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  1. Pac-Man World Re Pac got announced too. It's crazy to see Klonoa Collection & Pac-Man World on modern consoles within 2 months of each other.
  2. Teabagging in Destiny 2 is weird to see or hear about. If they want to do an ultimate flex, they could Platinum the game.
  3. It looks like Stu Grayson is gone too. It's possible the Dark Order may be shaken up a bit or disbanded. I'd rather Alex Reynolds/John Silver stick around but they may get lost in the tag team shuffle. Evil Uno can stay on Dark or go back to the indies. Preston Vance is a bit monster size guy (which AEW doesn't really have enough of), but he needs seasoning/a manager/a veteran to help him unlock his potential. Colt Cabana could be a lackey of CM Punk or just sod off back to the indies too. Maybe Preston Vance can join the House of Black and change his look/unmask/get a different mask.
  4. Got my 253rd Platinum trophy with Metal Gear Solid V on PS3. If you're thinking of starting this, the servers for the PS3 version are shut down. It's possible/likely the PS4 version will shut down in a year or so. The learning curve for this game is very steep if you've never played a Metal Gear Solid game. I slowly got the hang of the game mechanics and how to do everything. Also, with the PS3 version shut down, three of the trophies will be unobtainable essentially; the nuclear weapon/disposal of nuclear weapon can be done offline but the GMP is capped at 5 million, so the grind to get the rest of the game is steeper. That means every other trophy will take twice as long to complete.
  5. I think the PPV result should put to rest that the whole thing with MJF is an angle. If it were an angle, he would have appeared to beat down Tanahashi and Moxley. I can't really say that I miss MJF when Christian is right there, doing the same thing but better. Although it sucks how they treated Christian during his last Impact title reign.
  6. Since the F2P version of Fall Guys is out, I downloaded the UK version from an account I use. I was able to autopop the trophies with a dummy account and... ...I got my 252nd Platinum trophy. Still working on Metal Gear Solid V for PS3 for my next Platinum.
  7. Among the trophy hunters I know, we're freaking out about getting the Platinum/100% for Overwatch before Overwatch 2 launches. I know I am since I have progress already towards it.
  8. So I hit a milestone yesterday. I got my 250th Platinum trophy with Rayman Legends on PS4. Then about 30 minutes later, I finished the last mission on Hard for Battlefield: Bad Company for PS3 and got my 251st Platinum trophy. Both weren't that easy at all.
  9. Also, as expected, Mediatonic can't figure out how to make the PS5 trophy list autopop even after the move to Free to Play. Their solution is essentially they know about the problem but you're screwed. Even people that are trying to get the trophies on their own can't get them to unlock. I don't get it - I got the Platinums for the original trophy list and the re-release trophy list. Why can't they do something simple and make the trophies work for the PS5 version?
  10. Do they even have enough women for a tag division at this point? They could always team Ronda Rousey with someone and have Ronda sleepwalk through her promos with those belts too. Also, it may be in another thread, but Sasha Banks got released. Not sure about Naomi.
  11. Hogwarts Legacy is terrible for all those reasons - and the gameplay looks so empty and boring. I honestly thought the game was coming out in 2023 or 2024 because of so little to do from the reveal trailers.
  12. Why none of this was in any of Natalya's promos, I don't know. I know why they weren't in Ronda's because SHE DOESN'T WANT TO BE THERE and she's the champion.
  13. I watched the opening segment with Vince McMahon, expecting him to actually Go There and cut the most egoistical promo ever about how he's "Mr. McMahon damnit and if he wants to pay a paralegal hush money, he will!" Then call Johnny Ace out to the ring to fire him on live TV. Instead, it was the WWE rubes in Minneapolis singing along with his entrance theme and he barely did anything. I changed the channel after that because it would be a typical WWE show where Roman Reigns never loses.
