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  1. Welp. I picked a hell of a time to go to my first AEW show. Most fun I've ever had in a wrestling crowd. The crowd was so rabid, man. I think even the 2nd multiple german suplex spot got a standing ovation lol. Entire show really delivered, but I can not express how perfect Ospreay/OC felt in the arena. Crowd bit on everything they were doing. Some GREAT near falls. Both these guys rule so much. Particularly loved the playing possum sequence that didn't really work. OC baits him into a high risk moonsault, but it doesn't really matter because Ospreay is such an athletic freak. In the end of that sequence OC gets the knees up anyways, but he has to fight to get there. It's that last bit that makes the character work.
  2. Kyrie feeding off the crowd yesterday was a Reggie in NY type of moment. Say what you will about how we got here, but the dude has FRESH legs and looks unstoppable despite the fasting. What a great game that was. Boston has been amazing this year, but I'm not sure they can beat the Nets 4 times without Robert Williams. KD started the game like 1-9 and we all know that's not happening again this series. Bulls fought hard and will most likely get swept, but it was nice to see the fight. Caruso defending every Buck including Giannis in the 2nd half was an incredible stretch. I will never understand what these coaches are saving their challenges for. Billy almost gave me a heart attack when he refused to challenge that clear over the back call they got wrong late. That would have been Giannis 6th in a better timeline. Great start to the playoffs and some really fun series ahead. Predicting them one game in: Suns in 4 Bucks in 4 Heat in 5 Griz in 7 Nets in 7 Sixers in 6 Warriors in 6 Jazz in 5 if Luka doesn't play
  3. oh yeah I’m 1000% with whoever suggested Billy Gunn/Danielson 1 on 1. Although someone might get knocked unconscious. 2022 Billy Gunn is somehow the best hoss they have? I don’t get it either but it’s true!
  4. Thought it was the best of the 3 myself! That ending is an all timer and elevates it past the other 2. Really thought this was the best Cole has looked in AEW. I’m back and forth on Cole. Not as down on him as some, but see the limitations. Man sure can take a bump though….
  5. Punk having one of the best in ring runs of his career right now. Amazing. Easily the best he has ever wrestled as a face. Can’t wait for Punk/Hangman. It’s going to be electric.
  6. Oh yeah a couple more things. LOVED the pop for Eddie. He is one of the most over guys they have no matter the building, feud, city. I also love how much JR loves Eddie. JR has been so much better since his return. Good for him. 4 Pillars Ranked: 1. MJF 2. Darby 3. Sammy . . 4. the other guy
  7. They are on a hell of a run. Just a month straight of great top to bottom shows. Punk promo was great, but the Mox “until I bleed with them first” line was my line of the night. Moxley has an electricity about him since coming back. Feels like he is about to hit another level. I want a Danielson, Mox, Moriarty, Garcia group soooooo bad. Sorry 2.0 I like Cole more on the mic than I do in the ring. Think he is the right kind of sleazy and I popped for the Tony bit. Count me as on board with this Page/Cole feud. Miro as Page’s next challenger after this please. The roster is just so insanely deep right now.
  8. Such a joy to watch Ja go viral every night. As a Bulls fans that went to Murray State it's been a hell of a year so far all around. Ja has that kids in his jerseys at every away game type of star potential. Good chance he starts the All Star game this year along side Curry. He is quite the culture builder as well; that team is about as together as a team can get. To hop into a conversation from earlier, I would take 3 current players higher than Dream on the all time list. The two Fowler mentioned and... we don't talk about Kevin Durant's place in basketball history enough. No sign of slowing down there.
  9. The Bunny is the best thing about the women’s division. She been carrying these green faces for months. Give that psycho some wins! I really love how the mid card talent is presented in AEW. You lose nothing by going toe to toe with someone higher up the card, because there is a clear hierarchy. Bowens has looked great in his singles matches with Darby and Danielson. They way they operate also leads to a certain tension when two wrestlers perceived to be at the same level have a match. I’m thinking MJF/Darby.
  10. I do think Hobbs has been overshadowed since the Dante storyline started. He got the win over Dante before the story really formed and that was that. Now he is going to be overshadowed by HOOK in the short term at least. Starks, I don’t know what’s going on there. He is a good promo, but terrible at commentary yet they do put him in that role quite often to keep him on TV. I know folks had been talking about a neck injury that would explain his lack of ring time, but he does wrestle every now and again. If he is healthy, I do think they should consider ending Team Taz. Keep Taz with his kid and let Hobbs and Starks do their own thing in the tag division for a bit.
  11. Tony doing what dumb billionaires do on Twitter doesn’t surprise me. He made a minor story into a major one. I don’t think the lack of diversity criticism really rings true, but there is obviously room to get better as the company gets bigger. Switching gears here I did find the structure comments interesting. Not many out there wishing there were MORE writers. I get the point she was trying to make, but I do generally enjoy the sink or swim approach to promo cutting in AEW. Seems to be a pretty great way to separate yourself if you have the talent.
  12. Didn’t need the no sell. HOOK didn’t need it either. Loved the title change. Sammy wasn’t going anywhere with the belt. At least this will be interesting. Another very fun Rampage overall. I continue to love the 1-hour format. They fit so much in an hour.
