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  1. And making fun of AEW, apparently.
  2. I don't know if he's softened on his usual targets. But he's got plenty of good things to say about Punk and Dragon, who he calls "real stars," which is in opposition to the "indie talent" that fills the rest of AEW. Of course he never mentions that Punk and Dragon were indie talents for a LONG time, or explains how one transitions from one to the other.
  3. I'd say ask Sodom and Gomorrah, but that was more below the belt.
  4. I don't spend a lot of time on social media, but whenever I click on something AEW-related on Facebook, 90% of the comments are calling AEW wrestlers yardtards, making fun of AEW presentation, saying Vince isn't scared of you indie dipshits, etc. I almost never see it going the other way, or if I do, those people are drowned out by WWE homers quickly.
  5. To be fair, he also said Dynamite Grand Slam was better than any WWE show in recent memory. I mean, yeah, of course, but to hear HIM say that surprised me.
  6. But they can't make an explosion! (Tryna be fair, here ) "Impact built the ring last night." - Eddie Kingston, probably
  7. So wait ... is ROMAN REIGNS God's favorite champion??? Tell me Miro at least gets to keep his double-jointed wife.
  8. Plus, I'm pretty sure the guy saying it hasn't breathed a word about Orange Cassidy.
  9. Repeating yourself doesn't make you any more right.
  10. Counterpoint: Ratings usually decline throughout the show anyway, so why not put your "prestige" match on when the most people will see it?
  11. If you rewatch Cody's entrance, in addition to the spectacularly self-indulgent cape, you'll see Arn berating him about something while slapping the "play card." Cody totally reacted to the boos with a quizzical look toward the end of the match, too. There's definitely something in the works. EDIT: The final nail in babyface Cody's coffin should be the revelation that he was the one who ordered Kaze Ni Nare shut off. Just make sure there's extra security at ringside when it happens.
  12. They didn't play Kaze Ni Nare. Unforgivable.
  13. I want to hear more about Savate Kick Saturdays.
  14. They didn't play Kaze Ni Nare. Unforgivable.
  15. I can see a double turn happening in the inevitable Britt/Rosa title match.
  16. I remember the threads with no accounts. Oh yes, I've been here all along. Watching you.
  17. If he were the real deal, he'd correct the spelling mistake and call himself Krone Metzler.
  18. In contrast, I've NEVER liked Ricky Starks on commentary. He's like the anti-Kingston, in that he's so demure and almost has to be prompted to say something. Huge contrast to his promos and in-ring presence, which I guess goes to show what different skillsets they are.
  19. I'm not saying he isn't, and I've liked him on previous Elevations, but this night in particular he seemed to not realize he wasn't the only one out there.
  20. I just watched the Dark episode with Moriarty vs. Garcia, and I got pretty fed up with Kingston on that one. He barely let Schiavone and Show talk, and I think Show was getting frustrated.
  21. I saw almost all of Cole's NXT career as Michaels-esque excess and didn't like him at all. But I loved his match with Kazarian. Proof of concept? But then, to me, Gargano was way worse in EVOLVE than he was in NXT. Tons of finisher spam and everyone kicking out of everyone's big moves. I thought NXT actually calmed him down and made him much better (if you ignore the aforementioned matches with Cole). So I guess ultimately, it's hard to tell how Gargano would wrestle in AEW. Shit, I just realized then didn't play Kaze Nare. Unforgivable.
  22. EDIT: You know what, never mind.
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