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  1. This upcoming Dynamite is the only one that will be head to head with the nba finals on abc.
  2. I agree but I feel 6-8 is the sweet spot. They’ve addressed this this year with the special dynamites between the ppvs, but three months is too long to stretch out most feuds. I also really dislike the idea of automatically having a ppv every month. Every promoter wants the big fight feel but that only happens when it feels organic and has time to build. Having 4 TVs and a ppv, 4 TVs and a ppv, is too structured and hurts that. I feel like they should at least go up to 6, but it’s fun having the “big” dynamites. Blood and guts would have been awesome.
  3. There's supposed to be a big restock next month.
  4. Worked headbutt and blading. Thats the only way to make it work for sure anyway. All for comedy.
  5. They're all good but this one has to happen. Too perfect. And when they both see each other they each think they won the match, as Leva shakes her head in her hands. She was great as Miss Elizabeth in that match too.
  6. Thats what put this over the top for me. From our perspective as hardcore fans, to see flip get dunked on by a famous celebrity who has no idea who he is is just hilarious.
  7. Ha Avalon vs Cutler. Great ending. They added 1700 viewers and it immediately dropped back down after.
  8. Perhaps he was a computer guy in the military and that was his nickname then? Definitely want to see more of this dude. Hope he looks pretty good in the ring.
  9. He was hilarious just talking about those cakes haha. Edit: and his profile pic
  10. He's wrestling on Dark tomorrow. I am now laughing out loud for real throughout all the dark order bits. Outstanding. "We're so over on the internet right now!" lol
  11. Yeah I have an 8. Its weird because everything about the site looks super clean, and I can see your pinned post in this thread, but no other posts in any threads. I've tried googling and I'm not coming up with anything. Hopefully an update will just take care of this. This isn't happening to anyone else?
  12. The Brandi figures are going for $200 on eBay and I'm really thinking about listing mine. Apparently in the initial shipments to walmart, there were double the amount of Kenny's and no Brandi's. And online all the figures are backordered until December. So if any obsessive collectors want to complete the set right now they have to go to eBay. If i'm understanding it right the Brandi stock exists, it just mistakenly wasn't sent to stores yet. And you have to figure that will be the least sought after figure at least until series 4. So I'm envisioning racks full of Brandi figures in a c
  13. Anyone having an issue seeing posts on safari on an iPhone? When I click on a thread it opens and I see the header with who started the thread and the date, and there is nothing and right away is the button to reply. I can't see any posts.
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