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  1. quackhell

    [NXT] July 11, 2018 TV Show

    That match gets 5 stars and DIY vs Revival 2/3 only gets 4.75? I really don't know about that Meltz.
  2. quackhell


    Solid episode with good action that advanced stories well, however the end segment was the highlight and why LU stands out from any other promotion/show. Look forward to seeing where this goes.
  3. quackhell

    [NXT] July 11, 2018 TV Show

    My only issue is that right before the stretch that led to the finish Bate got in to break up Strong's Kondo Clutch. Why wouldn't he break up the submissions by O'Reilly? I mean I get the throw back to faces not interfering or only having a limited number of saves and it sold the story, but it is so inconsistent to any other tag match filled with partner saves including this match. The dueling chants were insufferable and seemingly only broken up so the fans could do their clever 2 sweet bit.
  4. quackhell


    It was like the perfect storm of styles coming together. Everything just worked and the crowd was into it the whole way. Love love love that match.
  5. quackhell


    Hopefully it's better than the San Francisco show.
  6. We probably don't deserve to live in a world with Rusev as WWE champion. Just imagining the celebration and the chants of Rusev Day at Extreme Rules and then on Smackdown Live(!)...yeah it would just be too good. Can't possibly reward the fans with anything like that.
  7. quackhell

    EVOLVE Thread

    Just watched Walter/Darby and damn I loved that match. Walter is just this slab of unrelenting pain and Allen is a wild scrawny street dog fighting for the last scrap of food in the dumpster. Tremendous body part work and selling, hard hitting shots, Darby with his innovative offense and willingness to get beaten to a pulp. Great stuff.
  8. quackhell


    This one wouldn't last long as Cornette would try and shoot on Kenny. "Exposing the business you blow up doll and little girl wrestling mother fucker!!" Tennis Racket vs One Winged Angel!
  9. quackhell

    RAW Is Dr. Diminishing Returns - 7/2/2018

    Ah man I was hoping the thread title would be "What About Bob(by Lashley)?"
  10. quackhell


    My bad. I tend to tune Striker and Vampiro out so I missed that.
  11. quackhell

    [NXT] June 27, 2018 TV Show

    Six man was great and I like the idea of a Ricochet/Cole program but is there any title that means less than the North American? Universal maybe? Gargano is absolutely going to cost Ciampa the title and then hopefully we get a fitting blowoff and then separate these guys til the main roster. Reeves is still very meh. It's a generic gimmick done blandly. Kind of surprised Candace got such a definitive win, but I guess they may be positioning her for a title shot soon.
  12. quackhell


    Episode three still feels a bit like a watered down version of LU, which may be just the norm now, but each week seems to be getting better. A fun exotico spotfest, Cage wreaking havoc, furthering the creepy doll deal with Ricky and the 3 way was a lot of fun. I really liked that Ivelisse just kept going when the prop hammer broke. Made it seem all the more savage rather than a botchamania moment.
  13. I was bemused by Phillips dropping a Smokin' Aces Tremor Brothers quote "can go megaton at the drop of a hat" referencing the Bludgeon Brothers although Sanity may fit that mold better.
  14. quackhell


    Overall I thought the tourney was a bit underwhelming and a step down from last year. Maybe it was because I didn't dig Gibson much. The Six-man was a bunch of fun. Night 2 peaked with the title change and couldn't get back to that level the rest of the night. Storm doesn't do much for me, but she and Bazler had a good match going until the meh finish. The Black/Ricochet vs Dream/EC3 had it's moments, but also seemed clunky at times and that finish just seemed to take forever for EC3 to turn around. He milked it, but not in a good way to me. Finals checked off a lot of the epic boxes, but didn't draw me in. Maybe it's the fact seeing Dunne be the favorite or again that Gibson seems flat to me. Good technically, but a shadow of the Dunne/Bate matches on any emotional connection. Still excited to see how NXT UK develops in the future.
  15. quackhell


    This is giving me flashbacks of these guys being all over the HWA shows back in the day and Sanders run there as booker. Ooof.