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  1. Guy who quit doing his Billy Ray Gyrates act at Dudes-A-Poppin' on artistic principal because straight women kept requesting Old Town Road. He's now rebranding as Cowboy Throb Orton.
  2. This stuff? Wouldn't bother me at all. Another year of 90% strikeouts and solo dingers is more than I can take though.
  3. Tony putting in a call to Hillary’s “Epstein guy.” (honestly she could have picked a better code name for him)
  4. A group of women mistook me for Taz the other day at Subway and demanded that I poop for them and describe it in a voice mail. because of the new Metoo laws I had to.
  5. He is infinite butt fumbles level waiting to self-actualize.
  6. Prediction: Buffalo will hold the Texans to under 17 points. Meanwhile they will score 3. Maybe they will get one big hope spot in the 4th quarter that gets thee to 10 before their D collapses of exhaustion.
  7. Damn. I have a signed baseball from him because my uncle caught for him on a barnstorming US Army baseball team in Korea...or during Korea...or something.
  8. Dude... Be careful. The simple fact of your typing that title means that George Hardy will be at your house by tomorrow telling you all about his catch phrase, trying to sell you a signed poster, and probably crashing for at least two weeks.
  9. I will be watching this in 5 second increments I recorded on the Game Boy Camera that is duct taped to my Peloton that I made out of Pinewood derby car parts and hockey tape.
  10. And then for Peloton add in the monthly subscription so you still get to pay what is essentially a gym membership after buying the $2000 machine. I got a foldable stationary bike on amazon for $140 that I plunked in front of the t.v. and it works perfectly fine even though I don't have a picture window with a penthouse view of central park or a floating spiral staircase to the upper section of my cabin overlooking Yosemite. But I do have a t.v. that plays two hour episodes of WCW Nitro and I think the end result is the same. The problem to me with all this boutiqe stuff is that it means that the class of people with too much fucking money to even keep track of what they're buying is too fuckking big. Eat the Rich and burn the calories watching old wrestling!
  11. I'm hearing rumors that they let their trademark on The Blu Brothers lapse. Bad move in my opinion.
  12. All of the bad will and disappointment with WWE right now is only compounded for me by the nightmare that 1) I am lazy 2) I always come to this board the laziest way 3) That is by clicking the "frequently visited sites link" on my Firefox home screen 4) That link leads me here every time http://deathvalleydriver.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7950-raw-is-parejas-increibles-82619/&tab=comments#comment-905699 Thinking of calling AOL customer service about this.
  13. That was the worst opening segment in the history of this show, right?
  14. Compared to Daniel Craig we are all the Elephant man.
  15. It absolutely is. There is a particular reason it hits home with me even today. I was a kid when that movie came out and I think people today underestimate just how much it seemed like the series was on its last legs. It wasn't a guarantee that it would keep going at all and the whole thing seemed like relic from a prior era. Remember in most people's minds there were only two Bonds (no one remembered OHMSS and it was never on cable). So the series was just this thing where it belonged to Connery and then he was replaced by Moore and that was it. There was no "tradition" of a new bond every generation. They had only changed once. And Moore was ooooooold. By the time View to a Kill came out, most of what anyone talked about Bond was jokes about him using a walker to get around. Already by Octopussy the whole thing seemed, at least to me, like a holdover from another generation...practically John Wayne level played out. And I always heard both Nobody Does it Better and We're an All Time High in the past tense...like they were this woman looking at her long time lover as they part ways for the final time and acknowledging that event though their time is over, back in their day no one could touch them. As a kid I always heard the implied lyrics of Nobody does it better to really be "Nobody DID it better" and We're an all time high as "We WERE an all time high" like everyone involved figured this was their last run around the track. And even thought I wasn't a huge Bond fan, it kind of made me sad and it added this note of meaning to both songs. Now, if you weren't my age when that movie hit cable, or you weren't a maudlin little crybaby like me, maybe none of that is really there. But I fucking love that song. I'm with Gourley on that, but he can take a Psych-I'll'Try'Yours for dumping all over Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is Not Enough.
  16. Dana Elcar will always have the advantage because his career stretched through the 80s and he was in everything then and he was a soft cuddly baby man. In fact he had the conjunction triple crown of an ampersand (Hardcastle & McCormick), and "and" (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) and a "to" (Hart to Hart). That is a rare accomplishment. Plus he was hilarious in a Columbo with Donald Pleasance.
  17. Living in the hope that the Sopranos movie is about the them hijacking a truck full of these worth $37 million and then every jumpsuit in New jersey is wearing one.
  18. This is the first time I've ever sprung for something from VS that was just released rather than waiting a year when you can find them for 1/2 off the slipcover price. But they really need to be rewarded for Tammy & the T-Rex and Spookies. This was 100% a "keep doing this!" purchase. Note: Yes, this is me trying to justify dropping $28 for a 2-disc special edition w/ newly commissioned artwork of...Spookies...when I still won't shell out for the Criterion Bergman box.
  19. Quick pro tip. Tell the kids that there just wasn't any money for presents this year and then tell them that some wonderful charity saved the day by donating a bunch of blu rays directly to us. Then sit them down to watch Zombie 4 and remind them that this is a miracle and they need to be grateful or Fat holiday Red man will kill them in their sleep.
  20. I can't stop listening to the audio in that Orton clip. It sounds like "De Niro has fire. De Niro has fire."
  21. I Kind of like the new "scared old lady" Lawler. Every match he's like "Oh, God, don't go up there...I don't know why they do that!" or "I can't watch, she's gonna jump over the ropes isn't she? Oh this is too much!"
  22. None of this matters until this bullshit roster has the guts to face off against either of these:
  23. Please let them say yes on The condition that the match is against Shawn Michaels.
  24. Some of those shows are so obscure I wondered if they were unaired pilots. But some of the later ones were actually shows I remember airing for awhile. Free Spirit was a Corinne Bohrer vehicle so I was 100% on board because she is still my No. 1 80s dreamboat. The funniest thing about it was that Alysson Hannigan was in it, playing a high school freshman in 1988 or whenever. Fast forward literally ten years later and Alysson Hannigan is on Buffy playing a high school sophomore. The Jack Warden one aired for awhile and I think the one about the nurses was on for more than one season. But that track show...what in the living fuck???? And i remember the weird priest show for the same reason I remember a few other very short-lived shows, because it popped up very late in the school year right when it was starting to be spring and I have weirdly distinct memories of a few shows specifically because i was just getting to open the windows and spend a crisp cool spring evening excited for Summer watching shitty late-season replacement shows. It was kind of a special thing ritual for me. I remember The Bronx Zoo for the same reason.
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