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  1. Yes and I doubt they would have succeeded if they had tried.
  2. He'll squash Sanada like a bug. I hope Miyahara wins the TC. I could see Aoyagi win it from him with the right build.
  3. Promotion: GCW Men's Wrestler: Violento Jack Women's Wrestler: Rita Yamashita Match: Alex Colon vs Atticus Cogar Tag Team: Briscoe Brothers Show: Fight Club: Gage vs Moxley Promos: Matt Cardona Comeback: CM Punk Moment: Getting to meet Masashi Takeda and Rina Yamashita
  4. Now that they don't number the Manias my lizard brain can't differentiate them past 30. They all blur together.
  5. I shouldn't have read the replies to that tweet. People are awful. I hope that fan got the boot afterwards.
  6. From the article I read about Iwamoto leaving AJPW, it sounds like he feels he has reached his pinnacle in AJPW and is taking time off. He indicated he'd go back to AJPW if he decides to wrestle again.
  7. If you're closing out the show in Japan it's kinda customary at times to speak to the crowd but it's not exactly a promo. Now, charisma I think is more important than promos worldwide. Seeming enthused and acting as if you are invested in what is going on can go a long way.
  8. Most people think wrestling is WWE and trashy. I'd rather not have people think less of me. My own family typically thinks what I watch is stupid. In my experiences it is NOT something to advertise.
  9. I don't like telling people I'm a wrestling fan, all they know is WWE. I'm happier not being ridiculed for my hobbies. None of my friends like it and the only person I know who actually watches it is my dad who only likes WWE and does not like anything else.
  10. I usually don't tell people I'm a wrestling fan unless I've known them a while. Otherwise you just get ridiculed.
  11. Muto sucks, I'm sure he'll continue to crush everyone with his figure four that probably hurts him just as much at this point.
  12. I haven't watched since SummerSlam and I feel vindicated after the egg fiasco and that they once again don't understand how anniversaries work.
  13. I thought the egg thing was some Goobly Gooker joke I missed. There was an actual golden egg? Why?
  14. Sugiura asked to not wrestle Goto again so naturally Goto requested Sugiura on social media.
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