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  1. So Archie is going day and date digital for Comixology Unlimited subscribers. Regretfully unlike a lot of stuff available on Comixology Unlimited, this is not also available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.
  2. Really enjoyed that all three matches were given ample time, something I felt was lacking in past episodes of NXT UK I had watched. Noam Dar looked so much better than the last time I saw him wrestle on 205 Live. His wrestling seems so much more meaningful than in the past where it just seemed that he did a lot of kicks before putting on unrelated submissions. Also really great to have Nigel back on color commentary even if it's just NXT UK. Easily the best color commentator they have in WWE.
  3. I can see why they eventually switched to the Sidewinder but just a nasty looking move especially when done cleanly.
  4. Wow. These things just don't come out of no where in 2020. So crazy.
  5. Their finisher at the time was actually a backdrop into a piledriver, it was just taken poorly. That said Meng and the Barbarian used a backdrop into a powerbomb, just not a sitout powerbomb.
  6. Wade Barrett has a great voice but obviously wasn't very familiar with the product. I don't mind Vic Joseph, but unlike Tom Phillips, I feel like he really needs an analyst who is going provide insight into the match which neither Wade or Beth really did.
  7. Having to tape everything at the PC probably has really helped out #205Live. Shorter shows, more cohesion with what is going on NXT, and using an overall smaller roster pool. Plus it's the one show that actually has a crowd more into things than the old live crowds.
  8. I've been working my way through my huge backlog of PS4 games and I hadn't been able to put my finger on what bothered me about Darksiders till I read someone describing it as "Gods of War combat with Tomb Raider style puzzles" and remembered how much Tomb Raider frustrated me. I would say 95% of Darksiders is an okay game play experience for me, it's that 5% where I find myself having no clue what to do and wandering around for like a half hour before giving up and looking at a walkthrough to figure things out.
  9. I really had completely forgotten that Shinsuke Nakamura is a former Royal Rumble winner.
  10. Gotta say I didn't see "The Best of Nexus" being the next "Best Of.." series. Though apparently today is the 10th Anniversary of their Raw debut.
  11. I kinda forgot that "Marvel Comic Omnibus Thread" was the name of our general Marvel thread and thought someone had started a thread dedicated to just Marvel omnibuses and got really excited. ...I don't have a problem, you have a problem!
  12. Seems like content is broken down into three teirs: anyone able to view, viewable with a WWE.com login, and WWE Network subscription material. Hopefully the free tier will lead to them finally rolling out offline viewing for paid members.
  13. As of the start of All-New Marvel NOW!(2014), 13 years had passed since Peter Parker got bit by the spider. So at this point I would say Jean is probably in her early 30's, Emma would be in her mid to late 30's, and Kitty should be in her early 20's.
  14. Honestly never really thought of it but the X-Men do kinda have a diversity problem.
  15. Fantismo holds a head to head advantage over Tozawa hence he advances to the finals. On the other hand, no one holds a head to head advantage in Group A since Drake beat Kushida but lost to Atlas and Atlas beat Drake but lost to Kushida. In previous weeks they had done a better job explaining things by pointing out people that could only play "spoiler" since they were mathematically eliminated but I think they probably went light on the details to help set up the three way. That said they could have given it a little bit more time to breathe instead of having Byron come in with the announ
  16. It does seem hard to not argue that DC just in general hates(or doesn't know what to do with) the original Teen Titans. The general treatment of Roy(Cry for Justice and Heroes in Crisis), Wally(New 52), Dick(Infinite Crisis, Forever Evil, Ric Grayson), and then the whole general New 52/Rebirth timeline mess with the Titans.
  17. They really needed to get those "Bay Bay Mama" shirts out a week earlier.
  18. You've come a long way, baby.
  19. Party where? Lebron think that even if bars, clubs, and strip clubs are open that the NBA is going let players risk the entire league's season by going out and partying? They'll have to be sneaking strippers in cakes to their rooms.
  20. So how about we just call it a season and try all this again next season? Skip the playoffs completely and just hold the draft based on current standings?
  21. Somehow I think that Iron Fist season 2 is actually worse than season 1. I fully admit that I just kinda gave up on the last episode and started skipping through it. It's a shame that the Danny Rand character is probably completely burned for the near future because of the Netflix series.
  22. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I JUST WATCHED but I am so in for it.
  23. The Warriors starting five tonight: Glenn Robison III, Eric Paschall, Willey Cauley-Stein, Alec Burks, and Ky Bowman. Their bench tonight: Jordan Poole, Omari Spellman, and Marqueese Chriss. The Warriors had $126,251,708 in salary not playing tonight, half of the teams in the NBA have less in salary for their whole teams.
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