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  1. Some things I forgot to mention: Archer as the Monster Lambert bring sin that he can't really wrangle in could be an interesting angle. He makes a good opponent for Page see if Page is good enough to defeat this unhinged monster. Daunte Martin winning a big match was nice. That was a big win on Hobbs, after Ricky gets done with Lethal. I didn't talk about it in the Rampage thread but i like the FTW Title being treated as an unofficial official title with how deep their male roster is having a singles title a tier below the TNT Championship might actually be beneficial. But back to Daunte Martin I think after Lethal, Martin should be Rickys next defense and there's an argument to be made that Daunte should very well be the guy to beat Ricky for the FTW title. I think an angle of Team Taz trying to get the FTW Championship back leading to the ascent of Hook maybe he eventually beats Daunte for it in the Summer. IDK I'm armchair booking now.
  2. This was a great episode of Rampage. just wrestling heavy. All three matches were tight as fuck. Adam Cole as Mr Friday Night is pretty cool guys been delivery. He's had great opponents Atlas last week and Trent this week. AEW has a stacked roster. The womens 6man was also really good. I'm liking this Layla Hirsh heel turn they are building towards. And what an awesome Main. Those guys busted their asses off and it showed. Yeah I had a fun time watching this match and show. Also The Acclaimed are a great heel team. They deserve a run with the straps. We got what 2 months to Revolution and I think Acclaim talented enough to keep the build towards the match with Darby and Sting entertaining for that length of time.
  3. I liked this weeks show. They were working on establishing the mid card and I think that is the good thing. WWE doesn't really have a mid card theres the Main Event Scene and everyone else. It's good to be different and allowing your audience to invest on everyone up and down the card is a good thing. I spoke in the General Thread about how I think they should have booked the smaller venue in town but other than it looking rather empty on camera the crowd seemed to still be into the show and nobody phoned it in match quality wise. Sammy vs Garcia was really good what an awesome Main Event.
  4. Cody going away for a few months wouldn’t be a bad thing. Cody likes a good worked shoot so why not “test the waters” for a few months on the indie scene. He can take the TNT Championship with him and defend it as “The Rightful Champion” maybe even film a season of Rhodes to the Top where he’s “out of AEW”. Then he can come back in time for Double or Nothing to have a Unification Match with Sammy.
  5. I didn't forget I just got busy all of a sudden this week so here we are... latter day AWA, I'm most familiar with this time period in AWA as I would watch the ESPN Shows when they appeared on ESPN Classics back in 06. I'm a big fan of tag team wrestling and this was a really fun match. The crowd were so into The Rockers here and Orton and Adonis were the perfect foils for Shawn and Marty. Bob and Adrian were not afraid to sell and bump their asses off for the smaller Rockers but when it was time to get some heat they could do that two and still look imposing and credible. A testament to how secure the two were in their talents that they didn't mind letting the smaller Faces get some shine. Evidently they were not secure enough to let Shawn or Marty pin them but that could also have something to do with how disorganized and how day by day the AWA was at the time so a clean finish in a Tag Title match was overlooked. All in all i liked this match Shawn and Marty were good even as young and green as they still were here. The North Dakota crowd were hot for this and it brought the match to a whole other level.
  6. was it just too big of a building for the market? Is Horsemen Country still hard to draw in still? How’d of thought constantly undermining the areas top draw for close to a decade would have lasting effects.
  7. So AEW drew 5,100 to an arena that holds 21,00. I looked it up The Reynolds Coliseum also in Raleigh holds 5,600 for basketball. Maybe they should have ran the Reynolds. It would have looked better on TV.
  8. I wont spam this thread every week but I do a podcast and am returning after a four month absence with my annual year end award show. I'll post it here, have a listen or don't but here it is.
  9. I once heard WOR on Sirius. I was in a rental car that had it. This had to be idk four years ago now.
  10. https://www.f4wonline.com/news/ring-of-honor/roh-announces-supercard-of-honor-2022-for-april Looks like ROH is returning Wrestlemania Weekend
  11. Let’s not say things we can’t take back.
  12. Ok who locked the Battle of the Belts thread as I was posting my thoughts on it now I lost it and didn’t have time to copy and paste it here?
  13. Finally watched, I liked the show. Cole vs Atlas was really good, my first time seeing Jake Atlas wrestle. WWE let this guy go? Really good they covered up the injury nicely. And I do like the idea of an Cole-Cassidy match. Hooks whole presentation is money. They have something big on their hands if they play it right.
  14. im cool with anything. Not the biggest death match fan myself.
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