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  1. Flip Gordon and El Desperado are out, replaced by Ren Narita and DOUKI (Desperado's death Match persona I think)
  2. Read that apparently Brody King will be working the undercards. No matches announced though
  3. I think it's only because Hontai and Chaos have an alliance. Mikey Nicholls has been in a similar situation.
  4. Strongly disagree about Robbie, I just don't know what's not working in Japan that does work here in Australia. I'm hoping that being in the Super Jrs and getting more time on a long tour to adapt might change things. I think Hiromu will be in. Booking Ryogoku wouldn't make sense otherwise. I'm guessing it will be a surprise Korakuen announcement to pop the crowd.
  5. Not Aussie, he was a British expat that lived here. Moved back in 2004 or 2005 to the UK
  6. As someone that was kinda close to him, running a site on his network...I dunno what to say! Wow, just wow .. While there is a good possibility it is probably the same guy, but I remember him being a huge Manchester United fan, not City. So yeah...I'm still speechless if it is him
  7. Horangi

    New Japan Cup 2019

    Well working NJPW, he wouldn't have to relocate to Japan like he had to with WWE, so he'd work a week or two then go home for a while before the next tour (and even then it's unlikely he'd be in every tour). Seems like a fair choice
  8. Loverboy as well??? I thought that was a work with his Uncle Paul promos. A real sleeper of a signing though, his character work is so great. Love to see who becomes his NXT Miami.
  9. Nagata replaces Elgin in the gauntlet!
  10. Back many years ago (like 10-15 years) I had an unusual dislike for KENTA, but got over it when I got back into puro 4-5 years ago. Can't really think of anyone I loathe these days. I do find Makabe and YOSHI-HASHI really uninteresting though. Don't really watch much outside of New Japan (time constraints) these days however.
  11. Those days were amazing. And to think we nearly banned her when that happened. Pretty sure Scott himself came on and apologised.
  12. Noticed Kanemitsu at ringside tonight doing young lion duties, how long as he been back doing this? Hopefully its a sign he'll be back soon after his 2 year injury lay-off. Really fun show tonight, shocked by some results but the last few tag league matches were a lot of fun.
  13. With my limited exposure to Eagles coming from MCW these past 12 months, I kind of feel he is miscast as an edgy heel, hence the trying too hard. He works so much better as a face, atleast he has at every local show I've been to. I kind of think he'd be a better (or worse depending how you feel about him) teaming with Ospreay given their history if Ospreay had any interest in the Jr tag belts. Still hope he can find his rhythm in Japan though.
  14. It's way too early to tell, but of the young lions, I really like Tsuji. He's already a heavyweight, so hopefully he keeps getting better and doesn't end up like another Hirasawa. Kanemitsu got pretty big at the Fale Dojo too. I think he's back in Japan now, but no idea if he's at the dojo again. New Japan have never announced his retirement, so maybe he is? Ayato Yoshida is obviously an outsider they see something in. Is he training with the young lions now? Thought I heard Kevin Kelly mention something along those lines last night.
  15. Hiromu is the only guy at the moment that when I watch I feel this guy is going to be an absolute star. SANADA comes close, but I always kind of wonder if New Japan hesitates a little with guys they don't develop themselves. EVIL at best feels like a future Ishii, but let's see what he does with the Jericho opportunity. Maybe after excursions, one or two of the current young lion crop will show something. In other news, apparently last night Ospreay cut his match short after a bad neck landing and was rushed into an ambulance. Hope he's okay, was kinda looking forward to him vs Taichi as something fresh.
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