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  1. [NXT] DEC 6 2017 TV SHOW

    The 2 sweet thing is beyond annoying. It is the crowd having a gimmick. You cannot be engaged in a match when you are just waiting to get your catchphrase in. At least "this is awesome" grew out of fans wanting to show actual appreciation before it grew into a lame trope.
  2. [NXT] DEC 6 2017 TV SHOW

    Gargano/Ohno was good stuff, but Ohno really needs to back off the thigh slaps on EVERY strike. C'mon man. Riot/Deville was okay, but that finish was meh. If Riot had been choked out with the rope assisting the triangle it would have been cool. Seven/Dain kinda fell flat for me and the finish almost seemed botched like Trent was supposed to get his foot on the ropes maybe? Looks like lots of fun stuff in the weeks ahead.

    Ah c'mon just look at how happy Santa B. Badd is. Terrifying and nightmare fuel producing happy true, but happy nonetheless.

    Absolutely. A lot of old school guys fall into this category, but Cornette is the tops no doubt. Also he talks about money constantly. Look, I get it, it was your profession and kayfabe was the best way to convince the marks to spend money, but can't he talk about the actual storytelling art of the business without talking the money side? He just comes off as a jilted carnie con man pissed that everyone figured out his rigged game. Side note, Brian Last is insufferably annoying.

    Dolph Ziggler eating a spinebuster from Arn Anderson at Starrcade is the most entertaining thing he has done in a long long long time.
  6. Survivor Series XXX

    As my eyes glazed over during the later portions of the main I fantasized about William Regal leading an NXT assault on the remaining people in the ring and laying out everyone to show which brand is truly the best.

    Yep that was a "is that who I think it is?" rewind and pause moment for sure. Really enjoyed the show. Owens is always a good subject for these kind of things. That moment with a disappointed Vince at gorilla was so uncomfortably awkward.
  8. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Dain looking up at a weasely scarred to death Cole cowering on top of the cage and yelling "I'm going to kill him!" before the coast to coast into the trashcan on O'Reilly was great. Dain was a blast that entire match.
  9. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Do any of us deserve a Black Velvet team to become a reality? Probably not, but let's hope it happens. Mauro's misses for sure outwiegh his hits. He needs to stop trying so hard. That's why Graves is so good. Even if he is pushing the narrative he comes off as natural and not over the top like Cole. I know that isn't totally Cole's fault with the crazy old man screaming in his ear, but still.
  10. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    They have to turn Dream face. I mean the crowd already has so just go full bore with it. Build off Black showing him respect at the end. You don't even need for him to change his act much except for having him go after a heel. Enjoyed everything about that match. Ohno/Sullivan was exactly what it needed to be. Lars is a find. That unique look and he just keeps improving. Women's 4 way was a bit disjointed and it indeed sucks they didn't use both rings. Ember really should have beat Asuka. Her being champion and having Asuka hand her the belt makes it seem like such a lame consolation prize. Drew/Almas took some time to get going and grab the crowd, but had some really great moments. Sucks that Drew got injured, but Almas has been busting his ass and deserves a run. Vega is fantastic in her role. War Games...let's just not call it that okay? Too many changes. Now for a WWE garbage match it was fun. Everyone, especially Sanity, really busted ass and they had a ton of crazy spots. Finish was disappointing and kinda made the end of the show feel flat. Really looking forward to Gargano/Dunne.
  11. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    No roof robs me of the image I had in my head of a feral Nikki Cross climbing up and trying to find a way in the cage to get in on the carnage. Add me to the hating the pinfalls stip and hoping they book a classic War Games finish.
  12. [NXT] NOV 8 2017 TV SHOW

    Cool I hadn't seen that. I knew he wasn't thrilled about Starrcade being used and figured this would get a similar reaction.
  13. [NXT] NOV 8 2017 TV SHOW

    Man that War Games hype video was fantastic, although it did feel a little "See Cody, your brother says Dusty would want us to do this". I am trying not to get too hyped because I know it can't match the classic matches, but I really hope it's good. Roddy/Cole was quality and the big schmoz at the end was fun. I hope Heavy Machinery doesn't shift to the comedy stuff too hard. The worm I can do without, but at least he crushed him with an elbow instead of the whiff punch/chop Scotty did.
  14. RIC FLAIR 30 FOR 30

    Really well done doc and I can only echo the sentiment of how truly sad it is to see the damage done by his choices and lifestyle. I mean what he has done to himself is what it is. You play hard, you pay hard. However what he put his wives and kids through is awful and I still don't get the sense that he fully realizes it somehow. So yeah seeing Ric now just makes me sad, but it can't take away from what he did give to the sport. Were his sacrifices worth it to create those moments for the fans? I can't imagine, but really that is true of most everyone who gets in the ring. It's just the nature of this crazy business. It ultimately takes more than it gives for most. Also it was bizarre seeing Taker just being regular joe Mark Calaway sitting his couch talking about the business.
  15. [NXT] Oct 25 Show

    A few tweeks to his Blackheart gimmick and it could work. What a fun packed show. Burch/Lorcan are probably locked into the position of making guys look good, but they are still fun to watch. Plus Tino and Moss are so hateable and do have more upside main roster wise. Battle royal was another great showcase for Belair and the four way should be outstanding at Takeover. Strong/Almas was excellent and that Vega rana was so well timed and surprising. She has elevated Almas so much and it is good to see his talent being utilized to it's potential.