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  1. Wasn't there something about a "new" test that he had done, that he failed? Something that no one else had even been told to get?
  2. So what was Maroon's hold-up to begin with?
  3. Raw Is Empowering Women - 3/12/2018

    I seem to remember someone saying that's why Mae and Moolah still get the treatment they do -- they were friends of the family and Steph remembers them fondly. Also note that Graves almost choked last night while calling Stephanie "the leader of the women's evolution."
  4. Raw Is 2 Sweet - 1/1/2018

    Now if Scott Steiner were in the match ....
  5. I think Cornette overlooked the most important thing Meltzer tweeted at him -- the Bucks' crowd control as heels. I haven't seen them live since the WrestleMania in New Jersey, and the only thing I remember about the match was their insipid air drumming while standing on the ropes. It was magnificently enraging.
  6. Disney buys Fox confirmed.

    Because they don't want to mess with previously established success. Funny thing is, even AFTER Deadpool, Kevin Feige said that Marvel Studios had next-to-no interest in making an R-rated superhero movie. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/marvels-kevin-feige-why-studio-wont-make-r-movies-guardians-2-joss-whedons-dc-move-99507 So they won't change what made Deadpool great, going forward, but in no way would that movie have gotten made at Marvel Studios without a precedent. It barely happened at Fox.
  7. Eater of Worlds. Bray Wyatt.
  8. Someone will have to tell him what an Omega ... and a NJPW ... is, first.
  9. Didn't they try that last time, only to find out no one but USA wanted them? Or are they just planning to announce the same old deal as some kind of huge success?
  10. Those three applause emojis were absolutely necessary.
  11. Does anyone have a list of all the quack medical bullshit Bryan has tried over the years? It must be staggering.
  12. SDL Presents Money in the Bank 2017

    I don't think they did. And that's the problem.
  13. Death and rebirth, man. I guess Deadpool wasn't meta enough.
  14. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    No, but Cloak and Dagger is.
  15. It's only breaking kayfabe because Bray should be way more into EYEHATEGOD than he is crossover.