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  1. After the passing of Colin Powell this morning, this argument on vaccines isn't only going to get louder and louder
  2. In what may be the first new classic content that has appeared on Peacock
  3. Heard a lot really good things about this particular Chris Hero shoot on Highspots. Watched the Molly holly one and that was pretty good too although I feel Hero knew way more about her own career than Molly herself did.
  4. Man I am glad Steelers won. Pretty much had too. But hate seeing Geno Smith being a WVU guy like that. Just can't catch a break
  5. After an incredibly awful first half, Geno Smith is looking much better and now Seattle is back in the game. Helps that they figured out that running the ball might be necessary I have no clue what Metcalf is thinking. Just go out of bounds immediately. It isn't like they needed another 5 yards. but the Seahawks got lucky with a terrible review. Now they have 3 seconds to spike instead of 1
  6. As bad as this looks, this is probably #3 on the shitty things that happened. Like doing the street name ceremony in front of a bunch of port a potties. Or allowing I guess a relative of Patrick Mahomes do a fucking Tik Tok video dancing on top of the 21 logo THAT WAS ROPED OFF. From reading about this more. it is less about Mahomes being a douche bag (although he definitely was) and more about Washington deciding to rope off a VIP section there. The level of professionalism on this team never ceases to amaze me
  7. Nobody went from hero to zero in about 30 seconds faster than Diggs. Still love to have him on my team And Zuerlein kind of redeems himself
  8. The Vikings doing Vikings things giving up a late game lead. Unfortunately they aren't playing the Lions this time But the Panthers are still trying their best to look like the Lions
  9. So apparently going for it on 4th down in bad field position is this weeks version of the missed extra points trend last week. Everyone is making weird 4th down decisions so far. I mean at least it makes sense for the Lions cause they will try anything to win. No idea what the Chargers are thinking.
  10. So your saying Daniel Jones over Geno Smith because Russell Wilson went on IR was a dumb fantasy move huh. Stupid ESPN QB rankings
  11. Justin Fields just loves to throw the ball up in the air for no fucking reason
  12. Yeah Miami probably should have kept Fitzpatrick. He could have still got hurt in week 1 but I don't see Tua being that much better than him Jaguars should win this but it is Jacksonville we are talking about. And going for 4th instead of an easy FG is very Jaguars and it cost them
  13. The story of Medusa basically begging Luna to pin her in Canada for the belt and she wouldn't do it was incredibly fascinating. I wonder if she refused because she didn't think she could handle it or she didn't think that was how the business should be. Also curious how close this was to Medusa throwing the belt in the trash in WCW
  14. For the people on Twitter that are complaining that Bryce Remsburg was trying to stealing the heat from the Danielson vs Suzuki for attention, just admit that you haven't watched a lick of pro wrestling before 1998. I mean if Bryce and Aubrey Edwards are terrible at this then Tommy Young and Earl Hebner would make their head explode in rage
  15. As much as I really hate how blatantly obvious the new eliminator tournament results seem, I am giddy as fuck about seeing Danielson face Dustin Rhodes, Eddie Kingston, and Jon Moxley in a span of a month.
  16. This Caleb Williams from Oklahoma is going to be a problem for a lot of teams based on what we have seen so far. Very impressed
  17. Iowa is in serious trouble to Purdue down 10 in the 4th at home
  18. Not sure anything explains what a mess the Sean Taylor thing is that not even Joe Gibbs is appearing at the ceremony. The head coach during the tragedy can't even make it.
  19. Most people in the area seem to believe that the reason this Sean Taylor ceremony is a rush job because some shit is going down on Sunday and they need a serious distraction Speaking of "Winning off the field", looks like another one could bite the dust. No idea what this "Lincoln rule" joke but it is Bruce Allen so I am pretty sure he doesn't have a clue Also can you imagine how incredibly offensive a Washington Redskins song appealing to Latino fans would be
  20. Well it looks like Terry Bradshaw is the next person to be cancelled as one person's compliment on how Erin Andrews looked in last night's Devin White interview is another person's "old man pervert". I mean at this point we expect Terry to say something crazy at his age. That is kind of his gimmick. Plus Terry was always kind of redneck playboy in his days.
  21. I am kind of confused in trying to figure out if the NXT crowd actually likes the new path of the product or they are just exposing them as phonies and would pop for paint drying as long as it is their paint that is drying by the way you can see Triple H is out of favor with the company because they won't even let him do the "point at the new champion" mark photo anymore
  22. Wayne Gretzky as a player, greatest of all time Wayne Gretzky as a hockey commentator on TNT Still early but Barkley is making him look awful and I am not sure Charles even understands what he is watching
  23. Between Jon Gruden and Adam Schefter, this last week has been the most successful that this team has been in decades. Maybe they should just accidently do everything on this team
  24. Love how people (mostly WWE fan boys) complaining that Danielson vs Suzuki is just some hot shot attempt for attention and has no story behind to care. I mean the story is pretty obvious to me. you have this Japanese legend who is on an American trip looking for the best competition. If Tony is knew that his schedule was going to clear on that day then maybe he could have done something to prepare for it. but even that it would have only been a week build and people will bitch about it still.
  25. FYFP. Sorry but if they can't figure out what to do with Shayna Baszler then I don't see much of a future on the main roster. Not saying she isn't talented as hell. Hell she has a bigger upside on the main roster than Roderick Strong frankly. but there is a limit with that division.
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