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  1. Woohoo! I knew there was no way they’d be airing at 10pm or later, just doesn’t make sense. Now let me turn my griping to the just announced DFW show. Really, TK, third time in the building? Aew hates California /salty
  2. Card is starting to come together for Battle in the Valley. I got a ringside seat, can’t wait. So far: -Jay White vs Tomohiro Ishii Never Openweight Championsip -Moose vs Juice Robinson Kazuchika Okada, Will Ospreay, Buddy Murphy, Tom Lawlor announced so far. Jeff Cobb is wrestling in ssf the night before so he’s on the show. Also figure Suzuki is here so he should be on the show. They haven’t been announced yet though.
  3. San Jose please! edit: oh shit. Just catching up on Twitter.
  4. Absolutely. If that’s how it plays out I’ll be happy to pay and watch it live and commercial free.
  5. Wow, now Dave is saying that instead of Dynamite airing live at 5 on the west coast, it will air after hockey, at 10pm or later. So instead of being three hours behind the world, I’ll be five. I hope he’s mistaken about this, wouldn’t be the first time (before dynamite started he said it would be live on the west coast and that was never even a thing). Or hopefully something else gets changed.
  6. Davey Richards vs AJ Gray from the same show was awesome. I haven’t watched it back but live I thought that was way better, and I had a ton of fun during the main event. That match was just great.
  7. Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but Dave said on WOR that beginning oct 27, dynamite will be airing live at 5 on the west coast. This probably doesn’t affect most people here, but it’s awesome for me. Between it airing live in every other time zone, being live on fite for our international friends and airing live in the uk, I’m basically three hours behind the world when it comes to watching the show (I guess it’s tape delayed in western Canada as well?). I’m home by 5 everyday so this is awesome news for me. Dave did say that it will lower ratings a bit, and by nature of the start time it will be harder to attract non fans. But you just present it like an important sporting event that begins at this time, and if you want to be a part of it you just have to make it work.
  8. It was an away game and the advance was far weaker, they made up ground recently with 2 for 1 tickets. Whats it’s more about, for whatever reason, they cant draw in San Francisco right now. Two years ago when the chase center opened, raw and smackdown were two of the very first events in the arena. I was keeping a close eye on tickets just because I wanted to go to check out the new building. The shows ended up doing like 3500 each, in a brand new building. Smackdown in San Jose just did 5500 and raw in Sacramento next week is closing in on 7000. For whatever reason, the city of San Francisco itself is completely dead for wwe right now. I’ll be really surprised if they try booking the chase center again.
  9. Cody tweeted that there’s two shows left and one airs this Saturday. Gonna go ahead and guess it’s not being renewed. Next pitch for Tony and Turner: a reality show that follows Emi and Lulu on their wacky adventures in the USA. It would be 50x better.
  10. For the 2k people in attendance it’s definitely a winner. For me it’s not doing much. We’ll see the number live but maybe like 50k people are going to be watching that match, and it’s not going to translate to rampage. If he could’ve started the broadcast on tnt at 9pm that would be a different story. This is just a move to try to diminish the smackdown audience by a tiny amount. Just doesn’t seem like the way to go to me.
  11. That’s a bad ass cover. I wish Kinokuniya carried it regularly.
  12. So the TK counter to wwe adding a commercial free half hour is to start 1 hour earlier with mystery opponents for danielson and for fish…but it’s on YouTube. So it’s just a move to try to hurt the smackdown viewership (although it will be minimal). When nitro went head to head with raw, and both shows took off eventually, they would counter program each other but it felt like a race to the top. These moves here just feel like a race to the bottom. Like you’re only trying to hurt the other company without helping yourself (I know, announcing results, etc). Feels like there’s only losers here though.
  13. I’m waiting for the stardom show to show up on world, but I watched tjpw last night. I think Maki Itoh has improved a ton. I thought that main event was a really awesome match.
  14. Well, that was a lot of fun. Super hot crowd. Also, Davey Richards vs AJ Gray whipped ass. That was an awesome match. The show next month is the night before the new japan San Jose show, and tonight they announced that vinnie massaro would be wrestling ishii. Can’t wait!
  15. I believe so. Honestly I never heard of west coast pro before the last few months and I’ve been to two shows now. I’m wondering what happened to all pro wrestling. I had a dm convo with Markus Mac a few months ago and he was like when we can run shows we will. Well, now shows can be run in the Bay Area and I’ve been to multiple shows. West coast pro is bringing in a ton of people.
  16. Oh no, I mean on Friday in two days I’m going to the west coast pro show with Daniel Garcia vs Minoru Suzuki. Main event will start at 9pm pacific, midnight eastern. 2 hours earlier Daniel Garcia and cm punk will be wrestling on tv. I expect to have a blast.
  17. 36 minutes in to my west coast feed, not reading anything but I’m gonna see Daniel Garcia wrestle Minoru Suzuki 2 hours after the east coast watches him wrestle cm punk. Gotta say that’s pretty damn impressive. And awesome.
  18. I’ll go ahead and keep my expectations extraordinarily low, and hope to be pleasantly surprised!
  19. I’m gonna see him at west coast pro on Friday, and gonna get there early to meet him. Was he selling shirts or other merch, or just there to meet n greet?
  20. I’m watching the stardom ppv now. This is so great. Every wrestling fan should be doing themselves a favor and watching stardom.
  21. Andrade teasing a mystery partner for the AAA tag titles. Some exciting possibilities there.
  22. Not to mention going all in on Tessa for a year plus and having it get over big and then blowing up the final weekend. Crazy ride.
  23. I wish him the best. He’s booked in a tag match for the west coast pro show next month, I assume he’ll be replaced at this point.
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