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  1. The pieces are starting to come together. Interesting.
  2. Excellent. I have grown very fond of shows that can come to a satisfying conclusion and not drag out and limp to a finish just doing the same thing over and over forever('m looking at you every program on CBS). Not that Saul was ever going to do that, but it befalls plenty of good shows.
  3. Well Bad Boys for Life is easily the least of the three, but I am in the tank for these things as a guilty pleasure so I still had fun with it.
  4. You ain't seen Bad Boys 2?!
  5. Indeed. I would say don't watch trailers, or read reviews. Just go in cold and experience it.
  6. Not sure if this is the best place for this, but I just watched One Cut of The Dead and it is so amazing. A Japanese Zombie Horror Comedy that is so innovative and incredibly well put together and pays off again and again. Made for 25,000 and earned back it's money a thousand times over and rightfully so. I can not recommend it enough.
  7. I made it about...2 minutes in. Yeah I think my Kevin Smith goodwill and nostalgia for the View Askewiverse is well in my past.
  8. Man when Hana was bowing to Kagetsu and started bawling...yeah it got me pretty good. This retirement road has been rough.
  9. While still bummed that Kagetsu is going it was a ton of fun seeing here and AZM tag together. Also love seeing Leyla Hirsch in Stardom.
  10. While Great Muta was my first experience seeing a Japanese worker it was Liger who opened the door to Puroresu for me in the 90s when I saw him in WCW and soon after I started actively seeking out New Japan tapes. This was a gateway to a whole world of amazing wrestling and of course following Liger through his astounding career. I was very privileged to see Liger live in ROH in 2004. It was a mark out moment from the second his theme hit til the end of the match. Legend honestly doesn't seem like big enough a word for a man who inspired generations of wrestlers and influenced so many. In the end all I can say is Arigato...Thank You Liger.
  11. Extremely happy with the Naito win and also thought post match was terrible and sucked the joy out of the moment in the wrong way. I skipped Jericho/Tana as I have zero use for Jericho and am kind of dreading any AEW involvement, but it is what it is.
  12. Caught up with a lot of Stardom the last few days and the Hazuki and Kagetsu retirements blindsided me. If it is legit for health reasons and a desire to take new opportunities that's great, but these conflicting reports make the whole thing seem fishy. If this is how Bushiroad is operating it sucks big time. Kagetsu was my favorite wrestler in the company and Oedo Tai my favorite unit and now it's been gutted. Stardom just won't be the same.
  13. Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory Episode 12 opens with a David Starr/Leyla Hirsch match that is worth seeking out. It's rough in spots, but it kind of works to put over it being a struggle. Having Eddie Kingston on commentary is an added bonus.
  14. Maybe it's just because Arn is my all time favorite wrestler, but I have always loved the TV title belt.
  15. I laughed and eye rolled my way through this whole mess of a movie. I am glad some people enjoyed it and found it to be a satisfying conclusion and I am especially glad I don't hold any emotional investment in Star Wars anymore as that died with the original trilogy. My ideal ending however would have been: "Rey....(in the emporer's voice Palpatine!!" then she fries the old lady with force lightning. Credits. What a twist!!
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