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  1. The two matches from the between Ilja Dragunov and Cara Noir are well worth checking out. Fantastic stuff.
  2. Hailey was very uncomfortable doing that spot and told Ian she didn't want to do it, but he insisted. The result was...yeah...yeesh.
  3. My all time favorite War Games and one of my favorite eras in WCW. The Dangerous Alliance was so ridiculously stacked with talent.
  4. And I dislike both and don't watch either of them. Which is also fine. This whole taking sides thing is goofy, but pretty much par for the course.
  5. Okay, well this just moved up in my queue of matches to watch.
  6. Seeing that pic of Shamrock makes me want to see him tag up with Thomas Santell.
  7. Watched OTT Defiant 3 and knowing Kanji broke her arm made her match with Emi Sakura this awful waiting game. Then it happens and Sakura still hits a double underhook backbreaker into a cross armbreaker on the broken arm...yeesh. I have stopped being a fan of the show must go on and finishing the match with a serious injury for awhile now. Stop the match and you can figure out booking and whatever else later. I know it's difficult for someone to make that call as it happens during a match, but the health of the worker should always come first imo. That being said it was a good show and worth checking out with standout matches in Isla Dawn/Nina Samuels and Millie Mckenzie/Toni Storm.
  8. Watched OTT 5th Anniversary tonight. While normally they deliver a top to bottom quality show a lot of the undercard was a bit underwhelming for me unfortunately. However the main event with David Starr vs Jordan Devlin for the OTT title is absolutely worth seeing. The build, the atmosphere, the intensity...all off the charts.
  9. Viewing the Fiend era only through pics and posts on this forum has been...interesting. I mean good for Bray after seemingly being dead in the water so many times.
  10. I enjoyed it a lot, but agree that it didn't reach that epic level that it had the potential to on paper or that I had hyped it up in my mind. So many little things to enjoy though and I fucking loved the post match promo. Eddie is the best.
  11. Dammit, seeing this is almost enough to tempt me back to watching again.
  12. Watching the Honor United event in Newport and the card was okay but man the crowd felt small and ice cold. That's rough when generally BritWres fans are some of the loudest and most active in the business.
  13. Just finished that one today and I agree really excellent conversation. The talk of the neutral setting and the norm that so many people, myself included, take for granted without considering how it effects people who don't fit in that at all. I do feel like Dunkerton kind of took over the interview and Holidead faded into the background a bit, but once Dunk gets rolling, he's going to roll.
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