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  1. If MJF's tweet is to be taken literally, the opening match will be him versus Yuta. Frontloading the show again.
  2. Would do nothing but kick the can down the road. If this is behaviour people really want to change, it's either an outright social media ban (which would be a poor promotional practice) or everything is managed by the company or needs to be approved. Maybe fines for people who get out of line in interviews. And I know Tony likes sharing with his friends in the "wrestling media," but press scrums are done forever. Don't know how hard the big guy would want to crackdown, but a month is only deferring headaches.
  3. Re: the four pillars, it's important to keep in mind that was an MJF list so he could big himself up. Tony's not necessarily committed to that lineup.
  4. Two petty current midcard heels who haven't had any business together on television since March? I'm putting my chips on total embarrassment.
  5. On this tip, I think I've seen Meltzer pointing out that if one company's doing better business in this environment and one is doing worse, pointing to the economy isn't too helpful explanatorily. Or at least entertaining some thinking along those lines.
  6. Tigers beat Mariners, Blue Jays beat Orioles. WC1 is Toronto.
  7. Daniel Cormier is going to be the guest referee for the Fight Pit.
  8. Watching The Killing (which once had the working title Bed of Fear) for the first time and going through the cast, and what do we have here
  9. He's good there and Honor No More is an enjoyable fixture in whatever Impact is in 2022. But I suspect some people associate him winning the top ROH belt with a relative downturn for that company. Not saying whether that's fair or not. Fuck it, book Taven/Bennett vs FTR for the ROH belts and see if any of the magic rubs off on those guys' reputations.
  10. Taz is going to die of laughter eventually. SURVIVE IF REGAL LET'S YOU.
  11. Bones and All Taylor Russell, Timmy Chalamet, Mark Rylance Directed by Luca Guadagnino Select theaters Novermber 18, "everywhere" on Thanksgiving More Leonard Cohen in trailers please.
  12. It's a good thing I left no incriminating evidence in the MLB thread.
  13. Not sure what you mean. I don't think AEW needs to worry about preseason hockey.
  14. Jays bullpen coach caught it. ASK FOR SEASON TICKETS, COWARD~!
  15. Three announced matches with about ten minutes to go has to be a record low, right? Exciting.
  16. And now I know about the Library's giant collection of flutes. Success all around.
  17. Why wait two years when Jomboy is on the case today?
  18. The wait is over, the Yankees have clinched the east.
  19. Open the show with it, give them a fresh crowd.
  20. I went looking and quickly stumbled onto this, from pre-shutdown 2020.
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