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  1. Yeah absolutely put Tyson Kidd back on TV he's just sitting there on contract. Be something to do with him. Totally forgot about him.
  2. I think 205 Live needs another Counterweight commentator to fill the void of Austin Aries leaving the booth. Maybe Jamie Noble.
  3. i hope they add some Cruiserweights to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. At least have Tajiri as a surprise entrant and have him in the final four with Sami, Show and Braun.
  4. On one hand I wish Ranallo all the luck in the world, fight the good fight, stay strong and I hope he feels better to come back soon. On the other hand there is just too much Tom Phillips on WWE programming with Ranallo out. Now that Phillips has been doing 205 Live in Ranallo's absence he commentates on every WWE show besides Raw including NXT. Ranallo come back please get this face fucker off my television.
  5. I want to see New Japan live in LA, I'm a worrier so of course I think I'm going to get on ticketmaster too late.
  6. Russo doesn't book for the WWE anymore.
  7. Question is there a website for ticket information for the New Japan LA Show? I'm going to be at Wrestlecon when tickets go on sale so I want to make sure i'm all ready to when 11am hits.
  8. did you post #usoswrestlemania on twitter? If not you are part of the problem. In all seriousness, I bet they announce the Uso's vs American Alpha rematch for Mania tonight.
  9. Unless thye announce it tonight on 205 Live I'm assuming that there won't be a multi-man Cruiser tag, which will be unfortunate. Hopefully if they don't do a cruiser match they put some of them in the Andre Battle Royal. If I had to guess assuming the cruiser tag does happen, the pre show would be first hour: Cruisers, SmackDown Tag and SmackDown Womens, with all three getting around 10 minutes, the Smackdown tag is getting between five and ten minutes, The SmackDowns womens might go 12. Seceond Hour: Andre Battle Royal (Top of the hour and given around 20 minutes) and the Cruiserweight Championship is probably going on at 6:40 and going 15 minutes. And i'd open the Main show with the pitbull concert and give them 10 minutes don't let them go 20 like Kid Rock did that one year.
  10. ROH's travel schedule its bad at all comparatively. It's what maybe two weeks a month and just Friday, Saturday. Still leaves plenty of time for family and Virginia indies.
  11. So you're saying Preston Quinn is going to get an old school heel TV Title run?
  12. The Concrete Crypt match was The Great American Bash 2004
  13. I don't know yet, I want to focus on how the '70s was the decade before wrestling went commercial and was still an outlaw sport.
  14. I think Cory "The Goods" Woods wins. Idk he's a couple years into the business and his MMA gimmick kinda fits in with ROH.
  15. I'm working on a paper for class on Pro Wrestling in the 1970's. I googled professional wrestling in the 1970's and I haven't found anything worthwhile. Does anyone know any articles or essays or pieces on 1970's wrestling that are worth checking out?