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  1. Web Conn

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Colt can't catch a break on this board lol. What about PCO? Can PCO win the belt?
  2. Web Conn

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Hope he wins the fucking thing and the ROH title. Serve those neckbeards in Long Beach right for booing him against Tanahashi. In reality good for him getting booked in this and it’s exactky where a former attitude era guy should be in the wacky pre show battle royal. Whoever said Colt Cabana is probably right they are in Chicago adjacent, I know he’s not the most well liked wrestler on this board but fuck give him his moment put the belt on him. They can always put it back on Lethal on Death Before Dishonor.
  3. Web Conn


    I’ve already posted this twice in TNA threads but I think more people should see it. They ended last nights episode of Impact with a Street Fight Between LAX and the OG’z. the angle is that Eddie Kingston is leading Homicide and Hernandez against Konnan and his new LAX as they feel Konnan should have brought them in as LAX when he brought LAX back. So they had a brawl in a parking lot which has the look and feel to the final fight scene in a b movie and I mean that in the best way possible .
  4. I posted this in the show thread but if you have yet to see it Impact put the streetfight between LAX and the OG’z that ended the show last night up in full. It’s very well done.
  5. Web Conn

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 8/16/18

    Here’s the street fight if you didn’t see it.
  6. Web Conn

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 8/16/18

    I had access to Pop so I decided to watch tonight’s Impact. Thought the Neidhart graphic at the beginning was pretty classy. He did have a match in TNA after all. Callahan vs Fenix was hard hitting. Fenix hit some crazy shit (that handspring Cutter on the ramp and the diving into ring Cutter were really cool) and Sami worked Fenix over pretty good. Got a good amount of time going two segments, breath of fresh air seeing a wrestling program start off with a hot match. The crowd does not like Sami. I liked that Ohio Sucks Chant. Callahan is great in this anarchist heel role. I wasn’t watching TNA in 09 so I have no context to the locker room brawl from an Impact they aired. Was it Main Event Mafia vs Frontline? Jimmy Jacobs vs Johnny Impact wasn’t a match but an angle. Kong has a unique look and is convincing as a monster. What I’ve read in the spoilers this feud has been going on for a few months and doesn’t seem to stopping anytime soon. Jacobs played a great little weasel trying to get away from Impact at the end there. I was confused by all the Scarlet Bourdoux vignette but I get the gimmick she’s hot and guys get goofy around her. I guess KM and Fallah are a comedy team? Aries is one hell of a promo, he’s so hateable. Him having muscle is really good, Aries can out wrestle anyone but why do that when he can have Killer Cross give him that extra edge to victory. Cross isn’t a bad promo himself. But he was dressed like Jesse Ventura circa 1993. I think Aries is going to be Champion for awhile. Cross no selling those Kendo stock shots was ok. Eddie Edwards must be the Tommy Dreamer of Impact always good for a heel beatdown. Eli Drake vs Joe Handry was something. That opening music video was actually funny how absurd it was. Wasn’t Eli Drake champ a year ago? I have no clue who Joe Handry is. From the finish it looks like Handry and Grado are gonna feud soon. That Sydal Segment was a clever way of getting over the point that Sydal is haunted by the lose but he will be back and gunning for Cage soon enough without saying a word. Allie vs Su Yung was really good. This was hardhitting as it should be. Allie was scrappy abs came out swinging as one should do against Su but she was almost spooked by those undead brides maids. Su was an unhinged terror, she is undead after all. What I’ve gathered in my brief viewing of the current product, Allie is the Sting of the Knockouts Division. Standing up for what is right and just and stopping injustices. Su Yung has been a terror and now it’s time for Allie to make things right. But she she had blinders on and was so focused on Su Yung that she wasn’t paying attention to the thorn in her side that is Tessa Blanchard and it cost her a clean win. From the way things ended I think we are getting a triple threat between these 3 women at BFG. The Street Fight between LAX and the OG’z was really cool. I totally dig the idea of wrestling angles shooting short films to further storylines. The action kind of reminded me of the Def Jam Fight for New York game. No commentary just a street fight. I like seeing Homicide back on tv I’m a fan the man has style all his own. Hernandez border tossed one of the LAx guts into a crowd of people that was reckless but cool. In the end the good guys are the team left standing and they got their belts back. Kingston cuts a killer promo at the end there. We have to see a Konnan-Kingston match down the line. All in all a fun two hours spent watching some really good wrestling.
  7. Web Conn


