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  1. I think it is fair to be concerned about a Lashley-McIntrye match getting ruined by bad booking. It happened last year with their title match. It's WWE, their track record is bad. Everyone here is relieved Bobby even beat Miz. If they could get Brock to lose to Lashley then I'd save Drew challenging Lashley until SummerSlam. But then again, it's WWE, I doubt they can keep McIntrye on the back burner. Might as well just run it now.
  2. Better late than never? It's a little frustrating because time and time again we see they can do the right thing but are unwilling.
  3. I actually missed the match, I fell asleep when Charlotte came out. Bobby is the right choice at the right time. Excited for him vs McIntrye, their title match last year was marred by a awful ending. They could have a show stealer at Mania.
  4. @Dolfan in NYC, thank you. This has been a fun read. I have been fortunate to not lose anyone to COVID-19. I'm sorry for you and everyone on this board who has lost someone from it. My sister in law and father are still winded and brain fogged almost a year later.
  5. Kenta-Moxley was a fun brawl. Definitely hurt but lack of crowd though. I loved Kenta's defiance and the trash talking in general. Narita-Dickerson was good. No filler. Dickerson needs to be in the G1. He can eat a lot of losses and it's all fresh and fun match ups. Narita is looking better in the ring but needs a few more Shibata slaps.
  6. Last year was supposed to be Naito vs Hiromu in a non title special challenge. I'm honestly psyched for El Desperado getting a huge match. His 2020 sold me on him. It's a fresh face in a fresh match up.
  7. I like Khan. He continues to develop his moveset nicely and improve in the ring. If he is in the G1 this year then I think more people will get behind him. I think he beats Naito. A win here does more for him and it's featured on the Anniversary Show. Gedo always does a good job with making these tournaments so unpredictable. I doubt it's Okada but I could see Ospreay beat him in the Finals.
  8. I think that can be both for promotion and for an individual. Some companies seemed to handle it better than others, whether it was good use of fake crowd noise or putting people in a position to succeed. Are we using the clap only shows in Japan or just the shows with no crowds?
  9. You know who could become grand slam champion is Jay White, who hasn't held the Never Openweight title. Which just so happens to be held by Hiroshi Tanahashi, who faces the winner of White-Henare in the NJ Cup...
  10. I always felt the IWGP US belt was something for Omega to do until he could dethrone Okada. At least now, in theory, it has some purpose as the NJPW Strong top title. The IC title always felt to me like something for guys to do when they weren't going for the IWGP title. Would people have been as upset if the NEVER title was combined with the IC or IWGP title? NEVER doesn't even exist anymore but it has a purpose with it being a litmus test for juniors transitioning to heavyweight and as the hard hitting style title matches. I don't think they need anything more than the IWGP and NEVER be
  11. Since this is for the first challenge at the new IWGP World Heavyweight championship I have to really think about who wins this. I don't want to see Ibushi-White again so soon but it would not shock me. The only two making any overtures were Okada and White, both logical choices. There are always upsets though. Could see Shingo upset Okada and go the Finals. Okada went to the Finals the last two years. I could also see Khan upset Naito which could spare us the one thousandth rematch between them. Ospreay could make a deep run. To just throw a pick out there, Shingo vs Jay White in th
  12. I figured Okada-Ibushi at Dominion. Might be able to have a bigger crowd.
  13. Jay winning and getting a title shot is kind of a disappointing twist in his story. I think Ospreay is winning, the Empire have not looked good so far and need a big win.
  14. I voted Shingo for wrestler of the Year. I thought his matches were a bright spot last year on some rough NJPW shows. His G1 was stellar and I thought his Never Openweight matches were all bangers. I thought Moxley's title run was weak in ring aside the Kingston feud. I'm not a huge AEW fan though, I have never even seen a single episode of BTE. I find them to be irritating. Most improved has to be Reigns. His heel turn is must see stuff and I think anyone who dreamed how great a Roman turn could go are just as impressed. Show of the year, I thought Revolution was a good pick. I
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