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  1. Those teams wrestled each other I remember. I found that Superstars match and its really good
  2. Web Conn

    Table for 3

    Even funnier is it lead to Cole getting an extra spot cuz they felt bad.
  3. https://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/shields-last-chapter-air-live-wwe-network-281691 Finns opponent has been announced as Andrade I wonder if they put the strap on Andrade here, he id pin the Champ non title on Monday.
  4. @Zakk_Sabbath I don't know what evolve show it was I think it was Orlando Mania Weekend that I remember reading Darby was hitting dropkicks from inside a bodybag. I couldn't find footage but i found some other crazy clips
  5. I've seen Darby Allin a few times in Seattle for Defy. He's a Seattle Area native himself btw, I like his style it's that Cactus Jack style were the wrestling is dialed up to a couple knothes. Plus his entrance when I saw him was really cool, some guy ragged him out in a body bag. Does he still do that? I hope he keeps doing that.
  6. Not the first time the Briscoes snd Rock n Roll have met
  7. I think Bully may end up getting the book. Not saying it's either good or bad but it's what I think is gonna happen.
  8. Web Conn

    G1 Supercard

    Referencing the video above my post and talking about Jeff Hardy. But I did think Cobb and Ospreay knocked it out the park in that opener.
  9. If this is a work and Enzo and Cass are coming in there’s money in them vs The Briscoes keep them away from the tag titles but ROH Lifers vs WWE castoffs. Enzo and Cass are sports entertainers, Mark and Jay are wrasslers built in feud. Plus after how clean Jay left Enzos clock it’s be dumb not to do a program.
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