    I heard a lot of good things about Slammivesary and I thought I’d check it out. it was a very good show. The Rebel Complex is a cool looking venue. It felt packed and the crowd was wild all night. This felt like a promotion unique to itself and not trying to be WWE Lite. I like that there was a sense of unpredictablity to the show and didn’t feel complete manufactured like the Wwe does. Aries vs Moose I thought was a stellar main event. Moose should have went over. That felt like TNA of the old with the Ex WWE guy going over the homegrown guy. It would have been a cool moment had Moose won that crowd would have went bonkers. Sami vs Pentagon was my match of the night. Just a wild brawl. They did some fucking nutty shit in that match. If you ask me I’d make Penta and Fenix strange bedfellow allies to Eddie in his war with Sami, turn Tommy heel and have him side with Sami and OVE, bring Raven in on Eddie Penta and Fenix’s side and run a lethal lockdown match at BFG. the Opening 4 way, Tessa vs Allie, the X Division Championship, House of Hardcore, and New Lax vs Old Lax were all good matches and a ton of fun. The only match I thought was just there was the Knockouts Championship match. All of Su’s pre Match theatrics were cool but once the bell rang it didn’t carry over. I’ve seen Su Yung live a couple times and enjoyed those matches so I don’t know what happened here. I don’t want to put all the blame on Madison Rayne but she was in the match too.
  8. I’m not done watching Slammivesary but I really do like the esthetic of the Rebel Entertainment Complex and the crowd was wild and excited to be there. It begs the question, why don’t they tour Canada and tap into the wrestling fan base up there that is starved for live wrestling?
  9. Web Conn

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    I hope they explicitly request free original programming in whatever hypothetical agreement they reach. That way it’s judt not the syndicated show but an actual show onto itself. WGN is atleast somewhat interested in wrestling on their Network. Maybe Impact steps in and they switch channels. Idk but it’s a very promising time for wrestling fans somewhat or fully burnt out on the Wwe. It’d be nice to have a viable alternative.
  10. Web Conn

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Tribune is suing Sinclair? and Meltzer’s the one who speculated about Ring Warriors buying the time in last week’s Observer:
  11. Web Conn

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    I read some where that Ring Warriors is in a time slot that is usually reserved for paid programming so the speculation is that the promoters bought the time. If that is the case and All In Zero Hour gets respectable ratings why wouldn’t WGN give ROH a timeslot and air Ring Warriors until that agreement is completed.
  12. Web Conn

    NJPW Dominion 2018

    You really rank Dominion 17 as the 4th in the series of 4? maybe it’s just cuz I’ve only seen 2 and 4 but I thought the 60 minute draw was the best match I’ve ever watched. It use to be Shawn Taker 2 before I saw Kenny Okada 2.
  13. Web Conn

    NJPW Dominion 2018

    Just watched the abridged version of Dominion on AXS. The three way OpenWeight match was fun. Elgin is Elgin but I got a kick out of him and Goto kicking the shit out of each other. Elgin had a sick outside cannonball dive. Ospreay vs Hiromu was cool I can't really remember it as I'm typing but I remember there was some crazy spots and the crowd popped like crazy when Hiromu pinned Ospreay. This Young Bucks vs Sanada and Evil match was better than the Cow Palace one. I think they executed The Bucks as underdogs in the heavyweight division better here. Nick and Matt were working hurt (Matts back, Nicks ankle) and the much larger Evil and Sanada they had to contend with gave off a higher stakes atmosphere for then Bucks than when wrestling for their hometown crowd or Meltzers hometown crowd. Jericho vs Naito was fun as fuck. It was a fight. A wild unhinged fight. Don't piss off Jericho cuz Naito made those comments 6 months before hand and Jericho fucked him up like he said them yesterday. Jericho is timeless he's constantly reinventing himself and staying ahead of the curve. Naito and Jericho went all out in this one. The Bullet club vs Liger Mysterio and Takahashi 6 man was a nice buffer between Jerich-Naito and Okada vs Omega 4. Mysterio's New Japan logo mask was really cool looking. Okada vs Omega was really good. Of the four I've only seen number two and this one. Omega vs Okada 2 was on of the better wrestling matches I have ever seen. I know I really like this match but I don't know if I like it better than the 2nd one. It was cool to watch Kenny finally get his moment, good for him hope he gets a long run. Okada as champ hadn't ran it's course he had one of the better world title reigns of the last 10 years if not 15 but it was Kennys time man. Okada got that first pin off by reversing a rainmaker reversal, I think the crowd got nervous that this might be another Okada match where he walks away with the championship. Then Kenny kicked it into another fucking gear and the crowd went into a frenzy after Omega got that first pin and when he won the match the place went bonkers.