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  1. Insert the “don’t you put that on me, Ricky Bobby!” gif here…
  2. LOL. I mean, I'm still gonna watch, but yeah...
  3. There definitely only need to be one set of trios titles. HOB should win both and carry them until 2027, when their contracts expire. They should road grade everyone. They should all also achieve singles accolades. Imagine how fun a Buddy Matthews Owen Hart cup run would be. Would help that tourney build some prestige after the second winner was derailed by Punk leaving and the first winner was… adam Cole. Brody & Malakai holding singles gold. Maybe a standard tag title run, too. I’m a big HOB fan, and I think they bring a dynamic that’s unique to them in AEW. They should be doing a lot more.
  4. Yeah, I don’t watch the whole show ever anymore, but I caught that segment on YouTube and that whole thing was aces.
  5. I agree that would be if that was at all what I meant… ;). That was a dope match though.
  6. For guys who (allegedly) don’t want to be there, House of Black sure do bring the effort when they’re on tv…
  7. I think Tony khan and the two guys involved might be the only ones left who feel that way…
  8. I mean that Strong & O’Reilly are boring as hell, this Undisputed Kingdom thing is doa, and it’s totally unnecessary. Let’s put a match there that might actually excite people…
  9. I don’t understand this Kyle O Reilly/Rod Strong thing. Like… who is this for? Do you think there are 50 people worldwide who weren’t gonna order Dynasty who will now because this match is on the card? Tony drives me crazy with this niche within a niche shit…
  10. I hate when people overreact to stuff the young bucks are involved in…
  11. As much as I hate those try hard dorks the Jackson’s, the line about how they didn’t have time to hydrate and pray over their upcoming match popped the hell out of me…
  12. I mean, I’m not gonna stop watching AEW. I also think it’s telling that Phragile Philliam waited until Jack Perry threw his hair back. Having said that… I probably would’ve opted not to show the footage.
  13. @harryarchiegus my GF also only watches wrestling with me, so she's only seen AEW and some AAA. She was like "why are they moving so slow?" I had to explain to her that WWE audiences have been trained for 50 years to believe that half speed grimacing and selling every move like a shotgun blast has been the norm, ant that athleticism has by and large been kicked aside for "storytelling."
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