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  1. Full Gear is shaping up rather nicely. Bucks vs FTR is such a disappointing bungled mess though. Dream match years in the making? Feels nothing of the sort.
  2. I've yet to see a single thing that Joey Janela offers AEW. He's as bad as Havoc.
  3. Where the hell is Becky Lynch? Are they done with her as a star?
  4. Shanya napping people was awesome. Aside from the empty count down spots that went exactly as it should’ve. Great to see them all in on somebody finally. Also, Daniel Bryan is God. A diamond in the rough. A Goat. But y’all knew that.
  5. I think the deal is Becky is getting increasingly overconfident, underestimating Shayna and is being set up for a fall when Shayna rips her apart at Mania. Then the redemption . . . Its definitely not how I’d use Shayna but whatever. Main roster for you.
  6. Elias vs Cena has a chance to be fun. The Fiend match could work if put together smartly. But Fiend matches tend to be miserable affairs that drag his opponents down.
  7. He’s already lost again when it mattered. Honestly don’t see how Cena vs Wyatt is that much more interesting than Cena vs Elias. He’s gone from being paired with one stale novelty act to another.
  8. All the allure of The Fiend died a long time ago anyway. He looked like a complete clown sharing the ring with Goldberg. Can’t wait for the match.
  9. The Fiend vs Goldberg stand-off was brilliant. Can’t wait for Goldberg to destroy The Fiend. The Bryan/Gulak stuff is fresh and interesting. Don’t know why people hate on Drew’s PowerPoint shtick, it’s great! Naomi sucks outside of her entrance. Weird match with all the blatant communication, guessing they had to cut time. Three elimination chamber matches? Christ, talk about overkill! Not enough Sami Zayn. The best thing about Smackdown by far.
  10. Whatever floats your boat. Riho is the only woman in the company that has managed to get herself and her matches over. If she sucks then I don’t know what that says about everyone else.
  11. You must've missed the Statlander match. Two of the better workers on the roster apparently. Not to mention the match where they were tagging together. Awful.
  12. Like who? There's Riho and that's it. Nobody else in the women's division is fit for tv. Not in 10min+ matches anyway, keep that on Dark. Looking forward to where they're going with Page. He's the best thing on the show at the moment. Incredible turn around.
  13. Another rancid looking line up for Dark. Riho still exists?! They’ve utterly butchered her title run.
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