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    I never read the books, so going in cold, I liked the first season but was pretty bored by the second. The latter half of the third season was really well-paced, though, and a lot of things were paid off in the last couple episodes. Loved it.
  2. Tank Abbott? Or was he not actually that good at MMA?
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    lol i'll pretend you said dingoes
  4. Dog


    Wait, what's wrong with Necro? Everyone I've heard says he's a genuinely good dude.
  5. He got someone to watch seven Dino Bravo matches. He's accomplished his goal. To continue dead horse beating, I thought the teardrop suplex was something else. Michaels' original finisher when he went solo?
  6. Your "side suplex" was actually a "belly-to-back" suplex back in the day. I think most people call it the "backdrop suplex" now? I feel like that was a Mike Tenay thing.
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    Capetta will always be the best to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcUH68PGzr4
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    "Dave Grohl? FUCK Dave Grohl!" - Zakk Wylde Wow, it's not even CLOSE to August yet.
  9. Still waiting for that Serpent Society movie. What a cruel tease.
  10. Dog

    SDL is Counting to Jū - 6/19/2018

    Has Bryan actually connected on a diving headbutt since he's been back? I've only seen him miss, which is presumably safer, since his head should not really be impacting anything. Still, I'd rather he not do it at all. He doesn't need a "Flair on the top rope" always fails spot (especially since he would, eventually, have to pay it off).
  11. Anyone notice Deadpool 2's description on Rotten Tomatoes? Spoilers!!!
  12. What if none of them fit the story the creators want to tell? I guess I have no evidence of this, but I feel like the people behind the Black Panther movie are more "story over branding" than the rest of the MCU caretakers. I can imagine them saying, "Okay, we want to say THIS in the next one," and if no existing characters easily fit into that narrative, them just making up new ones. Someone in Hollywood must still be creative, right?
  13. I'll make the bold prediction that the main "villain" of a Black Panther sequel won't be from the comics, so they're not trying to shoehorn something into the story they actually want to tell. Or it'll be like Zemo -- in name only. Regarding Namor, here's what Feige said last month: IGN: With the Disney/Fox deal, if that pans out, with the Sony rights sharing deal with Spidey, the one big loose end, then, is Namor and Universal. Can you tell us what the status of that is? Is there any chance for him to just pop up in an MCU film? It just sounds like an incredibly complicated situation, for one character. Kevin Feige: It is. I think there’s a way to probably figure it out but it does have — it’s not as a clean or clear as the majority of the other characters. http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/04/23/marvel-studios-boss-addresses-namors-complicated-rights-status