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  1. Velocity was a major part of re-esablishing my love of wrestling. Akio, Sakoda, Tajiri, Paul London, Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, Ultimo Dragon, Jamie Noble, Spike Dudley, and ever other low-card 2004 Smackdown cruiserweight were my jam in high school. I was never a WWE guy, really, but that division was probably my high point in being a committed WWE stan, the semester before I figured out how to torrent RoH shows. Sakoda might be a short-lived undercard guy and a forgotten talent but I'm more sentimental about him than plenty of World Champs. RIP.
  2. I want to see this math applied to so many matches. For the sake of recency & topic I say start with Jericho/Gage.
  3. Oh my God, this fucking match. I came into my diehard wrestling fandom in the post-VHS pre-Youtube days, voracious and obsessive like ya do. When I was 16 and daydreamed of wrestling school as a viable alternative to college (in retrospect, wasn't it?) I was obviously taken by the AJPW classics, the epics. The 30+ minute Triple Crown Tragedies in Seven Steps and all that good shit. So yeah. Lots of thinking about 6/9/95 while failing Calculus quizes. Toshiaki Kawada vs. Akira Taue, 1/15/91 Korakuen Hall is a match for grown-ups. People who only have 15 minutes before they have to go to their fucking job. If All Japan were a North American company that had to rely on feud-based weekly TV, this would be the match to point to as a perfect hypothetical TV main event. If the house style of AJPW were closer to this, Akira Taue would be the most beloved Pillar. It straight-up hurts that no Triple Crown matches looked like this one, certainly the HDA and the gaijin would have loved to get this ugly every now and again. Maybe this was only going to work in a place like Korakuen, but man, matches like this make you never want to leave Korakuen. This match really does hint at an alternative future to King's Road that we never saw come to pass. I love the cutaway shots to Jumbo and Kobashi, I love the blood, I love everything the guardrail is involved in. The non-cooperative headbutts and elbows, the organic nearfalls that emerge from the chaos, the one completely appropriate no-sell, Kawada abandoning his kicks, the announcers getting too hyped and calling the wrong moves, the fucking gross finish... I can't remember seeing such joy in Akira Taue's eyes as when he's obliterating Kawada's knee. This match is a truck full of testicles crashing into an exploding sake factory.
  4. AEW names or AEW jobber names? Cause I will sell you an entire lot of AEW jobber names wholesale. I'll just sit here and bang 'em out. Bump Riley "Houndstooth" Harry Hilton The Convicted Murderer
  5. It was the only really obvious "wrong call" of the night. I feel like the hot opener was a lot more strategically sensible in the Wednesday Night Wars days, and I understand the importance of putting on a big match first sometimes. But it DID burn out the crowd, and it DID create a ratings curve that was less than ideal. I'll hear the argument that the title match should have went on last, but I think opening with FTR vs. Bug Dad & Bone Kid would have worked out better.
  6. That's as damning a statement of Meltzer's credibility as a rater of matches that you'll ever see.
  7. This is the loudest crowd I've ever been a part of by, like, double. More will be written about Danielson/Omega but I have to give them a lot of credit for not telegraphing the draw too much live. Cody's Totally Not a Heel Evil Knieval Bridal Train had the crowd stunned. Every act is over. This shit is crazy. Did Ruby gas really hard, or something? Whatever, shit's magical + only half done, God help us.
  8. I-95 looks ready to have me, time to begin the trip to Queens. WMXXX + Omega/Okada IV was last night's required viewing. We'll have lunch today in South Philly to soak up the prowres energy. Something on a roll. If Cody wins we Soho.
  9. Mark Henry is completely capable as a radio host. He's a smart enough guy and can string together a meaningful observation better than the average person. He just can't do it at the speed wrestlers wrestle.
