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  1. Oh, he fuckin’ knows wwe was just there.
  2. I’ve said this before, but I love petty shit like that.
  3. He looks like the creepy “I’m in a rock band now” guy from those Bowflex ads a few years back…
  4. … but I like Cody… Not really. Just thought it would be funny if he were the one EVP I didn’t think should dive into oncoming traffic.
  5. Yeah, I despise Kenny omega, but I thought he was pretty good tonight. Is he dealing with injuries? It looked like he was moving… gingerly? At times.
  6. @Custosim glad my brand is so strong. And, fwiw, that was the exact right amount of Jackson.
  7. I echo all the things folks said they liked about this show. My only two complaints are: Sting needs to stop going over active competitors. I get that it’s a nostalgia thing, and ftr were probably overjoyed to do it, but there’s just no reason for it. 2.0 I get, because they’re mid card dweebs, but ftr is supposed to be a top act. I feel like Ruby/Britt suffered from a lack of doubt as to the winner. That’s the reason I hate these long for lengths sake title reigns. Not every reign has to be epic. Sometimes you win a title and then lose it. Have Britt win it back at Full Gear. It felt like there needed to be a title change there.
  8. Bron played football at the school I worked at for a while. The notion of him being an option fullback always makes me chuckle. Imagine being a linebacker at a small southern university. You're thinking everything's going well. It's 3rd and 2. You make this stop and you can get off the field. Then the line of scrimmage opens up and that soda machine with legs is running straight at you with a head of steam. That notion may only be funny to me, but it makes me laugh every time.
  9. How much $ you think the rights to “Power of Love” is? Asking for a friend…
  10. Bron Breakker should be on the main roster next week. I'm not kidding at all. They found something there. Toxic Attraction is a good ass name. Mandy Rose as an evil mastermind is... a choice. I'm intrigued enough to watch highlights next week. I'm thinking Raquel drops the title soon. They think they need her on the main roster. They don't, but they don't know that. I wonder if Kushida dropping the title means he's getting called up, too.
  11. I watched a lot of this in between putting my kid to bed and watching Peyton and Eli roast each other while calling the football game on ESPN2. Parts were good. They seem to understand who they have in Big E. That's good. I thought the main event was super fun and kept E strong. A few things; The show is too damn long. Way too damn long. I feel bad for Alexa, what with being this month's contestant of "who can Charlotte cut off at the knees?" I have no idea why this company is so terrified of a women's division that she isn't the focal point of. Nia, Rhea, Nikki ASH and soon Alexa all get their momentum killed dead so Charlotte can continue to cut monotone promos and have the same exact match with everyone. Wonderful. The problem with the Nia/Shayna angle is that at the end of the day, Shayna isn't charismatic enough to be the focal point of a division, and if you're not gonna use her that way, there's no sense in using her. It's gonna take a long time to rebuild that "aura," and that's if they even care to continue trying. Eva Marie/Doudrop thing has more than run its course. It's probably time for Doudrop to move on to something else... and drop the stupid-ass name. I like Angel Garza and HC. I really hope they commit to doing more with those guys. I think Angel Garza is the most underutilized talent they have, and could be a huge star for them if they let him. He's got a great look and his English is really good. Humberto Carrillo has a ton of upside too. With Zelina Vega's lack of direction on Smackdown, I'm not sure I wouldn't just stick her with them after the draft. It was time to get the women's tag titles off of Natalya and Tamina, but I guess we're just pretending Tegan & Shotzi don't exist anymore. Sad. I know this isn't necessarily a popular opinion, but Jeff Hardy looks "done" to me. Like, just very little mobility left. I enjoyed the Orton/Riddle interactions. Matt Riddle's MO seems to be "break Randy onscreen," and he gives it his all every single week. All in all, I thought it's the best Raw they've done in a couple years. What I can't decide is if that's because it was actually a quality show or because its been dogshit for so long that "decent" starts to look "great."
  12. Ahhh. I got you. I thought you meant they could've stuck Reba in. My bad. Been a long weekend.
  13. Who was the name of the girl they added last minute to the Battle Royale? I'm assuming instead of just having Julia get eliminated in 4 minutes they decided to let the other girl have the shine.
  14. I think that dates back to WW2. Tomatoes were super hard to get so they started putting chili on noodles. I thought I read that somewhere...
  15. Hasn't Aaron Solow suffered enough? Gets "mutual separation"-ed by Bayley and now you want him fired, too?
  16. I thought they were gonna do the HBK/Diesel thing where the third time MJF hit Wardlow, big man was gonna orbit him. But then covid. Not a bad show. I think it’s funny that less than 72 hrs after a weekend of Twitter discourse about the lack of black male stars they’ve signed Lee Moriarty and had a feature spot for Hobbs & Martin. Good for all those guys, & I hope TK continues the course correction. I dig what Malakai Black is doing. He should’ve waited for Dustin to stagger to his feet & then kicked him again. That finish was bad. Real bad. Punk was serious about working the young guys, huh? Punk & Starks will rule ass. I love Ruby Soho. She seems so genuinely surprised at the welcome she’s gotten. When she was released, her former coworkers in wwe all had stories relating what a wonderful human she is. I’m happy for her to come in in this spot. This was the exact right amount of Young Bucks that any AEW show should have moving forward. Perfect. Looking forward to the big multi man in Arthur Ashe. that MJF segment was abhorrent. I’m sure everything was approved ahead of time, but it still felt icky. Glad for the VBlondes to get this opportunity against Wardlow & the Bucks. About 5 minutes after I thought to myself “damn, I guess the Pinnacle are done,” the Pinnacle get a win. Spears/Allin might be fun. Mox currently and will always rule ass.
