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  1. It's never wrong to tell the fucking truth. I'm genuinely sorry you prefer to live in a fantasy world, instead trying to make this one better. Also, how about you just stop at "anyone"? A woman is a person deserving of respect, whatever her relation to a particular man might be. It's not going to happen because we live in a country governed by FUCKING LAWS. Do you want to live in anarchy, where anyone can do anything they want, to anyone, at any time? Because in a world like, there are A LOT more Vince McMahons, with a LOT more power than they already have.
  2. So what happens, "when this is all over," if similar allegations crop up about another high-ranking individual in WWE? Should the Wall Street Journal not cover that? Not covering it only protects the abusers. WWE is not its own entity anymore. Even if everyone whose check bore the logo a year ago walks out tomorrow, you can't dissolve an incorporated business overnight. Oh that's right, this is no time to talk about facts and how things actually work, right?
  3. Even if not, a woman saying "no" and a man not stopping is the dictionary definition of rape. And there is more than one allegation like that in the suit.
  4. Thank you for your continued contributions on these matters, @Greggulator.
  5. He's judging particular journalists and, by extension (and his own admission), the very act of journalism. Which is especially fucked up when, if it weren't for the Wall Street Journal's persistence on this story, we might not know about any of it. To Stefanie's point, most "legit" news outlets think wrestling is silly and not worth covering, even when there's something real there. The WSJ journalists probably had major pushback from their editors for pursuing any of this. Let's be thankful they and people like them continue to do their jobs, and not get mad at them for doing them or being compensated for doing so.
  6. We need an eyeroll react. Look, Vince is awful and always has been. You probably should have already known he was THIS awful, because yeah, most of us already assumed. But don't go dragging every human being on Earth (especially the ones who have been publicly aggrieving Vince for years!!) down too because of that monumental sack of shit, and your inability to see who he is. Get some perspective. The value of humanity on a whole is not determined by the terrible actions of one elevated hillbilly. EDIT: And before you go saying "It wasn't just one person!!~#!" please look into the influence of charismatic cult leaders.
  7. And Brandon Thurston had nothing to do with it. You might as well blame Bernard Shaw for the Gulf War.
  8. The name of the podcast is Wrestlenomics. What did you think they talk about, cake recipes? Thurston and Pollock are the leading voices saying tough questions should be asked at wrestling press scrums, which you claim to want. So I feel like your anger is probably better directed at other targets.
  9. We probably shouldn't ask for better wrestling journalism and then excoriate people when they provide it.
  10. The suit alleges that Vince didn't complete the agreed-upon payments, and argues therefore the NDA should be voided.
  11. By the time the Netflix deal starts (next January), it'll likely be an UPGRADE in visibility.
  12. I'm not digging through old posts. That's why I asked. Either way, feel free to get the fuck out of here.
  13. Reaching? Aren't you the guy who called me a racist because I wondered if Jade Cargill shouldn't burn her bridge with AEW? Get the fuck out of here.
  14. We live in a world where people earnestly expect a company that sold the most tickets for a wrestling show in the history of wrestling shows 4 months ago will go out of business tomorrow.
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