  10. One more painful reminder that Arn Anderson is not, at all, my dad.
  11. I slayed MC's in EWR expansions My style broke New York's fuckin neck like Stan Hansen
  12. Sign me up. I need wearable deepsmark legitimacy at the indie shows I attend and my Negro Navarro x Nation of Ulysses collar tee isn't cutting it anymore.
  13. Young wrestling fans are finally digging through the shit we already knew about and I shudder to think where their minds are going to be after "Shawn Michaels was a serial rapist" becomes common knowledge.
  14. In defense of Tommy... No, really! Hear me out! His stupid statements were always cut to right after after Heidi Doyle's heavier segments. It made it seem like Tommy was responding directly to everything Heidi was saying, as if he were in the same room or at least had been viewing her footage. This is a very old editing trick, and you will see it in almost any documentary you watch. You'll see it all the time when they're trying to edit a story into a reality or competition show. It was a touch manipulative, and made Dreamer's already repugnant statements seem that much repugnant-er. This does not excuse or condone a thing Tommy said. This does not make Heidi Doyle's story any less true or troubling. I just think the show's editing was very MTV's The Real World when it didn't need to be. Ignorant as Tommy was, I'm willing to believe he'd never heard Heidi Doyle tell her side of the story. If I were Tommy's PR, I would tell him to say something along the lines of "Prior to the airing of this episode, I was unaware and misinformed in regards to Heidi Doyle's recollection of that day's events" followed by a few hundred apologies and public contrition via another kendo stick shot to the nuts.
  15. Fuego will pin Miro in three or four years and the pop will be insane. AEW is back to their old ways of running the same angle twice in the same show - Sammy + Ruby grabbing a heel's discarded title and posing with it. Knock it off. But Britt/Ruby felt like the most legit non-wrestling AEW women's segment I've seen in, like, ever. Good on Jericho putting over The Butcher as the man he actually is - a very talented guitarist in a legitimately successful metal band. BB&B aren't as over as they should be and there's no reason not to provide Butcher with that extra level of depth, the Jungle Jack Perry route instead of the "Rex Steiner" method of burying anything that might generate more buzz. However, if we're gonna use Andy Williams' shoot name he might as well come out to a Drop D tuning, double kick drum cover of "Moon River". I just plain ol' like Allie. I've always thought she has natural screen presence. Not a huge HFO guy but I think the ponytail shearing got the point across. Shades of X-Pac/Hayes.
  16. I always catch myself thinking about the "Lost Generation" of US pro-wrestlers who existed after the demise of WCW/ECW and before the NXT talent raids. Like, I don't think we realized what was happening during those 18 years of WWE dominance and TNA futility. I don't think we realized it was a period in wrestling history when things were not the way they were supposed to be. Even (especially?) die-hard fans were so pessimistic about the whole thing that we just assumed wrestling wasn't ever going to be cool again, the UFC took all the legitimacy away, Benoit took away all the joy, the demise of WCW took away all the creativity, and somehow our favorite thing deserved to be portrayed to the masses as a largely stupid and childish form of entertainment. That's why I think it's really important to remember and celebrate the generation of wrestlers who peaked in that era and never got to make the millions of dollars & fans that they would have in any other. Off the top of my head, Homicide, Nigel McGuinness, and Chris Hero are the big-name indy superstars that come to mind but after that first tier comes a bunch of bigger what-ifs. Alex Shelley, Super Dragon, Eddie Edwards, maybe not headcases like Low Ki and Davey Richards. Really entertaining guys who would have gotten over as midcard acts, like a hypothetical 2002 ECW run with the Spanish Announce Team, or 2009 WCW running an odd CHIKARA tag in the first hour of Nitro. Who's to say an edgy rival doesn't counter-program the Cena era and doesn't do a Gage-esque short run with a deathmatch guy? I think the rawest deals went to the "sports entertainment" type guys who worked a real solid style but weren't flashy enough to win over spotmark indy fans, i.e. BJ Whitmer, Adam Pearce, Xavier, etc. Or European guys like Jody Fleisch who would have, at the very least, been able to garner a decent following with just a little US TV exposure or bigger US indies that could afford to fly them in. Or, here's a shocker, every woman who was in that first wave of SHIMMER talent - it is bullshit that people like Lacey or LuFisto never even had a chance to be famous. A majority of the PWG founders + early regulars had to eventually say "fuck it" and fall back on their day jobs, and I'm pretty certain time has already dimmed the glory of their deeds. Not to mention global talent like the cursed 3rd Generation of the NJPW dojo, the heavyweights that failed to inherent the throne of NOAH, and the dozens of luchadores who would have done a better job with the Sin Cara gimmick than Mistico. I guess what I'm saying is, this board was built on the discussion of monopoly-era indies and international wrestling so talking about these guys is second nature to a lot of us. But the rest of the wrestling fandom is pretty darn clueless. Don't allow these past decades to become the Dark Ages. Tell the children all your tales of B-Boy, "The Turkish Delight" Murat Bosporus, and Osamu Nishimura, or we will live in a world that will forget them.
