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  1. There's this little thing in yr profile where it tells you that you "Won the Day" with the most likes and image/tweet spamming is the only viable strategy. We are slaves to others playing this strange game's meta. And since this is now my negativity post, Shingo looked heavy and the only guy who didn't maximize his screen time was El Phantasmo. But I forgot to mention the glory of PAC surviving Game Over so I'll close with that.
  2. I mean there was a lot of doomsaying but anybody who's been watching these products for awhile coulda told you this was gonna be a worthwhile card. "The build was iffy and I don't know the NJPW guys!" Hey, look, I get it. But this is how you get to know them. Despy/Kanemaru vs. Swerve 'n Lee ruled, I think people forget that the Suzuki-Gun Junior Top Team have been the high point of the IWGP Junior Tag Title scene for half a decade. Opener was gorgeous. Wanted Toni to win but I get it. Will and OC were always going to tear the joint down and I begrudgingly accept Will's slowed-down heel shtick. Cole should not have been in the ring but at least we've got a big Rainmaker IOU to cash in. Claudio, yeah, perfect, it's gonna lead to him ' Eddie in a cage again, Zack is just so my dude and I love his big, shit talking, whiny heart. Wasn't sure about the main but it's like every time Mox blades the sun comes up. Rises, if you will.
  3. Yeah I don't wanna contibute to discussing an active show but the crowd is here for this + theories about the talent being extra motivated may prove true.
  4. This is why I woulda kept Marko Stunt. The two of them dueting over "Adam's Song" in front of whatever American chain restaurant the Japanese talent are geeking about on Twitter, while a Punk-We-Hardly-Knew-Ya Powerpoint drifts in and out... you're beating the hockey ratings with that.
  5. Don't watch it. Buddy Rogers flops on his back and tries to catch Ali in a figure-four for fifteen rounds.
  6. I thought this was a new topic and was dumbfounded that Taven hadn't lost a singles match in three years. I was something well beyond dumbfounded when I saw Taven's last singles loss was to Enzo.
  7. Naito's functionally done as a main eventer, Kenny's still hurt, Kota and Sasha might be healthy (or not) but are off the table, Adam Cole's banged up, Big E's still out, at least three midcard women in AEW w/ Bunny, Velvet & Hirsch, obviously the Hardys aren't a factor anymore, Anthony Bowens is in a wheelchair, Tanahashi looks like hell. It's rough out there.
  8. edit: wrong thread will turn this post into actual content in the AM, pwomise
  9. Wrestling as an artform greatly relies on the foolish dreams of its audience. The ideal WWE kid grows up wanting to main event Wrestle Mania. When you grow up and realize you can't, your brain transitions right into wanting to be Vince or some other promoter, Gedo or some other booker, Meltzer or some other journo/critic, Cornette or some other shithead.
  10. I hope tonight's Vince segment is ludicrously tasteless. I hope he gives a coked-out, completely kayfabe promo where he yells about his penis and little else. I hope they show footage of every tasteless Attitude Era angle, every tongue-wagging sexist interaction with talent, the n-bomb, putting himself over God, the Steroid Trial, everything. An unending Who-Blew-The-Whistle? angle involving every on-screen talent. I hope he gets storyline shot by a sniper like in that Great Sasuke commercial tape and the whole night is run as a tribute show while his corpse lies in the middle of the ring and everybody has to wrestle around it. If this is truly the end of the Vince McMahon character, I want him to die as he lived. As a leviathan of entertainment, sinking to the bottom of an ocean of ignorance.
  11. I believe Vince owns Class B stock that has mega-multiplied voting power, and if he sells any of his stock it loses that power. He owns maybe a third of all shares but 75%+ of voting?
  12. His mere presence would kill the crowd. You think people are gonna cheer watching Jeff hurt himself when everybody has recently been reminded of how he deals with his pain? I hated the signing and I hope there's consequences. I hope Jeff is out immediately. I hope Matt sits out for the foreseeable for continuing to go to bat for him. There hasn't been room for forgiveness in years and years.
  13. I thought last week's Eddie Kingston promo was one of the worst he's ever cut in AEW. Trying to hard to "make it real" so he could get a better reaction out of himself, the thing with the crew dude felt like he was checking things off a list and hit way too close to MJF mentioning the "countdown" a few weeks prior. Reminds me of when I agreed to be in waaay too many plays back-to-back and I wound up dogging my performance in an all-time American classic that was 3/4 comprised of my monologues. Ugh. Eddie! Don't force the method acting if it isn't coming naturally!
  14. Kris Stadtlander is in a really good place right now. Every second of her match clicked. Let's pull some triggers. FTR were working Will *snug* in the beginning there, definitely not a showcase match and definitely better for it. I'm a high voter on Hager and think he's a pretty nifty obstacle to overcome, as long as he's not having a light shined on his charisma deficiencies or being compared to Cesaro or Dr. Death. Nothing wrong with the Platinum Satnam debut. Good ep.
