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  1. Page navigation is still hit or miss on Android/chrome for me.
  2. Hell, Rhonda was at the Oakland show i still need to write about. Also I'm going to aew in Seattle!
  3. Drew mac gave the 9 year old girl in front of me his shirt on the way to the ring. It was awesome. And kofi acknowledged my hoodie. If i knew how to embed i would upload the pic me and my girl took on the ring steps
  4. Full report coming later but man the vip experiences and sitting close to the ring makes for a kick ass show. Watching Drew give a lil girl his t shirt on the way to the ring was awesome.
  5. Going to the WWE show in Oakland today. I'm excited. live wrestling! Yay!
  6. The riddle/brock stuff was when riddle got the first call up coz riddle was talking mad shit and being the guy to retire brock going back to riddle 's ufc days.
  7. This sentence... This sentence right here. Is a prime example of why i fucking love reading your reviews of any length.
  8. Seriously, even though I am sitting this round out, thank you Matt for doing this, along with everything else the regular review crew does on this board
  9. From all accounts, Vince likes good wrestling. Especially old school stuff. I could totally see him retiring to his mansion and having the office send him dvds of match compilations. I could see him spending his days lifting, watching old wrestling, and generally being a recluse for a bit. Then maybe popping up as Mr. McMahon at WM 40 in a pretape.
  10. I was just thinking that disco might be the best non chikara alum at working as their character in all aspects, from promos to in ring.
  11. Also Pandas! Is a great random thing to have on a shirt
  12. I remember reading about WCW not making lwo shirts in Eddie's wwe published book.
  13. I actually saw the one at universal Hollywood. It was under construction but it's right near the Jurassic park and transformers area.
  14. Abado!!! Doo doot doot dooooo. I love me some Cena
  15. I'll be time looped Sting. Hanging out in the rafters and nose bleeds, occasionally dropping down, dropping a gem or two of some random insight, then hitting the scorpion death drop on some fool and vanishing without further explanation.
  16. I love Foley Orton and Foley Edge. I even liked the tag with Edge a lot. Foley Edge was definitely a "moments match" but i genuinely think Foley Orton was legit great. Especially with the alt commentary that was on the foley dvd.
  17. That is the textbook definition of yeet.
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