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  1. Yeah it's pretty short when you go back and watch it. It's funny to think about it but whenever people talk "best promos", pretty much all of them are under 3 minutes or so. For instance, I think Hard Times is barely 3 minutes long and the first 30 seconds is Caudle introing Dusty and Dusty getting warmed up. He really only gets rolling and into "Dusty" mode for about 2 minutes.
  2. Take this for what it's worth, but Bischoff said he gave Page those spots in 1998 because having a guy like Flair, Sting or Goldberg there would damage their credibility or some shit. He made it seem like if they somehow stuck Goldberg in one of those spots, people wouldn't buy him as a top act or something like that.
  3. Never knew that about Konnan. Man, that's an awful story and can't imagine that sort of pain. Raven talked about missing Starrcade in a shoot once. IIRC, he was taking all kinds of pills at that point. He'd stopped drinking but kept popping pills like crazy and his pancreas was fucked because of it. He detailed his pill regiment and it was pretty staggering.
  4. Just anecdotally, there are guys like that. They just like playing football and will do it at the lower levels. For many of the guys like that who I've met, it's basically do that to support themselves and their family or try to do something they don't like. At the end of the day, it's just a job for a lot of those guys and it's something they like and know how to do better than sitting in an office or doing something else (or at the darker end of the spectrum, criminal).
  5. The bolded part is the best point. I was just saying that there are definitely ways guys can still play football and make some money if they get hurt but it's a big fucking grind. My bro played Arena League II (whatever the league right before the actual Arena League on tv is) for a couple of years and even just to do that, he had to go up through the ranks of their developmental system to do so. And to move up, he (with help from me and our parents) oftentimes had to pay to get film to scouts in the higher leagues. There's money to be made in the lower ranks for football but I agree with you that it's "easier" (putting easy in quotes b/c I think we can all agree wrestling isn't easy) for a marginal or injured football player to get bigger money in wrestling rather than to just keep up the grind in football.
  6. Point being, there are more options for an average football player who gets hurt who can still play at a reasonable level than just defaulting to going to wrestling.
  7. QB is a little different as franchise QBs like Dak are unicorns. No way they were gonna cut bait on Dak unless he absolutely couldn't go anymore. There are tons of options for football. My little brother who never even played in college has been in the Arena League and semi-pro system for a while and there are teams all over for people who want to chase the NFL. Even in the NFL, there's the practice squad where guys can make anywhere from $150K-$250K per year depending how long they've been in the league.
  8. I remember hearing Flair and Steamboat talk about people telling them that they were doing too much with all of their leapfrogs, flying armdrags and dropkicks.
  9. I just think it's way more common than it used to be. An ACL used to be a career killer or severe diminisher even for physical freaks. I remember NBA player Bernard King tore his knee up in the 80s. He was one of the most prolific scorers ever before that and people thought he was done after he tore his ACL. He ended up coming back and was actually pretty good for a few years after that but everyone thought that was a fluke. Also with Walker, he dislocated his ankle when he was like 35. That's a little different than a Dak Prescott whose 24 or so. Eifert's post injury stats were about as good as his pre injury stats.
  10. You could probably go back to all of the old West Texas State guys like Dusty, Stan Hansen, Funk, Tito, Tully, etc. I know that Dusty and Hansen gave pro football a go and weren't good enough. Tully never sniffed the pros as from what I've read, he was a pretty shitty QB (16 career tds vs. 38 interceptions). I think they were among the first group of guys who tried football first and when that didn't work, went into wrestling. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/tully-blanchard-1.html
  11. Eh not really nowadays. An ACL injury isn't a career killer like it was back in the 80s. Dudes come back from ACL injuries pretty often now.
  12. What if Flair and Bischoff don't fall out over Flair going to watch his kid's wrestling tournament over going to that Thunder taping in April 1998? Do the Horsemen reunite then? How does that change summer of 1998? Does that throw a monkey wrench into what they were doing with Goldberg? Does Flair perhaps get the spot that DDP got with Karl Malone against Rodman and Hogan at Bash at the Beach? Does he get the spot with Jay Leno at Road Wild? How does that affect Bret Hart who was basically just meandering through the midcard around that time?
  13. Sabaton pretty much only writes songs about historical events, mainly wars. Their album Great War is WWI themed (Attack of the Dead Men is the best song on the album IMO). The Last Stand is about, well, great historical last stands (Rorke's Drift and The Last Stand are great songs from that album).
  14. I remember at Bash at the Beach 1994, someone had a Johnny B. Badd sign where they somehow managed to write "Gonny" instead of "Johnny".
  15. In his book, Bret says he used to draw Chief Jay Strongbow in the middle of orgies so that's likely the agent he's referring to. Strongbow was apparently pretty straight laced so Bret thought it'd be funny to make him the focal point of the drawings. He also said that when Bundy decided to leave, Bret drew a picture of him (Bundy) puking up a bunch of dicks as a going away present. Bundy took the picture and captioned each dick with Bret's brothers' names.
  16. I remember walking back to UM's campus from The Grove at 3am a couple of times from 98-01. You have to tromp right through Overtown to do that. I thought I was smart and was saving the $15 or whatever on cab fare and that I'd be ok because I'm black but in hindsight that was pretty fucking dumb. That said, I was in college at the time and coming back from bars so if anyone robbed me, the most they'd have gotten was $30, a pair of cargo shorts, an nWo shirt and a pair of New Balances.
  17. I consider anything north of Homestead with a 305 area code to be Miami but that's just me. Side note, I still have my 305 number for my cell phone and I get spam calls all day every day from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando. I used to get calls from the hospital there. I guess the person who previously had my cell phone never updated their profile or whatever with the hospital and I would randomly get calls from them telling me that Mrs. Garcia's medicine was ready.
  18. Arn's podcast never feels like a chore to sit through as they never get bogged down in any silliness about Meltzer or any schtick they're trying to get over.
  19. I was at the RAW where Austin turned the tables and put Undertaker on that symbol. There was also a Beaver Cleavage segment. Unfortunately that was also Owen Hart's last RAW as Over the Edge was next week.
  20. It's technically in Coral Gables but trust me, it's pretty much in Miami. I went there.
  21. You ever been to Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Kentucky, New York etc? Shit, you ever been anywhere in the US? There's a pretty big portion of the country that watches college football and basketball for hours every weekend.
  22. I fall in this. Heck, for a good portion of the pandemic, I'd watch a ton of wrestling with my buddy on Thurs during our Zoom watch along, then watch AEW/Smackdown on Fri and then watch whatever college/NFL games were on Sat and Sun.
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