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  1. I can’t wait to see Jericho eat a big boot from The Big Rig.
  2. The NWA only has four tag teams really the Ascension could be a welcomed addition. Conor O’Brien and Rick Victor as a jobber tag team in AEW feels so Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom in WCW.
  3. Still doesn’t explain why they never aired the triple threat number one contenders match.
  4. The clip show wasn’t bad. The placing of The PPV hype show, weeks away from the PPV is odd. Shouldn't this have been on the week before the PPV to promote the show? The Cornette thing doesn’t help as this was the show right after the firing. The perception is that this was thrown together to keep Cornette off of TV with the clip show. This show was doesn’t look thrown together I think it was in the can before the Cornette firing but the coincidence is just early fucking it’s just bad timing dude. Eli Drakes promo from CWFH was cool. Eli can cut a promo dude that’s for certain. He’s gonna be chasing the Title for awhile that’s my take away from that promo. Eli was all that drive, hunger and passion it’s boiling over inside as rage, he’s gonna have a breaking point and go full heel before he wins the title. Also I’m happy to see them use footage from CWFH. The NWA Hollywood clips of Eli’s beginnings was really cool and a good way of establishing Eli as being NWA to the core he started in the NWA now he’s back. They have some footage due to the partnership with Marquez. I’m glad to see them use it. But who was Eli’s old tag partner? He was in just as much of the older NWA Hollywood footage as much as Eli. The Thunder Rosa MMA vignettes were on of my favorite things from the show. The character development was through the charts. We got to know Thunder Rosa, feel for her, relate to her, all while following her the day before her first Pro MMA fight. It was simple but affective and it made Thunder Rosa a super face in my eyes. Like Hogan 80’s over brother. I’m gonna pop huge when she wins the Women’s Championship. The big fuck up and maybe not a fuck up but a misstep is probably not running Kay vs Rosa for the title after airing these. We’ll see maybe there’s bigger plans, Rosa could pin Kay at the PPV then gets the shot at the next PPV whenever that is. I forgot to mention it in the last time I rambled about the show but I love the fuck out of the Tim & Eric-esque commercials they run. The Empty arena match wasn’t bad. May have been better with some better build and I but if context. Stevens explained it in the promo that the empty arena match is punishment for the Ricky Starks attack. With Marquez in the interview referring to this as the main event plus the stip of Mask vs. Shakespeare I wonder if there was an episode planned that built around this match as the main event. Was there a ringside interview with Stevens and QM where the Dawson’s come out and it almost came to blows? We may never know feels like it to me. My imagination is running wild. Maybe this was suppose to be the main to episode 8, maybe episode 8 was to be a regular show with this as the main and that phantom triple threat number one contenders match. Then Cornette pulled a Cornette and made a situation worse. If that truly is the case they would have been way better off running the show the way they intended before Dumbass got fired. Just put a disclaimer up before the broadcast. “the views expressed by dumb fuck don’t reflect the views blah blah blah”. And moved on with it. Or if they really wanted to wag their hands if Cornette which the RnR celebration from the next week conflicts with that thought the least they could have done was air the triple threat number one contenders match with redubbed commentary by Galli like they did here and just scrapped the empty arena match. Now the actual match, wasn’t much of a match was it. I guess the Dawson’s reading Shakespeare was funny but idk this seemed out of place. Stevens puking as they read it and the Dawson’s recited it really good that was the twist the Dawson’s read Shakespeare well. Malina’s sit down interview was really good. I thought it was a great reintroduction to her. She’s back in wrestling more importantly she’s in the NWA for a reason and it’s to come after Alison Kay and dethrone her. Kay vs Melina/Rosa/Belle could be really good. They are really making the most out of the small women’s roster they have. There’s five women and 3 of them are in a stable together. Hopefully they introduce some more women at the next set of TV Tapings. Why in the hell did they not run that Triple Threat? Seriously? The NWA is presenting itself as an old school promotion with contemporary updates. You would think that a promotion like they would emphasize earning your title shots. James Storm lost to Cabana clean on TV he lost the National Championship he needs a reason to be facing Aldis and winning that Triple Threat was it. If I was Lagana (and I’m not this isn’t a Fat Spanish Waitress situation) I would have edited this show or re-edited this show building to the Triple Threat on who is going to face Aldis at the PPV. I’d still do a clip show but have Galli announce at the beginning of the show, throw to promos from all 3 competitors through out the show, ditch the empty arena match and call it a day. This show wasn’t bad. All I want to know is who dropped the ball on not airing the match that sets up the main event to your first PPV? Into the Fire looks solid I have my reserves over running 3 hour PPV in the TV studio. Doesn’t Center Stage hold like 700 or something like that? There’s a rich wrestling history in that building the type of history Corgan wants to tap into. Maybe they try to run the Next PPV at Center Stage. Are they running a PPV after every TV Taping Run? We gonna have a PPV every two months? I could get behind that.
