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  1. Had to look Rebel Kel up. Very beautiful and she has some size to her too. Not much recent work on youtube, but from what I saw she is pretty green. I'm thinking Bea grabs it this year too.
  2. I dont keep up regularly with Stardom, but outside of maybe Mayu or Hana, who is recognizable enough to get a spot? I'd imagine they would want to use a "star" for the MYC... but they stole most of them...
  3. Part of the reason why Billy doesnt shine in the ring is because she really doesnt get booked to work matches lasting more than a few minutes or in this case "ten seconds". Since Shimmer she has gotten stronger, her offense has gotten deeper, but it's hardly seen in televised matches. She can work though and has done so at the top of high level female shows.
  4. Forbes can stink up a ring. Noticeably one of the worst from the WOW reboot. I'm tempted to say this is an all time low. She is dating RVD so I guess that explains her appearances here and recently with Impact.
  5. Aliyah vs Larae was passable. No major flaws, but nothing too impressive there. Several months of a solid character and Aliyah is starting to look comfortable with it at least. Candice hit a sloppy lionsault and it looked like she may have hurt her knee. Hope she is ok. The main event tag was a very snug match. Aichner/Barthel have the physicality and athleticism but are missing the charisma. Montez got hung up on a few of those flashy spots which makes Dawkins all the more valuable to the team. Crowd was hot for the match and popped big for that crazy moonsault and the finish.
  6. I like Mauro. He reminds me of Matt Striker who use to always find ways to insert these quirky references. Mentioning Aliyah's NXT tenure being a mixed "designer bag", but Aliyah is a firm believer that "if at first you dont succeed, dust yourself off and try again" was gold imo. A reference to one of the late and legendary R&B artist Aliyah's (rip) hit songs.
  7. If I could tolerate the crowds of NXT-UK shows I'd be willing to watch more of the product. A lot of great matches happen there, but the crowds are either kinda awkwardly quiet or they're being annoying with their sing song chants. Killer Kelly bought me as a fan in MYC2, but she hasn't really had that many opportunities to push the limits like she did there... understandably, not everyone is Meiko. This match was more so to get Piper's momentum rolling and it did that. Solid, but short and forgettable. Toni and Jinny have wrestled each other dozens of times before and I agree, they held back here. Jinny is great. Lanky and gawky, but she is so smash mouth and crafty that she is looks like a credible threat. That facecrusher out of the corner is brutal beauty and Toni sold it great. Never felt like Jinny was going to walk away with the title though and that's my biggest problem with how they've booked Toni. The crowds love her, that's essential if your going to be the ace, but I just cant get into her.
  8. I'm obviously a fan of Aja, but even if she were able to work any of the MYCs I dont think that's where I want to see her. I would rather they use her like they did JushinTL for Tyler Breeze a few yrs back in NXT, featured in a one off appearance for a Takeover. At the same time... I'd mark the fuck out if she ever were to make a MYC appearance.
  9. Completely logical projection, but the thing is KK has been a blatant cheater in the past. She got through the WOH tournament by cheating and being dishonorable. Mandy made her tap, but it was on the refs blind side and Klein took advantage. To tell the story that KK turned a new leaf and is now about honor is kinda insulting.
  10. Thought Hikaru would have been a priority once it was reported that Kenny was scouting in Japan. Great signing and hopefully she is indeed around for an extended amount of time.
  11. The Iconics are very entertaining and while I've noticed their wrestling abilities have been a topic of debate on this board, I think they'll be capable of delivering a few months of great action now that they've got the ball. I'm kinda hoping the titles find their way back to Boss&Hug as I feel that's where the best matches will exist.
  12. Wow, great way to start off the road to MYC3. Wesna Busic will likely be this years Mercedes Martinez. I was aware she had returned, but unfortunately I haven't seen any of her recent work and had no idea she had lost her form. I imagine we'll see a larger European presence this year too. Cant help but think of Cheerleader Melissa now that Wesna has been announced. They've had some classics that pushed the envelope. Not sure if Melissa's relationship with WWE is good as she did walk away from an offer years ago, but I hope we can see her this year. She is a staple in womens wrestling right on the level of Del Rey, Stock, Mercedes, and Wesna.
  13. Respect to her for even coming back to wrestling after she left the business from 2006-2012 with a concussion injury. She really is The Man.
  14. "Camp Klein", as they've been referred to, get all kinds of side eyes from me lol. I dont get their purpose other than trying to make people care about KK. WOH needed some stars, but they cant possibly have felt that re-doing the Beautiful People was their best option. I loved the gimmick in its prime, but even TNA/Impact knew it needed a break. So are they trying to turn KK into a face after booking her as their most hated female character for several yrs? She also lacks charisma and suffers from being a heat vacuum. If we MUST get Mandy vs KK I imagine the dynamics of a wrestling match will work better with the heel antics of TBP to cover up the lack of Mandy's ability, but it's going to be a hard story to tell.
  15. Vince is the greatest troll ever. I wonder if he knows what trolling is or if it is so natural to him that he's unaware of his superb abilities to fuck with people. Glad to see Kofi get his moment. Wow. Same can be said for Seth as I didnt see that win coming either. The womens tag was not a good match imo. Sloppy, awkward spots. I'm super confused as to the legality of Billy's pin. None of the angles surrounding it were played up. Nothing really anchored it down. I like the Iconics. Didnt want to see Boss&Hug drop the straps to anyone else, but I feel they're going to be transitional champs. The womens main event had the story, but didnt deliver on quality either for me. There was a point for every woman in that match that I thought they were going to seriously injure themselves. Ronda's bump from that swinging armbar, those super close landings off the top rope from Becky's tbone and Charlotte's spanish fly. Add that to the fact that they were noticeably snug with each other, I'm surprised a broken hand is all that transpired. Hated the finish. News sites are saying that it wasnt the planned one. Did Vince give Ronda a Bret Hart screw job for talking that shit lol? I feel Becky vs Ronda would have been a better worked encounter and it would have protected Ronda's flaws better. Man, Becky has had one hell of a journey.
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