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  1. Survivor Series XXX

    okay I was wrong about comparing the main event to Kalisto's botch. EDIT: Damn should have looked at the previous page on this thread. But yeah Triple H running into the wall was better
  2. Survivor Series XXX

    I thought they did an NXT chant when Balor and Nakamura went at it That main event felt a good deal like this
  3. Survivor Series XXX

    That was a lot like the last PPV in that most of the stuff before the main event was okay to great and the main event was a mess. Very WCW like unfortunately Can we put the New day on the 1st match of every major show because they are so great staring the show. Of course working with teams like the Usos and the Shield help
  4. Survivor Series XXX

    I would hate to think that they are using Strowman to build up Triple H for a match against Kurt Angle. Maybe they realize how crappy that match would be and they are going with Triple H vs Braun which should be much better
  5. 2017 NFL: WEEK ELEVEN

    if Peterman is the starting QB next week for the Bills after that performance then that might be the best sports example of white privilege possible
  6. Survivor Series XXX

    Never thought we would need to do a drinking game with the phrase "Jimminy Crickets" on a WWE show but HBK is helping on that as well. Nigel being an Enzo supporter is really weird
  7. Survivor Series XXX

    So you have Kalisto in the pre show list of matches and you don't put in the first match with only 15% of the building filled up again
  8. 2017 NFL: WEEK ELEVEN

    Well once again the Skins will have to go 5-1 or 6-0 in order to make the playoffs. You know what this means DC people: the annual Joe Theisman "we control our own destiny" radio interviews
  9. 2017 NFL: WEEK ELEVEN

    If you are a Bears fan while drafting Trubinsky that early still looks awful, he might be a serviceable long term QB for you. So much better than Glennon
  10. 2017 NFL: WEEK ELEVEN

    Even with Andy Reid's usual terrible clock management as well. Man the refs must have money on the Browns going winless cause they got screwed on that fumble call
  11. 2017 NFL: WEEK ELEVEN

    What the hell is the Chiefs doing? against the Giants of all teams. Andy Reid usually wait until the playoffs for performances like this
  12. 2017 NFL: WEEK ELEVEN

    Well Cousins is back and the Skins are in comfortable shape against the Saints. Can't see the Saints coming back on this one. God I love being wrong sometimes
  13. 2017 NFL: WEEK ELEVEN

    Or just another giants Interception in the red zone. Although this time it was from a running back But hey at least they have one lead against the Chiefs. Not holding my breath for rest of the game but small steps Can't fucking believe I got rid of Mark Ingram on my fantasy team in week 4.

    Yeah the general rule is that no matter how awful you think the TV buildup is for a Takeover the actual show makes up for it. The perfect example to me is last year Takeover in Orlando. I sold my ticket because I thought the show looked really weak compared to the other show running at same time. Watched it when I came back from the trip and man that was such a good show

    Wait a minute Cody Rhodes and Christopher Daniels are doing flaming table spots? At a house show as well
  16. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 12

    I don't mind the idea of a cupcake game before Thanksgiving games but you couldn't just schedule them against the pre-season worst of the SEC instead
  17. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    After watching his wrestle and then his promos, I am now convinced that he is the 2017 version of Gorilla Monsoon. A monstrous ugly man who could kill you in the ring and then easily explain the situation in the promo
  18. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Lars is really the NXT version of Braun Strowman only with better promo skills which is shocking given he looks like missed a couple stages of human evolution. God I hope Vince wasn't watching Takeover because one look at him and Lars would be on RAW next month
  19. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    For anybody that thinks the main event sucked, what if they didn't call the match War Games? As someone on my twitter mentioned, it was basically a watered down version of a Cage of Death match. Yeah the camera work was awful but the in ring stuff was perfectly fine with me. Well except for whatever the fuck Cole was doing at the top of the cage Since the next Takeover is in Philly and Cole gets the clean pin, I assume Almas vs Cole is the world title match?
  20. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    The roof on the cage wouldn't have been an issue if Adam cole didn't spend 5 minute dry humping the top of the cage. I am going to assume he was scared to death of that height and was just trying to figure out how to get to the corner
  21. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Yeah all these years we thought Vince didn't want War Games because it was a Dusty idea. Maybe he realized that the camera crew would have no fucking idea how to shoot this I mean 80% of this match was in one ring Imagine how awful this match would have been if they decided to keep Sawyer Fulton in Sanity Fuck Alexander Wolfe's head is a mess.
  22. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    So I guess one of the way to compensate for no roof on the cage is this "escape the cage your team forfeits" rule. The concept of escape is unheard of in real War Games
  23. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 12

    He should have maturity. Feel like he has been in college football for 9 years
  24. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 12

    So for some reason the Kansas players in the Oklahoma game decided to not shake hands with Baker Mayfield during the coin toss. Mayfield then proceeds to lose his mind later in the game yelling obscenities at the players and fans and at one point grabbing his dick in full view of the camera. Now why a team with 1 win this year and one of the worst college football programs in the last 20 years is playing this kind of mind game is interesting. But never liked Mayfield as well. This is the same asshole that thought planting a OU flag after the Ohio State game was a good idea
  25. [NXT] NOV 1 2017 TV SHOW

    How many months before Ciampa can come back? I understand why they are having Gargano losing but if Ciampa is going to be gone for another 6 months then this could be a problem. If they could have him in a talking role sort of mentoring a rookie and then having Johnny feud with them a month or so that would be helpful