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  1. The Bucks just got blown out by the Cavs with Giannis sitting out so I’d say that argument goes both ways. I find it funny that we are all talking MVP now, but not a single one of us will give a shit by the time they actually announce it. Or did they move it back up? What a horrible idea to award it after the finals..
  2. I had Harden as my vote for most of the year, but I expect Giannis will win. That 12-5 stretch with everyone out literally saved the Rockets season though so I have no problem with either winning. Clear top two. PG was getting a lot of love as the third vote getter, but the Thunder are trending down. I would probably have Embiid as my #3 at this point. His impact is somehow underrated nationally and I’d say he has an outside shot at DPOY.
  3. There is no universe in which Marcus Smart is a face. Cool heel maybe.
  4. Not intentionally, but the context fits.
  5. Yeah. Ja showed off all the tools today. Even hit his 3s which is just about his only weakness offensively. That combination of athleticism, handle, vision is just filthy filthy. He can finish and drive with both hands. As soon as I realized how aggressively they were double teaming him I knew Murray was going to pull away. Morant is way too good of a passer for all that. You really need to live with him driving 1 on 1 and hope your rim protector is having a good day ha.
  6. Ja Morant is the tourney’s problem now! I think he just sealed a top 3 pick with his OVC tournament performances. I’d personally be shocked if he went any lower than 2
  7. I still wouldn't want to play Boston in a playoff series. I really hope Indy flips playoff position with the Sixers. An Indy/Boston 1st round matchup could lead us to second round series of Celtics/Bucks and Sixers/Raptors. That is going to be an amazing stretch of games. The East is talented. No clue who I think will win at this point, but whoever comes out of the conference will have a better shot against GS than anyone in the West..
  8. PG in slow motion: https://streamable.com/c7pb0
  9. Can you point me to the specific episode?
  10. Best promo of Bryan's career maybe. The Vince stuff was so great.
  11. With the Rockets playing a 3rd string SF at Center they will need to score around 140 a night lmao. It's just a matter of time before Harden passes Kobe's 81, right?
  12. Also I very much enjoyed this if only for the inevitable Bill Simmons freak out: https://twitter.com/bleacherreport/status/1085001067690115079?s=21
  13. Not taking fit into account how would you all redraft this class of rookies? At this point I would go: 1. Luka 2. Ayton 3. Knox 4. Jaren 5. Trae My main takeaway from watching the Knicks this year is that Kevin Knox offensive upside is off the charts. Someone on twitter said "just wait til Kevin Knox figures out how his arms and legs work" and I couldn't agree more haha. Dude is obviously still growing but his combo of 3pt shooting/slashing/floater is legit.
  14. Mavs might simultaneously make a trade that puts them in the playoffs and also sell low on DSJ. Not sure what Phoenix would have to offer, but Aaron Gordon would be a major get from Orlando. I absolutely think they need to trade him because the fit isn't great with Luka, but not sure if I would rush it unless you get an AG type return.
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