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  1. They get PPV bonuses in addition to what their contracts dictate. So yeah, if Lesnar gets paid more and didnt put his body on the line... I think they should be compensated with more money. Again it's not about what was booked, scripted, wins/losses. It's the ethics of the company looking out for these guys who put their bodies on the line to make a living.
  2. It's being reported that Brocks involvement was kept a secret until moments before the match. It's likely they had already planned most of those spots ahead of time... days or weeks in advance. It would have made no sense to completely ditch their plans because management chose to throw Brock in last minute. So yeah they're doing the same moves, but NO they didnt really know of Brocks involvement. No it's not real... but that's how they make a living. If they're not compensated for risking their bodies in such a way and someone else is making millions doing the minimum, why wouldnt they be upset? Because the story called for that? They're just doing their jobs? I'm not expecting anyone to throw a fit because Brock stole their thunder in a scripted show... I'm expecting them to throw a fit if they didnt get paid GOOD. I hope that you can understand that line of reasoning.
  3. Womens MITB was probably my favorite of the 3 they've done. Didnt quite get the Carmella injury angle, but other than that I thought it was done well. Probably the only time I've felt like Nikki Cross belonged in the ring. Bayley winning was the right choice judging from the reaction. Becky vs Lacey could have happened on RAW. Not a bad match, but it didnt feel important and wasn't worked like a match with any importance. Didnt last long either. Crowd really dug Becky, but I dont feel any of that heat was absorbed by Lacey. Becky vs Charlotte was just as short and uneventful but had more of a story going in that carried it through. Bayley cashing in was kinda obvious when she ran out to make the save, but it was a hot angle and was received well. I hope the guys involved in the MITB match will get a bonus comparable to Brocks salary. A complete fuckery to have him walk out and grab the case after they've worked a crazy dangerous match that didnt elevate any of them.
  4. Yeah it seemed like they're investing a little extra energy into Arisa for some reason. I do feel she needs this more than Kyona and Hazuki because she isnt as popular at the moment. I dont mind her, in fact I rather like Arisa, but they're going to have to be careful with how they continue to push her.
  5. More new champs in Stardom from their recent shows. Hana Kimura, Konami, & Jungle Kyona (Tokyo Cyber Squad) took the trios title from Mayu, Saki Kashima, & Tam Nakano. Arisa Hoshiki kept her momentum rolling from the Cinderella tourney and pinned Momo Watanabe for the Wonder of Stardom title.
  6. I felt it was all precautionary. The thing is I feel that decision should have been made before now and if they've been watching Alexa's condition like I know they have, why use her so heavily on TV when they could have been priming Nikki, Ruby, or ffs Dana who they've known is going to be in the match? Alexa's talk show segment is a great way to keep her relevant without competing. She has THAT. She doesn't need to be in the ring at the moment if she isn't 100% healthy. Use that time to elevate some other women.
  7. Didnt she compete a few weeks ago? I'm super confused and annoyed as she has been getting a good amount of screen time these past weeks yet they haven't been sure if she'll be able to work MITB. Now at the last minute they're reaching for some angle to insert Cross into the picture.
  8. Outside of Vanessa and Aliyah having more of a gimmick to work off of, I'm still not buying into them. Not a bad match, a rather decent showing for Borne I thought. I just dont see much there in the ring. I dont know much about Jessie Eleban, but I see some potential there. She is athletic though a bit awkward.
  9. Piper is probably my favorite female on the brand outside of Jinny at the moment. She isnt having stellar matches but works appropriately to where she appears on the card. Solid match against Hayter. Ligero vs Devlin was fun, but Devlins selling was a little to overdramatic at points. Jazzys debut was cool because she has a great 2nd accompanying her. Loved that Kelly ditched Xia to be destroyed
  10. I haven't really been able to get behind Mia since she has been signed. She doesnt really have any momentum and I cringe at her character work. I feel the 1st encounter between Bianca and Mia was better, but the finish made Mia look better here.
  11. Cant have the ladies outside of the chosen few getting segments and ring time. They might begin to get over, become stars, and decide that their talents would be better used elsewhere...
  12. Arisa Hoshiki won the tourney, pinning Konami after the Brazilian kick. Kinda surprising as she has been under the radar imo. Bea was eliminated in the 1st round and that was an even bigger shock as she seems to be their ace gaijin at the moment.
