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  1. The finale was dark as hell. Bojack Horseman levels of depressing.
  2. There was an episode of that old TGIF show "Dinosaurs" where one of the characters gets in trouble for being sexually inappropriate. The media nicknamed him Al "Sexual" Harris because the term "sexual harassment" hadn't been invented yet and the gag was that's how the term originated. I always thought that name sounded like something Russo would give to somebody. Added trivia bonus--Al "Sexual" Harris was voiced by Jason Alexander.
  3. This. I feel like if parents get involved, the school caves. When my stepdaughter was 7, three boys were bullying here on the playground and made her feel unsafe. Calling her names, hitting her with a soccer ball, throwing dirt at her, etc. She got sick of it, chased them down and kicked them all in the balls. She was going to get suspended right along with the boys until my wife went to the school and raised holy hell over it and the school dropped her suspension. We've always told her to defend herself and that she'll never get in trouble with us for doing so.
  4. Don't forget that, depending on whose shoot interview you listen to, he either pawned the belt or sold it for crack.
  5. According to Bruce Prichard, if Michael Hayes would've gotten his way, they'd have had dusters with forks and spoons all over them.
  6. I just heard about this too. I did a quick google search and the only thing I could find were allegations of "misconduct". Nothing specific.
  7. Edge also never really drastically changed his gear after splitting with Christian. Although to be fair, Edge had a decent singles push before becoming a tag wrestler whereas Bret and Jeff were tag guys almost from the beginning of their WWF/E careers and never had a chance to get a signature "look" as a singles guy before being put in a tag-team.
  8. I don't think Jeff Hardy changed his look all that much from his tag-team run with Matt to his singles run. He's pretty much been wrestling in the same type of gear for about 20 years now.
  9. Trying to solo Torgue's Circle of Slaughter with Zane. I can get to Round 3 but those goddamn hounds or whatever they are just swarm the shit out of you.
  10. I love Foley's imitation of Funk going, "Oh Cactus, and all this time you thought I was just really good."
  11. How fucking good was/is Terry Funk? https://twitter.com/MrLARIATO/status/1206662920932876289
  12. Don't you disparage the goddamn good name of White Trash Johnny Webb like that.
  13. This has to be the most JCP match ever. Jimmy Valiant vs. George South. This is how 7 year old me spent Sat mornings.
  14. Yep. Punk was doing nothing other than messing around with the New Nexus and terrorizing Randy Orton and his 5 on-screen wives right before he dropped the Pipe Bomb.
  15. The Shield didn't lose a 6 man match until about 6 or 7 months into their tenure, beat up The Rock a couple of times, beat various combinations of Cena, Taker, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Ryback in 6 mans and got to put Taker through a table. I'd say that's a pretty strong push. The only reason they even lost to Punk was because they were going with a break-up angle that was aborted.
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