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  1. This is gonna sound weird, but I figured they'd build this show up LESS than they actually have. I saw it as a bonus PPV for the diehards, and thought AEW TV would have some token references in the preceding weeks, while still telling mostly their own stories. Why spend all this time on promoting another company's wrestlers when most of them won't be seen again, and the rest not very often? Even if Tanahashi wins the the interim belt, that only lasts a couple/few months before Punk wins it back. I dunno.
  2. Maybe I'm the mythical casual fan, because I don't watch much New Japan. And I'll tell you what. The way they played up Tanahashi on Dynamite Wednesday and on this countdown thing tonight does not jive with the guy I saw team with Mox, who looked about as mobile as 2005 Hulk Hogan.
  3. It's imperative to watch that.
  4. Does the IWGP title often get defended in multi-man matches like that?
  5. Settle down ... well, Toni Stormetico, actually.
  6. Is that a death metal record?
  7. First time I've sat down and watched Asuka since she came back. She looked super fast and smooth, and it was a great match.
  8. That's Mr. Maniac to you.
  9. Please tell me Athena's finish is not now called "the O-face."
  10. I like wrestling. Which is why I don't like punches. FIGHT ME
  11. Let's think about this. What's more likely -- that one of the highest-rated shows on cable, with next-to no competition on this given night, inexplicably tanked and no one watched ... or that this is part of the plan to make MJF seem like a major draw and continue his angle with Tony Khan? The rating was worked.
  12. I had no idea that's Regal's son. He's awesome.
  13. I was getting mad at Turner for not checking her, ha.
  14. I totally bit on the Britt concussion fake-out.
  15. Can we get Michael Cole to say how Vince let us all down on Friday?
  16. Oh God, Vince is joining the "Intellectual Dark Web," isn't he?
  17. I think Wrestlenomics said Vince has 80% of the voting power.
  18. Nick Khan about to finish that Mortal Kombat graphic.
  19. It wasn't meant to be passive. I'll be more direct next time.
  20. Are you sure it's not a work?
  21. In case you missed it, Owens took hands down the stupidest bump of the year tonight. You thought AEW's stair spots were bad. "Watch 'til the end," as the kids say.
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