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  1. DRAFT KINGS: The official sports betting partner of MLB indeed. * points to avatar *
  2. Any means by which or any context in which that Super Bowl is declared invalid or to Not Count or wiped from the record as though it never happened is fine by me all the asterisks are welcome
  3. Taking big money to underwhelm on a division rival. Still A Good Giant.
  4. two excellent defenses vs two meh offenses
  5. This could be exactly the sort of backlash against Apple TV exclusive games that I've been hoping for since they started this horse shit.
  6. Little Man went out there and got himself over in his debut segment. Pretty much every youtube reaction channel I've checked has popped big for it. Again, Honorary Northman until if/when actual Northerners get involved in this story.
  7. Ron Artest should've taught every sports fan this lesson for all time but apparently some folks are in need of a refresher course...
  8. "field awareness" for RBs now expected to include precognition apparently
  9. shades of Sabu taking 90 seconds and three attempts to set up a table before diving through most of it
  10. This is the football equivalent of "flippy shit"
  11. his interim successor, Fred O'Connor, only lasted 7 but that did finish the season.
  12. more of them than there were a week ago, one would think
  13. the guy he killed was from House Bracken. The Brackens and Blackwoods are both riverlands lords (i.e. vassal to the Tullys) and have been feuding, Hatfield & McCoy style, for thousands of years, which is why the dude was so quick to heckle and shit talk a little kid in the first place and why little Blackwood was so quick to draw on him. (To paraphrase Eddie Kingston, with the Blackwoods and Brackens, it's pretty much On Sight.] [Bracken sigil is a horse but it's in the same pose as the Baratheon stag and they wear similar colors so a lot of people around the interwebs seem confused but they're completely unaffiliated with the Baratheons and since he wasn't in the suitor line he may well have come all that way just to fuck with the Blackwood candidate which would be completely on-brand for the house. I don't think the Brackens or Blackwoods got mentioned in the original series] The Blackwoods are, as Lord Baratheon explained to Rhaneyra, First Men descended. They also worship the Old Gods (their sigil's a dead giveaway; black ravens circling a weirwood tree on a red background) so I'm quite ready to embrace these guys as Stark Stand-Ins for the time being.
  14. I dunno, I got a good feeling about Little Lord Blackwood...
  15. no, it's not just that fewer foul balls reaching the seats saves Fisher a little money [with how quick they are to replace a game used ball it doesn't even do that, really]
  16. Oakland's massive expanse of foul territory will always be beautiful to me (and it's potential as a tactical advantage is severely underestimated)
  17. imagine being The Yankees and yet with all the legendary broadcasting voices that have accentuated and continue to accentuate the beauty and the prestige of the sport, and with how all in every other aspect of the rich history of the sport The Yankees are so integral to it that you literally cannot tell the story of baseball without singing the praises of the franchise, somehow, the best you can do in the broadcast booth is Jon Sterling.
  18. This is why Skip Bayless proclaims the sky is green every week
  19. Hottakeology ascribes no value to truth. Agreeing with conventional wisdom, no matter how verifiable, is useless because everyone already agrees with it so saying that won’t make anyone mad enough to click on the article to see What Bollocks Resides Within. Nobody clicks on “Mahomes is still great”. They click on “what’s suddenly wrong with Mahomes that he’s only 8th?” and they’ll also click on “Johnny Rando was better than Mahomes by the Numbers this week, does a comically small sample size indicate a changing of the guard?” even if only to get mad at how shit your methodology is and rage at you in the comments section. Just as long as they clicked.
  20. hope springs eternal they'll be desperate enough to trade for two months of Handsome Jimmy he's won a playoff game in their home stadium, after all
  21. it makes me feel a little better, at least
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