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  1. If more people saw this video, Conrad Thompson would be out of a lot of money because this is definitely a sexy time song for all genders and there'd be no need for Blue Chew.
  2. They are pretty much the same. Aside from the beginning effects, the main hooks of the songs are the same. If you pick a random point in both videos and play them at the same time, they'll sound damn near identical.
  3. Sgt. Slaughter's theme sounded like a prototype of Medal.
  4. Nah, he had kind of a 70s era Parliament Funkadelic style song.
  5. Oh and I forgot that Vince had "God" come to the ring using it once.
  6. Off the top of my head 3. Ernest Miller, Brodus Clay and Xavier Woods (when he briefly "borrowed" the theme from Clay). Can't think of any others though.
  7. Not a fan reaction but I love it when JR loses his shit when Eddie Gilbert drapes the Russian flag on Bill Watts. "They just put the flag on The Cowboy!"
  8. That's what I like about AC Valhalla so far. I like leveling up and crushing people. I remember at the beginning of the game, I ran across Erik Loyalskull and he killed me in about 2 seconds because I was like power level 10 and you should be at least 50 or so for him. I went back when I was at 90 and destroyed him. I'm at about 170 now and with the gear I have, I can stomp pretty much anything that's 220 or lower. I did a bunch of those River Raids to get the St. George's Armor and also went on a hunt for the Brigandine Armor so I can switch between those two and Raven Clan armor. And this is the first AC game I've played but I read a lot of complaints about the future crap in the past games. I've only had to do one of those cut scene things so far. It was kind of annoying but not too bad. However, I can see how that would get old real quick if you had to do a bunch of them. I'll spoiler this for those who haven't played but
  9. Because of the Apter mags, I'm still waiting for Wildcat Wendell Cooley to jump to one of the Big 2 and win the IC or US title.
  10. I grew up in the 80s so it was more JCP vs. WWF. I'm from Virginia and we didn't have cable when I was a kid so the only WWF I got to see was Superstars on Sunday morning and the occasional times I stayed up late and watched Saturday Night's Main Event. I got two NWA shows every Saturday, one at noon and one at like 11:30pm or so (and this was back in the days when channels would stop at a certain time!) and my uncle would record the TBS shows and Clashes for me b/c he had cable. I was a big Apter mag reader too. The WWF never came to Charlottesville but the NWA would come here twice a year or so and they were in Richmond more often than that so I'd go to at least one NWA show every year as a kid. So anyway, I was a big NWA supporter. Even though I was only 7 in 1986, I pretty much knew what was going on with wrestling (retired wrestler Abe Jacobs spoiled it for me when I visited Ricky Steamboat's gym in Charlotte but that's a story for another day). That said, I thought the NWA seemed more authentic because their guys looked more like regular tough guys than the jacked up muscle guys in the WWF. I was firmly in the camp that Flair would wipe the floor with Hogan because he knew more "techniques" and was a better "scientific wrestler" and he wasn't stupid like the WWF rulebreakers who would sit there and stupidly hit Hogan during the Hulk-Up. I thought the WWF was "fake" because it was all bright, there were animals, a bunch of fat wrestlers who didn't know any "techniques" (yeah, I know Dusty Rhodes is fat and I didn't like him but at least he's tough and he knows how to put on a figure four) and all of Hogan's matches ended the same way. Plus there was hardly any blood! How can you tell 6 year old me that on one show, Ric Flair gets rammed into a cage and he's bleeding like a stuck pig but these losers in the WWF do and there's nothing?! Plus what's up with those stupid big blue bars? That's not a cage! Long story short, I thought the WWF was pretty hokey and that while wrestling might not be on the up and up, the NWA was more "real" (whatever that meant to 6-7 year old me). I definitely was not the kid that Vince McMahon was marketing to then. I'm sure he didn't lose any sleep over that though as we all know, there were millions of others who were.
  11. Thanks, that makes sense now. I remember looking at the released WCW salary data a while back and being surprised that nobody got any kind of merch money. I found that data and downloaded it into a spreadsheet. What's interesting is that some guys made a lot of money from licensing. Hogan was the top one there of course, but guys like Sting, Nash, DDP and a few others were pulling 6 figures in licensing for a couple of years
  12. Didn't Hall and Nash also get t-shirt or promo money though? I remember hearing one of them say that's the reason that they and Hogan always wore nWo t-shirts whenever they were doing anything on camera. It would count as a promotional appearance or something like that and they got extra money.
  13. It would be awesome if she brought back the old Ms. Madness 99 gimmick. I remember her taking off her heels to missile dropkick Kevin Nash once.
  14. Miami takes down #2 Duke on the road. 5-0 in the ACC! Whenever Miami wins a big game in football or basketball, my friends and I celebrate with a little Phil Collins!
  15. I'll admit, I really want the Brock/Roman stuff to somehow end up with one of them hiring Bivens to counteract Heyman.
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