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  1. Watched PCO vs Maclin which lead me to PCO vs Chris Sabin. The match is really good. How could it not be? There’s some good shit in this not only is it a badass match with PCO doing crazy shit but there’s also good storytelling, for example this is early on in the Impact vs Honor No More storyline and Eddie Edwards hasn’t turned yet, there’s some nice foreshadowing with Eddie pulling PCO’s legs out for under him leading to the Impact Squad being ejected from ring side as a result. On the surface it seems like a misguided attempt at helping Sabin but later on in the match Sabin gets PCO up for the Cradle Shock but Honor No More is still at ringside so Sabin has to fend them off which he does but Marie proves to be his ultimate foil. Really good match. For anyone who doesn’t know PCO had a brief run in TNA in the winter of 03 as the masked X. Chris Sabin and X had a match in TNA on a Weekly PPV the day after Christmas, Boxing Day to some of 03. Just barely over 19 years later the two Main Event an Impact against each other. The commentators never bring it up so maybe PCO and X are two separate people in TNA/Impact Canon.
  2. I watched PCO vs Maclin on YouTube and holy shit was it good. Mackin is presented as a no nonsense ass kicker and PCO is presented as a reanimated monster who feels no pain, so the two guys beat the absolute hell out of each other. PCO does things that no 54 year old has any business doing but we are all better off for it.
  3. I’d like to see a rematch to Hangman vs Ibushi from 4 years ago Tony owns the footage they can build it up as a rematch 4 years in the making. Both men have skyrocketed in that time, the parallels in their careers, aside from how management treats them but even then it feels like the rug was pulled out from under Page in favor for Punk, are there. It could be a big match I’d like to see Page go over this time but it’d be a sweet match.
  4. Imma be in Chicago the weekend before this show, talk about poor timing.
  5. Couple thoughts on the show: It was the a long show but it was also the most fun I’ve ever had live at a wrestling show. Seeing Rancid was rad as fuck The crowd was hot but there was a lull period. I think the mixed trios and Darby-O’Rielly could have been saved for The Forum. If that was MJF’s last night what a night. That match was perfect. MJF had Territory Heat. And Wardlow was made last night. I wanted Page to retain. Punk I don’t think needs the World Title but it sounds like Punk has lead to a lot of finical growth in the company so I guess it makes sense on that end. I think Page could of had a longer run. Forbidden Door being in Chicago Punk as Champ going into Chicago makes a ton of sense.
  6. Im telling ya’ll Sabu no showed Three Way Dance in 95 cuz he time traveled to today cuz he had something to do and that’s put Wardlow over.
  7. No Wardlow vs MIF would be a disappointment at Rampage I was sitting next to a guy from Germany who told me that MJF Vs Wardlow was his main event. I don’t know if he flew all the way to Germany just for that match but he flew all the way from Germany looking forward to the match. I was just thinking about how if they had to do a replacement who they could get that would atleast not flatten the audiences enthusiasm. Maybe the lights go off and come back on and 1995 Sabu has travel through time.
  8. If he doesn’t show up who would a replacement the crowd wouldn’t shit on? The name that popped into my mind but he’s signed to MLW is Jacob Fatu. Ten minute house fight with Wardlow going over would be bonkers.
