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  1. Goddammit that show used to be so good.
  2. This feels like the official end of what is probably my favorite cultural era of any kind in any art: the drvie-in/B-movie era of American cinema from around 1950 to, well I guess, to yesterday. I mean there are still cheap direct to tubi movies today I guess. But I don't think they are an extension of what he represented. With Roger's death, I think it's now a "historic genre."
  3. This industry and country is so sick that we are this far into all of this and even Vince is still in the game. Hell, he could be running CNN by next year.
  4. Literally in 2001 at a party had a guy trying to convince me to buy apple stock the day the Ipod dropped by showing me a goddamned Ipod and I was so impressed with my new "MP3-CD player" that I had bought the week before that I told him he was an idiot and that this was the future. This is it. Man the more I remember these things the more miserable I get. But my SLimX is still working and hooked up and about 7 ipods of various sizes and types are stacked away somewhere...but that's what they call a "Pyrrhic" victory I think.
  5. I stayed out of the stock market after 2008 because “the big meltdown is coming.” Then I finally gave up and got back in, in early Feb 2020…
  6. I was going to celebrate Joey Pants being in the collection but now that I google it I think he's in there two or three times already. ACan anyone name them without looking?
  7. Is there something beyond earned runs? Like "fated runs"
  8. He's gonna be like $80 million short of affording the golden ticket to the rich assholes secret volcano witness protection hideout and then he'll remember Linda's Senate campaign and weep of exhaustion.
  9. "Where is all that money from, Ippei?" "I'M THE ONE WHO KNOCKS, MITSUKI!"
  10. He’s just a single ghost dad trying to connect with his daughter.
  11. Grigor Sargysan sees some dark potential in you, steps.
  12. I don’t think there is a single industry that is still capable of functioning today without becoming a criminal enterprise on some level so we should probably get used to all this. There are no more boundaries.
  13. Gummo should have beaten Titanic for best picture and Elliot SMith should have beaten Celine Dion.
  14. Don't worry he will age quickly. By the third film he'll look 65.
  15. I mean Lebron James's face is all over DraftKings ads. Why shouldn't everybody be gambling. It's obviously an incredibly healthy thing for all of society to be basing our lives around. Kevin Hart wouldn't lie to us about how great gambling is would he? Let me consult with the people at the "Oddsmakers.net presents the Baseball Hall of Fame" in Gamblegobble.com presents Cooperstown, NY and find out. They say it's fine.
  16. I too have this weird Mandela effect memory of seeing a news story using the “motherscratcher” clip from Raising Arizona so,e time in the 2020s. I wonder if it was being referenced for some other reason like he….did something that none of us remember? I guess if he was still working it could be for him getting cast in something and it wasn’t the “news” so much as like twitter. All that stuff blends together now. while I’m typing this I remember that when Trey Wilson died the clip they all played was from Bull Durham not Raising Arizona an I kinda think one news source would have had the vision.
  17. the love, laughter, and approval of a live audience is probably one of the most immediately addictive things in the world. I’ve heard otherwise really smart and level-headed people like comedian Andy Daly have to kind of admit that once it has you there is almost nothing too demeaning to keep you from going back. pursuing fame must be terrible if you get it you spend your life in a never-ending panic over it running out and if you don’t you spend your life feeling like you’ve beeen denied the only thing that matters to you. Emily Dickinson was the sane one it turns out. Do what interests you not what might make you famous
  18. somewhere out there he's saying to all his friends "See, I told you. I'm not healthy. You all thought I was joking! Well who's laughing now!"
  19. Apparently it is very very easy to reconcile. The process is simple. 1) do what we all knew you were going to do anyway 2) every so often say "You know, it's hard to reconcile" 3) cash another check 4) repeat
  20. Alabama supreme court just ruled that all individual parts of any Frankenstein monster are each children with full constitutional rights. In a related story, they also ruled that already living immigrant children are not children but are, in fact, Frankenstein monsters and can be shot on sight.
  21. I remember I think in Beyond the Mat someone mentioned that Vince’s greatest advice to him Was “never let the workers know how much they are worth.” kind of a moral imperative at the boss level now.
  22. I'm jsut glad that there is one "sort of over the air" live channel that still has Dementia 13 in its rotation. that was a WTBS staple going back to before it was a superstation.
  23. The Night Flight Plus Something Weird streaming section has been there awhile but not a huge list of them. Maybe the Dish one is a bigger collection? Nighrt Flight also has a few other sections just for boutique blu ray label titles. Highly recommend.
  24. UFC never should have gotten rid of the Sumo wrestler and the ninja from #1.
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