  15. He used it one whole time. Thank Mr. Stokley Hathaway for that. https://www.cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=144118
  16. Only if Miro wins and starts coming out to Gustav Holst.
  17. Will is the Worst in the World but he's been jobbing to everybody and missed out on his push with his neck thing, COVID, and kidney infection. I was afraid he'd be shoehorned in as NJPW's Kenny replacement but I think he's shaking out as the upper-midcarder he's supposed to be. I went to the NJPW show in DC and he ate the pin in the main event. So maybe I can find a way to tolerate him, just never put the fucking IWGP on him ever again please.
  18. We get it. We will continue to get it. The people who have initially agreed with you have *long since got it*. I've been doing good leaning into this post-cynic part of my fandom. KOR wins the thing in the beginning and I think to myself "shit, they wouldn'ta ran it this way unless Kyle and Mox really wanna work together and think they have a killer match in them." Then they have a super mega killer match. Imagine that.
  19. The part that's truly brilliant is equally insanely carny. I assume a pec tear is a relatively safe injury to wrestle with because I've seen sumo dudes work through the same thing in real matches. It also looks totally gross. Cody couldn't have had a "better" injury and his first instinct was to capitalize on it to look like the biggest baby that ever faced, drawing tons of sympathy from a crowd that probably thought his heart was going to fall out of his bellybutton. I still believe the WWE audience will get hip to Cody's borderline-sociopathic ability to bullshit but for now, jeez, this whole thing is so gloriously pro-wrestling.
  20. There is an old story about Punk initially refusing pain medication when he cracked his skull early in his career. And I want to say he eventually relented?
  21. What they failed to mention is that he bowls overhand.
  22. Masha is probably my second-place pick but I've always liked Mei and dutifully apologize for just not having the time for ChocoPro. Biff is always awesome. Miyahara blows my mind but always burns me out when I go on a deep dive of his stuff- I like his big tag matches more this year then his (really good) singles stuff. I have no idea what happens in WWE. After DoN Eddie wins this in his sleep.
  23. I can buy in to this. Cody and Sammy stop their bickering after ATT & Scorpio Sky take the belt. They join forces because Sammy at the time was an over young babyface and Cody is a Rhodes and can't help himself, thus they run the mixed tag with Brandi . I only assume this because Cody had already been pegged as the network-friendly guy with a classical style that could ease non-wresters onto TV (Shaq, Ogogo, Amell), Brandi might felt like she was owed one after missing the Shaq match, and Tay Conti's place in the storyline seems so shoehorned and unfortunate that I can only hope she was a late replacement. Or maybe they figured "Tay's legit enough to work with a shooter". Also seems like they didn't have a lot of wiggle room in regards to timing and creative due to PVZ's involvement so this is the version that falls closest in line to the original plans.
  24. Watching that MJF promo was sublimely uncomfortable and I don't even know if I thought it was "good" in the moment, but like ten minutes later I realized I had just watched a segment that may well be talked about for decades to come. And I think a lot of that confusion comes from my having no idea where all this is going. Something I thought a lot about during the wonky results of the last PPV - how much disappointment comes from a card not following somebody's prognostications & fantasy booking? So much of the discussion on this (or any) board is simply armchair booking, trying to guess what results are going to be and arguing your case for why your booking sheet would be more entertaining or profitable. Instead of arguing if the Warrior's halfcourt offense is gonna be stopped by the Celtics' screen-switching, we argue who's kissing the booker's ass the most and who's T-shirt sells the best. I do it too, but it's weird. I remember going to Full Gear 2019 and every single match went exactly as I figured it would. I even guessed the match order. That show was rightfully considered to be a good one and I was bored out of my skull the whole time. But this is the exact opposite, and I think there are people who are getting legitimately frustrated by not being able to guess where this angle is going - due to the fact that so much of their interaction with pro-wrestling involves said guessing. "Give the people what they want, in a way they don't expect" vs. "Clever things make people feel stupid and unexpected things make people feel scared!" comes to mind, but it only makes sense if this actually turns out to be clever. We're 25 years on from Montreal and we've got all this goddamned context. How much of the response is colored by remembering old, awful worked-shoot stuff? Because this is not Russo level, at all. MJF did not win the AEW Championship in the middle of his promo like Hogan did when he put his foot on Jarrett. I'd say this has a lot more to do with the worked-shoot stuff Cody was leaning into, and how it all ended up, which brings me to my next point... Is it just pre-emptive grief in case MJF jumps ship? Trash everything he's doing now so it hurts less if/when pro-WWE Twitter trolls rub his 2024 Royal Rumble debut in your face? I know DVDVR has more of a perceived "right" to be AEW homers than anywhere else on the internet, I know a lot of us have chosen this company to be the main one we hang our fan hats on. But a lot of these angry, snap judgement are coming off as some jealous lover-type stuff. Saying "I hope MJF just leaves for New York right now"... I understand that there's a defensiveness that arises when the well-being of the company is laid this bare, but it kind of is what it is. People are gonna go and people are gonna stay. I'm of the opinion that at least they're making compelling television out of it. WWE apologists ran "wait and see" into the ground, but time will tell and I will listen with this angle.
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