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  1. Ironwomen match
  2. Dropped this on friday but got busy and forgot to post him. I'm back and hopefully here to stay this time for reals. After another self imposed 3 week exile I am back with a new format and new style and the same shitty attitude. This week Don Griswold, Steve and Secret Guy join me to answer a few emails and chaos ensues, then I talk about the WWE at MSG show from July 7th What went down and why I think it should be a network special, Next I get into the meat and potatoes of this show and talk about the media circus that is Mcgregor vs Mayweather, the press conferences were insane and I explore them in detail before giving my thoughts on the actual fight that is taking place August 26th in Las Vegas and then I end the show reviewing New Japan on AXS and ROW Wrestling from June 9th and 10th. Leave Questions Comments and Concerns at websweeklywrestlingwrant@gmail.comand follow me on twitter @webconn69.The McGregor-Mayweather Press conferences:LA: www.youtube.com/watch?v=npJdeoYxYGsToronto: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7ZcGjg03-E&t=148sBrooklyn: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktUGNEyW7To&t=1989sLomndon: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkuYRHK1WDU&t=2784s
  3. On this episode of Wranting Wrestling I talked to Jesse Coffin. Jesse is a pal of mine who has a vast knowledge of pro wrestling hence this fun convo I had with him. Don Griswold and Secret Guy (he doesn't want his identity revealed) joined us from time to time. We talk about Scott Hall, WCW, The Monday Night Wars, tons of Attitude Era talk (lot more than normal), Wrestlemania 33, Wrestlemania 19, We touch on Chris Benoit, New Japan briefly and Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker plus so much more. Leave questions comments and concerns at weeklywrestlingwrant@gmail.com and follow me on twitter @webconn69.
  4. Fuck Punk I like the guy as a wrestler and all but he's yesterday's news let him play MMA fighter. If Brock is on the way out I say aggressivley go for Omega and Okada.
  5. So whens Jay Bradley beating Tim Storm for the NWA Championship. I don't know how TV works what so ever but I know AMC and Corgan where developing or atleast talking about developing a TV show about the day to day operations of an indy wrestling promotion with Rev Pro. Like I said I know nothing about TV and the deal is most likely off the table but I wonder how difficult it would be for Corgan to try to renegotiate a deal with AMC to put NWA on TV weekly? Long shot, next to impossible I know but cool thought regardless.
  6. i think there's money in a Balor Brock match for the Universal title with Balor winning. I do some people have called Balor a nerd here but idk he has some aura about him the crowds go crazy for him and anytime they bring up Brock vs Balor it gets a big pop. The Champion who had to give up the title due to injury vs the current champ it writes itself and Balor should go over. Have Balor win some kind of Number One Contenders Match at Summer Slam then at No Mercy the next month Balor buy the skin of his teeth barely beats Brock idk have him put his feet on the ropes as leverage to pin Brock people will buy that it won't make Balor look weak but make him look tactical. So then Balor moves on to Joe or somebody do all that. Then in October at Hell in a Cell why not do Brock vs Reigns as the Main Event in the Cell it should be the only Cell match on the card and let them go at it just have a brawl and go crazy. Roman wins. Then no Brock what so ever until the Royal Rumble match and then Braun and Brock double eliminate each other and you start setting up Braun vs Brock for Mania and then Braun destroys Brock in 5 minutes and then let Braunamania run wild.
  7. Dalton and Silas should be feuding over the world title, sure Cody makes you "hip" and gives you a "buzz" but Dalton and Silas would make them different and present something different.
  8. God Dana's dumb sometimes. Brock fought roided up on the same show Jon Jones got pulled on for having dick pills in his system and Dana begs him to come back, meanwhile Frank Shamrock is getting the Randy Savage treatment.
  9. I remember the Sunday Night Heat where K-Kwik debuted giving Road Dogg his demo tape and then rapping on stage with Road Dogg at the end of the show. Then the next time I remember K-Kwik on TV was the Christmas episode of Raw that year when Kurt Angle had all his brothers on TV and they were walking backstage and they passed K-Kwik in the hallway and when they left he said "talk about a white Christmas" and thats about all I remember from Ron Killings first WWE run besides a match with Billy Kidman on Heat during the Invasion angle.
  10. It's not a wrestling death per day but Martin Landau who played Sal Badini in Ready to Rumble passed away
  11. Could you imagine the poor nurse that has to deal with control freak Vince that is completely dependent.
  12. Only way Vince relinquished control is if like he dies ave his mom is like 96 so he has somewhat good genetics or of like the board of directors vote him out as chairman which everyone in those executive positions seem scarred shitless of Vince so I doubt that happens. If Vince has a stroke or something and can't physically do the job maybe and it's a big maybe gives up his seat and even then I could see Trips or Steph or whoever takes over as Chair be titled interim in the position just in the off chance Vince would recover well enough to take the position back.
  13. I didn't know if the WWE was gonna let them do something other than stooge for Jinder Mahal.
  14. I was thinking about this whole "who has been attacking the Fashion Police" angle thats been going on and to me the most logical reveal would be a debuting team called up from NXT but and forgive me i"m not as well versed in NXT as I was a few months ago so I don't know what tag team it would be. They just broke up DIY and the only two teams i could see being called up are AOP and Heavy Machinery and they are currently in a tag title program on NXT Tv and I don't think either team is particularly ready for the main roster yet. Is there a team I'm missing?