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  1. Web Conn


    I for one think it's high time that the New Day Freebird Rules a single title.
  2. They should have gone with Arquette dead serious, think that would have went over better than Ellsworth. No matter who they went with I don’t think it would have went over. Everyone there had it in there minds it was gonna be Jericho and when it wasn’t and it would have been a long shot anyway they shit all over it.
  3. Web Conn


    I got a more detailed (read rambling) review coming but while I was watching Tommy and Eddie vs Moose and Kross I was thinking I would mind seeing Moose and Kross as a Powers of Pain type tag team holding the division for ransom as champs just destroying the competition for a few months. Nana as their manager would be a nice addition to that.
  4. Web Conn


    Yes Luchasarus, Silas Young, Maya Guerrero Jr and Stuka Jr have all been added to SOTF, so there's 13 participants right now must be going with a 14 person line up
  5. Web Conn

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    Before this thread gets locked I just want to say I just finished the show and my first thought is no Torrie Wilson that pissed me off. False advertising But other than that it was a tight enough show. Nothing overtly bad. AJ/D-Bry vs The Uso's was really cool, Miz vs Rusev was whatever. I thought The Cutting Edge segment was really good. Becky vs Charlotte is really their hottest angle right now so I'm glad they used Edge to move it forward. Edge warning Becky that she's close to becoming something she's going to hate was great and Becky blowing it off like nope I've liked who I have become was cool. Crowd loved Becky popped at her giving Edge shit talking him to watch his neck on those ropes. Show was fun, Evolution was never on Smackdown but fuck Batistas home town and it looks like they are setting something up between Triple H and Dave. Big Show randomly turning heel was actually appropriate for a 1000th Smackdown. Rey vs Nakamura should have gotten more time. I don't know if Taker needed to be on the show.
  6. Web Conn


    From what I’ve gathered from WCW lore. It was suppose to be some big live wrestling tournament on MTV were one side represented one music video the other side another video winning side that’s the video they played. So on so fourth until one team Anne their represented video stand victorious among all others. Then it rained ...
  7. Web Conn


    Oh well I know that I wrote the wrong name and didn't even realize it, Flip Kendrick way better than Flip Gordon. Beer City Bruiser has been added to SOTF. this is gonna be a cool tournament.
  8. Web Conn


    What about High Voltage vs Public Enemy in the rain?
  9. Web Conn


    Hangman Page has been added to the Survival of the Fittest. I'm hoping that they bring in all the outside talent in the SOTF to add some much needed depth to the roster but i doubt it.
  10. Web Conn


    PJ Black is in Survival of the fittest. So far it's Tracy Williams, Marty Scurll, Andrew Everett, Jonathan Grisham, Flip Kendrick, Colin Delaney and PJ Black. Not . abad haul so far.
  11. Web Conn


    WCW, it didn't last long but dude that 96-98 time period they were bigger than the WWF they sold out stadiums not arenas but stadiums for Nitro on a weekly basis at one point the product was hot brother it really was. nWo vs Sting, The Horsemen, DDP, Goldberg, the cruisers plus all the international talent and random guys who worked for Vince in the '80s. The atmosphere was that of unpredictability you never knew what was gonna happen and you felt like you had to watch every week. Also Hollywood Hogan the best incarnation of Hogan or at least my favorite.
  12. Web Conn

    WWE All Purpose YouTube Thread

    Eddie was something special who left us far too soon
  13. Web Conn

    Web's Weekly Wrestling Wrant Podcast

    Episode 70 "John Cena Borrowed JBL's Hair For His Australia Trip" Hope you are having a good Saturday. On this Episode I speak A tad or more than a tad about the New Japan, the current backstage atmosphere and where I think with my limited knowledge of the angles where it’s all going. I then discuss the 11/13/95 edition of Monday Nitro. And Lastly I talk the WWE Super ShowDown event (10/6/18) from Australia mate. Leave questions, comments and concerns to weeklywrestlingwrant@gmail.com or on twitter @webconn69. https://soundcloud.com/websweeklywrestlingwrant/episode-70-john-cena-borrowed