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  1. The problem of course is that if the Eagles win they won’t stop talking about Mahomes like that They’ll just start also talking about Hurts like that they get us either way just like the bookies do
  2. 30 years, time to extort a new stadium from the mayor's office
  3. ESPN2 airs blocks of it on weekends and the first time I noticed this while flipping through the programming schedule on my tv my first thought was “wow, ESPN2 has really changed format!”
  4. about as believable as your average Terry Funk retirement announcement so does he
  5. if interim coaches count Jim Tomsula did get re-demoted to DLine position coach under Harbaugh after he finished up Singletary's season I think he might have done it again after Harbaugh and before Chip Kelly but for reasons you all can probably well understand I try to remember as little of Chip Kelly's year as 49er HC as possible so the details often escape me.
  6. good luck to Demeco in Houston. lots of teams eager to hire 49er defensive coordinators to head coach. Maybe someday the Niners themselves will be one of them.
  7. the fact that there's still a pay bonus for being named to it is probably the only reason there still even is a Pro Bowl. least compelling of the all-star games (and that's over a pretty stiff field of competition)
  8. Always throw it on a kick/punt return if it’s longer than the normal return distance (unless he goes all the way) Sometimes throw it on a running play to keep teams from using effective running as a rest hold and force them into more exciting passing downs Try to avoid throwing the flag on passing plays unless it’s too flagrant for you to credibly ignore because that’s the exciting stuff
  9. Cowboy assistant coach to Charger assistant coach feels like it ought to be the dictionary example of a lateral move
  10. ah well. Go whoever the AFC team is, I guess.
  11. early forecast indicates a chance of I Hate Football today
  12. given that sports team ownership is America's closest analogue to on-paper hereditary titles of nobility, should we really be surprised we get a decent share of Mad Lords among the bunch? Shit, cross your fingers and maybe we'll get a literal 4 year old running the Chargers pretty soon.
  13. Hey, if the Cowboys would rather craft a dolchstosslegende around their QB letting them down and that’s why they lost, than entertain the idea that the 49ers are still 1TD their better and that’s why they won, I sure won’t stop them. They would rue running Dak out of town in Very Short Order, I think
  14. Point Spread Favorites/Underdogs are not a scientifically neutral power ranking no matter how much the pregame pundits treat them as such or imply that you should too They are the constantly fluctuating tipping point at which the bookie turns a profit no matter what actually happens Never forget the caveat: “For Entertainment Purposes Only”
  15. I realize Musk does bear a bizarre physical resemblance to an aging Jello Biafra but ouch, Dolfan...
  16. Lance and Purdy are both still on their rookie deals so one will be backing up the other next year regardless Handsome Jimmy's off to be the latest journeyman QB to defraud The Jets seek his fortunes in free agency.
  17. i would still like to get that Bills/Vikings someone has to finally win Super Bowl one of these years
  18. i think my favorite part was having Zeke Elliot declare himself ineligible so he could play center for some reason
  20. McCarthy thought he had the secret to making this actually work
  21. The Shield told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. WAR IS PEACE. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. IT'S NOT A CATCH UNLESS YOU COMPLETE THE PROCESS WHEN FALLING TO THE GROUND But really, though, don't you think the rulebook's fixation with minutae and microdetails like this drag the game's rules beyond the capacity of the human eye to accurately officiate in real time fuel this greater phenomenon of repeatedly being told what we saw happen didn't actually happen and, thus, exacerbate the problem of the officials looking bad and, to the more conspiracy minded folks among us, that the on field results are at least partially engineered?
  22. I was trying to be kidding about the Bengals having camouflage but apparently as far as the Bills' secondary is concerned...
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