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  1. None of those. Women matches (singles and tag) and SCU and CIMA v Anjelica, Kip and Jack Evans.
  2. At the show. Fun crowd. Ending was so much fun. Dark Order is not over at all. Women’s Tag got a lot of heat once it got going. Codys Promo was just amazing. Washed up Jericho is best Jericho. “Youngest AEW Champ”
  3. Outside of not enjoying The Dark Orders gimmick, my biggest gripe with AEW is the production and the spamming of certain moves on shows. Not everyone needs to do a moonsault to the outside and everyone doesn’t need an Ace Crusher counter. Seeing everyone do the same moves takes me out of the match. (Double or Nothing had a million Death Valley Drivers).
  4. Show felt long towards the end. Omega-PAC felt like last month... even though it was my favorite of the night. No idea who is running the booth In production but they need to talk to the workers and figure out some of the spots. Lots of missed or barely missed moments in the whole show. The Dark Order does nothing for me or the crowd for that matter. More Best Friends, less dark order and their shitty gear it’s been mentioned but some of these dudes need to use that new AEW money for a good diet and a gym membership. Their matches are great but some dudes just don’t look impressive or big league. ill be at the Charlotte show. Very interested to see what’s next.
  5. Valcourt

    NJPW G1 2019

    My goodness that SANADA / Okada match. Even with SANADA being “out” of the G1 it still brought the goods. Wow!!!
  6. Valcourt

    NJPW G1 2019

    G1 rules everything. My schedule is better this year so I’m catching all the shows and matches and I am LOVING these young lions. Jesus they are going to be good. Mox/Cobb wasn’t the greatest but I enjoyed it and it was a match I was looking forward too. Everything else is awesome. Knife pervert is growing on me more and more. But, Ishi is MVP.
  7. The wrestlers gear had been mentioned earlier and it’s a great point. I first noticed that a lot of the guys had on Very similar gear. Not a huge deal but it stood out to me. Lots of green. Aside from the Lucha Bro’s. No one really looked big time. Time for some of these dudes to invest in their gimmicks. The roster are a bunch of tiny dudes. Luchasauraus looks like a legit monster around these guys and that’s one of the reasons the crowd loses it for him. He looks so different from everyone else and he’s got a great athletic and flashy offense that looks hurty. Joey Janella has been a guilty pleasure of mine but him rolling out of the ring and saying “Fuck you Cornette,” was very lame. What’s the point? What does that do? I really hope they work with the guys in their individual move sets. I’ve been on small Indy shows where a spot is done in the first or second match and the guys in the back say, “ok, that was a spot we planned. Can’t do that now.” If these smaller time guys know that, how is that not a thing in the 6 man where the finish was a DVD in the ring, but one was done on the apron earlier for an big spot? Im over analyzing this show too much, but I’m seeing things in AEW I don’t like and I hope they fix soon.
  8. Way too many Death Valley drivers. Brit Baker didn’t have a great outing. Luchasaurus is a star. Jericho looks like he needs a sober October. I know he’s older but he just looks like a drunk. That spinning elbow looks like crap. Hangman doesn’t do it for me. Kenny/Cima was fun. Production seemed to miss a ton of stuff. JR getting in the refs all night was awesome. Booth should only be 2 guys. Show was good but too long. Move sets and styles to me, are a little too similar and this is coming from a dude who loves PWG. Still looking forward to the entire AEW crew getting better and better and figuring it all out. The in ring, promos and announcing (at times) are more exciting than anything WWE has going.
  9. They were both on this past Sundays PWX show in Charlotte, NC and didn’t do anything together.
  10. Was the crowd absolutely silent at certain points or was it just me. When Revival came out and defended themselves it seemed to me like the crowd was just dead. And they also seemed to die during Miz TV. Wonder if Revival did turn down the new contract? Machine Gun and Gallows should have won...
  11. Just a good old fashioned stomp to the throat. (Wish they didn’t do that cut) I loved that Walter and Dunne was different than the other matches. Much more hurty.
  12. That’s an interesting take. Move always enjoyed Coles work and felt he kept up with gargono at this stage. When he has to play the over the top heel telling the good guy it isn’t his day, he loses me a bit, but overall I think he does a great job.
  13. Oh Walter is such a star. My wife who mostly half pays attention to shows and only ever asks about Bailey thought Walter looked “mean.” That’s a good reaction in my opinion. i think dunne deserved the match he got, but I would have liked to see Walter with a 10 minute beat down to lead to more matches then end with something like what we saw. However, still loved it. Adam Cole hit a Panama Sunrise. That was interesting. Loved this show.
  14. I picked up this shirt at the Smackdown house show that just came through here. It's actually a comfortable shirt that fits! It's not to the soft tee level that pro wrestling tee's shirts can be, but it's not GIldan quality. Unfortunately, "THE MAN" shirt I also got is the usual shitty WWE shirt quality.
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