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  1. "Ch-ch-ch-ch-Charlotte turning face is strange ..."
  2. Where would he go? Broken Matt flopped in AEW.
  3. Like Riddle's tweety birds and Braun's choo-choo sound?
  4. Haha, oh man, I thought that was a shot at Cody because of Brandi.
  5. Bizarrely enough, even Bad Bunny said it, in that same article:
  6. The story on "interesting" was that EVERYTHING should be interesting, so if you're calling out one particular thing, it implies everything else is NOT interesting. So basically, Philosophical Vince has been in the pipeline for years.
  7. Elevation has really exposed Schiavone as someone who needs to stick to the Don West role at this point in his career. And there's nothing wrong with that. I'm guessing in a year the Dynamite booth will be Excalibur, Schiavone, and Wight.
  8. I'm kind of baffled by this. You think this song is better for Darby Allin than something punk or gothic/industrial? I feel like all of Darby's friends would make fun of him if he came out to the Pixies. Also, with the Jericho matches and all, Cassidy is clearly presented as much more "main event" than Darby is.
  9. Problem is, a lot of times the good guys were doing bad things and being cheered for it (Piper, DX in the Nation sketch, etc.), and the bad guys were hated for doing things we consider pretty normal now (e.g. Goldust). And as for who draws the line, that's already been answered in this thread -- whoever owns or distributes the content. The same way the heirs of Dr. Seuss aren't forced to publish books they're no longer comfortable with.
  10. I don't know if it's so much an indictment of the PC as it is a reminder that not everyone can thrive as a WWE, cookie-cutter CAW. Some people work better doing their own thing and not trying to be what someone else tells you to be. As good as Conti's gotten at the actual wrestling part, what blew me away first was how she seemed to develop a personality out of nowhere. She was total milquetoast in NXT, now she's got some of the best fire and facial expressions in AEW's women's division. Okay, that's one the PC should be embarrassed about.
  11. Why does he want Rhino's old music?
  12. Is that one 2,000-ft. Hunter, or 2,000 Villano-sized Hunters?
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