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  1. Was Uti acquitted of the murder of his wife? What ever became of that trial?
  2. It wasn't a bad hour i was there the match was really fun live,.
  3. I looked on ticketmaster I don't know how to take a picture of the seating chart but they have sold a lot of tickets as Vile One saying they still have tickets available in sections that matter For you numbers people here's a ticket tracker post i found on Reddit. This person has been keeping track of ticket sales and is predicting 5-6 Thousand people. https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/by8vbh/njpw_g1_climax_dallas_ticket_sales_tracker_update/
  4. They still haven’t ran Minoru vs Liger even though they’ve been teasing it for like 2 months now.
  5. Speaking of New Japan, why wouldn’t you put Jon Moxley on the Dallas Card? I know he’s Block B and Block A is in Dallas but idk why not do half A and half B for Dallas? Moxley on the show could potentially help drum up interest and ticket sales. Maybe Moxley’s deal with New Japan is he can only do shows in Japan but he just did Indie shows last weekend.
  6. Aside from the NXT's I think it's safe to say WWE Untold is the best WWE Programming running right now. It's so simple but compelling it's awesome. They should do a Hogan-Russo Bash at the Beach one. They can get Bischoff, Hogan, Jarrett and Booker. Was Charles Robinson the Ref?
  7. I've seen the Tommy Dreamer spot in the Casino Royle, and that three gifs where he wrestled with his hands in his pocket. Whats the gimmick? What matches should I watch? I would like to form an opinion.
  8. Adam Pearce almost signed with WCW around that time, twice!
  9. Don't they throw a tarp down for concerts and stuff as to not tear the fuck out of the field.
  10. I saw several Defy shirts at DON actually. Defy is hip dude. It’s funny my teenage years I dreamed for Seattle to have an indie scene, now with Defy and 3-2-1 Battle Seattle has an indie scene and I don’t live in the state anymore. I would have been at that TV Tapings had I been in town.
  11. I’m surprised they resigned in all honestly. If AEW wasn’t looking at them I find it hard to believe ROH and Impact didn’t make offers. I thought we were gonna see Mike Bennett return to ROH at BITW either costing Taven the title or helping Taven retain the title. Him and Maria seemed done in the tweets they’ve sent out in the past months.
  12. In Kent right? Ive seen Cobb live at a couple of Defy shows and the dude is really good, he can get a crowd behind him. I’m still full put the belt on Cobb but it was brought up on another board but Cobb is most liking gonna be in the G1 and might have something like a 4-5 record and ROH may not like their Champion missing dates being in a tournament he more than likely will do just ok in.
  13. Hammerstein is my favorite wrestling venue it looks so fucking cool an screams wrestling to me. That's where AEW should run the first TNT show.
  14. There is a shit ton of 7,000 to 3,500 seat arena's in the United States and a good handful of them are in towns the WWE doesn't tour routinely which means yes there isn't a big pro wrestling market but it also means that the wrestling fans in the surrounding area are starved for pro wrestling so they are gonna come out and they are gonna be loud. The hardcore fans are coming regardless but they are gonna have to advertise smartly on a local level to get casual or lapsed fans to not only attend to become aware of the events but touring where they WWE doesn't could be beneficial in the long run.
  15. Spears and Eric Young had a cage match on an episode of NXT that I really enjoyed. Eric Young what a waste on the main roster, Sanity was series business in NXT.
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