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  1. I know in ring wrestling talent isn't the most important thing, especially in TJPW, but Maki Itoh as the POP holder just doesn't feel right to me. Not that I dislike Maki, far from it, but I guess I am more traditional when it comes to who holds the top title in a company.
  2. Breaks my heart as she has easily become a favorite of mine as she has gone from rookie to the powerful Gori-chan and Future champion. Hoping she heals quickly and makes a strong recovery.
  3. I just prefer long reigns for the Red belt and have zero problem with Utami as a strong champion. To me Giulia is still kind of rebuilding herself after losing the White belt and her hair. Guess time will tell. Quibbles with it's card placement aside I thought the DDM battle for the Goddess belts was excellent. Lot of aggression for an inter unit match and everyone really brought it. Stars vs OT was a lot of fun with constant chaotic action and the fallout will be interesting to see. Mayu just keeps facing set back after set back. Saya Iida looked like she might have injured her kn
  4. Really enjoyed the show. Was shocked by Bea's announcement and hate that she is leaving. I don't watch WWE or AEW so she will effectively just disappear into wresting limbo for me. It will be interesting to see Yoneyama's Fukigen Death look and mannerisms. I thought Mina and Natsupoi brought the goods in their matches proving they can hang with two of Stardom's best in Momo and Tam. Wasn't a fan of Utami not being the main and if they take the belt off her early, even if it is to someone worthy like Syuri or Giulia, it will be disappointing.
  5. Whew, that could have been soooo much worse.
  6. How have I never seen this before? Love how Arn gives a measure of respect to Magnum before threatening to commit a heinous assault on him.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/Benris84/status/1376837494247976963
  8. Just look at those beautiful belts only to be replaced by THAT one....no sir, I don't like it.
  9. For a all her goofy clumsy babyface ace energy Mayu is not afraid to get real mean with her offense sometimes.
  10. This is great. Always felt like Bennett was a bit underrated.
  11. It's fine Muta turned on Sting right after the picture was taken.
  12. Bryce barely able to keep Eddie from immediately murdering Icarus
  13. The pics that launched a ton of slash fics.
  14. I love how the rest of Donna Del Mondo jumped in when they realized what was happening. They know who the boss is.
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