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  1. Saya taking that extra little bump and the dead eye selling may be a little over the top, but I love it all the same. She has been so good since coming back from injury.
  2. Hirota was world class on the show as she also beat Kaori Yoneyama & Saori Anou in a handicap match as well. Seeing her comedic version of the Oedo Tai entrance dance with Yu/Kagetsu was great. Jungle Kyona's return match with Kyoko was so heavy with emotion and a touching tribute to the friend and daughter lost far far too soon.
  3. Nice shot of ASUKA mid flight from the NOMADS show.
  4. Happy Birthday to Gori-chan!
  5. Shame to see someone so young afflicted with Mayuism.
  6. Feel like Janai will try and throw kicks with Miyu...and that will not end well.
  7. Man I miss Kagetsu and goofy stuff like this during Golden Week Produce Shows. I mean we still get moments here and there, but it isn't quite the same.
  8. Great to see Konami back even if it is just for Golden Week.
  9. I always want Waka to be just a little bit off on the dance. It just suits her.
  10. This moment was scary as hell and I was amazed AZM was able to save herself and the spot. The Highspeed match was easily my favorite on the show which overall felt a bit underwhelming to be honest.
  11. Hazuki broken by strong Mayuism
  12. Sendai Girls Dantai Taikou Flash Tournament from 10 27 2011. A great collection of joshi talent from Pro Wrestling Wave, Ice Ribbon, Reina, Stardom, JWP, Diana and, of course Sendai Girls tearing it up.
  13. This tells me that I really need to check out more of Sakura's back catalog.
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