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  1. Did Lethal have a “me too” issue also?
  2. Photo and a pre signed autograph of a beyond gorilla photo.
  3. Minoru Suzuki was on the PWX show tonight in NC. Lance Archer v J D Drake was on the show, as well as Robbie Eagles. Killer Kelly was advertised and did a meet and greet but wasn’t cleared to wrestle. Show was fantastic. Kazi ne nari live is amazing. I got a photo with Suzuki. Life is good.
  4. Mike Chioda in all of his interviews since leaving WWE comes across as having fond memories of "the old times." Always talking about how amazing the partying was and all that. Kinda gross. Feels like a lot is missing from the story. Also, never pictured the plane to look like they described it. That is a wild service. Fuck Dreamer.
  5. This isn’t a body shaming post; Did Mandy erase her nose (nose job)?
  6. Cole is such a dick. Everyone knows it, but even seeing him in the ring with Kenny, it was never gonna happen for Cole in the main roster. Great move for him. Can’t wait for Mox to finish his NJPW summer and get back to his comment about all these outsiders showing up and confronting them. eddie needs an immediate rematch.
  7. Also. Thank god this company has wrestlers that have friends who run out to save their buddies. WWE hasn’t done that shit in forever. It’s so simple. The crowd pops and gets over people.
  8. I’m just way too excited for a potentially good Bryan Danielson shirt.
  9. Well that was an incredible show. Tag was insane. Wish Eddie won but was protected. Mox fighting outsiders is amazing. Kazi ne nari was nailed. Orange Cassidy gets fired up. Britt hits Panama Sunrise. Fantastic main and punk looked fantastic too. And double debuts. Amazing. All the stars.
  10. Just got my tickets and meet and greet tickets for Suzuki’s PWX showing. Holy crap!!!!! Lance Archer and Killer Kelly will be there too.
  11. Aside from the AEW stuff, has Corny ever had issues with Punk?
  12. Hah, every time I see Brock Lesnar guy i'm annoyed. How the hell does he get those tickets? Where was Frank the Clown? This was great! We want Dragon!
  13. Same. Maybe it wasn’t dash. The one with hair.
  14. Dash had a good cut on his forearm. Maybe a gash.
  15. Crowd was on fire the whole show (was there). Dark order is over huge. Everyone was super bummed when Page took the fall. Cody got booed. dax was cut pretty good but didn’t seem like it was super serious. They checked every turnbuckle after. main was nuts. Huge MDK chants live. Jericho gave gage a lot and that was wild. What a great show to see live. the floor seats to the right of the hard camera had at least 10-15 more rows added than the last time they were here. I sat there last time and there was a pretty big gap back there. This time it was chairs almost to the wall. oh. Huge pop for tanahashi and then Mox calling bullshit on his challenges
  16. Just parked at the Bojangles Coliseum. People are still wrapped around the building (doors opened at 6:00, it’s 6:13). So many more people lined up compared to the last time they were here. should be fun.
  17. Not a regular watcher of Impact, but aside from "No Way," felt like a fun show. Excited to the Wrestling Multi-verse opening up.
  18. Brought it up briefly in the discord, but the "joker" card is a let down. Rush is talented, but.... meh... Don't know who I expected.
  19. Thought her and Rhio had a great starting match. I also find Deeb to be a very attractive woman. lol. Worth the money. Great show.
  20. I really don’t like JR in AEW. It’s been said but he doesn’t care for the style at all. Hell. He even put over a guy in another company (Orton) as the best in the world. meh. Hope he leaves when his contract is up. They do not need him.
  21. YO! What a good show. Fantastic pro graps. Crash pad spot had ZERO impact, but we are past the Foley bump era. So good.
  22. I have nothing really to add to this conversation... But I would REALLY like if the American Dragon left WWE. I don't watch any WWE, and I miss me some Dragon. I don't know Bryan's heart, but with some of the things he seems to believe in, i've been surprised at his staying with WWE as long as he has. Hope he leave healthy, stay healthy, makes all the money and has a ton of merch on prowrestlingtees.com
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