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  1. I have to say that while Stardom Midsummer Champions Nagoya was a typically solid show from the company the only must see match for me to recommend is the main event. Tam Nakano infuses so much emotion and passion into her matches and has been on an incredible run. Not sure she gets enough love for an outstanding last couple of years.
  2. I really hope so, would be a great addition.
  3. Stardom Showcase was quite the mixed bag, but I appreciate them trying out new ideas and concepts and overall it was a wild and fun experience.
  4. Really have enjoyed YuuRI in the handful of matches I have seen. Seeing her get emotional hearing cheers and getting streamers for the first time at Ota Ward was so endearing.
  5. While I was disappointed Willow Nightingale missed the opportunity Ryo was a damn fine replacement and they tore it up. The tease leading up to the giant swing was great.
  6. Jungle will also be appearing for West Coast Pro October 8th. Very cool to see her making a US tour. Wasn't sure if she would make a full comeback after her return at the Hana Memorial show.
  7. The show was further enhanced by the crowd being able to cheer. Man what a difference that makes and that audience was pumped. What a great weekend for joshi fans with New Blood 3 as a fun appetizer followed by two damn good shows in Summer Sun Princess and Midsummer Champions.
  8. Really enjoying this years Catch The Wave tournament in Pro Wrestling WAVE. Loving the variety of matches provided by the different blocks(Comical, Hardcore, Future, Strong Arm and Kicking) A standout for me is Kohaku in the Future block. Like her look, in ring style and energy.
  9. Momo has no chill for Syuri's nonsense.
  10. I appreciate the analysis and advice. I do tend to watch for development and story and not necessarily fixate on a champion or ace, but it just struck me as a topic of conversation considering the level of talent that has left the company.
  11. I am fairly new to Ice Ribbon and was just curious on the boards thoughts about who on the roster steps up to try and fill the big void left by Fujimoto and Haruka? Seems like there is plenty of young potential, but does Ice Ribbon push from within or rely on freelancers on top until the talent is ready?
  12. New Blood 3 Press Conference.
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