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  1. Why don't you talk about her bony knees or working like the Road Warriors next.
  2. Sounds like discussion of that match should be in the Japan folder.
  3. Wait ... was there an AEW show last night???
  4. "We can script the buzzer-beater moments, we can script the Hail Marys." I've made this argument to non-wrestling fans, and they just look at me like I'm stupid.
  5. I don't know how anyone can continue to doubt Riho after this match with Ruby and last week's with Yuka.
  6. I've noticed a lot of people sliding on it lately. Need to tighten up before WrestleMania Hell in a Cell!
  7. WrestleMania Money in the Bank WrestleMania Rumble Old Glory Torture Rack
  8. Ciampa's gonna be out of this company quicker than I expected. Damn AEW for setting wrestling back 50 years, because everyone went to the School of the Cheapest of Cheap Heat tonight.
  9. Holy shit, we had long theme songs back in the day. Also, point of order: the "Settle down" meme is riffing on a (now banned?) poster named "Hollywood Cibernetico." The proper conjugation of said meme is to add the suffix "netico" or "etico" to a name, which is not to be confused with the suffix "cito," used to denote a mini in Mexico. In DEAN's example, one would tell him to, "Settle down, Hollywood DEANetico," as Hollywood Cibernetico would often get as horny as NXT 2.0 about pictures of ladies.
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