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  1. "Why are you clapping? He made me fight Cro Cop and Fedor! I just thought it was cool that he died before I did!"
  2. I'm gonna give some love to Masha vs. Allie Katch. It's probably Jericho/Bandido though.
  3. That Rampage ruled. One of those matches shoulda been on Dynamite. What the fuck?
  4. Most other realistically available ex-ROH champs are either heel (Rush, Lethal), hurt (Cole, O'Reilly), or should not be losing to Jericho right now (Joe). There's a chance Jericho might want to work with PCO as a battle of Canadian old dudes, and Homicide + Daniels are feasible. Obviously nobody on Earth wants Jericho vs. Matt Taven. Jay Briscoe would be cool but you have to believe the rumor that he's banned from Turner at this point. Dalton Castle was like the most over dude in the Battle Royal @ Grand Slampage, it's a no-brainer.
  5. It's the Cody vs. Racism promo. No portion of Saraya's blathering approached that level of arrogance or ignorance. It wasn't even playing the same game.
  6. And I think it's because he's been, for the *longest* time, a guy who has frequently been reported as "not a very big fan of Paul Levesque". But Vince loved him. Regime changes, the Jericho-goes-back-to-WWE narrative drops dead and he doubles down as the #1 vet of the AEW locker room. Yet another daring re-invention.
  7. Weird show but a 50+ Chris Jericho just gave Bandido the breakout US TV match he has been due for years and years. Jericho continues to add to his legacy in some really absurd ways. He's the first inductee in the AEW Hall of Fame by a mile.
  8. i have no freakin clue ROH vs CZW Cage of Wargames Joe vs. Punk 3 Danielson vs. Somebody. Maybe Morishima? FTR vs. Briscoes That one Jimmy Jacobs vs. BJ Whitmer match that nobody talks about anymore.
  9. The best Takeshita match of 2022 and very much a Match of the Year Contender, go out of your way to get on this one.
  10. What is House of Black if not a group of three people who, uh, hold on here... represent the words House and Black? Replace Buddy with Powerhouse Hobbes. New leader? Obvious. Negro Casas.
  11. "Fire The Jobbers" is easily one of the Four Pillars of Bad Takes, along with "It's A Work", "Eddie Loses Too Much", and "Meme Wrestler Bad" EDIT: Please do not mistake this as a pro-Luigi Primo statement.
  12. C'mon, Takayasu. Win the first match. Lose the playoff. Prove my cynical, dead heart true.
  13. I don't want anybody thinking it wasn't a very good show to attend. Sixteen god-bless-em quarter hour teevee segments and nothing was less than "great" - even the Battle Royal worked as a casual cooldown for the last two matches. But I truly think most of the crowd had been there last year and were afraid to get half as hot as they did for Omega/Danielson, lest they burn out. Maybe if StrickLee/Acclaimed wasn't so botchy or the MJF cutaways didn't distract from the main?
  14. Everything was good but I don't know what was great. Attended Grand Slam and it was 5 hours where everything was B+. IMPACT was good this week, Victory Road was also super consistent but I know it doesn't count. Okada and Tonga have a great match in them, but they need a cheering crowd that thinks Tonga can win. Every time I can't make up my mind I'm just gonna vote for CMLL until I'm over it. Casas/Panther/Volador vs. Solar/Navarro/Hechicero is the old man llave quasi-spotfest you want it to be. Everyone is the motherfuckin DUDE in this one with Panther and Solar being the DUDEST. Particularly good second fall. Good finish.
  15. His promo about what a "lightning rod for controversy" he's become was clownish stuff. Sometimes you swing and miss, sometimes you swing three times before Bugs Bunny's slowball even reaches the plate. Nice show though. The Grace vs. Masha build has me hooked. Triple Threat Revolver remains a good idea. Mickie looked great.
  16. I was worried the 200's across from the hard cam were gonna look barren for TV, but they filled in after the dark matches. But as is the case with most money markets, those were the last people in and the first people out. The nosebleeds were definitely compromised compared to last year.
  17. Although the first Grand Slam was what you might call "magical", this one was a better overall taping. I have never been part of a hotter crowd than for Omega/Danielson, but it drained the crowd for everything after it. This crowd mighta anticipated that happening again? Where we knew there was 2 and a half hours worth of Rampage afterwards (they cut that shit down in post every time btw) and nobody wanted to go too crazy. First hour was hot but botchy. Interesting creative choices going forward. I'm glad they did the Jericho switch early. Boy, are The Acclaimed over. Women's match continues what I want to be from the division - sticking the upper crust together in different configurations is working. Athena is like, RIGHT THERE as far as putting it together goes. But Hayter's absence was felt. The pop for Saraya was pretty serious, although I wonder how much the average AEW fan just likes debuts of people they've heard of. Some people pop for pops, y'know? I actually don't think Mox and Danielson have real great chemistry??? They sorta cancel each other out??? But I mean the main was still a wonderful slab of pro-wrestling meat that will sustain you through time and elements. The Rampage taping was really solid. There is something you will pop (possibly even MARK) for if you watch it but maybe don't read spoilers? OK. Action Bronson! Competent! I love that two of the ten rap acts I actually pay attention to were featured in this episode. Starks/Hobbes wrestled like they didn't like each other! Jungle Boy vs. Rey Fenix was the only PWG match of the night! - seriously, this was a very un-flippy taping and I didn't mind one bit - and it was a good PWG match!
  18. I sincerely think Bryan Danielson does not want to be World Champion and has told the company such. Maybe because he knows he doesn't need the belt, maybe because he doesn't want to steal anyone's spotlight, or maybe he knows he's one concussion away from retirement. But I don't think he went to AEW to be a champion of anything.
  19. Well those two hours just flew by here in good ol' Queens. Hope nobody was tied to a certain result or nothin'.
  20. Eating a foolishly big Polish lunch in Greenpoint before the show. More and more it dawns on me that this Rampage taping is going to *kill* me.
  21. Thought: Luther & Serpentico woulda ruled in Lucha Underground.
  22. Oficiales vs. Cerebros just barely steals it from Danielson/Jericho. Everybody bleeding + intelligent baking sheet pro wrestling was fun, really appriciated Cerebro Negro Jr.'s babyface work, but I wasn't sure it was gonna overtake until the finish. The dueling martinetes and understated stretcher jobs post-match were so tasty. Pretty sure there was a hair match callout at the end and yeah I'm down for that too.
  23. I don't know what particular problems your knees have to possess for Tobizaru and Ura to yorikiri you - but Ichinojo is easy. if I didn't pledge my undying hatred for Terunofuji all those years ago I'd be glad he's hanging in there. I am a Hokutofuji guy and I'm glad he's doing well. No illusions about a yusho but let's see how far he can ride this wave. Fucking Shodai. My bold prediction is that nobody is going to win this tournament. Buncha dudes lookin good like the afformentioned Tobizaru and Ura + Wakamotoharu and Tamawashi. Even the hopelessly overranked Midorifuji totally brought it to Hoshoryu today, that was nasty sumo the way he went after his elbow and pie-faced him.
  24. I have been putting off Suikoden II for a billion years. Probably my biggest omission in the pantheon of great JRPGs that I've put off the longest (Phantasy Star IV? Breath of Fire III? Star Ocean in general?). On one level this is awesome and maybe I'll actually be able to afford physical copies of these games. But I do have a completed Suikoden I save file on my VITA and I know you get cool stuff if you start Suikoden II with a save from I.
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