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  1. Hook has this casual Too Cool For The Room vibe that I think makes him Evil Orange Cassidy and eventually the natural foil to the same. Since Cassidy has the extended Best Friends by his side, Hook needs to assemble his own found family of EVIL~! goofs to keep up the parallel
  2. and not a moment too soon. wrestling's best when there's a variety of styles up and down the card, and every wrestler should come up with a little something only they can do or they can do better than anyone else. Any time Statlander wants to evoke the Davey Boy Smith/Scott Steiner tradition of "I'm going to pick you up and show off how long I can hold you there" is the right time. Especially as a counterweight to how much AEW can skew towards the flippy.
  3. That might be the earliest example of how the real business of baseball has been getting a new stadium built for you, not winning games.
  4. the A's left in 1954, have now officially been the Oakland A's longer than they were the Philadelphia A's, and they're still winning the Philly sports championship battle
  5. negative engagement and catharsis with all the fat boiled away, the core element of pro wrestling. [and social media. man, Rick Rude would've owned at Twitter, too, if he'd wanted to.]
  6. they can always pivot from 3rd Degree Giorgio Moroder retread to 2nd Degree Rick Derringer retread when the former runs its course
  7. yet another hint that the NFL doesn't have a schedule maker so much as a booker
  8. well, bear in mind the West largely hasn't started playing itself yet. but it is a fun little flex for the time being (NL Best, toughest division in baseball, etc) DBacks seem to be better than a lot of folks would've figured they'd be
  9. they've finally realized the only babyface buildup in their repertoire that ever really works is "Creative is completely dicking this person over"
  10. gonna be a lot of this going on [love how you can tell Taker's not fucking around because, for once, he rolls out of the way normally instead of doing the Dracula situp]
  11. "I'm hot now" is pretty much the one completely ethical revenge fantasy
  12. Raven alleged Dreamer had been the big bully of their summer camp . Beulah was a fellow victim, an ugly duckling turned swan looking to punish Dreamer for an excessively harsh rebuff of her crush. I don't recall if Dreamer was supposed to have actually been cruel to the degree that Raven (and Beulah) claimed but turning Beulah down and giving Raven a hard time was presented as basically true/admitted by Dreamer IIRC. So in keeping with the spirit of the thread, Dreamer did "create" his future nemesis
  13. The irony of them being all “the brand is the star [and no one is over]” in a trauma reaction to Brock Lesnar jilting them at the altar in the first place back in 04 and yet here they are paving the way for their one permitted exception to that to do exactly what they’re afraid of everyone doing
  14. as Terry Funk used today, "I may not be able to convince you that wrestling is real but I'm gonna convince you that I'm real." I think of that quote a lot whenever I see or hear Eddie Kingston. Of course I know better than to think wrestling is real, but during an Eddie Kingston promo, I think Eddie Kingston thinks it's real.
  15. Neither do I and who knows if it even is there, but apparently some poll or algorithm or focus group has convinced them it’s there so it must be there, no one with an MBA could ever be wrong about these things
  16. yeah, and the A's still go through the motions of pushing the #rootedinoakland hashtag too, as the team president spends every weekend schmoozing in the same city that just stole the Raiders. Always a claim of being committed to staying so as to better blame the "uncooperative" city/county government later. It's always the same, innit 19 years seems a little quick but then again Turner Field barely lasted 20 years so i suppose they've successfully inched the frog's water this much closer to boiling
  17. also to be fair Reds ownership seems to have about as much contempt for it's fanbase as A's ownership does so the suckage is quite possibly intentional how old is G.A.B.? Is it their turn to start playing the New Stadium Or We Move game soon?
  18. just like they might do an angle where Not-Hogan is the champion for a while but said champ is still gonna wrestle 3rd from the top while Hogan main events, just because you're the one seed doesn't mean you're the actual favorite
  19. Money, and "now that people have accepted sports as just another form of reality TV we don't have to bother putting all that effort into making sure it's a legitimate and balanced athletic competition and can just be lazy and brazen about the reason being Money."
  20. A] so that's what they mean when they say Handsome Jimmy throws too many interceptions... B] That's My Quarterback, Dawg C] Kenny Stabler's shade looks on approvingly from up on high and gives a thumb's up D] All Of The Above Because There's So Many Options for Pithy Jokes I Just Can't Decide On One
  21. if only Winnipagan were here...
  22. "retired or on the Diamondbacks?" feels like it could be a game show segment or something
  23. oh, no one on the official poll (that I know of), just the write-in candidate everybody could predict I would've written in.
  24. you can probably thank Hunter's "You Can't Wrestle" promo in part for tarring Cena with the bad wrestler brush forever. that and people being too young to remember everything "predictable" about Cena's matches was also true of Hogan's, because it was a function of his card position
  25. well, my answer just announced a sabbatical so I'm gonna have to re-ponder this one for a while
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