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  1. Quoting myself because damn this is still blowing my mind. The writing on this show takes the idea of a prequel to a new level. Major plot points are being born out of damn throwaway lines from seven years ago.. What I'm referencing for the lazy who wont click. Saul (pleading for his life thinking Walt and Jesee are cartel): "It wasn't me, it was Ignacio. He's the one!" Also. Hank has a throwaway line from a similar point in the series about Tuco stabbing a Mexican national in 2003. Which, I'm pretty sure that was referenced last night which puts the BCS timeline in 2003. Five years before BB season 1.
  2. Nacho is going to get involved with Jimmy again.... and Jimmy is somehow going to play a role in Hector's stroke. I know that sounds weird, but reddit convinced me.... watch the first few seconds of this BB scene.
  3. Michael McKean deserves an Emmy. This season has really picked up the pace and is producing classic after classic. Just like BB did in season 3. My 5 season theory for this show is right on track! Chuck is going to off himself at some point.
  4. Indeed
  5. Let's.... Go.... Bulls?
  6. Clinton, man. The arrogance of that campaign. Bernie overcoming a 20 point polling deficit in Michigan should have been the clearest warning sign that she needed to pay attention to the rust belt. All of this centrist, "electability", lets play defense nonsense suppressed the vote. Enough of it. If Trump proved anything it's that the days of conventional campaign politics are over. It's time to swing hard left. Let's go for it.
  7. But yeah.... ALL THE WAY!!!!!
  8. This is the direction they are going in, but I sort of wish they went Arrieta Lester Hendricks Lackey Arrieta Lester Hendricks. I understand wanting Lester out there for game one, but If the series goes long having Arrieta in the lineup twice and Lester pitching only DH games seems like a solid move.
  9. The opening few seconds was better than the entire SS match.
  10. TV

    "They say that, but no one has seen the body since the funeral." Legit fucking lost it at that point.
  11. Rollins/Jericho was the best match on the show. So many fresh matchups for this Rollins face run. Should be fun.
  12. Here is the exact moment. God damn it hurts to even look at this.
  13. Miz knew he was about to deliver the KO shot with the "why don't you quit" line.... dude started stumbling over himself to get to it ha. How am I the coward when you could wrestle anywhere else in the world if you wanted to is such a brutal, honest insult. Like, that wouldn't be insulting to most people, but it might be the harshest thing you could ever say to DB. WWE is seemingly trying to keep him busy at the moment, but Bryan quitting and wrestling somewhere else is still a solid bet in my mind.
  14. I really didn't expect to bad mouth Cesaro when I clicked on this thread, but hey I have an opening! Comparing Owens to Cesaro is the oddest thing. They are pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum. The personality gulf between the two is huge. Owens walks and talks like a main eventer. His eventual run at the top seems inevitable. Cesaro is about as far as he can go without a legit character