  9. Still pretty hot, Diamonte got chants during the trios match she’s involved. Crowds happy to be here.
  10. They are taping Dark right now I’m in the crowd but Rampage was a blast and a half hope it came off that way on TV.
  11. With the programming they have Discovery Channel wouldn’t be the strangest place for a wrestling show.
  12. This came up on Pluto I haven't seen much if any of this era of TNA/Impact Wrestling aside from the hardy stuff. So I decided to watch this. Mike Bennett and Maria come out. Mike is wrestling EC# at Slammiversary. EC3 is in charge tonight and Mike Bennett is a janitor tonight. Lashley is next out and he wants something. EC3 says tonight Drew Galloway, Lashley's opponent at Slammiversary will pick his opponent and same with Lashley. Back from break and we have a replay of what happened "moments ago". I'm gonna say this once but I don't like the moments ago recaps in TNA. If you are watching TNA on PopTV then you are most likely gonna watch it you aren't flipping threw the channels and see this and stop on it you either planned on watching it or you didn't. I guess if you had something going on and missed the beginning of the show then thats nice. Then we get a skit in the bathroom with Bennett and EC3? whose the heel and whose the face in this. Back to Drew and Lashley. Drew choices Bram as Lashleys opponent. I've seen Thom Latimer in the Wild Cards tag team on NWA Powerrr. But this is my first time seeing him as Bram in TNA. Bram is the King of the Mountain Champion. AKA the TNA Midcard Championship and if any company every had an out and out Midcard Championship it was TNA. This match was a fun watch, two guys beating the hell out of each other. Bram is great as the Babyface whose buddies with the Number 1 babyface ala Drew. Lashley was a great Heel in this they were fighting on the outside at one point and Lashley choked Bram out with his headband without the ref seeing in. I was enjoying this match. It was a really good match truth be told, then they fucked it all up when Lashley hit Bram with a chair and gets DQed. Lashley spears Bram and then Drew runs out and chases Lashley out of the ring. Eli Drake then comes out with his Not a MITB Contract Briefcase but a Feast or Fired briefcase and goes for the pin on a seemingly unconscious Bram, Bram kicks out. After a breif skirmish Drake wins the TNA King of the Mountain Championship. Alot of shit happened. This show aired almost 9 years after the last IMPACT! I watched and this looks and feels different from that TNA but theres still some similarities. If Bram was gonna lose to Eli all along why didn't they just have Lashley pin Bram clean? Lashley is facing Drew Galloway, Brams boy at Slammiversary so if the DQ was to protect Bram, what harm would Lashley pinning Bram clean have done? Lashley could have speared him, hit him with another spear pinned him hit him with a chair then Drew comes out either chases Bobby off or they start brawling with each other and go into the crowd and out of the IMPACT Zone! while Drake runs down and tries to get a cheap victory then Bram kicks out and puts up a fight like he did in real life and there's no problem in Bram taking two clean pins. the problem would be how you handle the Title loss smart Money would tell youBram wins it back at the PPV looking at results thats not what TNA did. Whose the women with Robbie E and Godderz? I'm a big fan. Another bathroom skit. Earl did some damage in the toilet. Another 'moments ago" of Eli winning the King of the Mountain Championship. Eli is backstage throwing a party for himself like he just pinned Okada in the Tokyo Dome. This turns into Eli Drake throwing Champagne in production crew members faces. Eli Drake rules. Now we got a tag match Rockstar Spud and Tyrus vs The Bromans with Mike Bennett as the ref. EC3 declared so in the bathroom. Match was fine, they kept it short. The big theme was Mike couldn't be bothered to do his job as ref. Robbie played the Ricky Morton. Jesse Drove onto Spud and Tyrus on the outside. Jesse got Spud in a Boston Crab and Mike signaled for the bell. Maria is on the phone complaining to Billy Corgan. EC3 hangs up the phone. Is he mad with power or just mad? Maria Allie and Sienna join EC3 in the ring. I'm sure to talk. must be the top of the hour, wouldn't be TNA without an in ring talking segment at the top of the hour. I only kid. EC3 is kind of a dick head, bossing the women around. This is like Maria's job evaluation as The Leader of The Knockouts. This bring out Gail Kim. "As Bone Thugs would say a bit of a crossroads here" is a thing Josh Matthews on commentary. EC3 asks what Gail wants. Gail says she wants a match with Maria at Slammiversary. This all leads into our fourth match of the night Gail Kim and Jade vs Allie and Sienna. EC3 and Maria have a sit at ringside. This match was good. standard tag match. If you can believe it I got a phone call during this match so it only got half my attention. Jade hits