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  1. Web Conn


    Was Nash booker? This sounds like a Nash idea.
  2. Web Conn

    Web's Weekly Wrestling Wrant Podcast

    Episode 78 - "What The Hell Was That" Finals Week excuse the tardiness. A lot of news this week, XFL announced host cities, New Japan coming back to the U.S. in January. Plus Dynamite Kid (12/5) and Larry Hennig passed away (12/6). I also recap Monday nitro (1/8/96) featuring Ric Flair and Arn Anderson vs Hulk Hogan And Randy Savage. Plus I finally get around to Crown Jewel (11/2) featuring questionable booking choices. Christian Islava shows up to discuss DX vs The Brothers of Destruction. Rate review subscribe on Apple Podcast, checkout the show on Soundcloud and leave questions comments concerns to weeklywrestlingwrant@gmail.com https://soundcloud.com/websweeklywrestlingwrant/episode-79-what-the-hell-was
  3. Web Conn

    2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    Billy Gunn, NWA World Heavyweight Champion. I like how that sentence sounds.
  4. Web Conn

    WWE TLC 2018 -12/16

    I could see Baron winning the TLC after run ins from Lashley, Drew and Dolph. I could also see Steph begrudgingly congratulate Baron for becoming permanent GM then getting one over on Baron by booking him vs Brock for the US title at the Rumble. I don't wanna see Brock vs Braun if Brock is going over. I'd rather see Brock German Corbin for 5 minutes. Braun - Drew final two in the Rumble pick who wins either way I'm cool if Brock puts one of them over at Mania and he is gone forever.
  5. Web Conn


    Spoiler Alert: Bobby Blaze wins
  6. Web Conn


    Speaking of Scott Norton ... here he is fighting Luger on an episode of WorldWide
  7. Web Conn

    Your 2017 INTERNET MATCHES Thread

    This is from 5/27/17 and it is what I'd like to call a 21st Century Hoss Fight as it features 200 plus pound goes hitting outside dives
  8. So this idea popped in my head; I was thinking about when Giant joined the nWo along with Bischoff in November of 96 and the rumors that the new member was going to be either Davey or Bret. So with Dynamites passing I got to thinking. I know Dynamite was wrestling in Japan in 96. I don't know if he was in any condition to have a run or not as he ended up in a wheel car in 97. My question is would Dynamite Kid in the nWo have worked or would it have been a trainwreck? I mean I know it would have all imploding as there's no way Dynamite could co-excist woth Hogan Hall or Nash but would the initial reveal of Dynamite attacking Piper have gone over? Would the WCW crowd have remembered Dynamite in 96?
  9. Web Conn


    Ernest Miller vs Mr Hole in One Barry Dorsaw. I want them to put Worldwide on the Network
  10. Think they'd give Ali the title, and put it back on D-Bry come Sunday?
  11. The first Fox Sports IMPACT! The first Spike TV IMPACT!
  12. Flair, Batista and Orton vs New Day at the Rumble. I'm dead serious. Flair gets pinned Batista gets pissed, Batista Bombs Flair, Randy gets pissed RKO's Batista then run Batista vs Randy at Mania. Save H vs Batista for Summerslam when H is healthy.