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  1. Cool news though all the details are still being put together. It was great to see Stardom grow and expand on their own but getting acquired by the biggest promotion in Japan cant hurt. With the increase in presentation and production value their business will continue to grow. Keeping them separate yet marketing them together internationally is smart. Doesn't hurt that these girls will likely be looking at better pay, health care, etc that comes with being signed to full time contracts.
  2. Quite impressed with Io vs Candice. Indy darling Candice finally got in there and was able to do her thing. She is sloppy but definitely game for some fun stuff. Wasnt really expecting Shirai to be the base for a lot of that. I thought Io was remarkable. She has transitioned into this smug heel character so seamlessly that she managed to put fire to what was already a hot act. Is it possible to be more interested in the most interesting female wrestler in the world? Shayna and Mia needed to be something other than a good match with a predictable win. Mia needed this win more than anyone on the roster. I'm assuming they move towards a 4 way match with Shayna, Io, Mia, and Bianca and that's where big, bad Shayna FINALLY drops the belt.
  3. Of all the women circling the title, she is probably the one who needs it the most. She's too good and has been around too long to not be looked at as a serious contender. If only breifly as a transitional champ for another heel such as Io or Bianca or even if to drop it back to Shayna. They hesitated to push her when she first debuted and she's had to slowly gain steam. She has some now and they're booking her to be really smart and resourceful. Its believable that she can have Shayna's number given their "training partner" relationship. Taking down the biggest baddie on the scene could possibly create a new star.
  4. The womens tag was decent enough for something that was added to the card last minute. With the reception that Bea got it's a shame she kinda got thrown on with little build. Surprised with Riho taking the pin from someone who is largely unfamiliar and isnt signed. Nothing against the work Brandi has been putting in to improve, but she is rather bad and Allie has never been that great to me. Sloppy match that I dont think did either woman any favors. The involvement of Awesome and Aja was a nice distraction but I'm not excited if their program is parallel to anything more with Brandi and Allie Omega vs Cima was pretty intense fun. Thought the outcome was obvious, but Cima looked strong here and he wore Omega down up to the ending stretch.
  5. Mia has been working these young girls through some of their best televised performances. You could see some growth in Bianca during their series of matches and now here for the first time I can recall Aliyah looked really comfortable. Even better is now Mia has that momentum to go along with being such a reliable performer. I too could do without her trying so hard with her current character though. Bianca hit the reset and came back really mean. I'm not disappointed that she isnt as physical as that normally. It's a shame Diamante sat most of her run in Impact out with an injury. Her getting tossed around like a bag of bones will be my favorite memory of her. Tough chick.
  6. The womens 4way was pretty extreme. I want to say probably the most hardcore I've seen females in a mainstream promotion here in the US get. Rosemary and Yung taking those suplexes onto the ladder was insane. The finish was brutal too. I've seen Havok and Yung do the second rope tombstone before but the thumbtacks were a nice touch.
  7. A lot of Mia's emotions pre and post match were documented by wwe, but I'm not quite sure why she was so giddy. A big show, but damn. Didnt know she and Keith Lee were dating. The match between she and Belair was good. The story of Mia learning to get Bianca's number has been cool to watch these past weeks. Action was solid. That high angle backdrop Bianca gave Mia got replayed a few times just so I could see how Mia didnt break her neck. I've been kinda iffy on Mia's "protect ya neck" finisher but I thought the one she hit off the second rope was cool. If Mia doesnt go on to beat Shayna or capture the title in a 3/4 way involving Io and Bianca I'm going to worry about her ability to keep her spot on the cards. Shes had to work hard to get the momentum shes gained since signing and unlike Io and Bianca I dont know if she can keep it up without going all the way over.
  8. Charlotte and Lacey could possibly have had a better match, but I appreciated the way the match was led into and felt like it was legit impromptu. The choice of finish to keep both women looking strong and get Becky over was ok. I love the Iconics. I find them to be comedic gold on the mic and in their segments. Peyton and Nikki have worked together before and used that little time well to also work in Billy and Alexa. Ricochet and Cesaro had another great match. I was a little iffy on them starting out and going straight for that corner rana spot, but their pace and chemistry throughout was too good to deny.
  9. Not a fan of that finish or variations of it either lol. Main event wasnt the worst but they didnt sell me on this encounter. Shayna and Io was good. Shayna as a dominating champion is fun. The reality is as a character she needs that title more than anyone else and I'm ok with the idea of her stacking up a list of contenders. Io snapping after the match was cool. Loved the chair moonsault. Go away Candice.
  10. Womens title match was good. Didnt think Nina stood a chance walking away with the strap, but she brought the fight to Toni. Never knew Nina was that athletic and I haven't seen a woman break out a butterfly backbreaker in a long time. Hope they mix it up again.
  11. Solid match with Yim vs Belair. They were given some decent time and made good use of it. Bianca's build to title contender was great, but I've always felt she works best on the outskirts and here was a great example. Mia has been struggling to get momentum and I feel like this win was the step she needed to be looked at the way most familiar with her would. I think now that we have Bianca in that upper-mid card spot it would be a great time to bring Deonna Purrazo back into the mix and give them something to work with while Yim sorts things out with Shayna and Io.
  12. Sadie was rumored to be contracted several months ago. Weird that they're just announcing it now. There were several female names that were announced as signed talent, but they didnt make appearances at DON and I haven't seen them announced for any shows (Sadie, Bea, Penelope). Sadie reminds me of Shantelle Taylor/Taylor Wilde and Athena/Ember Moon.
  13. Not the smoothest of shows but nearly everything got over well with the live audience and delivered the entertainment I expected. SCU vs Strong hearts was a nice opener. Changes in pace of the match at points was done well. Awesome Kong was a pleasant surprise for the womens 4way. Nice they kept that under wraps and the crowd responded well. The match however was a bit of a struggle. Kong working light is no fun. Thought the finish stretch was good. I'd be ok if they didnt bring Nyla back. Joshi tag was good though I was unfamiliar with several ladies. I haven't seen Ryo work since her early years in Sendai and I was quite shocked to see her have so much personality. Hikaru Shida is probably where they need to put their attention. I thought Cody vs Dustin was fine up until the end with the stretch of finishes and kick outs. They visibly exhausted the crowd. A great moment for the 2 of them though. Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks was a great sprint, but kinda lost me at the end too. I didnt mind the spottines until they end where they incorporated the arm work just for Nick to fly out of nowhere to hit their spotty finish. Not the biggest fan of the Judas Effect, but it will catch on I feel. Another good match from Kenny and Jericho. A few rough patches they worked through well. Moxley debuting was cool. I think he is going to be essential in stretching out the main event card for their future shows.
  14. That would be great. There aren't many women I can recall using a lariat as a finish. I think Reina's size would add legitimacy to it finishing the match more so than anyone else though. I find snuff/chew abosultely repulsive, but I think that could be something to take her character over the hump. She is so different yet so dry to me.
  15. I've read that Ruby is going to need/have surgery on the other shoulder as well so there apparently isn't a return date anytime soon. But where the hell have Sarah and Liv been since they split?
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