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  1. Yeah, Greatjon is dead. Smalljon told Ramsay something like, "I'd have killed him myself if he hadn't died on his own."
  2. The spot where Roman powers out of Sister Abigail and then hulks up to take out The Wyatt Family is awesome.
  3. 1: Who will be sitting the Iron Throne at the end of the final episode?--Jon Snow 2: Five (or fewer) name characters who will still be alive* at the end of the final episode.--Jon Snow, Theon, Sansa, Samwell, Arya 3: Who will be the first major character to die this season?--Jorah 4: Who will be the final major on screen death in the last episode?--Jaime
  4. It reminded me of heel Michael Cole to a degree. He didn't put any heat on the heels, it was all on him and the promotion. He was basically telling us that we're stupid for watching the show and that we're all a bunch of nerds. Why would I want to watch that?
  5. I kind of believe Bret about not banging Sunny. Sunny is pretty open about who she had sex with (she's very explicit when she talks about what she did with Shawn) and even she denies it.
  6. Jaime has Widow's Wail. Olenna made mention of it during the scene where Jaime gave her poison.
  7. I've seen Atlas talk about it in a couple of shoots and I agree, every time he talks about it, it seems like it's the only thing he's not bullshitting about and that he's legit fucked up over. Every other story he tells reeks of bullshit but to me it he seems like he's shooting straight when talking about the Brody murder.
  8. Well he is America's answer to Otm Shank.
  9. Luger vs. Pillman from Halloween Havoc 89 is a great example of a big guy vs. small guy match. They told a great story about how the match was all about Luger's power and experience vs. Pillman's speed and fire.
  10. I remember hearing a funny story from Sting's TNA days. They had a celebrity on the show whose name escapes me now and said celebrity ran into Sting backstage. He didn't know that Sting was a wrestler at all as he just knew Sting as "Real Estate Steve".
  11. That's a really underrated flick. I liked how Machine was really just some pudgy, middle aged dude. Not an over the top big bad, just a normal guy who could be your neighbor. Also, he was the pervy teacher that Keanu Reeves defended in Devil's Advocate and Frank Sobotka from The Wire.
  12. King Ralph scared the hell out of me.
  13. That was probably the best overbooked match ever.
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