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  1. Pretty sure Meltzer said the end of November. Wwe will certainly make him a good offer, if only to keep him from AEW. I really hope aew gets Scurll, Cobb, and bandido. That will make their singles roster deeper right off.
  2. That was two great back to back segments. Really good wrestling tv.
  3. Really fun show but I wish they would hold off on Britt vs Riho, regardless of outcome. Let everyone get established, and they are clearly building to Britt vs priestly.
  4. That sucks. They passed on Tuesday’s because they didn’t want to get bumped around, and now they’re getting bumped on week 2.
  5. I forgot what interview it was but Matt and nick were saying that they watch each show multiple times and make a list of things that need work and then bring it to the team. One of the things they brought up is guys doing the same spots, same finishers etc. they want everyone to stand out and they are working on that.
  6. Was it just me or did the ropes seem way too loose? It seemed like there were numerous times guys lost their footings on the ropes. I really enjoyed the show and presentation. There were a few hiccups but overall everything looked really slick and fresh. Im definitely not crazy about Hager, but it’s all where they go from here. I’ll give it a chance. But I think it’s annoying that they’ve done so much talking about not being the Wwe castoff company, learning from wcw and tna, etc. and we have Tye Dillinger and Jack Swagger in prominent roles right out of the gate. There’s going to be a bunch of roh free agents soon, you’ve got impact, maybe they can get someone interesting from japan. By next year there will be much more interesting people from Wwe who will be able to leave.
  7. Tomorrow sure will be interesting.
  8. I’m wondering if maybe they planned this spot for gallows and Anderson. Or perhaps they weren’t going to use lax at the ppv, but wanted a surprise since one of the main events fell through. Either way I think it’s good to reveal it ahead of time and they can have the show end with the bucks, Lucha bros and Santana and Ortiz confrontation right as you head into the tag tournament next week.
  9. Pretty certain it’s Santana and Ortiz and they are being revealed tonight to try to prevent a disappointed reaction tomorrow. Because you can’t advertise mystery opponents for the debut show and it’s people who have already debuted.
  10. I plan on watching impact live, at least at first. Aew live, nxt maybe on Thursday. I’ll definitely be tuning into Smackdown live this Friday. With fox producing the show and wanting a sports presentation I’m very curious to see what that looks and feels like. I watch all the main new japan stuff on world anyway so I don’t watch the axs show, but I’m glad it’s there and hope it stays. That already feels like way too much wrestling and when I get burned out impact and Smackdown are likely to be the first victims. But I hope all the shows are great and will make me want to watch it them all.
  11. My west coast cable guide still lists Spirit Squad from 5:30-8, AEW from 8-10, and a replay from 10-12.
  12. They’ve previously advertised “live appearances” by Moxley and page. It seems like they have an awful lot planned for a 2 hour show.
  13. The first episode on my west coast cable guide says 8pm with nothing listed at 5. Obviously that will probably change but I still feel pretty certain it will be replayed at 8.
  14. I got it during the nxt debut in the Bay Area, thought it was pretty cool.
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