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  1. There's a match on The Network where George Steele beats Hogan by countout in Boston to set up a return.
  2. This has nothing on Big E trying to get with Becky Lynch's mom via Twitter.
  3. This has nothing on Big E trying to get with Becky Lynch's mom via Twitter.
  4. Now I need Rusev to have a backstage segment with Dominic just so he can say, "aren't you a little young for full contact?"
  5. Prichard defending Fabulous Moolah hardcore on STW this week.
  6. I think that doctor went to Hollywood Upstairs Medical School too. That said, I don't care if Flair wants to wrestle until he's 100. If that's what he wants to do in his old age and someone is going to let him, who am I to judge.
  7. I remember Pittman cutting a promo on Cobra before that match and saying, "the beatings will continue until morale improves!" In hindsight, Pittman was pretty cool.
  8. Something tells me that "Shorty G" is going to become a thing much like "Fetch" did.
  9. The best summation I read of the Katagawa Ball fight is that "it's hard until it's easy." That's exactly what happened to me last night when I fought it. Thing killed me 15 times in a row without me even being able to get his yellow bar down. A couple of times he blasted me as soon as I dropped down the elevator shoot and put me in fight for my life immediately. Then I finally got into that spot behind the pipe where he can't hit you and used my drone and a corrosive SMG and a shock sniper rifle to kill him in about 4 or 5 minutes.
  10. I was in middle school when Brisco County was on and it was my favorite show. I was bummed as hell when it got cancelled.
  11. I had to upvote this for the Brisco County reference.
  12. I can see Jalen Ramsey rejecting a WWE Universal belt and asking for something like The Western States Heritage Title or one of World Class 6 Man titles just to be difficult.
  13. Only about 12 more to go until they get to the real number.
  14. Fun Ahmed Johnson fact. Bill Watts wanted to call him "Buck Johnson" when he (Watts) was working with Vince in 1995.
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