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  1. When Sersi is being introduced to the concept that they'd been "built" and "programmed" as "synthetic beings," Sersi concludes that they'd never been "alive." Can't recall if anything else contradicted that, but maybe. Certainly more sophisticated and advanced than Vision or Ultron though.
  2. As far as I can tell, the difference is you enjoyed one more than the other. Which is fine. I just don't find that a scrawl and heavy exposition means a piece of media is trying to do too much. I also don't find a scrawl and a bunch of exposition makes Blade Runner unwieldy. It just strikes me as a weird knock against this thing. While I'm at it, I've seen a lot of talk about how Marvel should have learned from their success of building out the Avengers over time when people knock this movie. But it's not like there haven't been plenty of movies over time that successfully introduce a team of new characters in a new world and tell a two-ish hour story to relative critical and commercial success. It's fairly common. In this franchise alone, GotG is right there doing just that and covering a lot of new worlds and information and doing so quite winningly. If this movie fails in some ways, I don't think it's fair to suggest introducing too many characters and teaming them up too quickly is one of this film's chief failings. The larger arc of Marvel mega events is an exception to how things are normally done, not the rule. Thanks for the points though.
  3. I don't know. There's this other really popular thing Disney owns that suggests audiences can keep up with that kind of stuff.
  4. Great news: Moxley is back. He’ll be wrestling Homicide at the GCW Hammerstein show.
  5. I swear I'm turning into a giant softie. CODA almost made me cry like four times.
  6. Through two episodes. Gunn's the perfect match for Cena's ideal "2003 DVD where a third of the cover is a giant all-caps UNRATED stamp" brand of goofy humour undercut with some pathos. Seeing how well Gunn's material and direction have meshed with John and Dave makes me really want to see him get his hands on Dwayne. And considering how fatigued I am by standard superhero fare, a bunch of actors doing to silly dance on a soundstage is really the cure for what ails me. Unskippable opening. This show's the most enjoyable superhero TV stuff I've seen in a while outside of The Boys.
  7. I'm especially curious when I see the small handful of people wearing masks in these crowds. Like I get everyone around them who's just acting like it's over. But the people who've made a risk assessment that they care enough to remain masked, but they're also comfortable being in a crowd of barking mad lunatics? I just can't square that in my head.
  8. This is the only zombie IP I really care about. Praise be.
  9. I dunno. I've got a couple one-match guys and some pandemic-era Dark dudes who are think you're crazy for talking that way. Spicy takes from inside definitely aren't coming.
  10. I’m sorry that’s what you want. Don’t know why you would.
  11. Ah, but if a tree falls in the woods at 10:45 eastern on a Friday night, does it make a sound?!
  12. Didn't think it looked good live, but bless Daniel Garcia for being GREAT at explaining things on twitter.
  13. Ding ding ding. And as more people don't get renewed and leave the company and tell their stories, which will generate provocative clickbait, this has potential to escalate quickly.
  14. The vibranium line played so much better with the window set-up than it did in the gutless "we promise you this is Marvel, please don't be scared" trailers.
  15. The Deeb thing ruled. But they should have found space for another women’s match. Becoming unacceptable at this point.
  16. Assuming they're not planning to get to Bucks vs Red Dragon immediately, have him take another crack at the Elite and mix it up with the whole gang. PAC would be good, be he kind of has to be steered toward Malakai for his next big match.
  17. Watched all the bell-to-bell stuff on Raw for the first time in a long time, and I think my hottest take is that they seem to have toned down on a lot of the cuts and zooming. It's still there, but not as egregious as I remember.
  18. The Oscars will have a host this year.
  19. Anybody know where I can find pictures of John Carpenter at Wrestlemania 3?
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