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  1. Just finished the show and totally agree on the QQ vs QQ match. The 10 bell for Hana got me...Jungle too, but her strength was inspiring. I watched with mixed emotions to be sure, but I was glad I did. Despite everything I found I still have a lot of love for Stardom and the art in general even if I kind of hate the bizness.
  2. Planning on watching Stardom's 6/21 return show tonight. Man it is probably going to be tough. I have only been a fan for maybe a year or so, but to see so much change and now this tragedy in that time...it can never be the same.
  3. Was the footage of Schultz as a bounty hunter just a news story or a failed attempt at an early reality show? I would have watched the hell out of that show.
  4. I have a hard time processing the idea that Kim breaks bad completely. Or with her being a presence at all behind the scenes in BB. It is very intriguing with this being a prequel and having to play off the future we already know and the fact that characters like Kim and Lalo ended up being bigger and more impactful than originally planned. In the end I have to trust Gilligan and company to stick the landing.
  5. I have to praise the cinematography of that episode. I mean the show always looks great, but there were so many good shots. A lot of close ups and angles and cool lighting. We are right in bed with Kim and Jimmy as they conspire on their "fake" plan of revenge. We are close enough to Nacho to feel his heart racing when he sits with Lalo as assassin's wait for his move a few feet away. Also that final shot....goddamn I love this show so much.
  6. I tried the first episode and the time jump really took me out of it so I haven't continued. I might try to watch again as I really liked the first season and most of the second.
  7. I recall when I first heard the idea of the spin-off I was very skeptical. I mean I like the character and have been a big fan of Odenkirk for a long time, but still didn't really see it being a viable show and forget about the possibility of being as good as BB. I also assumed the tone would be lighter. Man I am very happy to have been dead wrong on all accounts.
  8. The TENSION...my god the tension. That damn shot of Lalo in the door way and then he is all affable...until he isn't. Damn this show is so fucking good.
  9. I haven't checked it out yet, but Netflix has put up a Tiger King post show interview special hosted by Joel McHale.
  10. Doing a BB rewatch as well and it really makes me appreciate how well executed Better Call Saul is. It just cooks along at a high level with very little fat on the meat. Maybe it's just that I am interested in the entire ensemble and every plot point on BCS or that Gilligan et al just have it down to a science now. Unlike BB when they cut to Marie and her shoplifting plot and I just want to lean on the FF.
  11. There was an awesome character moment when Gus is setting up his Chicken Bomb when he stops for a second to inspect the cleanliness of the fryer basket.
  12. That is the bad thing about a lot these docs. A lot of times the creators will craft a narrative that they control to make it as sensational and entertaining as possible or push an agenda. I enjoyed the bizarre freakshow, but still had to take everything with a big grain of salt.
  13. The stuff with Howard could also maybe be connected to Jimmy still working out his feelings about Chuck.
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