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  1. I really hate those f'n tags. They ruin perfectly good shirts for me. Has anyone gotten a WWE shirt and cut the tag off? Does it still look ok?
  2. I've been using the word "tremendous" a lot more since I've started listening to Storm and Cyrus' podcast. Not that I didn't use it a lot before but it's like a faucet I can't turn off now.

    Oh, then he accused Jim Ross of not giving his dog Alex any water when he was supposed to be dogsitting while Rick was wrestling. 1988 Rick Steiner was awesome.

    I was watching a Rick Steiner squash match from the 12/18/88 WCW show and he brings a kid out of the audience to kick George South in the ribs. He tried to pull one kid out of the audience but he was kinda young so he was pretty scared. He pulled an older kid out and brought him into the ring and they both booted poor George in the ribs. I laughed way too hard at that.

    Whoever is in charge of their marketing campaigns really needs to get their shit together. I keep getting emails saying that I can get free months as a new subscriber. I've had the Network from the beginning. I work pretty closely with a marketing dept that does this stuff all the time and one of the first things you do before sending out emails like that is to make sure you're not contacting people you shouldn't (those who aren't eligible for the promo b/c they live in certain countries, are already subscribed or signed up, have told you to fuck off in the past, etc).
  6. I heard that Linda recommended business hammocks for the White House.
  7. Tye Dillinger gets to be William H. Macy's character, JJ, because he's only in the movie for about ten seconds. I'll show myself out now.
  8. Who gets to be Eddie Arkadian? Ellsworth? Kofi isn't as bulky as Julius Carry but I could see him as the Shogun of Jamaica...I mean Ghana....I mean Boston.
  9. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    Reminds me of an anecdote Lawler told during the HBK/Taker HIAC. They were talking about Taker taking his time with HBK and Lawler said something like, "Of course he's taking his time. Why shouldn't he? It's like why does a funeral procession get to go through red lights? What's the hurry?"
  10. He actually did get away with it! 3 Min Warning attacked and they got away unscathed. Plus they won the blow-off match at Unforgiven. We'll just pretend that business with Rikishi dressed as a 400lb Samoan lesbian never happened.
  11. I think Arn's quote was "as long as he had $10 grand in the bank and a Corvette, Barry was happy." Can't fault him for that.
  12. Why did Hulk Hogan's opponents punch him 3 times after he kicked out of their finisher? Just bail out of the ring and take a powder when he's having his seizure of strength!
  13. Why does Sting keep trusting Ric Flair?! Why do people keep insisting on swinging at John Cena after he does 3 shoulder blocks to them? Just go with it dammit!
  14. I was watching a Hogan/Bossman match on The Network and it's a funny dynamic to watch in 2017. In 1989, it was just Hogan handcuffing the bad guy manager to the ropes while beating up the big nasty heel. In 2017, it's Hulk Hogan, who has been caught on tape throwing out racial slurs, handcuffing a black man, who is heavily implied to be a pimp, to the ropes and open hand slapping him. The redneck bully cop who is wearing a Confederate flag patch on his uniform tries to save the black pimp whom he takes orders from. The black pimp also manages another large white man who has racial identity issues.
  15. I know Luger was on his way out but man did JR bury him on commentary during his title defense against Sting. He talked about how it was a foolish decision on Lex' part to bulk up for the title defense and was dogging his intelligence in general throughout the whole match. Which is funny b/c JR used to always talk about how smart Luger was. Bringing up his degree in marketing and all that.