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  1. Poor Mox doesn't get a vacation. Great match, really enjoyed it. Does Dragon need the belt? Nah. But AEW could use MOX as champ for longer. Wheeler with a good promo with MJF. No Jim Ross, again (YAY!). Hysterical FITE TV commentary during the picture in picture. Jericho as ROH Champ is a wild sentence. Hope he holds it long enough to work small ROH shows. Lol. Tag Match was better on PPV, but this match was fun. Billy Gun. Baker Bleeds! Hope Saraya is healthy. MJF in the rafters has NEO GEO Fighting Game Fight before Geese Howard kinda feel, which is rad. But, to many cuts up to him. Shoot the wide angel more. Also, I'm over signs and belts in the crowd. AEW was trying a cool low angle panning shot (traditional camera side) and two idiots with WCW belts kept holding their belts up, and then later a Pokemon sign when they saw that angle on the big screen. Lame.
  2. Main was fun. Almost thought something was wrong with Jericho the way Dragon was rag dolling him at first. It Jericho still brings it. Looking forward to Dragon Mox 2. No JR again and I loved it.
  3. Jericho with the spoiler. No JR. No Shit chants from the crowd about the drama. Fire Mox promo. Garcia and Yuta banger. Dragon and Cowboy banger. Glad Ford is back. Great way to block the Max Rap. Great show!
  4. Just got back from the DPW show in Raleigh, NC. Man. What a great show. Real big crowd. Great energy the whole night. Main Event was Takeshita and Andrew Everett. They had a fantastic match. Takeshita is just a star! Rest of the card was great. Gringo Loco is super good. Dante Martin is Super good. Emi Sakura is so charismatic. The Workhorsemen are super good. Compared to PWX this was better than some of those shows I’ve been too. Anyone here at the show tonight ?
  5. Super great show. seemed like a LOT of Dax talking to the briscoes, ref talking to briscoes towards the end of their match. Didn’t seem to ruin anything though. Garcia v Yuta forever Regal on commentary forever Joe forever
  6. Haven't seen any of their full shows yet, but this is now the closest Indy to me. I'll be going to this next show, should be dope. Super excited to see Takeshita live. NC has been getting some great shows lately. Don't know much about DPW, but it looks like they are booking great talent. A lot of their roster I'm not overly familiar with (outside of the folks who have been in AEW and I THINK PWX), anyone I should check out before going to this show? Dante Martin is on the card as well.
  7. Came to see if that promo was shared yet. So good. Guys proved they don’t need to be just jokes. They can do blood feuds too. Amazing. So glad to see them on the big stage after their chikara run.
  8. Chuck Taylor not being around lately is bothering me a bit. He has value, I hope he gets to day s h i t on TNT someday.
  9. Anyone know if Claudio/Kingston REALLY have heat? Or is that just silly? Well, aside from the weird Switchbalde win, that was the best show in a long long time. Mox bleeds because.... why not? Shibata poses with Orange. Taz was pretty damn golden the entire night. JR complains when the story line for the US Title is being explained. SQUARE RING POSTS! Claudio! What a top to bottom amazing card. Pre show was really good at well.
  10. re: Yuta's size. He was on a PWX show here in NC I went too. Athletic guy, but short of 6 foot and lean and thin. New gear would work for him, but he's got skinny legs. Props to the camera team of this weeks Rampage helping to make me forget that table was there for the ending of Adam and Adam. I totally forgot about it and legit was surprised. Wrrrrreeeeessssstttlllliiiiing
  11. Was also at the show - didn’t think the crowd was any less quiet than the two AEW shows I’ve been to in Charlotte. It was my first time at this building and I hope they come back because there isn’t many bad seats. I had a seat camera side behind the production stuff and could hear the trash talking in the ring, so, super close for a great priced ticket. Some jerk was cat calling during the Shida/Deeb match. He got a great “shut the fuck up” from another fan. Weird moment happened in the crowd during the Punk match. Some random older fella in a purple generic Lucha mask was standing directly in the aisle in front of me (I had the seat closest to the aisle in my row). Homie is just standing there directly in front of me. I’m tallish so I hate standing up at these shows because I know I’m blocking someone so I asked the guy to move. He realizes he is blocking me, apologies and gives me a fist bump. He moves to the side. Now blocking others. Just standing there in the aisle. I hear the guy behind me ask the person he was with if she could see to which she said yes but the person next to them couldn’t. Old Lucha man was closest to me so I asked him again to move. Told him he was blocking people. He said, it’s ok. Don’t worry. I asked him again to move and he replies, “I’m part of the show.” And then ignored me. Went and got security and the guy left. So weird. Speaking of weird. Was the dude with the box on his head on camera? Front row to the right side of the ring? During Rampage some fans my side were yelling at him like it was Kip Sabian but could have sworn it wasn’t? Dark main event was awesome. Luchasauraus was waaaaay over. Just a fun Match. Casual fans near me were confused who was who in the Sammy/Garcia match, didn’t help their gear was similar . Adam Cole is so damn over. Kyle O Reilly does littlE things so so well love him on the outside.
  12. Did Lethal have a “me too” issue also?
  13. Photo and a pre signed autograph of a beyond gorilla photo.
  14. Minoru Suzuki was on the PWX show tonight in NC. Lance Archer v J D Drake was on the show, as well as Robbie Eagles. Killer Kelly was advertised and did a meet and greet but wasn’t cleared to wrestle. Show was fantastic. Kazi ne nari live is amazing. I got a photo with Suzuki. Life is good.
  15. Mike Chioda in all of his interviews since leaving WWE comes across as having fond memories of "the old times." Always talking about how amazing the partying was and all that. Kinda gross. Feels like a lot is missing from the story. Also, never pictured the plane to look like they described it. That is a wild service. Fuck Dreamer.
  16. This isn’t a body shaming post; Did Mandy erase her nose (nose job)?
  17. Cole is such a dick. Everyone knows it, but even seeing him in the ring with Kenny, it was never gonna happen for Cole in the main roster. Great move for him. Can’t wait for Mox to finish his NJPW summer and get back to his comment about all these outsiders showing up and confronting them. eddie needs an immediate rematch.
  18. Also. Thank god this company has wrestlers that have friends who run out to save their buddies. WWE hasn’t done that shit in forever. It’s so simple. The crowd pops and gets over people.
  19. I’m just way too excited for a potentially good Bryan Danielson shirt.
  20. Well that was an incredible show. Tag was insane. Wish Eddie won but was protected. Mox fighting outsiders is amazing. Kazi ne nari was nailed. Orange Cassidy gets fired up. Britt hits Panama Sunrise. Fantastic main and punk looked fantastic too. And double debuts. Amazing. All the stars.
  21. Just got my tickets and meet and greet tickets for Suzuki’s PWX showing. Holy crap!!!!! Lance Archer and Killer Kelly will be there too.
  22. Aside from the AEW stuff, has Corny ever had issues with Punk?
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