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  1. You the week where all the Major Sports Leagues postponed That May have been the last weekend to really marathon tape. I’m growing tired of crowdless wrestling.
  2. If this has already. been discussed forgive me, I didn't read the last 12 pages but did Charlotte go over Rhea to pop the NXT Rating? I would have went with Rhea personally. Other things about the show; stupid coronavirus the crowd would have went unglued when Otis and Mandy sealed the deal with a hug and kiss. The Bianca Belair run in would have been crazy too. I noticed that more in night 2 then night 1 alot of big Storyline moments where devalued by no audience. Brock vs Drew stunk, I'll say it. Poor Drew there's a guy whose big moment was completely fucked up by this dumb thing. The Funhouse match was ludicrous in the best way possible. Bray and Taker look the best coming out of this. Roman too. Braun and Drew are gonna have stinkers of runs and that really sucks. I knew there was no way in hell Vince McMahon was going to end Wrestlemania with anything other than Drew hitting Brock with a Claymore but with they aired the Funhouse then had Titus O'Neil go "what?" then Mania went off the air I think Night 2 wouldn't be so divisive.
  3. Show wasn’t bad. Boneyard Match stole the show.
  4. They could start doing a top ten and the bottom 6 contend for the TNT Championship
  5. Ok I'm watching Impact now. Damn I wished I watched Impact last week that undead realm stuff looks really cool. Impact does this theatrical stuff really good. It's a lasting influence of the Broken Hardy angle. Mitchell being killed off then seeing Abyss in heaven and saying "who booked this shit" was awesome. I didn't bring this up when I spoke on the TNA Special but the venue in Atlanta looks really cool with the low balcony I like theaters like this for smaller promotions it looks like where wrestling should be taking place a call back to the 50's and the Golden Age of Television Wrestling. Eddie Edwards vs Josh Alexander - So Eddie rolls his jeans up to his knees now. and he has a mohawk thing going on. Crazy Eddie is still going strong. Match was good solid opener. Crowd was firmly behind Eddie he's the Franchise Player at this point he's been in Impact since what 2014? Alexander held his own against Eddie and we got a competitive contest. Those chops were nasty and Eddie Hulk Hogan's his shirt cuz he don't give a shit. Ethan Page catching Eddies foot leads to a Alexander with a Jackhammer with is a double leg into a roll up for the win. I dug the Video Package for the TNA Special makes it feel like the return of something glorious which it is. Page and Alexander are backstage Page cuts a promo on Tessa Blanchard a really good promo he heels it up and screams and yells and challenges Tessa to match tonight because she made the save for Eddie as The North was beating him up post match. Kylie Rae vs Cassandra Golden - Kylie makes her singles debut tonight. Cassandra attacks Kylie from behind and tosses her around for a while. Kylie makes a comeback with a series of strikes. What an impressive debut for Kylie, Cassandra gave her some hassle but Kylie never stopped fighting. Miss Rae showed what she was working with in this. Kylie makes Cassandra tap in a crossface with a leg lock submission. Competitive Squash. Jimmy Jacobs, ace reporter with an interview in a stairway, Kylie is super positive and announces she signed a long term contract with Impact. AEW's loss, Impact's gain. They played the Steiner Math Promo which is awesome. Moose has a cool entrance it's big time. Moose's robe looked like a million bucks. There was a guy in the crowd with a ROH Championship he brought an ROH belt to an Impact Show. Moose has been talking shit about TNA over the last however many weeks so Kid Kash interrupts him before he can really get started. Words get exchanged and a match is made. Moose vs Kid Kash - Kash hit a lot of kicks but Moose won this pretty quickly with a summersault spear thing for the 3. That move was cool Jimmy Jacobs introduces a team of big boys, Acey Romero and Larry D are a tag team and they put themselves over these guys are hosses and a half. TJP and Fallah Bah show up with chicken, then TJP tell them get in line behind him and Fallah cuz they are gunning for the straps. Jim Jacobs mediates an interview with Rich Swann via satellite, Rich got injured a couple months ago. Willie Mack is facing Ace Austin or was facing Austin at Rebellion so Ace shows up