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  1. I didn’t know Michael Cole was a Dusty Rhodes fan
  2. Admittedly I didn't get into New Japan in any serious capacity until 2017, I'm only familiar with him post injury where it's been nothing but head butts, he must have been good at one point cuz you're not the first one to give me a tongue lashing. I have New Japan World I'll go back and watch the 14 and 15 G1's. My apologizes. Fucking Honma.
  3. Irresistible starring Steve Carrell and Rose Byrne directed by Jon Stewart was disappointing, it always stayed in cutesy political satire mode it never went for the jugular like say The Campaign did. I also watched the Big Ugly that stars Ron Pearlman Malcolm McDowell and Vinnie Jones that was pretty good, Appalachian Noir is a good way to describe it. If recommend that not so much irresistible.
  4. It’s documented that they are wrestling fans that’s why the Bundy’s were the Bundy’s and the Rhodes’s were the Rhodes’s.
  5. I know he broke his neck he was out for over a year and cane back and he probably shouldn’t have came back. I’m not a death match guy so I haven’t seen his death match days but he doesn’t do it for me. He’s in the undercard matches in multi mans so he doesn’t do more than he’s capable of but he does nothing for me.
  6. I’ll have to look it up. I only watched the NJ Cup Finals show so I didn’t see any of the tournament matches.
  7. I forgot he was a death match guy. What does he have recently?
  8. Honma sucks. Besides a flashy robe a blonde buzz cut and headbutts what does he got?
  9. I saw Money Plane The Edge movie and it is bad.
  10. I thought Evil vs Hiromu was really fucking good that crowd was 100% behind Hiromu the collective gasp of disappointment after that Time Bomb when Togo pulled the ref out gave me goose bumps, wrestling has been lacking moments like that since Covid shut the world down I'm happy Japan has allowed crowds with certain processions as we get these really incredible monents due to live crowd reactions. I also liked the Shingo-Desperado program being based on Desperado stealing Shingo's belt and then stealing it again, Desperado went after Shingo's knee like it owed him money and Shingo looked like t
  11. Watched Scoob! and The High Note today. Scoob! is really fun I liked the incorporation of other Hanna-Barbera properties and the voice cast seemed to be having a ball and High Note is pretty by the numbers but i thought it was good Tracee Ellis Ross essientally plays a version of her mother.
  12. Now we just need Aiden English in Miro's corner
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