a double underhook piledriver on Allie for the 3. Mike Bennett starts yelling about shit in the ring. EC3 makes a match between Mike Bennett and James Storm. James Storm enters on his beer cooler cart. James Storm was in TNA for 13 years the first 13 years of the company he was around for a lot of charges alot of regimes alot of everything. His gimmick went through alterations as well even though he was always The Cowboy James Storm. He looks like idk this is maybe his IDK what I'm suppose to be phase he's in tights hes wearing his Shirt with the sleeves cut off and a bandana. Mike Bennett is wrestling in street clothes. Match is ok if not a tad boring. The more the match went the more i was entertained by it. There's nothing really to say of note they had a wrestling match until Maria distracted James Storm and Mike rolled Storm up for the 3. Bennett has to be the heel he won with a heel finish, plus he's way more likable than EC3. Also EC3 said earlier that he wasn't gonna have Mike wrestle tonight as he didn't want him to get hurt and not face him, EC3 at The PPV then Cuz Mike wants to stop mopping up the bathroom EC3 puts him in a match? Way to undermine your own reasoning. Are we sure Russo wasn't still shadow booking at this time? EC3 cuts a promo and then James Storm kicks Mike in the face. Al Snow has a French tag team. They are called The Tribunal. So this is Al Snow doing a Grumpy Old Man Gimmick? One of the French Guys speaks french then speaks in english. He gets What chants. Of Course he does. The other French Guy speaks english Reign of Terror is a term he used. He doesn't get What chants but he doesn't really leave pauses for them to happen. A USA Chant starts cuz of course they do. This may be my least favorite thing on the show. Al Snow starts talking about Grado now, shows footage of beating Grado last week in a hardcore match with a wrestling move. Grado and a guy who looks a little bit like Hector Garza. Grado says things I can't understand him. We get more footage and The Tribunal interfered and Snow used a weapon before the wrestling move. Grado and Not Hector Garza run into the ring and fight The Tribunal. Al hits Not Hector Garza with a chair. Tribunal whoops some ass. This was too long. The time it took to introduce The Tribunal and bury them by having them talk. They could have had a squash match then Al Could have done the Grado stuff and we could have ended with the same result. This whole segment was almost 9 minutes. I added the segment in here as I think if you wanna see it you should. We see clips from the week prior of the closing moments of an Ultimate X Match, between Eddie Edwards, Trevor Lee, DJ Z and Andrew Everrett. Eddie had the match won. Shane Helms distracted the ref, Eddie dropped the belt Trevor caught it ref saw the belt in Trevors favor. Braxton Stutter aka The Blade has a Video Package about how he's the journeyman vet on the indie scene he finally is in the big times. This wasn't bad but a tad bland. It's Lashley's turn to pick Drew Galloways Opponent, and Lashley picks The Decay. Yup the entire Decay, oh Bobby Lashley you scamp you. I get Drew Galloway is your World Champion and your World Champion should look strong and if there ever is a guy in contemporary wrestling thank you should make the impenetrable babyface there is a good case for Drew Galloway but if Drew Galloway is gonna take on 3 people at once and win spoiler Drew wins. Then maybe his opponent should win clean to in their match instead of deliberately losing the match for themselves with a chair shot in front of the ref? It's not like Drew made quick work of Decay, Abyss kicked his ass around the shop alittle bit. It wasn't a one sided match. Rosemary hit some offense on Drew leading to Crazzy Steve eating a backbreaker. Rosemary pulls out the Baseball bat with the spikes in it otherwise known as Janice. Lashley runs in the ring Drew gets out of the way and Lashley spears Abyss before being tossed out of the ring by Drew. Drew hits a Claymore Kick on Steve for the 3. Thats the point i'm trying to make, Lashley looked liked an idiot with the finish and he looked like and idiot in the first match and he ran around from Drew. You got your World Champion beating three people at once and he's going into a PPV with a Challenger who has been made to look like a complete doofus. Who would pay to see that match? also if you were judging from this show alone, the big angle going into the PPV is Mike Bennett vs EC3 not even the World Title Match. The Main Event of the show is the contract signing between Matt and Jeff Hardy. It's Early Broken Hardys and its great, they showed segment's of it throughout the show but I'm gonna post the youtube video because i'm not gonna be able to give it justice. Also of the Two Impact's i've watched in the past two days were almost 9 years apart and featured contract signings one of new talent one for a match but still the more things change the more they stay the same.
