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  1. Widowmaker Barry Windham looked like a million goddamn dollars
  2. Anyone who hates David Crockett should be whipped like a dog, whipped like a dog Tony!
  3. I jumped into the Studcast late so haven't heard those ones. Do you know the specific episodes?
  4. Which is crazy because Ron was a legit 6'9. Former basketball player at my alma mater, Univ of Miami.
  5. I always liked Harlem Heat's "Heat Seeker" where Stevie Ray has the guy up in the electric chair position and Booker comes in with a missile dropkick.
  6. Rocker's did #2. They called it The Rockerplex.
  7. His breathless, "look at him, just look at him Tony" always cracked me up.
  8. I wish I could find one of those Ronnie Garvin squashes where David Crockett seems waaay too excited to see Garvin dominate and beat on another guy. "Look at him. Just look at him Tony. Tying him up. Dominating him. Slapping him. Just look at him." Settle down Hollywood Crockenettico.
  9. Is anyone else surprised that we haven't seen a wrestler pop up in Mexico with a Joe Exotico gimmick?
  10. So who was the Ron Mysterio that Jericho kept talking about?
  11. Whisper--I want to take him on a date. Why do I need your permission? JBL--Because he's MYYYYY butler!
  12. Mass Transit was seen muttering, "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"
  13. And you know Paul E wasn't springing for the good toilet paper for the ECW Arena bathrooms. It's too bad John Nord never passed through ECW. He could've used Beserker as entrance music.
  14. I remember liking Splatterhouse a lot as a kid.
  15. Barry probably would've been a hell of a basketball player if he chose that route and gave a shit. He was like 6'6 and really athletic.
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