  17. Super stoked to see two talented "what happened to that guy?" indy dudes getting a shot on Dark: Elevation. Santana & Ortiz are up against former Chris Hero protege & elbow lunatic JT DUNN and a man currently going by the name of Avery Good, which is a great stealth pun on his former name of A Very Good Professional Wrestler. You might remember him as CHIKARA standout, the Old-Timey King of Swing DASHER HATFIELD. I hope they get a decent amount of time.
  18. Fucking hell Tommy Dreamer why don't you try to be the Innovator of Silence from now on.
  19. Is the demo still up? I think it has a pretty lengthy one.
  20. I think the bigger tell is Tony Khan not featuring Ric on TV at all, even after the Andrade angle in Mexico. There was an interview with the DSotR creators or producers or whoever from months and months ago - the link is probably somewhere in this thread - and they're talking about how the Plane Ride episode was by far the "worst" thing they've ever had to put together, and how it made the whole team a bunch of anxious wrecks. Now obviously somebody isn't going to do an interview where they call that incident worse than Benoit or Grizzly Smith or whatever, and I don't think that's what they're saying, but the tone was definitely one of grief. I think they think this one is the "worst" episode because there is no way to tell this story without bringing significant attention to the fact that Ric Flair sexually assaulted multiple flight attendants, and that the people who put together DSotR are actually bothered by the fact that this is going to maim the legacy of and bring significant controversy to their still-living, still culturally relevant pro wrestling hero. I think WWE realized this was going to be the case at least as soon as that interview aired, or possibly since the episode itself was announced. I think AEW realized this was going to be the case. Everything that has or hasn't happened with Ric since follows that scenario.
  21. BRAZO DE ORO/BRAZO DE PLATA/EL BRAZO vs. EL DANDY/POPITEKUS/SUPER ASTRO 5/3/91 What a pure, good, happy match. I was far too busy to do enough grief-watching of Super Porky and this one really hits the spot. Super duper good-natured technico vs. technico stuff, particularly the Porky vs. Popi exchanges. You can hear the children smiling. 1991 El Dandy is the best babyface in the cosmos, Super Astro does some nutty dives and the other Brazos keep the momentum going. Is there a better "I completely forgot I love this guy" technico than Popitekus?
  22. This x A Big Number. Being a talented base in any women's division is a huge skill to have. Hayter jumped into Riho's plancha like she was fuckin' Averno or somebody - related question - who are the best emergent lucha bases? I remember thinking Hechicero was a dude of some talent in that regard but CMLL is a dumpster fire and I've lost focus on the matter. Turns out you can run PAC vs. Andrade whenever you need to absolutely tear a house down. It didn't even seem like they were going full steam. Jesus, imagine if this match were slotted in to All Out where it was supposed to be, you would have taken the hottest US PPV of the last ten years and bumped it up to even another level. Pair these guys up. I think they have a stupendous 30 minute draw in them and a MOTYC blowoff after that.
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