  13. Saw the Rhea bit a few days ago and I couldnt help but think she is a total idiot, apology or not. Pay her £15 and she'll call you a fa***t... did she refund the money too? A lot of performers have been caught up in a similar situation, most notably John Cena, so I dont imagine there will be too much internal heat. It just goes to show why some people need to stay off social media.
  14. IIRC Ivelisse was one of the few names mixed up in Bill Demotts drama while he was head coach in FCW/NXT. I've always been under the impression that he was behind her not having the best time under contract. Glad to see that she is back on their radar, but I feel like she'd get the Gail Kim treatment. A big star for another company that the WWE brings in and kinda pushes to the side.
  15. She actually hasn't had that many lengthier bouts in NXT(televised). Her most notable singles contest was Ember's Takeover debut and that was barely 5 mins. She looked great there imo though. As a team with Peyton they may have worked a few matches above the 5 min mark, but still not enough time in the ring to write either off as bad. People obviously have their preferences when it comes to pro wrestling. They look for and appreciate different things. Not being impressed is one thing... Alvarez is reaching with his comment though.
  16. Had to look Rebel Kel up. Very beautiful and she has some size to her too. Not much recent work on youtube, but from what I saw she is pretty green. I'm thinking Bea grabs it this year too.
  17. I dont keep up regularly with Stardom, but outside of maybe Mayu or Hana, who is recognizable enough to get a spot? I'd imagine they would want to use a "star" for the MYC... but they stole most of them...
  18. Part of the reason why Billy doesnt shine in the ring is because she really doesnt get booked to work matches lasting more than a few minutes or in this case "ten seconds". Since Shimmer she has gotten stronger, her offense has gotten deeper, but it's hardly seen in televised matches. She can work though and has done so at the top of high level female shows.
  19. Forbes can stink up a ring. Noticeably one of the worst from the WOW reboot. I'm tempted to say this is an all time low. She is dating RVD so I guess that explains her appearances here and recently with Impact.
  20. Aliyah vs Larae was passable. No major flaws, but nothing too impressive there. Several months of a solid character and Aliyah is starting to look comfortable with it at least. Candice hit a sloppy lionsault and it looked like she may have hurt her knee. Hope she is ok. The main event tag was a very snug match. Aichner/Barthel have the physicality and athleticism but are missing the charisma. Montez got hung up on a few of those flashy spots which makes Dawkins all the more valuable to the team. Crowd was hot for the match and popped big for that crazy moonsault and the finish.
  21. I like Mauro. He reminds me of Matt Striker who use to always find ways to insert these quirky references. Mentioning Aliyah's NXT tenure being a mixed "designer bag", but Aliyah is a firm believer that "if at first you dont succeed, dust yourself off and try again" was gold imo. A reference to one of the late and legendary R&B artist Aliyah's (rip) hit songs.
  22. If I could tolerate the crowds of NXT-UK shows I'd be willing to watch more of the product. A lot of great matches happen there, but the crowds are either kinda awkwardly quiet or they're being annoying with their sing song chants. Killer Kelly bought me as a fan in MYC2, but she hasn't really had that many opportunities to push the limits like she did there... understandably, not everyone is Meiko. This match was more so to get Piper's momentum rolling and it did that. Solid, but short and forgettable. Toni and Jinny have wrestled each other dozens of times before and I agree, they held back here. Jinny is great. Lanky and gawky, but she is so smash mouth and crafty that she is looks like a credible threat. That facecrusher out of the corner is brutal beauty and Toni sold it great. Never felt like Jinny was going to walk away with the title though and that's my biggest problem with how they've booked Toni. The crowds love her, that's essential if your going to be the ace, but I just cant get into her.
  23. I'm obviously a fan of Aja, but even if she were able to work any of the MYCs I dont think that's where I want to see her. I would rather they use her like they did JushinTL for Tyler Breeze a few yrs back in NXT, featured in a one off appearance for a Takeover. At the same time... I'd mark the fuck out if she ever were to make a MYC appearance.
  24. Completely logical projection, but the thing is KK has been a blatant cheater in the past. She got through the WOH tournament by cheating and being dishonorable. Mandy made her tap, but it was on the refs blind side and Klein took advantage. To tell the story that KK turned a new leaf and is now about honor is kinda insulting.
  25. Thought Hikaru would have been a priority once it was reported that Kenny was scouting in Japan. Great signing and hopefully she is indeed around for an extended amount of time.
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