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  1. Yeah, but it's a totally different deal now. If they do have him juggle the two personas full time, it'll make an interesting Balor feud down the line, I guess.
  2. Can't believe they threw the Fun House thing away on some corny juggalo shit. I'm also assuming he just did the mask, because the buzzard was just Turkey from Thankskilling. I am flying through both of these shows lately on the DVR. But I really hope they don't do have Joe/Rey do a "MY LARGE SON" angle, and I'll never understand what's up with Corbin. Ricochet was fun there, though. Good for Nikki Cross but hate the timid underdog thing.
  3. I didn't hate this at all, and in fact loved it in the moment, but the show has been a big dumb mess since they outpaced the source material. I still enjoy it, but it needs to be all big dumb action because the political intrigue, dialog, and drama sucks now. And the fan service is out of control. The showrunners are clearly out of their depth. So yeah, unless we get some kind of big unexpected swerve, it's probably gonna be all downhill from here.
  4. Has no one here seen Food Party? Some writer showed Bray Thu Tran, fucking clearly. Much more on cue for that show than Pee Wee or Wonder Showzen. Also it's nice to see them just embrace the Firefly thing that much.
  5. Crazy forgettable show, and I usually think I'm more positive than most folks, but yikes.
  6. How in God's fucking name did they ruin a Becky win I am just confused
  7. DB is my fave, but I still kinda hope Kofi wins and think he will, and also I'm really fucking over this angle and think it's gonna drive this match way down the card. This is really tired already.
  8. Vince's hair plug people are outstanding, much better than whoever picks out his ties.
  9. I don't think anything Roman does is really his fault, but I totally think he's getting booed again by the end of the summer because they're going to right back to doing what they always do with him. I also kind of think the WWE had a good idea going in that he was going to be back sooner than later, and tread water for that very reason. Also, I guess I hadn't been keeping up with things enough to know that HHH was going to be healthy for Mania, which is, well, disappointing. Dave vs. Anybody Else might have been fun.
  10. Actually Lafayette fucking rules, has a few festivals that top almost everything in New Orleans, and the area certainly has better Cajun food (and gumbo generally, since Cajun gumbo is so much better than that tomato soup shit they give you in Nola) than anywhere on the planet. Plus it's legal to drink in the streets, and the Acadiana area is like nothing else in the US. But the CajunDome crowds have always been too kid friendly for something like a show built around NXT debuts. It's a Roman Reigns kind of wrestling culture. I'm pretty sure everyone there doesn't even give a shit about hometown hero Daniel Cormier.
  11. Also, OF COURSE the WWE wants a top guy to build the company around, it's just that he can't really fight cancer in the middle of the ring.
  12. Anyone shitting on Bryan/AJ crowd reaction can fuck right the fuck off. Crowd had been there since like three o'clock and were between Rumbles. And speaking of which, yeah, line of the night was during the Elias bit when Graves said, "WE'VE BEEN HERE FOUR AND A HALF HOURS AND HE'S TAKING HIS TIME" or whatever.
  13. Haven't watched Raw since football started (watch Smackdown religiously) and haven't been around here much so wasn't sure who was over or favorited for the Rumble, but this was about as good a WWE ppv as they come. Men's Rumble was kinda shitty, but I'm down with ims winning and loved the JJ spot. Women's Rumble was perfect and the rest of the card was great.
  14. I think Vince et. al probably still see this as a "oh yeah everybody hates those obnoxious vegans," but I do think it could turn into a babyface green anti-capitalist. I mean, I have no idea how, but I'm willing to bet Bryan is going to make it happen. You're right that it's definitely getting the traction it needs. He did have a hilarious tweet at some restaurant making a Royal Rumble burger, which I'm sure somebody posted elsewhere by now. It's funny to think of WWE as trying to cash in on AOC or something.
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