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  1. Robbie Eagles and El Phantasmo may have just had one of if not my match of the year so far, what a match!
  2. Caught up now from last night's show, some quick thoughts and recommendations for those cherry picking below. I'll put it in spoilers as it is quite long (I don't think I have spoiled anything though). An actual spoiler: And thats it! Apologies for going long. Excited for tonight, main should be a banger.
  3. Finally caught up! Night 3 was mostly fun, Hiromu v Akira was really good! I have seen some Francesco Akira in AJPW and didnt rate him, but he held his own and is starting to win me over. Kanemaru v Austin is worth a look too but yeah, Ishimori/Taguchi wasn't great... Night 4...again B Block feels like they have their working boots on, Lindaman and Titan working like they were in the main, impressive as Lindaman had to be hurting after his brutal war with Irie the night before. Despy/TJP and Yuta/DOUKi were really fun too. Night 5...finally a good Ishimori match! Maybe some new guys to work with sill light a fire in him. Zayne really should be a NJPW regular. Same with Austin, he and Hiromu had a good match too. Been a fun tournament so far, the fresh matches really contributing to it. If I had to pick a top 5 so far in no order: Desperado v Titan, Hiromu v Akira, Ishimori v Zayne, Lindaman v Titan, Eagles v Yuta.
  4. So true, I remember how good his BoSJ in 2018 (?) was against Hiromu, and don't think he's ever come close to that since. In regards to the YOH match, I just don't get YOH...I want to get YOH but I just can't understand why I just can't so for me, a sleepwalking Ishimori against someone I'm so apathetic towards was always going to be a disappointment. Apparently his match with Taguchi was good last night, haven't seen it yet due to the awesome GLEAT show, will catch up on Friday when they have a travel day. I think El Lindaman summed it up pretty well in his NJPW website interview - Block A has more of the big, colourful characters and Block B is the workers block.
  5. Bloody hell, couldn't sleep so I ended up going down this rabbit hole... Seems to be a lot of different takes, from Ibushi having a legitimate issue to it being a parody of a YouTube account to it all being an angle to form some new team/group with KENTA. I have no idea but am leaning towards Ibushi having legitimate issues with some people in upper management, possibly around trying to rush him back around Wrestle Kingdom and then again for the New Japan Cup. Exploitative workplaces...this isn't just a NJPW problem, this is Japan-wide (both in and out of Pro Wrestling) - my fiance is from Japan and refuses to go back (despite how much I try to push us to move there) because her professional life here in Australia is so different, she isn't working 12-14 hour days and having to be on all the time with only 1 week holiday leave. My brother had similar experiences teaching in Kobe. The pressure/exploitation part certainly is not a surprise based on what I've heard from them, so I hope something positive can come from this at least in NJPW. What I can't figure out is the cheater-gun thing...does he have some issue with TAKA/Taichi? Seems odd considering he appeared on their show (which I think is the unapproved appearance based on the messages). This whole thing is a lot and confusing, I think it might need to take a breather, wait and see what happens. EDIT: Ibushi is up and tweeting again, some of his responses to people asking him to return (either to DDT or NJPW) indicate he might be done with wrestling. As a big fan of his, I selfishly hope not but if he isn't in a good place then I really want him to take as much time as he needs even if it means he doesn't come back.
  6. Agree with the above two posts, incredible tournament final! I have been on the outs with AJPW but renewed my sub as Jake had made the final and this may very well be my match of the year so far, or at least in my top 3 that I can't decide the order of and need to watch all 3 back-to-back. I've always been a bit cool on Yuma, but am 100% on board with him as one of the top guys after this. Jake had his best match I think since the Kento January 2020 match which was my previous favourite modern AJPW match until this one. And a big thanks to Control and his match rankings, gives me a good guide to go and watch over the weekend.
  7. So gutted that Japan still isn't letting tourists in, had everything planned to be at this show (planning for the G1 double header in Osaka now). The announced singles title matches + whatever fall out there is from BoSJ (Jr. title match, possible Jr. tags) and Capital Collision with a hot Osaka crowd make me think this could be the first near normal feeling show since the pandemic started (especially if crowds can make noise by then).
  8. I lost my shit for Jay, I didn't realise how much I missed him in Japan. Anderson/Gallows + Juice definitely helps BC not feel so stale, also interested to see what happens down the line with those who weren't in the end BC hang-out. Tanahashi v Ishii was great, a perfect match for clap crowds. Okada v Naito was the best of their series, but still was missing something to take it to the next level (probably crowd noise, it felt like the kind of match that needed dueling chants and crowd interaction).
  9. Really pumped for this tournament, not familiar with Ace Austin but based on DEAN's reaction I'm very interested to see what he can do. Block B looks to be the more interesting block to me with Despy, Robbie, Lindaman, ELP, Yuta, DOUKI. Based on the matches announced on the last show, I'm guessing Despy/ELP will be for the finals spot for Block B. Block A...probably some combo of SHO/YOH and Hiromu/Ishimori to decide the Block A final with those matches on the last night as well (anyone but SHO...).
  10. Same with Strong Hearts v Total Eclipse, two matches I hope pop up somewhere to see.
  11. Ospreay out too due to Covid, replaced by Ishii in US title match
  12. Maybe I'm just super pro-NJPW in that I don't see the negatives that some of you do, but it felt from top to bottom this was a good show! Nothing that is match of the year must see, but just a good night of wrestling that made sense and built to the next point. Fukuoka looks decent, but mostly am actually really excited for Super Juniors in its rightful place. Also happy for the G1 dates, we've got our fingers crossed Japan will open for tourists by then and I'll be at the Osaka shows.
  13. So NOAH is still booking Michael Elgin. The reaction has been...interesting to say the least.
  14. https://www.tokyo-sports.co.jp/prores/njpw/4100060/ If the Great O-Khan has become even more amazing - if my translation is right, he saved a girl from being assaulted by a drunk at a train station. When asked for his name at the train station, his response: "New Japan Pro Wrestling's Great O-Khan, so if you like, look at pro wrestling" (from Google translate so probably off). Also if anyone's been watching the Lion's Roar series (which has been a lot of fun, though I am familiar with some of the guys from the Aus/NZ indy scene), 3 of them have signed 1 year Young Lion contracts
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