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  1. Not to sound like that crazy guy, but ... I think some people here are getting worked.
  2. Best AEW women's singles match in how long?
  3. That's honestly the one I'd most like to see. Low-Ki #2.
  4. Yeah, Garcia is like, next level with his character work, because it's NOT traditional pro wrestling. Whether intentional or not, he's breaking tropes in the most impactful ways.
  5. I'm ready for Jericho vs. Low-Ki.
  6. For what it's worth, the demo was down for Grand Slam.
  7. Watching in-person, I missed the Julia bump, so was more worried about Jade and Wardlow limping. I guess no bad news came out on those fronts?
  8. Did they know who that was? Even without Mike Tenay?
  9. I left during the battle royal. Forgot all about Starks/Hobbs.
  10. Huh? Something other than the regrettable Matt Hardy decision?
  11. Survivor, Chicago Fire, and Masked Singer all had season premieres last night.
  12. Well, they have gone down the rabbit hole.
  13. P. Diddy vs. Bad Bunny at Royal Rumble CONFIRMED.
  14. "Morrisey, Menard's nips are calling you out again!"
  15. Sounds fair to me. And the "fuckers" list continues to grow, based on whoever happens to disagree with him. One thing buried in a recent mainstream article, that I'd never heard before and can't believe wasn't seized on by any clickbait sites, is that Punk hasn't talked to his brother in something like 20 years because he screwed him out of a few thousand dollars when they were young. And I thought I was a champion grudge-holder. Tells you pretty much all you need to know.
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