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  1. By the time I realized it was up, the 6 pack was sold out which made it an easy choice to skip Kenny and Cody. I’m not getting all the side release figures unless one really appeals to me. Ditto for the rereleases. And once the start getting into the nooks of the roster I’m likely to stop and just get the occasional one. I haven’t really collected figures since I was a kid, and after three series this is already a ridiculous amount haha. Gotta stop eventually. But I’ll keep my eye out here and there.
  2. A few months ago I developed a cough and stayed home from work. I tested negative for covid and the dr said it was just a cold. I’m not hanging out with friends or going to destinations. I don’t go shopping other than the grocery or drug store. I always wear a mask, use sanitizer etc. And I still got a cold. If whoever I got the cold from had covid, it’s likely I would have gotten that. The longer this lasts, the more likely we’re all going to end up with it. With that said, as I mentioned I haven’t been hanging out with my friends this entire time. I’m not posting pics of a bunch of
  3. Minoru Suzuki coming in and slapping the shit out of everyone is what I’m signing up for.
  4. https://youtu.be/wNGnCLod-qg Trying to figure out how to embed YouTube videos.
  5. Burnt out/ but gaining every edgy penny/then he hit him straight to the head like Reggie Denny Since two tone lees these phonies is boney hos/lonely like cheese and baloney only Doing songs lit in the booth with the best host/doing bong hits on the roof in the west coast
  6. I can only imagine what he had planned. Some kind of mistaken identity between Brodie and silver would’ve been freakin hilarious.
  7. I was thinking about all the changes the dark order has gone through and realized we just passed the 1 year mark from that 12/18 final show that ended with the dark order laying out all the stars that everyone thought was the worst thing ever. Then you have Brodie debuting with the team which I honestly didn’t like the fit at first. Wanted him to be a loner bad ass like lance. Then after a few months they find their voice in a totally different and unexpected way and really start to click. Then this unforeseeable tragedy happens. And now who knows where they’ll go from here? Just kind of sitti
  8. I assume tons of people are stepping up already.
  9. I got back into wrestling in 2012 and this match was very key in building my excitement back. I clearly remember the chant before the match started, before it became a cliche and it was so exciting. I also have to recall him on the aew podcast recently talking about his 7 year old sleeping with his championship belt, and how he couldn’t look at the camera because he was driving with his little one in the back. Rest In Peace man.
  10. Yeah Soul was really great. Gonna watch again soon. I went in knowing basically nothing about the movie other than it would focus on music, so the heaviness was quite a surprise, although I didn’t realize it was the director of Up and Inside Out which should have been and indication. Definitely felt more like an adult movie than a children’s movie. Even more so than inside out.
  11. The flip side of this is this is apparently airing live after the game on the west coast as well, which will be about 7pm. So some regular viewers may miss the first hour, big lead in from the nba game, one of the very few “live” on the west coast dynamites with no spoilers. Will be interesting.
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