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  1. Thanks! I'd actually seen that video before and tried the aggressive approach and she killed me a bunch. For whatever reason, I went back to it this morning and my spirit wolves actually did their jobs and kept her attention so I could dart in and Bloody Slash her to death. Also, beforehand, I was summoning the wolves right out of the gate in phase 2 and doing that makes it 50/50 whether you dodge her initial magic blast. This time I just concentrated on dodging that first blast and then doing the summons. Now on to the next boss that'll murder me 100 times, make me get frustrated and bitch more before I figure it out lol.
  2. He's gotta do the classic rant that Ventura goes on at Summerslam 89 when Schiavone suggests that it's ok for Warrior to hit Rude with a chair since they're outside the ring. "What are you saying Schiavone, you can shoot somebody as long as it’s outside the ring?....you’re even dumber than Monsoon!”
  3. I started off Vagabond class. Been using the Royal Remains set or the Carian Knight set recently. I've been stuck on Rennala. Her first phase is easy enough but it's the second phase I'm struggling with. I felt like the Carian Knight set would be good for her as it has good magic resistance but if I get caught by one blast or get hit by her stupid summons a couple of times, I'm dead and that's what's frustrating me. I'm using the Bloodhound's Tooth Great Sword +4 or a Bloody Longsword +8 because she's weak to bleeding (or so it says online). I'm also using the Lone Wolf summons and got them upgraded to +4. You can dodge and dodge all you want but one or two slip ups and that's it. I'm just not used to having to pitch the proverbial perfect game to fight every boss in a game. I'm guessing the answer is kinda to just "git gud" but damn it just feels like beating my head against the wall when I level up and level up and the amount of damage I can take doesn't feel like it changes. Current stats Vigor--29 Mind--16 Endurance--21 Strength--30 Dexterity--20 Intelligence--12 Faith--11 Arcane--8
  4. At what level do you need to be at before everything stops kicking your ass? I'm over level 60 and I go up against bosses that say I should be at level 40 at and they wipe the floor with me. I have pretty good gear and all that but if I make one mistake, I'm dead. It's probably just a me problem as I think I just suck at this game and maybe need a break from it but I gotta say this game has gotten out of the "difficult but fun" stage for me and into the "I'm tired of this shit" stage. I just feel like leveling up has little to no effect on the game play.
  5. His match with Bret at Bash at the Beach 98 was pretty good despite the shit finish. And I've always had a soft spot for his title win over Jarrett at Bash at the Beach 00.
  6. Yeah same here. Margit took me a bunch of tries. Godrick only took me two. The wolves and whatever other helper you get in that fight did most of the work and I just ran in and hit him a couple of times with a +4 bloody longsword. I had the firedrake pendant that negates a lot of fire damage so his dragon attack didn't do much damage.
  7. What's funny is that not more than 5 hours after I wrote my last post, I beat Godrick the Grafted pretty easily. I lost once but went right back at it and killed him fairly quickly.
  8. I'm pretty awful at this game. I'm just not getting the combat mechanics down and enemies who are way lower level than me and killing me easily. I'm level 50 and that stupid tree sentinel thing kills me within a few hits. Everything I've read said you should be able to beat him around level 25.
  9. Just got this last week. About 10 hours in and it's ok. Having fun with it so far but the game feels aimless. Like the one poster above said, it's frustrating to not have a journal or quest log and having to run to youtube or find a tutorial online in order to find things to do. It's decent enough but I feel like this is going to be one of those games that I'll spend a good amount of time on, beat it once and then trade in.
  10. Finally finished all of the endings. The "Don't Fear The Reaper" ending was really f'n hard due to your health only regenerating to a certain point. Took me a couple of tries to get that one done. Don't really have anything else to do in the game now though. There are a few police scanner jobs I left and I don't really have any interest in the Beat on Brat missions or that driving one you do for the Afterlife bartender so I'm probably done with the game unless some DLC comes out. Overall, I really enjoyed the game and didn't encounter any game breaking glitches.
  11. Don't know what they did for those guys. The Abyss thing is just annoying to me because it's repetitive (I have misophonia) and they do it for really long stretches of his matches.
  12. So I like to watch the old TNA ppvs that AXS shows every Thursday and I almost always have to mute or change the channel whenever Abyss is on. Not because of anything about him personally or match wise, it's just there are these idiots who chant "wwwwwooohhhhh ohhhh Abyss" over and over again anytime he's onscreen for the entire duration of his match. What the hell was the deal with that? It was super f'n annoying. Was there some kind of inside joke from that time period? It's like every match he's in from 03-06 or so.
  13. He did get the first shot at Hogan after Hogan beat The Giant at Road Wild. IIRC, they did bring up the fact that he got the first shot b/c he was the US champ.
  14. There was a Flair/Luger match right after Flair lost the World Title to Sting where he fought Luger for the US title. The announcers kept saying that the reason Flair was targeting Luger was to win the US title and therefore be the defacto #1 contender to the World Title. One of the few times I remember that talking point being specifically called out.
  15. Tully and others would also do a thing at house shows where the TV title would be on the line for the first 10 minutes of the match but if he got pinned afterwards, the title didn't change hands. The reasoning was that the time limit in TV title matches was 10 minutes. A neat way for a heel champ to build heat by stalling or barely hanging on for 10 minutes, yet send the fans home somewhat happy as the face can win the match after the 10 minutes was up. Also a good way to establish a future challenger.
  16. WWE actually did a pretty decent job of establishing that King of the Ring means more money with Baron Corbin. He talked about how he was able to live larger than his usual standard of living when he won it, overextended himself because he thought the gravy train wouldn't end and then became destitute once he lost the crown to Nakamura. Funny that they used that angle for the largely lame King of the Ring gimmick and not the IC or US title but I'll take good explanations and nuances like that in wrestling where I can get them.
  17. Just in case you need something fun and positive today, watch this clip of JYD dancing with some kids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEANstyOMtk&ab_channel=raclos234
  18. I don't know if he has enough pearls to clutch as he uses most of them during his tweets to Ruiz.
  19. Go to about 5:40 here. If you can't be entertained by Snake Brown then I don't know what to tell you.
  20. I'd buy a t-shirt that had this picture and said that on it https://qph.cf2.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-027ac6246de2edbbcd714b67d96742e7-lq
  21. Didn't know that. I actually liked Snake Brown as I thought he was a pretty entertaining "preliminary talent" as I used to call them back in the day (from the Apter mags). I remember there's a really fun squash match he and Sting had.
  22. Ah ok, fair point. See it was more nostalgia for me to see those matches.
  23. I liked the Pillman one more for the documentary than the matches. Pillman is a guy like Eddie Gilbert to me where they had a relatively brief time in the business but they both fascinate the hell out of me. I thought the matches they included were pretty cool too b/c remember at the time, there was no WWE Network. I thought it was awesome to see the Bad Company match and to be able to rewatch some of the WCW matches like the cage match against Steamboat/Douglas and against Liger.
  24. IIRC, The Rise & Fall of ECW dvd is the one where Vince actually admitted that putting HHH over Tazz while Tazz had the ECW title wasn't the best idea.
  25. That one was actually tape trader gold back in the day. WCW never released it on VHS as far as I know so the only way anyone had it was if you actually bought the ppv and recorded it. Another fun fact from that ppv is Jimmy Garvin debuting a Stone Cold Stunner against Johnny B. Badd with him and Michael Hayes shouting about calling it the "911" into the camera after the match. Go to about 1:30 in this clip https://streamable.com/jm3k8d
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