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  1. Mance Warner's awesome Maniac inspired t-shirt design.
  2. Yeah even for Halloween that is quite the trio to show up in the ER.
  3. Excited and more than a little nervous about this development. In the moment though it was great to see.
  4. While I will always be sad that Kyona didn't come back to Stardom I am excited to see where her career goes. SEAdLINNNG would be a fine first step for that journey.
  5. Watched Stardom Osaka Dream Cinderella and it was a helluva show. Standouts were the Wonder, World and Artist title matches. Phenomenal stuff. I also absolutely loved seeing Hazuki back in a Stardom ring. Chigusa Nagayo getting emotional following her match with Koguma just added to that feeling.
  6. I hate to see Kyona leave Stardom as she was one of my favorites and I was really looking forward to her return. I hope she is able to continue her career and be healthy and happy. The Sumrie news isn't too surprising as it just seemed like more than the injury was keeping her away.
  7. Damn I wish she could have come back to Stardom.
  8. Stardom's 5Star Grand Prix also continues into this month and promises to provide some of the best matches in wrestling at the moment. Enjoy indeed.
  9. The lack of masks takes away from the messaging in my opinion.
  10. Would it be out of line to maybe expect a spoiler tag on stuff like this that JUST happened?
  11. I was very worried about injuries gping into the Stardom 5Star Grand Prix and now Momo is going to miss three upcoming shows. Hate to see it, but hopefully it isn't too serious and she can come back strong.
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