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  1. Interesting that they would leak that news out so soon.
  2. I’d say this last episode was a 3 season high point for Tyrion. He tried to make the best out of a bad situation and remained loyal to the one family member who has never let him down. The 15 shit decisions he made that got us to this point because D&D couldn’t figure a good way to have Dany in Westeros without immediately steamrolling everyone? Yeah, not great. To be fair, George is obviously struggling with that as well. I had zero problems with the Jaime/Cersei ending. It only rang false because of the speed in which he decided to go back to her after the Brienne stuff (and the very dumb Bronn subplot). Another thing that would have worked much better if those episodes weren’t back to back...
  3. Lakers got so so so damn lucky by the way. They clearly jumped back up to the front of the line for AD.
  4. So you’re saying it’s a done deal?
  5. I predict AD to LA for the 4th pick and any number of those young guys. Knicks trade up a spot to land Ja. Also. Stephen A is the best promo guy in any business.
  6. They could have had it play out in ways that are visible to the viewer, but not to the other main characters. Seems like a thing that could have worked with more time. Regardless. I was fully in camp Dany must turn heel. This episode did a great job of taking something I wanted and making me watch the gruesome actuality of it. Incredible last hour. One of the finest in the shows run in my opinion. Would have meant more under different circumstances, but the episode itself was masterful. With the proper set up... oh what could have been. This last 13 ep rush to the finish line should have been 3 whole seasons at least.
  7. Just watched it. I’ll go back and read the comments here shortly, but my initial thought is this: A breathtaking, cruel, beautiful episode that was built to poorly. They needed a season of Danys decent into madness to match the emotional scope of that last hour. With that being said, boy that episode got me. Jon being helpless to stop the slaughter (even helpless to stop some of the northmen, who let’s face it, have more reason to hate the Lannisters and the people of King’s Landing than anyone). Arya finding the will to live. Jaime and Cersei together. All that got me. If only we had a better road to this moment. Edit: One last thought. She really did break the wheel.
  8. I’d say GS in 6 and and Bucks in 6. Although if Kawhi shuts down Giannis, while also carrying the offense for a bunch of dudes who don’t want to shoot, I’m willing to crown him as the current best in the NBA. Sorry KD.
  9. . Hope the loss gives him the motivation to better, smarter and stronger so he can crush the opposition and troll their lifeless bodies. But seriously though. Despite all the nonsense, a good portion of the league seems to like the guy as shocking as that is. He is a big goof no doubt, but not many people have bad things to say. The fans get way more upset about his theatrics than the players. (I’m sure Andre Drummond would disagree) I wouldn’t consider him a bad sport though. He’s willing to give credit where it’s due. Ex: “We don’t have a rivalry with the Celtics because they always kick our ass.”
  10. Looking back. That was a great moment with Gasol comforting a crying Embiid while the rest of his team celebrated. All class. I know I’ve already gone over this, but good god those + - numbers. He was +10 tonight in a game they lost while playing 45 minutes. Think about that for a second. It’s damn near impossible with how many minutes he played. First time it’s ever happened (reg season or playoffs) since they started tracking + - . The Sixers FO somehow having 4 unplayable backup centers on a team where they could have really used some depth elsewhere. That’s the failure this year. I do think Brett will be the fall guy, but I thought he coached a good series considering everything.
  11. That’s one of the craziest game winners I have ever seen. I don’t think the Sixers got out hustled, all that hard doubling at Kawhi really took Embiid out of position on the glass. Some big time offensive rebounds. What a game for Serge. Great call by Nurse to go big at the end. Although Ibaka made that decision easy with how he was shooting. Just incredible second half shooting from both teams. That shit was wild. Kawhi deserves every ounce of praise. I think they might fire Brett, but I hope the Sixers run it all back and max the guys. This team with a full summer, and hopefully an improved bench, could be special. Give Brett another go. If they are playing the blame game... I have to say having 5 centers on the roster and not a single backup playable in this series is an indictment on the FO. Embiid finished this series +90. Run it back.
  12. It’s funny that this wrestling message board, who generally hates the ace, really really loves the frontrunners in sports. Couldn’t be me.
  13. Great game by Klay and of course Curry was going to show up at the end. CP3 had his best game of the playoffs but it wasn’t enough. Plenty of blame to go around for the Rockets, but their team defensive intensity was well below what is needed in a close out game. Almost like they took their foot off the gas for some reason. Gerald Green making his first 3 might have been the worst thing for the Rockets last night. They sat Harden a little longer than they should have in the 4th. In that stretch Green forced up some real nonsense. Shouts to that one play where the Rockets had a 3 on 1 fast break. PJ should have shot it, but decided to reset the offense. Unfortunately he threw it back to Gerald Green who said nah fuck that.
  14. It’s absolutely ridiculous rhat Embiid’s flagrant wasn’t rescinded last night. He very clearly deserved one for that elbow to Allen. Wouldn’t have even been upset about a flagrant 2 in that situation Since then he has been given flagrant 1s for blocking Allen really hard and *checks notes* making incidental contact with Gasol’s chin while attempting to box him out. Gasol had his arm pinned upwards at the time. Every flagrant point from here on out will result in a game suspension. Considering his role as a rim protector, and the way he is guarded/boxed out, this practically guarantees a missed game if he advances to the next round. Absurd. The way they are calling this stuff disproportionally affects big men. As if the game didn’t already favor guards enough.
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