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  1. I like the separate entrances look, sets them apart from the E. I'm so excited for this, I'm Sec 217 Row K Seat 5.
  2. Is All In 2 or All Out or whatever its gonna be called a PPV? Cuz that'd be the place to crown your first Champion, in the building where it all started. And I'd build the Labor Day Chicago shows up to be my company's verizon of Wresatlemania or Starrcade.
  3. Tacoma isn't Seattle olfan believe me I'm from Tacoma.
  4. I have a feeling Jericho's picking up the win in Omega-Jericho 2. I'd do something Crazy and have Brian Pillman Jr. win the Casino Royale. Build Jericho vs Pillman Jr for the title on the first TNT show or the Memorial Day Chicago Show, give them 25 minutes let Jericho make this kid look like a million bucks and put him over. Jr is still green i know but he can go and he's only going to get better as he gets more ring time. Giving him the strap and having him beat a legend like Jericho would be a good way to differentiate yourself from the WWE. Give a rising still unproven star the strap and see if he can run with the wolves or not.
  5. I got the racial bias thing, It's not a bad angle per say. I just don't know if i like the idea of Rich Swann vs a ref that looks a like a 50 year old man. It looks bush league to me but I don't know the backstory I just saw the ref shove Swann in a match not the build to why the ref is compelled to push a wrestler during a match.
  6. Thank God Court Bauer learned from the mistakes of the first run, cuz this revival is a completely different company. I mean that with no disrespect this MLW just seems more like what Court wanted the first attempt to be. Promociones Dorado theme is the instrumental to Wu-Tang's Uzi (Pinky Ring) so they may be my favorite team in MLW. I can't remember who wrote it on the first page but the opener is mostly a brawl on the outside. I didn't dislike it as much as that person did. I will agree on this part it did kind of just go from outside brawl to tag team match all of a sudden. First time seeing La Parkas son wrestle. Dude aint bad. Liked the flying dive he did off the stage onto was it Mance Warner or Sami Calihan? can't remember but the move was tight. Never seen Daga before all I know about him is he dates Tessa Blanchard. That being said I did like Daga vs Tanaka. That shoot/grapple/Cruiser/high flying hybrid style is my favorite kind of wrestling and thats what this match was. Tanaka's cross armbreaker pin combo finish was pretty cool and innovative way to pin your opponent. Whoever said it I see the Davey Richards comparison with Daga with the haircut, the height and body type but Daga doesn't seem to sacrifice in ring psychology for the sake of a cool looking move like Davey Richards would do frequently. I just started watching Fusion last week so I didn't understand the magnitude of Hughes streak but that Contra promo/video package did a good job of showing what a big deal it was that Jacob Fatu ended the streak in record fashion. Also Contra feels like an old school heel stable equipped with cigar chomping manager. I love it. Based on that promo alone Tom Lawlor is the perfect World Champion, credible with a legit combat sports background, he's a tough guy world beater who doesn't back away from a fight and prefers a challenge. He can talk too. I may prefer Heel Rich Swann over Face Rich Swann. Pillman Jr is gonna be a star in this business. Dude has it. First time seeing him wrestle and i'm a fan. That Dropkick to Reed through the ropes, aces. The match was cool I liked it but was the finish an angle to build to Swann vs the ref? I'm not the biggest fan of ref angles. Fusion is an awesome hour of TV. I'm having a crisis of faith with WWE right now. MLW is what I like my wrestling promotion to be. It's restoring my love for wrestling.
  7. Yeah but if they wanted to honor Dusty they'd have to contradict Kenny Omega at every turn to make Cody look just that much better as well.
  8. Did Teddy Hart or Jack Evans ever moonsault off a balcony? ROH or otherwise?
  9. Why the fuck is Vince so hung up on Brock. I think it's time they vote Vince out of power. It's time he's out of touch. The show was actually not a bad show at all but then we had to fucking give the MITB to Brock. Whenever it looks like this company is moving in a different direction and focusing on talent that didn't debut 15 years ago, Brock makes a run in and everyone else looks stupid.
  10. This is why nobody watches the show. Vince has to put all his eggs into Brocks basket. So we get Brock vs Rollins in Saudi Arabia, bet Brock wins. What the fuck is wrong with this company? Seriously move the fucko n from Brock. We get it Brock is better then the full time roster the attendance and ratings reflect that why watch a show where the dudes in their late 20's are laying down for a 40 year old. I'm really riled up about the decision. All Elite couldn't be coming at a better time.
  11. Here’s the Teddy Hart video.
  12. Has WWE ran a house show on SuperBowl Sunday? Sounds like a TNA thing to do. Jim Cornette tells this story about during Jim Herds WCW run they ran a 18,000 seat arena on Easter Sunday in San Antonio a predominately Catholic town. They drew 500 people.
  13. I watched this week's episode of Fusion. First time watching MLW since the revamp. I really like this show, the roster and the promotion. The show looked great aesthetically. I liked the building and the set up. This is pro wrestling presented as sport and I like it. tons of promos that further storylines and character progression in under a minute. The wrestling was fun. Idk who Airwolf is but he put his working boots on against Fenix that was a tight way to start the show. I like that Ariel Dominguez kid, they are building him up to be the next great underdog star. Teddy Hart cutting a promo in a hotel room while petting his cat was great especially when Harry started laughing halfway through, he pulled a Jimmy Fallon and broke. Hammerstone I saw wrestle an Xpolosion match at that Impact taping i went to in Vegas back in November. Gringo Loco I know from AIW. That the match cool. I'll be watching next week. I wanna see Pillmen vs Swann.
  14. I don't mind cutting to break after the last wrestler makes their entrance IF they wait until they return from commercial to ring the bell to start the match. have the wrestlers spar on the mic during the commercial break whip the crowd into a frenzy and come back from commercial hot.
  15. You know what I would really enjoy from this AEW show on TNT? If they wouldn't cut to commercial during a fucking match. WWE goes to commercial during every match. I'd rather get a 15 minute match uninterrupted followed by a five minute break then missing a match. Pro Wrestling should be primary not secondary on a Pro Wrestling broadcast.
  16. That was a cool documentary about the Bret Hart-Tom Magee match. Magee came off as a really likable person. Bret is really one of the bests ever. I liked what Sam Roberts said about how it took 6 years for the WWE to realize they had everything they were looking for in that match but they had it in Bret Hart. So much truth.
  17. As long as they don't put Hebner into angles like TNA liked to do then I can tolerate it. What bothers me is this probably means Dave and Brain are getting jobs.
  18. Tour of the islands off the balcony! in all seriousness PCO vs Cobb would be rowdy ass fuck. The Hammerstein would be a great backdrop for something like that.
  19. The Total Package was late 99, early 00. Luger claimed that "Lex Luger" had died and in his wake the Total Package re-emerged. It wasn't as much as repackaging as it was a heel turn.
  20. Watching the 10/26/98 Nitro. Michael Buffer calls Bret Hart, Bret "The Hitman" Clark in his introduction. That kind of sums up Brets WCW run right there. Him and Page had a good match though.
  21. Cobb vs PCO seems like the perfect type of match for the Hammerstein.
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