  13. Watching Pluto and The November 16 2007 IMPACT! came on so I decided to write about it The show starts off with Cornette at the announcers desk, moments ago before the show aired mind you and tell Mike and Don and tells them not to mention the two people in the Genesis main event as they didn’t sign contracts and their will be legal trouble but they are signing contracts tonight on TV! We then get the opening video and the Kurt Angle, his wife Karen and AJ Styles and stinking come to the ring to talk. This is the official coronation of the Angle Alliance. Angle is great as the out of touch delusional heel the crowd boos him. Kevin Nash comes out. Kurt turned on him on the PPV. Kurt and his boys beat down Nash until Alex Shelley Chris Sabin Jay Lethal Sonjay Dutt Shark Boy Chris Harris And LAX run out and make the save for Nash. Christian Cage shows up to the IMPACT! Zone in a Porsche and we go to break. Back from break Kevin Nash is on the phone with someone. Then we get the opening contest, The Rock and Rave Infection Vs LAX. Match was fine, Hernandez dove out of the ring onto Lance Hoyt. The crowd was hot for LAX like really hot for everything they did so of course Jimmy Rave rolled Homicide for the 3 after Christie Hemme distracted the former. The crowd was dead for that. LAX beats Rave up after the match. Christi gets involved again Homicide teases like he’s gonna hit her Then a mysterious figure shows up hits Christi with a slapjack and that’s that. Team 3D cut a promo backstage and they are gonna execute a guy? Atleast that’s what it looks like the house a guy on his knees with a hood over his head. They’ve commandeered the X Division Title and have a list of demands. This turns into Bubba is fat jokes quickly. Crystal is backstage with Christian Cage. It’s been a rough one for Christian, he lost to Kaz and his two boys are now Kurt’s two boys. His promos weird it’s an impassioned babyface promo but Christian is still acting as a heel. Shades of grey bro. Kurts defending the World Title against Kaz in tonight’s main event. Second match of the night is a mixed tag match Robert Roode and Ms Brooks Vs Gail Kim and Chris Harris. There’s a female “fan” in the crowd with a sign for Roode which doesn’t sit well with Ms Brooks. Harris is announced as Gail’s opponent not partner. That was at over dubbed on a taped show. Gail and Brooks start and they chain wrestle and it’s not bad and the crowd is into but then of course we got to start over booking. Roode makes Brooks sit down in a chair at ringside and “watch how it’s done”. Roodes a little too aggressive with Brooks which doesn’t age well with 2022 eyes. There is a great camera shot of Brooks looking pissed off and the female “fan” looking seductively at Robert Roode. Roode thinks he’s gonna get the better of Gail and Gail gets the better of him, that perks Brooks up. Chris Harris tags in and we go to break shortly after. Back from break Harris is in offensive control against Roode. Brooks is still time out at ringside. And we get more camera shots of the “fan” at ringside. Roode regains offensive control with a DDT. He orders Brooks gives him the chair she teases him won’t give him the chair he gets the chair. Ref isn’t looking Roode Bonks Harris with the 3 and gets the 3. Roode hits Harris with the chair after the match he’s gonna break Harris’ arm and Brooks gets in the way. She slaps Roode and slaps him again and then a 3rd time. She rips up the “fans” sign, pulls her over the guardrail and starts beating her up as security separates them. A lot of shit happened in the two segments of this match. Crystal meets up with Scott Hall in the parking lot. His wearing an Insane Clown Posse hockey jersey. Crystal says “Scott we know Nash was on the phone with you earlier”. Scott neither confirms nor denies this. Cornette is in his office brow beating Matt Morgan cuz Matt was in charge for two weeks and it all went to hell. Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave want Cornette to do something cuz Homicide struck Christie. I missed that. It looked to me like the other guy did it. Team 3D then make their way to the ring. With the guy in the hood. Brother Ray calls out the X division so Shelley Sabin and Lethal come out to the ramp and we get, talking. A lot of talk about Hostess Ding Dongs. More Bubba is fat jokes. Theirs a your mothers a whore joke tooZ whose writing this. The crowd taunts Brother Ray with That Was Awesome chants. Johnny Devine is unceremoniously reveled to be the guy under the hood. Jay Lethal wants his X Division Belt back. Ray mentions theirs a traitor in the x division as Shark Boy and Sonjay make the save. Johnny Devine is freed grabs a kendo stick and turns on his fellow x division wrestlers. Mike Tenay uses the term swerve on commentary. Team 3D and Devine lay waste to the x division as we end the segment. Once again a lot of stuff happened. JB is backstage with AJ and Tomko and mentions Christian. AJ says it’s all a big misunderstanding. He wants everybody to get along. Hall and Nash are BSing backstage Theirs a Judas Messias Video Package. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash come out to the ring to talk. Scott Hall does a Hey Yo. Crowd chants you still got it. They haven’t done anything. Nash says Turning Point it’s The Angle Alliance Vs Hall Nash and a mystery partner that will be revealed by the end of the night that’s it thats the segment. We then get a video package of the debut of Rellik (that’s killer spelt backwards) at Genesis. Third match Rellik (Killer spelt backwards) vs Black Reign vs Abyss. Rellik and Reign start of double teaming Abyss. The crowd boos this. Rellik Is a subordinate of Black Reigns for better or worse. Abyss gains offensive control to the crowds delight. We get a little miscommunication trouble in paradise between Reign and Rellik before we go to break. Let me get this straight, Rellik showed up at the PPV helped Reign beat Abyss now only five days later with nothing prompting it theirs already troubled between the two? In a match with both of them against Abyss, the match they worked together to successfully defeat at said PPV five days before hand. Back from break and there’s still friction between Rellik and Reigns as they are beating up Abyss. Abyss makes a comeback and the crowds behind it. IMPACT! Zone loved them some Abyss. Abyss wins after a Blackhole Slam on Rellik. Reign hits Abyss with some sort of club like weapon right after the match is over. Rellik brings in a chair and they beat up Abyss. Three Matches and they all end with someone getting beat up afterwards. Rhino runs in and cleans fucking house. Crowd is pleased by this. Rhino was always over in the IMPACT! Zone. JB is backstage with Kurt Angle. Normal comedic antics. Kurt calls Hall and Nash over the hill. He kind of over looks Kaz. Don’t under estimate him Kurt it might bite you in the ass. Match four Awesome Kong vs Alexa Jade. Jade doesn’t get an introduction. I watched the Impact before Genesis last week on Pluto and Jade wrestled Gail Kim on that episode. Speaking of Gail Kim, Kong is carrying an 8x10 of Gail Kim. Guess she’s aiming for the queen, bes not miss. Kong wind after a sit out powerbomb. Match was short and Kong dominates. Gail Kim comes out and calls out along. Gail and Kong start brawling as the refs try to hold them back. King ends up clotheslining Gail and then a sit out powerbomb. That was pretty cool. Gail looks like a badass going up against Kong. She’s fearless. TNA’s two newest acquisitions will be revealed next. Jim Cornette is in the ring there’s a desk too. So these mystery people can sign TNA contracts. Cornette brings out Booker T and his wife Sharmell. I never liked TNA’s theme. It was like a knock off of his iconic WWE theme it’s not like it is a knock off of his WWE theme. Booker and Sharmell are dressed to the 9’s as they say. This is a big occasion for them. Booker thanks the fans and they thank him back. Sharmell and Booker TNA as he called himself sign TNA contracts. It’s official Booker T is signed to TNA. Cornette asks Booker what his plans are in TNA before he can answer Christian Cage interrupts. Christian wants to say hello to his old friend. Christian takes jabs at Triple H and then pretty much says he runs things in TNA and if Booker gets any ideas he’s got to get through him. Christian calls Sharmell a “nappy headed ho” and Booker cleans his clock as he should. That was a bad segment. Mike and Don talked about the two new acquisitions all night not by name of course, Booker seems like a big deal coming in and Christian was at this point in his TNA career in a gate keeper position so it’s a solid first feud for Booker. Theres a really good video package for Kaz making him look like he stands a chance against Kurt tonight highlighting his win over Christian to get the title shot. JB is now backstage with Kaz. Kaz is focused and determined tonight. Match Number Five and our main event TNA World Heavyweight Champion defends against Kaz. This match was good. Like really good. Kaz looked like a million bucks in there with Kurt. I don’t want to make comparisons but in a way it could have been a Flair-Sting moment. Kaz won a tournament that included a reverse battle Royal seeding process, a single elimination tournament and then a ladder match finals. Suffice to say the man earned his title shot. TNA could have had their first true homegrown star I mean some one that could potentially done some business had that ceased the opportunity and strapped the rocket on him after this match. He gives Kurt a run for his money. It’s a really good match like I said. At one point Karen distracts the ref Kurt with the low blow angle slam goes for the 3. Kaz kicks out they had me I thought it was over. Kaz hit Kurt with a Spanish Fly. That was cool. Crowd chanted This Awesome. Kaz attempts a Wave of the Future Kurt counters it into a DDT puts in the guillotine choke that progresses into a pin. That’s how Kurt wins. It was sudden and unexpected and not in a good way. It felt kind of rushed. Kaz let’s Kurt know he was inches from eating Kaz’s finisher. Kurt doesn’t like this. Kurt and Kaz get in each other’s faces. Hall and Nash come out attack Kurt this brings out AJ and Tomko Samoa Joe runs out clears the ring and Joe is Hall and Nash’s parter. Show ends with a music video highlighting the video. I liked shit on this show especially the main event and the contract signing but like everything is so rushed and there’s so much shit going on that 1. It’s hard to keep up and 2. Something you start off liking ends up so fucked you end up not liking it.