and starts talking shit to Rich trying to split up the team of rich and Willie. Rich doesn't buy into it for second and tells Ace to sit on it in so many words. Reno Scum attack Rich off camera and that's that. I thought it was a pretty cool segment. There's a pull apart between Willie and Ace backstage as we come back from break. Sami Callihan's promo was really good. He throw a fireball in Ken Shamrocks face. Sami's a mad man. Sami isn't letting any legend come in and not earn their spot. This was really impassioned and full of fire. Sami ain't shock by Ken being the most dangerous man int he world cuz Sami is crazy as fuck. Tommy Dreamer comes out. Tommy takes exception with Sammy throwing a fireball in Kens face and jeopardizing his career. Tommy and Sami exchange words and Tommy ends up punching Sami and challenging him to a fight. Sami Calighen vs Tommy Dreamer - This is an Old School Rules Match aka a street fight. There's plunder galore in this. They really go at it. There's chairs and baking sheets. This was fun, they beat the shit outta each other. Tommy and Sami take turns stabling each other in the arms and Tommy stables Sami in the balls. Tommy took a drop toe hold throat first into the top of a chair. that was gnarly looking. This went two segments they took their time beating each other up. Sami DVD'd Tommy throw two chairs and hit the Castus Special Piledriver for the 3. Sami piles a bunch of chairs onto Tommys head and is about to hit a double stomp and Rhino makes the save but oVe runs out and gang jump Tommy and Rhino. Sami is an evil prick dude just nasty. Lights go out and come back on and Sami has disappear as Madman Fulton suffers from separation anxiety as the Crists look around confused. So who kidnapped Sami? Shamrock? Rosemary cuts a promo from a bar in the Undead Realm. It was like a poem IDK it was cool. Undead Realm looks like a fun place to hangout. There's a Su Yung video package, I'm a sucker for a good supernatural gimmick and this Undead Realm stuff with the mini movies and the melodramatic music it's like the best stuff they've been doing for a the past year. Susie is back and that guy screams and runs away and she scares the shit out of the Deaners. Cody Deaner vs Joey Ryan looks even sleazier in clothes than he did when he wore hardily any. Whose Schleeve Harvey? is he a wrestler? How was Joey slapping Cody in the face with his hat not result in a DQ? a hat is a foreign object. Cousin Jake poured beer down Joeys throat, Joey gets hit with a DDT and Cody Deaner picks up the 3. Match was alright, fine match. I know Joey RVD and Katey Forbes are doing a PC Police, Cancel Culture (that is the groups name sake) type gimmick but shouldn't Clean Cut Joey Ryan be winning? like talking all holler then though then cheating to win like he should have cheated to won against Deaner IDK maybe I'm just trying to play armchair booker. Eddie thanks Tessa for the save and says he'll return the favor. Tessa tells him thanks but no thanks and I'm sure this will play into the match later tonight. Elgin cuts a promo which seems to be from candle light. It's a cool looking ascetic with the lighting. Elgin cuts promos on both Eddie and Tessa they have a 3 way title match coming at some point down the road. Whenever Rebellion happens if it happens. Tessa Blanchard vs Ethan Page - This match got set up at the end of the opening match when Tessa made the save for Eddie. I like when the main event is built up throughout the show. Tessa holds her own in there with Page, she's tough. Men vs Women matches are tricky cuz theres a line and you want to be careful that it isn't just a men beating up a women but I felt like this match was two people having a wrestling match this isn't a circus sideshow act or anything like that. Tessa can keep up with the men so she's wrestling the men. She's confident in her own abilities that she just goes out and wrestles she ain't nervous about wrestling a man. It's fun to watch Tessa have to hit everything plus the kitchen sink cuz she has the height and weight disadvantage, she's the underdog babyface Champion she just happens to be a girl. Alexander tries to cost Tessa the match and Eddie makes the save hitting him with a Boston Knee Party, Tessa hits Ethan Page with a double knee facebreaker known as the Magnum presumably named after her Step Father, Magnum TA. I enjoyed this match, ten minute TV main event it was pretty fun. Show ends with Elgin, Tessa and Eddie fighting each other. I dig Impact it's a fun show.
