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  1. To me, 6-8 is the sweet spot. I don’t like the idea of having one per month because it’s too structured. 4 weeks of tv then ppv, 4 weeks of tv then ppv. Doing less makes it feel a bit more organic and natural, but three months in between is way too long and they get these weird lulls in the feuds after a ppv is over.
  2. They just opened the remaining upper level sections behind the stage. Will get to around 17k if they all sell.
  3. They won the tag titles and are going through two ppvs without having a defense, and if the reported plans are correct, then one would just lose a singles titles match. I get being upset with it all. If you don’t just want a paycheck then that seems reasonable to be upset. I hope Naomi is that upset as well because she was gonna get a big match at the ppv, even in loss a great match would’ve raised her profile.
  4. I forgot the smile album finally came out today. I pre downloaded it and it showed up in my Apple Music without me remembering. I got the ppv a couple months ago, after the album didn’t materialize I stopped paying attention. After listening once in my car doing errands after work I thought it was really good. Now I’m high and listening with headphones and it’s amazing. The opposite, oh man.
  5. They opened 222 at some point and that’s gone, so 223 is the only mid bowl section left to open, for whatever reason. 321 and 331 still have plenty of seats left, so they haven’t bothered opening more upper level sections yet. Maybe if they announce some big matches or there’s some surprises at double or nothing, or the following dynamite, the tickets will get hot again. Im sure like Craig said the aftermarket prices will come way down closer to showtime. But gonna be an awesome crowd.
  6. My friend is such a big fan of danhausen. It’s his birthday in a couple weeks and I’m gonna get a cameo for him. Gonna ask our other friends for material. He’s gonna be so happy.
  7. I have no idea what happened, if you try clicking on the show at this point there’s still just an error message. I’m gonna guess that they were doing some type of late night test about opening different arrangements and the damn bots got in and immediately bought and resold tickets and that messed it all up. On the seat map there’s be a string of pink dots with nothing else available. But then those two upper level sections were available… edit: the map is live again. No new sections yet.
  8. I didn’t notice when it happened but it looks like half the lower bowl seats behind the stage were listed and are gone, there’s still a bunch of seats in the upper level 321. 100% they will be opening all the rest, if I was able to attend I’d be checking Ticketmaster every hour. Also section 331 on the opposite side has a bunch of seats left. Better sections will open up but that seemed pretty random (I cut the chord with Twitter so I’m out of the loop on breaking news) so never saw an announcement. edit: I believe 222 and 226 were newly listed and gone while I’m posting this. I’d be refreshing the site right now if I wanted to go (I’ll be refreshing the site anyway) edit2: if I see 223-225 open I’m gonna buy two tickets to offer for face value to a good poster here edit3: now giving a pop up saying something went wrong and site shutting down lol. Wonder if this wasn’t planned to happen at 1am local time.
  9. Wrestletix has noticed on the seat map now all the individual seats behind the stage are shown, whereas before it was just a solid gray area. @Craig H and anyone else who wants to go, I would make it a daily habit to check Ticketmaster, if not multiple times a day. You may end up with better seats than thousands of people who were able to score on the presale. If I notice anything I’ll post.
  10. Maybe they’re just doing some word gymnastics to overhype something and then get out of it on a technicality. Like, Well you can use the briefcase to challenge the winner of the wrestlemania main event. We never guaranteed it would happen.
  11. Wasn’t asuka vs Becky supposed to be on this show?
  12. Wow they just opened up the lower bowl behind the stage for the Detroit dynamite as well. Maybe this will be the new format for large arenas. It’s possible for a ppv though they’ll want an impressive stage, but I like this way more. Lots more good seats for people to get. Looking forward to how the Inglewood and Detroit shows look on tv.
  13. Ufc doesn’t need a stage and it always looks awesome. Of course they always have full to sold out crowds. And they’d rather make more money. most aew and wwe tv won’t fill an arena and the stage helps with the look, but for unique shows with high demand I’d go in planning to not block off a third of the arena.
  14. I bought this at kb toys I believe. It truly was a really terrible game, but I forced myself to play it anyway. Kinda like watching thunder irl.
  15. It looks like they’re doing the small stage setup in Inglewood, maybe they’ll do the same for this show. I still remember thinking how cool Madison square garden looked at summerslam 98 with the wrestlers coming out of one of the rampways. Fuck the stage.
  16. The crowd really specifically died at that point. Like, there was big disappointment at the turn not happening, but then it just got dead quiet at that moment. The guys took too long to make the save. Whole thing was a disaster.
  17. I’m same to all. Had tix for 2020 as well but of course that didn’t happen.
  18. Oh man Lawlor haha. I watched on Pluto tv and would like to again in the future.
  19. But fx is Fox/smackdown right. I guess aew could wind up on amc, sure wouldn’t have the feel of being promoted during the nba. And that would be a reach, is amc searching out live sports and rebranding their network? There are very few landing spots here even with great ratings.
  20. I’m worried about this more than some other people here for sure. What are the major non news cable networks? Tnt, Tbs, usa, espn. If discovery decides to be out the others are out as well. Of course someone like wgn america would pick them up and decide to make that the flagship. It wouldn’t be for more money and it would be a massive downgrade in promotion and prestige. This all strikes me as Not Good.
  21. I’ll probably go to that. Not going to next months show.
  22. I’m getting more and more concerned about this discovery takeover. CNN+ was destined for failure and aew is a proven success, but with the defenders of cnn+ out of the company, they just instantly shut it down. The defenders of aew are gone as well. I’m not worried about it getting cancelled, but I can easily see them not having an interest in a new 9 figure investment in wrasslin, ratings be damned.
  23. Bryan said someone in aew told him they understand fans will fantasy book dream matches and will then be a bit disappointed. But all the stars will be on the card and there will be multiple singles matches.
  24. Ringside fan premade a sign so they could spoil danhausen. Great job man, I hope you enjoyed the show.
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