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  1. Niners at home is making its bid for flow chart status
  2. that's actually a pretty impressive streak given how long they've A) been in the same division as the Patriots B) completely sucked
  3. let me get the ball rolling by saying that's incredible
  4. The Titans are like watching a Harley Race or Nick Bockwinkel broadway that's 90% side headlock and it's glorioius
  5. got the one result I wanted most. guess I gotta start checking up on IMPACT now.
  6. 23:15 Time of Possession in the first half for Tennessee, who have apparently achieved the Platonic Ideal of their "1970s offense with 2020s athletes" approach to football.
  7. well that makes me feel a little better.
  8. If I have to be miserable I want as many other people to be as miserable as possible, so in the name of maximum suffering go Astros I guess. and it'd be nice to see Dusty finally get one I guess.
  9. one of Jessie and Cassie's rejected new names and, well, you can see why
  10. on the other hand, she spelled Bret's name correctly, which WCW found surprisingly difficult
  11. Mr. Fuji was simply avenging Lance Russel all along, we were in error to boo The Devious One
  12. “...Wait a minute...the fine print on all of these say “Miner’s Glove”...DAMMIT!”
  13. "please reset the game clock to a point that makes sure they have enough time to spike the ball as soon as we blow the whistle"
  14. those points ain't gonna shave themselves
  15. with God, all things are possible. Even Miro losing in an upset.
  16. upon further review, the call on the field of "The Sky Is Green" stands. Reality is charged a time out and is out of challenges.
  17. Atlas of greek mythology springs to mind
  18. it's not so bad. I still wanna call them the Phoenix Cardinals now and then. And count myself lucky I haven't ever mentally moved them back to St. Louis [yet]
  19. oh cool i still have 48 hours to decompress from baseball before the Sharks officially begin disappointing me in the great annual tradition
  20. electronic sign stealing will pale in comparison to the Robo Ump hacking scandal of halfway into the first season of robo umpiring
  21. Bill King and Ray Fosse in a press box holding microphones to their lips to welcome the audience to A's baseball is just about my first memory of baseball itself. He had been conspicuously absent in the second half of the season and it's hard to describe just how different the A's sounded without him. As close to an institution as any mortal man could ever possibly be. Rest in Power, Mr. Fosse, thank you for teaching me to enjoy baseball.
  22. This even includes their new non-name tbh. Let It Ride, I say
  23. Every other Superhero has gotten a gritty grimdark reboot recently, it was bound to be Captain Planet’s turn eventually
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