  5. Brandon Cutler looked like a goof in his new gear. Brandon Cutler is a doofus the second biggest doofus in wrestling next to Seth Rollins. Seriously, his reaction to getting a staple in his forehead was “what the hell dude” not swinging on Jimmy Havoc which I believe is the proper response. A quick aside: They are making Havoc getting fined for using the staple gun an angle aren’t they? What’s the pay off gonna be? A death match division? Who wants a death match division?
  6. Codys been having some really good matches as of late. The match with Jericho recently exceeded my expectations.
  7. I’ve been noticing that as I continue to watch AEW. Cody is his fathers son. He cuts one hell of promo, he’s one of the top stars even without a championship, creatively he’s got his fathers knack for this and also has a great business mind. Cody has had a stellar 2019.
  8. I wish Cody could have gotten the trademark so we could of had a real Starrcade
  9. I liked the show, didn’t love just liked. I set myself up for failure hoping for a big surprise or two on the Thanksgiving Eve Show from The Sears. I was hoping to see Marty and ACH show up. I can’t fault them for debuting new wrestlers with the Butcher and the Blade. I was digging how Allie was dressed. But how many feuds is Cody gonna be in at one time? That Opening Statement I thought was really good. Such a fucking self suck off. This Jericho is so much fun. Jericho really is a top guy. The dude knows how to constantly reinvent himself. Constantly evolving. He’s a great heel. The fucking marching band! I know I was in for a good time after I saw that. The Inner Circle knocked it out the park. Soul Train Jones is a national treasure. Jerichos Dad is a giant ham that guy was having a ball in there. Then SCU ran in dressed as marching band members and cleared house setting up the Main Event. The Women’s Division reminds me of the Cruiserweight Division in WCW. A lot of talent that aren’t exactly household names but on definitely on their way. The tag match was really fun. Statlander looked like a badass. Omega-PAC 2 I’m not sure if it’s better then the first one or not. I do know Kenny and PAC went pardon the pun all out in this one. Kenny gets his win back. Kenny’s turn is gonna be epic when he finally looses his mine? what else happened? Oh MJF vs Hangman was cool, IDK how I feel about Page loosing to PAC then MJF but didn’t Wardlow get involved? MJF is gonna he AEW’s biggest Heel unless Randy Orton does one day show up, him spitting the gum in DDP’s hand what a prick. This Best Friends-Lucha Bro’s feud is gonna be a ton of F’ing fun. Another instance they could bring Lerado Kid back to even the odds. Sky looked like a star in there was Jericho. I found myself rooting for Sky like he was wrestling Flair back in the day. You really want the Champ to loose even though you know it’s not very likely. That’s the highest complicate I can give Chris Jericho, he reminds me of Ric Flair in the ring. He reminds me of Flair outside the ring in some respects, that comment isn’t as complimentary.
  10. Been playing catch from Episode 3 to Episode 7. Here are my thoughts (checked for misspellings): I really like how much everything bleeds into everything else. Like for example Ricky Starks has his beef with Aaron Stevens but he also let Colt Cabana know he was eyeing the belt. And of course the can Kamille speak for herself Stuff is really fucking cool. All these people are gunning for Aldis and his title, Joe Gallo sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Kamille seemingly being connected to everyone gunning for Aldis title plus Bram. Where is it all going? We don’t know yet. I have a feeling it ends with Kamille costing Aldis the strap but to who IDK. Smart Money would be on Eli Drake. That dude has been cutting money promos I never seen him in TNA/Impact but he’s been fucking fire stirring the shit between everyone and has slowly been turning heel and that attack on Anderson had to solidify that fact. Eli as cocky heel champ with Kamille by his side could be fun. After the rematch with Aldis they have a feud between Anderson and Drake already established with that beat down. Anderson returning on the second day of the tapings to start the build for the next PPV could be a cool program. There’s so much shit I’m really digging on this program. Aaron Stevens is an excellent heel in this atmosphere. Stroke Daddy has been really good as the ambitious up and comer. What a great establishing feud for Starks. Then he can go on to take the National Championship from either James Storm or Colt Cabana whoever walks out of that feud champion. That two out of three falls match was really fucking good. The match they had the week before was awesome too. Stevens is just way too cocky he just lets his hubris get the best of him by constantly underestimating the stroke daddy. That 2/3 falls was set up perfectly with Ricky getting the pin fast and then the second fall being the wrestling match. That look on Stevens’ face when he realizes this isn’t gonna be a walk in the park he imagined. Ricky Starks can go. When the feud with Stevens is over I’d imagine he sets his sights for The National Championship rather quickly. He could be the first homegrown star. Also the tag division with the four way feud between the Wild Cards Outlaw INC The Dawson’s and Rock n Roll has been surprisingly a lot of fun. The promos have been crazy and the action has been chaotic. They’ve just been beating the shit out