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  1. People in this case are the potential audience not watching AEW, people currently watching AEW and people watching AEW and changing the channel. You don't have to be insulting about it.
  2. While I agree that the value of AEW is in incredible matches like Dax vs. Danielson, there's one problem: to get people to watch AEW, you have to have a World champion (and secondary title holders) that people actually want to see. All the matches that take place are supposed to build up storylines leading to title shots. Otherwise, it's just Tony Khan throwing wrestlers into the ring because he fantasy booked his way into it. Logically speaking, why would Dax and Danielson fight in the first place? What's the payoff? Danielson needing to find a tag partner against FTR for any of their tag titles? But nope can't do that because now Danielson is involved with MJF due to his coming to Regal's aid. Past AEW World champions delivered on some level. Kenny Omega is doing the exact same thing MJF (being an attraction) is trying to do except he had incredible matches. Hangman Page (whose reign MJF's starting to resemble) wasn't great on the mic but he had the match of his life (twice) vs Danielson. Moxley, despite his questionable choices in the ring and somewhat cookie cutter matches and Jim Cornette not liking any of them (Fuck Cornette, there I said it), delivered where it counted. Jericho even delivered. Yeah, there are better usages of time than actually watching AEW at this point. Tony Khan has a whole slew of veteran talent/wrestlers that could build longevity for him but he chooses to ignore it.
  3. If the crowd is dying for their World champion on his first promo as champion, Tony Khan needs to hot-shot the title off of MJF asap. It's only going to get worse and eventually the crowd won't react to a thing he says because there won't be that many people reacting to it. His complaints about how fans are tired of him (almost blaming them for being tired of him) probably shouldn't have been said; it will lead to a decrease in attendance and YouTube views (right now, his nearly 20 minute bore-a-thon got 450k viewers on YT vs the over 1 million views during his feud with CM Punk). An out of touch idiot like Jim Cornette thinks MJF is great because MJF is doing promo work for him. Not sure Tony Khan cares since it's his fantasy booking fed made real. Look at Christian, Chris Jericho even Dan Lambert's promos as heels. They are better and get to the point. You hate them because of the dastardly shit they brag about. To me, Christian would be better in MJF's spot as World champion because he would do what MJF spent 20 minutes trying to do but in 5 to 10 minutes. Christian runs down the town and its fans, but he doesn't dwell on it. You hate him because of his attacks on Jungle Boy and how he got Luchasaurus to stab Jungle Boy in the back. Chris Jericho wastes a lot of time in his promos but you hate his guts by the end of it. Dan Lambert gets over feuds really well (almost a throwback to heel managers back in the day too) and would probably build up the World champion in his stable as being 'it' for AEW. Honestly, MJF as World champion just doesn't move the needle.
  4. I watched the MJF segment online and JFC is he absolute shits at doing a promo. Dogging the town and the fans doesn't make you a heel, kid. The new title doesn't look any different than the old title other than the strap color is brown and vaguely looks like the Burberry design (probably so Tony Khan doesn't get sued by the actual Burberry). MJF should have just put a picture of his dumb Great Value Miz face on the belt. I'm finding I don't really care what happens now with AEW title or him because I know he won't actually do anything or participate and just run out the clock until 2024. Eventually, whatever AEW fans that are there are going to do the same if this keeps up. He isn't a HHH doing a reign of terror because we know it lead to matches that were more often great. MJF's wrestling output just isn't that great and who's to say whoever wrestling him next won't try to shoot on him (or maybe people in the AEW locker room think he's a clown and a joke and don't care either). I don't even see him wrestling Ricky Starks at Winter Is Coming. Sorta wish someone (hell, Hangman Page) would come out and go into business for themselves with MJF on the mic. Bring up his 8 minute diatribe before he took 3 months off. Dax Harwood could probably pull it off since MJF talked about how 'ex-WWE' guys couldn't lace his boots and Dax Harwood has better mic skills than MJF could ever have. The post-segment stuff with Regal was great but that was about it. MJF is making a dumb mistake going through the crowd (I noticed him pushing a fan that wasn't even near him and was actually backing up). But when has MJF actually made a smart decision?
  5. You're in luck, there are no online trophies. Based on the trophy list it seems really easy but grindy - typical of open world style games. Frontiers has been on sale throughout Black Friday on Amazon and Best Buy at various points. Currently on Amazon it's $35 for PS4 & PS5 versions and $40 for Switch version. I actually bought it as well and will likely do it after I Platinum Sonic Unleashed / Sonic Generations / Sonic Colors Ultimate / Sonic Forces (yeech) / Sonic Origins.
  6. Go for the Platinum! (Or not, no one should be expected to do stupid things I do)
  7. Got my 268th Platinum trophy with Borderlands 2 for PS3. Game is addictive, holds up decently even on PS3.
  8. Claudio is more of a star than MJF is, so of course that won't happen. Danielson would go from dealing with The Miz to Great Value Miz.
  9. I watched the Regal/Moxley/Danielson segment online and it was intense. Although I am fearing what will happen with MJF (not appearing on shows or showing up and promising title defenses but never doing them) will happen. Not that I care, the less of him on TV the better. He's the only midcard wrestler there that thinks he should be in the main event despite not having the wrestling ability to be there or the past record of matches to do so. I think of other wrestlers currently at AEW that would have better claim for the AEW title (Wardlow, Kingston, Danielson, even Jericho, Hager, hell give a World title reign to Dustin Rhodes or Billy Gunn). If he did appear on the show, Chicago crowd would have eaten him alive and chanted CM Punk at him until he got frustrated or mad.
  10. Jericho needs to start coming up with finishers named after his age. He could do a sheer drop brainbuster next year and call it the 53 year old.
