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  1. Only Kevin Nash could lazy his way out of winning a "winner must hit his finish" match by not actually hitting his finishing move. And it's been a while since I've watched it but I remember Liz absolutely waffling Sting with that bat. IIRC, she hit him damn near flush in the face and it made a giant smack. She put all 115lbs or whatever the fuck she weighed at the time behind it and wiffle ball bat or not, that had to hurt like a mofo b/c I don't think Sting put his hand up or anything. Edit--here's a video of it. Jeebus, she cracked him right in the face as he turned around so he didn't even have a chance to put his hand up.
  2. The best part about Souled Out 2000 is that Russo wanted Tank Abbott to walk out with the title. He had pitched putting the title up in a Royal Rumble type deal. IIRC, Sid would toss everyone out and you'd think he won but there'd be one more guy left and Tank would come out, knock Sid out and take the belt. And then Terry Funk would light the ring on fire for...well....reasons. JJ Dillon talked about that a lot in his book. Apparently they were in a production meeting before the show and Russo was asking what it would take to get the fire marshal out of the building so that they could wipe the ring down with flammable gel at some point and then have Funk set the ring on fire with his flaming branding iron to close the show. Right after he pitched that, Brad Siegel or whoever was running WCW at that point (I can't recall exactly who) said Russo would have to work with a booking committee and he declined and left for a while until he and Bischoff came back in April.
  3. I was at Uncensored 2000. The best part of the strap match was Hogan "choking" Flair with his weight belt where you could see at least a foot of air between the belt and Flair's neck. And it wasn't shown on tv but before the ppv we saw a promo where Sid dropped this gem, "Jeff Jarrett thinks that he's the master and the ruler of the world but I'm the master and the ruler of the world and you can't be the master of the master!" It's a run-on sentence but his logic checks out.
  4. I bought this game instead of Elden Ring as it was cheaper and probably more of what I'm looking for in a game. Any tips for a newbie? Like anything I should take care not to miss in the early going?
  5. I'm just not in favor of handcuffing kids to a school. And again, it's not like they can just up and go at any point in the year and do it multiple times over the course of their college career without extenuating circumstances.
  6. Kids can't just up and leave multiple times unless there are other circumstances. You can only Portal once without losing eligibility. Plus you have to enter the Portal prior to May 1 to be eligible for the next year so there is a window. And back to the imbalance thing, so things will be even more imbalanced than they have been over the past 10-15 years when things have been dominated by the "It Just Means More" Conference? https://www.bestcolleges.com/news/2021/12/22/ncaa-transfer-portal-nil-college-football-playoff/#:~:text=The one-time transfer rule,as a penalty for transferring.
  7. So things will be more unbalanced than they have been for the past 10 years where the same 7 or 8 schools are realistically in contention for the CFP and dog walk everyone else? And there are rules and limits on the portal. It's not exactly as Wild West as the Dabos of the world want people to believe.
  8. RIP Owen. Man, how fucking good was he? It's amazing to think about the athleticism it takes to do this smoothly.
  9. And this is probably the video that was being referenced. After watching this, I'm gonna put the onus on "creative". You have a guy who can do this shit. Figure out a way to maximize his strengths. Who cares if he doesn't come off well in musical chair skits or cut nursery rhyme promos with catchphrases. Figure it out. Give him a mouthpiece or put him against people who can carry a feud on the mic. Or I guess you could just hire some C-list level actress as his "Momma" and give him shirts that make him look like a dime store Rock. Whatever floats your boat.
  10. I'd say that's an apt comparison. Shelton's one of those guys that I think would've done really well in the 80s. He can have a decent to good match with damn near anyone so he'd have made an awesome traveling midcard babyface who could occasionally come in and work a top program with a guy like Lawler. Put him against a top heel who could carry things on the mic, maybe some tag-team partners or something and a promoter could milk that feud for good money for a couple of months worth of house shows/tv. I don't think he could carry things on his own but he's a guy you could fit into a bunch of spots due to sheer ability and look. When I was a kid, I always looked at Brad Armstrong as a middle of the road guy who'd beat prelim bums (tm Eddie Ellner), trade wins with midcard guys and give the top guys a fight but come up just this short. However, he was credible enough that I wouldn't have batted an eye if they'd have had him pull an upset on a guy like Luger or Flair. That's what prime Shelton was to me.
