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  1. Because they had other long term booking and didn't plan 100% for a signing that may or may not have happened? They've got another 4 years on TNT. Let's not blow the wad on each and every talent in the first two.
  2. Cabana/Page is my match of the night. Colt's continual outmaneuvering of Page had the whole building bite on the Superman nearfall. Loved Cabana evading Buckshot three times, only for Page to finally figure him out and hit it after the fake. P.S. Legit goosebumps on the Moxley promo.
  3. I'm guessing 10:15 pm, since there was no time for an actual fight in the main event segment.
  4. Man, I don't know. I was only half paying attention, but it seemed like they wandered around a lot between spots, and there were times when ACH was visibly smiling when he really shouldn't have been. I much preferred ACH vs. Lio Rush, although that was obviously a completely different style.
  5. I so thought they were going to superkick it.
  6. "'Dragon screw.' You proud of me, Excalibur?"
  7. I'm skeptical of the assertion that all AEW viewers are basement-dwelling virgins. I'm married and own a house.
  8. That was the best Britt Baker's ever looked. Maybe the Shida match was better, but tonight it seemed like she put all the pieces together and finally "got it." Ring work looked smooth and hurty, great character stuff between spots, total confidence and no hesitation.
  9. I have a memory of Vince himself saying it at one point. He and Hennig were on commentary, and Vince ribbed him about what some old time wrestler would do, like "what was his name ... Curt ... Perfect, something."
  10. See all the woo-woo stuff he tried to help with his brain lesions. https://aiptcomics.com/2018/03/24/wwes-daniel-bryan-cleared-to-wrestle-because-of-hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy/
  11. And historically, Mr. Brodie turns tail as soon as the heat is ever on.
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