  11. Just watched the match on the YouTube PPV. I was tearing up at the end especially with Kingston doing the face on the mat bow to Akiyama. I want to see Kingston's end of the road run involve him being AEW World champion and defending the title in Japan.
  12. Honestly, I really want Kingston to have a World title reign. That would validate his approach to wrestling and his mindset as a wrestler. Plus, He's One of Us (the fact that he wants to wrestle or attempt to wrestle 90s AJPW style is amazing) I really wish he would get better trunks though and that makes him look like The Fucking Star that he is. The Walmart dress pants aren't doing it for me. Maybe new gear would be one of the first things he does when he wins the World title. Occasionally he wears the Misawa tribute green and white and I get that he has a gut (I'm not judging for that, I've developed one too), but I just want him to look the way people see in him.
  13. I really wanted Moxley to have a long title reign as a heel. But with MJF as a heel champ, I'm not sure it's a good idea to 'book the win for the fans.' I really think a double turn last night where MJF changes his schtick up as a babyface and Moxley becoming more evil and devious (he could just bring out the turkey carver or a weedwacker since those are the last vestiges of the garbage indy fed he came from - it's a really dumb idea but can't be any worse than the other dumb ideas on AEW) just to keep the title would have worked better. MJF's whole spiel as a heel is running down the town / garnering cheap heat. If they give him a year long title reign (or at least until his contract runs out) and have him do nothing but that, fans going to the show would get sick of it. "I'm going to defend the title tonight!" *fans cheer* "But not in a crappy town like (insert name of town). I'm taking the night off." That gets stretched for months and eventually people stop paying money to see AEW because the World champion won't do anything but talk about how it's his time. MJF needs to change/evolve his character and this run-up for the title match was the opportunity to do that. Moxley's character also needed a change too. But no, TK books the show for a bunch of fickle fans who are cheering MJF right now and it's such a cluster of an ending.
  14. I'm being mostly sarcastic. His promo with Regal is top tier but it was all due to Regal. MJF by himself is a cover band of great wrestlers who give great promos: You hear the hits like CM Punk, Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, even Bret Hart, John Cena and The Miz. He's really not that good and he's largely annoying. His wrestling isn't much better and he tries to wrestle 'old school' but seems to forget psychology and basically is a grounded version of those indie wrestlers who do nothing but flips. His promo at the post-show scrum was insufferable and doesn't leave me a good feeling about what to expect from him going forward. I feel that if MJF has a long title reign, AEW will lose a significant portion of their audience. Sure, Jim Cornette will be happy but who gives a damn about Jim Cornette?
  15. This is the biggest reason / problem I have with MJF winning the title at Full Gear. The fans wanted to cheer MJF - so give them a reason to cheer him. Have him lose against Moxley and want a rematch on Dynamite. Regal tells him that Moxley is on vacation and will defend the title when he feels like it. Make Regal/Moxley the true heels everyone wants them to be - Moxley and Regal fought and it would be a similar relationship to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. Have MJF be a babyface with an edge and fight whatever obstacles Moxley/Regal throw at him to lead up to the rematch for the title (have him face former members of The Firm, have him face Claudio / Danielson / Yuta). Maybe Yuta, Claudio or Danielson get cold feet about fighting MJF and Moxley/Regal kick them out of the Combat Club. So MJF has a de facto partner in all of this while people wonder if he's really a 'good guy' despite getting screwed over. Instead, no we get MJF winning the World title because he had incredible promos against Jon Moxley and William Regal, not on the basis of his actual matches. TK books wrestling like he's in college with a final paper that he started on the night before.
  16. Apparently, Evil West and Gungrave will be coming out this week on Tuesday. Probably the worst time to release video games honestly.
  17. MJF is now the AEW World champion. Great to know a wrestler can do absolutely nothing worthwhile over the past year, do nothing but promos and is awarded the World title. They should rename it to the AEW Promo Championship because that's all MJF can do. Let me know when a REAL wrestler wins the title.
  18. I'm getting Rose Tyler/10th Doctor vibes from Millie Gibson as the new companion with Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor. I feel like he'll have aspects that echo Russell T Davies' 9th & 10th Doctor but will do his own thing. I'm hoping that the 14th Doctor specials will do something about the Timeless Child storyline but I know a lot of people want that to be forgotten (that means Peter Cushing Doctor is now a regeneration! The pictures of the four Doctors in Tom Baker Doctor episode are too!).
  19. What's insane is it's likely to be the FOURTH trophy stack for the game. On PSNProfiles guide for the game, it takes 145 hours to complete the entire game including doing DLC and getting the Platinum. Doing it four times means....580 hours. So if you did nothing but play The Witcher 3 and didn't sleep or eat or take a break, it would take you almost a month to do that. Unless you have it on PC, then you don't have to worry about that. Now THAT'S burnout.
  20. Got my 267th Platinum trophy with Battlefield 4 for PS3. At some point in the future, EA will shut down the servers for the PS3 and PS4 versions of Battlefield 4. Game is great, although there's lots of plot holes in the campaign.
  21. If you go through and beat the original Persona 5 on PS4, then Persona 5 Royal on PS4 then Persona 5 Royal on PS5, it'll still be shorter than trying to 100% Assassin's Creed Odyssey.
  22. I've never heard WRPGs being compared to reggae. I wonder what will be your Desmond Dekker, King Tubby or Lee "Scratch" Perry.
  23. Chad Smith would continue his job on Saturday Night Live and would probably star in Anchorman 3.
  24. As soon as I saw a pre-order link on Amazon, I pre-ordered this. I can't believe in 2022 that next year we'll see Dead Space, Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill 2 all on current gen consoles.
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