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  1. What if Vince waves a shit ton of money in his face?
  2. Was listening to Tony S' podcast on Bash at the Beach 1994 and a weird question popped into my head. Have Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley ever been in the same ring together? This is one of the few ppvs they've ever been on together but I was wondering if they'd actually had any onscreen interaction together. Fairly certain they've never had a match but any promos or anything like that?
  3. I'd say more of a young Tarantino
  4. In his book, Foley joked that Austin's Thesz Press was essentially a flying dick to the face.
  5. I met him a while back at the NWA Legends convention and he was super nice. Had a beer with him in the bar the night before the event and he chatted with me and my group of friends about football and wrestling for quite a while. Ross, Gerald Brisco and Terry Funk were all awesome and went out of their way to talk to anyone who wanted to chat.
  6. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 6

  7. I do love how their big plan to get Pillman over was to have a monster beat the piss out of him and have him carried off on a stretcher. That'll really get the people behind him.
  8. I've always heard it was going to end the same way. Sid isolating Pillman and beating the piss out of him until the refs called it. They had to go home early due to the botches. Trying to think where I heard that, I think it was either an Arn or Sid shoot interview.
  9. Don't you dare sully the good name of TT Rodriguez.
  10. I don't like him b/c he's a shitty wrestler with one facial expression and a cliche gimmick.
  11. FIFY. He flew over the international date line so much that he actually worked more than 400 days in one year.
  12. Lance Russell Has Died

    If a 90 year old announcer cutting a promo talking about waiting 25 years to give a receipt to a manager for pouring flour on him isn't pro wrestling than I don't know what the fuck is.