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  1. Soder and Big Jay Oakerson have a radio show on the Comedy Central XM Station called The Bonfire. Bruce Prichard just did a phoner for his live show in New York.
  2. https://www.ewrestlingnews.com/news/impact-wrestling-reportedly-talks-jeff-cobb It's cool that companies are reaching out to him. Dude is really good, I've seen him live a hand full of times last year. he has a genuine connection with the audience. I personally rather see him do the NJPW/ROH as I watch that more than I do Impact and LU.
  3. Well I kind of see his point but it's also a fucking stupid point. Take the name from that asshole. He doesn't deserve the name. War Machine should be associated with Nordic ass kickers and not some MMA juice head that beats the fuck out of his girlfriend. Rosenburg is annoying, he's one of those WWE fans that doesn't have a vast knowledge of wrestling outside of the WWE Bubble and is hyper defensive about it.
  4. Rosenburg sucks dude. He's so annoying and there is way better outside wrestling personalities to use instead of Rosenburg. Stand up comedian and cast memeber of Sowtime's Billions, Dan Soder is a wrestling fan and he'd be light years better than Rosenburg. He lives in New York too. I like Sam Roberts, he's cool I'm an O&A guy so maybe that's it but Sam doesn't take himself so fucking serious to post a vlog everytime twitter flips him shit. We live in an age where you can pick up your phone and google shit you don't know, Rosenburg could have watched clips of War Machine matches on Youtube and had a little bit of knowledge of him.
  5. Web's Weekly Wrestling Wrant Podcast

    Episode 37 - "Put That Cigarette Out" Hello Scumbags. This is a jammed pack episode. I recap Raw (its the return of the Hulu edition, the return no one cares about) and Smackdown. I then present to you the opening contest in the Mixed Match Challenge. Then it's on to the main event, Thomas Evans returns for a second week in a row to cover the 1992 Royal Rumble with me. With the Rumble looming we wanted to discuss a Royal Rumble of wrestling past and decided on this one. I hope all of you enjoy. Leave questions, comments and concerns to weeklywrestlingwrant@gmail.com and follow me on twitter @webconn69.
  6. Trump strikes me as a mescaline users
  7. Impact has uploaded the Barbed Wire Massacre match to their youtube page:
  8. They showed this most recent Bound for Glory after the Barbed Wire Massacre 3 premiere last night. I didn't stick around. In the most TNA thing Possible they had 10,400 people watching BW3 and they number dropped to like 4,000 immediately after the finnish, I get what they were trying to do, use BW3 as a lead into BFG but nobody stuck around. he sentiment I have been getting is the barbed wire match under delivered on people expectations. I'm curious to if BW3 was a 1980's Puerto Rico bloodbath if people would have stuck around?
  9. Watching Impact on Twitch and they are streaming No Surrender 2006. Why in the fuck did they book a match around Petey Williams having to take a shit? What is with wrestling and poop humor?
  10. #205LIVE

    I hope they do well. I'd go see a 205 Live show.
  11. #205LIVE

    Are the 205 Live house shows this weekend?
  12. WWE RAW 25, 22nd January 2018

    I got a feeling that Miz is beating Roman for the Intercontinental Championship.
  13. It wasn't on the show but I thought this would be the best place to write this. I watched Barbed Wire Massacre 3 on Twitch. I think this is the first time since they left Spike, that I have watched contemporary TNA. I might have watched an Impact when they first went to Destination American,but it's been 3 years at least. It's very unTNA to have only done 3 Barbed Wire Massacres in a 12 year span, I'd of thought they'd be on their 25th by now. This match was shown on the internet I would have liked if they didn't censor they middle fingers or the time Homicide yelled "fuck you" defiantly at Sami Callihan. I liked that both teams wore Bunkhouse Brawl gear for this match. This is the kind of wild match stip that you wear jeans, T shirts and cowboy boots. Also speaking of gear I'd wear a Wu-Tang Style Homicide shirt. There was some crazy spots, and a lot of use of the barbed wire and other weaponry. The unprotected chair shots were vicious, a tad foolish but vicious. It was violent but obscure cable wrestling violent. I was expecting a lot of barbed wire spots and a tons of blood, being pulled from TV and all. I thought there was gonna be a ton of blood or someone tangled up like ridiculous but there was nothing in this match that you couldn't have shown on TV.
  14. Twitch is streaming the Barbed Wire Massacre between Abyss and Judas Messias from 2008 right now. It's the appetizer for the main course of Barbed Wire Massacre 3.