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  1. I was wondering if Conti shoot hurt Nyla knee as well on that move on the ropes. Not only was she limping badly the whole match after she was limping badly on the beat down
  2. I do think it was cool to let Kelly Kelly train the "dancers" on their moves.
  3. Seriously did they think we forgot how awful her original heel stuff was. Oh and why is she acting like a heel when Allie is already one
  4. Veda Scott as a commentator for the tag tournament already makes it a thumbs up for me
  5. Oops thought this was August
  6. Unless the Rock is actually doing Vince's bidding, it is going to be something watching Vince fuck over the Rock just like he did to Oliver Luck
  7. Yeah I think I was with most at the end of this like what the fuck the Go-Gos aren't in the HOF? Really good stuff if you are into the 80s or even the punk rock scene
  8. Have no idea what this Talking Shop A Mania show that Luke Galliows and Karl Anderson are running tonight but it has gotten a ton of buzz from not just indie wrestlers but AEW and WWE wrestlers. Seems like it a longer version of Southpaw wresting
  9. Never mind doing 7 inning doubleheader to make up games, if this keeps up for another month they may have to do something like 5 inning tripleheaders.
  10. As if AEW didn't need to be compared to WCW even more, the rumor is that the "moderator" for the Jericho and Orange Cassidy debate is Also on the idea of a feeder system, I just wish they would change it up every now and then. I mean when the WWE did dark matches or squash matches it wasn't really the same people for 6 months straight. Maybe that will change when it isn't empty arena shows.
  11. I would assume that the same futbol fans still looks at trying to kill a sacred tree like "that's it"
  12. Of course Rudy Gobert hits the game winning shots in the first game back
  13. At this rate the next 2 Monday's . Unless they just decide to replace the Marlins with their AAA team for 2 weeks.
  14. The only positives that I see from signing Cardonna is that he will constantly plug AEW on his action figures podcast and how hilarious it will be listening to Meltzer and Alvarez who have spent years telling us how much of a geek he is try to treat him like a superstar
  15. Seriously he looks like Matt Morgan. Good thing that drug policy in AEW is non-existant
  16. I think the main thing I have gathered from sports this week is that if you want some banging chicken wings you need to go to an Atlanta strip club. Seriously they must be put crack in those wings
  17. Well at least one team hasn't forgotten that Astros cheated Apologize for not finding a less douchey version of this on Twitter.
  18. The other thing I wonder is if Tampa Bay is having the same issue and nobody is reporting it? I mean they apparently played games in Florida and their current series is in Atlanta. I guess we will see if the "this is all Atlanta's fault" argument holds any water.
  19. So either the MLB testing is really spotty at best or an argument about how testing every single day is just not that reliable when it comes to testing. I don't know if we can blame them, blame Soto, or just chalk it up to how much of an unknown this virus is
  20. here was the crazy move of the match. And yes this did result in a 2 count which if you have followed the feud it is actually surprising it wasn't a 1 count. It was a really good match as expected Two main things I garnered from this weekend GCW Homecoming shows in Atlantic City: 1. Alex Colon is the best US death match wrestler out there and maybe not even close. He faced two guys who have never done a death match that I believe in AJ Gray on Saturday and Zackary Wentz on Sunday and both were brutal and bloody wars. Wentz really showed people how multi faceted he is and is completely fearless. But Colon a bump machine who has no problem taking a shit look of weapon shots, And even after two really brutal matches he still worked the main event of Sunday's show due to Nick Gage's apparent ankle injury 2. Maybe this is naive talk but I am not sure if there has ever been a better crop of black indie wrestlers right now. Never mind AJ Gray who is a huge star all over the place. You have a complete monster like Calvin Tankman recently signed with MLW, Lee Moriarty have damn good wrestling matches again Wheeler Yuta and Tony Deppen, Tre Lamar really looked good, and Myron Reed has really been on fire in the last year. And plenty of others not on these weekend shows.
  21. So NFL players can now face stiff fines and penalties for "high risk activities" during the virus Like playing football during a pandemic?
  22. I always thought people coming in from Florida had to be quarantined for 15 days in the beginning. Unless they haven't spent any time in Florida training to begin with in the last 2 months
  23. i look forward to Cody defending the IWTV championship as well . Anyway good for Warhorse. This match should RULE ASS
  24. In catching up on NXT for the last months, I really the Cameron Grimes character. I said the character by the way because Grimes/Trevor Lee is a damn good wrestler. I mean does Vince or Bruce or whoever is booking NXT now think that people from North Carolina are completely hicks It is a gimmick with no future what so ever.
  25. Stole this from someone on ESPN (I think Pablo Torres) but Seattle fans should call themselves the Krakheads
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