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  1. This week, Topics include Vince Russo officially showing up, how weird looking Brian Lawler is, Jeff Jarrett vs the Tennessee Titans, Jasmine St Claire's pre wrestling career and so much more.
  2. I think there’s money in Jericho vs Minoru. Ibushi coming in and Kenny reforming the Golden Lovers would be a nice little jab at Hangman to keep that storyline going.
  3. It was like a WCW PPV, in the best way possible.
  4. If this thread is meant to be Wrestlers doing things for Complex here’s some wrestlers sneaker shopping ...
  5. This weeks Topics include the TNA Roster's Fashion Sense, how not to book a tournament, everything being about Jeff Jarrett and so much more.
  6. Kenta costing Moxley the match and costing Kenny his clean win in his "real" wrestling match with Moxley could be cool, I like the idea of Kenny not being satisfied cuz he still didn't beat Moxley fair and square. So we still get Dickhead Kenny but he's champ now but it does set up they expectation that Kenta is gonna have at least 2 programs in AEW one with Moxley one with Kenny and if those don't happen there's gonna be dissatisfied fans who will lose trust in AEW if they don't deliver.
  7. Makes sense then. They were cool though, i'd like to see them stick around and it looks like they are gonna be doing something with The Hybrid.
  8. I tuned in at 8:02 and the vignette was playing but I didn’t see any Airwolf just the brothers unmasked flying through the air. What I really remember about the vignette was that empty ass gym they were in and that it seemed like they were doing their craziest shit in front of nobody.
  9. Wait one of the Top Flights was Airwolf in MLW?
  10. So it's Episode two time, Weekly PPV #2 6/26/02. This show featured Jeff Jarrett battling Scott Hall Jackie Fargo and Toby Keith, Ron Killings being made to look stupid by a NASCAR Driver, the objectification of women, an awesome four way double elimination X-Division bout and Cheex!
  11. I think it’d be cool if they run an angle everyone in the Inner Circle gradually starts to like Wardlow better than MJF which doesn’t sit well with MJF and he starts getting jealous and resentful and then he eventually makes the ultimatum Him or Wardlow and Jericho is all Wardlow duh
  12. There's a chance the dude who looks like Brian Cage doesn't know how to fight.
  13. Anyone else feel that having commentary during the Elite Deletion match kinda killed the magic of what a Deletion Match is? I’m also pissed Sammy didn’t go into the Lake of Reincarnation and come out in his panda head dress abs be all mad about it. Other then that I liked the show. I wouldn’t of had The Bucks win I would have had them loose then shove JR out of the chair then Excalibur sticks up for Jim gets into it physically with the Bucks and takes a Meltzer on the concrete I’d have turned the Bucks Heel. MJF with the Eddie tribute of playing dead only to roll Chris up f
  14. Chioda got a chant from the crowd he looked like he was trying not to tear up as he was holding the TNT title before the match and they were chanting his name.
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