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  1. I wish him the best. He’s booked in a tag match for the west coast pro show next month, I assume he’ll be replaced at this point.
  2. I was hoping for a more marquee show for @Nice Guy Eddiebut I’m sure it will be a fun show and the awesome crowd will make it even better.
  3. Baby Moxley surprise cameo on bte. That was one of the better ones in awhile.
  4. That show set the business back 30 years man.
  5. It could beat all but the top 7 wwe ppvs of the past decade (obviously if they didn’t go with the network it would be twice as many if not more - but those 2012-2014 years had a lot more viewers than the last few).
  6. Anyone going to the Long Island dynamite, there are two presale codes for tomorrow: AEWUBS AEW516
  7. I also didn’t put together until he mentioned it, now Full Gear is head to head with the new japan San Jose show, so no more Moxley, the biggest advertised star. I really hope travel restrictions are loosened by then.
  8. *grumbles* first California show three years in *kicks the dirt*
  9. Dave said in the top ten markets, it was on in 50% more households than last weeks rampage, which did 740k. But those results are skewed by a ridiculously high 1.6 rating in Chicago. I think 1 mil is a lock though.
  10. Cubs fan is posting the dark taping/preshow card on Twitter. Funny heat line from Britt. Since I’m on the west coast and don’t have directv, I’m behind the rest of the world by three hours. Logging off the internet soon. Exciting buzz about things right now.
  11. Heck yeah. They already sold out their last two shows, they’re gonna have to go to a bigger venue soon/now.
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