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  1. The Twitter account, "WCW Deep Cuts" (Which is my current favorite Wrestling Twitter) just posted some clips of the Steiners v Fire and Ice. Which is just big boys throwing around each other and it's great. Question: Was ICE Train big anywhere outside of WCW? Japan? Anything? Did fire and ice hold the Tag titles? (I'll google)
  2. I think it was from back when Cage was on Colt's podcast that Cage said he worked OVW and maybe FCW, or at least had a try out? He had a Wolverine looking gimmick. So, WWE had seen him for sure.
  3. Wardlow would be a "miss" for the WWE if they knew how to use him. They can't Use Keith Lee correctly and JUST figured out Reigns.
  4. It's always wild when Meltz is just MISSING things. Be that a mild joke by Alvarez or stuff like this with Kenny, and sometimes he just drills in, "no, he hugged him. he has the star entrance..."
  5. Too bad WWE shirts feel like cardboard.....
  6. I have no idea why, but Randy Orton has always come across to me as a guy who doesn't watch wrestling. Does that make sense to anyone else? He's a pro for sure, but him watching Pete Dunne blows me away. Tito's night or not.
  7. Well... I just laughed WAY too loud at this at work. Had to explain to co-workers why I was laughing.
  8. Don't know if it's been mentioned, but Colt Cabana mentioned the DVDVR on the show he did with Joey Janella. Thought that was cool.
  9. For the Bloodsport show: Can you only stream it, or do they have a download option?
  10. I'm sure the pandemic isn't helping Matt really explore as a worker either. But, I can't imagine him performing better than Cody did in an environment like Battle Of Los Angeles or any other Super Indy place. Safest space for him is probably helping impact. NJPW.... nah.
  11. Started watching Dark more consistently and man it's an easy and fun show to watch. The commentary is funny and a little (a lot?) inside and the work is good to great. Also, so much Florida Indie talet.
  12. I'm really digging Yota Tsuji. He looks like the son of Kenta Kobashi. Looking forward to seeing him grow.
  13. Why did Roman ever wear the vest? Was his body "bad" at some point?
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