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  1. matt925

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    Feels like that will be the Long Beach match although I’d rather have almost anything else. Just plug Ishii in there and have a good match with Juice retaining. We’ll see. I really enjoyed Ishii/Yano, that was a lot of fun. I’m more looking forward to Yano’s matches in the tournament than a number of others, certainly more than Tonga’s and page’s.
  2. matt925


    I know it’s probably not happening, but what if Bryan jumps ship. That would be the first key piece in this saga. He could show up at All In and that would be a big statement. 7 weeks away. Also Nakamura will be a free agent before this show. On the flip side of course wwe will through a ton of money at omega and the bucks. Interesting times.
  3. matt925

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    Njpw posted that Hiromu is back in japan and receiving treatment. Apparently someone tracked down the hospital he was staying at and posted on line (and received a swift internet beat down) so they delayed posting any updates so he could get through the airport ok.
  4. matt925

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    Chris Charlton on Twitter said the attendance was 6333. The crowd was great except for some of the annoying chants. When they showed the heavyweight title montage Lesnar got big boos and AJ got big cheers.
  5. matt925

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    The juice vs white match felt real violent. That was great.
  6. matt925

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

  7. matt925

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    So apparently I’m one of the axs ticket giveaway winners. I’m tripping trying to figure out if it’s ringside or row 6-22. In the fine print on the contest it says there’s two pairs of tickets, and it laters says “arv $300 each”. So at first I was like oh shit ringside! But that probably means $300 for each winner, meaning two $150 tickets, right? But you’d figure they’d have really good seats to give away. I don’t know, I’ll find out soon enough but if they are just random floor seats I may just stick with my dress circle tickets. That was an exciting email to open this morning though.
  8. matt925

    CEO card Daytona Beach 6/29

    Nice, glad you enjoyed it. The main event was great, Ibushi looked like he kind of messed up on the sunset bomb, that was ugly.
  9. matt925

    CEO card Daytona Beach 6/29

    Haha. Even with the short show time it’s gonna be midnight before this is over; we’ll see how the crowd does. So far if you aren’t watching you haven’t missed anything.
  10. matt925

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    I counted the unsold tickets from the seat map on ticketmaster and got 2880 (that’s not including tickets for resale). I’m sure I made a few mistakes but I went section by section so I don’t see how I could have made a major mistake. That’s more sold than I thought. It was stated that 1000 were withheld to sell to fans in Japan and as far as I know, those were never reintroduced on ticketmaster. There can’t be anywhere near 1000 people flying from japan for this show, so I don’t know how those will count. There are 143 $40 tickets left. Those will sell right? At this point if someone wants to go they should just get a $40 ticket and move down. There are 56 tickets for handicap seats. There are 8 floor seats left.
  11. matt925

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    Great looking card. Can’t wait.
  12. matt925

    R.I.P. VADER

    Rest In Peace
  13. matt925

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    Looks like a lot of those $50 tickets were either sold or somehow removed today. I’ve been checking pretty much every day because I’m curious and weird, and there was very little change from the week before dominion and the match announcement, and the week after. All of a sudden today almost all of those $50 upper level tickets in the U facing the entrance are gone. Almost all the $80 ones are still there and there are still $40 tickets. Just seemed odd how it looks like maybe around 1000 tickets moved today.
  14. matt925

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    I think any additional sales at this point will be due to whatever they come up with on being the elite. The hype around Dominion didn’t cause a noticeable bump in sales, they announced four main matches and so far it doesn’t seem like a noticeable bump. I think the next few episodes of bte will focus on building Cody vs Kenny and they will make it entertaining. But with all the die hards having their all in plans already, I’m not sure even they will add a lot of sales.
  15. matt925

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    Officially announced: Kenny Omega vs Cody Young Bucks vs Evil & Sanada Okada & Ospreay vs Naito & Bushi Jay White vs Juice Robinson Let’s see if tickets start moving now. I checked Ticketmaster a few times to see if ticket sales got a bump after dominion and it wasn’t noticeable so far.