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  1. Like a lot of people in the Covid times, I started breaking out my old systems from when I was a kid. Got my old NES, SNES and Sega Genesis going. And either I was a super genius as a kid or my reflexes are now on par with a coma patient and I've gotten progressively dumber as I've gotten older because it's a chore for me to beat games I used to fly through. I used to be able to pretty much just speed run through Life Force whenever I wanted but now I almost use every one of the 30 lives that the classic Konami Code gives you in that one.
  2. JJ Dillon talked about it in his book as well. IIRC, JJ was the one who called Hart House to verify and spoke to Stu.
  3. (Jim Cornette voice) "Anybody who comes out of a box is instantly over.....motherfucker."
  4. It reminds me of in college at the Univ of Miami when I'd play basketball against the football players and basketball players. Those guys were just other worldly athletes compared to everyone else. I played intramural games against guys on our football team and they were just so much bigger and faster than everyone it was insane. For instance, I'm sure that if you follow football, you've heard of Vince Wilfork. He was like a 350lb dude as a freshman and was probably 6'1 max. He would routinely dunk the basketball. That's crazy athleticism for a guy that size and body type. And my team was pret
  5. Didn't they do the weird preacher stuff and then immediately have his wife start banging Pillman or Val Venis? Like I said earlier, the timeline is a bit fuzzy but I think there were just so many factors going against him at that point.
  6. I wonder if the Goldust ones would've turned out better if Dustin was in a better place mentally and physically. I can't remember the exact timeline but IIRC, he broke his hand pretty badly in a match against Road Dogg around this time and he was battling substance issues as well.
  7. That and also breaking the rules of the show. The Foley interview, while shooty in nature, didn't really "break" the rules of what we expected out of WWF or the Mankind character. He destroyed the whole "I was locked in a sewer with rats b/c I couldn't play piano" shit but he brought in the fact that he was still a loner, outcast but just someone that people could relate to. Contrast that with something like, say, Buff Bagwell losing a match on purpose to La Parka and going, "Did I do a good enough 'job' for ya?!" That breaks the rules of the show and what we know about the Buff Bagwell charac
  8. And Bischoff has been very complimentary about Mero in his podcast so I guess time has healed those wounds. Mero pretty much opened up every WCW ppv from 93-96 and Bischoff has praised him for being able to get the crowd going for the ppv and always looking like a million bucks.
  9. I think it was Cornette who said that Vince really wanted the Johnny B. Badd gimmick but never thought it through that he (Mero) couldn't bring the gimmick with him. That's why the Wildman thing wasn't that well fleshed out. They signed him and then just slapped that gimmick on him and thought they'd figure it out later.
  10. Raven actually broke character to make sure VIllano was ok. He held Villano stable until the EMTs got into the ring. IIRC, their timing was off on a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo. Raven talked about it on one of his podcasts and he's remorseful about it to this day. He says he felt like shit b/c the whole thing was his fault. He rode to the hospital with Villano. https://www.pwpodcasts.com/2017/08/27/written-podcast-recap-raven-effect-reflection-raven-causing-ring-injury-ralphus-puts-goldberg-place-van-hammer-puts-prayer-ric-flair-human-eight-ball-plu/
  11. Went down a youtube rabbit hole. Found an Ernie Ladd vs. Gorilla Monsoon match that features Gorilla playing the sympathetic face and fighting from underneath. Did a great job of it too!
  12. Random Sweet Daddy Siki match. Him and Art Thomas vs. The Sicilians.
  13. Bret has said that Sweet Daddy Siki was one of his early inspirations. SDS would come through the Stampede territory and Bret was a huge fan of his gimmick when he was a kid.
  14. Now they just do it whenever someone kicks out of their 3rd tier signature move 5 minutes into a RAW match. "How did he kick out of my belly to back suplex?!"
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