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  1. @Craig Hsome good lower level tickets in front of the ring for $125
  2. Has there been a thread or has anyone looked to see their old angelfire or geocities trading sites are still up? Mine is, although the formatting is all screwed up. Check my references at the bottom, it’s just email addresses but I’m sure people know people. I see I traded with bix. https://www.angelfire.com/ca3/wrestlingtapes1
  3. I’m excited enough for the show now, I’m sure it will be really fun with a hot crowd. We all agree saturdays are better but still my friend is coming over to watch and we will enjoy some cold ones.
  4. I’d love to watch a show at a bull fighting arena in Mexico. I’ve been to all types of venues but certainly not one of those. Korakuen Hall and Budokan Hall as well. Can’t really think of one in the states but it’s always cool to check out brand new arenas and stadiums.
  5. It is, but tk was there from the start at the first show in Long Beach, so he must be well aware of this. With him saying how he prevented Tana vs mox from happening “many times” because he felt aew should get the match, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was his doing.
  6. Except now we’re all in this together. *matt925 buckles up*
  7. Nothing new from the cnn piece. Except they seemed to specifically say instead of it being multiple other settlements they are investigating, it’s one additional settlement to an “executive”.
  8. Fair enough. Not trying to dismiss your feelings. But I bet the owner of your favorite nfl team has paid women to sign ndas.
  9. All these rich dudes do this. Not excusing it at all. I work for a billionaire. All these dudes do this. The problem for Vince now would be for more women to go public. Or, if these are all office workers, for a wrestler to go public. We’ll see what happens as it stands now.
  10. This is like trump testifying about himself. Nothing he can do can make the situation better, his words can only hurt him. Honestly at this point it looks like the whole thing may blow over. He really should just quietly disappear and give it a chance too. I think it would take more women coming forward, or a wrestler coming forward to make this worse. I believe the women are faceless office workers, that makes it easy for fans to just brush aside any information they don’t like. If a wrestler comes forwards and says they were pressured into a sexual relationship to help their career, then he would be done. But as of right now it doesn’t look like investors or the folks at nbc universal and fox are overly concerned. Teflon Vince.
  11. I believe from the very beginning he didn’t like the name jungle boy and thought jack perry was the money name, and he didn’t even want to say jungle boy. So the compromise was he’d call him jungle boy jack. Lol.
  12. That was one of the best dynamites ever. And I was annoyed with how the hair match ended but they made it work in the end. And it was all way uphill from there that was awesome. Really heated up forbidden door as well.
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