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  1. cwoy2j

    The Old School Questions thread

    Ole apparently was really well off when he retired. He was one of those guys who never spent anything and saved all of his money. I'm sure all of the medical stuff he's been going through in recent years has taken a toll but I've heard he was a millionaire when he retired.
  2. cwoy2j

    The Old School Questions thread

    Well that and the fact that he told Linda to go fuck herself when she and Vince met with him to discuss the sale of GCW.
  3. cwoy2j


    Nah, I mean of all Nitro matches. It was a pretty fantastic match.
  4. cwoy2j


    Probably one of the top 5 Nitro matches of all-time and I wouldn't argue too strenuously against someone saying it's the best one.
  5. cwoy2j


    This is what happens when you position almost any authority figure the promotion has had, and by proxy the promotion itself, as a heel for the better part of two decades.
  6. cwoy2j


    He's doing it wrong.
  7. cwoy2j

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    Titus O'Neil! You and your whole entourage of people! Kurt Angle, you took the belt from me! You're the man! You can do it!
  8. cwoy2j


    I think there's one of the Mr. Perfect outtakes.
  9. cwoy2j

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    Oh I know it's not going anywhere, I just wish it would. I'm just sick of it. They've basically done all they can do with it.
  10. I also remember Bret trying a ringpost Sharpshooter on Undertaker during their Summerslam 97 match. I don't think he completed the move though.
  11. Plus you're also crushing your opponent's nuts against the ring post!
  12. cwoy2j

    Rusev In The Bank! - SDL - 5/8/2018

    Even if Braun doesn't need it, it'd be the most satisfactory outcome. And I'd argue that he does need a shot in the arm right now. He's been spinning his wheels teaming a 9 year old and a heatless guy whose most memorable moment thus far in his comeback was nearly dropping Cass on his head. Braun would be the perfect guy to win it and break the stupid cycle of fluke cash-ins by telling Lesnar exactly when and where he's going to cash in as he doesn't need to rely on surprise to ensure that someone "gets these hands".
  13. cwoy2j

    Rusev In The Bank! - SDL - 5/8/2018

    During his match against D-Bry, Cass' idea of showing charisma was holding his clenched fist up in the air and mockingly yelling, "booo" at the fans before delivering another clothesline in what was a scintillating series of them. What a heel.
  14. cwoy2j

    Rusev In The Bank! - SDL - 5/8/2018

    They usually do have a end game. Granted "win a title shot that almost guarantees you the belt and then be booked to lose for months on end before winning the title on a fluke" is a shitty endgame but it's an endgame nonetheless.
  15. cwoy2j

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    The MITB concept needs to be Old Yellered.