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  1. Went to two shows in Michigan back to back yesterday, RPW and ICW: No Holds Barred did a double header on IWTV. I am definitely still recovering from some mild heat exhaustion, two shows in the middle of a field, I felt the burning sun. Krule, aka Mads Krugger of MLW, made an awesome entrance through a corn field to wrestle The Carver of Cutters Alley, billed as Michael Myers vs Leatherface. Felt like an ultraviolent IWA Japan revival. They did a fun spot where both were down, did the Undertaker sit up at the same time and stared each other down. Real life horror film!
  2. He's very young but already regularly putting on great matches. I could see him really break out in the next couple of years.
  3. I'm excited for the end of the month as I have tickets to 3 shows in 1 week. Until year, I suppose somewhat ironic with covid stuff affecting crowds, I had only gone to a smattering of shows over the first 18 years of my life as a wrestling fan. The first GCW show I went to, their Detroit debut, really kickstarted a love of live shows. I rewatched the replay the next day (my wife: are you really watching the show you were just at?) and have been to at least a show a month since then. I am a big fan of deathmatches and it was awesome meeting Joel Bateman, Big F'N Joe, Rina Yamashita and Masashi Takeda in the past 8 months. I saw a crazy deathmatch Royal Rumble in May! I'm not one for big crowds so I'm not going to AEW's Detroit debut but a lot of indies are running in Michigan that week. So I will see Horror Slam, RPW and ICW No Holds Barred. Very cool for me.
  4. I hope Omos gets in the MITB match. Is Babatunde still Aziz? Throw him in too and bring back the Big Show's huge ladder everyone did spots off of.
  5. Wrestling sucks, it's all about Medieval Armor Fights now
  6. Tournament of Survival 7 from GCW yesterday was good. The semi finals were both the highlights of the night. My thoughts on the winner:
  7. I was hoping it would be like the woman behind the dumpster from Mulholland Drive.
  8. Dad Angle in the Shield and Braun tossed into a garbage truck, great stuff. I still wish I could glimpse the reality with Pumpkin Balor vs Sister Abigail. Anyone ever ask Bray what that was supposed to look like?
  9. Monty Brown should have beat Jarrett at Final Resolution 2005. He never had any momentum after that loss.
  10. TNA has it's moments but it is remembered correctly. Near-constant failures at booking and promoting. By this point, in ring alone doesn't cut it. Always hiring WWE Rejects, WCW burnouts, AJ Styles always the "future" of the company, and just wasting opportunities that to this day despite a name change and being the most well run they have been Impact cannot lose the spectre of TNA.
  11. Does JR still overly praise people for football or other sports/athletic backgrounds?
  12. That was what I took away from it. Ibushi was being pressured to return early from injury and it was the straw that broke the camel's back. Wild, I hope after all he has put himself through physically that he can rest and heal.
  13. That's the disappointing part of Noah. Okada couldn't even get a spot in the N-1 last year. Keep wanting Okada, Yano or Inamura to take that next step. Poor booking since their Budokan show with Muto vs Go last year. Reading the translated comments about Nakajima vs Fujita on YouTube the actual fans didn't seem displeased by Fujita winning. I saw a few saying Nakajima needs to bulk up (?). There's always a seesaw effect when trying to please Japanese fans and western fans.
  14. So is the booker Kendo Kashin now?
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