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  1. Bad bunny was awesome. He sold like crazy and clearly spent a lot of time training. Main event ruled. Awesome match. There was some crap in between but I really enjoyed the show overall.
  2. Presumably if things don’t get worse again we aren’t far away. The governor of California announced today that June 15 is the target for California to be fully open without restrictions. Kevin Kelly tweeted to a reporter if that applied to wrestling as well, who responded with a Daniel Bryan yes gif. Fingers crossed. edit: just got my Johnson and Johnson single shot a couple hours ago. Let’s do this people!
  3. I’ll be watching. I watched fast lane too (I get peacock free with my cable). I’m really looking forward to the women’s singles matches, plus some others. Really liking the 3 hour main show times too. And seeing the crowd reactions. Hoping for a fun time.
  4. Like when the wcw fan base was runoff, those fans simply disappeared. Think the same happens with wwe. After all this time aew isn’t gaining any new viewers. In theory both shows should get a bump but we’ll see how much.
  5. Building up a legit seeming title fight between two top competitors would be better than the tired tag partners thing, but I’m looking forward to this more than any other match and it’s the semi main event. I think it will come across like a big deal.
  6. @NikoBaltimoreRicky Marvin. I hope she makes 1 million dollars because she seems like such a good person and she’s struggled so much. Really rooting for her.
  7. “A few weeks ago, I played it for him, he said he loved it. I asked if he wanted to me to try to license it, he gave me his ‘thumbs up,’” AEW CEO Tony Khan said in a statement to Pitchfork. “I signed a multiyear agreement to use the song, and every use of the song in AEW will live in our content library forever in perpetuity.”
  8. Yeah he even straight up said “I have no idea what their finances/budget is for that”. He was just thinking out loud, and If it was up to me I would definitely slow way down on all the signings so you have the space when an unexpected gem becomes available. It’s been discussed a lot on the aew threads but having a new debut every week is also really not the way to do it.
  9. There was a vacuum of sound after this happened. I was watching live and you could *feel* the energy get sapped out of there. It was a really shitty, not good in any way moment. Anyway I’m looking forward to Sakura genesis.
  10. “Tops the dud explosion” and “fart in church” is “off the charts hyperbole”? I disagree. I thought the death match was a great match with a huge wet fart ending. I thought this was a great match with a shockingly bad ending, that was worse. My opinion.
  11. It was a really good match. I almost stopped watching before the post match promo, if that happened I would have gone to bed with a totally different feeling. Also worth mentioning Jay white challenged tanahashi for the never open weight title, so that will probably be at Sakura genesis. Do we really need the spoiler tags after the shows are over? If I want to watch a show and don’t want spoilers I won’t click on a discussion thread about it.
  12. Still here? Also hope Keiko can still do something on dynamite even if Kenny’s done with the cheerleader entrance.
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