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  1. The Rey/Eddie custody battle settled via a ladder match is the greatest gimmick of all-time. It is peak wrestling ridiculousness. It was also insanely entertaining during the build — Eddie’s decent into madness starting with some creepy ass promo on a playground, the heel social worker making Dominik leave the comfort of the only family he knows, the pathos of their respective wives, etc. Telling non-wrestling fans about that match with a straight face was impossible. That type of insane idea is why I love wrestling. There is no shortage of actual athletic competitions out there for m
  2. Apparently Aisha won’t be in Season 3. That stinks because she is one of the best characters in the series. She is a parallel to Hawk in a lot of ways. Both were picked on outcasts. But whereas Hawk became awful, Aisha (as made clear by Kim Fields!) walked away with self-confidence and a belief and ability to stand up for herself. She would have been a good way to add even more humanity to Tory going forward, and being a fulcrum with Sam. She did not need Sam’s friendship after all, even if Sam walked away from the awful mean girls. If they do give an explanation for her departure, I thin
  3. I've watched the final episode of Season 2 three times. It's just absolutely perfect. As stated before, it's one of the best choreographed fight scenes of all-time. I read an interview with the producer-type people and they were pretty inspired by West Side Story and The Outsiders. It really shows as there's so much interwoven fighting and it is so theatrical. There's that one Steadicam shot where you just see fight after fight without any cuts for about a minute or so. My favorite one is when Tory and Sam just sort of slide down some side hallways out of view, which is a great way to set up t
  4. Bayley sitting in the chair she used against Sasha was great. That promo was really reminiscent of Eddie sitting in the chair and yelling at Rey’s mask — definitely felt like a reference point and homage to one of the all-time best promos. Really well done from Bayley.
  5. Tory beating Sam’s ass and dragging her by her hair was exactly how one sided fights between girls in my high school unfolded. Sam’s fighting style was straight survival against this maniac. Tory is such a great character. We only got a glimpse of her backstory — her mom getting fired for taking home scraps of food — to get why she is so angry and why she would hate Sam. The roller rink scene was so great in showing that, and a fun callback to when Daniel was working at the country club. Her PA hijacking was a great “oh, it’s on” scene. Aisha whooping some dude’s ass real quick but
  6. I hope they do an episode next season where parents of kids who do not belong to any of the two warring karate dojo’s petition the school board to ban karate.
  7. I just finished Season 2. That final episode is a perfect episode of television. They built up to everything so perfectly. I wish we lived in a world where everyone watched the same eight channels so everyone would have watched this. Tory’s quote when she hijacked the PA: “I’m coming for you... BITCH!!!” is on par with Jesse Spano’s “I’m so scared!” This episode should be as revered as the Drunk Uncle episode of Family Ties or the Gordon Jump episode of Different Strokes or Drake getting shot on Degrassi or The Prom from 90210.
  8. I am halfway into Season 2 since it popped up on Netflix. This show rules. I love the tone in that it is basically a cheeseY teen drama but it is also actually really good in a lot of ways? They do a really good job of the motivations for the kids — there are so many misunderstandings and stupid grudges, just like actual high school. Daniel might be the most pathetic human being alive. I know Johnny never got over high school. But Daniel-san has such a weird fixation on Mr. Miyagi and his grip on his life. I hope his wife leaves him for Sensei Kreese at the next All-Valley Tournament.
  9. Well, this chapter just started. Sasha got brutalized by someone she mistakenly trusted. Now she has to come for revenge. It does not really make sense if she gets one up on Bayley to start with. Where is the payoff? Where is the chase? The villain has to incite the action almost all of the time. Then comes the quest to have a sense of personal justice. That Sasha has flexible ethics means she has more room to work with too. We know this about her already and it is something we have been taught to appreciate when she is a face. Sasha realizing Bayley was about to attack her and
  10. I think Sasha is automatically a face upon her return because the needless severity of the attack. It wasn’t just Bayley turning on a tag partner. It was Bayley: 1) Turning on her well-established best friend 2) While her best friend was vulnerable from a knee injury sustained during the match 3) Going go insane lengths to end Sasha’s career by chair stomping her neck after further damaging her knee. It was next level vicious. Sasha as a face has also been cast as a clever “Cheat To Win” Eddie Guerrero style type. You accept what she will do to win and root for her to do so
  11. Long live the Golden Role Models, one of the best acts in WWE history. And kudos to everyone involved in putting together and insanely layered storyline that has extended itself over several years and across several brands. I love how their epic NXT feud was anchored around Sasha being The Boss of the division and Bayley always coming up short — even in seeing the other Horsewomen get called up without her. But the feud culminated with Bayley besting Sasha in two of the most iconic matches in WWE history. And Sasha’s character — which always had the sub-text of her being insecure at heart
  12. I think NXT's rut is best attributable to the fact that keeping any sort of creative enterprise and serial entertainment -- which wrestling is -- consistently fresh and exciting and must-watch is impossibly hard. NXT managed to really capture its moment. It's ridiculous that NXT was as great as it was for as long as it was. It's impossible to keep that going. Kudos to them for creating a product that was what a lot of wrestling fans didn't know they were looking for. It was a perfect mixture of: Great indie wrestlers developing new characters (Sami), in-house characters finding their voi
  13. The Golden Role Models have been the best part of WWE programming since the pandemic began and dare I say in years. We knew Sasha was a great heel but Bayley is a revelation. Trying to rank "who is the best woman's wrestler since NXT broke big" is so incredibly difficult. My current rankings: 1) BAYLEY. Bayley was the best natural face the WWE developed in decades. She had arguably the two best women's wrestling matches in WWE history against Sasha. They kept her back on NXT so she could anchor the transition to whoever was going to be the next big thing, and she carried that mantle perfe
