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  1. Ahem, his name is "The Aztec Experience."
  2. Which is literally redundant, considering "fan" is already short for "fanatic."
  3. If I use someone's old name, it's usually because I can't remember what the fuck I'm supposed to be calling him today. I'm bad with names as it is; now you want me to cycle between different ones every 3-4 years? Might be worth noting on the Nigel doc on the Network, when Bryan texted him after winning his first WWE championship, Nigel called him "Dragon."
  4. Wasn't that a classic World of Sport-style set-up? I want to say it was called the "British stop." Pretty sure Nigel used to do it all the time.
  5. It at least needs to be the finish. Nothing should top that. My disbelief can't take all the "I bumped but I better sit back up so the other guy can hit me again" spots. Had to be at least three in this match.
  6. I never read the books, so going in cold, I liked the first season but was pretty bored by the second. The latter half of the third season was really well-paced, though, and a lot of things were paid off in the last couple episodes. Loved it.
  7. Tank Abbott? Or was he not actually that good at MMA?
  8. Wait, what's wrong with Necro? Everyone I've heard says he's a genuinely good dude.
  9. He got someone to watch seven Dino Bravo matches. He's accomplished his goal. To continue dead horse beating, I thought the teardrop suplex was something else. Michaels' original finisher when he went solo?
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