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  1. Jrag


    The T Wolves made a great trade for Jimmy.... and then inexplicably max'd Wiggins early. What a terrible, terrible contract. It's untradeable . It was clearJimmy was leaving at that exact moment. I could see Jimmy joining Kyrie with the Knicks. Would love to see the Lakers make a run at him as well.
  2. Jrag


    Also, and I know no one gives a shit about this right now, but um........
  3. Jrag


    It's sort of poetic, really. Cousins clearly believes the NBA is out to get him (refs, coaches.... whoever), so why not get them first? KD seemed genuinely hurt and somehow even surprised by the backlash he got from going to GS. It almost felt like he didn't even realize what he was doing to the league. This, on the other hand, looks like a man who knows exactly what he is doing to the league.
  4. Jrag


    I hate that it happened, but I'm happy for Boogie. Dude was going to give a long term discount if he signed with someone long term this year. Why not get rehab and get a ring? He could've gotten 10 mil more and still had a one year contract from someone else, but health wise this is a way better situation. He doesn't have to step right in and carry a team and he doesn't have to rush back. Remind everyone who you are in the playoffs and get a proper deal. The season is over, but I can't wait to watch.
  5. Jrag

    SDL is Counting to Jū - 6/19/2018

    The gauntlet was amazing, but Bryan does need to chill a bit. Like, why be so defiant about it all? Why take some of those bumps on a random ass Smackdown? I did notice he hasn't hit the headbutt yet, but I don't understand the reason to even use it as a reversal spot. And there is absolutely no reason to lean in so much. That Big E spear looked scarier than it normally does because Bryan decided it was a great time to lean in. Still, the man is the GOAT. Loved the finish to the Joe match.
  6. Jrag


    Congrats man. I'm completely sold on Doncic. He has that Harden-like ability to dance around a pick and find the weakness. All that step back and misdirection stuff is going to translate without a doubt. The concerns about his athleticism, while warranted, I think are overblown in the grand scheme of things. Let's see what he looks like with a summer's worth of rest and an NBA strength and conditioning program. It really is worth noting how many games he has played in such a short span of time. The rest alone should help him out considerably. Also, when it comes to the trade.. You guys somehow gave up less for Luka Doncic than the Suns gave up for Mikal Bridges. Still hate throwing away first round picks, but top 5 protected in what is projecting to be a weak draft class isn't the worst thing. I assume the Mavs go after Boogie or DJ this summer, in which case the pick wont be all that high anyway. I really want to see Doncic, DSJ, Barnes and one of those bigs. Interesting team all the sudden. That Suns trade is baffling to me. If you're looking to win down the line, why on earth would you trade away a future Heat first rounder unprotected in what could turn out to be the first draft year without the one and done rule? Seriously. The Heat are going to be BAD for at least a few years. That could be a top 4 pick in a draft that has two years worth of top prospects.
  7. Jrag

    The 2018 NBA Finals: Cleveland vs Golden State

    They should start selling the Lebron Sixers jerseys right now. JR. Ughh... I still can't get over the fact that we are getting Clarkson, Nance and Hill instead of Wade, IT, D Rose and Crowder. All three of Crowder, Rose and Wade played well for stretches this postseason. Lebron could really use em. Jordan Clarkson is the worst player on the floor by a wide margin. What an indictment of Rodney Hood that the Cavs let Clarkson take 9 shots in 17 minutes. Clarkson shoots every damn time he touches the ball lmao
  8. Jrag


    Aiming too low my friend. I believe we are less than a week away from David Griffin as the Sixers GM.
  9. Jrag


    If all the burner accounts are his wife it's better for him, but at the same time it would confirm some of the beliefs. Which... Basically he has to continue to deny for two reasons: Lawsuits stemming from disclosing that medical information and, most importantly, he doesn't view Embiid as the franchise. That should be an auto firing right there. Porzingis over Embiid? Get the fuck outta here with that. Hell even if he denies to the bitter end, no way Embiid let's this all slide.
  10. Jrag


    Ok. The Twitter detectives have convinced me that at least one of the burner accounts (Eric Jr.) is Colangelo's wife. The Eric Jr account appeared to be active during a Colangelo press conference, has that English as a second language feel AND follows two women who just so happened to nominate Bryan's wife for an award. Last two digits of her phone number? Yep... 91!
  11. Jrag


    You can really get lost in the Twitter rabbit hole on this one. Is Hinkie the source? Is Hinkie operating these burner accounts and pretending to be Collangelo as some sort of elaborate coup? Also, it has been confirmed that Bryan was in Beijing, but it turns out Gabby Union was not. The plot thickens. Edit: Is Danny Ainge Janos? Did the Celtics already know about these twitter accounts when they fleeced Philly? Is Danny Ainge the source and did he leak the info to keep Lebron away from Philly?!?! So many questions.
  12. Jrag


    NBA Twitter is in Deandre Jordan Hostage Crisis mode right now. So amazing.
  13. Jrag


    YOOOOO. The NBA is wild. Amazing. Bye bye, Bryan.
  14. So hype!!!! Sort of hate that they are blowing this match on a one week build, but at least they gave it a 1 week build. On the other hand, Joe vs The Dragon!!!!!! Wooooooo! Can't wait. Joe will hopefully win so we can keep Bryan out of that ladder match.
  15. Almas will be fine because he is on Smackdown and the 2 top guys on Smackdown are superworkers who are going to want to work with him. How loaded is this roster right now? I fast forwarded so little this week. Whew. AJ and D Bry on top. No Shield guys. Joe! JOE!!!!! They can only fuck that up so much. I'm more hyped about next week than I was for WM. Joe/Bryan for the fist time in WWE!!!!!! I might need to watch that ROH title match from midnight express reunion in preparation.