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  1. Well it's good to know the NXT goofy name generator still works. Joaquin Wilde...oof.
  2. Women's episode was the best one thus far imo. Fascinating history of the fighting Cholitas and their and Mia Yim's inspiring stories. Great stuff.
  3. The Deathmatch episode was interesting even if I have left the deathmatch phase of my wrestling fandom behind quite a long time ago. I thought it did a decent job asking the question of why anyone would watch or participate in deathmatches and getting to know some of the motivations. Those shots of Jun Kasai's scarred up body though...yeesh.
  4. So well done and that goes for the video and this epic story these two have told over time. I am a complete sucker for this kind of thing. I also enjoyed Zack Gibson taking the piss out of OTT's videos when he, Sha Samuals and Charlie Sterling proceeded to tag in and out doing nothing but chinlocks. "Go on Ryan put this in the pouring rain with some music behind it!"
  5. quackhell

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    I am probably going to be okay if Naito and Ibushi never wrestle each other again. Great match but good lord I cringed on so many spots.
  6. quackhell

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    How can anyone take him seriously? Yeesh. Mox being in the G1 sucks a great deal, but my disappointment is tempered by Shingo in the G1. THAT will be awesome.
  7. I mean around here it's pretty much people saying "just needs a Brazzers logo"
  8. quackhell

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    The thought of even the smallest possibility of Jericho winning fills me with dread.
  9. Absolutely. It's a valuable skill to have, but it sadly hinders your advancement. I am hoping the post match promo might be leading to a heelish Anti-American run that can get Juice a bit closer to the top. The goofy flamboyant fun guy isn't ever going to make it out of the midcard despite some kingsize performances and carry jobs.
  10. Really enjoyed the Stardom episode and in particular Mayu's story. I thought addressed the idol thing well and while I know it's a cultural thing I still cannot help feeling a little creeped out by the vast majority of the guys in the Stardom crowds.
  11. Sign me up if it is a Kana level mauling. Yes please.
  12. ...we really should have held onto CJ Parker.
  13. Good lord Juice absolutely killed himself getting the Mox over. I hope it was worth it. White/Tanahashi was yet another good illustration of just how much Jay has improved and made the Switchblade persona work since that first match against the Ace. Fantastic stuff and really liked the finish. Ospreay winning surprised me quite a bit as Shingo was just a beast and on such a huge roll. The match was NJPW epic overkill, but I prefer that to NXT's version and I like both of these guys much much more than Cole and Gargano.
  14. Yoshi Hashi actually getting a pin in a multi-man and then challenging for ZSJ's RevPro title...oh no...it will all end in tears YH just like it always does.
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