  13. I like that Hangman had to throw a haymaker to get any power behind it. Fit the moment for me and added to the story they were telling Thought Page sold the body shots well too, but I do wish he had sold the leg a bit early on. Incredible stuff. Hard to get into the rest of the show after that. Still find it hard to believe that the best pro wrestler who has ever lived is being allowed to tell in-ring stories however he wants on national tv. Just an incredible time to be one of those wrestling fans who spent way too much on ROH dvds in 2004.
  14. Jeremy Strong really may be the best actor going right now. The intensity of his performance tonight. Whew. Incredible show. Incredible finale. Maybe the best episode in the shows entire run.
  15. Taz marking out and making sure to get all the move names in. Love to see it. Amazing debut!
  16. Hey guys. This NBA season has been awesome so far. Embiid just put away the Hornets down the stretch again with a sweet face up move that lead to a dunk. The play before that he drained a late shot clock three after the rest of the Sixers failed to make an entry pass for 18 seconds. Incredible time to be a Bulls fan. They were sort of forced into playing the Billy Donovan bread and butter 3 guard lineups with the Pat Williams injury, but based on the roster construction it seems like it was the plan all along. I like it even more when they put DeRozan at the 4. That only works because Lonzo and Caruso cause havoc on the defensive end. Still think they are a 2nd big man away from having a real chance in the playoffs. Can't imagine a team this size beating the Bucks in a series. Russ clapping in Freedom's face the other night was fun. Loving the rule changes so far, but can't wait for them to do away with the in transition take foul. Curry down to +140 on DK to win MVP already. Seems too early for THAT, but it's his if he stays healthy.
  17. Garcia/Kingston was so fucking good. Eddie on a hell of a run. Garcia/Danielson plz
  18. Great show all around. Opening segment was my jam. I bet that was super fun for MJF. AEW does a great job playing to the strengths of their talent. Punk and MJF? Let em talk. Darby? Flying squirrel entrance. Dug Cabana/dragon. Thought Danielson gave too much to Bowens a few weeks ago. This new heel run has him giving a lot less to the lower card talent. Enjoyed the brevity. Contrasts well with Punk fighting from underneath in most of his matches so far. Danielson had one of the best underdog babyface runs in wrestling history, but is somehow better as the bully. Just GOAT things I guess.
  19. I’m also new to the week to week and I’ve enjoyed this conversation! JR is not discerning. He rises to the moment at times. Sometimes he even gets things right, but now that I have started watching week to week it’s hard to ignore. He used that “these guys need to keep their eyes on the prize / too much showboating” thing in a 2.0 match and it made the most sense and was value added and fit the moment. Then I realized he was going to say some variation of that every week even when it didn’t fit the moment. It’s just a bad judgement thing. He doesn’t see the difference between shitting on Rick Knox in a goofy Bucks match and snarking about Aubrey’s 10 count during A BRYAN DANIELSON MATCH!
  20. I do think Bleacher Report cost them some buys. Not enough to move the needle too much, but it was an issue. No play from beginning option for those of us who couldn’t start live. You couldn’t navigate the website to purchase a replay without having the card spoiled. When they finally did get the show archived 24 hours after the fact, I didn’t even have to log in to watch it! A bunch of folks got it for free on Sunday night.
  21. Black absolutely needs to get away from Cody. Dude should just squash people for the next few months to see if they can rekindle the buzz they waisted. Punk/Kingston was my MOTN. Punk has complete control of the crowd and I think we are getting close to that full on heel turn. Eddie/Punk rematch please. Underwhelmed by Danielson/Miro. Combination of the odd finish and the worst commentary performance of the night. JR couldn’t get out of his own way. Loved loved loved that Jackson nod before the finish of the main event. Great main event and post-match celebration
  22. Every time they run a live Rampage it’s great. Loved the promo segment. Loved that Punk got booed in spots. I think we are closer to the full on heel run than many realize. Not as much for Punk to do as a face especially if Kenny is going to take some time off. Punk has always been slightly out of place as a face even in this return tour. The man was born to be a prick on the mic. Danielson gave a little too much for my liking in that opener, but I dug the ending. I also thought Silver was going to pull out the win. A testament to Cole selling the chair shot from Wednesday I suppose. They really do need to give Silver more singles work. Great match. Truly haven’t watched much of a Adam Cole before this run. Didn’t see the appeal at first but he is growing on me.
  23. Finally got around to watching this. Danielson is a perfect pro wrestler. I don’t think you will see many say the same about Punk. You can see Punk’s weaknesses, but I love the way his strengths play off of mat-based guys like Garcia. I would actually prefer to watch Punk/Garcia or Punk/Danielson over a Garcia/Danielson match if I had to chose. That was Punk’s best performance since he’s been back. Best match too. Garcia could be great. He works smart for a guy his age. Punk’s selling really adds another layer to these TV matches and I hope the boys in the back were watching. His slower pace is a such a breath of fresh air. That piledriver looks so much better than your average AEW head drop.
  24. Yeah Pillman Jr did not deserve this spot. He is slow in the ring to a degree that makes the whole thing look like a dance. All I was thinking during that match was these guys are taking time away from the three big matches left. Worst wrestler on the show by quite a wide margin. Tough spot for MJF (who I have liked in my brief time watching). After this and the Jericho feud, dude needs a break from guys who can’t move.
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