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  1. So much cool shit tonight. Shaq and Cargill vs Cody and Velvet over delivered. Arn JJ and Tully throwing up the 4 on a Turner Network the day Crockett passes on. Onita putting over death matches. That women’s match. Stinger Splash! That main event was dope, AEW top to bottom has a bad ass roster.
  2. We might finally see Shaq vs Show
  3. I was thinking he could be Sammys heavy to combat Hager and Wardlow.
  4. Hasn’t he said he’s in the best physical shape of his life? If he has one more run in him then why not. I wouldn’t mind seeing Big Show wrestle in AEW
  5. I highly recommend going to Redbox and renting Jungleland, it could be argued it's a tad paint by numbers but what glorious numbers they are.
  6. I wrote this very detailed review of Night 1 then I lost it all and im not gonna retype it but I really dug night one alot. Ibushi vs Naito was really good.
  7. Not to start a thing but why were the children more sensible than the adults in the Kenny PreSchool skit? Why were none of the adults wearing masks?
  8. I thought Freaky was pretty good. Tons of gore, I thought Vince Vaughn was great portraying a teenage girl. Let Him Go was better than I thought it was gonna be. it starts slow but stick with it abs it does pick up. The War With Grandpa, had very lazy writing and direction. The acting’s good the cast is all All-Stars but acting can only take a film so far. It’s like the Director had the attitude of “it’s a kids movie it doesn’t matter”.
  9. If you had the book WCW’d still be around
  10. Fair enough. I really liked this show. Ryan Nemeth as Zolph Diggler I could do without. So much good shit. Storylines progress weeK to week on Dynamite and it’s very refreshing.
  11. You’d think with that avatar and board name you’d be more upset by the the lack of chops and screaming through the pain Lariats on the program.
  12. Ryan Nemeth showing up looking just like Dolph Ziegler is the most 98 WCW move AEW has done. If they really wanted to go 98 WCW I’d much rather Joe Hennig show up dressed like John Nord during his WCW run.
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