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  1. That's why I loved WCW. Where else would you see a karate champion try to beat an arm wrestling champion by trying to kick him with a red dancing shoe that was given to him by his nefarious manager?
  2. I think Nash was supposed to come down and leave Bret laying at one point too. Bischoff also wanted Bret to heel on the fans that night too. Bret was like, "people have literally been standing outside the arena all day in sub-freezing temperatures chanting my name. Why should I be a heel?"
  3. What about the Starrcade 99 Powerbomb match between Sid and Nash that Nash won by convincing the ref that he powerbombed Sid when he really didn't? Now that is the height of laziness and referee incompetence.
  4. Then you run a move vs. move match ala Fritz Von Erich vs. The Spoiler in their Claw vs. Claw match.
  5. That would be a great storyline. Like an inverse of the Magnum TA/Mr. Wrestling II angle where II made Magnum his protege, taught him II's patented kneelift and then turned on him.
  6. That's the way I looked at it and why one guy using another guy's finisher or holds in another match never bothered me. I just looked at it like the guy who didn't win with it wasn't as good at using the move as the guy who finished matches with it. It's like asking, "well 3 pointers are worth more than a dunk in basketball so why doesn't Shaq shoot 3 pointers?"
  7. Also, Russo wanted to have Ronald Goldman fight OJ in a match where Goldman could use any weapon he wanted.
  8. That's actually the gif I was trying to find but it never came up. The one I posted was the best one I could find.
  9. Seriously. It's easy. One has Donald Gibb and the other doesn't. Easy call.
  10. Buff was the king of corner cam trash talk and posing.
  11. Hebner's best delayed count was the one he did in the HBK/Sid match at Survivor Series 1996.
  12. Hebner's best delayed count was the one he did in the HBK/Sid match at Survivor Series 1996.
  13. Hebner's best delayed count was the one he did in the HBK/Sid match at Survivor Series 1996.
  14. Yep, Bret's book is my source on that. Apparently he designed it as a logo for the minor league hockey team that Bret was part owner of. Bret then started incorporating it into his ring gear.
  15. Fun fact, Jerry Lawler was the one who designed that logo for Bret.
  16. I think he had to sign over his real name. That was one of the concessions he made for his IRONCLAD CONTRACT.
  17. Ah ok. I just remember hearing that withdrawing from anything without medical supervision was really dangerous and I'd always heard alcohol withdrawal could be lethal. Just assumed that drugs would be the same.
  18. If I wanted Wrestling Machine matches, I'd have asked for Evil Dead matches.
  19. Nothing will ever top ICP explaining the origins of Fat Fuck Barrel Boy's name. "He's fat. He's a fuck and he wears a barrel to the ring. What more do you want?"
  20. Why is Nash doing the "sorority squat for a Facebook pic" pose?
  21. Del Wilkes went into detail on his pill use on Austin's podcast and it was very similar. Just tons of driving around to different pharmacies, visiting various doctors to get prescriptions, popping jaw dropping amounts of pills in one sitting, etc. As far as kicking it cold turkey, I've heard a few celebrities and wrestlers say that's how they did it. IIRC, Shane Douglas said that one day he just rented a hotel room for a few days and just holed up there to get clean from whatever he was on. Slash from GnR said that whenever he got too deep into heroin and was about to go on tour or needed
  22. This reminds me of Scott Keith riffing on Jack Victory being under a mask as The Blackmailer and how just how in the hell that gimmick could even work in wrestling. He joked about how they should make him be "The Adulterer" one week, having him come out in a generic body suit with a big red A on it and let him cut a promo that goes like, "I cheat on my wife!!! (crowd boos) And I'll cheat on all of yoooooouuuurr wives too! (crowd booing intensifies)"
  23. I still love the batshit story Hart told about Perez' plan to shoot on Flair and take the title in front of the mostly Hispanic audience in South Florida.
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