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  1. The Austin Theory/Hardy thing was he best thing on Raw in forever. Not only did they manage put together an actual angle, they also got somebody over too! Imagine that! There must be somebody back there with a functioning brain after all.
  2. Typical. No mention of The Demon and the rope break that took away his superpowers. What a chump. I'm not particularly a fan of The Demon, but needlessly throwing the gimmick away like that is a sign of where they're at these days. Constant hotshotting and desperate fly by booking, with no long term thinking behind it. Shitty, reckless booking that just damages everyone involved. Hit Row actually has me interested though. Their promo on NXT this week was a scary look into the future, as they did the Main roster talk show host promo. Hype men for The Brand, hitting all the cues and buzzwords. Swerve Scott is great and I'm making the mistake of being excited for him. The rest of the group belong on Dark. I'm fascinated to see how it plays out for them. Typical. Let's redo the Historic WrestleMania Main Event between Sasha Banks and Bianca. And lets frame it as the backdrop for the Charlotte and Becky show.
  3. Bianca is doing great as the new/next top baby face. Genuinely likeable. Not worried about her at all. Heel Becky is glorious. Prefer this to running the Man shtick into the ground.
  4. The way they got there was horrible but I'm more than ready for heel Becky Lesnar.
  5. And they're still piping in crowd noise. Fucking hell.
  6. Kenny's brand of comedy is super fun and amusing for a European Champion.
  7. At best. I mean the fact they've had to use Seth, Bryan and Jimmy Uso as the bells and whistles to keep his Roman feud interesting says it all.
  8. Lol. No. Don't get me wrong, Cesaro should have got treated better over the years. But there's no way on Earth he should have been a multi-time world champion.
  9. Has Toni Storm done anything in her career that suggests she's the potential superstar that Dave hypes her as?
  10. Full Gear is shaping up rather nicely. Bucks vs FTR is such a disappointing bungled mess though. Dream match years in the making? Feels nothing of the sort.
  11. I've yet to see a single thing that Joey Janela offers AEW. He's as bad as Havoc.
  12. Where the hell is Becky Lynch? Are they done with her as a star?
  13. Shanya napping people was awesome. Aside from the empty count down spots that went exactly as it should’ve. Great to see them all in on somebody finally. Also, Daniel Bryan is God. A diamond in the rough. A Goat. But y’all knew that.
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