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  1. I'm surprised there was positivity about this show in the first place. Felt like a waste of time to me. It's Raw redux again. God knows why you'd want to stick around and watch KO and Zayn lose AGAIN in the main event. It's boring as fuck. All the mid card remains in catering. The only good bit was Moment of Bliss and even that felt like the death of the poor Bayley character (again). They can't write for shit.
  2. Omg. I want this printed, framed and on my wall.
  3. This is definitely true. I keep hearing good will about impact and that’s cool, good for them. I just can’t bring myself to watch that show anymore. I’m scarred for life.. I didn’t follow it for too long, just a few months around 2012 it think. Thank fuck. Not even WWE is so terrible that I can just quit the dam thing forever, dead and done. But RIP TNA. That’s what Claire Lynch and *shivers* Aces and Eights can do to a man.
  4. Why o why is the lug head going to the top rope in the first place? What was his NXT finisher? It’s nice to see a fresh heel but this Sullivan thing has failure written all over it. Snitsky all over again.
  5. The Lacy vs Lynch feud has already surpassed the awful mania main event build. It's great to see Becky back cutting her promos again. Evans is a decent brawler. I'm sure we'll have an idea of Becky's other opponents following the shake up. The Asuka rematch is coming. Stop soiling your diapers.
  6. Depends how you view it. Lacey Evans is just about the only act on the roster that hasn't already been established as leagues below Becky. I'm into the feud, I don't see why people are moaning. They might have a decent match in their pocket. They need to give Lacy a mic at some point.
  7. I must be the only person that hasn't noticed the jobber face thing. Guess I've never looked out for it. Sasha has been terrible for a little while now. Bayley has been carrying that team. Sasha is better utilised as a heel really. I'm not gonna excuse her moaning online and not grabbing the ball though. Look what Becky has done for herself. Sasha's promos have been bad every opportunity they've given her.
  8. Ember has no in ring charisma. Comparing her to Bryan, AJ etc is laughable. She's the women's Apollo Crews.
  9. I don't know why he isn't getting over. To me he seems like The Guy. His promos are decent (if you can ignore them drive Roman's leukaemia into the ground for God awful shitty non-heat), he looks a stud and can go. Pairing with Dolph and playing sidekick to Corbin hurt him but after his rebuild I hoped he'd be more over than this.
  10. Fairly easy to forget that match tbf.
  11. “I’ll break your fookin’ arm!” Becky wins lol. You can’t please everyone. I’m sure some people would be mad if Becky was getting one upped and laid out too.
  12. Wasn’t the gist of it that the whole sorry thing was a result of miscommunication?
  13. Man that HHH promo. Bringing up Reid’s death like that is so fucking unnecessary. You could tell the crowd found that icky too. Terrible Raw this week.
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