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  1. Ha! The original statement wasn't perverted at all. Then it slowly went downhill from there.
  2. This really reminds me of the early idea of letting Moxley becoming the new Roddy Piper who is unhinged and brawls all the time. It never happened but, now more than ever, you can see it would have worked in a different company with a different vision.
  3. Agreed! I think when the company was formed, they thought Omega was going to be the #1 babyface but Cody has taken over and screwed up their plans.
  4. I am speculating on the February date but it would make sense... Double Or Nothing - May All Out/In - August Full Gear - November ??? - February
  5. Well... when you edit it that way... fuck it, I'll own it. I love thick women.
  6. I thought they were doing a PPV every 3 months. February would be next on the schedule. Also, I had no idea who Shanna or Hayter were last week. Just random women. It absolutely wouldn't hurt to give them a quick profile. Same thing for any wrestler or team that pops up... even the jobbers. They are doing this with Wardlow. Cut 3 or 4 minutes from each match (including a no dive outside rule for any match in the first hour) and mix in some vignettes/short interviews.
  7. I have seen 3 episodes and this was my least favorite overall episode even if it had some of my favorite AEW moments. There were moments I felt like changing the channel and I haven't felt that way with AEW yet. The Cody-Jericho feud is carrying this company and that's ok. It's the best thing going in wrestling today. I think Cody needs to win asap. My buddy thinks it is too soon for Jericho to lose. Imagine arguing over the finish of a match in 2019 where the outcome has actual implications. Amazing! I really enjoyed the PAC match up until he hit the brainbuster on the floor and it didn't result in a countout and EMTs. The ending ruined this for me. Really enjoyed Beretta in this one. I also thought the woman's tag was great. Aesthetically, I'll take 3 thick women and the little engine that could over the entire WWE women's roster. Tully Blanchard is being wasted on Shawn Spears. He needs to be with someone else asap. More than anything, these wrestlers that are unfamiliar to the people at home need personality profiles. 30 seconds to a minute explaining why I should give a shit. The ending brawl was awesome. It needs to lead to a War Games match. Let this boil until the February PPV.
  8. I just binged both seasons this past week. What an awesome show.
  9. I think the people who rejected WWE for staleness did so a long time ago. Those who left for moral reasons probably did so before Blood Money 2.
  10. Can you explain this statement a little more? I think there were conflicting ideas on what it was going to be.
  11. I don't agree with everything you said, but I love that you said it.
  12. You better hope New England loses a game or two. If not, Belichick is going to win Coach of the Year and MVP.
  13. So, after a month of TV, I think creatively and aesthetically, it's a success. I watched 2 episodes live, and although I didn't always enjoy the wrestling, I enjoyed the TV show. So easy to watch. I know JR gets criticized, but it's so refreshing hearing announcers who aren't talking in corporate Vince-speak. I like how they are searching for their groove. Sometimes, they are a little too wrestling heavy but everything feels exciting. The angles and promos they have pulled off are top notch. The big concern, maybe, is that they haven't been able to retain viewers. They need a rebound week. Every week, the numbers have been lower than the week before. No World Series, no more excuses. Gain viewers, don't lose them. I'm still excited for this company but I want the world to be excited too.
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