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  1. Still watching this episode, but Eddie and Mox just did the carnie/worker handshake roasting the Good Brothers, and my day is made. Amazing.
  2. I agree. Nearly everything after the Opener was just too long. The ladder match was way to long. The Women's match was good, but way to long... The cinematic match was cool... long.. Was so tired at the start of the Death match...
  3. Poor Eddie. Sold it like a champ. Obviously didn't know how bad it looked... lol
  4. Don't have a cable provider for traditional PPV purchases (and my PS4 died), so i'm looking for ways to buy this tonight. Fite.tv works with a VPN. Is anyone getting a working page here: https://live.bleacherreport.com/messaging/content-not-available https://live.bleacherreport.com/
  5. I have two friends who are aware of wrestling, but by no means know anyone who kills it on the indies. They said they thought it was cool to see Big Show on Wednesday, STANG! and Jericho. They even said when I complained about too many older dudes after Big Shows announcement that the people they know is what would make them watch... I'm into AEW and want them to get bigger and bigger, so i'll suck it up and accept some of the legends need to be there as well. On another note, these two casual fans are probably ordering the PPV based on some of the names but also because the barb wir
  6. At this point, the ONLY negative is that the person they get could be disappointing for some. For me, that would be anyone who can't still go in the ring. Taker sucks.
  7. Regardless of who shows up, one of the coolest things about AEW gaining momentum and announcing a new dude to the AEW roster is the return of this excitement of who it could be. I've been texting with a close friend who is just barely less hardcore about wrestling than I am, and we've been going back and forth on who we wish it would be (Punk, Hero or Bryan, but with no chance of it being Bryan) to who we hope it isn't (Angle, Steiner, RVD). We haven't had talks like this since we were in our late teens-early 20's. It's very fun. Just reminds me how awesome it is that there is another bra
  8. Stump Beefknob and Blast Thickness.... I'm confused, but i'm in 100% support of this substitution...
  9. I've become very bored with the BTE run-downs by Dave. His "on the spectrum" humor misses a lot, and like you said, Bryan just tunes out. He doesn't care about BTE, or at least Meltzers break down of it. Makes for a complete interruption of the show, and Bryan would clearly not care if it was missed. I haven't listened to WOR since Rocks show started... is Dave covering that as well? Because that's going to get annoying if he "well actually's" everything.
  10. Replace JR with Show.... Lol
  11. Monday show going against RAW? I thought the Khans weren't interested in going against Football?
  12. Interesting signing... What does Wight bring to AEW though? They have a bunch of legends... Not at all interested in him in the ring.
  13. Wow. That was a really fun show! Fenix has some perfect kicks. Loved the Main. Wish KENTA would have STUCK that G2S a bit better, but this is really cool seeing all these promotions working together. Even the wedding was cool aside from the cake botch. Good stuff. Wish Eddie won more.
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