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  1. Updated through Mania weekend. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BHbVIIaR0yY4AIQJ5HsZTnhqQFpLcq6Cct5j9FcqU8I/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Update: It was bugging me that there wasn't much representation for '00s American non-WWE, so I added a big list of notable indy matches 2000-2009.
  3. Here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BHbVIIaR0yY4AIQJ5HsZTnhqQFpLcq6Cct5j9FcqU8I/edit?usp=sharing It became a massive pain in the ass to post and update the list on the board due to weird glitches, so I've made a shareable Google Doc which has all of the following:- Every WON ****+ rated match ever, updated weekly- Every DVDVR Best of the '80s List- Every DVDVR Best of the '90s List- Every DVDVR Puro MOTY List, 2000-2012- Every VOW MOTY List, 2012-present- Every Alan4L MOTY List, 2007-present- The Ditch Best AJPW of the '90s List- Notable '00s Matches that were missedBetween all of t
  4. Thanks for the info Phil. Seems like a hassle to keep sending you updates and whatnot. I'm probably better off doing a Google Docs thing and sharing that.
  5. Maybe it's just me or I'm doing something wrong, but I'm unable to edit my posts. I can edit an initial topic post I made, but I can't edit any of my replies to it. I get an error message saying the post has been moved or deleted (which it hasn't), or it's too old to edit (even though I just made it). This is making my Observer star ratings list topic very difficult to deal with. I also don't see the option to delete your own posts. Any help?
  6. I tried to update my old thread and it wouldn't let me, so I made a new one. But now I'm trying to edit a small thing in this new one, and it will only let me edit the first post in the thread, and not any replies (which I had to make in the first place because of maximum character limits). Which I guess means I can't update any 2018 stuff and beyond. So uh, yeah, kinda frustrating.
  7. 2012: 10/8/12 - Tanahashi vs. Suzuki (NJPW) ***** 3/31/12 - Elgin vs. Richards (ROH) ***** 6/16/12 - Tanahashi vs. Okada (NJPW) ****3/4 3/4/12 - Okada vs. Naito (NJPW) ****3/4 4/1/12 - Undertaker vs. Triple H - HIAC (WWE) ****3/4 4/29/12 - Cena vs. Lesnar (WWE) ****1/2 5/20/12 - Punk vs. Bryan (WWE) ****1/2 10/13/12 - Steen vs. Elgin (ROH) ****1/2 8/3/12 - Okada vs. Naito (NJPW) ****1/2 7/8/12 - Aries vs. Roode (TNA) ****1/2 12/16/12 - Bryan/Kane/Ryback vs. Shield - TLC (WWE) ****1/2 2/3/12 - Akiyama vs. Omori (AJPW) ****1/2 10/13/12 - Richards vs. Lethal (ROH) ****1/
  8. 1981: 3/23/81 - Lawler vs. Terry Funk (Memphis) ***** 1983: 4/21/83 - Dynamite vs. Tiger Mask (NJPW) ***** 1984: 12/5/84 - Takada vs. Yamazaki (UWF) ***** 12/8/84 - Brody/Hansen vs. Funks (AJPW) ***** 12/8/84 - Tiger Mask II vs. Pirata (AJPW) ****1/2 12/8/84 - Tsuruta/Tenryu vs. Baba/Kimura (AJPW) **** 12/8/84 - Bulldogs vs. Fuchi/Magic Dragon (AJPW) **** 1985: 8/22/85 - Asuka vs. Yokota (AJW) ***** 3/9/85 - Kobayashi vs. Tiger Mask II (AJPW) ***** 11/7/85 - Savage vs. Steamboat (WWF) **** 11/7/85 - Savage vs. Dynamite (WWF) **** 9/16/85 - Steamboat vs.
  9. Mind double blown that Bryan Danielson has never had a five star match.
  10. Is there a voting date for Portland and/or Puerto Rico?
  11. BIG update with all the information that people have posted here, as well as a TON of stuff I missed on my first pass through Cagematch. Should be pretty darn accurate now.
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