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  1. NXT UK Takeovers are NOT on Peacock for some reason. Every other NXT Takeover and every NXT UK TV episode. But no NXT UK Takeovers. I can only presume that in the quest for Peacock to add a pause button they had to pause uploading all of NXT UK.
  2. WWE not having time limits has hurt their in ring psychology immensely.
  3. Rules are made to be broken. How can a heel cheat without having rules to break?
  4. In that case then I want them to bring back I.R.S. as a big pay off at Wrestlemania 38 to the year long question of what could have possibly warped Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt this bad?
  5. They were working hard so I don't want to rag on them too hard but Tamina and Natalya botched a tag. That was rough.
  6. Reigns slow walk to the ring to troll the fans was great. Even better was Orton slowly walking to the ring looking like he wanted to be anywhere else.
  7. Why were there drums at ring side for the Nigerian Drum Fight that weren't used? Why instead in a Nigerian Drum Fight did they use Singapore Canes?
  8. Was not expecting Roman to still be illiciting boos in the main event.
  9. Glad Roman retained and Sheamus kicked Riddle in the face!
  10. Styles matter somewhat in long term health but I think the worst thing for wrestling is no off season. 365 days a year, no health care, time off for injuries is a luxury and at the risk of losing momentum/your spot, and a toxic backstage environment in most companies that promoted excessive drug use/abuse. It is still bad today, with the knowledge of hindsight. I think most companies would benefit from rotating guys in and out. I rag on AEW as much as anyone else but at least six man tags every week won't grind guys into dust.
  11. I enjoyed it overall. I thought Lashley-McIntrye was motn. Looking forward to night 2. The 30 minutes of improvised promos was fairly entertaining during the weather delay. Vince had to be pissed.
  12. Day 2 was not as good as Day 1. Felt everything was solid but nothing was special or stood out.
  13. I like this year's card(s) much more than year's past. I feel like there is something at stake in every match and everything has a chance to be good. First live crowd in over a year should be very motivating to all involved.
  14. I'm forced to watch solo tonight so I'll be on there. It's always entertaining.
  15. I only posted it because it cracks me up. He did have some good matches but I think his worst instincts are so prevalent that I remember only the excess. The guy blew the American Wolves NXT try out by doing too much.
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