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  1. I lost my streak due to the update. Logged on late in the evening on Sat just to do a few challenges and kept getting kicked out or not being able to get in at all. Had a 35 day streak going.
  2. They were both legit from South Africa. They were the sons of a South African wrestler/promoter.
  3. I was just thinking that in WWE canon, Dominic Mysterio is Eddie Guerrero's kid.
  4. Van Hammer was a gimmick that lasted a lot longer than I thought. He was in WCW for like 8 years!
  5. Greg Valentine had a couple of WCW stints that lasted longer than I thought. He was there for 8 months in 1992. I remember him winning the US tag-titles with Terry Taylor in Feb 1992 and losing them in short order but I could've sworn he left soon after that. He stuck around until October of that year. Then he was back in WCW from 1996 to 1998! I remembered him doing a job or two to The Giant and Macho Man in 1996 and that's it but apparently he was on the payroll until 1998. Wiki says he only had 8 matches in 1997 and 4 in 1998. I bet he was paid at least $150K a year though.
  6. Holy crap I could've sworn Fritz pulled the plug on that quicker than 1 year and a half.
  7. Road Warrior Animal was a thing in WWE for nearly a year from July 05 to June 06. I could've sworn he was only around for like 3-4 months where he teamed with Heidenreich and Matt Hardy before going back to his original 1980s Road Warrior look (minus the tiny booty jorts). Apparently he lost to Matt Hardy in a MITB qualifying match and lost a match to Benoit for the US title too. Road Warrior Animal in 2006 in a MITB match would've been a interesting to say the least.
  8. They should've channeled the finish from the Dusty/Tully "FIrst Blood" match from Starrcade 1985. Dusty busted open Tully but the ref was down and JJ closed up Tully's cut with vaseline. The ref gets bumped while Rey pulls out Seth's eye/marble. Then while the ref is down, Murphy comes down and puts Seth's eye/marble back in with the help of WD40 or vaseline, takes out Rey's eye/marble, covers Seth's face with a towel and when the ref wakes up all he sees is Rey's eye/marble out and calls for the bell.
  9. I do love Carcetti's line about him though. "He's a hack but he's my hack." But yeah, fuck Valchek. Haven't watched the show in a while but IIRC, Sobotka's murder and the Grain Pier project getting derailed were basically the result of Valchek getting pissy about Sobotka's union giving the church a bigger stained glass window than him.
  10. Thanks again! I have a fed going that I started back in 2003. Didn't want to overwrite that so copied the files to another location and then pasted the updated year's data into that directory and it worked perfectly. Appreciate the help.
  11. Thanks! And sorry for another basic question but once you download a roster, how do you load it into your game?
  12. Maybe he only wore tights when he skipped leg day.
  13. Snuka probably switched to tights b/c he was in his 50s at that point and was probably trying to hide his old man legs. It's an upper body business anyway.
  14. Baby/Powder blue trunks=you're getting pushed down the card
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