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  1. Eh, I don't know if he'd have had a long career in the NFL. I'm a UM alum and have been watching UM football since I was a kid in the 80s. The Rock was a decent player but he wasn't ever going to pass Sapp on the depth chart or the other defensive linemen we had at that point. Not to say he couldn't have made the NFL but even if he stayed healthy, I don't know how long he would've stayed in the league. He likely would've found his way into wrestling at some point or another, just may have taken longer.
  2. They definitely did. It sounded really close to a bad "f" word so I remember it got dropped quickly. IIRC, Edge and Christian were referring to the McMahon/Helmsley Regime as the "Facgime" jokingly as they couldn't figure out if they were a faction or a regime. But the way everyone said it really sounded like if you took the f word slur for gay people and combined it with regime.
  3. That's the best explanation of Dusty's mid-80s character I've seen. He came across like a redneck guy who won a good amount of money in a lottery or got a nice pay raise but it's not enough to be classified as "rich". He'd have a fur coat because he remembered rich people in the tv shows he watched as a kid had one and a nice car but he'd mostly tool around in shitty jeans and a Hank William's Jr t-shirt.
  4. Any news on a release date for Retromania on PS4? I did some quick searching but haven't found anything.
  5. Yeah that's the real Luger. DDP, Bischoff, Nikita and others interact with that account pretty regularly and Bischoff has talked about speaking to Lex on the phone every now and then has referenced Luger's tweets from the account.
  6. I remember a random HHH/Austin match from Buried Alive 96 where they were starting the JR heel turn. King was constantly needling JR about Vince's commentary habits. "JR, isn't it really annoying when Vince says '1-2, he got him...oh no he didnt'! Isn't that annoying JR?!" And the best was Austin putting HHH in a wristlock and JR calls it and tells Vince something to the effect of, "that's a wristlock not a wristwatch but you wouldn't know that".
  7. Tyler Bate kicking out at 1 from WALTER's powerbomb is the best highspot of the last 10 years.
  8. You know that if Russo was booking, this entire angle would just be a vehicle to get someone, anyone to say, "the royal penis is clean Your Highness" as a payoff.
  9. Don't know how hot of a take this is but here goes. I HATE all cinematic matches. They all look like a bunch of hokey horseshit to me. If I want to watch a movie, I'll watch a goddamn movie.
  10. Buying a ticket for a back-up crow is what slays me. Wrestlers don't have stunt doubles for crazy bumps (well except for that one time where Vampiro lit "Sting" on fire and pushed him off of the WCW version of the Titan Tron) and they'll make a concussed Bret Hart try to speed away in a rental car on an icy concrete area with production trucks all around him but they'll pay for a stunt crow.
  11. The best WCW spending story is from JJ Dillon's book. He said that when Sting did an appearance with a crow in 1997 they had to spend $5,000 to contract a crow handler. They had to buy plane tickets for the crow handler, the crow and get this...a back-up crow. They did this multiple times, had to pay the crow handler $5K each time and apparently the crow was only in each shot for like 5-10 seconds.
  12. I think the best part is that El Dandy is on Facebook.
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