  6. They are gonna end up in Montana aren’t they?
  7. It was a real life tiger.
  8. Stu Hart wrestled a Tiger.
  9. Watched the TNA Special first DVR’d both TNA is what I wanted to watch first. I have rose tinted glasses for the TNA days but even when it was really stupid there was some gems. The old Impact opened was cool as fuck. Gotta give it to Impact this was met to be the go home for the Mania weekend show and they decided to air it anyway. Lots of disclaimers about No Place Like Home being postponed whenever the show is brought up. TNA ring skits the old TNA Championship D’Amore and spender on commentary I’m in love with this already. Although Penzer was never on commentary it’s still cool he was the ring announcer. Homicide vs Chase Stevens was a battle of two former tag stars having a singles contest. Match was pretty short Hernandez won with a border toss. They did a good good at highlighting there history. It’s be easy to Change the name and not acknowledge anything pre 2017 like Sinclair does with ROH pre 2011. But there was video packages highlighting the Knockouts and X Division’s. BTW I think that was Callis how put in him relieving the Ultimate X being that he invented it and all. I don’t follow Impact weekly so how long has Jimmy Jacobs been doing interviews? Johnny Swinger and Kid Kash vs Suicide and Manik - The X division showcase match. Swinger and Kid Kash are in better shape then they were in 03 during their first TNA runs. I also enjoy the comic book logic of Suicide and Manik are now two different entities when Suicide has become Manik in storyline. Fun fast paced match got a good amount of time going two segments. The good guys won after Suicide hit a Swanton on Kash for the 3. The VP with the game show theme as the current roster talk about the King of the Mountain was fun. Company getting the match over without taking itself too serious. Willie Mack knows his TNA. All that old footage was really cool to relieve those memories. The Promo that gave Scott Steiner a heart attack. Steiner says a lot of cuss words and he’s putting over a tag match him and Petey Williams were in and I’m sad we won’t see that now the call back to the math promo was fucking awesome it got a pop from the crowd. Clean Cut Joey Ryan has wrinkly shorts. I do like this holier than tho PC culture Joey Ryan but he should be going by Joesph Ryan and dressing nicer like he looks like a guy trying to dress like a dweeb then a guy dressing like a dweeb. Steiner tosses him out of the ring and tells Joey Ryan that him age his snowflakes can kiss Scott’s ass. This whole show I thought did a good job of introducing TNA gimmicks to an audience who may not be familiar with them. The Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match with Raven exposing what it is. Raven put this over in aces and all that footage was fun to watch. Rhino vs Madman Fulton - ok so here’s where this really becomes a TNA show they showed the VP explaining the match and the one sided steel cage and weapons hanging from chains then it’s time for the match no fence no weapons but they called it a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match. Actually I misspoke the Clockwork match was to happen at No Place Like Home and Fulton and Rhino were to be participants. So now that I’m not irrationally angry the match was pretty fun. They took turns beating each other up. Match ends why too early with oVe making a run in but we got a Tommy Dreamer save attempt that doesn’t work in Tommy’s favor but why do get Raven hitting fools with a Kendo Stick so there was that. Tommy and Raven hug then Raven hits Tommy in the head with a kendo stick just cuz. oVe continue the attack this turns into a locker room clear out of Faces vs Heels. Hernandez did a dive out of the ring as we go off the air. I couldn’t think of a better way to end a TNA show then the main ending in a non finish with a locker room clearing brawl. This was a fun watch but ultimately disappointing as it wasn’t a bad go home for the TNA Reunion show it sure got me excited for a show that isn’t happening on Friday anymore.
  10. If worse comes to worse just put a ring on the 50 yard line of TIAA Stadium.
  11. They’re running Sammy vs Darby in the first round? Also I wonder if Archer and Jake cost Cody the match. They haven’t done anything with Spears really. The partner search got put on hold do to the stupid coronavirus, maybe Spears gets a roll up win after some interference and gets on a heater to the finals only to lose to Darby although they are on the same side of the bracket so that won’t work. Sammmy vs Darby is gonna be bonkers. Cody bs Spears is going to be interesting. Spears has been cold since the Cody program in August.
  12. Loan Wolf you son of a gun you beat me to it. I like the idea of the Television Championship being named after the station the television show airs on but shouldn't the finals be on TNT not PPV?
  13. If anybody has seen Tiger King, the main lunatic Joe Exotic belief it or not was involved in wrestling he did color commentary for shows that were live streamed on his website, if you go to JoeExoticTV on YouTube and type in NWA Texoma a bunch of full shows come up. Here’s a show from his park I’m not gonna call it a zoo but here’s a show that includes Tim Storm, Ray Rowe and Charlie Haas
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