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  1. matt925

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    There’s no way in hell this is 30% capacity. There’s empty seats but it looks like way more than 50% to me.
  2. I stopped paying attention to Tony’s hype a year ago. Brandi was real big on hyperbole with the women’s division in the beginning as well. It’s not the end of the world, they are promoters, and they are excited about their product. But there’s no point listening to them talk about the product when you can listen to more independent voices instead. Loved the show last night. Just want to add big props to Santana and Ortiz who were freaking hilarious. Especially when orange was trying to get a rope break towards the beginning. *whispers* “Over here! Over here!” “You didn’t see nothing.”
  3. It’s a great storyline for two bottom level talent (no offense, but that’s where they are). Looking forward to see how it plays out.
  4. The aew on tnt account tweeted out the old pic the other day (and called it a 6 man tag). Everyone shouted them down in the replies and I assume it was deleted, but that may be what you saw.
  5. Also her contract is up in July anyway (can’t believe it’s been two years). They tried working out a deal for her to drop the title and couldn’t, so bye bye.
  6. Things are getting a lot worse, real quick right now. I cringed during the brawl up the stairs. Just my thoughts.
  7. Taz promo was awesome, Britt segment funny including the leaf blower lol, ftr/scu was a really great match. I’m sure it was planned for some point and they just did it here. Great stuff. Shida post match beat down was awesome. Super happy lucha bros are back. Overall really enjoyed the show and I can’t wait for Cassidy vs Jericho. I was thinking it could main event the first show but Cody/tnt title makes sense. Scary news about Renee. If she has it seems pretty likely Moxley does as well. Taz can just cut a new promo and they can make a #1 contender match that could still be good. It’s not a real ppv anyway. Or with a paying crowd. Edit: Also all those fans/employees in the stands at the end yelling all around each other isn’t a good look right now at all. Those weren’t all employees either.
  8. It’s just until he gets his results, so presumably by tomorrow or Friday he is clear if he is negative. Now wwe is testing at every taping as well so I would assume she’s ok by this weekend.
  9. That’s also like 1 minute out of 30 on the subject. Who is he not talking about? Edit: maybe ospreay and scurll? I guess I haven’t heard them really mentioned. Not that I think it’s nefarious.
  10. “So we’re like three Macaulay Culkins? And he’s the wet bandit?” ”Yeah both of them.” is truly great and hilarious. I hope orange gets a cameo on fast and furious one day.
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