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  1. Got my 228th Platinum trophy with Medal of Honor Warfighter for PS3. The online is sorta broken now from what I've heard and it's very likely EA will shut down the servers for this and Medal of Honor (2010) in the near future. Campaign isn't that bad and actually better than what reviewers thought at release.
  2. There's also a new SpongeBob SquarePants game (presumably for PS5 too), Outcast 2, and MX vs ATV: Legends (I've lost track of the number of these games).
  3. Well, it's an end of an era for LittleBigPlanet: LBP 1, 2, Vita & 3 on PS3 servers are now permanently shutdown
  4. I honestly thought that the early parts of Spider-Man 2 was a new Infamous with an older Cole McGrath.
  5. Got my 225th Platinum trophy with Horizon: Zero Dawn. HOLY CRAP what an ending. Great great game. The gameplay didn't grab me at first but it got me hooked. I then completed the training tutorial for Hardware Rivals to earn my 226th Platinum trophy. The servers are shutting down on December 8th, 2021; the online 'community' for this game is utter trash and very toxic. Later today, I got my 227th Platinum trophy with Midnight Deluxe for PS4.
  6. I pre-ordered the physical disc version - I'm not really a fan of the collector's edition not having a physical copy.
  7. Speaking of Kojima, Konami is shutting down the servers for PS3 version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and all versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes in May 2022.
  8. Going through Horizon: Zero Dawn and the story feels like Game of Thrones except without George R.R. Martin trying to make bad shit happen to the good characters all the time. Got a bit more to go and I'll have the Platinum.
  9. Yeech, it's almost too much at once. I may take the release day Fridays off for Elden Ring, Saints Row & Horizon: Forbidden West next year and even then I'm not sure it would be enough to finish them.
  10. Another Saints Row trailer but with actual gameplay and some in-game cutscenes. If you don't mind the Jeff Garlin sounding dude from Volition, not a bad look.
  11. Yeech, J.T.'s description of Mafia III makes me want to play it. Currently, I'm trying to Platinum Horizon Zero Dawn for my 225th Platinum and working on Hardware Rivals (which is shutting down on December 8 2021) with some friends when they are online.
  12. Just saw the reveal trailer for Saints Row. BRB, going to pre-order. It comes out on February 25, 2022.
  13. Supposedly today, we'll get more information about LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga (probably a release date) during Geoff Keighley's Opening Night Live YouTube stream.
  14. Got my 224th Platinum trophy with Saints Row The Third Remastered on PS5. This is the next-gen trophy patch that was put out for the PS4 Remastered game. This will be the third time I have Platinum'ed and 100% Saints Row The Third. The gameplay is still so addictive and awesome.
  15. Going through Saints Row The Third Remastered for PS5, I actually would want a full game of the "http://deckers.die" mission. Some weird Tron-esque Souls like / Devil May Cry like game would tap so many veins at all once.
  16. The thing is the gritty reboot was supposed to be Agents of Mayhem. Also, GTAV pretty much goes further with over the top stuff and better. I'm not exactly sure what the series can do after 3/4/Gat Out of Hell. Gameplay wise, It's at its peak there. They could always lean into the superpower aspect and make a parody of Spider-Man/Batman Arkham games. Or go in even a different direction and make a Horizon/God of War 2018 style homage to those games. It'll be interesting to see what they reveal next week.
  17. Honestly, Microsoft should delay the game again until all the features are ready. This is Halo: MCC all over again. I wanted to get a Xbox Series X just for Halo Infinite but I think I'm happy with my PS5 and Horizon: Forbidden West (whenever that may appear).
  18. The sun will shine and water is wet: another Call of Duty game is coming out on November 5. It looks decent, but I can't in good faith support Activision. Also, there was a surprise/shadow release of Quake on current gen consoles and PC. FUCK YEAH.
  19. Nanci Griffith died. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/r-p-grammy-winning-singer-181800443.html She was one of my daddy's favorites. He would play her live album One Fair Summer Evening often on Saturday mornings growing up.
  20. I probably need to do Mafia III after reading about JT's exploits with it as well. Got my 223rd Platinum trophy with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on PS3. I'll plan on doing the PS4 version at some point and do Chivalry II whenever I buy it on sale.
  21. I still haven't finished Assassin's Creed III.....on PS3. Ubisoft needs to stop making games so I can catch up.
  22. Got my 222nd Platinum trophy with LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 on PSVita. Game is super easy and fun, especially after doing Need For Speed games for about two weeks.
  23. This gets shared a lot but this is legitimately hilarious to watch. RIP Beautiful Bobby. I still remembered when I first watched wrestling and the first match I saw was the Midnights in WarGames at Great American Bash '89.
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