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  1. Alright, Mr Dunn... I'm ready for my 50 close ups...
  2. You think EA's deal with their sports licenses has something to do with it? There's gotta be some contractual failsafe to prevent Madden going Xbox exclusive, for instance. I mean, Players' Associations and everything are caught up in that - it's one thing if Elder Scrolls goes exclusive but pissing off countless, profit-generating sportspeople worldwide might? be a bridge to far. I know the FIFA contract runs out this year and that ground is shaky, but I'm not qualified to comment. Maybe nobody can make a move until then? Of course, if there is some contractual failsafe then maybe NFL 2K comes back. I might live in the neutral territories of retro/indie/JRPG dorkdom but I know damn well who made the better football sim back in the day.
  3. Well I wouldn't know because I mainlined the damn thing and completed the whole book at 3AM. No plot-specific spoilers, but there are a lot of little tricks I used. Very curious as to what avenues of deduction I missed, and how different the book is filled out if you complete certain people earlier or later.
  4. I beat two time-intensive RPGs in Xenogears & Yakuza 6 before the New Year, along with South Park: Stick of Truth. I decided to avoid any major time-sinks so now I'm more than halfway done with Shantae and the Seven Sirens, Clock Tower 3, SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash and PaRappa the Rapper 2. But I felt brave this morning and played the first few hours of Return of the Obra Dinn and I don't know how I'm gonna think about or play anything else for awhile.
  5. That statement wasn't made with fans in mind, only advertisers. If there's one advertiser that doesn't want to associate their brand with women bleeding all over the place, and if WWE's statement makes them realize it, they did their job. Smear the competition and make their brand less valuable.
  6. If Jack Evans wants to keep his job, he needs to be put in this sub every week.
  7. Love the territorial "here's a video from the ranch" vibes, but Caster has no bars.
  8. They surprise-dropped SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash on the Switch eShop this week. I've been waiting for this for years. I played the shit out of the Pokemon TCG on Gameboy Color and this was the only other handheld TCG game held in similar esteem. I read about it in magazines, talked about it online, heard it mentioned at retro shops, tried to get the ball rolling on it via emulation but this is the first time I've dived in despite wanting to for 20 years. Even almost bought a Neo Geo Pocket Color once just so I could own it... yeah, this game is as great as everybody says it is. Eight bucks. Pure joy.
  9. Ronnie hurts. A survivor of things I can't imagine, a talent as cool and human and resonant as you could ever hope to have. Be My Baby is the best American pop song ever recorded. I love that her legacy lives with the punks. I love that 1999 EP she did where she covered all the people who worshiped her
  10. I know Wardlow vs. MJF is the money match but they're gonna go Southern on this and keep the two apart as long as possible. I can't wait for Wardlow doing an extended bloodmurderhell squash on Shawn Spears first. Maybe during a PPV? 100 powerbomb referee/SWAT team stoppage?
  11. A FACE-MELTINGLY GREAT EPISODE OF TEEVEE RASSLIN WARDLOW IS THE TITTY DADDY! DEEB IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD! BEST HOBBES PERFORMANCE EVER! DANTE LEARNED HOW TO LOOK ANGEY! PUNK GOT SOMEBODY OVER! BRITTKLIQ! HANGMAN PAGE GETS CHAMPIONSHIP POPS! JUNGLE BOY CONTINUES TO SPEAK COMPETENT ENGLISH! PENTA/MATT started as an exhausting taunt-off instead of the return of psycho LU arm-breaking Penta that we all want. Significantly better after the PiP break. I TOLD YOU ALL IT WAS BROOODY KIIING TIIIME~~~ TATTOO FRIENDS ~~~ MAX CASTER occasionally needs a ghost writer but THE BEARS ARE GOOD AND EVERYBODY DID THE WRESTLE. STING N DARBS ARE NO NOVELTY ACT. BUG DAD N BONE KID! WHAT DO YOU CALL A PAC WITH NO EYES??? PAC! DANIEL GARCIA CAN JUST DO THIS SHIT AUTOMATICALLY! Funny thing, though, this episode didn't "breeze by". Every quarter-hour felt really dense. A lot of really good showcases for homegrown talent, I had to chew on this one but the ep was a banquet.
