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  1. Man If TCU gets bounced out of the playoffs by 2 plays that was only a couple inches from TD in OT. I guess we will see what clout the Big 12 has. Which is probably none
  2. Kansas State about to make the Alabama/Ohio State argument irrelevant the way this D is playing
  3. I mean he is a solid coach on the low level of NCAA given his last 2 years. now whether that translate to playing Arizona or UCLA and not Grambling is another issue To me the bigger question is whether Deion really went to Jackson State to elevate HBCU or was it always about him. I mean guess he wasn't SWAC after all
  4. Apparently the rumors of Eric Young going back to the WWE are true because again it wouldn't be TNA/IMPACT without literally killing off a character. That is one thing this company does over the WWE. When someone is leaving they kill them.
  5. The story about how Mr Wrestling 2 "saved" the territory after the plane crash is one of those where you need someone from that area in the mid 70's to really emphasize or kind of pull the bullshit meter on. Yeah I am sure if it was found out that Johnny Valentine and Tim Woods was in the same plane in 1975 that would have really messed with people but I can't imagine that Crockett would have been "dead" because of it. Loved to story about how Baby Doll almost killed Cornette in the famous James Gang angle by starting the truck too early and him getting out of the noose in time. It seems like JR is going to tell the story about how Leroy McQuirk in a drunk rage tried to organize the murder of Bill Watts and how he was there trying to deal with. He has probably told it hundreds of times when he was doing his one man shows many years ago and is a hell of story.
  6. It is going to be interesting and unfortunately upsetting to see the fate of the Iranian players. Never mind that they lost to the US after members of their media tried to punk out players before the game, they have made plenty of statements and protest in support of the women in the country. Those are two things that I am sure the government isn't going to be happy about.
  7. Well that was only about 6 inches away from a tie. I am a couple minutes behind That smell was an entire country almost shitting themselves in disbelief
  8. Talk about a sacrifice. The good thing is that he got the goal desperately needed. The bad news is that our best player (?) will be limping his way for another half
  9. I am guessing it is like the last week of the NFL season where they put all the divisions in one time slot so they might have to play hard all the time. Although in this case, I don't think there is anything England vs Wales could do that would help the US
  10. I always love when they do they try to relive this from the non Gary Hart side and it is always Gordy slams the cage on Kerry and the match was over. Yet there was a good 5 minutes of action after it
  11. The best part for me wasnt a World Class moment which was that clip of the Birds in Memphis which had to be late 70s because I have NEVER seen Gordy with incredible long blond hair Although Gordy running through the front window of service station because they were late on fixing his car and pissing all over the place sounds extremely Terry Gordy
  12. so apparently the Commanders decided to honor Sean Taylor being the 15 year anniversary of his muder with a big ceremony. of an oversized Sean Taylor mannequin. not a statue a mannequin. needless to say people aren't happy
  13. EDIT Or what he said. not sure if USC potentially facing Utah instead of Oregon hurts or helps their chances
  14. not sure I am ready for a world where Michigan scoring over 45 points. But I am ready for Ohio State giving that up much
  15. um is Georgia Tech good or is Georgia just sleep walking through this game
  16. The story of how Jump Around basically became Wisconsin version of Renegade was pretty cool. Although it also makes you old as fuck because Everlast looks like Blue Meanie with Santa hair
  17. To the people complaining about the Hunter Henry call, Jessie James would like to have a word with you
  18. I do like Olsen and admit that Buck and Aikman was grating at times. I guess it is like others mentioned where it doesn't feel like an A team Giants got lucky on that penalty as an INT at that time could have been terrible
  19. watching a FOX game with what feels like the C level announcers just feels weird
  20. Trying to think is this most competitive set of Turkey Day games in a long time? even Detroit is playing decently right now .
  21. wait Ole Miss is in the Jimbo Fisher sweepstakes? First of all get in line because half of the state of West Virginia is begging for him and there will be opening in about 4 days. more importantly expect for his 1st 4 or 5 years at Florida State he has been extremely mid
  22. DIJAK looks like someone backstage said "we want to push a much less lazier version of Luke Gallows"
  23. Any possible sympathy you may have had for the Elite side of this mess with Punk COMPLETELY went out the window tonight. You can't scream LET IT GO then constantly reference it. Also it is clear Punk is coming back to I guess be the gooder guy in this feud of douches because if not then this is most childish shit in many years.
  24. The only way you wouldn't know that he was Reggie is unless you have terrible memory and need to see a doctor. Never mind how it looks and that awful mask, Reggie is such a recognizable looking wrestler. I mean is there anyone that short with that much flippy shit and black thar you could even think NOT Reggie Even if they brought in Lio Rush there is a difference
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