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  1. [NXT] OCTOBER 18, 2017 TV SHOW

    Real professional of backstage robo-interviewer #16 to just roll out when Vega jwalked on the set. I get going for something a little different and not just having Almas attack Drew as it's such a cliche, but that whole deal came off a bit awkward. 3 way was a fun sprint with a nice story being told with Riot jacking up her ankle on the dive leading into the finishing sequence. Black/Mendoza was more solid building to the Takeover match with Velveteen Dream. Cezar/Ohno was...a match. Main was fine and furthered the idea of Cole being a chicken shit opportunist. Good to see AOP back in the mix.

    No doubt the double rings are a fun visual and just another thing to utilize for all the matches. Just another reason War Games is awesome.
  3. [NXT] October 11, 2017 TV SHOW

    Rush is only 22 and has such potential to be groomed into something special. However being destined to wrestle in the cruiserweight division and part of 205 Live seems like a dire fate. Patrick Clark is really getting locked into his character. If he stays in NXT long enough his face run is going to be super hot. Burch/Sullivan was another chapter in the tough guys beating the hell out of each other saga and I am always cool with that. It will be interesting down the line to see Sullivan versus the next tier of guys like Ohno, Strong or Black. Women's three-way was kind of a mess. Just laid out awkwardly and the Conti interference just made it more clunky. I like Royce though and she should be fun in the four way. I do like the idea of Cole and crew sticking their nose in everyone else's business though and once again harassing Sanity. Almas/Gargano was damn good. They got a lot of stuff in and their chemistry is really solid. Lots of nice counters and callbacks. A small touch of Almas taking the sucide dive with his back as opposed to obviously catching him was nice. Those knees in the corner could not have been fun at all. Happy to see Almas win as I thought a tapout was coming when the t-shirt distraction seemed to fail. Gargano can take the loss and this builds better than some more of the same with the WWE 50/50 booking.
  4. SDL is Kevin's Heaven - 10/10/2017

    Styles does not have a down gear does he? He goes 200 percent at all times. I just hope he doesn't burn himself out. That bump from the apron to the floor looked horrible. Get the World title back on this guy stat, he is the MVP and should be treated like it.
  5. NJPW Destruction Tour 2017

    Yeesh Juice also took that kick back into the guardrail with such force it was startling. Really raised his game and looked great in there hanging with Omega in his style of crazy match. I am sure he won't mind going back to relatively easy six man house show tags for awhile.
  6. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    That was tremendous. Owens is so good. Why are they afraid to put more stuff like this on their main shows? It is a hell of a lot better than the same old 20 minute scripted in ring promo we have seen a million times that Vince/Dunn/writers are seemingly addicted to and have been for years. So much good/great stuff gets shunted off to youtube instead.
  7. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    Usos/New Day perhaps suffered slightly from the guys having too many ideas of spots to do and some didn't quite pan out, but still an amazing match with a great escalation of hatred and intensity. Loved the innovation and viciousness. All four guys just put it all out there. It really should have been the blowoff, but options are limited and these teams are killing it against each other. I wonder if adding an ally to the Usos to allow for some six man encounters would work. A trade for Joe maybe? I want to live in the alternative universe where Rusev got the Jinder push. The sun must shine a bit brighter in that world.

    I find it hilarious that Catrina, the immortal ghost, resorts to busting bottles over Ivelisse's head. Dario was fantastic in his reactions to that nonsense. As always he is the best. Striker with his pleas to stop the match when Ivelisse started to bleed a little rang pretty hollow coming off the gorefest from last week. Trouble with showing stuff out of order I suppose. Fenix tapped a vein...yeesh. I have really dug Melissa Santos performances, though pretty over the top at times, in this feud. Watching her vindictively cutting Marty's hair was a nice payoff to The Moth's months of creeping on her.

    C'mon they don't even do fart and caca all that well.


    I always assumed it was the same finish since Sid hit Pillman with another, much safer powerbomb, after the botched one. Also of note is Sid LOUDLY calling spots in plane view of the in ring cam throughout the match.

    Trips finally gets to do a version of War Games. While it probably can't attain the awesomeness of early versions, 92 being my all time favorite, it should be a ton of fun.
  13. [NXT] SEPTEMBER 27 2017 TV SHOW

    Fair point, badasses was a poor choice of words. Cole has pretty much perfected the cocky heel persona so it should serve him well. Still think a bit of muscle wouldn't hurt.
  14. [NXT] SEPTEMBER 27 2017 TV SHOW

    Oney Lorcan was so great at just throwing his body at the golem that is Lars Sullivan. The crowd seemed psyched for Lorcan and for the Danny Burch save. I doubt they have I high ceiling, but I hope they keep getting opportunities to stiff dudes in NXT for a long time. Good to see Aichner again and he got his stuff in pretty good with Ohno leading the way. The fact they were considering moving Liv Morgan up says a lot about how badly they evaluate talent at times. She just pales in comparison to so many women on the roster and especially with the new talent coming in. She must have someone in her corner(besides horndog Nigel) because otherwise there is zero reason for her to still be under contract. Heavy Machinery are always fun, Dozer especially. Big hosses that can go will never not be entertaining. Yep that main was just sort of there. I don't hate the Undisputed Era, but they aren't setting the world on fire either. Those guys just don't come off as bad asses. Maybe if they had a big heater in the group. If Roddy does the turn I wouldn't really consider him right for that role either. Dijak maybe?

    I never really rated Dolph high as a Shawn Michaels-lite guy, because I never really rated Michaels that high. I know that is blasphemy, but both guys work was all ego driven to me. I prefer guys who work smart and enhance their opponents while working different styles than just being big bumpers and athletic showmen. Probably one of the reasons I also don't care for the Young Bucks.