  11. @Kevin WilsonI want to say I don't want you to think I'm being antagonistic towards you either. I'm a little concerned that I may be coming off that way. I'm a Miami fan and alum (as you can see by my avatar) so I've heard all kinds of bullshit and coded language about how "oh Miami pays players all the time" and "those thugs down there", etc when the good ol' boy network in traditional powers are doing all kinds of dirt under the table. The hypocrisy really grinds my gears because I have some first hand knowledge of some of these so-called "clean" schools (UVa for instance as I live in Charlottesville) offering kids cash, looking the other way on rapes, drugs, academics or whatever so I just sort of look at all of this stuff as the chickens coming home to roost on the good ol' boys. All of the money stuff is just above board now and everyone can participate not just Jim Bob at the car dealership giving a player a car for 4 years or a 6 figure job for a LA or South Florida based player's mom magically coming open in some podunk town in Alabama or Oklahoma. Long story short, I hate the hypocrisy of the NCAA and the people bitching about kids finally cashing in so I do hope it's the Wild West. I just wanted to make it clear that I wasn't coming at you or anything like that.
  12. I was going to say that Missy Hyatt is a low key awesome Twitter follow but fuck that low key stuff. She's pretty awesome on Twitter.
  13. I wish I could remember the guy's name (I wanna say Jeff Katz) but he did some WCW internet audio shows with Rude. He said they were doing one show that was boring as hell so Rude decided to mess with the crowd. Rude was like, "watch this. I'm gonna piss off that entire section without saying a word." Their broadcast position was kind of on an elevated crows nest thing so Rude stood up and just made eye contact with this one woman who was there with her b/f. He just held eye contact with her and smirked at her and her b/f. He did this for like 5 minutes and the boyfriend is cussing at him and then people around noticed what was going on and started looking. He just kept on smirking and looking and the whole section started yelling at him. Then he just sat down and continued doing play by play while that whole section was screaming at him.
  14. Yeah, keeping fan interest is a good reason but is it a "valid" one is what I'm getting at. Fans are always going to watch. Teams are just going to have to figure it out and they will. Every major change that has come down the pike, teams have figured it out. There's just going to be a new normal and people are going to continue to watch. And just because kids can move more freely doesn't mean they will. And even with the transfer portal, you can only transfer one time and play immediately. If you leave again, you do have to attend your new school for a year without playing so it's not as Wild West as people think. There are exceptions to the one-time rule (if your scholarship is taken away for non-disciplinary/academic reasons or if your previous school dropped the sport).
  15. Yeah as a fan it sucks but other than that, there's no valid reason why a player shouldn't be able to go where they want without losing eligibility. I guess the issue some of these NIL deals are going to run into is what happens when a player transfers? Do they yank the deal away? Miami already had a situation like this sort of arise. Someone in Wong's camp tried to strongarm John Ruiz, the CEO of Life Wallet, into giving Wong a bigger NIL deal than what was originally signed or else Wong would transfer. Ruiz said he wouldn't renegotiate but he would help Wong get other NIL deals if he transferred. Wong came out and said he never intended to transfer and that someone put that statement out without his knowledge and he was staying with Miami. So crisis averted here but I'm sure this won't be the last time something like this arises. https://caneswarning.com/2022/04/30/miami-hurricanes-booster-john-ruiz-will-help-isaiah-wong-get-other-nil-deals/
  16. Apparently the Authors of Pain are putting together a series of shows. First one is next month and here's the card: World Championship match: Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman) vs. Alistair Overeem Women's Championship match: Lina Fanene (Nia Jax) vs. CJ Perry (Lana) Tag Team Championship match: Gzim Selmani & Sunny Dhinsa (The Authors of Pain) vs. Westin Blake & Steve Maclin (Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler) Killer Kross (Karrion Kross) vs. Samuray Del Sol (Kalisto) vs. JONAH (Bronson Reed) Women's Tag Team Championship match: Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green Dean Muhtadi (Mojo Rawley) vs. Lince Dorado Pre-show match: Mike Bennett (Mike Kanellis) vs. Biff Busick (Oney Lorcan) Pre-show match: Dirty Dango (Fandango) vs. Levis Valenzuela Jr. (No Way Jose)
  17. Here's the big question, why should there be a limit on player movement? Why shouldn't a player be able to go where he/she wants and not give up eligibility?
  18. Agreed with this. Business wise, they're probably as stable as ever. TV deals, streaming service, Saudi deals, etc. They're probably less dependent on "butts in seats" and people actually buying merch or even watching the weekly tv than ever. All they have to do is pump out content and likely just keep the ratings above 3am informercials and they'd still make money hand over fist.
  19. He actually did pull out the "I'm here for your souls!" line in a promo in 1988 or so. I wish I could remember when he did it but he definitely dropped that line post-Princess Bride. And was that Widowmaker era Barry Windham? He left the WWF in Sept/Oct 89 and didn't show up in WCW until May 90 as he was dealing with the fallout from Blackjack and Kendall's arrest. Interesting to see that he went to Japan in that time period!
  20. That was the Beware of Dog match. Where the woman was yelling at him the whole match and HBK got fed up.
  21. I'm going to rewatch HBK/Bulldog from KOTR 96. Sneaky good match that gets overlooked due to Austin 3:16 and some funny commentary from Owen Hart.
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