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  1. The developers have said that they will patch the trophy/achievement list after the servers shut down.
  2. I pre-ordered some PS5 games (Spider-Man Miles, Demon's Souls, Sackboy & Destruction All-Stars) even though I have no intention of buying a PS5 right now. I will likely wait a year or two before I get it. I'm debating whether I want AC Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion or COD Black Ops Hot Pockets Cold War Lukewarm Reception or whatever it's called. I'm hoping Destruction All-Stars doesn't have any online trophy/server/online play bullshit, otherwise I'm cancelling it.
  3. It's coming back and you play a medieval version of it. Final Fantasy XVI pretty much looks like Game of Thrones but with chocobos and crystals. Maybe they'll introduce characters that you like that will die half way through. Hopefully, the ending will be less bad.
  4. Sony may change their minds about Horizon: Forbidden West being a PS4 game too. I can see them cancelling it and putting more into the PS5 version to make it a system seller. I'm surprised by Spider-Man Miles being a PS4 title -- it may be too soon to change it to a PS5 only game so it's fine if it's a PS4 game. I'm also surprised that DMC 5 SE is a PS4 title too.
  5. They spent a lot of time on Deathloop, which I went from liking to "God this looks like a painfully unfun mixture of Dishonored and the worst parts of Majora's Mask."
  6. After watching the showcase (which essentially repeats some of the reveals from the earlier showcase), I'm very much 'eh' towards buying a PS5 at launch. What makes me less likely to get it is the fact that the centerpieces (Spidey Miles, Horizon: FW) are both PS4 and PS5 games. There's no point in having a PS5 then. Not to mention that Sony has their first-party games see price increases and $70 USD will be their retail price going forward. I know games are expensive and we are paying for their marketing budget, not for them to actually make the game. Besides FFXVI (OMG it's Ga
  7. I agree -- I got screwed out of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron for PS4 Platinum since there was an online trophy in the single player campaign. The guy who wrote the guide got flak over it.
  8. LOL, that's usually the case. I just got 5 trophies left before I Platinum it (stupid collectibles trophy and Medium/Hard/Very Hard difficulties and play all missions as Thomas). Unfortunately, I got to put that on hold since it was announced that the servers for Mad Max are shutting down on October 30, 2020. There is ONE online trophy for it in "Up To The Task" trophy. Apparently, there's two online challenges tied to it that are required. Oh and the save file will need to be backed up constantly since one of the scrap locations is known to glitch and glitches are known to occur.
  9. Playing Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, I find it to be the worst game Ubisoft has ever done. The duel mechanics are not explained and you have no fucking clue how you fail and get killed in a duel repeatedly. Hey Ubisoft, like Dusty Rhodes would say, don't do shit you don't know how to do. I may beat the game and forget going for the Platinum due to this. I may also snap the disc in half.
  10. If they announce that Demon's Souls is a launch title and there's a release date/price....shit, I really don't want another next-gen console. I'm not sure where I have room for it. No, I don't have any Funkos.
  11. The Platinum for Foul Play is actually quite difficult due to the lone online trophy not allowing for connections to other players online. I tested it with someone and the trophy didn't unlock for them even though we were in the same region.
  12. Knowing WWE and their unwillingness in having their games look better, WWE 2K22 will still look like a PS2/PS3 game.
  13. Got my 185th Platinum trophy with Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon. Compared to Spyro 1 & 2, the Platinum is a lot easier and strangely, doesn't require a total completion. For it to be complete, you need to find 147 Dragon Eggs but to get the Platinum you only need 100. I'm surprised that Activision doesn't make a Spyro 4 after Crash Bandicoot 4 comes out, but I guess Spyro Reignited Trilogy wasn't that successful for them. EDIT: Actually there was one with Enter The Dragonfly and A Hero's Tail. I guess they could remasters of those.
  14. For me, a lot of what I'm feeling about PS5 and Xbox Series X is that they are incremental leaps rather than a big leap from PS3 to PS4 and Xbox 360 to Xbox One. What I'm really seeing with it is an excuse for publishers to charge more on their games -- I strongly suspect that $70 USD will be the price for a retail physical game and a lot of smaller developers/publishers are feeling pressured to "increase their production values" hence their prices. For example, Daedelic is making Lord of the Rings: Gollum and it looks like something WB Games would publish; their biggest games previously were
  15. Got my 184th Platinum trophy with Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage. Decent game but it's like they felt the first game wasn't hard enough then had the easiest final boss I've ever seen.
  16. Is everyone but me going to Platinum Ghost of Tsushima? I need to quit messing around and get on it!
  17. Got my 183rd Platinum trophy with Spyro the Dragon. Great game, but the camera system is borderline garbage. I tend to like collect-a-thons for whatever reason.
  18. Yeah, Fuck Nintendo for their artificial scarcity. They could leave Super Mario 3D All-Stars available forever if they want to. And they are really doing something bone headed by pulling that with Super Mario 35. Tetris 99 took off like a bandit and I think Super Mario 35 will too.
  19. Rayman Legends has one of the most ridiculous grinds with the Diamonds and final level of Awesomeness, so awesome work on this. I still need to do this after I do Rayman Origins.
  20. I swear about everyone I know online or in real life has the Ghost of Tsushima Platinum. I will get it for my 200th Platinum trophy. I got my 182nd Platinum trophy this morning with LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean for PS3. I'm surprised there wasn't a PS4 remaster released, must be licensing issues with Disney.
  21. It's George R.R. Martin's curse. He never finishes anything. Also, FROM Software usually debuts gameplay at Tokyo Game Show (although Dark Souls III & Bloodbourne were at Gamescom).
  22. I'm very close to getting that, Mortal Shell, New Super Lucky's Tale and No Straight Roads. Ahhhhhhh
  23. Infallible. You have to win 5 episodes in a row....it's possible to get legitimately but so much RNG is involved to obtain it. There's an exploit to get it but the developers are going to patch it out because they are jerks.
  24. Got my 181st Platinum with GoldenEye 007 Reloaded. Note: the servers shut down earlier this year, so the 100% from scratch is impossible. The game is great, but the reloading of guns....really annoying. I hate how developers try to do 'realistic' reloading when you just want the character to cram the clip in and go. It's a video game. No one will notice. The last mission on 007 Classic is annoying and "Solar Agitated" is really annoying to do. Yes, I still need to do Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer trophies.
  25. I refuse to play Fall Guys because one of the trophies is physically impossible and the developers really need to patch it. Just Platinum'ed Aliens Vs. Predator recently and working on GoldenEye 007 Reloaded for a Platinum. Aliens Vs Predator is ridiculously hard and I can't believe I finished it.
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