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  1. quackhell

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Seeing Cole, Graves and Cena's slavish pro Saudi Arabia comments on Last Week Tonight was bizarre. Knowing the WWE they will jump all over it and brag about getting mainstream coverage instead of viewing it as any kind of condemnation.
  2. quackhell


    Just finished Progress Hello Wembley. Great show(maybe outside of that TLC match) with a fantastic main event. Walter/Bate really tore the house down. Highly recommended if you can catch it.
  3. quackhell


    I felt bad for Matthews as she was wrestling with her gear as much as she was with Nox. I wonder if Yim or an agent realized that the chop-the-post spot had gotten so much attention on commentary that it wouldn't make sense not to make it a story. Regardless it made for good limb based story-telling and instilled more psychology than some of the other matches in the tournament. Li looked good again, if still a bit rough around the edges, and I look forward to her further development. Purazzo feels like she has breakout match potential but hasn't quite got there yet. Shirai/Zeuxis was another good showcase for Io(that moonsault though...) and for sure a better look at Zeuxis. I feel like more and more that Meiko to this is like Ibushi in the Cruiserweight Classic. Clearly the best and may take a bit of steam out of the tournament when they fall.
  4. I would have killed for that three way dance for the NXT Championship. Nikki is the best.
  5. quackhell

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    Not sure about my Johnny Kickpads moveset, but he for sure would have worked NWA Wildside.
  6. quackhell

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    This reminded me of Moore and Chad Collyer engaging in a Best of Seven series in the HWA. That was a staggering display of perfectly serviceable and utterly uncompelling matches.
  7. quackhell

    [NXT] OCT 3, 2018 TV (Spoilers - Taped 9/20)

    Nikki needs to make an appearance on that Purge TV show or her own WWE horror movie. She is a terrifying ball of crazy and it is fantastic. Enjoyed Evans/LeRae. I think Evans is coming along fine and really dug the finish of LeRae getting fired up and losing her cool(which plays into Gargano's story as well) and getting KO'd. Evans really put over being in a fight after getting pummeled in the corner with the disheveled hair and smeared lipstick. Speaking of fights the EC3/Sullivan match was quite the slaughter. I agree that EC3 has a better chance as a heel and on the main roster. He tried to bring it here, but fired up righteous babyface just doesn't seem to be his natural wheelhouse. Lars continues to look pretty great and bumps and sells well for a monster. Forgotten Sons with a solid squash. I want to see them throw down with Lorcan/Burch aka "Justa Coupla Blokes" so they can just beat the crap out of each other. Gargano/Nese was fine and it was fun to watch Nese do his thing in front of a more appreciative crowd, but I agree that it was a bit more of a GYSI showcase than a furthering of Gargano's story.
  8. quackhell


    I really hope they book Meiko's loss to Storm(ugh) or whomever well because it should take three run-ins, belt shots, powder, brass knucks, hot coffee, stun gun, and pulling the tights with feet on the ropes to realistically beat her.
  9. quackhell


    While the mini-Triple H look is all right for Dean, I would much rather have gotten Cotton Candy Angsty Ambrose instead.
  10. quackhell

    Worst. Rusev Day. Ever. - SDL - 9/18/2018

    I hope Almas doesn't get put in the position of "guy who has great matches but jobs a lot" that Cesaro seemed locked into for awhile. He has so much potential and with Vega the promo/language barrier shouldn't really be there. Basically I just want to see him in 20 plus minute matches near the top of PPVs regularly.
  11. quackhell


    Yeah if they are going to do a chop the ring post spot Kay should probably then focus on the hand on offense and Kim should sell it harder. They tried to make it a story on commentary but it just wasn't there in the ring. That said both that match and Jinny/Storm really benefited from matching up women with history with each other and produced two really good matches. Jinny threw herself back with that German viciously. Good stuff. Kaitlyn vs Devi was a little rough and made more awkward by Cole gushing about Kaitlyn like a smitten schoolboy. Karen Q/Xia Li was fun and Li showed a lot of improvement and really brought some fire. Q is a great smug heel and that dynamic worked well.
  12. quackhell


    The Jimmy Havoc/Will Ospreay 2 out of 3 falls No DQ match from Chapter 75 was quite the spectacle for those who like that sort of thing. A bit too much for sure, but I like when a match plays so heavenly into history to tell a story.
  13. quackhell

    [NXT] September 12, 2018 TV Show

    Noted. I think Ohno being the indy darling litmus test is a solid role for him to take as a player/coach type to help newcomers adapt to the style. The Riddle program should be a lot of fun.