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  1. Would’ve had to be super recent. We got a will Hobbs figure from target 1 month ago.
  2. My friends and I smoked newports when we were in middle/high school. $1.90 a pack with a .50 coupon on the pack.
  3. Ha right on. I’m from the bay so for me “LA” is SoCal. I make the drive for work sometimes to la or Palm Springs so I’m familiar with it all. I posted here how I thought they were tripping running two shows when they should just focus on one tent pole. They proved me wrong but things are a little different now and I also propose they just do one tent pole. Do the normal dynamite/rampage taping in San Diego or Phoenix and come on up to Oakland for the ppv.
  4. Dave keeps bringing up the rumored Northern California shows because he lives here and it’s been a weirdly long time, but I just don’t get any talk of the venues being discussed by anyone. First even though I thought running two shows in LA was a bad idea and I was proven wrong, I still think running three shows in the Bay Area is a bad idea and they should just run a totally different city for dynamite/rampage taping, and then have the ppv at Oakland arena and sell that out. There should be zero talk about cow palace. It’s an 82 year old building that was never remodeled. Wwe hasn’t even run a house show there since 2005. Dave keeps saying they left because of low attendance - they left because it was already a run down building back then. Cow palace shouldn’t even be in aew’s vocabulary. Dave talks about how poorly wwe did at chase center, and the numbers were crazy low, but that was when wwe was ice cold right before the pandemic and they were low everywhere. An aew ppv would do way better than those low wwe numbers, but it would be a super expensive building. Garret in particular kept pushing the sjsu event center which is also super bizarre to me. They did 5k jam packed for the historic nxt house show before the wrestlemania at Levi’s stadium. That was a house show with no stage. With even the minimal aew stage your looking at like 4K for the very first show in the #5 market. And it looks exactly like a very large high school gym. It’s awesome in person, I’ve been to three nxt house shows there, but it looks just like a high school gym. Super shocked by the lack of talk about Oakland arena, the former home of the warriors and host to multiple nba finals in recent years. Dave mentioned in passing twice that wwe hasn’t done well in Oakland. They just did a house show that only did 3k. Well they’ve been cold until recently and this is aew’s first appearance in the #5 market, comparing to a wwe house show literally means nothing. It is now the B arena in the Bay Area, all the top acts go to chase in San Francisco. So it must be relatively cheap to book. And it is an nba finals quality arena. Do the tv somewhere else and come here for a ppv at Oakland arena. I wish I could help them book these shows.
  5. I noticed they were clearly doing the “we are only showing two sides of the stadium” throughout the whole night like they do in the smaller attended shows. But what we could see and especially hear was great. Must’ve been a ton of fun.
  6. I remember just being genuinely curious because so little was being said. My friend even texted me to see if I’d heard any updates and I was just like, I think it’s his elbow or something. The whole thing was odd. In hindsight of course it all makes sense.
  7. I would run Oakland arena over both of those. Should be a happy medium. Finally, lol.
  8. This crowd was dead as shit. Has to be top 5 all time worst for dynamite. Womens tag match was GREAT. Lance storm sure isn’t going to like the trios champs challenging for the tag titles.
  9. The rampage taping didn’t begin until 10:20 and supposedly tons of people were leaving. Show began at 7.
  10. I started as a journalism major, but I’m an introverted person so that didn’t last. But I’m more outgoing now and I’ll ask any plant questions they want! Covering north California from Sacramento to Santa Cruz.
  11. Something else I was thinking about. Only a fraction of the fans watched the ppv. If this is the end of punk, the last thing most people will have seen of him is that 3 minute beat down in Cleveland. What a way to go out. From the debut at United center to that.
  12. She’s such an amazing photographer, I inquired about the Moxley print. I remember her tweeting the photo(s) that night.
  13. My brain has been so wrapped up with all the crazy stuff I hadn’t even considered yet, what if aew gets stuck with the same “cm punk” chants that plagued wwe for years? This freakin guy.
  14. Honestly if the blurb from the observer is how it went down, punk and ace need to be fired. If theres other facets then that needs to be made clear, either way this is really serious.
  15. It’s from the pre show hook match he got in the ring for the finish so you should be able to google photos.
  16. Omega signed a four year deal he’ll be a free agent on February 1 2023. Bucks signed a three year deal with apparently a 2 year option so they’ll be free agents Jan 1 2024.
  17. That was really amusing. You’ve got bonds, McGuire, and sosa back their offering advice, and your not gonna take it?!?
  18. They’re gonna do acclaimed vs swerve rematch at grand slam. Edit: Dave and Bryan think malakai did a goodbye and he’s done.
  19. I’m listening now. There was an altercation between punk and the bucks which security responded to. Dave described it as a melee. Tony wasn’t made aware of it until 20 minutes later and he left the scrum, like Bush in the kindergarten class.
  20. I think it’s like a special way of signing someone you want to pay and keep around and they are just kind of floating there though. Like cabana got a special deal here, he wasn’t being used on dynamite or rampage but he’s still getting paid and roh may not become a thing.
  21. Afaik the details of that never really came out. Like I kind of read it as colts contract expired and he wasn’t being used so he wasn’t going to be re signed, and then his popularity got him one of those special roh deals even though there’s no guaranteed future for that. If I’m wrong I’m wrong but I thought there wasn’t any word that he was let go or fired.
  22. I don’t know what really happened and I don’t have a dog in the fight, but if punk had nothing to do with what happened with colt, and all of a sudden we started hearing about backstage drama with wrestlers blaming punk for it, and that erroneously came from page, I’d say he has a right to be pissed. Obviously im not there and know none of these people, but those reports all came out.
  23. From “the joker” to that shoot voicemail that’s was some lame shit. Combined with all the disappointing outcomes that was a bummer of a show. The trios and tag championship matches were outstanding though. And now all this stuff after, yikes.
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