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  1. Marty debuting at the end of the Thanksgiving Eve episode of Dynamite would blow the roof off of The Sears.
  2. This is a continuation a conversation from this weeks Dynamite thread that I decided to add to the October thread. There’s several Ring of Honor contracts expiring at the end of the year. Marty, Brody PCO, Cobb, Rush, Dragon Lee and Bandido, plus dudes like PJ Black, Shane Taylor, Tracy Williams and Beer City Bruiser. That’s a lot of talent on the market come January. Marty seems to be a lock. Does anyone know when exactly Marty’s contract expires in November? I’d like to see PCO and Brody King in AEW. The idea of Marty going rogue and not aligning with The Elite but having his own crew. Although PCO is challenging Rush for the ROH Title at Final Battle. They put the strap on Kyle O’Reilly and he didn’t resign. If PCO does win the strap and doesn’t resign he could always drop the strap to Jay Lethal at Wrestle Kingdom. Or PCO could turn up on Dynamite and toss the strap in the trash. Or they could have Rush retain and drop they belt to somebody the next day at the TV Tapings. Who I don’t know. Maybe Silas Young. If I was AEW I’d go after Rush, with ROH’s relationship with CMLL getting stronger I can’t see Rush and Dragon Lee staying in ROH once their contracts are up. Entice the brothers by allowing them to continue taking Mexican Indie dates. I’d make a run for Bandido too. Now that New Japan seems cold on him I’d go for Jeff Cobb too. I’ve seen him plenty live in ROH and Defy dude is very athletic and can go from what I’ve seen. Plus he has a pretty solid buzz in the Bay Area/PNW and when AEW starts expanding out there he’d be a perfect addition to the roster. How many people they sign at the first of the year I would imagine depends on if the start running the Saturday night house shows by then. Extra date a week would mean filling out the roster. Also if they do add a Television title with Weekly defenses on television with the 15 minute time limits you will also need to bolster the Midcard. With that in mind I’d look at Tracy Williams and Beer City Bruiser. Tracy is really good wrestler whose just been under the radar honing his craft in AIW, Beyond and Evolve before spending this last year in ROH. I think he’d be perfect for a Television Championship devision. Beer City is the guy I’d make a run at. He’s a classic boss. A tough guy looking for a fight. A throwback to the tough guy midcarder heels from the territory days who may not have the best win-loss record but you know he’s gonna give the face a run for their money. Bruiser was on Jericho’s Podcast and Jericho seemed to be a fan of his work. Having an advocate on the inside may help him get a contract. This is all speculation. I’d also make an offer to Silas Young when his contract is up at the end of 2021. I wouldn’t bother with Black or Taylor.
  3. Speaking of Rush here’s him vs Bandido from ROH’s 17th Anniversary Show from March of this year. I was there live and this is my first time seeing the match since. It’s as tight as I remember it being. Imagine watching this on Dynamite in front of a larger crowd. Also ROH is so bad at micing a crowd we were way louder then it comes off on the tape.
  4. April 1st, 2020 is on a Wednesday. How great of a April Fools Day joke would it be if Tenay and West commentated Dynamite for a night.
  5. Darby Allin vs Jimmy Havoc was fucking wild. I’m looking forward Allin vs Jericho. Bucks vs Private Party was really fucking good. Party with the upset was the right move. Bucks don’t need to the straps and they’ll be champions eventually. Moxley vs Spears may have been my favorite match of the night. Moxley has been rejuvenated since leaving WWE. The dude without restraints has been aces. The in ring style is so much more, what’s the word not aggressive but more combative and without restrictions than the WWE. Its a good choice to be different in-ring. Dynamite has been great these past two weeks I hope they can keep it up.
  6. I was really nervous when the lights went out at the end there, that we were getting Ryback. So happy it wasn’t. Crowd was crazy over that crowd went bonkers when the lights went up and he was standing there in his suit. I agree with everyone who has said that it’s way too early for MJF to turn place the crowd went absolutely nuts for the save.
  7. This is the Hogan/Bischoff Era of TNA summed up nicely:
  8. It is very 1970’s in presentation. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It didn’t feel dated or out of place it feels really 2019. it’s refreshing to see a pro wrestling show. It’s no frills. There’s names familiar enough with the audience they are trying to appeal to. It’s cool to see Sal Ranero and Caleb Connelly. Is there gonna be a 71st Anniversary Show? They ran last years in late October. They could run it later in the year For example in conjunction with Wrestlecade Thanksgiving weekend. Use the show to build towards it. I don’t know if I like that Josephus seemingly went from mystic Weirdo with sadistic tendencies to hot tempered hillbilly. James Storm came off as a star and I did enjoy the pull apart brawl. They brawled all over the crowd it’s just two tough guys looking for a fight and getting into one. That’s missing from modern wrestling. The finish was eh idk if I like Josephus being a doofus. Austin Idols Wrestling School commercial is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Is Mike Posey not signed to AEW? Or are they allowing him to pull double duty? Brain Hebner reffed the main event. AEW most of gave the ok. Eddie Kingston is a badass the dude should be bigger than he is hopefully the NWA is the platform you needed all along dude should get a long run with the strap he’d make a perfect NWA Champion. The build throughout the show for the main event was what I really enjoyed. It was simple but effective. Aldis’s promo at the start of the show partnered with Storms promo before the match really showed the importance of the Champuonship. Tim Storm may become the break off star of Powerrr (with 3 r’s). He killed it on the mic. There’s no way to boo that guy. Also what a great use of the footage they had available for the hype videos. I’m to see them put the Ten Pounds of Gold to good use for those who may have not been familiar with Aldis or more importantly Tim Storm. I liked to matched. The crowd was super into it and that’s always fun. It was a good back and fourth. Nothing special but still entertaining. Tim Storm put on a valiant effort. He looked like a million bucks tonight. Aldis is getting a long run he’s already pushing towards a year but he’s going longer. It looks like Eli Drake is next in line for a run but an Aldis-Kingston program based on the promo potential alone seems to be the angle that would be the bigger draw. Aldis cutting a baby face promo showing respect for Tim Storm then next second turning heel not letting Camille speak was a pretty good angle. All in all fun fucking show. I like the formula of squash matches and in studio interviews with a longer main that goes 15-20 that’s built up progressively throughout the program.
  9. If Jericho vs Pockets headlines a PPV Cornette may have an aneurism on his podcast.
  10. Dark was a cool show. Every match was tight. Tony in that green screen studio throwing to the matches, showing Dynamite highlights, promoting tomorrow’s Dynamite the show kind of reminded me of a Saturday Morning Wrestling Show. JR and Excalibur make a great duo. They call the match a novel concept. Darby vs Cima was the best match of the night what a great opener. The show really showed off how diverse the roster really is so many different style of matches. Tons of fun. Orange Cassidy was super over and good for him. They got a breakout star if they do it right. In the surface the gimmick is all “Yeah, I am tight. Deal with it” but the twist is ol Pockets is actually good at wrestling. I don’t think he should be World Champion or anything but he may be able to have a main event or two if built right.
  11. That main event, it started to die a death with Rollins started hitting Wyatt with the 15 curb stomps in a row. The crowd started booing as they were certain Rollins was gonna pin Wyatt. They weren’t going to accept anything other than Wyatt walking out of Sac as Champion.
  12. You are a so and so and a such and such how dare you
  13. Rap artists Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine we’re front row too. No mention of them. 3rd AEW show Gunns been at.
  14. Kevin Smith has lost a lot of weight. Good for him.
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