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  1. Johnny Bullet sounds like the name of the lead in a B Action Flick. The name would fit Morrison like a glove actually.
  2. Web Conn

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 5/10/18

    Here's the original Last Rites Match for anyone who wants to give it a look: There's things about this match I like. The aesthetic is a nice touch that's something I always will credit this era TNA for doing which is making things look different. It might be cheesy but the candelabra on each ring post was a cool touch. The tombstones eh a little too on the nose for my liking. The match started off well enough with Sting jumping Abyss from the jump and them trading chair shots on the outside. I do like that Sting embraced his inner hardcore wrestler in TNA. Latter years Sting didn't fuck around. The physicality of this match enhances the brutality they wanted to associate with this type of gimmick match. Sting got color 4 minutes in taking a candelabrum to the face. The crowd was hot too or as hot as a Impact Zone crowd can be. Once the casket gets lowered it starts getting real B level horror movie. The casket is lowered comically slow, theres a eerie blue light that covers the ring and smoke you can't forget the smoke. This is when everything goes to shit. The crowd turns on this match when the light turns blue and start chanting Fire Russo about five minutes into the match. Sting was a bloody mess, like too much. Sting places a tombstone over Abyss face and hits the tombstone with his bat. Abyss starts to bleed. It is really more midnight movie then Japanese garbage wrestling. I gotta give it to Sting he was 48 at the time and took a chokeslam onto a casket that could not of felt good. Abyss is nuts too going back first through a tombstone propped up by two chairs. Sting wins after that. Then the Casket is raised up to the ceiling with Abyss in it. The blue light and smoke are back too.
  3. Web Conn

    SDL - 4/24/2018 - No Speak Aiden English

    Bryan vs Cass is actually a good feud for both of them. Bryan is just coming back from 3 years of inactivity, he's best as the undersized face. You have a big guy with sans the ill fitting suit has a good look but isn't a proven solo act yet that has just came back from injury, also he has been face for most of his time on TV sans a month (NXT counts but doesn't count at the same time) and they want to establish him as a heel. You do the bully vs the underdog. Cass can get heat on Bryan and get the heel act over on a guy who they will boo him against. It gives Bryan something to do before him and Miz square off at SummerSlam.
  4. Web Conn


    I'm curious to see how many tickets sell first day without any matches announced yet. I want to go but I'm going to hold off on buying tickets, I gotta get a few things in order first.
  5. Web Conn

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 5/3/18

    Cool to see them do a Wrestlecon Trios rematch for Impact. One of the better matches on that show.
  6. Web Conn


    Flip Gordon sucks
  7. Web Conn


    Thunder is such a weird show. Watching the 2/19/98 Thunder. On the Nitro prior Brain "Crush" Adams debuts in WCW wearing a trench coat. He tells Bret Hart he has his back. The nWo come out Adams takes off the coat revealing an nWO shirt they all beat up Bret. So on Thunder Adams Rick Rude and Curt Hennig are all cutting a promo on Bret. But Bret doesn't come out. Neidhart and Bulldog come out. A slugfest happens the nWold (get it?) beat down Brets Brother-in-Law's and Bret never comes out. Welcome to WCW where old WWF guys beat each other up in street clothes.
  8. Web Conn

    IMPACT Redemption PPV (04/21/18)

    Forget Steiner and Drake, lets get Steiner and Petey back together
  9. They debuted brand new belts at the PPV tonight and they all got owls on em
  10. Web Conn

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    Give it to Mark Henry, have him win.
  11. Web Conn

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    I probably wouldn’t be whining if thisevahows were on the Network. Starrcade absolutely should have been a Special.
  12. Web Conn


    There's a Raven vs Marty Jannetty match from the 5th episode of Thunder that is a ton of fun actually they brawl around the entrance, Jannetty fends off inference from The Flock. And it was pretty good in ring to boot. Jannetty in WCW was random but also really cool, he wrestled Dean Malenko on the 3rd episode of Thunder. Also on the 5th episode of Thunder there is a Lucha Trios featuring Silver King, Vilano IV & Vilano V vs Super Chalo, Lizmark Jr & Chavo Guerrero Jr that is tight as fuck. If your a fan of random WCW Lucha you will like it.
  13. Web Conn

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    My big gripe is that This is getting a Network Special but Starrcade, The MSG Shows and the last show from The Joe Louis Arena did not get Network Specials.