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  1. I watch every week but I don’t always post in the show threads; I was looking forward to PAC vs Kingston and it did not disappoint. Great opener. I like the Archer stuff at the end with him telling Pac to get in the same page as him. Miro vs Chuck went how I thought it was gonna go. Chuck put forth a valiant effort but Miro is Miro and he perseveres. Of course Miro is gonna win cuz Chuck had to ge his servant now. those skits will be humorous, I don’t know how I feel about Miro being in a mud card comedy role but maybe they have big plans for him and he’s just gotta go through the r
  2. Yes Jericho-OC 2 was right after Sturgis and everyone thought Jericho was having an off night.
  3. Karate Man as the surprise 16th entrant
  4. I thought Mrs Clause, Marianne Jean-Baptiste did a really good job too and the kid made for a really good Bond-esque villian.
  5. @BrianS81177you see Fatman yet? I watched it last night and it was way better than it had any right to be.
  6. I started writing a review of Night 1 and the Rambo review got away from me and in an attempt keep my posts as short as possible I'm posting the review of The Pre Show Rambo first then the rest of night one New Japan Rambo - Formally New Japan Rumble, this is a Royal Rumble two people start then another person enters after a time interval, over the top rope elimination etc. Well Actually I was wrong it's not only over the top eliminations but also pinfalls, submissions and knockouts so it's more of derivative of Lucha Undergound's Aztec Warfare match which is itself a derivative of the R
  7. ROH put this up their YouTube Page last night. RIP Brodie. Pretty good tag match. The finish is a little shoulder shruggy but I’ve seen worse. The match is interesting other than featuring Brodie Lee, as it’s the first pairing of what would become The All Night Express in Rhett Titus and Kenny King.
  8. I might check that out. ive been catching up with 2020. I really liked Arkansas and was pleasantly surprised by the The New Mutants. While I liked it at parts, The Tax Collector felt too much like an Edgy Procedural Drama Pilot for FX than it did a feature film for me.
  9. I went to Redbox over the last couple of days and have been catching up on 2020 releases. I was underwhelmed by Antebellum
  10. You think Pesci would do it? And full disclosure I like Lethal Weapon 4.
  11. My dream defect would be Joe Anoa’i and Tyler Black showing up and joining forces with Jon Moxley unofficially reforming The Shield but I know that’s not very likely. Adam Cole showing up in a year and a half, I don’t wanna say it’s likely I don’t follow NXT but fro what I understand he’s a top guy on the brand. If I had to guess I’d say it’d have to come down to if NXT was his ceiling in The WWE or not and how frustrated Cole is with that by the time his contract comes up or not. Honestly I’d be interesting to see what The Undisputed Era’s contracts come up what they decide to do.
  12. Really I think it’s at its best starting about an hour in that last 90 minutes I think make up for the first hour.
  13. A coworker told me Fatman was pretty good. I just finished Tenet I really liked it, Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of a James Bond movie.
  14. Watched Honest Thief with Liam Neeson and it’s a Cornball B Movie Action Flick but I didn’t dislike it.
  15. You know what would be cool idk how they would do it legally I don’t know copyright law Chikara’s not around anymore Smart Mark Video does has the footage so there’s that but if they aired that cage match from Chikara against Claudio that would be super cool.
  16. Dude how cool would it have been if they had added Harper to that Mania Match with Bray and Orton? In all seriousness for how much of a wasted opportunity it was what a fun couple of months with Harper flirting with the Main Event scene during Mania Season. Him and Orton had a fucking banger at EC 17. Him joining The Dark Order was a boost in the arm for the stable, n outer there’s some perspective on the rushed Cody angle. I wonder if they knew he was on borrows time. The Dog Coller match is a hell of a last match to have.
  17. @GodfreyBut you think those same people would have tuned back in when they found out Brandon Cutler was off the show.
  18. Thats worse they had a drop of almost 200,000 people. I thought it was a good show and thats from someone who had technical issues with the program throughout. I flipped to NXT to check off and on and NXT was perfect so I think McMahon paid off the cable companies.
  19. That was a 89k dip for AEW and a 107k increase for NXT. I know my feed on TNT was choppy as hell last I almost switched over to NXT.
  20. NWA Shockwave Episode 3: Cold Open of May Valentine ace reporter, with 3rd Degree National Champion Aron "Shooter" Stevens. I'm happy to see May Valentine show up in some capacity, Shockwave in a sense fells like bizarro Powerrr. Aron Stevens is awesome he cuts an absurd promo as only he could. I'm glad to see the return of the cold open were the champion cuts a promo setting up the main event I thought it was lacking from last week. Joe Galli time, he runs down the card: Watts and Pope vs Zicky Dice, Aron "Shooter" Stevens defending his NWA National Championship against Tr
  21. Sammy Guevara has gone from one of the more despised people on the roster to slowly becoming one of the more sympathetic faces on the roster. You can’t help but feel for him. That segment was really good. At first I didn’t know how I felt about MJF joining the Inner Circle but so far I’ve been digging it.
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