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  1. I was hoping it would be like the woman behind the dumpster from Mulholland Drive.
  2. Dad Angle in the Shield and Braun tossed into a garbage truck, great stuff. I still wish I could glimpse the reality with Pumpkin Balor vs Sister Abigail. Anyone ever ask Bray what that was supposed to look like?
  3. Monty Brown should have beat Jarrett at Final Resolution 2005. He never had any momentum after that loss.
  4. TNA has it's moments but it is remembered correctly. Near-constant failures at booking and promoting. By this point, in ring alone doesn't cut it. Always hiring WWE Rejects, WCW burnouts, AJ Styles always the "future" of the company, and just wasting opportunities that to this day despite a name change and being the most well run they have been Impact cannot lose the spectre of TNA.
  5. Does JR still overly praise people for football or other sports/athletic backgrounds?
  6. That was what I took away from it. Ibushi was being pressured to return early from injury and it was the straw that broke the camel's back. Wild, I hope after all he has put himself through physically that he can rest and heal.
  7. That's the disappointing part of Noah. Okada couldn't even get a spot in the N-1 last year. Keep wanting Okada, Yano or Inamura to take that next step. Poor booking since their Budokan show with Muto vs Go last year. Reading the translated comments about Nakajima vs Fujita on YouTube the actual fans didn't seem displeased by Fujita winning. I saw a few saying Nakajima needs to bulk up (?). There's always a seesaw effect when trying to please Japanese fans and western fans.
  8. So is the booker Kendo Kashin now?
  9. I'm ok with it due to the history Kojima could make by winning it. The politics of it aside, he always shows up when he gets a big match. He had a wild No DQ with Ospreay last year and a great NJ Cup match vs Jeff Cobb, where he truly made me think he just might pull off an upset.
  10. Great final to the Champion Carnival. Go out of your way to see it, the clap only crowd can't help but cheer multiple times. A star is born here with Yuma giving it everything vs last year's winner Jake Lee, who sells his ass off. Best match I've seen all year.
  11. Enjoyed the last day before the finals for what it was. Crowd was very muted. Kuma and Nomura didn't really go beyond 2nd gear but I didn't expect it to. Suwama-Yoshi continue to have good chemistry. Poor Wada was getting it from Suwama and Yuma on this show. Main event accomplished what it needed to, it left me wanting to see a big match between Aoyagi and Miyahara.
  12. What constitutes an "update"? IWTV's app is useless.
  13. It wasn't as good as their match from late last year but still far better than most deathmatches. Freedoms 5/3 show looks excellent. Daisuke Masaoka vs Toru Sugiura for the KFC, Jun Kasai vs Toshiyuki Sakuda, Violento Jack vs Kenji Fukimoto, Shuji Ishikawa vs Tomoya Hirata and more.
  14. Last two days were ok. Nothing really stood out to me as must watch. Kento and Yoshi continue to have good chemistry. The last show before the Finals looks good, I like all three match ups.
  15. I finally caught up on 4/15. Really enjoyed Suwama-Kuma and Ashino-Ishikawa. The other two matches were just there. Really enjoying this year's tournament.
  16. Day 3 was really great, Nomura is killing it in this tournament, if you haven't seen his BJW Strong Title reign from last year, I recommend all his matches. A lot of fat seems trimmed from matches and it's really benefitting everyone. Favorite matches so far are Irie-Ishikawa, Nomura-Aoyagi, Nomura-Suwama, T-Hawk-Ashino, and Lee-Irie.
  17. Day 2's three matches weren't as lively as Day 1. I enjoyed Nomura-Aoyagi most of the three. Felt like the main dragged at points.
  18. I only watched the tournament matches, I thought the show was really good. Every match was worth watching.
  19. IWTV is really good if you like deathmatches or just indies in general. If you are looking to follow certain promotions it probably won't be worth it. They just added a lot of high quality AJW shows. I know IWTV/GCW are or were involved in a lawsuit at one point that seemed to boil down to money and ownership of master tapes.
  20. Unfortunately there isn't any means to watch their backlog. You have to buy them show by show. IWTV has some GCW shows up to late 2020. GCW doesn't have a dedicated streaming service and doesn't have any plans to do so, at least publicly. You'll need to fly the skull and bones to find their back log.
  21. It ended up OK. I don't recall ever seeing Mandy wrestle and I have only seen one Katie Lee Ray match, a war games match. I didn't know most of the people on this and had very low expectations. LA Knight vs Walter seemed like a tv main event. It was ok but I wanted more. Bron-Ziggler was hurt by the weak ending.
  22. I haven't watched NXT in a long time, this was a great show. I'm up to the women's title match, which I don't think will be good... the women's tag titles match seemed to have all the top talent.
  23. Man, the entrances for this match are going to be extravagant. I think all four know how to milk it.
  24. You have to Inception it into his head. "He's (Cody) like this because of your influence, you made him into this. Now you can show it off under your control". Man, now I want a WWE style Inception movie, going into Vince's dreams to like, save Wrestlemania. It'd be like A Serbian Film but with fart jokes.
  25. I'm begging you Go, please win
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