  14. Anyone who says Big E either has to become more serious or turn is so completely wrong.
  15. Also, they reopened it as Action Park a few summers ago. We went for my brother's bachelor party. Here is my write-up of this day that I posed on Facebook. 1) Within minutes arrival, members of our crew asked for directions to the legendary Tarzan Swings. They were instructed to walk across a series of roped off fences as a shortcut. 2) They no longer have the loop-de-loop waterslide, not even as an artifact. However, they still have some absolutely bonkers rides. 2A) We went on something called "High Anxiety." It accurately simulates what it must be like to be f
  16. I have yet to see Class Action Park because whatever version of HBO I have available to me hasn't put it online yet. I have heard nothing but good things. The son of the owner just published an awesome book called Action Park: Fun Times, Wild Rides and the Untold Story of America's Most Dangerous Amusement Park. I finished it in three or four days. Really funny and surprisingly touching. I don't remember how many times I went to Action Park growing up. It was three or four. That place had such a sketchy reputation that my parents would never take us even though it was about an hour
  17. I am not crazy about those four either but I am such a sucker for Ironman matches. They are easily my favorite stipulation. Chances are they almost always lead to great stories and fun moments. The Bayley/Sasha match was maybe the best match in NXT history and had that iconic moment of Sasha mocking Izzy and the great callback buzzer beater ending. I think they will do a good job with the outline of the match in terms of when pins occur and the like. I am sure a lot of the spots will be ridiculous. I am sure I will hate Johnny Gargano and his awful expressions in this. But I think it will
  18. Tread on Netflix is the true story of a Colorado muffler shop owner/avid snowmobiler and his quest for revenge against the small town oligarchs who have ruined his life via machinations on the sewer and land use committees along with the placement of a nearby concrete plan. Or he's just a maniac who ends up fortifying a bulldozer and literally destroying his community. A+.
  19. I just finished reading Tanking To The Top by Yaron Weitzman. It's a tell-all about The Process-era Sixers. It's a really good read. The Sixers are just such a fucking shit show. It's completely baffling that they're actually as good as they are considering all of the nonsense that went on -- and still does. There's an entire chapter on Markelle Fultz and his saga. There's no answers provided about how he forgot how to shoot a basketball. But there's a ton of dirt about his completely batshit stage mother and the jockeying in his inner circle. It reads like he was just a stressed out kid
  20. Quick question from someone who has not watched one minute of AEW yet. However, I saw on commercials while watching NBA games that Brodie Lee is a huge push. I liked a lot of the indie/Chikara stuff from him and like everyone LOVED him as Luke Harper. I checked out Mr. Brodie Lee and saw that he was leading some NXIUM-style New Age transformative cult. That sounded really awesome. But man, those promos are terrible. They drag so much. Nothing was established at all to show why he is The Exalted One beyond just being a recognizable name and face from being in other promotions. There
  21. That was a great game between a couple of real ones. Dame is the truth. Ja is the next. I am so happy right now having been able to watch that.
  22. Dame is my favorite player. Maybe ever. Dare I say this past week or so felt almost Jordan-ish? He just had this indomitable will to win and the Clippers clowning on him set that off. My second favorite player is Ja. He is unreal. He reminds me of Manu in a lot of ways. He sees the game in a way like no one else does like Manu. Ja also has 99.9999 percentile athleticism. It is over once he gets a consistent jumper. I am so excited for this play-in. My third favorite player is Lowry. He is just a dog. I love the NBA.
  23. And in defense of Retribution being geeks -- How many of you have ever encountered super far-left anarchist types? I've met my fair share over the years. Imagine being at a party and having someone talk to you about the evils of capitalism. They can get really insufferable very quickly. And, also, despite the dog-whistling of ANTIFA in recent months, the people I've known who have gotten involved in all of that stuff have tended towards scrawny vegans who are truly not scary at all. The casting of them being undersized, irritating dorks is pretty spot-on. I am also going to view Retr
  24. I see the face locker room not intervening because they know that being heroic is a test. Faces want to act honorably. But they also know that there are many people who don't. You will fight those people and you will suffer and get hurt by those that act underhanded. You will not always be appreciated for doing what is widely perceived to be the right thing. But if you can take this pain and cruelty and you still want to come back, against all odds, to get revenge for your beloved father... Congrats, kid. You now know what you're going to face your entire career. It's not easy. It's an up
  25. Everything in wrestling is just so weird to watch right now. The Retribution stuff is goofy but wrestling is always goofy. I never bought into the "Cena did not put The Nexus over." Team WWE won the first battle. The end of that match was stupid. But Team WWE winning was perfectly fine. That match itself was also really good except for the ending. Daniel Bryan made his big return after he was let go for those few weeks and made a huge splash. They made the future Ryback look like a total beast. Jericho and Edge were great conniving, selfish bastards. I think with a better ending, it would
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