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  1. So Monday there will be a news story featuring some WWE talking head pearl-clutching about "the brazen profanity on the January 19 edition of a competitor's programming"?
  2. Did you miss the one where Wheeler said they'd kick the shit out of the Briscoes in front of their own chickens?
  3. Let the record show that Vince "No Mutilation" McMahon graphically described how he'd injure Austin Theory on Raw if he lost tonight.
  4. Should they have paid $3 million a year for Owens?
  5. Cody is starting the Big Third promotion with HHH and the rogue TNT Championship. SLEDGEHAMMERS FOR EVERYONE
  6. I like Ali, but to be completely honest, I don't know if pro wrestling is the right medium for that story. It's not exactly built for nuance.
  7. Since people are appreciating the Accaimed's diss on Sting and Darby last night, I feel like it's time to revisit what they did for Moxley and Kingston. "Kingston, Ima throw your ass in the garbage; even worse, Ima send you back to Chikara."
  8. Before he came to AEW, I probably hadn't seen Jay Lethal since 2009 or so. I never would have guessed that he'd gotten this good, at everything.
  9. "I heard Sting talkin' tough like it's nothin' wrong, me and Bowens 'bout to hit your ass with a buckle bomb"
  10. Completely agreed with the second paragraph. I don't necessarily disagree with the first paragraph, but ... I kind of don't care? Yes, if you're looking at a TV episode like a record, it was arranged poorly. But I loved each thing (sans Penta/Hardy) as individual entities. I'll take it! The "connective tissue" is just window dressing to me, and something I can easily overlook. They'll do better next time (one can hope).
  11. I'd thought so, but he didn't mention her in the Buzzfeed interview I pulled up. He did say Stephanie on the Network special, though, so who knows.
  12. Cena was also almost fired, until writers happened to hear him rapping in the back of a bus.
  13. I was with you until "they're fucked." They'll do fine as a sanitized IP factory.
  14. Svenghoulie had a whole panel at NYCC.
  15. If I did, I wouldn't deserve to be belittled by people in public for it. That's the point you're either not grasping or deliberately ignoring.
  16. Tripling down on the "everyone else is ignorant or crazy" narrative. You should be able to have a difference of opinion about wrestling without actively making fun of other people.
  17. I think part of the issue is that you're so convinced your opinion is correct that it leads you to believe everyone else is either crazy or stupid for having missed something so obvious. The majority isn't always right, but seeing that most people find SOME value in the Young Bucks (and acknowledge that they've been part of more than one excellent wrestling match) might make the average person question their position, at least a little. Instead, you dig your heels in and refuse to accept that maybe your taste isn't the "correct" one. Your "to each their own" is invalidated by insisting anyone who doesn't share your opinion likes "offense undermined" and "credibility damaged." You're calling people wrong for liking what they like (and what most everyone not named Jim Cornette likes).
  18. There's video of him talking to an A&W drive-through, asking for Tony. EDIT: YouTube knows what I type. This popped right up.
  19. For whatever it's worth, Charlotte said she wanted to lose the belt to Bianca her last night on Raw. But that wasn't the plan.
  20. And WWE picks and chooses when they even acknowledge the NXTs (the commentators having no recollection of Dijakovic, Piper Niven), so recognizing a whole-ass other company is pretty left field.
  21. Atlas is gonna be another "how could WWE fuck this guy up?" type, a la Miro. 230 lbs. and he can do all THAT.
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