  14. I played it for the first 30 minutes then filed it away in my backlog, where it was never played again. (After I finish my current crop of games to Platinum and do the games that are seeing server shutdowns, I'll go back to this for the Platinum on PS3 version)
  15. Capcom had a showcase yesterday and the biggest news was Resident Evil Village DLC is coming out on October 28 along with RE Village Gold Edition (base game + DLC). They switched back to third person camera for the standalone DLC Shadows of Rose and have a third person mode and The Mercenaries as part of it. They were also teases about Dragon's Dogma. I'd rather they just say Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen is getting a PS5 port than what they said. Also, Resident Evil 2/3/7 are getting their PS5 and Xbox Series X/S upgrades this week. And they shared stuff about Exoprimal, which if you didn't want the game, you certainly don't now after what they shared. Basically, EDF, Anthem and Lost Planet 2 combined to make a very unappealing game where you unlock the story through multiplayer modes. All I heard from it was "You'll have to boost the trophies with other people because the multiplayer modes and their player population will sink like a rock."
  16. Microsoft had similar lessons to learn in the past but that didn't stop them (Halo Master Chief Collection launch, Halo 5 Guardians, Gears 4, etc). They are going to make money despite themselves. I mostly game on PlayStation (since I'm one of the recent trophy hunters here) but I honestly want Microsoft to have a Horizon: Zero Dawn/The Last of Us/Uncharted 4 type of moment with their games. Their solution of "throw everything on GamePass" only goes so far. What's sad is what I've seen on GamePass doesn't make me want to buy it on Xbox, it makes me want to buy it on PlayStation.
  17. Sadly, I have a feeling that Starfield will take a hit sales wise. A lot of chatter I've seen online has people cooling off from Starfield based on its showing today.
  18. Bleh. Microsoft's showcase was just as underwhelming as Geoff Keighley's showcase. I regret buying a Series X for the sole purpose of playing Starfield. Starfield completely underwhelmed me, the graphics look last gen, and the framerate was all over the place. Bethesda really needs to delay the game another TWO YEARS if they want to shake the perception about their games (like Fallout 3/4/Skyrim) being big in scope but filled with bug and needing patches. Starfield will be another game that will be impressive I guess in scope. The only one that got me remotely excited was Diablo IV, which makes me wish it were on PS4/PS5. And Persona 3 Portable/Persona 4 Golden/Persona 5 Royal on Xbox (which make me hope for Persona 3/4 on PS4/PS5 too). Everything else was weird grimdark moody games that are virtually indistinguishable from each other.
  19. I'll probably get The Last Of Us Part I but not at launch this time. I'm really bad about getting Sony's games at/near launch then they drop in price dramatically. I'm hoping they don't include Factions multiplayer and just have the story and Left Behind DLC and that's it. Their stand-alone Factions game has Destiny/The Division vibes all over it and I'm actually somewhat excited.
  20. Checked the results and....no MJF. Good. Because fuck him. He barely shows up on TV as it was and only did 22 matches in 3 years. I'm sorta glad Tony Khan didn't (if we're still thinking this is a work) have MJF appear and blast Jon Moxley & Kyle O'Reilly with chairs to make the match end in a no contest while screaming into the mic at Tony Khan about how he should have gotten the title since he beat CM Punk. Vince Russo would have done that (he's praising MJF online for his promo last week which is fitting). The announcers basically acted like MJF was never there and I'm sure that burns him up. Hopefully, he doesn't show up at Forbidden Door too. Or anywhere on AEW TV in the next 18 months really.
  21. Did Jeff really talk about why he's not at Giant Bomb anymore?
  22. I noticed their reaction was to call him "Gerstmann" and not "Jeff." Hopefully, that's not reading too much into it.
  23. A story is going around about an edict from AEW to WB Discovery to remove MJF from everything. If this is a work, AEW sure is going through a lot of trouble to make it seem that way (or maybe just maybe it's not a work and AEW/Tony Khan is mad at MJF for his promo when they should be mad at themselves for giving him a mic).
  24. Yeah seriously fuck Vince McMahon for that. Brock probably had a temper tantrum if he didn't get to do that, the big baby.
  25. Probably both getting his foot stuck in the ramp and the dangerous Anarchy in the Arena match did a number on Danielson. Thanks a lot Tony Khan.
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