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  1. I think it's not that they suddenly became dumb but that the dumb guy, John Mozeliak, suddenly, about two years ago with everyone who ever stood up to him finally gone, is totally in control for the first time. His coach. His prospects. His signings. His style. His vision. A coaching staff that just takes orders and a press corps that had long ago forgotten what it's like to write about a loser and sees him as his past results (holding the old core together just long enough to keep making the playoffs all decade in a weak division). But two years into Queen Cersei's full reign and here we are. the 1950s cardinals. The 1970s cardinals. now the 2020s cardinals.
  2. Has any other major sort of Super rich mogul type figure like Vince ever had anything like the series of reversals of fortune that Vince has somehow managed to survive/pull off even just in the last like two years, let alone all the ones before that were just "will they go out of business or not"? edit: Wait I am literally asking this on the day Donald Trump is indicted. Never mind. I am just stoned.
  3. Can someone smarter and less old and stoned than me just explain is this the best possible outcome because it keeps WWE as part of a scummy outsider culture with no regulation instead of a subsidiary of a mainstream corporate drone culture or is it the worst possible outcome because, well because it keeps WWE as part of a scummy outsider culture with no regulation instead of a subsidiary of a mainstream corporate drone culture?
  4. I don't know what possesses someone to accost someone else in a public space and start screaming attacks at them based on the physical traits they feel most vulnerable about and not because they did anything to you but because of some science stuff he probably has never really read about and is just a convenient way to get his latent desire for someone to scapegoat and pile on out of his system. I also have a hard time believing that someone who would naturally fall into that as a cool thing to do is also a "good guy" more generally. That kind of menacing desire to ostracize and punch down at people doesn't just come and go in a flash and then disappear. It's a big leap from having thoughts and beliefs that are bigoted and trying to corner someone in public to scream at them because you think it will get a laugh from the boys.
  5. Are you really prepared for a reboot of Sin Cara with The Hurricane as his team-mate and masked Cody Rhodes as the heel? Because that would be day 1.
  6. Jimmy crossed the Kayfabe event horizon a loooooong time ago.
  7. these mfs are like "we synthesized heat and cold" and I'm like "you mean you made lukewarm?" Like I do that everyday with the two little sink thingees.
  8. Don't forget that they list "all the elements of the universe" as "heat" "cold" and "touch." Also u have to subscribe monthly to the chair.
  9. Police Procedurals bend the flow of time in the most horrific way.
  10. It sucks when a relatively obscure pastime or entertainment form gets popular. It's like you can almost hear Capitalism waking up like Smaug and sniffing the air and saying "what's this then?"
  11. There are some teams where stuff like this happening over and over is funny. But the Chargers are just tragic.
  12. I just cut the chord and am not good at it yet and am pretty old so I am watching some asshole on youtube who watches the game and yells what is happening at me. Like I would have in 1915 but different.
  13. Shit dude, that's nothing. When I was 10 I made my dad buy me a copy of Fraggle Rock magazine bc I had a crush on the one hippie, trippy muppet. That he did that for me and did not enroll me in military school is a credit to that late great man.
  14. This I believe was brought up to compare to Goldberg who could not follow the same signals.
  15. Man I don't know from wutherinig whatever but if they made a live actio Heathcliff with him it would fuggin rock.
  17. I think we know that's because they got tired of losing to the bear.
  18. Shit. Be careful everyone. He's not trolling. There is a small but real percentage of the population who would die for Buckaroo Bonzai. And once one of them starts talking about it it's lights out, man.
  19. This is a man who keeps his promises unlike that Buckaroo Bonzai fucker.
  20. I mean it's an emmy. they give Emmies to like the car from KNight Rider and Capt. Stubing. I'm just assuming he'll get like five or six.
  21. Shit I am all about that booth life. This is a disaster.
  22. Followed immediately by the series premier of FORTUNE HUNTER!
  23. Not Even (technically) Dave Anymore: My Life as Bautista - A one man comedic off-Broadway show consisting of monologues by actor/wrestler Dave Bautista. Won 16 Tony awards and the film adaptation won a Grammy and 2 Oscars making Dave Bautista the first wrestling EGOT (tv guide rating ***)
  24. Or a reality show where they have to live and vacation around the world with Cm PUnk and AJ Lee.
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