of each other. The Dawson’s and Outlaw especially, just destroying each other. The Dawson’s are really ducking cool just old school nasty ass kickers. Never heard of them before they’ve came out of nowhere and have really stole the show for me. I know this is old school and traditional wrestling but a four way for the Tag Straps at the PPV with Rock n Roll picking up the victory only to have their lunch eaten by The Dawson’s to lose the belts at the Tapings is what I would do. Then the Dawson’s go on a four or five month reign of tag team terror. Outlaw Inc win the Crockett Cup in April if that’s when they run it then, Kingston-Homicide win the cup get a title shot and finally beat The Dawson’s and win the Straps. The ThunderRosa and Marti Belle and now Malina vs Alyson Kay has been really cool. The slow build to it of Marti wanting to prove to her friend, Kay she was on par, Kay being like yeah I don’t think so, Marti coming up short in that awesome match with Ashley Vox on episode 4, ThunderRosa coming to her aid, Kay starting to public ally reprimanded Marti Thunder attacking Kay Marti turning on Kay, Marti said Kay was her BFF too many times for me to believe her, finding out Thunder isn’t the ring leader there’s a “Phoenix” who rose from the ashes who was causin all this, then Melina shows up and they all three lay out Kay. Really good storytelling. Simple but effective. Showing that footage of ThunderRosa competing in MMA that was really cool. Makes Thunder that much more badass and credible I hope they do that every time she has a fight win or loose. Also the music that plays when that Malina Thunder Marti group is in the ring is really cool music. That drum beat it’s awesome I love it. Tim Storm has been a highlight on the show, he’s the heart and soul if you ask me those early Ten Pounds of Golds worked cuz Tim Storm comes across as likable on camera and has been around so long you couldn’t help but get behind him. I’ve noticed During these past two years of the Corgan Era is that Tim Storm is the hardest person on himself he’s honest but he can also be hard. He is taking not getting another title shot ever like one would. Tim Storms whole journey since losing the title is to one day get it back. He always got close but was aww shucksed every time. Then it happens again and it’s over. Aldis giving him the pep talk that was some good shit the two of them have a mutual respect for each other. Tim Storm could be a super baby face too the Franchise player, he could be semi main for ever in this current incarnation of the NWA. The Question Mark almost should become the next NWA World Heavyweight Champion. I’m being serious he’s so over with that studio crowd he’s infectious. It’s great. I hope sooner rather then later Trevor Murdoch starts putting the pieces together that he beat Josephus rather soundly then two weeks later The Question Mark shows, makes it his own personal duty to expose Josephus as the Question Mark but the Question Mark keeps his mask every time. We are two weeks away and there’s no card for Into The Fire Announced yet very ECW of them. I have my reservations over a PPV in a television studio in front of 250 people I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong. The main event I’m not really sure who Aldis defends the title against although the argument could be made that Eli Drake said day one he wants a title shot. Everyone that also wanted a title shot is out of the picture, Tim Storm can’t challenge shit he doesn’t even know if he’s gonna do it anymore, Colt and Storm are busy trading the National Championship with each other, and Anderson has been taken out by Drake himself. Drakes the only one left he should get the title shot. Unless Trevor Murdoch with his performance against Aldis gets into the fray or The Question Mark did his popularity bumps Drake and gets a title shot. Drake makes the most sense to me. I think he should win but by shenanigans. I think either Kamille turns on Aldis or Tim Storm turns on Aldis or Kamille is about to turn on Aldis and Tim turns on Aldis before she can then she pretends like she wasn’t gonna turn, continuing to silently pull the strings in the main event scene. Storm can reason that Aldis not champ any more means Tim Storm can challenge Drake for the title but Aldis those in the rematch clause and it’s decided they will have a match where the winner gets a title shot. I did the roster it’s small but there’s familiar enough names mixed in with some relative unknowns. Everyone busts there ass and puts in the best shoe possible there’s a united front. Everyone whose there feels like they were met to be there You can tell who Corgan’s friends were in TNA with Anderson, Drake, James Storm, Allison Kay, Kingston. Homicide and Bram on the roster. I found myself asking “when’s Jay Bradley showing up” while watching the show. Jim Cornette I enjoyed him in the position but he could have said party sub instead of bucket of chicken he could have said North Korean instead of Ethiopia. But he didn’t. The line was in poor taste. He said it in 95 so he’s a hack to boot. Jim Cornette really lives his gimmick by throwing a temper tantrum over being reprimanded. He could still have a job if he apologized for any misunderstandings and unintentional offense and moved on with a job.
  11. “You’re a sneaky bastard but I respect you. Shake my hand” Post match with Murdoch is the coolest Nick Aldis has ever been as Champ.
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