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  1. Yes. This is horrible. This idea.
  2. I remember after beating some jobber on Nitro or Saturday Night, he yelled into the camera, "the beatings will continue until morale improves!" Pittman should've been inserted into the Regal/Finley feud just so all three of them could beat the crap out of each other for our enjoyment.
  3. Pssssh, Kevin Greene is what Mojo wants to be. Mean Lean Kevin Greene was 100X better than Mojo.
  4. I agree. He wasn't terrible considering the circumstances. You can make a pretty strong case that the Flair/Anderson vs. Mongo/Greene match from GAB 96 is the best wrestler vs. celeb/athlete match ever. The moment where Greene reversed the figure four and was reaching for Mongo to help him only to have Mongo hit him with the briefcase was really well done. Greene showed more emotion and facial expressions there than more than a few guys currently employed by WWE.
  5. Even with the non-wrestling celebs, it can work if they treat it seriously. I think the reason that the involvement of people like Pete Rose, Bob Barker, Cindy Lauper and Bob Ueker worked is b/c even though they were having fun with it, they weren't making fun of it if that makes sense. They might've joked around but they sold stuff when it was appropriate and didn't make it seem like being there was beneath them. Contrast that with most of the terrible guest hosts during that period of RAW. The NASCAR guys and Al Sharpton are the ones who immediately spring to mind there.
  6. I think it worked pretty well in the 80s/early 90s. Like the whole Rock and Wrestling thing, LT and Bigelow, Chuck Norris at Survivor Series, Kevin Greene's involvement, even the first Rodman match. I think it depends on how seriously it's presented. Are they presenting it as they're actually participating in a sporting event or a physical activity (Kevin Greene, Mr. T, LT) or is it just some sideshow deal (Arquette, Jay Leno)?
  7. Bret and Leo Burke were the ones who trained Shamrock when he was going to return to wrestling.
  8. Don't know about beating him up but he definitely stiffed him. Heenan told that story. He said that Andre liked to do that one spot where he'd get tied into the ropes. So to get that to happen, they called a spot where Warrior would clothesline him and Andre would fall backwards into the ropes. Well, every night, Warrior would go full force and nail Andre with stiff clotheslines even though Andre kept telling him to lighten up. One night, Andre got pissed, stuck his fist out and nearly knocked Warrior out. Heenan said after that happened, Warrior basically tiptoed across the ring and tapped Andre with the clothesline.
  9. Are there any stories of Warrior being in any fights or shoot confrontations? Hogan at least has the famous one about him snatching Verne Gagne in a front facelock. The only thing I've heard about Warrior is him potatoing Rude and Rude taking him down and telling him to lighten up or else he would shove Warrior's head up his ass.
  10. Clearly Hulk Hogan is coming back to be Brock's opponent
  11. What's the Bret/HBK gif from?
  12. In my opinion this was more of a case of Vince telling both guys what they want to hear and pitting them against each other rather than Hogan not wanting to put Bret over. Bret said that Vince was the one who told him that Hogan refused to put him over for the title. Hogan pulled Bret into a meeting with Vince and when Hogan told his version of the story, Vince said that he never said that the match was going to be for the title.
  13. Craig Pittman sending out Prince Iaukea to distract Cobra aka Fake Sting while he rappelled down from the ceiling to ambush him is one of my favorite things ever.
  14. JJ Dillon brought that up in his book. He said he was riding back to the hotel after the show with Jimmy Hart, Kevin Sullivan and a few other people from the WCW creative team and they were all in silence. JJ goes, "Hulk Hogan, the greatest attraction in wrestling, was selling armbars from a talk show host. Where have we taken the business?" Jimmy Hart made the point that now Leno's door was open for Hogan. The counterpoint to that is, the door was open for Hogan and DDP, but what about the rest of WCW? How does it help the rest of the company? Was it really positive press for WCW or just a sideshow thing where the mainstream media would go, "hey look at the whacky hijinks Jay Leno is up to now"?