  14. Fired up the Pluto Machine and this was in the middle well towards the end of the Matt Cardona-Moose segment. I liked the Mid-Cardona jab Moose took at Matt idk what to make of the IC Title reign being a day jab as Impact or more so TNA has a history of mentioning a wrestlers pass in WWE any chance they could get. Eric Young can cut a hell of a promo. He’s a versatile performer he can do deranged cult leader just as well as he can do bumbling fool. The Former Aiden English had a confrontation backstage with Chris Sabin the week before, and now they are having a match! Deonna Porrazo joins the commentary booth she’s aligned with Aiden English. I thought Aiden English had a neck injury that prevented him from wrestling. Oh well I was wrong. The match? It was good, they had a wrestling match. English got in a lot of offense. A friend called me while Sabin was kinda making a comeback so I wasn’t able to pay my full attention on that. Mickie James and Deonna got into on the floor, Deonna had been talking about Mickie on commentary their in a feud it made sense. Sabin won with a cradle shock. Jonah Vs Jai Videl was short but sweet showcased Jonah as a monster. Videl has some fight in him. Jonah wins after a big splash. Jonah has badass theme too. Big monster aiming at Josh Alexander Josh’s newest challenge on his road back to Moose and the world title I dug it. My dad called me while Macklin and Trey Miguel where brawling around backstage. It looked in tense kinda like a circus fire. What’s with everyone is calling me as I’m watching Pluto TV in the middle of the day? IPWF is coming back! “A loving lampoon on a bygone era” if you weel. So Bryan Myers is doing a Mentor gimmick? He has two goofballs as protégés. He has his work cut out for him. W Morrisey and Moose have a meeting before their tag match later in the night. I don’t think they are on the same page. Call me crazy but I’m thinking tempers may flare later tonight. Savanah Evans Vs Rachael Ellering, This was set up later in the night in a backstage segment all the women want to be apart of the first ever Knockouts Ultimate X Match so this match come out of that. Match was good. Almost like a lady hoss fight as they seemed to being laying it in. Ellering had her work cut out for her as Ms Evans is a force to be reckoned with. Ellering valiant effort pays off as she defeats Savanah Evans. Fun little tv match. Tenille Dashwood is back (I don’t know where she went) and her mind melted when she heard there was over girls from Australia in Impact. They do the classic misdirect you think Tenille is gonna have a problem with the IIspiration but turns out they are fast friends. They got us! Next up, Willie Mack and Rich Swann vs Cody Deaner and Joe Doering. As Willie made his entrance out I realized that him Jonah and The IInspiration have all left the company. This show aired 5 months ago. The turn around in Impact is pretty crazy. The Violent by design stable is pretty bad ass, EY found two misfits that will do his bidding. They make an effective tag team. Willie plays the Ricky Morton, Swann gets the tag cleans house crowd gets behind him and it all she wrote. Deanna hits a 450 splash or whatever it is a 630? Fuck it. For the 3. VBD beat the winning team down until Heath and Rhino make the save. Pluto cuts jump cuts to the backstage segment in progress with Larry D abs Rohit (isn’t Rohit gone too?) Johnny Swinger and Hernandaddy. Larry and Rohit are wrestling on the next weeks program. The Main Event was pretty sweet. It starts off with chaos and outside dives then we go to commercial we come back and they’ve slowed it down and the heel team is in control. Eddie fights as hard as he can gets the hot tag and Cardona comes him. Him and Moose mix it up and Cardona gets the win for his team. Then after the match Morissey boots Moose in the face. I knew they were gonna implode.
  15. Pluto Machine … I came in as Kiara Hogan made her entrance for her match against Taya Valkyrie. Match was good. If I had a criticism it’s that the match was more of a device to get Tessa Blanchard over, who was on commentary than it was to the two women n the ring over. They must have split screened the commentary table and the action in the ring 3 times maybe 4. Match was more about Tessa arguing with Josh Matthews and Don Callus agreeing with her Every word then anything else.
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