  17. Probably Ryder blowing his knee out after winning that battle royal where he and Rawley were gonna get a tag title shot and win the Smackdown tag titles. Arn Anderson said on his podcast that he was “finally gonna get his due” and then his knee exploded.
  18. Kevin Nash wrestled the Undertaker March 31st 1996 at Wrestlemania and turned up June 10th on Nitro. That's not the main event, but they did try to sell Punk on that "wrestling Taker IS main eventing" horseshit, so I'm counting it.
  19. The closest instance I can think of is Nash working Undertaker at Mania 13 March 31st 1996 and then showing up on Nitro June 10th. Hasn't happened often.
  20. I think a lot of the crowding in the main event and upper midcard will kind of take care of itself. Someone pointed it out elsewhere, but Kenny Omega has made noise about wanting to take a long break, if not retire. CM Punk is 43 and as much as he says he wants to be there every week, his matches should be attractions. Bryan is a guy I could see going part-time. Jericho's about done. Even when Page, Cole and Black slide into those spots at the tippy top, you still have TV every single week. There's no reason for AEW to have all of the top talent on every single show, and that creates more TV slots. Whoever said Big Swole was one of the folks who could be on the chopping block; GTFO. That's nonsense. One thing I'd like to see AEW focus on moving forward is developing and featuring more African American male talent. When Cedric Alexander's contract is up, go get him. Keep developing Shawn Dean. Keep Will Hobbs on the trajectory he's on. I don't think it's been done on purpose, but the lack of black male main eventers isn't a great look and has become a real subject of discourse on twitter.
  21. I find her getting in offense against Miro more palatable/believable than some of the things the EVP's have asked us to believe...
  22. That's how loaded this show was. When it happened I was legit excited and by the time the show was over I had forgotten.
  23. I have thoughts. That TNT Title match was fucking deluxe. Every beat hit perfectly. Eddie's gotta win a big one soon but Miro isn't done yet. I'd have been tempted to book a double countout but this worked better. Jon Moxley has declared a one man war on the island of Japan. Can't wait to see him tear down buildings with his bare hands like Godzilla. Oh shit. Hey, TK, get Blue Oyster Cult on the phone. There's no way those guys don't need he money. Women's title match slapped, but they've gotta stop putting young babyface women in this position. Red Velvet and Kris Statlander are great talents with incredibly high ceilings, but there's no way anyone's cheering them over Britt right now. And now, what I'm sure everyone has been waiting for... First of all, let me make perfectly clear that every time a Jackson brother gets dropped on his empty head, an angel gets its wings. Fuck them up their stupid asses. Having said that, the finish to that match was off the charts. The Lucha Brothers entrance was incredible, but it made me a little sad, as it reminds that I've never gotten to live my lifelong dream; being the giant dude in the back of someone's entourage in a rap video, mugging for the camera and nodding his head to the music. I was born to do that, yet I remain stillheaded. Anyway, great match. Lucha Brothers have earned that win, even though I suspect they won't keep those belts long. Women's battle royal was really good. It's crazy how far that roster has come in two years. They're ass deep with women who can go. And Rebel. Bless her. She tries hard, and there's a role for her on tv, but I'm not sure it's as a competitor. The right woman went over, though I might've been tempted to have Rosa and Ruby hit at the same time, leading to a three way match. Punk looked off by a step, but not seven years worth. It's like Joe Walsh said when the Eagles got back together in 1994. "Pass the Tullamore Dew." Wait, that's not the quote I want. He also said "it didn't sound like we hadn't played together in 14 years.... it sounded like we took a week off." Same deal here. Darby isn't my particular cup of tea, but he absolutely broke his assbone to make sure Punk looked great. Wight/Marshall was a thing that happened. Tafka Big Show is another performer who might be best served not doing much in ring. If I were him, I'd be trying to get Time Warner executives on the phone about reviving the Netflix show for HBOMax or TNT. Shit was funny. The main slapped. From the first lockup to all the damn funny business after. Tony Khan is a goddamned madman, and I mean that as a compliment of the highest order. Only and idiot would've booked all that postmatch, but Tony made it not just work, but fuck. That ending fucked. It fornicated on a Sunday and can now be arrested in several states. This AEW roster is a thing of beauty. TK should be selective moving forward, but if Bronson Reed, Windham, and the Iinspirations want jobs, I'm at the very least hearing them out if I'm him. What a glorious time to be a wrestling fan. Somewhere AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are screaming curse words into a dark void. Somewhere Vince McMahon is eating a steak wrap and wondering if that tiny guy from nXt is still considering the offer he made him. I'm assuming Vince won't actually find out Adam Cole is gone until he gets on facebook tomorrow looking for more dank "thanks Biden" memes and checks the news feed. Somewhere HHH is getting his resume ready. And somewhere Nick Khan is texting his cousin Tony on his burner phone, asking him what the payout is for getting Bayley and Finn Balor to defect next. God bless All Elite Wrestling. This shit is fun again.
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