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  1. I'd go Rock & Roll Express vs. Arn & Ole from Starrcade 86.
  2. On his podcast, Stevie Ray talked about how he would go to the black strip clubs with Rochester Roadblock of all people.
  3. I concur on the Walter/Bate point. I gave that one 5 stars as well. One of my favorite matches of the decade. I haven't seen Walter/Dragunov I yet so I can't compare that one to anything. I really enjoyed last night's match though. I haven't seen anything of Dragunov outside of what's been on NXT the last few weeks and he won me over. Was definitely impressed by him.
  4. They have Vertibirds and working motor boats but no cars, motorcycles, etc.
  5. Cut him some slack. He probably doesn't even know how to use the 3 seashells.
  6. Apparently Shanky's ring name in India was Dilsher Shanky so Shanky is supposed to be a last name. Poor guy didn't even get to bring his first name over for a few weeks before losing it like Matt Riddle and most everyone else they call up nowadays. I'm surprised Damian Priest hasn't fallen victim to that yet and become "Damian" or "Priest".
  7. Goldberg's kid looks really uninterested to be there. He looks like a kid on "take your kid to work day" whose dad works at an insurance office.
  8. I'd love to see The Dark Order do this spot with Silver doing the press slam.
  9. So Egon Spangler became a luchador after they defeated Viggo the Carpathian
  10. Eh, I dunno. Cena had Punk trapped in the STF and likely would've won if not for Vince sending Laurinitis in to ring the bell. Counter argument is that Cena could've just ignored Vince and Big Johnny and kept the hold on until Punk tapped and that he was done in by his own hubris making Punk's win clean.
  11. I've been following Juvy on Instagram and he's actually pretty ripped now. Seems like he's over whatever demons he had back in his youth.
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