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  1. I found this on Google. Sheriff Owens is a license to print money.
  2. Just bought my Double or Nothing ticket on StubHub at an 11 dollar markup!
  3. So Starr isn't winning. Too bad Sinclair is in fact Big Brother and had the promo pulled. Shit having Starr as Champion might be the way to go now. But he called them what they are a Right Wing Propaganda Machine and they couldn't handle it.
  4. If they could make it interesting and give Joe a new opponent every month I'd like to see Joe break Lugers 524 day run as US Champ. Be a nice call back to the ROH title run. I don't think Joe has had a mythic run as a Champion since then and I'd like to see anyone long run from him.
  5. Who would they really put against D-Bry at MAnia in that Gauntlet that isn't Kofi? Joe, possibly but the U.S. title is being defended in some multi man match, Unless he wins the gauntlet tonight and loses the title next week. Randy has a match with AJ he's out thank god. If not Kofi I think the only guy the crowd wouldn't shit on is Cesaro.
  6. I had no idea about this until today, here he is vs The Big Rig Brodie Lee
  7. One their bigger sqaundered oppertunities. Braun not Big Show.
  8. No one has mentioned it yet but the man wrestling Kurt Angle in Kurt's farewell match lost to a competitor Kurt beat in a match last week.
  9. Hey I normally watch Raw on Hulu. I haven't seen the Mojo promo's before. Had he been talking to a mirror for a while now or was this the first time?
  10. That Kurt vs Gable match would have been a great Mania match same length same everything. But lucky us we are getting Kurt vs Baron Corbin.
  11. Marty looks good with the belt btw. Them making it a ladder match makes me think Taven is going over. That or he's about to go over and The Kingdom turns on him and knock him off the ladder.
  12. That doesn't surprise me.
  13. I'd have Starr go over in Israel. I'd also show the match in it's entirety on the maine vent of that next weekends tv and close out that show with a pretaped promo from David Starr with the Championship.
  14. If they want a breath of fresh air, David Starr should beat Lethal in Israel at the end of April. Starr has some buzz he's a fresh face, he's really good. It'd be unpredictable and exciting. Especially considering last time Starr was in ROH he lost to Josh Woods and the Philly card shit all over it. Lets have David Starr show back up on TV as Champion. and give him a run as champion like a longish reign maybe going until Wrestlemania weekend next year. Thye have to compete with All Elite and they are gonna have to be different. Why not have an "anything can happen in ROH" aura.
  15. @Brian Fowler You have a point.
  16. Oh btw Teddy Hart was in the crowd giving out cards to go to a wrestling show at a bar in Vegas at midnight. Willie Mack was also on that show. I should have went to that show. I got another picture with Teddy Hart.
  17. The match was awesome live. Taven in the last 7 years has grown on me and has grown as a performer. I don't want to like him but he keeps overperforming imo and its hard not to like him. @Oyaji what do you mean by atmosphere? Was it the group of people in the crowd that wouldn't boo Rush no matter how hard he tried be heeling on Bandido?
  18. They place filled out about a half hour in. I guess 6pm on a Friday in Vegas you’re gonna have some stragglers. There was maybe some questionable booking decisions but from an in ring standpoint it was a really fun show. Marty is super fucking over I think he should beat Jay at MSG but they are probably throwing Taven in the mix to protect Marty. I think he’s getting the NWA strap. Cobb vs Taylor was tight as hell. I loved Lethal cs Taven live and in person idk what it looked like on TV but holy cow that was an exciting match to watch live. Sure they had some Sports Entertainment sprinkled through but it was a kick in the pants to be a part of. Rush and Bandido I was got like 6 more minutes. That match was a trip. I think I’d have Lethal drop the belt to Rush at Best in the World come June and run with Rush as your heel champion and build Bandido up to take the strap at Final battle. Rush vs Dalton at MSG should be epic if Dalton is healthy enough to kick it into 3rd gear once the bell rings.
  19. There’s a lot more empty seats then I’m use to at Sam’s town
  20. I don't know if anyone else lives in Las Vegas or flying into town but Is anyone else going to the Anniversary show tomorrow night?
  21. 1. Rakim 2. Public Enemy 3. Ice Cube 4. Wu-Tang Clan 5. J. Prince Thats my first year. Jay-Z Nas Em Dre Snoop NWA Face Geto Boys ETC they are hall of fame but I feel like these five changed the game more so than most.
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