get a pair in the lower bowl.
  15. Man that’s a big drop. Such a good show too, I was hoping for one of those 950s.
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