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  1. It's midnight I just got home I'll have a more detailed report later but one interesting thing that happened and tonight's Defy show is Defy and CZW have some type of partnership and Davey Richards and sorry if I'm spoiling anything defeated Lio Rush for the CZW Championship and said if anyone at CZW has a problem they can fly over to Seattle and do something about it.
  2. Sweetser, you know much about 3-2-1 Battle in Seattle? Never been but I've heard only good things and the 3-2-1 guys in Defy have been good I want to go to a show. They are running a show on June 2nd, Colt Cabana is going to be there that isn't a selling point for some but imma try to make it.
  3. I'm going to the DEFY show on Friday haven't bought my June tickets yet but I plan on going. The June 29th show is a Thursday and Defys debut in Tacoma at the Temple Theater which is a closer drive for me then Washington Hall up in Seattle so I'll be going to the 29th show in all likelyhood.
  4. Jinder winning is a shock and deserves to dominate the conversation but we are all sleeping on the fact that Tyler Breeze wrestled "undercover" as a janitor.
  5. http://www.rohwrestling.com/news/flip-gordon-signs-exclusive-roh-deal
  6. I was at a SmackDown in August of '14 and Roman was over man it was when he was feuding with Orton and Orton was heel. The place loved Roman it was right after The Sheild broke up and Roman was doing the lone member still true to the cause gimmick and the crowd loved him. Fast forward 5 months later at the 2015 Royal Rumble Roman Reigns was like the most despised person on the roster and they hadn't even turned him heel. It's unreal that they haven't turned him heel yet.
  7. I ordered War of the Worlds. It was not without his problems but I was a funnshie that had everything. Crazy high flying matches. Multi Men spotfests. Hardcore wrestling. Techinal wrestling. The atmosphere in the Hammerstein really added to the show.
  8. Wouldn't hurt if Corgan and Lagana tried to get Dave Marques on board again. The Main understands the importance of television presence or a having presence all together. Championship wrestling from Hollywood has tv and member not a large fanbase but a fanbase that's hardcore wrestling fans. He also has Television and wrestling connection. He's a guy in wrestling you'd want to have in your back pocket. He knows what's he's doing.
  9. Okada vs Marafuji from last week is absolutely incredible
  10. If they do make the North American Heavyeeight championship belt the secondary Championship I think Kingston would make a great heel secondary Champion.
  11. Corgan should try to work with Gabe and the WWN with this. I waas going to say Ring of Honor but WWN is on the cutting edge of the Indie world now and not ROH.
  12. A quick Youtube search would say yes And also Jay Bradley should be a part of this whole thing too.
  13. I fully expect Cody to walk out of the Hammerstein Ballroom as ROH Champion. Davey Boy Jr as NWA Champ it is.
  14. Cheapest way to do it and right now no one is going to pay for the NWA product I mean like a live stream they'll go to a show if the talent is good and the match ups are awesome but no one is going to shell out 20 bucks to watch on their computers. And im all so all far the idea of Davey Jr defending the title in New Japan. I'd also send the Tag and Jr heavyweight championships over to Japan too just to get the NWA name out their again. Shit if Corgan could work something out to get Davey Jr vs Tim Storm on one of the G-1 Special Shows even if Davey goes over in 3 minutes u get the name out their and it's most likely going to be on live TV, that'd be a good look.
  15. Kenny Omega? Bill Murray is free to take bookings. No bumps given no bumps taken brother.