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  1. So you’re not a fan of Don Callis’ early Calgary days?
  2. Not a Marv Albert fan? LeBron was MVP of that flick. So I haven’t seen I Look Pretty but I watched Trainwreck and the one with Goldie Han and they weren’t bad movies:
  3. Yo @Smelly McUgly have you seen Trainwreck? Cuz what you described is pretty much his role in that movie just swap Topher Grace with Bill Hader and you got the movie.
  4. What if that was Cena’s big scheme all along, to bring pro wrestling to China?
  5. Cena vs Tanahashi yes admittedly wouldn’t be as good as it would have been 8 years ago but it would still be pretty good. I think the fans would be very forgiving g as they are both two icons and their way out. The match isnt gonna happen but if it was on a big stage like Wrestle Kingdom where there’s already magic in the air. This is all hyperbole but if I could fantasy book anything It would be Tanahashi takes the US belt off Moxley then they build towards Tanahashi Vs Cena at the MSG show with Cena going over then being IWGP United States Champion and the face of New Japan of America. It’s never gonna happen but it would change the North American wrestling landscape. New Japan would have no problem getting a US tv deal with Cena around. Also if Cena was to ever show up in CMLL as Juan Cena he’d have to be in New Balances jorts and a denim mask to match the jorts
  6. Playing with Fire is the movie it’s not very good. I know Cena isn’t going anywhere but I’d love to see Cena vs Tanahashi at least once as they are each other’s counterpart in many respects.
  7. Chadwick is gonna need an antagonist for Black Panther 2 just saying. Speaking of Lakeith @jaedmc you should check out The Photograph it stars Lakeith and Issa Rae
  8. Forget AEW if I was New Japan I’d back the Brinks Truck up to Cenas house, then once it’s safe to do so Cena takes the US Belt off of Moxley and then there’s the face of New Japan America. Once you can start touring with live crowds Cena’s involvement would help the venture.
  9. I’ve seen it before but I saw it was on TCM so I watched it again The Seventh Seal is epic. Playing chess with Death is the perfect allegory for the human condition.
  10. Knives Out is aces. With Covid and being laid off as a result I’ve gone to redbox so much in the last 4 months. From what I’ve seen of 2020, Bloodshot and The Hunt I recommend highly those are fun as fuck. If you like Judd Apatow I can’t say enough good things about The King of Staten Island. That movie will have you laughing and crying at the same time.
  11. I think I joined in 2006 maybe 2005 but I really think it was 2006. I may have started reading the reviews in 05 but not joined until 06. I’ve never given it much thought. I remember and this was the summer of 05 I found The Chikara Podcast A Go Go on iTunes it was an early video podcast then I started listening to what was it called Smart Wrestling Fan Review or something with Wiggly and Joe. I digress but what I’m trying to say is I found the Chikara Podcast and it was just clips of matches from shows months before. It was a vehicle to sell DVDs but I was enamored it was the first Indy footage I had seen so long story short I stumbled upon one of the DVDVR’s Not long after where there was a deep dive into Chikara and from then on my be been on this board. I’ve had a couple names. I can’t remember my first name but I got banned and I don’t remember what I did then I was Omar Little for like 6 years until there was that big board switch when the url went from board.deathvalleydriver.com to deathvalleydriver.com/forum and then I decided to use my real name cuz I thought that would be a good way to stay grounded on the internet of my name was attached to it not that I’m screaming about Pizza Gate on the internet or anything but that’s why I use my name. I was either 15 or 16 when I found this board and I’m turning 31 so yeah add to the list of members who have had been here for half if not more than half their lives. I discovered so much wrestling that wasn’t mainstream. No way I would have discovered none mainstream Japanese wrestling, If it wasn’t for this board I wouldn’t know anything about the indy scene. This place has influenced my pro wrestling tastes immensely.
  12. I watched the last 65 minutes of the show from Truth coming out and rapping onward. Why is Ric Flair on TV? Does Randy need a second? Are they building towards Randy vs Ric in Saudi Arabia? So Randy Orton kicked R Truth in the head to set up Randy vs Big Show next week. Did The Big Show Show get renewed or something? An observation from R-Truth’s entrance theirs a couple performance center recruits who are lacking in the rhythm department. Lashley vs Ricochet was fun while it lasted. Really set up the Full Nelson as a show stopper he puts that in and it’s game over man. BTW the new United States Championship design is garbage hot garbage. Nothing was wrong with the old strap. It’s like when Nitro changed the set to something that looked stupid and was new just to be new. Why is the PPV called The Horror Show at Extreme Rules? That’s a lot of words to say in a sentence. It doesn’t flow. Was it me or did it sound like they piped in crowd noise. I know they got people in the crowd but it sounded louder than 2 dozen people. I noticed it during Baylay and Sashas entrance, the jeering seemed a little too loud for that amount of people. Sasha Banks and Baylay are two huge bright spots in the WWE for me. I loved that video package. Baylay as an obnoxiously self involved heel is the best thing she could have done. Sasha Banks she’s just as great they make an insufferable twosome in the best way possible. The Main Event was cool, I like Sasha wrestling in the bandana it worked. I liked the wrestling but I don’t know how I feel about the piped in crowd noise it’s not natural way too much noise for the 24 people they have around the ring.
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