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  1. The Hardys stuff was easily the peak of the actual show. The main event was dreadful - but still a far better way for Taker to go out than the Shane match would've been. At least he lost to an actual full-time main event star.
  2. It's low of me, but I told him to fuck off with that. Goddamn is he a cunt.
  3. NO ONE CAN EVER HATE FRIENDSHIP! That was the best segment in ages.
  4. The Brock vs. Goldberg vs. Taker staredown was awesome, as was Neville. Loved Big E quoting Michael Scott, too. And Sasha in yoga pants? That's a win. Certainly was better than the fan tearing his shirt off for Goldberg, or Goldberg forgetting his lines. Screens - Owens ruled tonight too - Cole - ROMAN'S QUEST TO BECOME A DOUBLE CHAMPION. Owens - There's no chance of that happening - just like there's no chance of you becoming a good commentary. Owens - You're bald and not even 30. Corey - And he lives at home with hits parents. Owens - I'm sweating and nervous because I'M SITTING NEXT TO A DEVIANT! Owens - CODEBREAKER! BREAK HIS CODE, CHRIS!
  5. Viktor's hairline is going to star in the WWE Films reboot of Escape From New York.
  6. Gotta love them going with the stereotypical Asian font FOR SOMEONE WHO ISN'T ASIAN.
  7. This was a pretty hit or miss Takeover - but the last three matches were something else. Bayley vs. Asuka wasn't as good as the first, but still incredible. Joe vs. Nakamura didn't really get out of second gear - and wasn't the match you would think of imaging their first-ever match - it was still very good and had a great intro for Nak though. The tag team title match was easily the match of the night, with incredible '80s basic heel work that still works because it plays on human psychology, which never changes. The undercard was highlighted by Roode's entrance, and the Aries vs. Jose match. Jose came off like a bigger star with the big conga line and held up his end of the match just fine. Aries won as he should've, while Roode did - but badly needs a new finisher. The pumphandle slam was BENEATH THE ROAD DOGG as a finish 18 years ago, and is awful now. But if anyone can it over, he can - and the Glorious Bomb name is good, it's just a shame he can't use a TKO variant since the Death Valley Driver is off-limits due to Cena. Screens -
  8. No forks to give.
  9. That the best episode of Ippy and Bippy ever! Final Deletion made this show as a whole tolerable. TNA should fire their creative staff and just use the Hardys - they will at least ensure a fun show. Belts already mean jack-shit anyway except for the World Title, so just do whatever - turn it into DDT for half the show and have fun. Screens -
  10. Darn fine show. Both major matches delivered and they built up Battleground really nicely. The Wyatts-New Day stuff isn't clicking for me as something memorable, but I do like it when it's on-screen. Titus vs. Rusev bringing the stiffness also filled my heart with joy. This D-Young and Bob Backlund stuff is astonishingly horrible though. I don't know who this is supposed to appeal to, or how it's supposed to help Young, but it's not doing anything to help him beyond keep his name on TV. Screens -
  11. First half, maybe more given that I'm also counting the pre-show, was pretty bad inching towards boring. MITB was a crazy video game match. Seth vs. Roman was one as well, but with a great paor of Pedigrees to finish off Roman's reign for now. Seth winning segued into Dean's cash-in and Dean FINALLY got his revenge on Seth. Shame they did this after booking him like an absolute joke for most of the past year - but Dean does benefit from always being around the main event scene and having the permanent association with the Shield. Dean's cash-in was the first time since Seth that a first-time WWE Championship win actually felt like a big deal. Roman's should've, but they fucked him by giving him two nothing reigns and then giving him a third reign to act as the first "real" one and then that failed. Dude just isn't the guy. He's Lex Luger. Nothing wrong with being Lex Luger - but you have to accept that he's Lex Luger and not Hulk Hogan. If you do that, maybe you luck into something special like they did in '97 with him finally beating Hogan and you give him the ball briefly, but he can't carry the company no matter how nice his smile is, how muscular he is, or how many times he cocks his fist. Screens -
  12. You would need Ron Howard, you would get Clint Howard.
  13. YAY! I made it into a DVDVR recap! Surprised you left out the Adam and Eve ad. It was an unforgettable night of whatever the fuck that was.
  14. Most of this show sucked. Charlotte looked like a moron losing to Paige clean before a tag match not involving Paige. Cesaro lost again in a short match to Sami - which was at least good. Steph buried Dean a bit, and then we got a corny Shield meeting on the Asylum. At least Dean was made to look strong. AJ vs. Cena remains the best thing on Raw by leaps and bounds. They're pressing all the right buttons to make this click and it does feel like a big match - but they're rushing it now, and it seems like it should be a Summerslam match instead of just an MITB one. Everything going down between them in just two weeks has hurt this, but also given them less time to fuck things up. Jericho doing his wacky ladder pose to close the show amused me. Shane's face seems to sum up Raw.
  15. Mother of fuck was this a slog. We got that weird ladder thing where all these sworn enemies are just...sitting on ladders, not doing anything as normal human beings would do. Then we got them comparing Ali to Roman Reigns, a recap of Seth being this super-determined guy who wanted to come back and get his title back while Roman bitched about stuff in his video. The Club sandwich got to beat New Day, and then got the shit kicked out of them - so it was 50/50 booking without a match. Steph got to bury and belittle Teddy Long a bunch - because that's an efficient use of TV time. I guess it's better than her burying Charlotte, whose team with Dana is off to quite a start as they beat up Nattie and Becky and Dana looked awful in every possible way. Screens -