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  1. And I just saw that promo was hyping a card that was within days of what was my 4th birthday! I was watching wrestling then. Now I'm gonna give my mom and dad shit for not taking me.
  2. I love the fact that they're hyping up a match at U-Hall. I'm a Charlottesville native and live here now so U-Hall has quite a few fond wrestling memories for me. I remember seeing an Abdullah the Butcher/Cactus Jack street fight where Abby hiptossed Jack through a wooden barricade right in front of me onto the concrete floor. I remember Jack hitting the floor sounding horrific and there was no padding or anything. Keep in mind that this was a 1991 or 92 WCW house show and there were probably 1,500 people there tops.
  3. I'm not saying that the women don't fall all over him...but he don't give in.
  4. I always love the story about how when Frank Trigg was backstage at a TNA show and saw Sting, he only knew him as Real Estate Steve.
  5. I loved The New Breed. Sean Royal was actually a super entertaining promo. Plus they had a robot manager.
  6. Profightdb says no but they only have 4 matches for him from 1988. He did team with Sting against Arn and Tully though so it's not out of the realm of possibility that there was a house show WarGames. http://www.profightdb.com/wrestlers/nikita-koloff-501.html?year=1988
  7. Thanks! I checked him out and he has a review where he says he actually doesn't know a lot about those Pandora box ones. I'm really just looking for something that will allow me to save my progress in a game and it won't brick on me and make me have to jump through a million sketchy hoops to get fixed.
  8. Not even just of The Fresh Prince. I'd argue that this is one of the best acted scenes in tv history. Will losing all of his bluster and bravado and breaking down with, "Why don't he want me man?" always makes the room get dusty for me. I don't know if Phil Avery improvised that quick hug or what but I know I always want to reach through the screen and give Will a hug whenever I watch this one.
  9. I'm looking to get one of those retro arcade boards that has like 2,000 old games on it. There are lots of options and they all look like they come from shady Chinese companies. Have any of you guys had any experience with those and if so, what's the best one to get? Ones to stay away from? This is the one I've been looking at https://www.amazon.com/888Warehouse-.../dp/B07DBNZ3BF
  10. Probably the most coherent thing Marty Jannetty has posted in years https://www.facebook.com/1martyjannetty/posts/10221075809699221
  11. It's changed now as I get a kick out of his antics but as a kid I absolutely could not fucking stand The Boogie Woogie Man. I thought his whole presentation was stupid and I might've been the only 6 year old in the world who was rooting for Paul Jones in 1985. Actually I was probably the only person in the world rooting for Paul Jones in 1985, regardless of age.
  12. What's the over/under on the date when the first question marks show up on Matt Riddle's gear? I'm going with Dec 1 and taking the under because I think he'll debut it at Survivor Series.
  13. All that's missing was for him to take a magic crystal that belonged to Synn, get into a helicopter and throw it into a vat of piranhas on ppv.
  14. My friend and I were watching the Taker/Yoko casket match from Survivor Series 94 and IRS does a run-in while Chuck Norris is distracted (that's a real sentence I just typed). Normally, if a heel is going to run-in and cheat, he's going to hit the babyface with a devastating move or a foreign object or just do something interesting in general. What does Mike Rotundo do? He puts Taker in a fucking sleeper hold. Only Mike Rotundo would do a run-in and have his big idea of getting heat and cheating be clamping on a sleeper. And I'm a fan of bully jock heel Varsity Club era Mike Rotundo but that w
  15. Benoit never called anyone a test tube baby or told them to go back to Jupiter or Mars. Advantage Dynamite. A
  16. Scott Keith had a pretty funny line about Taker's shiny old man pants: "UT is wearing the most incredibly old-person-looking pair of slacks I’ve ever seen tonight. “Hey, kid, get off my barcalounger before I call the cops and tie you to the learning tree!"
  17. HH24pythons tweeted--"WHut day izit? Went over intnational date line 5 times in two days to slam giants. lulz. It's been Sunday for a week."
  18. BretHartBestThereIS tweeted at 2am--"Banged Denny's waitress. Told me I was the greatest with tearz in hr eyez. Julie mad at me. Whuts hur deal?"
  19. Sting was very underrated as a pure athlete. He was a deceptively big guy who did all kinds of crazy leaps and jumps and was also really fast. Not to go all JR but he probably would've been a hell of a football player if that's the route he had decided to take.
  20. Because we all need to see Jerry Lawler piledriving a serial killer who's on fire.
  21. I actually just watched the Sting/Jake match with my buddy on our weekly Zoom watch along. It's funny but the match itself wasn't completely awful up until the finish. It was chugging along ok and then I think they must've been running out of time or something b/c Sting sold Jake's ddt for about 3 seconds before popping up to climb the pole for the glove while Cactus ran into give Jake the cobra. We all know what happened from there.
  22. In terms of Rooster and Koko, Koko probably would've murdered him. Unlike Murdoch, I could see Taylor shooting off his mouth and making a dumbass joke about fried chicken and watermelon or some other stereotype. In his book, Bret says that's basically what set off the Koko/Jim Troy brawl. Troy kept telling Koko to eat chicken and Koko hit him.
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