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  1. There was an awesome character moment when Gus is setting up his Chicken Bomb when he stops for a second to inspect the cleanliness of the fryer basket.
  2. That is the bad thing about a lot these docs. A lot of times the creators will craft a narrative that they control to make it as sensational and entertaining as possible or push an agenda. I enjoyed the bizarre freakshow, but still had to take everything with a big grain of salt.
  3. The stuff with Howard could also maybe be connected to Jimmy still working out his feelings about Chuck.
  4. I don't know if I have ever been more skeeved out by so many different people. I felt bad for all the people exploited but thinking of those poor animals. Yeesh.
  5. It was almost cruel to dangle that moment at the end teasing Kim getting out. I mean we all know she won't and it's going to be an absolute heartbreaker in the end, but then that last line. Ugh brutal. Kim...NOOOOO!
  6. I totally forgot I saw Exotic Joe on Last Week Tonight until they showed that clip for his presidential campaign. This show just has so many levels of bizarre.
  7. Seeing Jay Johnston put a huge smile on my face.
  8. I am only two episodes in but Tiger King is amazing. You couldn't make up characters like this. I keep picturing the late great Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing the utterly creepy cult leader Doc Antle in a film adaptation.
  9. Smith is basically the Insane Clown Posse of film directors now. He has his cult and he is just making what they want. That's cool, I'm just glad I am no longer one of his Juggalos.
  10. Still working, as heavens knows security guards are vital cogs in society, but still binging and finally got around to Inside No. 9. I went in not knowing much and was happily surprised by the dark twisty storytelling. Good stuff.
  11. Bloodshot is super generic with a typical lunkheaded performance by Diesel, some meh cgi, mediocre supporting performances that are one note and Guy Pearce doing sub Iron Man 3 work. So yeah, ymmv but I didn't love it.
  12. PSH in maybe his peak Jack Black form. It's kinda wild how they were both viewed as the same type of character actor before Hoffman just started crushing it in more challenging roles. That's not meant as a shot at Jables either as I love him as well.
  13. Indeed, and I kinda hate Jimmy for encouraging her down the dark path despite his arguments for her to stop fighting against Mesa Verde. He knows exactly the right buttons to push.
  14. Last night had a lot of good moments, but the one that got me was the subversion of the usual meticulous work montage of Mike building a makeshift charger only to have the lady of the house just get him one and leave him nonplussed.
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