  12. I only have the Psikyo collections, Mushihimesama, Sine Mora, Jamestown, and Blackbird (not even Raiden!) but I think I'd argue that the ability/accessories that allow you to play in Tate Mode undocked make the Switch the objective best console for shmups, ever.
  13. Finally watching the NJPW/NOAH jawn and this is the most essential night of the three, if not the best. ZSJ/Kanemaru vs. Ogawa/Marufuji in particular is the best Dream Match I Didn't Know I Wanted that I've seen in a long, long time, and I want to give the MVP of the match to Chris Charleton on commentary. Putting over the deeply underrated legacy of Kanemaru and Ogawa at all junctures, really getting the point across with the crazy histories that came together in this one, he mirrored my thoughts often and dropped some meaty stats. The (living) person I wind up thinking the most about during this whole show is Jushin Liger. This is the first major NJPW/NOAH interaction since his retirement and I miss his completely fuckin' absolute disdain for all Unworthy NOAH Punk Asses. If he feels like it he could just wrestle as Yamada and murder a few NOAH junior midcarders. I know you lurk these boards, Liger. Think about it.
  14. Big miss for insane cheap heat, Max Caster. "After we win / They'll say look what we done did / Unlike Betty White / We keep it one hundred"
  15. We didn't want to tell you, but he's been doing this in every match for years.
  16. I bought a ginormous lot of WWE-produced DVD as a Christmas gift for myself and it's been fun going through them - my meager funds were all wired to the usual suspects of comp curators and puroresu bootleggers. My best friends/backyard booking subjects had piles of those "I'VE HAD SURGERY. FIVE TIMES. IN MY LEFT KNEE." DVDs and I was always kinda jealous but now I'm buying em all for <$5 on eBay. The documentaries, talking heads-over-poorly mixed stock music, are what they are. They're a fine thing to clean your living room to. And the vintage stuff certainly includes some cool left-field picks (and some really cool alternate commentary tracks). But the most valuable collections seem to be what they were doing with the ECW library, I don't want to say they're essential because they're light on a lot of things (New Jack, non-Philly shows, early Dudleys, etc.) but all those Bloodsport, Unreleased, and Extreme Rules releases are really tightly put together and flow well match-to-match. Watching them all makes me ask a question that I always have to ask... why are so many old ECW matches long as fuck? It's kind of a rhetorical question I guess. They were laid out for crowds and tape, not live TV. That ECW, despite its hardcore trappings, still wanted to (any maybe was) the US workrate promotion of the mid-nineties, that the house style was established as a post-NWA house show kind of thing well before the promotion got super popular. And maybe the production values and the one-man booth make the moment-to-moment wrestling blend together more than a more glamorous product would. But damn, man, those main events (especially the tag matches) just go on forever, it's like listening to the mid-career work of a really good singer-songwriter who knows exactly how talented they are. They bask in their own semigenius and write every song with one too many verses. It's a very consistent flaw.
  17. Hard for me to get into this one, like everybody else I expected these to be Clash-esques. I was into the main but I don't know if I've ever heard an AEW crowd deader than during Starks/Sydal.
  18. I don't think I realized how savvy the booking is for the NJPW/NOAH card. A lot of the matches have a ton of context. Tanahashi & Mutoh, inheritors of the Dragon System, haven't faced off in 13 years when Tana won at the Tokyo Dome, Sugiura leading his own army against Suzuki after being a Suzuki-gun for a spell, the lucharesu guys being pared up, Zack taking on his old partner Ratboy & old NOAH rivals Marufuji and Kanemaru locking horns in the same match, hell, even Seiya Sanada and Manabu Soya have a story to tell.
  19. He basically said this one his Insta. "The color will reveal the hidden. Wednesday two with a third to come." Two blackouts tonight. Third = Brody King.
  20. It's been awhile since the early Wrestle Kingdom MotY frontrunners got bumped in less than a day or two. Then again, nothing on those cards was better than Nakajima/Shiozaki and nothing's gonna touch Page/Danielson II until Danielson feels like it.
  21. btw every Pillar has won a championship but MJF, if Punk doesn't bring this up it's a missed opportunity.
  22. Rey Fenix having a horrific injury on live TV was a matter of when, not if. But oh my God why did they have to replay it twice.
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