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  1. They have something special with SP if they are allowed to succeed. I didn't know Humberto was part of the Garza family - no wonder he's so good
  2. Same old from Starr to be honest. Only so many times you hear the same DSA talking points before they become gimmicky and empty, especially coming from a middle class schmuck like him.
  3. He's done pretty well with Alexa and Charlotte. Owens too. Yes Alexa is very good, don't @ me.
  4. They missed a trick not making Jericho/Darby a ladder match. Imagine Darby hopping up the ladder with his hands tied, having Jericho beat, but unable to break the tape as he tries to snag the title down with his head. Anyway, the street fight was fantastic regardless. Agree that Hager wasn't really necessary, but it is what it is. Britt's homecoming next week being advertised is interesting, perhaps a heel turn?
  5. the internet told me Sasha and Alexa had molten heat and had to be split up
  6. Maybe Bisch is doing liaison work for Fox/WWE. Vince replacing Bisch with the ultimate prowres yes-man just says it all. The inner workings of the company couldn't be more transparent.
  7. Surprised they allowed Balor to leave looking at how thin the SD roster is, unless Cain is going to be SD exclusive. Did Luke Harper get drafted or did I miss that?
  8. Charlotte & Becky being on Raw almost guarantees that we're getting the Mania rematch with Ronda sooner or later
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