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  1. Regal acted so devious when JR wanted to know what was going on. Like him and Eddie were planning on ways to set someone on fire before the match
  2. When Eddie got tackled by Hager he clearly dropped it and must have rolled under the ring. And bottle was too big to squeeze through and spilled too much for it to matter They do need to figure that middle part because i guess it was too wild between it that people were having hell of a time getting one ring to another. Hager almost killed someone trying to throw them to the other ring
  3. The way they were reacting i thought Matt shoot low blowed him cause he was fucking up the skewers
  4. First thing I thought when seeing him hanging was Jay Briscoe in the Age of the Fall debut. Just a disgusting image. And yes it is clear 2.0 is taking bets who can run the razor the best in these matches. Right now they are even
  5. Wait I saw that this PPV is on New Japan World. Is this like the other US shows where it is only live for Japanese viewers and then available for members days later? By the way if you are calling your team like Jordan and Pippen, isn't that insulting to half of your team
  6. If you miss the old school days of NHL hatred among rivals, the new E60 features that 25th anniversary (or close to that) of the night Darren McCarty got his revenge on Claude Lemieux for his brutal hit last year against Kris Draper. Mostly remembered for the legendary Mike Vernon vs Patrick Roy goalie fight in the middle of the ice when Claude is getting the shit beat out of him. Really showed the impending doom as tension was so thick that Detroit writers were doing WANTED posters to hype it. Meanwhile McCarty and Lemieux are watching the game in Detroit talking about the incident. after watching this, I totally believe that Darren McCarty is involved in ICW promotion and planning on doing a death match against Atticus Cogar.
  7. Well these last 2 weeks have sucked for AEW. But brighter times are ahead of us because according to Fightful Orange Cassidy is getting his old music back Just hope Jane doesn't get hurt too
  8. EDIT: Or just go over the Wrestling Discussion page instead
  9. The only positive that came out of this bullshit in the last 3 hours is that at least people didn't get the satisfaction of seeing millions of women's jaw hit the floor at the same
  10. All those decades of Larry Michael being the house organ for the team only to be exposed as creepy toward interns in a Congressional hearing is the chef kiss though
  11. And on cue one of the questions about is about why the douchebag from Barstool isn't allowed at NFL games. Shocking that for a hearing about the sexual harassments and assault issues with the team someone would ask why does someone with a horrible history of sexual assault and harassment is getting a raw deal
  12. If it is possible to throw someone under the bus while giving them a landing so they won't actually die, I have a feeling Roger Goddell is doing that in the hearings.
  13. I wonder if the reason why Judgement Day is going to Main Event is because of whatever happened to Rhea Ripley. If not then holy shit is that stupid. Finn must really need the money to think that turning heel in order to go to the C show was fine. Also it sucks for Damian Priest who it seems they were trying to put on the next level. Nope off to T-Bar land for you
  14. This week's Uncharted Territory is interesting mostly for how much the crowd despises Alec Price the current SUP Underground champion who the previous day or two just destroyed the belt and now uses the plates like a chain. I have seen a ton of toilet paper throwing in indie wrestling but never during his entrance walking to the ring. and these people were hitting him right in the face too. Jimmy Rave wishes he got this much heat in Ring of Honor. Then the extra touch of Price giving Papa Hales a forearm to the jaw which create a level of rage in Dylan Hales (doing commentary) that he basically begged his opponent to break his neck on spots.
  15. I am little surprised that Good Brothers won given that they admitted that they half ass their work in IMPACT. But they have that Bullet Club connection and that carries a ton of weight if you want people interested in your product these days. Everything about the show seemed great and the nostalgia was a great touch. The Tenay and Don West tribute was awesome to see. AJ and Sting seems legit happy to be involved in it.
  16. Well it took a while but I think we found Natalya's best work in the last 15 years
  17. And I believe a shoot fan run-in. That fan is a huge Faye Jackson fan and when Darius Pillmanized her with a chair he was fuming. I will say that the finish is getting extremely tiring for me. Seems like every face who loses one of these does the 45 minutes of getting killed and then easily quits to protected someone who almost seconds later gets hurt anyway. There has to be an easier way to protect faces in I Quit than this Going back to AIW show, I find it kind of ironic that the "Franchise" of the hardcore wrestling company ECW who never really did anything hardcore except maybe a Memphis like brawl once or twice is now basically stuck to doing death matches to keep wrestling. He isn't awful but it is clear his mobility is next to nothing with age and injuries
  18. If you want to see a brutal chaotic hardcore match then last night's AIW 3 way main event of Joshua Bishop vs Matthew Justice vs Joey Janella is definitely for you. Just 3 guys just beating the hell out of each other with weapons with no care of their body.
  19. Well a number of people think the world title or one of the titles is going to a wrestler without a scent of scandal to his name .. Riddle?
  20. Oh you know this is big deal (or at least kind of a deal) when Meltzer is talking about this on CNN. When was the last time they being CNN talked about wrestling that didn't involve a wrestling dying
  21. I would love for one day to hear someone say something like "Roger Goddell will speak tonight IN CHARACTER" or "Rob Manfried will speak today IN CHARACTER"
  22. Is Ryan Satin going to be interviewing Vince on Smackdown on his knees? Part of me wishing that Vince showed up on RAW just to hear how Corey Graves of all people is going to dance around the issues.
  23. The other main thing is unless they did under dark, Big Johnny is still employed by the company. As of now. So this feels like the business version of "moving the deck chairs on the titanic"
  24. So if the theory that Stephanie was the one leaking the information to the Wall Street Journal, does that make her the true Higher Power
  25. Of all the things I would think of that could finally take down this scourge of TV programming in Kevin Dunn, inside trading is not really on that list.
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