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    Naomi is waaaay better off as a tag wrestler anyway. Man, sucks for Usos. What an idiot.
  2. scatterheart

    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    Rhowdy Rhonda Rhhhoussey
  3. Not really. They’re putting over the workers not themselves.
  4. scatterheart

    Smackdown Spoilers for 1/1

    What is this nitpickery
  5. Shoes off I you hate Gibson. British thing. I apologise for our fans by the way. Though not for putting s in my apology.
  6. scatterheart

    Raw is Dean's Love Letters To Seth - 11/19/18

    It doesn't hurt them at all, the opposite in fact. The crowd couldn't give a shit about AOP before. They've got a chant now.
  7. scatterheart

    Smackdown Spoilers for 6/6/14

    Is OSJ a gimmick poster or is he actually Alan Patridge?
  8. scatterheart

    Payback '14

    Batista's great and it's a shame leaving again. I've enjoyed Evolution, they've been pretty hilarious as the three uncool, generic gay muscle men with their shit skeleton posing t-shirts. Sheamus/Cesaro was my favourite match of the night. The mains were good but a touch too overbooked for my liking. I find it hard to believe how good a job they've done with the Shield. Putting all three over strong was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting the Roman Reigns show. Funny how it took a face turn for Ambrose to start fulfilling his potential. I like all three guys (except Rollins when he's near a mic) but Ambrose as a modern day 80s All Japan Terry Funk hits all my right buttons. And he's gorgeous. I fancy the pants off that man, don't know why but I do. Them two meaty fucks Rusev/Big E slapping the shit out of each other was also delicious. And RYBAXLE! I've always adored The Big Guy but Axel's watchable now too. Love them with their condoms on their head, acting like jocks from some crap 80s teen film. I truly hope RVD fucks off for good now. The Bryan segment was better than I expected it to be. Steph is gold at the moment. So vile. Her CM Punk comment and that hideous fucking face she made when Brie announced she'd quit were priceless. Even Brie was almost likeable. She made Steph piss herself with that slap as well, literally! Talking of which, shame the divas are still positioned as the piss break segment with the commentators shitting on it. God I hate them three idiots. They annoy me to the point where I couldn't even watch the midgets match. You'd think they'd watch NXT and get a clue. Yeah, good show.
  9. scatterheart

    Payback '14

    What a horrible shitty post.
  10. scatterheart

    Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    It's always been a spotty style. But it's the when and why you do the spots that's important. I think that's the disconnect between us NikkySan, I'm pretty down on modern puro in general. I hate fighting spirit, forearm exchanges and matches that are generally uncompelling until the ending run of tedious spot trading. The stuff that looks like a dance rather than a fight. Kana can be guilty of those things but her style of work is unique enough to keep me interested. When she builds to the big blows they feel earned. And violent. She has an aura. There's too many bland pretty girls doing pretty stuff. Kana carries herself like she would fuck you up. I like Arisa Nakajima but she's overrated. I've only seen two matches of hers that I would consider great and while she was good in them she was clearly the lesser worker in both (vs Emi Sakura, vs Kana). I do think she is very good at working underneath. Her body language, facial expressions, bumping and disorientated selling are great.
  11. scatterheart


    Aja certainly does. None of the other joshi workers have had that longevity, she's still one of the best female wrestlers in the world now. To be honest though, I've never liked her as much as everyone else. There isn't any Kong matches that I find blow away great. There's a disconnect there, I just don't find her very interesting as a worker. As the lead monster heel Bull Nakano was more dynamic and Dump was more entertaining and about 20 times more charismatic. Even during her first run with the red belt it felt like she was overshadowed by Bull and Hokuto, who were more popular, had more personality, better look and arguably better protection in booking. That's probably why I like her more in her later career. No longer in the shadows.
  12. scatterheart


    Is she the GFOAT? I know that Chigusa and Hokuto are the only others that would make my general GOAT top 20. If she was more active during 91-93 I don't think they'd be an argument. That Wendi Richter match above is excellent and might be her best moment outside of the La Galactica series. Not much of her later stuff is online which is a shame as I would have liked to see some of the Lioness matches. I love this match with Bison Kimura and it has the novelty of her working as some sorta ninja heel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDXzzPjtWZk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4nGKiX1Myo
  13. scatterheart


    ♫ Everybody knows I'm a super woman Everybody knows I'm a super lady ♫
  14. scatterheart

    Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    I'm not suggesting that she wrestles herself. Kana brings the best out of her opponents by challenging them to approach matches in a different way. Brings them out of their comfort zone. Her matches are more interesting than those of other workers because they avoid the trappings of the modern joshi style. Kana's opponent's best matches are usually Kana matches. There are some other good workers our there - Yoshiko, Arisa Nakajima, Io Shirai - but they're horribly inconsistent and are susceptible of some outright turds. In fact, with the exception of Kana, a lot of the best workers are the classics. It's doesn't speak well for the quality of the scene when old girls like Aja Kong, Meiko Satomura, Chikayo Nagshima etc. are still the best workers around.
  15. scatterheart

    Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    Kana. That is all. Nobody else comes close.