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  1. I always thought the gay slur was "joto" whereas "puto" was the equivalent of bitch.
  2. More Boogie drama... https://sports.yahoo.com/police-issue-arrest-warrant-for-de-marcus-cousins-on-domestic-violence-charge-201214139.html
  3. Oh shit... he was the guy walking the dog. I honestly had no idea that was him. I have no idea who the blonde was.
  4. Shit... when??? Edit: I am going back to watch it again.
  5. I watched the video but I didn't see the part that said Johnny Impact was coming to AEW. Where was that stated or implied? I am not opposed to anyone showing up on AEW tv. I am more concerned where they are positioned on the card. Johnny coming in and putting over fresh new faces or entrenched in a veteran/rookie tag team? Cool. Johnny coming in as a main eventer challenging for the AEW title? I'll pass.
  6. I read the responses to the Twitter question and came away with two immediate reactions. 1. People really don't want Brandi anywhere near the woman's title. 2. These people have no idea who owns AEW
  7. Can someone give me the background story on Luck's decision to post on Twitter as a Civil War era soldier?
  8. I hope not but I think it depends on how much creative liberty they give the talent. A lot of these guys were raised in a wrestling culture where sleazy angles and "shocking" moments are part of the norm. This shit goes back to at least the 80s so I expect we will get a few moments where we all collectively shake our heads.
  9. Holy shit, why have i never seen this before!?!?!?! This may be the greatest thing I have ever seen.
  10. Man... if the 2019-20 Lakers can become the 2012-13 Lakers, I would be ecstatic.
  11. If they are running NYC, they have to do MSG or Barclays. I like the idea of doing something unconventional but in New York, they need to stick to the big guns.
  12. If they do that exact same angle in an arena for the cameras... most people here would just shrug their shoulders. The fact that Spears pops up unannounced on an indy show in Canada makes this special. I really love the buildup to this match.
  13. I think the only wrestling theme song I have ever listened to outside the wrestling bubble is Badstreet USA.
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