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  1. In my head, "super" is for second turnbuckle, "avalanche" is for top. Japanese commentators back in the day seemed to call anything off the buckles "super."
  2. Am I crazy, or is the "avalanche" qualifier only supposed to be applied to top rope stuff? Like, that's how you differentiate a "normal," Barry Windham-style superplex from one where both guys are standing on the top.
  3. Why do I want to say DAZN was one of the outlets "reporting" that WWE was sold to the Saudis?
  4. Clearly someone or something last week prevented the kind of Jay tributes we're seeing right now, and it wasn't Tony. He flew people in specifically for a tribute show that didn't even air.
  5. It's interesting that the desired (and actual) response is the fans wanting a babyface to stay in a heel group.
  6. I can never decide if Ethan Page is a good guy or a big jerk.
  7. I know Impractical Jokers, but I have no idea what the fuck a Kirk Cousins is.
  8. But ... but ... Steph said there shouldn't be any "animosity"! This is an EXCITING time!
  9. Rampage ratings have dropped ... but even at 10:00 pm on a Friday, it still beats the debut of Powerslap.
  10. I'm honestly shocked that Nick basically said, "If you thought Vince wasn't coming back, you're a dummy." All but admitted he just bowed out to temporarily take the heat off himself, while saying not that many people actually care about the horrible shit Vince has done. Talk about saying the quiet part loud.
  11. Imagine if Bryan had stayed in WWE.
  12. Quadruple turn! I called it!
  13. A sale already being done was B.S. If Khan wants to claim the Saudis are not in the running at all, that's bold, and I'm not sure anyone should believe that.
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