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  1. Looking forward to GCW. I think the whole card is interesting. Raver-Colon should be a good death match. Cogar-Ninja Mack is a battle of two of their younger stars. Dickinson-Fatu will be a great wrestling match. They deliver more often than not.
  2. The first time someone told me about drag races I very naively thought they were super into drag racing with like, ya know, cars. They were telling me that there was even an Australian scene and I was thinking, well duh, Mad Max. I'm not very smart...
  3. Impact seems a good spot, has NJPW and AEW connections plus creative freedom.
  4. I thought it was good but not great. It was one of those hour draws that felt like they were working towards the clock running out. Strong opening and ending though. Need to go back and finish the rest of the show at some point.
  5. Don't worry, by time they get to the main roster they'll lose half of their name.
  6. Cubsfan's stream on twitch of Triplemania had massive peak viewership for Omega-Andrade. Nothing else came close. Of course, that gets no money for AAA because of the legal nonsense where they can't stream their shows in the US but I could see why they'd leave it on him. There's still Vikingo and Psycho Clown as big matches.
  7. Violento Jack is just a good wrestler. He makes his matches interesting and not just about smashing glass everywhere. He deserves more respect.
  8. I would rather see Miyamoto-Numazawa by far. Ito has had some decent matches these last few years but he was never exactly fleet of foot. I presume we are getting Ito-Numazawa. Just watch Freedoms. Violento Jack vs Masashi Takeda from the last Freedoms show is one of the best death matches of the year. Must see. It's just a well done match.
  9. Looking at what his last match was, kinda odd one to go out on: https://www.cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=233035 Teaming with Nakamura vs Samoa Joe and Robert Roode 6/29/19 in Japan.
  10. Or vs RSP at Run Rickey Run from last year. Very similar crowd to Gage-Cardona. As for tag team cage matches, I don't know if it was mentioned but the New Day-Usos Hell in a Cell match was really good from I think 2016 or 2017. Zandig/H8 Club vs Joker/Necro Butcher/Toby Klein from COD7 is a crazy match. Also a good Nick Gage match. One of the first hardcore matches I ever saw. No tags but I wanted to mention it.
  11. And I missed it. That's what I get for not going all the way back in the thread.
  12. I'm shocked no one on here was repping RnR Express vs Minnesota Wrecking Crew from Starrcade 86. Great tag cage match. I also liked the Triple X vs AMW cage match from TNA/Impact from 2004. The one with Skipper's crazy cage walk hurricanranna.
  13. I've read it had to do with a big sponsor for BJW wanting to see Miyamoto vs Ryuji Ito, which was announced as the next dm title match. BJW is very beholden to them, it's influenced matches/title reigns before. What's worse is old man Jaki might be getting the next title match while Freedoms just delivered one of the best DM of the year with Violento Jack vs Masashi Takeda while ex-BJW guys like Ueki and Sakuda flourish there.
  14. "Shoot the tubes, dogmeat!" The Black Mirror interactive movie was fun, I can see this being more in vein of old FMV games than that.
  15. I'm guessing the Block finals are either Kenta-Ibushi or Naito-Khan and Cobb-Okada, maybe Evil-Sanada. Guessing it's Ibushi-Okada in the Finals.
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