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  1. Almas will be fine because he is on Smackdown and the 2 top guys on Smackdown are superworkers who are going to want to work with him. How loaded is this roster right now? I fast forwarded so little this week. Whew. AJ and D Bry on top. No Shield guys. Joe! JOE!!!!! They can only fuck that up so much. I'm more hyped about next week than I was for WM. Joe/Bryan for the fist time in WWE!!!!!! I might need to watch that ROH title match from midnight express reunion in preparation.
  2. I want Lesnar/Bryan more than any other match in the world. I know DB wants it. I bet Heyman wants it too. It's nice to see the drop kick holding the ropes over that stupid dive everyone does. This definitly reminds me of late ROH DB where he was just destroying people. Hard to believe we are seein ace DB in a WWE ring, but here we are. It's refreshing to see him without the underdog stuff. They treated the Rusev win like a big upset. Loved the Hardy match this week. Hardy is having a nice run.
  3. Jrag

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    That stretch from Curry in the 3rd was one long highlight and apparently a religious experience for those assholes in the stands. Whew. Amazing game. I can't question the rockets anymore after coming back from that terrible 12 - 0 start and then surviving Curry in Q3. Impressive stuff.
  4. Jrag

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    *cough* Edit: Bonus footage!
  5. Jrag


    1302 Paul Pierce and Baron Davis when asked if Bengay helps more than weed during a season
  6. Jrag

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    Gordon playing well is a big plus. He's had a really rough playoffs. Let's go 7!
  7. Jrag


    Not the most ideal fit, but you would have to live with stunting Simmons growth if it meant Lebron for the last years of his prime. Embiid, Bron, Saric, Simmons is a matchup nightmare. What's crazy about Philly is that they could have the cash to add PG13 as well. Or, hell, maybe the rumors are true and they actually do get Kawhi.
  8. Jrag

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    He really improved in Chicago under Thibs and has been a solid defender (with obvious physical flaws) since. Rotates well, makes the smart play etc... Obviously not a great defender, but he holds his own. His size helps. My main point is the dude is 37 damn years old. He is still shooting incredible percentages AND he is taking more shots in the last few rounds than he normally would. You can stick him on Tatum for small amounts of time and he doesn't get bum-hunted like JJ did last round. He even survived some switches onto Myles Turner in Round 1 (he had a couple big defensive plays in that match-up actually.). Hard to ask for anything more from the guy. In no way whatsoever is he part of the problem for this Cavs team. I'm sure Lebron would take him with him this off-season if he could.
  9. Jrag

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    Lebron for sure has a concussion, right? If any of you had that game recorded, go back and look at the excruciating long pause between free throws directly after he took that shot. Dude was lost.
  10. Jrag

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    Horford is playing with a confidence that I've never seen out of him before. Somehow unstoppable in the post for the 2nd straight series. One of the best players in the league this postseason no doubt. Still wrapping my head around the fact that he guarded and shut down both Embiid and Simmons. It's funny to watch him flex on people. I didn't know cocky Al Horford existed, but sure enough there he is pointing to his biceps. Lmao.
  11. Jrag

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    Umm... Lue didn't play him all that much in the second half. Lue opted to ride JR despite the fact that he had not made a shot. I don't see your point in comparing him to Terry Rozier (who had a terrible first half BTW). Two completely different players in completely different roles. Korver is always in the right place on defense and he's always shooting somewhere close to 45/40/90 (Last night: 50/40/100. 2018 Playoffs 46/44/91). What were you expecting? The dude is doing his part. Hell, he even took 17 shots in game 1 of the Toronto series. That's the most shots he has taken in a game since he was a member of the SIXERS! If you can't appreciate what Kyle Korver is doing out there I don't know what to tell you. Bron surely appreciates it.
  12. Jrag

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    Korver is playing some of the best ball of his career. He was on fire in Game 2. Lebron has very little help, but it definitely isn't Korver's fault. Those trades turned out to be terrible in the long run. The moment is clearly too much for Nance, Clarkson and Hood. As funny as it is to say, the Cavs could really use D Wade (and even D Rose) right now. This is the best possible scenario for those of us who want Lebron to take his talents to a team who could actually beat GS. He might miss the Finals AND he didn't lose to Philly AND it looks like Houston isn't good enough to beat GS. With the way everything is playing out, he will catch very little grief if he joined either one of those teams this off season.
  13. Jrag

    2018 NBA Playoffs: QUARTERFINALS

    Brett Brown has had a tough series. It took him til game 3 to cut out all that JJ and Belly guarding Tatum nonsense. Hard to believe he didn't call a timeout when that huge lead was evaporating in game 2. I wish they would run more pick-and-rolls with Simmons. He scored on one in Game 3 and I think it was the only time I remember seeing a Simmons/Embiid pick and roll. Glad they played well tonight and good on TJ earning those minutes. I'll give Brown credit on that one. Good adjustment starting him tonight. He played way better against Rozier than I expected and it was nice seeing Simmons off the ball for stretches. Simmons makes some REALLY dumb plays. He threw a full court pass up 10 with 4 minutes left tonight and I thought Brett Brown's head was going to explode.
  14. Jrag

    2018 NBA Playoffs: OCTOFINALS

  15. Jrag

    Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

    Loved the promo and that no speak English bit worked great, but my first thought was god I hope they don't make him say that every week. So yeah. Im 100% with ya. I'm here for heel Nak and I liked that line as a one off thing, but I'm afraid of their track record. In ring Nak is doing dastardly heel stuff, but that promo was clearly going for cool heel. I doubt anyone involved with that promo expected booes. They really might have something special with this heel Nak run. Just please don't screw it up!