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  1. They clearly haven't made Roman look STRONG ENOUGH
  2. I wonder if the overrun was a "heat check" by Vince. As in, "let's see how this goes, and then I'll decide if I have to worry about this shit or not." Vince after seeing how it went:
  3. Coach Tony's said that no one has ever had creative control written into their contract, and no one ever will. In fact, the delay in signing Andrade (reportedly) was because he wanted that, and Tony told him to piss up a rope. Andrade eventually acquiesced.
  4. I don't know how you got that from what I wrote. I just don't have that one, particular filter. Anyway, moving on. P.S. No one's ever accused me of being self-aware. ASD will do that.
  5. It's not a matter of me being satisfied, it's a matter of not having rose-colored glasses on. I guess it wouldn't be so weird to me if Tony wasn't out there swinging his dick around as ratings continue to drop, drop, drop. It makes him look unhinged, which is something I never would have thought of him before.
  6. We also have the Friday night Dynamites as data points.
  7. If they'd done 600,00 regularly the whole time, that argument would work. Both both Rampage and Dynamite got huge bumps from Punk's debut, and now they're back to almost exactly where they started. If I'm Tony, I'm doing a lot less public bragging and a lot more figuring out why the fuck almost NONE of your potential new viewers have stuck around. EDIT: To be clear, if it was ACTUALLY ME, I'd be happy just to be profitable. As I've said before. But if you're a typical business type who thinks you're failing if you're not always growing, that seems like the kind of thing that would send you into a tailspin.
  8. So, despite this big "lovefest" (TM CM Punk), does it concern anyone that the ratings of both shows have dropped steadily since Punk's debut? I remember some people thinking that if AEW didn't exceed their previous ceiling, it would look really bad for everyone involved.
  9. But it wasn't Kaze Ni Nare. And THAT ... is unforgivable.
  10. And making fun of AEW, apparently.
  11. I don't know if he's softened on his usual targets. But he's got plenty of good things to say about Punk and Dragon, who he calls "real stars," which is in opposition to the "indie talent" that fills the rest of AEW. Of course he never mentions that Punk and Dragon were indie talents for a LONG time, or explains how one transitions from one to the other.
  12. I'd say ask Sodom and Gomorrah, but that was more below the belt.
  13. I don't spend a lot of time on social media, but whenever I click on something AEW-related on Facebook, 90% of the comments are calling AEW wrestlers yardtards, making fun of AEW presentation, saying Vince isn't scared of you indie dipshits, etc. I almost never see it going the other way, or if I do, those people are drowned out by WWE homers quickly.
  14. To be fair, he also said Dynamite Grand Slam was better than any WWE show in recent memory. I mean, yeah, of course, but to hear HIM say that surprised me.
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