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  1. They released a statement saying they have no affiliation with aew and they had been negotiating with Moxley for awhile, and the gm made what I read as a passive aggressive comment along the lines of “we think he is still able to work in japan.” It seems for sure they were caught off guard by his aew debut. Edit: after re-reading the statement it doesn’t seem that passive aggressive and maybe I’m just reading too much into it. The companies definitely aren’t on super friendly terms though. "New Japan and Jon Moxley came to terms on an agreement some time ago, completely independently of All Elite. Our understanding is that he is free to wrestle in Japan. We wish AEW well, but have no working relationship as of now."
  2. The Tacoma and San Francisco shows are in really small venues. I don’t know how well they’ll do back in Walter pyramid but I like that these are focused shows with a reason for being. Doing stuff like that I think will work but definitely no more big arenas. I’ll be curious to see how these sales do.
  3. Dave mentioned in the update today, Tyson Fury has 500k searches on google yesterday which was good for 4th most. The fight was at mgm grand and the attendance was 9012. When aew sold out the show in 4 minutes, they didn’t crack the top 20 on google searches. We are talking about a very niche group of diehard fans, but still nothing close to mainstream. Hopefully the tv show changes that. For sure they would have sold out t-mobile in Vegas, and united center in Chicago. I bet with no cap they could have sold 25-30k for these two specific shows. But it’s insane to think of an nfl stadium. Bellator cracks the top 20 in google searches on ppv days, aew has never done that. It’s a super diehard niche audience.
  4. That was the coolest looking wwe show in quite some time.
  5. Regarding the venue sizes, I think the Jacksonville show is a good indicator for weekly tv. It’s not a destination, it’s a 5500 capacity venue and tickets have been on sale for well over a month. Still like 1000 out there. I think a lot of these crowds so far are a lot of the same die hard fans flying in to infrequent big shows. Once they are touring the country running shows every week that’s gonna go away. People aren’t flying in to buffalo for a tv taping. They’re gonna have to start out doing 4-5k venues and see how it goes from there. For this show it was a huge mistake running sears Centre again. For sure they should have run the United center. Who cares about a plaque, that was a mistake. Im surprised no one is mentioning baseball stadiums for these super shows. If they booked wrigley field or Fenway Park it would look amazing and they’d have a better shot selling out or having a full crowd, and it would be a super unique visual. One thing I hate about wwe is how they want every venue to look the same. They need to accentuate all the cool unique venues there are.
  6. Not unlike Cody and Jericho. Planting the seeds, let them sprout eventually. Digging everything so far.
  7. I’m curious to hear Dave or someone’s thoughts on it. They spin it well, much better to have quick turnaround right? But I’m pretty sure Saturday is even more of a death slot than Friday, and before they had new japan anchoring their mma night and they said they were very pleased with the results. Id like to hear an experts take.
  8. All those ROH signings were one year deals (Cobb, Bandido, rush, pco, Brody king). Those were all done before January 1 so all those guys will be free agents at the perfect time for them. Scurll is sometime in September or October, he’ll be the big tv debut, although obviously wwe will be throwing tons of cash his way as well. Those guys are in real good positions.
  9. I’ll be at SF for sure. I’ll have to think about Long Beach but this is a very pleasant surprise.
  10. Just because I remember off the top of my head, summerslam 2013 did 190k buys. That was a big disappointment, but still that’s not a ton more buys.
  11. “I went out there with my heart and my nuts, and I fought my little ass off.” Awesome promo.
  12. Naito did that monster blade job when Jericho clocked him with the ring bell before their first match.
  13. Yeah I bet his comments weren’t as mild as he thinks they were, and if they were bad enough he should have just been kicked out. I bet bubba thought he was being nice as well, giving him a talking to and letting him stay. Just don’t get involved, too unprofessional/risky. If his behavior was bad enough that’s why you have security. Have the pros kick him out.
  14. That didn’t seem like something a face would do but I think that’s just setting up a no holds barred match. Show was alright. Favorite matches were the opener and women’s match. Didn’t have much investment in who would win the matches (I really like Io but still am annoyed the sky pirates didn’t debut on the main roster and asuka stick in the women’s title scene).
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