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  1. Williams re-signed, per the ROH thread. I'd love Gresham, if he's not locked up anymore.
  2. I assumed they couldn't go home until Archer came out to neutralize Kingston. Seemed like he missed his cue by 10-20 seconds. EDIT: Oh, and Death Triangle are definitely faces. Look at Fenix going up against uber-heel Omega next week. And Kingston making excuses for post-match attacks. I guess at this point Archer is de facto face, depending on how much/when he gets into it with PAC.
  3. Clearly this is all just dog paddling until Hulk Hogan puts us all on his back and swims the Raw survivors to shore.
  4. Joey Janela, arbiter of nomenclature that doesn't involve him at all.
  5. When AEW first started, I was put off by guys "doing too much." That first Bucks vs. Lucha Bros match with piledrivers out the ass, on aprons and through tables; it just made me shake my head. I still feel that way sometimes, but it seems to me they made a deliberate decision to reel it back at list a little bit since then. So I understand where Ross is coming from, and I even agree to a point, but he's flat out wrong to say that wrestling doesn't evolve. I'm going to start calling it "the Claremont predicament." He's an old guy with a lot of clout, but if you did things his way still, no
  6. One more reason to want JR off my TV and out of my consciousness. Also, Colby Lopez is Steve Corino's son, with space roboticist Jennifer Lopez. I thought that was common knowledge.
  7. "You spent a cup of coffee in Impact, didn't you Tony?" "One night, then I quit the business for 18 years."
  8. Seriously. People think that for a wrestling company to be successful, it needs to do 1998 ratings numbers. The market is entirely different now, and even with that, you don't have to be THE top show on TV to be "successful." This mentality of wrestling fans that if it's not #1, the sky is falling and something MUST change, is so weird. TNT execs are doing cartwheels over AEW's success. Insisting on more is almost gilding the lily.
  9. Pretending I know what's in Page's head, I'd say the fully self-actualized "Hangman" is confident and kicks ass, yes, but also STILL wants to erase student debt and remembers what it's like to be unsure. Like, the end of his story isn't becoming another Hansen or Blackjack Mulligan, it's him becoming the first and best Adam Page, someone the rest of his generation can still relate to.
  10. Can we talk a little bit about Adam Page's character? It seems a lot of people want him to be ass-kicking, nouveau Stan Hansen, but that's clearly not what he's going for, according to his interviews and podcast appearances, plus BTE and that playlist posted in the November thread. "Anxious millenial cowboy" isn't just a Twitter bio, and it's something that hasn't really been done before.
  11. Cage even did the Mortis "Flatliner" taunt a week or two ago. On Unrestricted he said Kanyon was one of his biggest influences.
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