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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TjEFdHTKI4g Sorry, can't seem to embed from my cellphone. Paul Robinson vs Cara Noir from Riptide's Pride of Brighton.
  2. Finally getting around checking out the SCI and I just had to pimp the 1st round match between Daniel Makabe and Tony Deppen. They just killed it.
  3. Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory Season 2 Ep 2 features a main event of Eddie Kingston vs Timothy Thatcher. Haven't watched it yet, but c'mon, that is going to be the goods for sure.
  4. Completely agree on Hirsch. She has been wrestling all over and has a lot of potential. She gets more polish and refines her style a bit she could be lights out.
  5. So glad he is staying in it and I hope that it pays off financially and creatively for him. Been a fan since the Wild Cards days he is legit one of the best in the biz right now.
  6. "Are you going to bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bite?"
  7. Oliver wins hands down if he opens his mouth to cut a promo.
  8. I know this wasn't the cringiest moment in wrestling ever, but man it sure felt like it at the time.
  9. Would I watch a WWE Films all female reboot of Reservoir Dogs? Sadly I think I would.
  10. Indeed. Wrestling is full of guys who are athletic and can do a lot of cool stuff, but then none of it is cool anymore. Pick and choose and know the roster and what they do and the situation and the story you are telling in the ring. Only one guy gets to do springboard, handspring, slingshot, rolling cutters. Only one guy gets to do the Canadian Destroyer(or zero guys...fuck that thing is played out) etc. A little more interest in psychology and pacing and less in getting a movez pop from the crowd would go a long way. Old man shouting at clouds over here.
  11. I think the commentary team needs a color guy with personality. I mean you basically have three straight play by play guys. I guess they sprinkled in a little bit of "humor", but it just didn't completely work for me. I understand the nostalgia thing, but JR has needed to ride off into the sunset for a long long time. Tony is fine and I think Excalibur has his moments, but there is a missing element in there.
  12. Skipped the main, but overall I found the show uninspired. It just felt too much like the WWE or Impact from a presentation standpoint and lacked much in the way of innovation. So outside of cherry picking matches i'll be skipping it the same as I do Smackdown/RAW. Thankfully the indies and international companies more than take up the slack for awesome wrestling.
  13. It is a bit amazing how many fans romanticize and love kayfabe despite that very fact, myself included for quite some time. I'll take the current generation who seem to treat the fans with more respect than that old carnie philosophy.
  14. Arn is my all time favorite wrestler, but even he can't get me to listen to anything involving Conrad Thompson ever again. I just can't do it.
  15. Kind of a dick move by his brother, but I am all about Kingston sticking around. Sign/Book this man!
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